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 D’var Malchus | Likkutei Sichos Vol. 15, pg. 231-242


 Moshiach & Geula

5712 (1951/52) – SHMITA DURING THE

Insight | Shneur Zalman Berger


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comparison with Avrohom and

Yitzchok , who called it a “mountain”
and a “field” respectively). However,

THE ETERNAL the fact is to the contrary. It is

specifically Yaakov whose life
experience was the opposite of being
settled and established (especially
compared to Avrohom and Yitzchok,

HOUSE OF who enjoyed peace throughout a

large portion of their lives, dwelling in
well established residences, in a single
location). All of Yaakov’s days were
spent as a “stranger in the land,” [as

Likkutei Sichos Vol. 15, pg. 231-242
Yaakov himself testified] “The days of
the years of my life have been few and
miserable.”12 To begin with, he was
forced to flee from Eisav, as told in
the beginning of this week’s Torah
Translated by Boruch Merkur
portion, “And Yaakov left Beer
Sheva.” Next, he was in Charan, “I
1. In connection with the verse (in our Torah have sojourned (with Lavan).”12* And finally, “When
portion1), “And he named that place (the [destined] Yaakov sought to dwell in tranquility, the troubles of Yosef
location of the Holy Temple) ‘The House of G-d,’” the sprang upon him.”13 Indeed, “And Yaakov lived” is said
Gemara2 says: “Unlike Avrohom, regarding whom it is only of his seventeen years (and even they were) in Egypt
written [that he called the place a] ‘mountain,’ as it is [i.e., a very lowly place].13*
said,3 ‘as it is said to this day, “On the mountain, G-d will 2. This inconsistency will be resolved in light of a
be seen”’; unlike Yitzchok, regarding whom it is written discussion of the verse in Yeshayahu14 cited above (upon
[that he called the place a] ‘field,’ as it is said,4 ‘And which the Gemara [in P’sachim] is based): “And many
Yitzchok went forth to pray in the field’; but like Yaakov, nations shall go, and they shall say, ‘Come, let us ascend
who called it a ‘house,’ as it said, ‘And he named that5 to the mountain of G-d, to the house of the L-rd of
place ‘The House of G-d.’”6 Thus, it states in Yaakov, and let Him teach us of His ways, and we will go
Yeshayahu,7 “the house of the L-rd of Yaakov,” and not in His paths,’ etc.” At first glance it is not understood:
“the house of the L-rd of Avrohom,” nor “the house of the This verse speaks about the Third Holy Temple,15 which
L-rd of Yitzchok”8 (as will be discussed). will be called a “house,” as mentioned above. What is the
There are commentaries9 that explain that the three significance, however, (that it is the “house of the L-rd of
names – “mountain,” “field,” and “house” – signify the Yaakov”) in the context of this verse that “many nations
three Holy Temples. To that extent, it is specifically the shall go, and they shall say, ‘Come, let us ascend to the
Third Temple that is called “House,” indicating an mountain of G-d, etc., and let Him teach us of His ways,
established, “settled place” (unlike a “mountain” or and we will go in His paths,’ etc.”?
“field”), expressing the unique innovation and especial We must also shed light on [the following two
quality of the Third Temple – that only it will be an questions that arise from] the fact that this verse (“And
established and eternal structure, whereas the First and many nations, etc., ‘Come, let us ascend, etc.’”)
Second Temples were destroyed. concludes with a description of the apparent cause
This is also the reason why it was specifically “Yaakov [compelling the many nations to wish to ascend, etc.]:
who called it a ‘house,’” because “the inheritance of “for out of Tziyon shall the Torah come forth, and the
Yaakov” is an “inheritance without boundaries,”10 as word of G-d from Yerushalayim.”16 a) On a literal level,
mentioned earlier in the Torah portion,10* “you shall gain the verse does not come to relate that the nations will
strength (u’fartzta, burst forth) westward and eastward come “to the house of the L-rd of Yaakov” in order to
and northward and southward.” convert and to study Torah and the word of G-d (as it is
We must, however, understand: Since it is specifically also understood from the continuation of the Scripture in
“Yaakov who called it a ‘house,’” at first glance, the the following verse17). So how is “for out of Tziyon shall
concept of “house” (a place that is settled and the Torah come forth, and the word of G-d from
established) must be expressed in the conduct and the Yerushalayim” a cause and reason for “Come, let us
order of events in the life11 of Yaakov Avinu (especially in

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

ascend, etc.”? NOTES:
b) What is the significance of the redundancy, “out of 1 VaYeitzei 28:19.
Tziyon shall the Torah come forth, and the word of G-d
2 P’sachim 88a.
from Yerushalayim”? At first glance, both expressions
[“Torah” and “word of G-d”] have the same intent and 3 VaYeira 22:14.
meaning. Likewise, with regard to the prior redundancy, 4 Chayei Sara 24:63.
“let Him teach us of His ways, and we will go in His
paths.” 5 So it is rendered in our version of Gemara. However, Ein
Simply speaking, of course, the verse repeats itself for Yaakov quotes the verse in VaYishlach (35:7), “and he named
the purpose of strengthening the message and providing the place ‘Keil Beis Keil’” [meaning, “The Holy One, blessed be
He, is in Beis Keil (The House of G-d); His Presence
emphasis, varying the terms for the sake of style, as the
(Sh’chinaso) is revealed in Beis Keil” (Rashi on the verse)].
commentaries of Tanach explain in several places. Thus,
6 See Footnote 6 in the original.
the verse says “Yerushalayim” as a synonym for “Tziyon,”
and “the word of G-d” as a synonym for “Torah.” The 7 2:3, etc. – see Footnote 7 in the original.
same applies for, “let Him teach us of His ways, and we 8 See Footnote 8 in the original.
will go in His paths.”
9 See Chiddushei Agados Maharsha, Iyun

Since it is specifically “Yaakov who Yaakov on P’sachim ibid, Tzror HaMor on

our Torah portion, and at length in

called it a ‘house,’” at first glance, the Alshich on our Torah portion and on
T’hillim Mizmor 24.

concept of “house” (a place that is 10 Shabbos 118b.

10* 28:14.
settled and established) must be 11 As is written (regarding the First
expressed in his life. However, all of Temple) that Dovid said (Divrei
HaYamim 22:7-10), “as for me, it was in
Yaakov’s days were spent as a my heart to build a House, etc. But the
word of the Lord was upon me, saying,
“stranger in the land,” as Yaakov etc. Behold a son will be born to you. He
will be a man of peace, etc. He shall build
himself testified, “The days of the years a House in My Name.”
12 VaYigash 47:9 and the commentary of
of my life have been few and Rashi; to note the commentary of Rashi

miserable.” on Lech Lecha 15:13 (entry beginning

with the words, “in the land”).
12* VaYishlach 32:5.
But on the other hand, everything in Torah, especially
the Written Torah, is absolutely exact, to the extent that 13 Commentary of Rashi on VaYeishev 37:2.
we derive many laws from extra [phrases, words, letters, 13* Seider Eliyahu Rabba Ch. 5. See Baal HaTurim on the verse
and etc., found] in Scripture, or from variations in the [VaYechi 47:28].
text. This profound degree of textual precision even 14 For an explanation of the verse according to Kabbala and
applies to the literal dimension of Scripture. In fact,
Chassidus, see Ohr HaTorah on Yeshayahu ibid, where it is
Rashi18 interprets the repetitions, etc., found even in the
“songs” of the Torah [where you would otherwise expect
15 See commentaries on the verse, ibid.
“poetic license”].
Similarly here, the redundant expressions do not have 16 In Radak ibid, “These are the words of the prophet, not the
the exact same connotation. Rather, they speak about two words of the nations,” but in Mahari Kra it says, “These are the
[different] concepts: a) “teach us of His ways,” b) “we words of the nations.”
will go in His paths”; a) “out of Tziyon shall the Torah 17 “And he shall judge between the nations, etc., and they shall
come forth,” b) “and the word of G-d from beat their swords into plowshares, etc.” – see Footnote 17 in the
Yerushalayim,” as will be discussed. original.
[To be continued, be”H] 18 The Song of the Sea, in the portion B’Shalach, among

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 




“ With the advent of the
footsteps of Moshiach…youths
will put old men to shame. Elders

DOSE OF will rise in deference to the young,

a son will revile his father, a
daughter will rise up against her
mother, a daughter-in-law against
her mother-in-law, and a man’s

MOSHIACH enemies will be the members of

his household…” (Sota 9:15)
In Avodas Hashem, this means –
not taking into account one’s
position and status, and even

& GEULA: regarding the simple concepts of

thought, speech, and action – that
the person has the breadth (“di
breitkait”) to serve as an arousing
influence and guide in his
21-27 MAR-CHESHVAN surroundings.
Furthermore, this applies even
to those who have acquired this
Selected daily pearls of wisdom from the wisdom of Torah but have yet to
Rebbe MH”M on Moshiach and Geula. merit the luminary within Torah,
the teachings of chassidus – he is
still a youth, etc. – thus, “youths
Collected and arranged by Rabbi Pinchas Maman
will put old men to shame.”
Translated by Michoel Leib Dobry
(Igros Kodesh, Vol. 7, pg. 90)


“With the advent of the footsteps of Moshiach…a
daughter will rise up against her mother…” (Sota
We find this even within one’s own household, if he
acted with leniency for some reason in certain matters
due to the living conditions inside.
Thus, “a daughter will rise up against her mother, a
daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law,” and they
conduct themselves as is appropriate even in these
matters, without consideration for the conduct of their
mother and mother-in-law until now. And eventually,
the mothers and mothers-in-law will also act
(Igros Kodesh, Vol. 7, pg. 90)


It is explained in Tanya (Chapter 36) that all

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

revelations in the Future to Come depend upon our and “the days of Moshiach”(as it has been with the
actions and our avoda during the time of the exile. Jewish People in all generations prior to this
Thus, in addition to the fact that the overall avoda generation)…since the Redemption comes
of the Jewish People brings the Redemption, there is immediately at this time and in this place, in order
also the concept of “measure for measure.” that the final moment of the exile becomes the first
Accordingly, the avoda that the Jewish People do to moment of the Redemption.
bring the Redemption is: Furthermore, from “all the days of your life” at
The overall concept of mitzva fulfillment – making this time and in this place, without any interruption
the physicality of the world (which constantly whatsoever ch”v. Even if he is already more than
deteriorates, signifying death) into a vessel and abode seventy years old, and the like, he immediately
for holiness (the concept of life and eternity). This proceeds with ultimate perfection – “they came [to
avoda brings the Resurrection of the Dead. Egypt] as Reuven and Shimon and they departed as
The overall concept of the avoda of birurim – Reuven and Shimon” – to the continuation of “all the
raising the sparks of holiness that descended and fell days of your life” in the days of Moshiach, and the
from their heights from where they came. Furthermore, eternal life that will be then.
since “one who falls from his level is called dead” (sicha, Shabbos Parshas Shmos 5752)
(Zohar III 135b), it is understood that raising such a
spark is considered as the Resurrection of the Dead. 26 MARCHESHVAN: AT THE MOMENT OF THE
(Likkutei Sichos, Vol. 3, pg. 1011) REDEMPTION – MOSHIACH WILL ALSO RENEW THE PAST
Furthermore, and most
importantly, this leads to the
In our generation, there is the ultimate state of perfection, the

culmination of “your wellsprings spread True and Complete Redemption in

its simplest and most material
outward” to all corners of the earth, sense…and in a manner that will
have a retroactive effect.
and in a manner that is readily For even though Moshiach has
not yet come at this very moment,
discernable. The wellsprings have even when he will come a moment later,
he will also renew (alter) the
reached those who are at the furthest moments before this (“the exile”)

possible point. that will be part of the Redemption

(by inserting the Alef of “Alufo
Shel Olam” (Master of the World)
[into “gola,” making “Geula”).
“Just as a person goes, so he comes; he goes 27 MARCHESHVAN: THE SIGNS AND TIMES OF THE
blind and he comes blind…he goes clothed and he REDEMPTION – “YOUR WELLSPRINGS WILL SPREAD
comes clothed” (B’Reishis Rabba, Parshas Tzav). OUTWARD” WILL ALREADY BE IN ITS FULLEST SENSE
This matter is also stated in relation to a person’s In our generation, there is the culmination of
dress: “He goes clothed – he comes clothed.” “your wellsprings spread outward” to all corners of
There are two opinions on the meaning of the the earth, and in a manner that is readily discernable.
words “goes clothed”: a) the garment that a person is The wellsprings have even reached those who are at
clothed in at his burial, shrouds; b) the clothes that he the furthest possible point. And the inner teachings
was accustomed to wear during his lifetime. of Torah have been translated into the language of
(Igros Kodesh, Vol. 2, pg. 65) every nation (Russian, etc.) in a manner of
increasing light.
25 MARCHESHVAN: AT THE MOMENT OF THE It has reached the point that even the Tanya, the
REDEMPTION – WE MOVE TO ETERNAL LIFE WITHOUT Written Torah of Chassidus, has been printed in
INTERRUPTION Braille, the writing for the blind r”l.
In simple terms, there will be no need for an (sicha, Shabbos Parshas Shoftim 5751)
interruption ch”v between “all the days of your life”

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 


5712 (1951/52) –
By Shneur Zalman Berger

Just two years had passed since the VEGETABLES?
founding of Kfar Chabad. Many of the At the beginning of 5711/1950,
people began preparing for the
residents supported themselves by Shmita year coming up in 5712.
farming, thanks to the generosity of the That was the first Shmita year
since the Israeli government came
Israeli government, and then came the into being and took charge of
running the country including
first Shmita year. The test was agriculture and providing for its
citizens, something which it took
enormous and the fears were great, direct control of.
Many people were apprehensive,
including the fear that the land allotted beginning with rabbanim, the
to them would be taken away. * The farmers who had to make a fateful
decision, and ending with the
situation in the schools was difficult too housewives who were afraid of a
year without vegetables, which
and the plight of the principals reached were basic food items in those
faraway Australia. * An overview of Between the last Shmita in 5705
until the upcoming Shmita, the
Shmita 5712, which was one of the Jews of Eretz Yisroel had
hardest Shmita years in Eretz Yisroel, undergone major upheavals. First,
the number of Jews doubled,
as we begin the Shmita year of 5768. * thanks to the 500,000 new
immigrants, including Holocaust
Letters from the Rebbe and stories survivors, about 49,000 Yemenite
Jews, and 114,000 Iraqi Jews.
concerning the laws of Shmita as they Many of these immigrants were
strictly religious and they wanted to
were observed by Lubavitcher observe Shmita with all the
Chassidim 56 years ago. hiddurim of kashrus. Second, with

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

the establishment of the State of other things, but in those years, the This leniency was accepted
Israel, the responsibility for Israeli economy was terrible. The b’diaved (as second-best) by the
agriculture and the economy fell on government instituted a severe chief rabbinate of Israel, but the
its shoulders and it was necessary rationing system called tzena (lit. chareidi rabbis encouraged their
to coordinate with the various austerity) in which food was followers not to rely on it, while
government bodies. distributed via ration cards. There knowing how hard it would be to
The previous Shmita it was were shortages of everything, and strictly observe the laws of Shmita.
possible to buy vegetables from the substitute food items were hard to The Rebbe strongly opposed the
many Arabs who lived in Eretz come by. heter machmir and expressed his
Yisroel and around it. After the So from whatever angle you view on it. Yet, the Rebbe made
War of Independence though, the looked at it, the situation looked sure to help the residents of Kfar
number of Arabs in Eretz Yisroel bleak. Chabad, many of whom were
diminished significantly. It was farmers, so they could withstand
impossible to buy from nearby Arab THE REBBE OPPOSED the test. The Rebbe encouraged the
farms due to the hatred engendered leaders of the vaad of Kfar Chabad
by the war. Third, it was almost
THE HETER M’CHIRA to enlist aid from organizations in
impossible to import food because The abovementioned facts are Israel and abroad, and even sent
transportation, by air and by ship, why some religious Jews wanted to them many letters.
was not as developed and rely on the heter machmir (lit. And so, in the Shmita year of
widespread as it is today. leniency of sale), which entailed 5712, the Chabad Chassidim
Although vegetables are basic selling farmland to non-Jews for stopped buying vegetables that
food items, when there aren’t any the duration of the Shmita year, were grown in Eretz Yisroel by
vegetables you can make do with and then working the land as usual. Jews. The direct result was a long

Residents of Kfar Chabad in the early years

learning agriculture on a combine from an
agricultural instructor (far right); behind him
is R’ Yitzchok Rivkin, R’ Zalman Sudakevitz,
R’ Avrohom Drizin, R’ Tzvi Lieberman and
R’ Meir Rivkin

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

have in the Shmita year? (Igros founded in the summer of 5709,
In the Shmita Kodesh, vol. 4, #1221). the Rebbe Rayatz and the Rebbe
year of 5712, the Rabbi Yisroel Noach Blinitzky,
who wanted to move to Eretz
MH”M encouraged the residents to
do farming work to support
Chabad Yisroel at the end of 5712, was told
by the Rebbe:
With the aid of Chabad activists
Chassidim stopped In general, the idea is a good in Eretz Yisroel, the residents made
one in my opinion, but do not great efforts to obtain tracts of land
buying vegetables rush to make aliya and it’s out of and farming implements, in order
the question for it to take place in to achieve the goal of the Rebbeim.
that were grown the Shmita year of 5712. (Yisroel Jewish Agency officials and people
in Eretz Yisroel by Noach HaGadol p. 313). in the Agricultural Department,
who were moved by the suffering
Jews. The direct NOT TO RELY endured by the Chassidim at the
hands of the Nazis and the
result was a long Let’s go back to the beginning
communists, as well as others who
knew Chabad from the old country,
year without of 5711 in Kfar Chabad, which was helped the Chassidim. They used
a fledgling village at the time, only every amendment and clause in the
vegetables on the two years old. Since the Kfar was law in order to be able to award
menu, which was
limited as it was. Farmers at work in Kfar Chabad

year without vegetables on the

menu, which was limited as it was.
The deprivations endured due to
the tzena were greatly compounded
due to Shmita, and in the newly
established settlement of Kfar
Chabad, and in Yeshivas Tomchei
T’mimim in Lud, Chabad
Chassidim among the rest of the
chareidim in the Holy Land, all
suffered from the scarcities.


Due to the tremendous distress
because of Shmita, in an usual
move the Rebbe told people outside
Eretz Yisroel not to visit and
certainly not to move to Eretz
Yisroel that year. To one person
who wrote to the Rebbe that he
planned on visiting Eretz Yisroel
after Sukkos 5712, the Rebbe
wrote in surprise:
Regarding your question about
whether to visit Eretz Yisroel
after Sukkos, what place does this

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1
them yet more land, another
machine, more of a budget for
seeds and for agricultural
Things were just beginning to
take off when along came the
Shmita year and they had to call a
halt to everything, forego the help
that came after much effort, and to
rest the land. They were certain
that all those government figures
who had willingly aided them until
now would not look kindly on this
sabbatical year.
Rabbi Shneur Zalman Garelik,
rav of Kfar Chabad, discussed the
issue extensively with other
rabbanim in Eretz Yisroel. He
wrote to the Rebbe about it and
received a response (dated 21
Shvat 5711) in which the Rebbe
wrote that not only in Kfar Chabad Mordechai Surkis at a farbrengen in Kfar Chabad
would they observe the stringencies
of the laws of Shmita: Regarding Rabbi Garelik about this in a letter At the end of Av and the
Shmita, according to information dated 29 Sivan 5711: beginning of Elul 5711, leaders of
received here, the chareidi You write that there is a the Joint Distribution Committee of
kibbutzim in Eretz Yisroel will widespread rumor that the the US visited Israel. When the
not rely on the leniencies and will government will force planting in Rebbe heard about this, he wrote to
observe Shmita k’halacha. (Igros the Shmita year. I was visited by the vaad of Kfar Chabad to try and
Kodesh, vol. 4, p. 154) Mr. Surkis, one of the members see to it that these leaders visit
In light of the Rebbe’s position, of the Working Committee of the Kfar Chabad, and after a proper
Kfar Chabad would not rely on the Histadrut, who is also quite reception, representatives of the
heter machmir and the farmers familiar with government circles, residents, along with
would not work the land. Rumor and when the conversation turned representatives of Aguch, and
had it that the government would to this topic, he assured me that representatives of Chabad shuls in
compel the residents to continue he would do what he could so the country, should meet with them
working the land, for it was the that Kfar Chabad can do as it and politely ask for aid for the
government that had given them pleases, without outside coercion. Shmita year. (Igros Kodesh vol. 4
the land as well as the farming He said that he was almost 100% #1135).
tools. certain that he would be able to The visit took place, in the
This was the reason that when achieve this. course of which a memorandum
Mr. Mordechai Surkis, head of the The Shmita year was fast about Shmita in Kfar Chabad was
council in Kfar Saba and member approaching and the Rebbe, like a submitted to Dr. Schwartz,
of the Working Committee of the father who looks out for his director of the JDC. Chabad
Histadrut (National Labor Union), children, repeatedly urged the activists feared that this request
visited the Rebbe in 5711, the people on the vaad of Kfar Chabad wasn’t enough and so they asked
Rebbe spoke to him about this. to obtain sufficient financial aid for Rabbi Pinye Altheus, a member of
Surkis promised to see to it that the farmers of the Kfar. The Rebbe the administration of Aguch, to ask
the government would not force made various suggestions as to the Rebbe to prevail upon Dr.
the residents of Kfar Chabad to who to speak to, to obtain aid. In Schwartz to accede to their
work the land which would go the summer of 5711, the Rebbe request. The Rebbe gave the job of
contrary to their conscience. suggested they try to get help from convincing Dr. Schwartz to R’
The Rebbe quickly informed the Shmita fund in the US. Binyamin Gorodetzky who was

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

The vaad of Kfar Chabad in Lud that year, 5712, but they
Our supplies are looked into the matter but were laughed. The situation was so dire
unsuccessful in this too. The that regardless of Shmita, the lack
completely gone secretary of the vaad, Rabbi of food was typical of that time.
and we cannot Yitzchok Mendel Liss, reported to
the Rebbe, who responded via
The fact that despite the
hardships of the time there was
use the telegram dated 20 Kislev:
The matter of the Jewish
food for the bachurim is to the
credit of Rabbi Efraim Wolf and
vegetables. We Agency Shmita fund is based on Rabbi Avrohom (Maiyor) Drizin,
what (Dr.) Schwartz told menahalim of the yeshiva. They
face a serious Gorodetzky, who is now visiting spared no effort to care for the
in Eretz Yisroel. talmidim so they would have food
problem that On 12 Teives the Rebbe to eat.
threatens the explained in a letter to the vaad
that he was surprised to hear that
The yeshiva’s administration
pleaded before government officials
existence of our they received a negative response
after Dr. Schwartz told him
and donors to donate basic food
items. They also enlisted the help
institution, explicitly about the Agency’s of donors from abroad who sent
Shmita fund. The Rebbe expressed them shipments of meat.
because what can his fear that they were hiding the Sometimes these shipments did not
existence of the Shmita fund from arrive at their destination for
we give our them so that they would not be various reasons. The little bit of
talmidim to eat? besieged by petitioners and so the
Rebbe suggested:
food that they obtained from here
and there, took great effort and
If you can meet with Dr. much money.
successful. Schwartz and remind him, One of the important donors to
The residents of Kfar Chabad politely though and the yeshiva at that time was Rabbi
nearly breathed a sigh of relief diplomatically, about this matter, Shmuel Betzalel Altheus of
when at the last moment something he can help you with this. Melbourne, Australia. The mashpia
went wrong and Dr. Schwartz said The many efforts failed and in the yeshiva, R’ Avrohom Maiyor,
he had no funds for this purpose as money was not received from the had asked him for urgent
well as other excuses like, “It is fund. A few months later, the assistance back at the beginning of
difficult to explain to the donors Rebbe asked again about the the year:
here in America why they should financial aid. In a letter to Aguch in Our financial situation, which is
donate towards this cause insofar Sivan, the Rebbe wrote: What was unbearable, forces us to turn to you
as it well know that the chief the final result regarding Shmita? once again and to remind you of
rabbinate accepted the heter (Igros Kodesh vol. 21, p. 165). the terrible circumstances we are in
machmir.” Life in Kfar Chabad that year … In addition to this, this year is a
The Rebbe expressed his was not simple. I was not able to Shmita year, and we do not use
surprise about this negative answer obtain much information about that vegetables that are grown here, and
in a letter to the vaad of Kfar year since most of the farmers of so we are bereft from here and from
Chabad dated 22 Cheshvan. The that year are no longer among the there. We have no foodstuff since
Rebbe did not give up, but living. our supplies are completely gone
suggested another idea for funding: and we cannot use the vegetables.
I have also found out, and this THE T’MIMIM ALWAYS We face a serious problem that
is practical information, that the threatens the existence of our
LACKED FOOD institution, because what can we
Jewish Agency set aside a sum of
125,000 as a Shmita fund. For The general austerity of the give our talmidim to eat?
this you need to present a demand time was felt not only in people’s We have no other recourse but to
directly to the Jewish Agency in homes but also by the T’mimim in turn to our friends abroad for help.
Eretz Yisroel. Naturally, the Yeshivas Tomchei T’mimim, which We ask you to try with all your
earlier you do this, the better. was in Pardes in Lud at the time. great effort to send us food to the
(Igros Kodesh vol. 5, p. 28). While writing this article I spoke yeshiva as soon as possible for each
with some talmidim of the yeshiva

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

A group of T’mimim in 5711 at the yeshiva in Lud; in the center is the mashpia,
Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kesselman on the right, and the mashgiach, Rabbi Leizer Horowitz

passing day the burden is heavy These responses, which were We learn a little bit about the
upon us. the only ones of their sort at that shipments he received from a piece
time, were welcomed by the of information that we glean from
A SHIPMENT AS PER chareidi public who observed a letter replete with Torah terms
Shmita. It enabled them to know that he wrote to Rabbi Yitzchok
THE REBBE’S ORDERS what to do regarding tending their Dubov, a distinguished Chassid in
The Rebbe told Aguch in Eretz land, how to treat the fruit that London:
Yisroel, before the Shmita year grew in the Shmita year, etc. 19 Iyar, 5712…my dear friend,
began, to arrange the acquisition Being one of the heads of the HaRav HaGaon…Yitzchok Dubov
of food that had no Shmita rabbinical court of Agudas Israel, shlita… Yes, I received three
problems, and to disseminate Rav Na’eh supervised the kashrus packages of meat. Each time there
“Information Regarding Shmita” of Shmita products throughout the were 12 boxes. From R’ Yechezkel
(Igros Kodesh vol. 4, #1183). country. He personally suffered Goldman of London. I wrote to
The Chabad posek, Rabbi from the lack of food. He had him that he should tell me who
Chaim Na’eh, followed these diabetes which forced him to eat a sent them because he mentioned
instructions, even though it’s not strictly balanced diet and forbade only that he was sending meat …
clear he knew about them. During him from eating bread. For this Many thanks, for this is very
5712 he publicized in Hamodia, reason, the Rebbe told his necessary for me since I cannot eat
many practical responses regarding secretaries to ask R’ Binyamin bread because of my diabetes. We
the laws of Shmita. These Gorodetzky to send him food don’t eat vegetables during Shmita
responses were about an array of packages from Europe. that were planted by Jews during
topics that pertained to Shmita There were other generous this forbidden time, and meat is
such as produce grown during Lubavitchers who sent food not available here. There is little
Shmita, the laws of consuming packages to the distinguished fish. That is the extent to which
Shmita fruits before the appointed posek who worked hard on writing physical consumption of food holds
time, pruzbul, the Shmita of practical halachic works despite any significance.
money, etc. the shortages and the difficulties. In a letter that the Rebbe sent

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

him at that time, the Rebbe wished some farmers in Kfar Chabad
him good health: complained back in the middle of
May Hashem bless you with 5717 that the vaad was not
good health so you can be preparing early enough. The
involved in Torah and avoda with Rebbe responded (in a letter
peace of mind and peace of body dated the first day of Rosh
to enlarge Torah and aggrandize Chodesh Iyar) that they should
it, especially in clarifying the learn from those places in which
teachings of our holy Rebbeim. Shmita was properly observed,
Later in this letter, the Rebbe that when one Shmita year ends,
inquired whether Rabbi Na’eh had they already begin to prepare for
received the packages of meat the next one, and that they could
through R’ Gorodetzky in Paris find out how to do so from those
and when he received them and involved in this at moshav
how much it contained (Igros Komemiyus and kibbutz Chafetz
Kodesh, vol. 6, p. 64). Chaim.
I will conclude this article with Sources: Igros Kodesh, Yisroel Noach
the Rebbe’s instruction to the HaGadol, He’aros L’Maaseh B’Inyanei Shmita,
administration of Kfar Chabad for The letter written by R’ Avrohom Anashim Chassidim Hayu, D’var HaShmita,
Pardes Chabad, Beis Moshiach, Hiskashrus, and
Maiyor, asking for help in feeding
the next Shmita year, 5719, after personal interviews
the T’mimim

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By Rabbi Yehoshua Dubrawski

The “lech lecha from your father’s spiritual delights they experienced
in the large, holy house of their
house” that the shluchim do, from the father, the Nasi, the meshaleiach!
One of my daughters and her
perspective of their father. * Snapshots husband, were given an explicit
instruction from the Rebbe to go on
and anecdotes depicting the heroism of shlichus to a distant land. In their
final yechidus before leaving
our generation. Brooklyn, the Rebbe encouraged
them in a fatherly way and blessed
I can say with near certainty that Avrohom Avinu (which is them, and then he added something
the fact that all my children are on appreciated even more by one who that only the meshaleiach can
the Rebbe’s shlichus is not to my knows the inner meaning of this demand. He demanded, mainly
credit. No doubt, the merit of their verse). However, the fact is that from the shlucha, that the “lech
ancestors stood by them and I feel Avrohom’s leaving home meant lecha” be with utter simcha, with
fortunate that my “merit” did not leaving Terach, while the shluchim’s simcha that began then and there!
undermine this merit. leaving entails leaving the loving, She faced the Rebbe with tears
I have the “z’chus banim” to see warm, Chassidishe family they grew on her face from the emotions she
the fascinating world of the shliach up in. This requires altogether was experiencing and from the
and shlucha from up close, which different soul powers. awesomeness of the occasion. The
causes “joy to be implanted in my Not only that but we are talking Rebbe wanted them to be tears of
heart on this side,” and “tears to be about a young couple who just got simcha, and surely he accomplished
implanted in my heart on that side.” married. The husband and wife this. Beyond the veil of her tears
I’ll start from the end, from the were raised within the four cubits of she could see the Rebbe’s
tears. The Torah tells us about the the Rebbe. From their youth they penetrating, serious gaze as he
first Jew, the first of the Avos (and grew accustomed to long asked that she answer immediately
Hashem’s first shliach in the farbrengens in 770, and in the that she was traveling happily, as
world), Avrohom Avinu, who was middle of the night, as the Rebbe’s well as the satisfaction radiating
told by Hashem, “Go forth from voice reverberated over the from his face when she nodded her
your land, from your birthplace, loudspeaker, they slept among piles consent.
and from your father’s house.” of coats in a corner and dreamt Not for naught did the Rebbe
Leave. Remove yourself from the sweet Chassidishe dreams until I speak about the mesirus nefesh and
land you were born in, from your took them out of there (as did the heroism of the young shluchim, as
childhood environment, from your other fathers who brought their well as the restraint and heroism of
home. These words are engraved in children to farbrengens) towards their parents who hold back their
words of fire on the flag of every morning. tears as they say goodbye to their
shliach and shlucha. For them, the command of “lech children who leave for distant parts.
Heaven forbid to diminish, even lecha” was also a directive to leave Even the eyes of bystanders were
by a hairsbreadth, from the the sanctified and illuminated moist when they saw the dancing of
incomparable “lech lecha” of “house of your father,” with all the the shluchim and those who

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

accompanied them, as they sang, “harvesting with song”) because can do. They took the two little
“Dear brothers, dear brothers, we they were still busy with “planting” children, packed their bags, and
will see each other once again, we (and it is no simple matter to “plant sent them off hundreds of miles
will see each other once again. with song”). away to a city where there were
When Hashem gives us health and When I visited another one of Chassidishe schools. The children
life…” my children on shlichus, my heart could not stop their tears as they
The “planting with tears” of was pained when I saw the “lech said goodbye to their parents at the
many shluchim in spiritual lecha” on an even greater scale. The station, while they, the parents,
wastelands in indescribable: their young couple left the warm nest restrained themselves and even
mighty efforts to obtain bread, pas near 770 a few years after they spoke to them encouragingly and
Yisroel, efforts to obtain milk, married and had to say “lech lecha” with forced smiles.
chalav Yisroel, not to mention the to their young children. For months which turned into
“splitting of the sea” that they go The fact that there was no years, the children boarded at the
through until they manage to get a kosher meat in the vicinity didn’t homes of strangers. Their hosts
drop of the spiritual medicine into bother anyone. The discovery that were nice but the children suffered
the souls of unconscious Jews. there was no kosher milk for their and kept quiet (one example: when
I saw this on my first visit to the children wasn’t overly disturbing. the hosts were out of the house, the
city of my children whom I Nu, the kitchen would be pareve for cleaning lady did not let them eat!).
mentioned earlier. It was “planting a while. However, the fact that These children-shluchim were
with tears” in the literal and there was no proper school for an heroes, as are their parents.
extreme sense of the term. Years eight-year-old boy and seven-year- Now think of this – when these
later, I had the privilege of also old girl – that was intolerable. children are grown and start a
seeing the “harvesting,” an The young couple got to work family and want to go on
impressive spiritual yield in quantity and did what only shluchim of the
and quality. There still wasn’t Rebbe
“song” (as in

left to right: Rabbi Yehoshua
Dubrawski with his three sons, the shluchim
Menachem Mendel, Lipa, and Yosef Yitzchok

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

shlichus, how difficult it will be for earlier successes after the passage meshaleiach propels them forward
them to put their children through of a certain period of time, and he to continue, despite it all.
what they themselves went through. certainly does not allow a vacation Did you ever ask yourself, why
This is because the shluchim create or a break to refresh oneself, even is it that this huge revolution which
a circle of mekuravim, they start a though by rights they earned this is shlichus is ignored by the
preschool in the wilderness, but no bonus. The meshaleiach is insatiable “religious” writers of our
schools develop as the baalei and demands more and more. This generation? How come
t’shuva leave for more religious ambition becomes engraved deep encyclopedias, textbooks, museums,
cities. within the shliach’s heart. data banks and statistical think-
This is only scratching the With this perspective of “an tanks that examine every aspect of
surface of the story of one shliach ongoing activity,” I’ve seen a Jewish life still do not place at the
out of thousands, a drop in the phenomenon no less important with forefront the story of a movement
ocean of outreach activities and more than one of my children. After of thousands of shluchim around
upheavals in all areas of Jewish life years of devotion, establishing a the world?
throughout the world. The Chabad house or school which is a The small minds and petty
impossibility of describing even a major accomplishment unto itself, partisan outlooks of non-Chabad
fraction of what is involved is an just then, when all seems rosy, groups stop them from even talking
outgrowth of the tremendous power comes the test. The mosad falters about those whom they should be
that the Rebbe invested into the because of some despicable tattling saluting for providing them with
concept of a “shliach.” to the government, sometimes with customers for their hechsherim and
We were used to hearing of the the help of jealous Misnagdim. In books and hosts for their
shliach as a borrowed term used for such a dire situation, even talented fundraisers: the shluchim.
a specific mission – a mitzva, an and energetic people would raise We all remember how the
activity, or even a series of their hands in defeat and look for Litvishe “yeshiva world” (which
activities. The shlichus was always other sources of parnasa, but not improved dramatically in its yiras
limited in time and place and this shluchim! Shamayim thanks to the bachurim
reflected the very concept of Here is where you see the from Polish and Hungarian groups)
“shliach.” The shlichus was done in superhuman abilities endowed by laughed at the Rebbe’s mivtzaim.
the best possible way and the the meshaleiach. The shliach picks Years went by, the laughter died
meshaleiach was happy. Thus the himself up and continues with “lech down, and slowly, and under other
shlichus ended. lecha” as he starts a new chapter of names, they began to copy all the
However the Rebbe innovated “planting with tears” that is mivtzaim.
that a shliach is involved in ongoing preceded with deep plowing. It’s not that we have complaints
work his whole life. His shlichus I’ve seen it with my children on about that. On the contrary, the
absorbs his life, his days and nights, shlichus. They are moser nefesh so Rebbe emphasized that Chabad has
his wife and children, his house. that another Jew will learn Torah. no monopoly on kiruv. Let them do
His actions, his dreams, all of it is That’s what they see as the “bread more and more. It’s that their
surrounded and permeated by and butter” of shlichus, and they “kiruv rechokim” includes
shlichus. have to deal with the jealousy and distancing people from the
The meshaleiach does not allow hatred from inside and without. influence of the shluchim and
resting on the laurels of one’s Only the strength of the Chabad houses. To achieve this goal
they don’t hesitate to employ
degenerate means to oppose
RADIO MOSHIACH AND REDEMPTION Chabad which are reminiscent
of “it’s a halacha that is
IS BROADCASTING ON 91.9 FM DAILY known that Eisav hates
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM, AND 12:05 AM - 10:00 AM may we merit that shluchim
from Ger and Ponovezh, etc.,
HaShluchim and this will
Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu Ve'Rabbeinu Melech Hamoshiaca l'Olam Voed certainly hasten the true and
complete Redemption.

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &


By Shai Gefen

Whether the rebuke is actually effective As the Kinus HaShluchim is

about to begin, please shluchim,
is up to Hashem, but the rebuking must make shleimus ha’Aretz a priority at
the Kinus, as part of the wars of
be done. Chazal say that even if it seems Hashem that the Rebbe is waging. A
Jew who lives in Brooklyn, London
to him that he has accomplished or Moscow who thinks he’s safe is

nothing, and perhaps not only does it gravely mistaken.

seem that way but it is actually the case, RABIN’S LEGACY

For twelve years we have been
nevertheless, “even 100 times,” and the subject to Rabin festivals. Every
halacha is to be taken literally. year, religious Jews are afraid to
stick their noses outside during the
“hilula” celebrations for Rabin, in
fear of the anti-religious hatred
DIRECT CONNECTION Expulsion from Gush Katif as the
directed against them.
President Bush announced that if threats from Iran increase.
The Rebbe gave us the job of What remains of Rabin’s legacy
they don’t stop Iran from building a twelve years later? Rabin’s legacy is
nuclear reactor, it will lead to World explaining to the world that Eretz
Yisroel belongs solely to the Jewish thousands of widows and orphans,
War III. At the same time, the people who are maimed, a legacy of
nations of the world are creating a people, and a non-Jew who takes it
from a Jew is deserving of the death hatred, a broken country that is on
tumult about Yerushalayim and the verge of collapse. Israel has paid
Yehuda-Shomron, wanting to force penalty according to the Seven
Noachide Laws. Therefore, the the price. Any festival or ceremony
the Jewish people to continue its that commemorates Rabin’s death is
collective suicide. nations need to understand that the
turmoil in Israel is not a local nothing but a cover-up for an
The Rebbe said in 5744 that ongoing crime against humanity.
there is a connection between the problem in the Mid-East that needs
world trembling and talk about to be solved by giving away land and
giving away land. The Rebbe said, forming a Palestinian state. That WHY THE FUSS OVER
when you give away parts of Eretz won’t solve anything; it will make YERUSHALAYIM?
Yisroel, this has an immediate effect things worse! In recent weeks we are hearing
on world peace. We see how the Chabad Chassidim, and the how certain people and groups who
world is nervous about Iran at the shluchim especially, as well as could care less about our giving
very same time that they are anybody who has connections with away Yehuda and Shomron, are
pressuring Israel to give up land. influential leaders, must express our horrified over Olmert’s intention of
That’s the way it was with Camp view. We need to explain how giving away Yerushalayim. Please
David, which took place around the dangerous it is to concede parts of explain to me, why is Yerushalayim
time of the revolution in Iran, and Israel and how this endangers the different than Chevron, than
that’s how it has been since the Western world. Yehuda-Shomron, than Gush Katif?

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

Those who helped give away the prophet who sees the future, turned out that their words had
parts of Yehuda-Shomron by said that the law of Yerushalayim is some effect.
claiming that danger to life is more like the law of Yehuda-Shomron: The main purpose in talking is,
important than land (as though It would seem that we don’t see since there is a mitzva in the
giving away land doesn’t endanger any purpose in protests, and if so, Torah, the “Torah of life,” that
life) should be supporting giving what good will another protest and “all Jews are considered kosher” –
away Yerushalayim to Arabs. The another speech do? Furthermore, and here we are not presenting a
Arabs want Jerusalem and shouldn’t since it doesn’t help, then it’s personal opinion but repeating
we give it to them, to appease d’varim b’teilim, Heaven forbid, something written in the Torah –
them? since this talk won’t accomplish therefore, it is possible that when
So why the double standard? anything anyway, especially when they mention it, it will have an
Because they assumed that there is a they could be talking divrei Torah effect up Above and that will have
consensus over Yerushalayim and and inspiring people to yiras an effect down below, to effect a
now they see they were wrong. If Shamayim at this time. So why change – “action is the main
someone thought he could go to the waste time, as it were? thing.”
Kosel for the price of giving away The answer is that we have a The same is true for the Peace
parts of Eretz Yisroel to our mitzva in the Torah of giving Agreements, those agreements
murderers, well, he hasn’t learned rebuke. Whether the rebuke is that, may Heaven have mercy,
how far capitulation can go. We still actually effective is up to Hashem, some people are celebrating and
remember those chareidim on the but the rebuking must be done. are seeing to it that everybody take
Left who preached about giving Chazal say that even if it seems to part in the joy of the Peace
Agreement that was signed. Those
who don’t want to rejoice they
A fast day ought to be decreed for the compel to act joyously, and if this
wasn’t a time of joy (Motzaei
entire world for this thing called a Shabbos at a Melaveh Malka) a
“peace agreement,” which is actually fast day ought to be decreed for
the entire world for this thing
just the opposite and we see no peace called a “peace agreement,” which
is actually just the opposite and we
resulting. see no peace resulting.
After they heard people
complaining about this agreement,
away land with the ridiculous claim him that he has accomplished they consoled themselves that after
of pikuach nefesh. Now, all of a nothing, and perhaps not only all, they stood strong about
sudden they’re nervous about does it seem that way but it is Yerushalayim. According to
Yerushalayim. They’re not willing to actually the case, nevertheless, halacha there is no difference
give up their beis midrash for the “even 100 times,” and the halacha between Yerushalayim and some
sake of peace, but when they gave is to be taken literally. Even place in Yehuda and Shomron.
Gush Katif to the enemy, they though he spoke 99 times and the The Shulchan Aruch says,
rejoiced. situation remained the same as regarding giving away land, that
As for the group that insisted before, he is told to try, “even 100 since this endangers life, it opens
that it wasn’t the place for us, the times.” the land before them, it is
chareidim, to mix in to these issues Especially when, if you think forbidden to give an inch of Eretz
because “we don’t mix in to security about it, you understand that if Yisroel and it makes no difference
matters,” have suddenly woken up not for the 99 times of rebuking whether it’s Yerushalayim or in
when parts of Yerushalayim near the and yelling until now, the situation Yehuda and Shomron!
Schneller fortress are under would be far worse! It has turned If it is permissible to give away
consideration. What hypocrisy it is out that we have seen retroactively land in Yehuda and Shomron, as
when they cry about dividing that although, in some cases, they maintain, since there is no
Yerushalayim. while talking, it did not seem as danger because the other side
Thirty years ago, when they gave though anything was “promised” and “signed” that
away “just” the Sinai, the Rebbe, as accomplished, after some time it there would be peace, why do they

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

oppose giving away the Old City of WHY THE SURPRISE? led by a chief of staff who was
Yerushalayim, when the Arabs “Severe Crisis of Faith in the picked especially for the purpose of
make promises? If you oppose IDF” was the headline in Maariv. expelling Jews. For an entire year,
giving away Yerushalayim, you The article said, “Secret data that thousands of soldiers trained to
should also oppose giving away the army presented to the prime expel Jews and destroy flourishing
Yehuda and Shomron. minister reveal the sad reality, 40% settlements.
Those who fool themselves by of the public do not have faith in For over a year they stopped the
saying that Yerushalayim is the army leadership; only 25% of regular ongoing training of
different than Yehuda and the reservists trust the high reservists, in order to finance the
Shomron, are deliberately ignoring command; many of the career swollen budget for the
the p’sak din that makes Yehuda soldiers want to leave.” Disengagement. Our Intelligence in
and Shomron the equivalent of They are all surprised. Nobody the northern sector failed since it
Yerushalayim and establishes that understands why this happened. was being used against settlers and
giving any land, no matter where it After years of preventing the army people on the Right. Is it any
may be, endangers us to the point from carrying out its mission of wonder that when they had to fight
of “opening the land before them.” pursing and destroying our the second Lebanon war they were
From this we see what sort of enemies, and turning the army into caught unprepared?
“strength” it is when they strongly a political entity that pursues Jews, After all this, they continue to
insist on Yerushalayim and not on while failing in their wars, is it any think up wicked plans of giving
Yehuda and Shomron! wonder that there is a serious crisis away more land and using the army
As said before, if the reason to in the nations’ trust in the army’s to expel tens of thousands of Jews
give away Yehuda and Shomron is high command? from their homes. There is only
because of danger to life, then that Over the course of years our one way to restore the people’s
is the Torah law, and if so, they prime ministers have destroyed the trust in the army and that is if the
should also give away the Old City army’s effectiveness while using it army gets back to its real job which
of Yerushalayim, including the for purposes that go contrary to is to defend Jews, rather than use
Kosel and the Har HaBayis! the army’s values. The army the soldiers’ mesirus nefesh for
(Motzaei Shabbos BaMidbar 5739) reached its nadir during the immoral purposes.
Disengagement period, when it was

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By Rabbi Sholom Dovber HaLevi Wolpo
Translated By Michoel Leib Dobry

In response to requests by our

readers, we now present the next
segment from “ V’Torah Yevakshu
MiPihu,” Rabbi Sholom Dovber
HaLevi Wolpo’s seifer on the Rebbe’s
teachings regarding Chabad
chassidus, its approach to emuna,
and its various customs.
10. WHAT DOES THE RAMBAM MEAN Therefore, the Rambam says that the time for the Redemption, another
WHEN HE WRITES, “THIS IS NOT THE we have to know that the situation Moshiach will have to come later in
ONE PROMISED BY THE TORAH”? until now on the level of “presumed the generation of the Redemption,
The truth is that we can bring to be Moshiach” is still “not the one prepare the Jewish People, and fight
another explanation of the statement promised by the Torah,” and thus, the wars of G-d, and then the
of the Rambam (and this is its the fact that the Moshiach is previous Moshiach will remain only
simple interpretation). First, we have presently not before us does not “presumed to be Moshiach,” just as
to understand: What exactly does ch”v represent the end of the Bar Koziba was the Moshiach of his
the Rambam mean when he adds the concept of Moshiach’s coming. The generation “as all the suitable kings
words “and if he didn’t succeed”? Torah has promised that the of the House of Dovid who died,”
The simple intent is to keep a Jew Redemption will be through and he has neither returned nor will
from reaching a state of heresy. For Moshiach in actual deed, i.e., return to bring the Redemption.
when the Torah testifies regarding Moshiach will build the Beis However, if we are talking about the
someone that he is “presumed to be HaMikdash and redeem the Jewish last generation of the exile and the
Moshiach,” and afterwards he is People at the Redemption in the first generation of the Redemption,
killed, there are those who may not most literal sense. the one who was “presumed to be
say “I believe in the coming of the Thus, it is understood that the Moshiach” will himself rise to be on
Moshiach” the next day, seeing that Rambam simply doesn’t touch upon the level of “Moshiach vadai”
the Moshiach promised by Torah has the question of whether the (definitely the Moshiach).
already been killed, and r”l he will Moshiach that has been up until now PRESUMED TO BE MOSHIACH –
think as did Hillel (Sanhedrin 98b), will come himself afterwards at the “MOSHIACH BEN YOSEF,” AND AFTER
“There shall be no Moshiach for Resurrection of the Dead and bring RECEIVING ETERNAL LIFE –
Israel, because they have already the Redemption. This is because “MOSHIACH BEN DOVID”
enjoyed him in the days of according to the essence of the
halacha, it depends. If this is not yet Looking more deeply into the

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

matter, we find that all the Moshiach ben Dovid says to G-d, “I whatsoever with the question of who
Midrashim are filled with the ask of You nothing except life,” as will be revealed afterwards as the
discussion of Moshiach ben Yosef, “Moshiach ben Dovid” represents Moshiach, because this matter
and similarly with the Gemara the revelation of eternal life within depends upon whether or not we are
(Sukka 52a), yet many ask why the Moshiach, after the concealment of actually in the time of the
Rambam did not mention this the level of Moshiach ben Yosef. See Redemption.
matter at all. The answer is that this in the seifer Emek HaMelech (Shaar The Rebbe shlita said in
is precisely what the Rambam writes Reisha D’Za) that Moshiach ben prophecy that the time of the
here, i.e., it is possible that there will Yosef himself is called by the name Redemption is literally now, agreeing
come a Moshiach who will be “Menachem, restorer of my soul,” with and encouraging people who
Moshiach in accordance with the and he is the one who brings the proclaimed that he is the Moshiach,
Torah, representing the concept of Complete Redemption. and he said in a sicha from Shabbos
“presumed to be Moshiach,” the On the other hand, however, Parshas VaYeira 5752 (Seifer
level of Moshiach ben Yosef, and even when Moshiach ben Dovid HaSichos 5752, pg. 95) that in
afterwards he will be killed. He says reveals himself with eternal life, we addition, “there is also the existence
regarding this that it is known that find that his previous state is not the of Moshiach in its simplest
he is not the one that the Torah has concept of Moshiach “that the Torah sense…and if they wouldn’t mix in
promised. In other words, the stage has promised.” This is because when undesirable matters that delay and
that has been attained up until now the Torah promises the coming of hinder, etc., he would be revealed
is not the main objective, and thus Moshiach, it refers to “And Hashem and actually come.” Furthermore,
the fact that this stage has ended your G-d will bring back your “in our times, all delays and
does not mean ch”v that the concept
of Moshiach is a lost cause. Rather,
we still must await what the Torah The Rebbe is the Moshiach of the
has promised – the revelation of
Moshiach ben Dovid. generation...and he will eventually be
This is what is stated in the
Gemara (Sukka 52a): “Moshiach revealed as Moshiach ben Dovid with
ben Dovid, who will be
revealed…G-d says to him, ‘Request
eternal life.
something from Me and I will give it
to you’… He says before Him, exiles,” meaning Moshiach who hindrances, etc., have been nullified,
‘Master of the Universe, I ask of actually brings Redemption to the and since there is not only the
You nothing except life,’ and G-d Jewish People, i.e., the level of existence of Moshiach, but also the
replies to him, ‘Your father Dovid Moshiach at the building of the Beis revelation of Moshiach, now we
has already prophesized regarding HaMikdash and the ingathering of merely must greet Moshiach
you, as is said, ‘He asked of You life, the exiles. Tzidkeinu in actual deed.” Thus, it
You gave it to him – long life, It is therefore understood that is clear that even though the time
forever and ever,’” and in Yalkut there is no contradiction between the period until now has not yet attained
T’hillim (Remez 621): “When the statement of the Rambam brought the ultimate objective, and the
appropriate time comes, G-d will by Rabbi Mazuz and the fact that manner of the hisgalus of Moshiach
say, ‘I must create him anew,’ and the Rebbe will come very soon and until now is not yet the final
similarly, He says, ‘I have given birth redeem the Jewish People. This is revelation promised in the Torah,
to you today,’ at that moment He because the aforementioned nevertheless, the Rebbe is the
created him.’” Rambam only comes to say that Moshiach of the generation who has
Furthermore, it is understood what was up until now still does not prepared the Jewish People for the
that when the Redemption comes represent the conclusion and Redemption, and he will eventually
during the period after the culmination of the matter, for even be revealed as Moshiach ben Dovid
concealment of Moshiach ben Yosef, though there was an aspect of with eternal life, for the one who
he can come himself and be revealed “Moshiach” here, the promise of the prepared the Jewish People for the
as Moshiach ben Dovid with eternal Torah regarding the Redemption has Redemption will be the one to
life, and as is explained in the yet to be fulfilled and this promise continue the process to its ultimate
Gemara mentioned above, after what will indeed be fulfilled. Furthermore, conclusion.
happens to Moshiach ben Yosef. this Rambam does not deal

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 


By Nosson Avrohom

It was a most unusual event when the shlichus of spreading Torah and
Judaism and the wellsprings by
Rebbe asked everybody to go on shlichus (participating in) establishing
Chabad houses, shall see for
and to open Chabad houses, saying himself [referring to the success he
had spoken about just prior] that
people could test him regarding his wherever they establish a Chabad
house they are guaranteed great
promise of inordinate success. * Since and prodigious success in
then, hundreds of shluchim have spreading Torah and Judaism and
spreading the wellsprings outward.
opened Chabad houses to spread This was unprecedented. The
Rebbe asked and suggested: Go
Judaism and the wellsprings of ahead, test me. See whether my
promises are reliable. Three big,
Chassidus. * Beis Moshiach spoke with loaded words, “u’bechanuni na
b’zos” (please test me in this).
three shluchim who went out on This sicha injected enormous
shlichus at that time. * Presented for energy into the movement twenty-
one years ago. Other sichos
the upcoming Kinus HaShluchim. followed this one, nearly every
week, in which the Rebbe spoke
about the necessity of opening
Simchas Torah 5747/1986: three, like the houses known as Chabad houses.
Thousands of people crowded the “Beis Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch – Beis Moshiach went back to that
large zal as the Rebbe farbrenged Beis Chabad.” This is because the time when Lubavitch was shaken
for hours. The Rebbe began the action (of hafatza) of establishing up, in the positive sense, as
farbrengen with the topic of “and a house has the effect of breaking hundreds of young shluchim went
Yaakov went on his way,” and said through barriers.” out to various points around the
that we need to take the kochos we The Rebbe asked the Chassidim globe. It started in 5746, when in a
received on Simchas Torah and go to open Chabad houses, similar to handful of sichos the Rebbe spoke
forth with them the rest of the year: those which had been opened over about the importance of a Chabad
“This is most emphasized in the the years in many places around the house which contains the three
activity of spreading Torah and world. The Rebbe was taking the pillars of Torah, t’filla, and tz’daka,
Judaism and spreading the next step by asking for expansion, but nobody anticipated the huge
wellsprings outward, by growth, bursting forth! momentum the Rebbe would
establishing houses of prayer, Then the Rebbe dropped the generate starting on Simchas Torah.
houses of Torah, and houses of bombshell: The Rebbe even edited the Simchas
tz’daka and chesed. Better yet – Please test me. Whoever will Torah sicha, which was not standard
one house that incorporates all give himself over to the work of practice at the time.

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

In that sicha, the Rebbe summed through a fence, above measure and
up the “totality of the work of
shlichus of the Rebbe, my father-in-
limitation, to the point of bringing a
major innovation to the entire Acknowledging
law, Nasi Doreinu, in spreading
Torah and Judaism and spreading
world.” The Rebbe said he meant
the establishment of houses of t’filla,
that sometimes
the wellsprings outward.” He Torah, and tz’daka – “Beis Yosef shluchim operate
mentioned the places where Yitzchok Lubavitch Beis Chabad.”
Chassidus had reached thus far That was the practical horaa: under tremen-
(“not only that, but the light of Simply put, regarding practical
holiness is drawn down and spread action, action is the main thing: dous difficulties,
out even among the nations of the
wherever there are Jews, a Chabad
house should be founded as soon the Rebbe
The Rebbe went into detail,
clarifying his intent about how to
as possible, and in places where
there is already a Chabad house,
guaranteed that
arrive at “positive resolutions to expand it by adding a room or now shlichus
regarding spreading Torah and floor. By doing so, the work of
Judaism and spreading the spreading Torah and Judaism and would be much
wellsprings outward throughout the the wellsprings will be increased,
entire world in a way of breaking in quantity and quality. easier.

THE REBBE SAID... Then the Rebbe promised,

In the sicha of 11 Shevat 5724 the Rebbe said (Sichos Kodesh 5724 saying that he knows that
p. 153): sometimes shluchim operate under
The goal our Rebbeim wished for was not that you wait for an tremendous difficulties, and so he
“order” – “go to this place and do a favor for so-and-so the Jew,” and was guaranteeing that shlichus
then you run happily to do so – but that you understand on your own would be much easier:
that wherever there is a Jew and you can help him, whether materially In previous years, when
or spiritually, or both ways, you do so. This is still not the ultimate goal shlichus began, when Chabad
of chinuch. What is required is that his students should produce their houses were founded, it is possible
own students. that there was room for doubt
regarding one’s success… Today,
however, after over thirty years of
The Rebbe said on Shabbos Ki Savo 5733 (Sichos Kodesh 5733, work in spreading Torah and
vol. 2, p. 379): Judaism and the wellsprings
All should know that when they go on the Rebbe’s shlichus, he goes outward, when we see what they
with them, as he is here precisely as in the past and he himself wrote accomplished with this work,
regarding his father that a Jewish shepherd does not abandon his flock, surely, certainly wherever a
citing the phrase, “just as he stands and serves there, here too he stands Chabad house will be founded,
and serves,” and he directs everything as he wants to direct it. Indeed, great and prodigious success is
this is also true of him. assured in spreading Torah and
*** Judaism and the wellsprings
The Rebbe demanded a lot of the shluchim. One of the demands outward. This is in light of the
was using every free moment to learn Torah. At the farbrengen of experience from all the other
Shmini 5738 (Sichos Kodesh 5738, vol. 2, p. 85): places, various places which can
Even those who are successful in public work, and clearly they serve as models for every possible
ought to continue in this, for Nasi Doreinu, the Rebbe, my father-in- difficulty, regarding the sort of
law put them in their place and situation, and heaven forbid that there action to take and how to
should be a situation of “weakening their hands” in fulfilling their overcome difficulties.
shlichus. At the same time there ought to be a tremendous longing for Therefore, it depends only on
Torah study … so that every free moment from their task is used to the desire of every individual, to
study Torah and he learns more diligently than someone for whom “his join the shluchim who are
Torah is his occupation.” occupied in fulfilling the shlichus
of the Rebbe, my father-in-law,

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Nasi Doreinu (in a manner of one
shliach making another shliach,
until one hundred shluchim), for
the avoda of shlichus in our day
entails walking a paved road. This
pertains to literally every person
without exception.
Up to that year, there were a few
dozen Chabad houses in Eretz
Yisroel that were located mainly in
the big cities. However, aside from
Lag B’Omer parades that brought
thousands of children to the street,
other activities were small scale and
Following the Rebbe’s call to
open Chabad houses all over,
dozens of young people who were
just beginning adult life, jumped
into action like Nachshon. They left Rabbi Yosef Kramer
their city and home and went to
distant cities where they opened fine too. It was obvious to whoever get the answer. The Rebbe circled
Chabad houses and began giving felt he was a Chassidishe bachur Beit Shaan and added: I will
shiurim, working with children, that he had to go on shlichus. The mention it at the gravesite. May it
holding farbrengens, having enthusiasm for shlichus was so great be in a good and successful time
women’s groups, koshering that the first Kinus HaShluchim with expansiveness materially and
kitchens, putting up mezuzos, etc. took place that year for shluchim in spiritually.
Twenty-one years later, we spoke the US. A friend and I were waiters Rabbi Moshe Akselrod: The
with three directors of Chabad at the event and we considered it a atmosphere in those days was that
houses who went out on shlichus great z’chus. That was the feeling there was no choice but shlichus.
that year. They are in Beit Shaan, back then. Every Tamim knew that after he
Chadera, and Teveria. I supported the position that married he would open a Chabad
Tell us about the days leading championed going on shlichus to house and this was his goal in life. I
up to your going on shlichus and distant places. In those days, Beit spent three years with the Rebbe,
about what impact the Rebbe’s Shaan was considered a hole in the starting from 5744 until 5747. That
sichos had on your going out. wall. In my room in the dormitory, was an amazing year. In every sicha
Rabbi Yaakov Shmuelevitz: one of my friends posted a note the Rebbe spoke about the need to
Throughout my year on K’vutza, the saying, “Shmuelevitz=Beit Shaan.” open Chabad houses.
Rebbe spoke about shlichus nearly It was virtually prophetic, as that’s I won’t forget how the Rebbe
every Shabbos. Whatever the sidra where I ended up. explained the verse, “and he planted
or holiday, the lesson was to devote Right after I became engaged, an eshel in Beer Sheva.” “What did
oneself to being mekarev Jews. we wrote to the Rebbe that we want he plant,” asked the Rebbe, and he
Consequently, this was the subject to go on shlichus. We presented a immediately answered, “A Chabad
that the T’mimim spoke about few options, including learning in house!” Similarly, a few parshiyos
enthusiastically. Some said that for kollel. At that time I organized the later, Yaakov left Charan and built
this alone it was worth getting day camp for the children of Anash an altar and called there in the name
married at that time, to be able to in Tzfas, and one day, on my way to of G-d. What was that, asked the
open a Chabad house. the mikva, I was told that I had a Rebbe. He opened a Chabad house!
I remember the debates among letter from the Rebbe. I went back to Eretz Yisroel that
the bachurim about which shlichus I was ecstatic. I won’t forget the year and got engaged. We planned
was considered more admirable – simcha and dancing that morning at on opening a Chabad house. I went
going to a distant place, or was the mikva. It didn’t matter what the to R’ Nachum Cohen, who was in
going to the center of the country answer was; just having received an charge of the subdivisions in Tzach,
answer thrilled me. Then I went to and asked him if there was a place

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

for shlichus. He said: Atlit. looked for an apartment to rent in shlichus and we found out that they
A few days later I was on the bus Atlit. were looking for a shliach to open a
to Atlit. I liked the idea, as it was When we found an apartment, I Chabad house in Teveria. Before
close to my parents in Chaifa. My went to get a taxi to take us there. I that, there had been a shliach who
kalla immediately began working stuck my hand in the mail box, as worked there for a while and left
with the children there on usual, and how shocked I was to see and so Teveria was left without any
Chamisha-Asar B’Sh’vat. Then I a letter from the Rebbe, saying, programming. I offered to fill the
wrote to the Rebbe and asked “binyan adei ad” (an everlasting position and upon writing to the
whether to accept the offer of Atlit. edifice). It was incredible divine Rebbe, I received a bracha.
The Rebbe’s answer was, “as per providence that just as I was going The first year I ran the Chabad
the advice of the Vaad Rabbanei on shlichus, the bracha had arrived. house from my home in Tzfas.
Chabad.” I contacted the Vaad Rabbi Yosef Kramer: Going out Every day I went to Teveria and
Rabbanei Chabad and I was present on shlichus was because of the returned home late at night. A year
at their first meeting in Rebbe’s sichos. When the Rebbe later, when I had started a shul and
Yerushalayim. One of the rabbanim said so many sichos about the need had a regular minyan, we moved to
asked me various questions and to open a house of t’filla and Torah Teveria. Baruch Hashem, over the
then they approved my going on in every place, it was obvious that years we received many answers and
shlichus. When I wrote to the that is what we were going to do. much encouragement from the
Rebbe, his answer was, “I will That year I learned in kollel in Rebbe.
mention it at the gravesite.” Tzfas and I gave shiurim in various You can’t sum up all the work
I got married on 10 Adar, but schools, and so I was involved in you’ve done in twenty-one years,
for some reason I did not get a spreading the wellsprings. When the but perhaps you can tell us what
letter with the Rebbe’s bracha before Rebbe spoke about opening Chabad you’re up to these days?
the wedding. I knew the Rebbe sent houses, we knew that we were R’ Shmuelevitz: The Chabad
a letter to everyone and it was just dropping everything and opening an outreach in Beit Shaan has
me who did not get one. We were official Chabad house. developed into a sizable operation.
living in Yerushalayim and we We began looking for a place of We have two other shluchim, Rabbi

The Kinus HaShluchim that took place in 5748 in Eilat, a year after the big upsurge

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Simchas Beis HaShoeiva, when we
saw the Alter Rebbe’s promise that
Chassidim will come out on top.
We decided to have a big
Simchas Beis HaShoeiva event, the
likes of which the city never saw
before. At first we wanted to
collaborate with the municipality,
but at the last minute they wanted
to break the agreement with us and
have the event without separating
men and women. Of course we
didn’t agree to this and that is why
two events took place on the same
Baruch Hashem, our event was
very successful. Hundreds of people
came, far more than we anticipated,
while thirty people showed up to the
Rabbi Yaakov Shmuelevitz blowing shofar for children in Beit Shaan municipality’s event. The deputy
mayor who was there, called the
mayor who was at the other event
and the latter was amazed. He said
that since he saw how the public
admired us, he would give us land
to build on. And he did.
R’ Yosef Kramer: Since three
shluchim have come to town, there
has been a major upsurge in our
activities. The new shluchim are
highly motivated and have
Chassidishe chayus. One of them is
R’ Shneur Turkov. We opened a
place in the center of town called
“Spirit over the Water,” which is a
tourist center. We do a lot of work
with young people who come to the
city in droves. R’ Turkov also runs
the soup kitchen, giving out
hundreds of food baskets to the old
Rabbi Moshe Akselrod at the construction site for the mikva in Atlit and needy.
The second shliach, R’ Reuven
Shmuel Reinitz and Rabbi Roi Tor. the city. This includes Shabbatons Gol, is responsible for the shul and
From the minute they came, the and shiurim for all ages. He does he is personally in touch with many
activity and the awareness of tremendous work. Thanks to him people. He has raised the shul to
Chabad increased dramatically. R’ there are already a number of full- new levels and brought in new
Reinitz organizes the work in the fledged Chassidishe young men in people. We are making renovations
city, does mivtzaim in stores and the area. in the shul to make it bigger and
business centers, and is developing The city council allocated a piece nicer. He has also developed
connections with many people. He of land to us so we can build a connections with businessmen in the
started running a shul which has Chabad House. Until now, we’ve city.
Chabad minyanim all week. been in a bomb shelter. That The third shliach is R’ Omri Ben
R’ Tor works at the kibbutzim in decision is connected with an Akiva, whose life story is
the Beit Shaan Valley that surround interesting event that happened on

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

fascinating. He grew up in Shikun I’ll tell you a story that happened to me a few years after I came on
Dalet in this city, a poor to me. I met a chareidi bachur who shlichus. It was 6 Cheshvan 5751
neighborhood. He and his wife got said to me, “Thanks to you I am and our financial state was terrible.
involved in Chassidus thanks to the frum today.” When I asked him I wrote a letter to the Rebbe about it
Chabad house in Thailand and then what he was talking about, he told and signed it, “From where will my
they came to the yeshiva in Ramat me the following story. help come.” The Rebbe’s answer
Aviv, where they married. Then they In the early years of my shlichus was, “the response is right there in
returned to Teveria, where they built in Atlit, I would travel every day by T’hillim.” The Rebbe was referring
their home in the neighborhood bus to learn in kollel in Chaifa. On to the next part of the verse, “my
where Omri grew up. my way I would ask my fellow help is from Hashem.” A few days
I helped them with a building passengers whether they wanted to passed and our situation greatly
where our nursery school used to be put on t’fillin. That bachur was a improved and our financial
and they turned it into an active soldier on leave who was on his way possibilities expanded considerably.
shul where shiurim and to take an important test. I asked R’ Akselrod: I’ll tell you a story
programming for children take him to put on t’fillin and he asked in which I saw the Rebbe’s help. We
place. whether it would help him. I said it have a preschool that we have
would and he put them on and he maintained with great devotion. We
The Rebbe did well on the test. He began
putting on t’fillin every day and that
have Chabad teachers but the one
who currently pays the salaries and
explained the led to his davening and he slowly
became a baal t’shuva.
other expenses is the local
municipality. However, for nearly
verse, “and he The Rebbe spoke a lot about
going out on shlichus and opening
ten years, we had to support the
school ourselves.
planted an eshel Chabad houses and then he At a certain point, we were in a
dropped the bombshell about financial hole. Each month I had no
in Beer Sheva.” testing him. How do you see the idea how I would make the payroll
“What did he fulfillment of the Rebbe’s promise
in your shlichus?
and I was very worried. When the
deficit got too heavy to bear we
plant,” asked the R’ Shmuelevitz: We have felt the
Rebbe’s brachos from the first day
wrote to the Rebbe that we were
doing a big registration drive and if
Rebbe. He on shlichus until today, every
moment. By the way, since 5750,
we did not get more children, we
would not be able to keep the school
immediately there were two years when nearly open.
every month we got a check from The registration drive was a
answered, “A the Rebbe for $1000 and more. If week long and by Thursday evening
Chabad house!” there were several mosdos in town,
each mosad got a similar check.
we had not gotten a single
additional child. We were left with
This encouraged the shluchim to only nine children. I decided we
This is aside from the ongoing open more and more of them. The could not carry on. The next
work that I’ve done here for years. amount of the check was always morning, R’ Chaim Shlomo Segal of
R’ Akselrod: As soon as we connected to a special date. Afula called me and said that he had
arrived, we set up an array of Aside from that, at the gotten a bracha from the Rebbe
mivtzaim like any Chabad house farbrengen which took place at the regarding my question.
does. In recent years, with the first Kinus HaShluchim in 5748, the I realized that I could not close
addition of another shliach, R’ Rebbe announced that every Chabad the school. We decided to continue
Avrohom Sebag, the work has house should submit a report of registration and to visit all the
intensified. We have a Chabad shul, debts. The Rebbe paid 10% of the moshavim and yishuvim around
a Chabad mikva, two Chabad debts outright and half of the Atlit. We wrote to the Rebbe that we
preschools and many shiurim in remaining 90% the Rebbe gave as a were continuing the registration and
Nigleh and Chassidus. Then of loan on easy terms. So the Rebbe’s another week went by without our
course, there are the usual mivtzaim help wasn’t just moral and spiritual registering even one additional
of t’fillin, mezuzos, and koshering but financial too. child. Two weeks went by and the
kitchens. I’ll tell you a story that happened situation remained the same.

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

While I was debating closing the and ask him how you can help.” Rosh Chodesh Kislev farbrengen in
school, R’ Segal called me again That was greatly encouraging to me. 770 and to the contributions of the
with a bracha from the Rebbe. I just In general, with all the Chabad philanthropists in Crown Heights
didn’t know what to do. I wrote to activities here, I try to direct them in who help the shluchim so
the Rebbe about the enormous such a way that everyone here generously.
deficits and once again the answer works together. This is the source R’ Akselrod: I am going to the
was “bracha.” We decided to of our success, with everybody Kinus with feelings of anticipation
continue as usual, with the same focused on the hisgalus of Melech of the Rebbe’s hisgalus. I’ll tell you
number of students, and the Rebbe HaMoshiach. something. When I was a bachur in
would help us. What are your thoughts on 770, I was one of those who hung
Over the ten years that the going to the Kinus HaShluchim? around R’ Zushe Wilmovsky. R’
burden of the school was on our R’ Kramer: I was at earlier Zushe would stand behind the
shoulders, that year ended up being Kinusim at which I saw the Rebbe Rebbe at farbrengens and when they
the easiest year for fundraising. and was greatly encouraged. Today, sang, he would wave his hand.
R’ Kramer: We have seen how I go with mixed feelings. On the one After one of the farbrengens, I
the Rebbe helps. The shluchim who hand, it’s difficult to describe the said to him, “Very nice that you
work here will tell you the same feeling in 5751, when the encourage the singing.” He said,
thing – how every time we took on atmosphere was electric, “aht aht “Moshe, you don’t understand,”
a project that seemed too much for kumt Moshiach” and I long to see and he gave me an analogy.
us, in the end things worked out the Rebbe. On the other hand, every Sometimes you see a little doll
wonderfully. mosad shlichus that opens today is hanging from a car mirror. It’s to
Teveria is not an easy place but, an incredible miracle. I am jealous remind the driver not to fall asleep.
baruch Hashem, in the end, we of the younger generation. If we’re Do we think that the doll is what
overcame it all. We came here when talking about what the Rebbe is makes the car move? No! The
there were already many activists doing, there is nothing greater than engine is what moves the car. I was
and mosdos that were afraid that we a large group of young, dynamic the little doll that jumps around but
would compete with them, which is shluchim who never saw the Rebbe the Rebbe is the engine that gets us
why they refused to cooperate with but are devoted to shlichus. There moving.
us. Some hoped we would leave but has been nothing like it in our This analogy has remained with
after they saw we were here to stay, history. me over my years on shlichus as I
they worked with us. R’ Shmuelevitz: I go to the see so many Jews, perhaps even
Over the years I was greatly Kinus with genuine excitement. I more than before 3 Tamuz, coming
encouraged by the Rebbe, but one bought my ticket two weeks ago and to write to the Rebbe, asking for his
of the times that stands out in my every minute I feel, “aht aht I’m bracha and guidance, and wanting
mind is when I was first starting going to the Rebbe.” For us to know the Rebbe’s view on any
out. One of the local Lubavitcher shluchim, this date is “once a year” given topic. Now we just have to
women here went by the Rebbe for just like Tishrei is to the T’mimim, finish off the “little jars” and see the
“dollars” and asked what her job the month in which they fill up their hisgalus.
was in Teveria. The Rebbe said, storehouses with chayus and
“There is a shliach there. Go to him hiskashrus. I look forward to the

“if it grows we have it” Superior
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By Rabbi Yaakov Shmuelevitz, Shliach, Beit Shaan

“You see for yourself how this mitzva home. Every Shabbos we sit alone
and eat the Shabbos meals and
saved your son. You should know that to there’s nobody to tell my wife how
delicious the food is. I will pay you
me, every Jew is as beloved and to come to our Shabbos meals and
I’ll pay your travel expenses too. Just
important as your son is to you.” * Of come and compliment my wife.”
The man accepted the offer and
the power of the mitzva of t’fillin and began going for Shabbos meals. He
tales of a dibbuk and sheidim. heard divrei Torah and Chassidus,
began putting on t’fillin again,
started davening now and then, and
I attended a bar mitzva special story about the Rebbe and
finally did t’shuva and went back to
celebration hosted by Rabbi Shneur his tremendous Ahavas Yisroel for
his father with a hat and jacket. The
Halperin, a shliach in the settlements every Jew in the world.
father was thrilled and he asked his
of the foothills of Mount Hermon, A bachur learning in a yeshiva in
son what made him come back.
which are scattered throughout the B’nei Brak left the path of Torah and
When he heard that it was thanks to
upper Galil. As always, it was mitzvos. One day, he was in the
a Lubavitcher from Tel Aviv and the
inspiring to see hundreds of Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv and
Lubavitcher Rebbe’s T’fillin
mekuravim along with dozens of when he came out of the bathroom a
Campaign, he bought a ticket to
shluchim from the area, who Lubavitcher with a white beard
New York. “I am going to say
displayed, as always, genuine approached him and asked him to
thank-you to the Lubavitcher Rebbe
brotherly love. put on t’fillin. The young man
who saved my son.”
The event was like an Erev refused but the Lubavitcher didn’t
He went for “dollars,” and briefly
Chabad for friends and mekuravim give up so fast. He pressed on until
told the Rebbe the story and thanked
with a video of the Rebbe, a the man finally said, “Okay, give me
him. He also had a question to ask,
fascinating talk by the shliach, the the t’fillin.”
which was, “Excuse me for asking,
father of the bar mitzva boy, as well The Lubavitcher watched as the
but still and all, how can you have
as brachos from rabbis and leaders man took the t’fillin and put them
someone put on t’fillin when he just
in the area who praised the young on like a pro and easily read the
came out of the bathroom and did
shliach and his amazing work to the entire Krias Shma. He asked him,
not wash his hands?”
skies. “How do you know all this?” and
The Rebbe looked serious as he
the man said he used to study in
grasped the lectern with both his
THE T’FILLIN THAT yeshiva and his father was a big rav
hands and said: You should know
in B’nei Brak.
CHANGED HIS LIFE The Lubavitcher felt sorry for
that there is a Jew in Connecticut
This is where the story begins. I who gets up Yom Kippur morning,
him and his parents and he made
sat at a table along with a cousin of takes a shower, eats breakfast, gets
him an interesting offer. “My wife
R’ Halperin, who is a ben-Torah and into his car and drives to shul for
and I are older people and all our
a well-known maggid shiur from N’ila. You cannot imagine what
children are married and have left
B’nei Brak. He told me a very pleasure Hashem has from this Jew,

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

in those moments that he spends in would be over in a few minutes. I great knowledge of exorcism) that
shul. took along a Siddur with Russian the good intention was enough, but
The Rebbe repeated: You cannot translation and went to their home. to my dismay she was as distressed
imagine what pleasure Hashem has What I saw there was precisely as before. I took a cup from the
from this Jew, in those moments. So what they describe in stories. Don’t table, poured some orange juice,
you ask how is it possible to put think she was mentally unbalanced handed it to her and we said
t’fillin on with someone who comes or hallucinating. She was an together: Baruch … ata … Hashem
out of the bathroom? You see for outstanding officer who led an … sh’ha’kol …
yourself how this mitzva saved your important army camp, and was She drank a little bit and put the
son. You should know that to me, awarded for her excellent service, yet cup down, and breathed a deep sigh
every Jew is as beloved and she was shaking, her face was red of relief and said, “That’s it. He
important as your son is to you. and she was crying and mumbling left.”
incoherently. She said her I could see the change instantly.
HELP IN THE MIDDLE grandfather was in her body and he She was normal, sitting calmly,
wasn’t doing well, and he was crying talking, looking around. It was after
OF THE NIGHT within her. The mother and midnight and I stayed a little longer,
Before I begin the next story, I grandmother sat near her and were the women thanked me, and I left.
want to make it clear that I don’t nearly going out of their minds in Two years later I was asked to be
claim to have any comprehension of fright. the mesader kiddushin at the
the world of angels, dibbuks, or I began to question them. Who granddaughter’s wedding. Baruch
reincarnated souls. The story was the grandfather? What Hashem, they are doing well and are
happened as it happened and connection did he have with his in touch with the Chabad house.
anybody who wants to make granddaughter?
connections between the story and I was told that the grandfather
practical kabbala, does so at his own
came from a very religious family
responsibility. Since this column is and there was a strong connection
about “stories from the Chabad between him and his granddaughter. Around the same time (about ten
house,” I relate this story as The day he died she was traveling years ago), a shliach told me that a
something that happened at our and they could not inform her of his mekurav who owned a huge villa
Chabad house. passing and so she wasn’t even at his had asked him to come to his home
A few years ago an older Russian funeral. with a shofar to chase away the
Jew in Beit Shaan died. His I asked whether there was demons. While the shliach wondered
daughter is a music teacher in one anyone to say Kaddish for him. No. whether he should admit that he
of the schools where I am a rabbi. I Were there minyanim in the didn’t know how to get rid of
was at the funeral, I consoled the mourners’ house for Mincha and demons, the wealthy man said, “Just
family, and I went home. At Maariv? No. Was anybody learning come with the shofar and I’ll show
midnight, the daughter called me Mishnayos? No. Did they say you where to blow. You’ve got to get
and I could hear how frightened she brachos? No. I explained that the them out of the house!”
was. She told me that her daughter, grandfather’s neshama was pleading So the shliach showed up with a
an outstanding soldier who had just for a tikkun and he was with the shofar and toured the house while
that day completed her army service, granddaughter because she was the owner said, “Blow here under
was home and trembling and crying close with him. the steps; now here, near the
in hysteria. I asked the granddaughter window. Over here and here.
Her soldier daughter said it whether she was ready to commit to Terrific.”
wasn’t she who was crying but she saying brachos before eating, l’ilui I asked my fellow shliach, “Nu,
felt her grandfather’s soul within nishmaso. She asked me what a did the sheidim disappear?”
her, and it was he who was crying! bracha is. I opened the Siddur and He said, “I don’t know, but what
In all the courses we took before showed her the page of brachos I do know is that I left that house
going on shlichus, we didn’t learn recited before food and explained with a donation to the Chabad
how to handle anything like this, not which is said on what food. “Are you house, a check with six figures…”
even in all my years in yeshiva, but ready to do this?” I asked. “Yes,” Who knows? Maybe in the merit
the woman was in distress and had she said. of the mitzva of tz’daka the demons
called me for help. I told the mother I naively thought (with all my disappeared.
to try and calm her daughter and I

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 


Prepared for publication by Avrohom Reinitz


Our activism in Samarkand was not limited to
specific fields. In western countries it is customary for
every person to be responsible for his area and he
doesn’t mix into things that are not under his direct
authority. In Samarkand, however, since the areas of
askanus expanded and the number of people involved
were few, due to the danger and the need for utter
secrecy, our modus operandi was, as it says in Avos, “in
a place where there are no men, try to be a man.” That’s
how we operated in dozens of areas simultaneously.
We felt the tremendous responsibility on our
shoulders and also realized the great privilege to be
involved in this holy work. We could not focus on those
things close to our hearts while ignoring other things,
even if they weren’t directly connected to the yeshiva
and were hard to carry out. Therefore, along with
running the yeshiva and the spiritual activity, we were
also busy with material relief for the community whether
Childhood friends:
R’ Hillel Saltzman that was financial help for a poor family or burying
(left) and R’ Binyamin someone who had passed away.
Malachovsky (right) Sometimes, while being involved in burying someone,
we missed the time for davening Mincha and had to
daven Maariv twice, to make up for it. To us, this was
exceedingly strange, but we felt that we were involved in
a mitzva that could not be done by others. In every task
we saw our responsibility and privilege that could not be
ignored, as long as we had the ability to do it, especially
when they were spiritual matters.
One of the special projects we were involved with in
Samarkand was bringing Jewish families from out-of-
the-way places in Russia, where they could not live a
Jewish life, to the Chabad community in Samarkand.
The main difficulties were material ones – i.e., settling
the family in, finding them a home and an occupation,

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

Thirty years after the etc. – but the enormous profit was spiritual. An entire
family was saved from spiritual ruin and became part of
Communist Revolution, at the Chabad community.

the end of the fifties, most THE MISSION

Jewish communities in the At the end of the fifties we found out about a certain
family, not Lubavitch, where the head of the family was
Soviet Union were destroyed a big yerei Shamayim and all he desired was for his
children to remain religious. To his great sorrow, the
and only in a few places did Jewish environment in his town petered out. Older
members of the community died one after the other and
they flourish. Thousands of the young people were far from religious observance.
Jewish families across Russia This was the sorry fate of a beautiful Jewish community
that disappeared under the Soviet boot, which was par
were destined to spiritual for the course throughout Russia.
Although the father wanted to move to a Jewish ^
annihilation, lacking a environment, he didn’t know how to go about it. He had
lived in that town for decades, had a nice house and a
Jewish environment for their good job. His children were doing well in school and his
oldest son, so they told him, had great prospects in the
children. * Rabbi Hillel field of science.
Saltzman, one of the young With great effort, the father managed to transmit to
his children some basic fear of Heaven and they more or
activists of the Chabad less kept Torah and mitzvos. In those days, this was a
great achievement. But he worried about the future. His
community in Samarkand at children did not have friends that he thought were
suitable. Their social circle was comprised of
that time, tells of the work nonreligious Jews and non-Jews. Each passing day ate
away at their basic yiras Shamayim.
that was done to save these Jews from that town, who moved to Samarkand, told
families, and their transfer us about this family. We saw this as Divine providence
that would enable us to move the family from the
to the Chassidic center that spiritual desert in their town to Samarkand. But how
could we do it? The family was doing well materially,
was in Samarkand. * The and it was no simple matter to drop it all and move off
to the unknown.
work was difficult and We decided that first we had to invite the parents to
visit Samarkand so they could see what it was like. They
constantly under the threat were happy to receive the invitation and within a short
of the KGB, but it was worth time they told us they were coming. We prepared a nice
welcome for them with a nice meal at the home of R’
it since these families joined Moshe Nisselevitch, who led our work in Samarkand.
We brought some young people, including myself, to
the Chabad community, and the reception. We spoke to them, sang, and joked a bit,
in Chassidic style. In other words, we “made freilach.”
today number hundreds of This made a great impression on them, showing them
that there were interesting people here, and not just a
people, all Chabad bunch of losers in this forsaken place in Uzbekistan.
Chassidim. What would have In the course of their visit we introduced them to
some local families. They expressed their satisfaction
become of them if not for this with the community and were inclined to move to
Samarkand. We knew that the main obstacles were
rescue work? finding an apartment and arranging employment. After

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

during the course of the visit, to the have to go along with everyone. The
“They can make point of being close friends. This family told us they were doing all
the bris without was very difficult since he was a boy
who had grown up without a Jewish
they could to obtain tickets for us. If
we refused to go, we would destroy
you,” he said. “If environment and his areas of interest
were nothing like ours. Although we
the image we had tried to create and
make a rift between us and the
you leave, the boy were modest boys by nature, we had family. So that is why we went to the
to present ourselves as social guys, theater.
will attend and no less important, as informed The truth is, although I don’t
about what was going on in the big hold of myself as an ardent Chassid
university and an world. and big yerei Shamayim, I hated
entire Jewish A few days after we arrived, a
Jewish singer came to town to hold a
shows like these. Of course I had to
act as though I enjoyed it, but inside
family will be lost. performance in the municipal
theater. In those days, this was an
I chastised myself and asked, “What
am I doing here?”
Are you ready to unusual event and every Jew wanted As someone raised with the
to attend the performance. To many Rebbe Rayatz’s sichos against the
take that Jews, these evening of song were Yevsektzia, I had been taught to
their only connection to Judaism. despise the Yiddishist movement,
responsibility?” They were moved when they heard which was strongly identified with
songs in Yiddish, and even if their the Yevsektzia, and encouraged the
much effort we managed to find a content was far from the spirit of use of the Yiddish language as a way
nice apartment to show them that Judaism, the words of fluent Yiddish of uprooting Judaism. Its goal was
was available for sale. With made them feel Jewish. to renew the Yiddish language with
Hashem’s help, we also found work They said about the Jewish no Jewish elements. The Yiddishists
for them, the same work they had in singer, Nechama Lifschitz from established rules of grammar for
their town. Latvia, that in 5715 she appeared at Yiddish that distanced Yiddish from
However, after all our efforts, the the theater in Moscow and Lashon HaKodesh.
main problem remained. The oldest thousands of Jews filled the hall. You can imagine how I felt as I
son had successfully passed the When she appeared on stage there had to sit there together with the
entrance exams for the college of was utter silence and she began by nonreligious youth in the same row
science in their hometown and the saying, “A gutten ovent chaverim” and hear the singer sing in Yiddish
school’s administration predicted a (Good evening, comrades). with no Jewish content. The family,
rosy future for him. Since it was The entire crowd stood up and as a special gesture to their guest,
obvious that if he attended this cried out, “a gutten ovent,” and even managed to get me behind
school, the family would not be able applauded for a long time. That was stage and enabled me to speak to the
to move to distant Samarkand and the emotional reaction they had just performer in Yiddish.
leave him alone, it was decided that from hearing a few Yiddish words, My fluent Yiddish surprised the
we would go all out in convincing for it had been a long time since singer, who didn’t understand how a
him to drop the idea of entering they heard Yiddish at a public event. young person such as myself spoke
university. Not an easy task! (In the 60’s, when she appeared Yiddish so well. The only good thing
His parents had already tried in the US, Nechama Lifschitz had to come out of all this was that
talking to him and were yechidus with the Rebbe. She said during the show I was able to build
unsuccessful. We thought perhaps that the Rebbe told her: Since you some rapport with the son.
we would be successful, as friends. are an artist and you are talented, For various reasons, a short time
you need to use your talents to after we arrived, Binyamin had to
R’ BINYAMIN RETURNS inspire and be mekarev Jews to return to Samarkand, leaving me
Judaism. alone. At first I thought of leaving
AND I REMAIN ALONE (She told the Rebbe that she sees with Binyamin, since our main
It was decided that I would travel it as her mission and she tries to do connection with the family was
together with Binyamin so.) through him, as he was from that
Malachovsky, who came from that When we heard about the town. In the end I decided to try to
town, to visit the family. Our performance, we knew we would get through to the son on my own
mission was to befriend the son

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

and convince him to move to begged me to remain there. “They resolved not to leave for Samarkand
Samarkand. can make the bris without you,” he without him. I continued pressing
Then I received a telegram from said. “If you leave, the boy will him to go with me, and his family
home in which I was told that my attend university and an entire would come later. Until today I have
sister had given birth to a son and Jewish family will be lost. Are you no idea how I was able to persuade
the bris would take place the ready to take that responsibility?” Of him. Was it the heart-to-heart talks
following Shabbos. I wanted to course I had no choice but to stay. we had or his knowing that his
attend the bris back in Samarkand. I The job I had to do was not at all parents wanted to move to
didn’t want to take the responsibility easy. I was an ignoramus when it Samarkand? In the end, he agreed
for this and I arranged for a came to science and I had to try and to join me. Phase one of our plan
telephone conversation with R’ convince the young scientist to forgo was over and when I returned to
Moshe Nisselevitch. his future so that the family could Samarkand, I felt victorious.
In those days, an inter-city phone move to Samarkand.
call had to be arranged by an At some point, he told me that he WAS THE KGB AFTER US?
operator. Within a day or two I got was willing to move to Samarkand,
In my traveling for our
a line to speak with R’ Moshe and I but not now. “Go back to
underground work, I always
told him I wanted to return to Samarkand and I will come in a few
maintained utter secrecy. Nobody
Samarkand. R’ Moshe knew that if I months, with the whole family,” he
knew when I was going or where.
returned to Samarkand, our entire said.
Even my parents, and later my wife,
plan was down the drain, and he I didn’t give up though, and I
did not know details of my travels.

A farbrengen in the Chabad

community in Samarkand.
Sitting from right to left: R’ Chaim
Zalman Kozliner, R’ Berel Yaffe, R’
Hillel Saltzman and his father, R’
Avrohom Saltzman

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

Nobody suspected the KGB found out about this, they
would compile a large file against us
They said, without batting an
eye, “We need to know what air you
that we had a and would accuse us of incitement
and rebellion. Aside from that, we
breathe and what winds blow
through your houses.”
yeshiva. The were afraid that if they began to You can imagine how terrified R’
follow us, they would discover the Moshe and I were. Although R’
teacher and yeshiva and the rest of our Moshe hadn’t come with me and
underground activities. wasn’t directly involved, it was
students sat and The boy who came with me to obvious to all that he was involved
learned. If Samarkand had no idea of the
secrecy that surrounded our work
since the reception had taken place
in his home a few months earlier. If
supervisors from and he innocently told some of
Anash in Samarkand that I had
R’ Moshe was in their sights then all
our work was in great danger.
the KGB showed visited his city for two weeks and we When I heard the rumor about
had come together now, and soon the KGB’s interest in the matter, I
up, they would his parents would be coming. Some was afraid to leave the house. I
of those who heard this did not found it hard to sleep at night and
find the man think it was a secret visit and they every car that passed by the house,
teaching the boys passed the information on to others.
About a week after we came to
especially if it sounded like it
stopped, convinced me that the
a useful trade. Samarkand, a rumor began to
circulate that I had visited that city
secret police were after me and I
would hear knocking at the door any
and the KGB knew about it and they minute.
As I already said in earlier
had opened a secret investigation My parents knew nothing. I
installments, in those days people
into the matter. The rumor seemed didn’t want to tell them so as not to
were afraid to know too much and
accurate for it was said that the cause them anguish. I figured: What
they didn’t ask what they didn’t need
KGB had noticed my prolonged if the police suddenly knock at the
to know.
absence and someone had told them door? What will my parents do? I
Today, I don’t understand how I
that I hadn’t even attended my didn’t want to be the first to tell
could disappear for two weeks
nephew’s bris. The rumor also them about the disaster in the
without any of my relatives knowing
included a quote that someone heard making.
where I was, why I had gone, and
at the KGB offices that at one of R’ Moshe had the same feeling.
how I was doing. Phone calls were
their interrogations one of the He didn’t tell his wife and nobody in
not made in those days and I would
interrogators had said, “Give me the his family knew anything. Neither of
simply leave the house and then
file on that city.” us dared to leave the house, and
return after two weeks of being
In the Soviet Union, people were days passed in which we were not
completely cut off.
deathly afraid of their own shadow. seen. We were sure that the KGB
On one of my trips I was missing
Although Stalin was dead and was after us.
from our Shabbos minyan and
arrests for religious reasons were not After some terror-filled nights I
someone asked four-year-old Berke
being made, the fear hadn’t couldn’t take the tension anymore
Mishulavin, “Where did Uncle Hillel
diminished because the spying and and I decided to take a chance and
the constant surveillance did not meet with R’ Moshe. I silently left
Berke answered, “To Paris.”
stop. the house late at night. I went by
The person said, “No, really,
Even under Khrushchev, every train and walked towards R’ Moshe’s
where did he go?”
home had to have a residents book house. Before I reached the
Berke innocently said, “To Paris!
in which all information on all those courtyard, I tried to look out for
I asked him where he was going and
who dwelled in that home was suspicious figures and only after I
he told me he was going to Paris.”
written. From time to time, had made certain that nobody was
For this trip we tried to maintain
government representatives would around did I enter the courtyard and
the utmost secrecy, more than other
come and check the books. My quietly approach R’ Moshe’s house,
trips. After all, we were trying to
sister once asked a government careful that the neighbors wouldn’t
move an entire family from another
representative: “What are you notice me.
city to our community in
looking for?” R’ Moshe was happy to see me.
Samarkand. We were afraid that if

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

He too could no longer take the day, R’ Moshe and I would send person but when he needed to, he
forced isolation. We didn’t know ordinary messages through family was able to find the way to anyone’s
what to do. We were very shaken by members, just to make sure that heart and extract the information he
it all and I thought we should tell the neither of us was arrested by the wanted. I wished him well and
family to delay their arrival. R’ KGB. prayed for his success.
Moshe vehemently opposed that One night, R’ Moshe went to
idea. He said that even if we did not R’ MOSHE ENTERS visit that man. Their conversation
tell them about the KGB and only took place in the courtyard and went
asked them to delay their arrival a
THE LIONS’ DEN from six PM until after midnight. R’
little bit, they would suspect that the We couldn’t go on that way and Moshe spoke to his heart and said: I
KGB was on their trail because they on one of my nocturnal visits to R’ know that you go there only because
were the only religious people in Moshe, he told me that he had you have no choice. I know you to
their town. decided to go to So-and-So (a Jew be a yerei Shamayim and a big
We made sure to tell Anash who suspected of being an informer for Chassid of the Rebbe, and surely you
were in touch with the oldest son, the KGB) to find out whether the try to hide as much as possible. I
not to let him hear anything. We KGB knew the story and what they have no doubt that you are a big
were afraid that if he heard the knew. tzaddik and nobody is aware of the
rumor, he would tell his parents and I couldn’t believe this plan of his. daily acts of kindness that you do for
the plan would be ruined. What are you doing? You’re entering the Chassidim, etc.
Since we didn’t know what the the lions’ den, I warned him, but R’ Thus, R’ Moshe flattered him
KGB knew, we decided to maintain Moshe said he couldn’t go on living until the man told him the “good
a low profile and to continue to meet like that, closed up at home in fear deeds” he did and the hardships he
only at night and try and come up of the KGB. We had to know, once underwent. R’ Moshe continued to
with a plan. These nighttime and for all, what the KGB knew. butter him up and while doing so, he
meetings, that were undertaken with The possibility that it was an began to hint about the matter he
the utmost care, gave me renewed unfounded rumor did not enter our wanted to know about, while closely
strength and somewhat diminished minds. The rumor was so tangible examining the man’s face to see
the enormous stress I was under. that we were convinced the KGB whether he had information. But the
I cannot describe the tremendous was on our trail. All we wanted to man did not react, as though he
fear that was our lot in those days. know was how much they knew and knew nothing.
Every day seemed like a month and what they planned on doing. R’ Moshe continued to refer
every night, like a year. During the R’ Moshe was a refined and shy obliquely to the matter while the
man’s face gave not a hint that he
knew anything. R’ Moshe began to
wonder whether the man knew
something and was hiding it, or
whether he really knew nothing. If
he didn’t know anything, maybe the
rumor was false.
In the meantime, the man
opened up more and more to R’
Moshe until he disclosed when he
went to the KGB and all his secrets.
R’ Moshe dared to ask him whether
he heard at the KGB about a family
that wanted to move to Samarkand.
The man said he hadn’t heard about
this or about a file on this matter.
Furthermore, said the man, if they
were talking about it at the KGB,
they would certainly have told him
and asked him to find out more
R’ Hillel Saltzman (right) and R’ Binyamin Malchovsky (left) information. R’ Moshe was relieved
with Prisoner of Zion Yosef Mendelovitch (center)

#'1 + - 1 & '  ! & 'PPRB 

and felt very optimistic that the the family moved to Samarkand and Chassidishe community in
rumor was nothing to be concerned raised a Lubavitcher family. The Samarkand and he wanted to move
about. family today numbers about a there in order to save his children
I went to R’ Moshe in the hundred people, all of whom are from spiritual ruin.
morning and he told me about his Lubavitcher Chassidim, G-d-fearing, I didn’t know this family and I
conversation with the informer and rabbanim, lamdanim, shluchim, etc. decided to consult with my brother-
his conclusion that the rumor was Without our intervention, who in-law, Elya. He was considered very
baseless. We began to look into the knows where they would all be smart and people consulted with him
source of the rumor. We went from today? on various matters. He pointed out
one to the next and asked each one the tremendous responsibility it
from whom he had heard the details A TAMIM ARRIVES would take to bring a family of six,
of the rumor. We finally found the with the necessity of finding them a
Here is another story about
source of the story, someone who home and a job. When a family like
rescuing a family. I was a regular
was known as a joker and a hopeless this would come to Samarkand, it
guest at the Mishulavin home. First,
yenta. would not remain a secret. In short,
their son Michoel was a childhood
When he heard how we had he didn’t know what to advise me to
friend of mine, and second, we were
heard the rumor, he laughed. Then do.
mechutanim since my sister had
he told the story of a man I went to R’ Moshe, who was the
married Elya Meshulavin. I was a
addressing the congregants in shul, force behind the public askanus in
welcome guest and I felt at home
and one of the women in the Samarkand, and I told him what I
women’s section overheard one of knew and what R’ Elya had said. R’
On one of my visits, Mrs. Basya
the men say that the speaker was Moshe was optimistic about it and
Mishualavin told me that she had
repeating a speech from some book said: You can find an apartment, and
gotten a letter from a relative who
and it wasn’t his own speech. The as for work, you have a factory. So
lived in a distant city in the Ukraine.
woman told her neighbor that the hire him as an employee.
Her husband had learned in
speaker had stolen a book and her I was apprehensive about the
Tomchei T’mimim and they had
friend told her friend that the whole thing. After all, I didn’t know
several children with the oldest
speaker had stolen a Torah scroll. him, and even if he learned in
almost bar mitzva. There were no
The third woman described the Tomchei T’mimim in the past, it was
religious Jews in their town and no
Torah decorated with a silver crown, possible that he was in cahoots with
future for Jewish education. Her
and by the time the story had made the KGB, or that when he came to
husband had heard about the
it from the women’s section to the Samarkand the KGB would call him
men’s section, everybody knew that
the speaker had stolen a Torah with
a gold crown and they chased him THE POWER OF WORDS SAID FROM THE HEART
out of the shul. The following short story brings out the same point – when you are
“I told someone about Hilke’s involved in outreach, you cannot anticipate the power of something said
and Binyamin’s trip and that started from the heart:
a rumor that ended with the KGB I was once at a farbrengen in 770 when someone came over to me
definitely knowing about the trip. and said that a Jew by the name of Yura (a typical Russian name) was
That led to someone adding that looking for Hilke Saltzman. Two minutes later he found me and gave me
certainly they were investigating the a big hug. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him, maybe because he
matter and ultimately, to the quote had a beard now.
from senior KGB officials about a Yura told me that I learned with him in Samarkand in the sixties.
file on that city.” Some years later we met in Eretz Yisroel and he could not forget what I
That is how a month of nonstop said to him when we met there. “Listen Yura, in Russia we needed
terror came to an end. After it was another sort of mesirus nefesh, but you should know that here, in Eretz
over, it was easy to take it all with a Yisroel, we need mesirus nefesh too, maybe even more than there… Who
smile but before we knew of the knows, if you go to the army, it’s easy to go down spiritually there. Be
positive end of the story, the dread strong Yura and don’t forget our mesirus nefesh over there.”
that we experienced was With tears in his eyes, Yura said, “Believe me Hilke, those words
indescribable. followed me to the army and I always remembered them. Now I am a
It was all worth it though, since father of three and I am raising them in the same way.”

 +>O!EBPES>K #'1 + - 1 & '  ! &

down and try to get information and at farbrengens he told us about Nobody suspected that we had a
from him. Who knew if he would be them and what they said as we avidly yeshiva. The teacher and students
able to stand strong? listened. sat and learned. If supervisors from
R’ Moshe maintained that in At one farbrengen, he told us the KGB showed up, they would
order to save an entire family we had about R’ Itche der Masmid, who was find the man teaching the boys a
to go with mesirus nefesh and known not to walk in the street useful trade.
Hashem would help us. I told Mrs. alone so he wouldn’t end up in the The only problem was with the
Mishulavin to tell her relative that situation of having to walk between Gemaras. How could we explain six
she could come to Samarkand and two women. One time, R’ Itche had Gemaras at the factory? Having no
we would help them. to travel to Moscow and he asked choice, we undid the bindings and
Mrs. Mishulavin was surprised by this man to accompany him. “I told only brought the pages they were
my answer and she asked me to be him there were another four hours learning, aside from one complete
careful since although she knew him until the train would come, why Gemara that the maggid shiur used.
to be one of us, she wasn’t up-to- rush?” We could hide the few pages if the
date with them and didn’t know R’ Itche said, “What difference need arose.
where he stood now. If he worked does it make where we are when in Settling the family in Samarkand
along with the KGB, he could bring any case, we think Chassidus?” entailed difficulties but it was all
disaster upon us all. worth it. The descendents of this
I won’t deny that I was very THE FACTORY TURNED family number more than fifty
afraid, but apparently young people people and they are all Chassidim
take chances more readily. Being
INTO A YESHIVA and yerei Shamayim who serve as
that this entailed saving a family At that time, Nikita Khrushchev, shluchim of the Rebbe around the
spiritually, I decided to put my trust premier of the Soviet Union, United States.
in Hashem and I told Mrs. encouraged those who finished high
Mishulavin to invite them to come. school to study a vocational subject
for two years and only then, those
Some time later the entire family
arrived in Samarkand. How thrilled who were interested should go on to EVERY SHLIACH
we were when we saw that despite university since not everybody is cut These stories have a message for
the many years he had been cut off out to be an engineer or a doctor. every shliach of the Rebbe. If a
from the company of Chabad After Khrushchev’s shliach knew how great an influence
Chassidim, the father of the family recommendation was made law, I his work can have, he would work
had retained the Chassidic warmth came up with a great idea. Since all with unbelievable energy and
of the T’mimim. He felt like a fish in the employees in my factory were enthusiasm. Sometimes I think back
water and quickly fit into our “our” Jews, we could use the to those years and recall the work
Chassidic community. We workplace as a yeshiva for boys we did. There were times we
discovered that he was one of those under the guise of learning a trade. thought we were playing at askanus.
special types that have what to offer At the time, I worked for a We did not consider, then or even
others as well, and his arrival gave government office that was outside now, that the learning that was done
added life to the entire community. the city in a small town called in several private homes for four or
With the help of Hashem we Tcharchin, which was ten kilometers five bachurim was a real yeshiva.
found an apartment for them and as away from Samarkand. By law, the We weren’t wise enough to see
I promised, I hired him as an factory also had to be outside the the tremendous spiritual power
employee in the factory I ran. Within city. I rented an apartment outside within our work. Today, with the
a short time we found out that aside the city and located the factory wisdom of hindsight, I see that from
from Chassidic warmth, he knew a there. When the law went into effect, the dozens of bachurim who learned
lot in Nigleh and Chassidus. We I registered five bachurim as in our underground yeshiva, and the
immediately included him in the holy students who were learning the trade nearly 1500 Bucharim who received
work of our underground yeshiva. under someone who was registered a Jewish chinuch because of our
He was officially listed as my as my employee from before. That’s work in Samarkand, many of them
employee but his real work was as a how we had a yeshiva that was as became ardent Lubavitcher
maggid shiur in the yeshiva. official as could be. It was outside Chassidim. As a result of our work,
As more time passed, we the city, far from the scrutiny of the hundreds of families became close to
discovered additional dimensions to KGB and the Uzbeki neighbors Chassidus and thousands of
his special personality. He had spent didn’t suspect a thing. religious Jews in the spirit of
many years with famous Chassidim Those days were Gan Eden. Chassidus resulted.

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