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Peace Lutheran Church

Peace Council
Derek Getz, Chair
PO Box 214
Barrett, MN 56311

February 2011
Kim Lang
PO Box 223
Tom Perry
We will be finishing our “Jesus and John the Baptist”
PO Box 159
rotation on February 6th and will begin our
Barrett, MN 56311 “Doubting Thomas” rotation on February 20th.
Nancy Waugh
On February 6th, our servers are Lee, Kode, and Kole
805 Spruce Ave Seifert, and Ron & Patricia and Devin Schack. On
Barrett, MN 56311 February 13th, our Community Service Project will be
making valentines and decorating valentine cookies
Patricia Schack
for the residents of the Barrett Care Center and Roll-
20815 180th Ave ing Hills Residence.
Barrett, MN 56311
Bibles will be presented to our 3rd graders (and those
Diane Puchalski
who have not yet received theirs) on Sunday, Febru-
22785 Co Rd 21 ary 27th. Please let Joyce know if your child has not
Barrett, MN 56311 gotten their Bible yet.
Craig Schroeder Also on February 27th, we will be presenting a skit
23877 Co Rd 21 during church for our congregation to enjoy.
Elbow Lake, MN 56311
Joyce Hanson, Director
Jennifer McLaughlin Peace Sunday School
11254 Co Rd 2 Home: 320-528-2354
Barrett, MN 56311
Cell: 320-304-0727

Youth Representative
Alayna McLaughlin
I f y ou w ould like t o r e ce iv e t he
new slet ter v ia email send a
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Youth News
Check us out on the web!
Attention all 7th-12th grad- www.peacebarrett.org
ers, we will be heading to Andes
Tower Hills for a Ski/Snowboard
Trip on the 27th of this month!
Friends are welcome to join us
for this trip (which includes dis-
counted tickets), but all people in
attendance will need to have per-
mission slips filled out and in
prior to the event. Please see Pr.
Matthew for more information
on how to join in the FUN!

Luther Crest Bible Camp Association

Annual Meeting
February 13th, 2010 at 3 pm
Location: Dining Hall at Luther Crest Camp
Beverages & Treats to be served

It’s our 66th Anniversary this summer at Luther Crest and we are very excited to have been an integral part
of the faith lives of thousands of youth and adults through Bible study and worship focused on the amazing
hope and joy found in living a life in Christ.

Our summer verse is centered on Matthew 16:24, “You must forget yourself, carry your cross and follow
me.” The 2011 summer theme, Follow Me!, will allow campers to dive into a closer look at the life of Christ
and the lessons we learn from Christ’s example that is set out for us to follow. Discipleship is the key focus,
as we examine what it truly means to “carry the cross” and follow Christ as called disciples. Come and
celebrate the summer at Luther Crest in 2011!

For more information about Luther Crest visit www.luthercrest.org or www.facebook.com/luthercrest!

Fe b r uary 2011 Page 3

Peace Council Minutes December 8th, 2010

Meeting called to order- Jeff Drier, Chair
Members Present- Pr. Matthew Rose, Kim Lang, Trish Schack, Nancy Waugh, Jeff Drier, Tom Perry, Sandy Kash-
mark, Alayna McLaughlin, Maureen Volker
Members Absent: Glenn Hjelle, Derek Getz
Devotional Time- Church Afterwards-Advent Service
Secretary Report- Motion to Approve Trish Schack, 2nd Kim Lang, MUC
Treasurer Report- Motion to approve Kim Lang, 2nd Tom Perry, MUC
Pastor Report- Completed visits to shut ins as normal in November. He will try to visit everyone for Christmas
beforehand. He had a service at Barrett Care Center. Advent Services have been very low. We may need to think
about revising or cutting out completely.
Old Business:
Directory- All pictures have been taken and submitted. We may need to add some more. Gayle is
helping with the directory.
New Business:
Snow Removal is going well. Sandy Perry will let Lee Ronhovde know if the parking lot needs
Christmas Eve Service Time has been set for 5:00pm
Date of the Annual Meeting will be Sunday January 9th, 2011 and council meeting will be the fol-
lowing Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 at 6:00pm.
Pot Luck Dinner will be after the annual meeting.
New Council Prospects- possibly Jennifer McLaughlin. Alayna may be interested in staying on de-
pends on bylaws.
Annual Budget- Motion to approve revised budget Kim Lang, 2nd Nancy Waugh, MUC
Insurance Review- will leave it at the Wendell Pioneer Agency.

Motion to adjourn, Maureen Volker, 2nd Nancy Waugh, MCU

Kim Lang, Secretary

Dayle Ray Judy Olson

Don Gerhardt Chuck Puchalski
The Family of Lloyd Volker
Clara Foss
Collene Kloos
Cheri Lang
February 2011
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5
Release Time 2:20pm Men’s Breakfast Faithful Folders
Confirmation 3:30pm 6:30am 10:00am

6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sunday School 9:15am Release Time 2:20pm Men’s Breakfast Faithful Folders Lincoln’s
Worship 10:30am Confirmation 3:30pm 6:30am 10:00am Birthday
Council 6:00pm

13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Sunday School 9:15am Valentine’s Day 9:00am Ever -Blessed 9:00am Ever-Blessed Men’s Breakfast Faithful Folders
Worship 10:30am Quilters Quilters 6:30am 10:00am
Release Time 2:20pm
Confirmation 3:30pm

20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Sunday School 9:15am President’s Day Release Time 2:20pm Men’s Breakfast Faithful Folders
Men’s Choir 9:40am No School Confirmation 3:30pm 6:30am 10:00am
Worship 10:30am

27 28
Sunday School 9:15am
Sunday School Skit
Worship 10:30am
Youth Ski Trip Andes
Tower Hills
Serving in February
Servers Ushers
2/6 Tim & Linda Butchite; Doug Ostenson; 2/6 Tim & Linda Butchite; Doug Osten
Lee Seifert & Koel & Kode; Ron & Trish son; Lee Seifert & Koel & Kode; Ron &
Schack & Devin Trish Schack & Devin

2/13 Mitch & Janet Clow 2/13 Mitch & Janet Clow
Bill & Barb Little Bill & Barb Little

2/20 Paul & Deb Erickson 2/20 Paul & Deb Erickson
Dick & Diane Puchalski Dick & Diane Puchalski

2/27 Ron & Gaylene Hanson 2/27 Ron & Gaylene Hanson
Alveda Rhude Alveda Rhude

Work Group # 2 Leaders Altar Guild

Jim & Sharolyn Johnson Kathy Lee
2/6 Karen Alvstad
Ron & Kay Johnson Sandy Kashmark

2/13 Leon Johnson Youth Worship Leadership

2/20 Gaylene Hanson 2/6 Chase Odegaard

2/27 Kathy Dahl 2/13 Daniel Schack

2/20 Andy Thompson

2/27 Lauryn McLaughlin

If you are unable to be a helper on your Check out our new picture in
Sunday, please call one of your work group church. “In the Garden”
leaders and he or she will help you find a
painted by Edith Bartholomew
when she was 91.
PO Box 206
Barrett MN 56311


Stewardship of the Good News

Blessings to you my fellow messengers of the Gospel! As a society, we tend to focus on different things during different
times of the year. In December, we tend to focus on Charity and giving. In July, patriotism comes to the surface, and even
to the skies. February is another one of those months that our national identity seems to bend to the holiday found in the
month, namely Valentine's day.
Love is all around, it seems that in February it is hard to avoid the topic. For those that find themselves “in love” in the way
that is traditionally discussed in February, will find comfort and happiness in this climate. But, what about those who feel
alone this month? What about those who find themselves without their spouse for the first time this year? What about
those who have yet to find someone who loves them, in this specific way? What about those who don't feel called to this
type of love at all? What is the message for them? Its a problem isn't it.
I would argue that without our faith convictions this is where we find ourselves...at a loss. But we are bound together, not
just by the holidays that we celebrate or the calendars we look at, but by our Faith in Christ. I think the “problem” is not
with love, and not with the holiday, but what we allow to define love for us.
Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or
boastful or arrogant 5or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or
resentful; 6it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. 7It bears
all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8Love never ends...
1 Corinthians 13:4-8a
In first Corinthians, Paul begins to define for us, what I think we should be focusing on this month, namely what Love is.
Paul isn't describing some far off foreign theology, or difficult to understand theory. He is describing what Love can, and
should look like. This month, let us all remember, regardless of our situation, that we are called to love each other in a full
sense of that word, and that we can, because God first loved and loves us. Pastor Matthew