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So Stylistic!

Quarter 1 Week 1 Module 1

Most Essential Learning Competency:

Reading Strategies
(Scanning, Skimming, Extensive, Intensive)
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Before you start answering the module, I want you to set aside other tasks
that will distract you while enjoying the lessons. Read the simple
instructions below to successfully enjoy the objectives of this kit. Have fun!

1. Follow carefully all the contents and instructions indicated in every

page of this module.
2. Write on your notebook or any writing pad the concepts about the
lessons. Writing enhances learning, which is important to develop
and keep in mind.
3. Perform all the provided activities in the module.
4. Let your facilitator/guardian assess your answers.
5. Analyze conceptually the posttest and apply what you have learned.
6. Enjoy studying!


• Expectations - These are what you will be able to know after

completing the lessons in the module.
• Pre-test - This will measure your prior knowledge and the concepts to
be mastered throughout the lesson.
• Looking Back - This section will measure what learnings and skills
that you understand from the previous lesson.
• Brief Introduction- This section will give you an overview of the
• Activities - These are activities designed to develop critical thinking
and other competencies. This can be done with or without a partner
depending on the nature of the activity.
• Remember - This section summarizes the concepts and applications
of the lessons.
• Checking your Understanding - It will verify how you learned from
the lesson.
• Post-test - This will measure how much you have learned from the
entire module
Lesson 1 – Reading Strategies

As you go through this lesson, you are expected to:

• Identify different reading styles you can use in reading specific text

• Choose appropriate reading style in extracting information

from the given text

1. Which reading style requires you to look for specific keywords or phrases that

are relevant to what you need to know?

a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive reading d. intensive reading

2. Which reading style is used for reading shorter texts for detailed information

with emphasis on precise understanding?

a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive reading d. intensive reading

Choose the appropriate reading style needed for each text. Write your answer on

the space provided. a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive d. intensive

3. A poem: _________________________

4. A Shakespeare Novel: _________________________

5. An English grammar book: _________________________

Can you still recall the first time you learned how to read? You probably can
also remember how your teachers taught you patiently on how to recognize and
produce the sound in every letter. Eventually, you were able to combine the letter
sound to read a word and then finally sentences. It was such a feat for you indeed!

What is reading? Reading is a complex process that involves interaction

between you, the reader, and the text while you build your understanding by
interpreting written symbols and decoding the meaning of the text.

Reading can be enjoyable but to some it can be challenging especially when

the text is too long, and it contains difficult vocabulary words. There are reading
strategies or techniques that you can use to extract information from the text. In
this lesson, you will learn four reading styles: scanning, skimming, extensive, and
intensive reading.

SCANNING is used for a specific focus. You read rapidly through a text to find
specific information required. This is mainly looking through specific information
you want to know. Your eyes move quickly from left to right as you search for
keywords or phrases that are relevant to what you need to know from the text. It is
useful to scan parts of the selection or book to check whether it is useful or not.

SKIMMING is sometimes referred to as gist reading since you read rapidly for the
main points. You use skimming when you want to get the idea what the text is all
about. This will save you time as you may just look quickly at first paragraph to get
the main idea or you may opt to go through the summary of the text. Although, this
will not ensure deeper understanding of the text.

INTENSIVE READING is used for reading shorter texts for detailed information

with emphasis on precise understanding. This is useful when you need to

remember chronological events and specific details that need to be remembered


Activity 1: Direction: Read the texts below. Take note of the heading to get the gist
of the text then answer the questions inside the bubble. Write your answer on the
space provided after the text.

1. How did our rich

2. What was evident
literature that was
in the Philippine
developed and
cultivated by our
ancestors survive until

Pre-Colonial Philippine Literature

Long before the Spaniards came to the Philippines, early Filipinos had
civilization of their own. It partly came from the Malay settlers and partly from
their response to the new environment. The variety and abundance of their
customs and traditions have become evident even in the Philippine Pre-
Colonial Literature. Folk stories, epics, poems and chants existed in the most
Ethno-linguistic groups that were passed on from generation to generation
through word of mouth. This happened as people moved from one environment
to another.

1. ______________________________________________________________________




2. _____________________________________________________________________


3. Why did the Spanish 4. What did

missionaries translate Damiana L. Eugenio
the proverbs in discover about our
Spanish? What was the ancestors?
true motive with their
interaction with the
early Filipinos?

Words of Wisdom

Damiana L. Eugenio, a distinguished scholar of Philippine Folklore compiled

and edited what may very well be considered as the most comprehensive
collection of proverbs in the country. There is a limited number of words like
this in existence. She spent her lifetime collecting pieces of folk literature that
reveal our ancestors’ wisdom. When she gathered proverbs from various areas
in our country, she declared that our elders lived by simple, yet meaningful
rules of righteous living.

In fact, she asserted that even the Spaniards who colonized our country
noticed how proverbs formed part of the native spirit. Spanish missionaries
were found to have translated such proverbs and other oral expressions in
Spanish in order for their fellow religious people to learn our indigenous
languages. By doing so, they were able to interact with the early Filipinos there
and eventually introduce the Catholic faith.
Source: Grade 7 English Learning Package, First Quarter,p.4

3. ______________________________________________________________________



4 ______________________________________________________________________


Activity 2: Read the story intensively and answer the questions that follow. Choose
the letter of your answer.
The Legend of the Firefly
1. A long time ago, in the valley of Pinak in
Central Luzon, a large lake where the people
fished for food dried up. The people of Pinak
prayed hard, “Dear Bathala, send us rain, give
us food to eat!” The good Bathala answered their
prayers. Suddenly, a beautiful chariot of gold was
zooming through the sky. They heard a voice
saying, “I am Bula-hari, and I have come with my
wife, Bitu-in. We are sent from the heavens to give
you good life!” From then on, the people of Pinak
enjoyed a good life under their rulership.

2. Soon Bulan-hari and Bitu-in had a daughter. They named her Alitaptap
for on her forehead was a bright sparkling star. All the handsome young men of
Pinak fell in love with her. But alas! the heart of Alitaptap wasn’t human.
She was the daughter of Bulan-hari and Bitu-in, who came down from the sky.
She had a heart of stone. Alitaptap would never know love.

3. One day, Balo-na, a wise old woman arrived at the palace. She delivered a
sad news to the king. Balo-na predicted, “The warriors of La-ut will come to
conquer the land and will destroy all of you, the only solution is for Alitaptap to
marry one of the men, so as to have an heir to win the war.”

4. Bulan-hari pleaded his daughter to get married but Alitaptap’s heart of

stone merely stood in silence. Bulan-hari gripped his sword in despair…
“Alitaptap,you will follow me, or you will lay dead this very minute!” But nothing
could stir the lovely young woman’s heart. Bulan-hari blinded with anger and
fear of the dark future finally drew his sword. It hit the star on Alitaptap’s
forehead! The star burst! A thousand chips of glittered shattered pieces of the
star on Alitaptap’s forehead lighted the great hall, flickering as though they were
stars with tiny wings. Alitaptap, the lovely daughter from the heavens lay dead.
And soon, Balo-na’s prediction had come true. Riding in wild horses, the warriors
of La-ut arrived. They killed the people of Pinak. They spread sorrow and
destruction everywhere.

5. When it all ended, the beautiful, peaceful valley of Pinak had turned into
an empty swamp. At night, there was nothing but darkness. But soon, tiny
sparkles of light would flicker and lend glimmers of brightness in the starless
night. And so, the fireflies came about. Once, a long time ago, they were
fragments from the star on the forehead of Bulan-hari’s daughter,the beautiful

Source: https://www.aswangproject.com/legend-of-the-firefly/

1. The people of Pinak cried out for help to Bathala because of ____________.

a. drought b. typhoon c. abundance of food d. too much fish

2. Who were sent by Bathala to help the people of Pinak?

a. Alitaptap and Balona c. Balo-na and Bathala
b. Bulan-hari and Bitu-in d. Bituin and La-ut
3. In paragraph 1 last sentence, the line “Then the people of Pinak enjoyed a good
life under their rulership.” suggests that..
a. Bulan-hari and Bitu-in are ruthless rulers.
b. Bulan-hari and Bituin are tyrant rulers.
c. Bulan-hari and Bituin are funny rulers .
d. Bulan-hari and Bituin are good rulers.

4. Why was their daughter name Alitaptap?

a. She has a bright sparkling star on her forehead
b. She is a goddess and was very beautiful.
c. She was loved by handsome young men.
d. She loves to shine at night.

5. In paragraph 2 second sentence, the line “She had a heart of stone.” is expressed
in idiomatic expression which means…
a. a heart made of stone c. unable to love
b. a heart disease d. a concrete heart

6. What was the bad news brought by Balo-na to Bulan-hari?

a. Alitaptap will die.
b. The warriors of La-ut will come to conquer them.
c. Alitaptap will be killed by her father.
d. La-ut will be destroyed by the people of Pinak.

7. Why no one could stir the heart of Alitaptap to love someone?

a. The heart of Alitaptap wasn’t human.
b. She was a powerful goddess.
c. Bathala made her heart into stone.
d. She did not like arranged marriage.

8. What made Bulan-hari strike his swords against his lovely daughter Alitaptap?
a. Bulan-hari secretly hated Alitaptap ever since.
b. Alitaptap’s death would save the people of Pinak.
c. Alitaptap was a hard-headed daughter.
d. Bulan-hari was blinded with anger and fear of the dark future.

9. Which paragraph shows the climax of the story?

a. Paragraph 1 b. Paragraph 2 c. Paragraph 4 d. Paragraph 5

10. Where do fireflies come from?

a. Flickering light at night c. The lamps of the people of Pinak
b. Stars fall from the sky d. The fragments of stars from Alitaptap’s forehead
Which reading style can be useful for the following tasks below?

Put each task in a correct column.

A. using a dictionary

B. reading headlines on a newspaper

C. finding things in a catalogue/brochure

D. finding useful information in leaflets

E. checking bus/flight schedule

F. looking for books in a shelf that you might

like to read


Skimming is useful when… Scanning is useful when…

Now that you have learned the different styles of reading, it is time for you to

apply them on your reading activity.

A. Pick-A-Text

Your task is to get any reading material available at home. It can be a

magazine, newspapers, novel or an old telephone directory. If no available reading

materials at home, you may search online for any topic that interests you.

What material did you choose? Was the reading technique effective?





B. Share-A-Book

 Choose at least five (5) books to read for this activity. Search online for free

E-Books then download it on your phone/laptop. Choose anyone from your

class to be your reading buddy. Then you can share each other your

downloaded E-Book files through Share-It App.

 Use the graphic organizer below as your guide to get information from the

text of your choice.

 Upload your work in our Google Class when you are done.
Reading Material: Reading Style Used:



What is the text about?

A. Multiple Choice. Read the questions carefully then encircle the letter of your
1. Which reading style requires you to look for specific keywords or phrases that

are relevant to what you need to know?

a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive reading d. intensive reading

2. Which reading style is used for reading shorter texts for detailed information

with emphasis on precise understanding?

a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive reading d. intensive reading

3. This reading style is useful in remembering events and details accurately.

a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive reading d. intensive reading

4. This is done by reading from left to right rapidly to get the gist of the text.

a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive reading d. intensive reading

B. Choose the appropriate reading style needed for the following list below.
Write your answer on the blank. a. skimming b. scanning c. extensive d.
5. A poem: _________________________

6. A Shakespeare Novel: _________________________

7. An English grammar book: _________________________

8. Restaurant Menu: _________________________

9. A Movie Schedule: _________________________

10. Manga Collection: _________________________

Name: _______________________Grade and Sec.______________


Directions: Write a reflective learning on reading strategies

learned by answering the questions inside the box. You may
express your answers in a more critical and creative presentation
of your great learning. Have fun and enjoy!

Reading styles What learnings have What other example

guides me to reflect I found from this can I contribute to
on … lesson? explore and think

What learnings can I What good character What is my

share with my family have I developed conclusion on the
and peers? from this lesson? lesson?

English 7 Learning Package, First Quarter, “Words of Wisdom” p.4

Department of Education, Philippines

English 7 Learner’s Material “Pre-Colonial Philippine Literature” p. 49, 2017

Department of Education, Philippines


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Checking Your
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