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JusticeJohnG. Roberts
Chief Justiceof the United States
SupremeCourt of the United States
OneFirst StreetN.E.
Washington,D.C. 20543


I decidedafter deliberatingto sharewith you ih. type of theft and comrption that is
going on with the senior officials of our government.This type of theft has beenallowed
to occur by holding back the settlementmoney to people like myself. PresidentObama
does lrave the final decision on releasingthesefunds, but has held back becausehe has
beenorderedto by GeorgeBush, Sr. As you will seePresidentObarnahas also financially
benefitedfor cooperating. I am forwarding this to Congressfor full investigationand
requestthat they subpoenarecords of the Vatican Bank, of the senior officials of our
government. I attachthe chart which only demonstratessome of our goveilrment officials
that havebenefitedin the conspiracyof blocking my funds.

I havenarnesof other goverrunentofficials that have receivedillegal paymentsthat

are depositedat the Vatican Bank but are not related directly to my case. In total it is
billions of dollars. I hopeyou makethe right decision.
PresidentObama Vatican Bank OneBillion
PresidentObama Bank Santender OneBillion
V.P. JosephBiden Vatican Bank 100Million
Tim Geithner Vatican Bank 700Million
GeorgeBush, Sr. Vatican Bank 700Million
GeorgeBush, Jr. Vatican Bank 200Million
Alan Greenspan Vatican Bank 500Million
Mitt Romney Vatican Bank 400Million
Paul Guennette(associate
Of Bush,Sr.) Vatican Bank 700Million
Michael Herzog Vatican Bank 500Million
Bill & Hillary Clinton Vatican Ba* 400Million