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World’s Largest Youth-Led Organisation

!! Over 10,000 talent
!! 110 Countries & Territories.
!! 1,700 Universities
!! 50,000 Members
!! 800,000 Alumni
!! 4,000 Partners & Sponsors
!! 470 Conferences annually

Who is AIESEC?
•! Global, not-for-profit, non-political, organisation founded in 1948.
•! The world’s largest youth-led organisation.
•! Objective: Leadership Development for positive change in society.
•! Unique & continuously growing global network helping high potential youth to explore and
develop their leadership potential.
•! Unique platform for organisations to connect with and source truly global, diverse talent.
Membership Diversity
Asia Pacific 12,000 27%
Central / Eastern Europe 12,400 23%
W. Europe / N. America 9,300 20%
Ibero-America 9,200 20%
Africa 3,400 7%
Middle East / N. Africa 1,200 3%

Number of Members


Our Members
2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 •! Talented and exceptional young people
•! Ability to adapt to changing environments quickly
Competency Model •! Experienced in crisis management and working
•! Global Mindset under pressure
•! Entrepreneurial Outlook •! High degree of cross cultural understanding and
•! Social Responsibility experience
•! Emotional Intelligence
•! Proactive Learning
AIESEC provides
Global Mindset
Socially Responsible
Top Talent Pipeline
Experienced Leadership
Reception & Visa Logistics
Business Need Flexibility
Efficient Sourcing
Targeted Promotion
Creates a Global Brand

AIESEC for Partners

Example partnership

“AIESEC adds tremendous AIESEC and Electrolux

value to Electrolux, in many
•! Partnership for 7 years, 160 AIESEC talents from
different ways. It brings 46 countries
diversity, which is critical to
us. AIESEC also provides a •! talents have worked in 26 different countries
valuable and flexible talent •! AIESEC is the only structured way they recruit
pool, and many AIESECers new graduates on a global level
have been retained and have
pursued excellent careers at

Ann Gardmark
Global Talent Manager
Example partnership
AIESEC and Alcatel Lucent “Not only are these students highly
competent but they are also
•! 5 year partnership
motivated, engaged, they’ve got
•! Positions in Technology, HR, Marketing, good problem solving skills,
Finance leadership skills, communication
•! Currently 45 talents in UK, France, India, skills, and work very well in teams.
Singapore Its difficult to find that combination
in a lot of people.”

Houston Spencer
VP Solutions & Marketing
Alcatel-Lucent North Europe
Example partnership
Special ACE program
•! Created the special ACE program for AIESEC talents,
which includes career planning and personal
Over 40 talents per year development
•! Taken 150 talents over 4 years, of which 50 have been
1 in 3 talents retained retained

•! Utilise AIESEC as a strategy for becoming ‘Employer

of Choice’ through international branding
Strategy for becoming ‘Employer
of Choice’

Technical Grads strategy

Talent Acquisition
•! Our global network supports Global HR Strategies.
•! Access to a highly competitive, international
talent from 107 countries &1,700 universities
–! Students, recent graduates & young professionals with
relevant experience.
–! Team leadership and strategy execution experiences.
–! Advanced competency development: Self-awareness,
Pro-activity and Innovation.
–! Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business, IT
•! Easy and Cost Effective.

AIESEC’s Global Talent Program

Attract and recruit up and coming international talent.
Competitive academic backgrounds complemented by leadership experience.
2-18 month positions; full time.
Typical backgrounds include: Project management, Business Administration, Marketing,
Languages, Finance, IT.

AIESEC promotes customized job description, screens applicants, presents pool to company for
final hiring decision, executes reception & visa process, and continuous cultural integration and
follow up.
Employer Branding
Employer Branding Workshop
Opportunities (Global) (Regional/Global)
•! 90 minute space to design and
Whether at International Congress or our 6 execute according to your company’s
Regional Conferences, your organisation may connection to one Forum topic.
choose the ideal activites to accompany your •! Attended by 40-50 delegates this
talent acquisition needs. provides personal interaction with
youth leaders interested in your
•! Partnership Launch company
•! Youth to Business Workshop Partner •! Topics include: Entrepreneurship &
Global Leadership, Climate Change &
Green Technology,
Labour Mobility & Diversity,
Sustainability & Business Development.

Jan 2011: National Conference, Singapore
Feb 2011: Global Leaders Summit, Mexico City
Mar 2011: Regional Leadership Conferences
Cairo, Egypt
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
San Juan, Pueto Rico
Tallinn, Estonia
Yaounde, Cameroon
Aug 2011: International Congress, Nairobi, Kenya
Employer Branding
Opportunities (National)
Date: 6th to 10th January 2010

With access to 250 talents from all around Asia Pacific,

your organisation may choose the ideal activites to
accompany your talent acquisition needs.

•! Partnership Launch to talents from Asia Pacific

•! Case challenge panel participation
•! Workshop sessions on soft skills
•! Coverage to alumni during Gala Dinner
•! Outreach to public during Global Village in *scape
Thank you.

Tristan Watkins Grace Chen

Global Sales and Marketing Manager Vice President Business Development
AIESEC International AIESEC Singapore
tristanw@ai.aiesec.org grace.chen@aiesec.net
www.aiesec.org www.aiesec.org.sg