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Ochanomizu Clinic Guideline

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Our Policy How to Start Our Medical Treatment
Medical Treatment Special Exam Natural Therapy
Why Our Patients Have Recovered?
How to Contact Us?

Our Policy
Dr. Keiichi Morishita and we, staffs, believe that all illness is occurred by "polluted
blood" so to creat better quality of blood is the fundamental solution for most of
all illness.
Also, the food becomes our body cells, and quality of food makes quality of blood
from the beginnig of our lives to the end. Western medicine treats patients with
only machinery technics and chemical medicine and ... Please begin our natural
diet therapy to purify blood and make yourself better condition to recover your
natural healing power.

In our clinic, we do some examinations such as visceral functioning check, blood

test, identifying blood-ecology test and so on, and, based on Dr. Morishita's
diagnosis and purifying-blood theory, we give you dietary advises of brown rice
and vegetable.

It may occur ruinning your health if you meet and follow an improper instructor's
advice or if you do improper diet on your own way.

To maintain or regain your health condition, let's take our medically suitable
advice, especially for those who have now illness, improper dietary worsens your
illness. We recommend you to take Dr. Morishita's consultation and begin your
proper diet "Natural Medical Diet."

How to Start Our Medical Treatment

Before taking Dr. Morishita's consultation, you need to take our dietary

1) (Dietary Instruction)
2) First Consultation
3) Second Consulation, Third Consultation... (If you prefer)

To understand Dr. Morishita's theory, before taking the doctor's consultation,

please read Dr. Morishita's book. Your understanding is very appreciated.

Please, click Dr.MORISHITA'S ENGLISH BOOK to view his English book.

Dietary Instruction
Our clinic staffs talk in detail about what you need to
begin your diet, how to do and what Dr. Morishita's
theory is. You can take this dietary instruction as many
times as you need.

Date: 9a.m. to 12:30 p.m on every Thursday (Reservation

Fee: Free
(However, you need to become a special member of
International Natural Medicine Association.)
*After this instruction, enjoy the original menu "Cyouzyu-syoku" meaning of
"Longevity Plate" at our restaurant "Refresh Union" near the clinic. (Please, refer

Medical Treatment
Dr. Morishita's consultation is by advance reservation only.
(Only special members can take the medical treatment, as well as their family

(A) 9a.m.
(B) 10a.m. (only after the first consultation)

Consultation Fee
-First Consultation: 15,750yen(tax included)
-From the second consultation: 10,500yen(tax included)
-From the second consultation (no identifying blood-ecology test): 7,350yen (tax

*Consultation by proxy, such as family, costs the same above.

*Identifying blood-ecology test is an extra fee. Please refer the following "Special

Main Medical Examinations

Blood test (23 items)
Urine test
Blood-pressure Check
Measurement of Physical Fitness
Bone Densitometry
Dr. Morishita's-Style Visceral Functioning Check
(This is to check your visceral function by multilator.)
Special Exam (for only those who are interested)

Identifying Blood-Ecology Test based on Dr. Morishita's Theory

Based on Dr. Morishita's blood-ecology test system, you can check your living
blood through the televised graphics. (The infinitesimal blood is usually obtained
from earlobes.)
According to Dr. Morishita's 50-year research experience, we identify your blood
(This can be done only when the patient self visits the clinic.)
Identifying Blood-Ecology Test Fee:
-3,150yen for special members (tax included)
-5,250yen for not special members (tax included)

Measurement of Ki*-Energy Value based on Dr. Morishita Ki-Energy


From the patient's hair (infinitesimal quantity), we measure Ki-energy medical

compatibility (resonance level) between the patient's immunity levels and
enriched food supplements, our original herbal tea, visceral function, rice,
miscellaneous cereals, and precious stone.
We are pround of this clinical practice for more precise dietary prescriptions. This
is only for the clinic patients.

Measurement Fee of Ki-Energy* Value: 18,900yen (tax included)

-If you wish to check the precise stone, 2,100yen (tax included) is an additional
(Postal (mailing) check is available.)

*Ki means aura, energy or vibration. Everything in this world has Ki in it, and Ki
emanates its own vibration (wave motion). A Buddhist statue, for example, has a
flame-like decoration behind its head. This represents the aura (Ki) emanated
from the body. This is very Oriental (Eastern) culture. We call it Ki energy.

Natural Therapy

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Why Our Patients Have Recovered?

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How to Contact Us?

Ocyanomizu Clinic
Address: Karaki Bldg 3F 1-7-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 1130033 Japan
Tel: 03-3814-6786/6622Reservation Only
Time for Reservation: 2~5p.m., Monday. to Saturday
(However, only Japanese-speaking staffs is on stand-to, so it is ensured that you
email us first, and then our English-speaking staff can be ready to contact with
you if you wish to.)
Email: morishita_@nifty.ne.jp
Public Transportation:
About 10 minutes by walk from East Ent. at JR Suido-Bashi St.