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MGV 176 Submachine gun from Gorenje, Serbia

MGV-176 submachine gun

MGV-176 submachine gun, partially dissasembled
MGV-176 submachine gun, with installed silencer
Caliber : .22LR (5.6x15mm rimfire)
Action : Blowback, open bolt
Length : 795 mm
Length folded : 480 mm
Barrel length : 260 mm
Weight unloaded : 1810 gramms
: 3400 gramms
Capacity : 161 rounds
Rate of fire : 1200-1600 rounds per minute
Effective range : 70 meters
MGV-176 submachine gun appears to be a clone of an American-180 submachine gun, but adapted to more
modern materials and less expensive production techniques. MGV-176 appeared during 1980s, and was offered for
export. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia MGV-176 was manufactured in Slovenia by Orbis, and apparently is
used by Slovenian police. A semi-automatic version was made and encountered during the war in Bosnia.
It is a specialist weapon, which can be used at relatively short ranges, because of weak ammunition. However,
when fired in full automatic mode, the very high rate of fire combined with low recoil will result in a significant
lethality through multiple hits to target.MGV-176 submachine gun is blowback operated, selective-fired weapon
which fires from open bolt. The receiver and pistol grip are made from polymer. Fire mode (single shots / full
automatic) is controlled by the trigger pressure - short pull on the trigger produces single shots, and long pull
produces full automatic fire with rather high cyclic rate. MGV-176 is fitted with manual safety on the left side of
the grip, plus an automatic grip safety is located at the rear of the pistol grip. Gun is fitted with underfolding
shoulder stock made from steel wire. MGV-176 can be fitted with quick-detachable sound moderator (silencer)
which weights about 200 gram and reduces firing signature by about 20 dB. The feed system employs flat pan
magazines, which hold 161 rounds of ammunition in three layers, with bullets pointing to the center of the pan.
Magazine covers are made from semi-translucent plastic. Spent cases are ejected downwards through aperture in
receiver just in front of the trigger guard, so care should be taken to not cover ejection port by supporting hand