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Detailed description of the tasks assigned

In HR department, I assist the HR Manager Mr. Ghulam Abbas in

performing different
asks like described below and learn a lot in this department:
 I entered data of current and saving accounts into the computer
system by using
special software called CIF.
 I match the entries in master file with the given voucher.
 I entered the expenses in their relevant accounts.
 I arrange the vouchers by date.
 I prepared debit and credit vouchers.
 I prepared office notes.
 I stamped different bills on the instructions of HR Manager.
 I was told about how salary is estimated every month.
 I was told about the whole procedure of staff loan issued to staff
Accounts department is the basic operations department of national
bank of Pakistan.
Mr. Shahzad Cheema told me about the working of this department.
Working in this
department gave me a chance to understand the whole process with
interest because as
student I have read about it a lot. My assignments in this department
 Provide information to customer what are the benefits for having
account with
NBP and how can one open the account.
 I fill the account opening forms in.
 Recheck the forms to make sure that the forms are error free.
 I stamped the documents on the instruction.
 I checked the essentials to attach with the forms like ID card,
Application form.
 Then I was told about to issue the cheque book.
In government section, I worked for two weeks. I tried to learn what
is going on in
government section. Following are the findings of my work in this
 I learn how to behave with customers if they are in anger because
usually pension
holders are aged people.
 I learned how to handle the documents like cheques, account
stationary bill etc.
 I observed the behavior of employees and customers.
 I learned how to keep the records
 I learned computer operating in this section.
 I learned how to manage the receipts and payments.
I visited the clearing section in the last. Experience at clearing
department was awesome.
I was given instructions by Mr. Ali who is well qualified as well as
experienced person in
his work. I learned in this department that fanfolds are used for inter
branch transfer of
funds. Tasks performed by me were:
 I assist in separating the fanfold and NIFT (National Institutional
 I stamped the cheques for outward intercity clearing.
 I prepared some memos
 I recorded intercity clearing entries in required register.
 I learned how to make bundle of outward clearing cheques.
 I learned those cheques which have been returned due to some
reason must be
checked again.
 In this department, I again prepared debit and credit vouchers.
 A major issue was balancing the payments. I assist for this also.
 I learned that it is of tremendous importance to keep the record of
clearing in hard form.
 I helped to keep the cheques separate which are brought in bank for

Work Done By Me In NBP I worked in following departments;

 Account Opening
 Credit/Advances
 Pension
 Accounts

My primary focus in 6 weeks duration was on Credit/Advances

department. I spend most of my internship period in that department. I
worked for “President Rozgar Scheme” and used to deal with customers
who come there to take advantage from this scheme. Different people
used to come there who were unemployed and want to start their new
and personal business. From this department I learn that a banker must;
 Know how to deal with customers
 Know how to convince & satisfy them
 Have knowledge about the product
 Be very confident before his/her client

Account Opening Department

The opening of an account is the establishment of the banker customer
relationship. By opening an account at a bank a person becomes a
„customer‟ of the bank.
Account Opening at NBP
As the opening of an account is of crucial importance for a bank, great
care should be taken in this matter. NBP has specified the rules and
procedure for opening on account which are strictly abide by all its
Responsibilities of Account Opening Department
 Account opening
This is only helping material. Please solve by yourself to clear your concepts.
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Documentation at the time of opening of an account
 Issue cheque book
 Closure of an account

Account opening Whenever a new customer enters in the bank

with the intention to open an account, the banker is required to determine
his/her category according to his status and needs. NBP has following
categories of accounts:
 Individual Account
 Joint Account
 Minor Account
 Sole proprietor Account
 Partnership Account
 Company Accounts
 Accounts of the Welfare/ Societies/Clubs/ NGOs

 Each one of these account has different requirements with regard to
the documentation. But the documents which are common in all these
categories are:
 Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the applicant
 Introducer - the person should be the account holder of the NBP (same
or any branch) from last six month and maintaining his/ her account

Individual Account
This category is further bifurcated into following sub-categories: This is only
helping material. Please solve by yourself to clear your concepts. www.weblyceum.com is
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 Business Account
 Student Account
 Salaried Person
 Household Women

All these persons are required to fill the same account opening form. The
only difference comes in case of the supporting documents. In case of the
business account the great care should be taken in inquiring the source of
the income. The business proof of the customer is required in shape of the
visiting card or the letter head. In case of the student account the college
card and the bonafide certificate from the institution is demanded by the
bank. For salaried person employment proof is asked at the time of
opening an account. The salaried person is required to provide
Appointment Letter so that the banker can know about the joining date,
salary and designation of the potential customer. While opening the
account of household women the routine documentation is done. But the
important thing to inquire and consider is that what will be the source of
the transaction in this particular account. The banker should be prudent
enough to see and point out any unusual volume or number of transaction
in this account.
Joint Account
Any number of persons can open a joint account. There is no limit on the
maximum number of the persons in a joint account. Every person is
required to fulfill the same requirement as mentioned under the head of
the individual account in the personal capacity. This is only helping material.
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Sole Proprietor Account
 NTN No. – which should clearly mention the business name, client name
and address of the business place
 Request for the account opening on the Letter head of the business
 Business stamp

Partnership Account
 NIC of all partners
 Partnership deed attested by the Notary Public
 NTN certificate
 Form- C (if partnership is registered)
 Rubber stamp according to following format.

Business Name Partner Company Accounts

 NIC‟s of all the directors
 Rubber stamp according to their designation
 List of director attested by chief executive
 Resolution of the board of director to open bank account (on bank
 Form 29 duly attested by SECP:
 This certificate contains the details of directors and officers including
Chief Executive, Managing Agent, Secretary, Chief Accountant and
Auditors and Legal Advisor.
 Article of Association(AOA) / Memorandum of Association(MOA)
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 Certificate of incorporation
 All the above documents should be sealed and signed (with stamp) by
company secretary.

Minor Account
 CNIC of Guardian
 Business/ Employment Proof of Guardian
 Bay Form/ Birth Certificate duly original seen by Attorney holder
 Date of majority of the minor should be mentioned on AOF & SSC
 Only personal information of guardian on AOF. No information of minor
on AOF.
 No signature of minor on account opening documents
 Title of account should
 Minor Name (M)/ Guardian Name (G)
 (M=Minor, G= Guardian)
 Stamp affixed on Account opening form and signature specimen card.