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Proforma –II

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Planning & Development Department

Sector: Sports, Youth Affairs, Tourism, Archaeology & Museums

Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar

Sub-Sector: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority

Exp. Up to TF Beyond
01 Cost (Rs. In M) Allocation for 2020-21
June 2020 2021-22
Local Foreign Foreign
Cap Rev Total
320 Nil Nil 130 130 Nil 200
Title of the Proposed
02 Construction of building block for the KPCTA
The head quarter office for KPCTA has to be strengthened ,
furnished. The authority shall be hosting merged directorate of
Tourist Services, PAITHOM, Directorate of Culture and Tourism
Corporation. It is note worthy that during commissioning of exsiting
HQ office another portion of the Stadium has been approved for
03 Proponent information
commercialization towards Shafee Market side of Saddar which may
also be constructed as a furnished multi storied facility. The process
consolidating authority in commercially nearby area it shall make it
easily accessible to local and regional level entrepreneurs and for all
those associated with travelling.,, .
The target is to have a well to do head office and allied offices in a
centrally located premise accessible to general public within existing
land commercialized for another block in 2012-13 or use existing or
Goals & Objectives set to
04 add up another by strengthening and re modification methodology
be achieved
Easily accessibility to the communities of local villages, hamlets,
business organizations, individuals in adopting or engaging
entrepreneurships in the purview of the authority.
KPCTA tasked to coordinate the functions of existing segregated
agencies into mainstream of the authority needs digitalization of its
systems , subsystems for ensuring its online availability . in order to
Rationale for ADP
05 take off the authority has to be nurtured in the immediate to short and
medium term for making it self sustaining. The exact estimates may
swell up to additional amount once all details plans for
operationalizations are in place.
Geographical Coverage
06 (for whole province or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
specific district/tehsil)
The project is part empowering the KPCTA as part of the flag ship
initiatives of the provincial government. In the instant scheme aims to
Is the Project aligned model the head quarter and allied offices depicting the positive
with CDS gesture of the public sector for projecting authenticated image of
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa throughout that is line with its heritage. It is in
line with the comprehensive development strategy.
Currently there is tourist app that needs data input, GPS coordinates,
routes and maps revived and updated. Additional surveys for
collection of data and computing it into online systems is aimed that is
Nearest place where
08 offered by most of the tourist visiting countries . A lot has been done
similar facility is available
but more has to be focused on all KP and on line availability including
local entrepreneurs that may also attract additional domestic tourists
to KP.
09 Financial Phasing ( 3- Years ) 1st year Rs.100M 2nd year Rs.200M 3rd year 200
It is expected the residents and host communities as well as the
tourists are expected to benefit. Similarly the small entrepreneurs
Beneficiaries ( type &
10 serving the tourists are directly among beneficiaries. Roughly a ten
million tourist visit currently domestically the province yearly that
would increase with increased facilitation.
More charming choices for tourists for informed site visiting, similarly
better business projections for entrepreneurs and on line service
Expected output availability by public sector it may be further improved through private
11 (qualitative & public partnerships. It is expected to facilitate the tourists on
quantitative) immediate basis. It will be hosting of guests with better services,
information and accommodation with projection of Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa as tourist’s friendly region.
The present government has a special focus to alleviate poverty
through empowering communities with natural available resources by
promoting home stays, hosting guests and Hospitality industry . Its
our prime focus to present our services and product on line
accurately. It includes information on regulated Tourist related
Priority (indicate top,
12 staying and travelling to facilities in existing sites and or new sites that
normal or low)
ultimately may be outsourced . Regular upgradation , reviews, re-
planning shall be carried out to keep the resolve of government . It
also is activate private sector participation in tourism and
sensitizations at grass root level to adopting hosting guests as a an
enterprising venture.