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Dear Respondent,
I’m pursuing MBA (BE) from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra. As part of the requirement for our degree
program this survey is being carried out to know about the impact of customer loyalty and trust for CSR. The
information provided by respondent in the questionnaire shall be used strictly for academic purpose and shall be
kept confidential.

1. Read each statement and indicate your response by putting tick mark (√). Use the following

1=Strongly disagree, 2= Disagree, 3=Neutral, 4=Agree, 5= Strongly Agree

Statements Strongly Disagre Neutral Agre Strongly

Disagre e e Agree
Natural resources must be preserved even if
1 people must do without some products.
I am not very concerned about the
2 environmental issue
Consumers should be made to pay higher prices
3 for products which pollute the environment.
I rarely ever worry about the effects of
4 pollution on myself or my family
Whenever possible, I buy products packaged in
5 reusable containers
6 I try only to buy products that can be recycled
I use a recycling centre or in some way recycle
7 some of my household trash
I have switched products for ecological
8 reasons.
I think the CSR performance of a company is
as important as the pricing discount when I am
9 shopping.
1 I think I am a socially responsible Person
1 I think I will consider the long term effect of
1 daily consumption on the sustainable
development of society.
I think Large companies do not really care
1 about the long-term environmental and social
2 impact of their actions.
1 Large companies have a moral responsibility to
3 society

2. Which of the companies do you believe that they are doing best in CSR ?
a)TATA b)Reliance
c)SBI d)Bharti Airtel
e) Any other………………

3a). According to the above selected company, please describe your Trust Level towards the
company. Indicate your response by putting tick mark (√).

Statements Strongly Disagre Neutral Agre Strongly

Disagre e e Agree
1 I believe it is a right choice to shop.
I believe that this company will not try to cheat
2 me.
3 The company is reliable
4 I feel secure when I buy things there.
5 I feel that I can trust the company completely.
Staff of this company is fast in handling
6 problems.
Response time on our inquiries, either by phone
7 or email is less in this company.
I feel that this company is committed to acting
8 in customer’s best interest.
I believe that this company always keeps their
9 promises.
0 This company is very competent.
1 I believe that this company is of very high
1 integrity.
1 I usually recommend the products of this
2 company to my others.
3 I know this company is not opportunistic.

3b) Indicate your response for the CSR performance towards the Company.

Statements Strongly Disagre Neutral Agre Strongly

Disagre e e Agree
1 This is a socially responsible company.
2 It has lots of involvement in local communities
They are trying to give back something to the
3 community
4 They feel morally obligated to help
They have a long-terms interest in the
5 community.
4. Regarding the above trust level, you are requested to rate the Loyalty Level towards the

Statements Strongly Disagre Neutral Agre Strongly

Disagre e e Agree
1 I am loyal to the company
I will go on to purchase in this company in
2 future.
Even if the other company offered attractive
3 price, I will continue to buy in this company.
If there is a membership scheme, I will join the
4 scheme.
I will recommend the company to my relatives
5 or friends.
If someone makes negative comment about the
6 company, I would defend it.
7 Overall, I am a loyal customer of the company.
The likelihood of leaving this company &
8 purchasing other companies’ product is less
I say positive things about this company to
9 other people.
1 I recommend this company to someone who
0 seeks my advice.
1 I encourage my friends and family to bye-
1 products of this company.
1 I consider this company as my first choice to
2 buy
1 I have offered constructive criticism or
3 suggestions for product or service
improvements over the past 6 months.

5. Regarding the above trust and loyalty level, please score your response for Repurchase Intention
towards the company.

Statements Strongly Disagre Neutral Agre Strongly

Disagre e e Agree
I am willing to continue to buy products
1 because I like the company.
I repurchase the product because company
2 works for the community.
3 Because of reliability, I usually repurchase the
4 Produce safe products.
I intend to continue using the products from
5 this organization.

The company employees (agent) give me

6 prompt service.
The company employees (agent) understand
7 my specific needs.
The products offered by the company are
8 appealing.
9 You usually switch products.
1 I’m likely to repurchase the products from this
0 company even if the price increases 10%.
1 I have received proper ‘after sale service’ from
1 this company.


Name…………………………………………… Age (in yrs)…………………

Gender: Male□ Female □ Family Monthly Income: …………………………

Education: Matric □ Higher Secondary □ Graduation □ Post-graduation □

Any other …………………..

Employment Status: Employed □ Unemployed □