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Property Law (Bell

Spring 2011 Syllabus
(January 11, 2011)

Readings: The casebook we will be using is Thomas Merrill & Henry Smith, PROPERTY: PRINCIPLES

While I like the materials in the casebook, I’m not crazy about the order in which they’re presented. For
that reason, I’ve rearranged the order of the readings. We will not read the casebook in order.

There are 26 topics listed on this syllabus. Please try to stay one topic ahead. E.g., if we finish a class
somewhere in the middle of topic #15, the reading assignment for the next class is through the end of
topic #16.

Please note that the pace picks up considerably toward the end. That is intentional.

Please also note that the speed at which the class moves through the material may differ from my
estimates. I will probably find it necessary to adjust the syllabus at least once through the semester to
suit the pace at which we are proceeding\.

Grading and assignments: The final exam is open book. In addition to the final exam, I will give you a
take-home midterm during the course of the semester. We will schedule a session to review the midterm
together. I will also take class participation into account.

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00-3:30 (LRC311). If you can’t make it during those hours,
please contact me by email (avibell@sandiego.edu), and we can set up another mutually convenient

Miscellany: We will not have any class on April 19 or April 21. We will have a final class/review
session on April 27 (tentatively at 1:00 PM).

1. Merrill & Smith, pages 81-95 (First Possession)
2. Merrill & Smith, pages 102-120, 134-147 (First Possession; Discovery; and Creation, part I)
Optional: pages 95-102, 120-134
3. Merrill & Smith, pages 147-164 (Creation, part II)
4. Merrill & Smith, pages 165-172, 9-15, 175-183 (Accession, part I)
Optional: pages 172-175
5. Merrill & Smith, pages 183-208 (Accession, part II; and Adverse Possession, part I)
6. Merrill & Smith, pages 208-227 (Adverse Possession, part II; and Sequential Possession)
7. Merrill & Smith, pages 227-242, 1-9 (Competing Acquisition Principles and Trespass, part I)
8. Merrill & Smith, pages 40-56 (Trespass, part II)
Optional: pages 15-40
9. Merrill & Smith, pages 427-439, 67-80, 439-442 (Self Help and Necessity)
10. Merrill & Smith, pages 442-480 (Discrimination)
11. Merrill & Smith, pages 480-497 (Licenses)

589-593. Merrill & Smith. Merrill & Smith. 595-607 (Estates in Land. Merrill & Smith. 593-595. Merrill & Smith. pages 537-562 (Transfer. pages 587-589. part I) 14. pages 971-1013 (Easements) 26. Merrill & Smith. part II. part III) 17. pages 702-735 (Leaseholds. and Transfer. 917-936 (Transfer of Title) 25. part I) 15. Merrill & Smith. Merrill & Smith. pages 497-518 (Bailments) 13. part II) 20. Merrill & Smith. pages 683-690. part III) 23. part IV) 18. part I) 21.12. Merrill & Smith. pages 562-579 (Estates in Land. 691-702 (Leaseholds. pages 1013-1049 (Covenants) . pages 735-772 (Leaseholds. Merrill & Smith. 809-829 (Common Interest Communities. and Estates in Land. pages 633-656 (Concurrent Ownership. pages 656-683 (Concurrent Ownership. Merrill & Smith. pages 782-804. Merrill & Smith. part II) 16. pages 884-900. Merrill & Smith. and Trusts) 24. pages 518-537 (Abandonment. Merrill & Smith. 607-620 (Estates in Land. part II) 22. Merrill & Smith. part I) 19. pages 620-633.