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Proforma –II

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Planning & Development Department

Sector: Sports, Youth Affairs, Tourism, Archaeology & Museums

Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar

Sub-Sector: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority

Exp. Up to TF Beyond
01 Cost (Rs. In M) Allocation for 2020-21
June 2020 2021-22
Local Foreign Foreign
Cap Rev Total
300 Nil Nil 100 100 Nil 200
Title of the Proposed Tourism & Cultural Promotion Activities
Project (Festivals, Expos, Workshops, Conferences and Events etc.)
The recently established KPCTA has to conduct promotion activities
by means of holding festivals, expos, workshops, conferences ,events
and preparing all supporting arrangements for ensuring he same . it is
03 Proponent information so because the mergers of Tourist Services , PAITHOM, Cuture,
TCKP would also bring their activities .The activities will focus local
and regional level entrepreneurs their cliental including all those
associated with travelling.,, .
Demonstrative effect especially the untested grounds shall be aimed
for interventions where district and local administrations shall be on
board with frontier constabulary at the fore front backed up by
Goals & Objectives set to police .The furtherance of local heritage , culture as a tool for tourism
be achieved projection shall be attempted. The activities may be intentionally
poised to inspire communities of local villages, hamlets, business
organizations, individuals in adopting or engaging entrepreneurships
in the purview of the authority and its legal frame of reference.
KPCTA tasked to coordinate the functions of existing segregated
agencies into mainstream of the authority needs promotional
Rationale for ADP activties. in order to take off the authority has to be nurtured in the
Funding immediate to short and medium term for making it self sustaining. The
exact estimates may swell up to additional amount once all details
plans for operationalizations are in place.
Geographical Coverage
06 (for whole province or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
specific district/tehsil)
The project is part dissemination of message that KPCTA as part of
the flag ship initiatives of the provincial government. In the instant
scheme participation in national and international fairs, hosting and
be part of expos, hosting and participating in workshops, seminars
Is the Project aligned conferences shall also be achieved. It propagates positive aspirations
with CDS of public sector especially where it is needed the most i.e image
building. All aim is depicting the positive gesture of the public sector
for projecting authenticated image of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
throughout that is line with its heritage. It is in line with the
comprehensive development strategy.
08 Nearest place where Currently the tourism corporation has lead role maintained since
decades that has now to be augmented by PAITHOM , Tourist
Services and Culture in to focus the attempts for stimulating tourism
promotion. . A lot has been done but more has to be focused on all
similar facility is available
areas in the province based on indigenous values and heritage.
Participation of local entrepreneurs that may also attract additional
domestic tourists to KP shall be kept in sight.
09 Financial Phasing ( 3- Years ) 1st year Rs.100M 2nd year Rs.100M 3rd year 100
It is expected the residents and host communities as well as the
tourists are expected to benefit. Similarly the small entrepreneurs
Beneficiaries ( type &
10 serving the tourists are directly among beneficiaries. Roughly a ten
million tourist visit currently domestically the province yearly that
would increase with increased promotional facilitation.
More charming choices for tourists for informed site visiting, similarly
better business projections for entrepreneurs and on line service
Expected output
availability by public sector it may be further improved through private
11 (qualitative &
public partnerships. It is expected to facilitate the tourists on
immediate basis with projection of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as tourist’s
friendly region in hosting guests..
The present government has a special focus to alleviate poverty
through empowering communities with natural available resources by
Priority (indicate top, promoting home stays, hosting guests and Hospitality industry . It
normal or low) also is to activate private sector participation in tourism and
sensitizations at grass root level to adopting hosting guests as a an
enterprising venture.