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“Tell th e t r ut h a nd d on’t b e a f ra i d.” M o n d ay

T H E D A I L Y AU G U S T 31, 2009
V o lu m e 9 4 , N O. 6

C h ar l e sto n , I LL .


Wing walkers defy Volleyball goes 2-2

gravity at air show in opening weekend
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WEIU-TV receives Emmy nomination

ment. cess ... after all, the Emmys are held nomination and greatest achieve- This story continues on
First nomination The WEIU-TV News Watch in such high regard,” Runyan said. ment to date, said Runyan, who has
broadcast was nominated for a Mid- “But I just kept thinking to myself, served as news director since De- DENnews.com
for WEIU America Emmy in the student news ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the cember 2001.
production category on Aug. 20. students if all of the hard work that “Even though we are the only
That day, Kelly Runyan, news di- they do each day was recognized on nominee within our category, we
rector for WEIU, had been check- such a grand scale?’” are not certain to receive the award,” Honorees
By Jason Hardimon
Staff reporter ing the Mid-America Emmy Web She said, upon seeing News Runyan said. “If the nominees are
site all afternoon to see if the nomi- Watch among the nominees, she en- unable to meet the Academy of All of the members of WEIU-TV who worked on
the Sept. 8, 2008 broadcast were nominated.
“CSI,” “Desperate Housewives” nations had yet been revealed. tered a temporary state of disbelief, Television Arts and Sciences strin-
and “30 Rock” are a few of the no- Six months before, Runyan ap- and was ultimately moved to tears. gent standards, then the Emmy will
table television productions that plied for nomination and had sub- Runyan said it was impossible to not be awarded to anyone.” • Barbara • Zach Nugent
come to mind when contemplating mitted a copy of the Sept. 8, 2008, contain her excitement. Harrington • Brian Gallagher
the Emmys. broadcast for review. “I started calling everyone I could Jason Hardimon can be
• Kevin Ratermann • Kevin Jeanes
• Avery Drake • Kelly Runyan
Yet, the Emmys recognize much “I remember feeling very ner- think of,” she said. reached at 581-7942 or at
more than prime-time entertain- vous during the application pro- This is News Watch’s first Emmy DENnewsdesk@gmail.com.

Telecommunications C ampus

By Jennifer Brown
Staff Reporter

The Telecommunications Office canceled the

long-distance service it once offered on-campus
The service was canceled in the summer, but
the change has been initiated for the fall semes-
ter as of Aug. 9.
Telecommunications director Clay Hopkins
cited a lack of participation and the advent of cell
phones as the reasons for the cancellation.
“There were less than 50 students using (the
service),” Hopkins said. “It was costing us more
to provide than we were getting out of it.”
Mark Hudson, director of university housing
and dining Services, was also involved in making
the cancellation.
“Reduced usage brought on this decision,” Cody Rich | the Daily Eastern Ne ws
Hudson said. “(Students) can access long distance Dominique Williams takes in the music at the Gospel Explosion event at the Martin Luther King Jr. Grand Ballroom on Sunday.
with a different manner using 800-number call-
ing cards.”

Gospel explodes at BSU event

This change affects all students living on cam-
pus, including those in Greek Court, University
Court and University Apartments.
The discontinued service affects just long-dis-
tance calls.
“Students can still make local calls and plug in
phones,” Hudson said. By Erica Whelan nizer, led the audience in reflection Grand Ballroom. Hoping to strike a chord with the
The cancellation also affects returning students Staff Reporter and encouraged all to “bust loose” Chicago-based Gospel rap group crowd, Seawood began planning the
who will no longer be able to use the service. in praise of a higher power. “Sons of the Most High” had the concert over the summer. Funding
Before the change, students would sign up for Students of varying religious con- Music was the main attraction crowd swaying in their seats and on for the entire event came courtesy of
a pin number in the Telecommunications Office, victions came together on common amplified by religious fervor and a their feet. the BSU, the University Board, and
Hudson said. Students would receive a bill for the ground at the Black Student Union’s profound message, free of charge. Following was local talent “Time Apostolic Christians in Today’s So-
calls that were made in their rooms. first-ever “Gospel Explosion” event “Gospel music means a new be- of Change,” which made its debut ciety and Christ Ministries to pro-
Ben Joyner, a senior history major, has never Sunday evening in the Martin Lu- ginning for everyone,” said Victoria to a standing ovation. vide for a night of song and service
used the service while living in Stevenson Hall. ther King Jr. University Union. Steenes, a junior finance major. Corey Mabins, a sophomore ac- to the public.
“It doesn’t affect me too much,” Joyner said. “I Guests applauded the multiple As secretary of Eastern’s Unity counting major and president of “You can’t put a price on Gos-
use a cell phone anyway. I’ve been here two years acts and the sheer amount of ener- Gospel Choir, Steenes has cultivat- “Time of Change,” credited God pel,” said Seawood, who intends to
and haven’t had a phone in my room yet.” gy present. ed a passion for singing praises since as his source of inspiration both on make the concert to be a monthly
“It’s so spontaneous, it just feels childhood at church. and off the stage. campus event.
Jennifer Brown can be reached at 581- so real,” said Chelsea Grady, a ju- “I always knew that one day the “I’m here for the Lord,” Mabins He hopes the next one will be
7942 or at jebrown2@eiu.edu nior elementary education major. Lord would use my voice to encour- said. “It’s not about me up there, bigger, better and appeal to a broad-
“This is what church should be like. age others,” she said. it’s about Him. Without God, I er range of religious backgrounds.
This story continues on It touches you more when it’s this The lineup for the night did wouldn’t be able to talk, I wouldn’t
personal.” just that as crowds of students left be able to sing, I wouldn’t be able to Erica Whelan can be reached
DENnews.com Emcee Otis Seawood, BSU’s so- their seats to applaud the power- move. He will use me. To me, my at 581-7942 or at
cial affairs director and event orga- ful sound resonating through the faith is everything.” DENnewsdesk@gmail.com.

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