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“Never have I ever, considered myself a cynic.

Never have I ever thought

that I was greater than somebody else. Never will I ever let somebody step

over me and benefit from my dispossession. Never will I ever be covered

with disgrace.”

We are constantly finding ourselves in the question “Have we been

living morally correct?” We are constantly questioning, “What is the correct

thing to do?” When we are on a tight budget and our son asks “Mommy, I

want that toy,” our heart sinks and we are faced with a dilemma, “Should we

buy it, or go past it as if it was a wall?” We are constantly working hard and

yet there is never enough money. We are constantly praying to God and yet

every prayer is just another plea for help. Thousands of years ago, many

scholars, priests, and philosophers foreshadowed that humans might need a

cоp-out, a way to rescue their longing for help souls. They feared that we will

lose our ethics, as it is one of the most significant traits that describe who we

are. I agree that an idea of “something to look forward to” was created to

make people want to be good in order to meet God; that is a good start.

Although, religions are quite different (different places of worship and

different Gods), each demands their own rules to be followed but yet

embrace a similar idea –live your life and be proud of who you are by

satisfying God. Nowadays, the same ideas are being worshipped; the same
texts are being read year after year. We have the same desire to go to

heaven and same desire to be good in order to reach God. Scientists,

historians, and others would like to believe that world is changing for the

better every single day and they also believe that people change over time;

with every generation there is always something good to come and praise.

That is when the idea of “what is morally correct” bumps head to head with

the “production of the growing world”. I personally think that people stay the

same and that money has been and always will be the source of the seven

deadly sins. Morals and money are never in sync together, rather they split,

as money pollutes every human’s life; what is morally and religiously correct

gets tucked away, when in a growing market price of a “Washington” rises.

Donald Trump a highly known figure in the United States shows a great

example how this society is getting into a great mess. Although, Donald

Trump has engaged in his studies, became a successful entrepreneur, and is

one of the richest men alive, I believe that Donald has lowered the morals

and ethics of this society with his greed for an extra “buck”. For instance

Luke tried to teach us that money is not everything, that being rich does not

make people happy and that people should focus on greater things. Luke

claimed that those who are rich will not get far after their death, that money

is the source of negligence to society and to you. He believed that people

should love their enemies and be good to them. He praised the fact that we

will go to heaven if we’ll stop separating each other from the rest. Donald

Trump, being one of the most powerful men, does not believe that he
shouldn’t go after money and does not believe that money isn’t everything.

Donald has been caught saying, “I don't make deals for the money. I've got

enough, much more than I'll ever need. I do it to do it.”1 This shows that

Donald has committed one big sin, he has already reached his desire but yet

he is still perusing more. He chooses to separate himself from the others,

with no specific reason other than “just because”. Luke warned, “Woe to who

are filled now, for you will be hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you will

grieve and weep,”2 suggesting that even the richest man now will weep

eventually. I’m sure Donald Trump, being the intelligent man, is aware of

what many religions preach, yet he chooses to go against what others


Moreover, not only does Donald Trump commit one of the greatest

deadly sins, he also refuses to base his morals and ethics on beliefs of the

bible. Matthew, in Chapter 7, has said “Stop judging, that you may not be

judged.” Matthew explained that we are not invincible, that people also see

us and notice things we would like for them not to see with that it gives us

no reason to point fingers and emphasize traits that others do not want us to

see. I believe that this idea gets greatly manipulated due to how people have

developed today. He believed that by judging we degrade each other, unlike

many people in this world who think that it makes them great. Media, press,

and lack of true interest, plays a huge role in the “money world”. For

Luke…page 60
instance, when Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell had their big dispute not

only did they refuse to be greater then the other, but Rosie also felt that it

was necessary to let everyone know how Donald wears a wig, and then

Donald Trump went on proclaiming, “…I'll most likely sue her for making

those false statements – and it'll be fun. Rosie's a loser. A real loser. I look

forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie."3 Yes, this was

even on the news, he did indeed announce that. Two grown adults put their

morals and ethics aside just so that they can show the world how far they

would go to win a pointless fight. My conclusion is that those two people are

fully aware that magazines and other press will sell this story, therefore by

judging and insulting one another they collected a few extra dollars. It seems

they have no shame. They’ve contradicted everything that Matthew wanted

for people to do; he believed and wanted for people to feel equal, to feel

worthy, and in exchange offered God for those who chose to do well. Today,

people forget about God, and wish to do things for money and tangible

objects they can touch. Donald, the man who is known and praised by many

people has sunk to the level and to some respect said, “Screw you, God!”

Humans’ moral ethics also sunk when Donald Trump has failed to listen

to St. Aquinas who preached that it is unlawful to sell a thing for more than it

is worth. St. Aquinas believed that whatever possessions one may own

should be sold or exchanged for the same value that it beholds and no one

should try to make a profit, or scam each other off. With money being the

most important priority, it is very difficult to deny the concept of receiving

more money for what is worth much less; St. Aquinas feared that people will

try their best to get more for less. Donald Trump, the man who has worked

with middle class before would NEVER sell his property or his apartment or

his share for anything less or equal that he paid for. Donald believes that, “…

you can't be too greedy,”4 it justifies his desire to make a profit by selling

things for more than they’re worth. This is also an indication of the seven

deadly sins being present, more specifically: greed and pride. Rather then

being humble, Donald is happy that he makes a great profit from people, and

instead of settling for what he paid for he has an enormous desire to double

his earnings. It is good that Donald has a great determination, but it seems

that he does it at any cost, God only knows how many skeletons in the closet

he possesses and how many other people do too, although they’ve never

been exposed.

This society has not only degraded itself but also lowered standards

when it comes to ethics. Nobody gets a pat on the back, but rather gets an

“Are you stupid?” look. Turning down a great deal seems incorrect even if it’s

for a greater good, turning the other cheek earn the title “you are weak” and

then no longer are you considered a worthy human being. The saddest part

of all is that despite the misery of our own creations, the fact that we KNOW

that people would walk over us is what prevents us from doing something

good and really worthwhile. It seems that when it comes to money, God does

not go in sync with it. When you have money you don’t need God, and that’s

the life that greedy people have chosen to live.