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Subject Code: MC0075


1) Two or more networks are connected to form an------ (Internet)

2) State true or false: FDDI can be used as backbone True

3) What does internet working scheme use

a) Hardware
b) Network
c) Software
d) None of these

4) WWW stands for -------- (World Wide Web)

5) I S P stand for------- (Internet service provider)

6) To allow packet to loop b/w backbones all major backbones connect at the
--------(Nero access point)

7) ------------ improves reliability (Redundancy)

8) Computers that interconnected two networks and pass pockets from one to
another are called.------------&---------------. (Gateway and route)

9) State T or F “Internet is a network of network”. True

10) State T or F “Internet is restricted in size “. False

11) ARPA is stands for _______________(Advanced Research Projects Agency)

12) Internet ures --------- reference model. (TCP / IP)

13) Which one is not layer of TCP / IP model?

a) Physical
b) Internet
c) Transport
d) Refrence

14) State T or F file transfer service is reliable. False

15) E-mail is not a reliable service. False

16) The most widely used protocol in internet. (TCP / IP)

17) An IP address is a unique address. True

18) The linkage of user’s IP address to his name is publicity available

information. False

19) The given address is of

?------24 bits-----?
0 Network ID Host ID
a) Class A
b) Class B
c) Class C
d) Class E

20) ?---------------------27 bits-----------?

1 1 1 1 0 unused this is a address of
a) Class A
b) Class B
c) Class C
d) Class E

21) Interpreting all zero to mean --------------- (“This host”)

22) IP address are often expressed four decimal numbers each separated by a
dot. This format is called------------------- (Dotted decimal notation)

23) The range of class A will be from------------to-------------------to

24) ICANN stands for ------------------- (Internet Corporation for Assigned names
and numbers)

25) The classful A, B and C octet boundaries were easy to understand and
a) True
b) False

26) IPVU address did not foster the efficient allocation of a finite address space.
a) True
b) False
27) A / 24 networks supports how may hosts

a) 225
b) 226
c) 228
d) 254

28) If physical address is 02-60-8A-01-02-04 corresponding IP address is


29) ARP is defined in

a) RFC 826
b) RFC 827
c) RFC 829
d) RFC 286

30) The mapping of to IP address is done by _________(DNS)

31) PGP encrypts data by using a block clipper called (IDEA)

32) PGP uses how many bit keys

a) 128
b) 126
c) 125
d) 122

33) DES uses how may bit key.

a) 56 bit
b) 58 bit
c) 59 bit
d) 55 bit

34) The art of breaking art of cipher is called--------------- (Cryptanalysis)

35) S / MIME stand for ------------------------- (Secure / multipurpose internet merit

extent ion)
36) People authenticate other people by faces, voices and handwriting. True/

37) At the physical layer firewalls can be installed True/ False

38) The messages types which BGP defines are

a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

39) __________________ (Videoconference) technology finds extensively

helpful for remote school.

40) _____________ (Session & presentation) layers are not there in TCP / IP
reference model.

41) The feistel(f) function, DES operates on ----------------- at a time and consists
of -----------stages. (32, 4)

42) Theommon reasons for applying a digital signature are

------------&----------------(Authentication, integrity

43) If the plain text is ATTACK and cipher text after substitution is “CVVCEM”
then the key is --------------------- (+2)
44) The output of the encryption process known as

a) Cipher text
b) English text
c) Plain text
d) None

45) The different types of intruders are

a) Active
b) Passive
46) The plain text is “ATTACK” it can be encrypted as with key used

47) Network security problems can be divided mainly into categories
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) None

48) Network security mainly divided into --------------,---------------&------------------.

(Secrecy, Authentication and Non-repudiation)

49) Internet E-mail messages consist of -----------------major sections. They

are--------------- (Two, Header and body)

50) IRC is --------------------and it is ------------------users.(Internet relay chat, mulh)

51) With gopher, every document has a defined ------------and gopher client
functionally was quickly duplicated by early web browsers such as -------------
(Format type, mosaic)

52) The source of the name -------------is columned to be threefold (Gopher )

53) The two main popular browsers are ___________ & ______________-
(Internet explorer, Netscape navigator)

54) -----------------defined a standard procedure to support the sub netting. (RFC


55) Frame reader is subdivided into___________and _______________.

(Physical, IP)

56) How many addresses are in between to that are
a) 1024 address
b) 1026 address
c) 1022 address
d) None
57) In BGP-4 messages types the meaning of
a) Open initialize communication
b) Up date advertise or withdraw route
c) Notification response to an incorrect message
d) Keep alive actively test peer connectivity
Is this statement true or false? True

58) BGP messages type are _________,___________,_________and

____________. (Open message, up date message , Notification message, keep
active message)
59) Fields of hello messages formats are _________,_________and
( Network mask , Dead timer , Hello inter , Gway prio)

60) Inter NIC is known as –

a) International Net Information Communication
b) Inter Network Information Command
c) International Network Institute Center
d) International Network Information Center

61) The main four layers used in TCP / IP refrence model
are_________,_________, ___ _________and ______________.
i. Physical
ii. Network interface
iii. Internet
iv. Transport

62) Few application level services

(E-mail, FTP, Remote login, World Wide Web)

63) Few network level services are _________________and _______________.

(Connectionless packet delivery services , Reliable stream transport services)

64) Different classes of IP addresses are ______, _________, ________,

________ & ________.
(Class A , Class B , Class C, Class D, Class E)

65) The internet address is _________and ____________IP address is

_________bit long. (48 bit and 32 bit)

66) ARP is defined in RFC ___________and it is a current internet

(826 and STD 37)

67) ARP reply frame header is subdivided again into _________and_________.

(physical address , IP address)

68) ail secure system consisting of ________,___________&______________.


69) The precedence value is ____________integer Default value for lifetime is

(Two’s complement, 30 minutes)
70) _________and_______class can’t accommodate more than 254 hosts.
(Class A, Class B)

71) Match the following

Host ID Classes
Class A
Class B
Class C
a) 1-b, 2-a, 3-c
b) 1-b, 2-c,3-a
c) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c
d) None

72) Match the following

Physical address IP address
02-60-8A-01-02-04 (a)
08-03-8A-01-02-04 (b)
08-03-8A-01-02-04 (c)
a) 1-a, 2-b, 3-c
b) 1-b, 3-c, 2-a
c) 1-b, 3-a, 2-c
d) 1-c, 2-b, 3-a

73) OSPF supports three kinds of connection and networks.

a) Point to point lines b/w exactly two routers.
b) Multi-access networks with broadcasting.
c) Multi-access networks without broadcasting.
d) All of the above

74) The three steps needed for inter area routing are _________,_______and
(Go from source to backbone , Go across the backbone to the destination area,
Go to the destination)

75) The address reserved for private networks is

d) None