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1. A bomber drops a bomb from an aircraft flying at 2000 km/hr. at

an altitude of 7km. The speed at which the bomb will strike the
earth wuld be 11. A chemical compound having only carbon and hydrogen is called:
A) greater than 2000 km/hr. A) Sulfuric acid.
B) less than 2000 km/hr. B) hydrocarbon.
C) equal to 2000 km/hr. C) hydride.
D) Can’t be compared with the given data D) All of above.
2. The velocity of a body was noted to be constant during five 12. Which of the following is/are Halogens
minutes of its motion. What was its acceleration during this A) Chlorine
interval ? B) Iodine.
A) 9.81 m/s2 C) Fluorine.
B) -9.81 m/s2 D) All of above.
C) 6.67 × 1011 m/s2 13. Atomic no of an atom is the no. of
D) 0 A) Protons
3. Which of the following is /are vector(s) B) Electrons
A) Force C) Neutrons
B) Velocity D) Protons and Neutrons
C) Weight 14. Atmosphere pressure is equal to:
D) All of the above A) 14.7 PSI.
4. If V1 and V2 be two vectors at 900 from each other, having B) 760 mm Hg.
magnitudes of 10 and 20 units each. What will be the value of C) Non of above.
V1.V2 ? D) a & b.
A) Equal to 200 15. Boiling point of water decreases due to
B) Equal to 10 A) Decrease in pressure.
C) Equal to 20 B) Increase in pressure.
D) Equal to 0 C) Both A) and B)
5. Four sample of different material having the same mass were noted D) None of the above
to have the following volumes, 5cc, 10cc, 3cc and 19cc. Which of 16. Cane Sugar is mainly composed of
them is more dense? A) Sucrose.
A) The one having volume 5cc. B) sodium chloride.
B) The one having volume 10cc. C) Iodine
C) The one having volume 3cc. D) None of above.
D) The one having volume 19cc. 17. Which of the following is vector quantity.
6. The centripetal force of a body having mass m and rotating at a A) acceleration.
linear speed of v in a circle of radius r is given by B) velocity.
A) mv/r C) force.
B) mvr D) all of above.
C) mv2/r 18. If a body falls freely under gravity, the gravitational acceleration
will be equal to:
D) mv/r2
7. The unit of specific gravity in S.I. units is
A) 9.8 m/s2.
A) g/cm3 B) -8.9 m/s2.
B) kg/m3 C) -9.8 m/s2.
C) g/litre D) None of above.
D) kg/litre 19. Multistage centrifugal pump are used to give:
A) High discharge.
8. Temperature of 1000C is equal to
B) High head.
A) 1000F
C) All of above.
B) 2120F D) None of above.
C) 1120F 20. The temperature at which the volume of a gas theoretically become
D) 50F zero is called:
9. Specific heat is defined as the amount of heat required to A) Absolute zero.
A) raise the temperature of a body by 273o C B) Absolute zero temperature.
B) change the temperature of unit mass of a body C) Freezing point.
through 1o C D) Boiling point.
C) change the state of unit mass of a body 21. A vessel used for production of steam is called:
D) change the temperature of unit mass of a body A) Turbine.
through 212o F B) Boiler.
1. The volume of a gas C) Condenser.
E) is always independent of pressure D) Steam ejector.
F) is proportional to temperature at constant 22. (a + 2b)2 = ________________
pressure A) a2 + b2 + 2ab
G) is proportional to pressure at constant B) a2 + 4b2 + 8ab
temperature C) a2 + 4b2 + 4ab
H) both B) and C) D) a2 + b2 – 4ab

10. On heating, the viscosity of liquids generally

A) Decreases
B) Increases
C) Remains the same
D) It depends upon the liquid
x y A) A series resistance with its coil
B) A parallel resistance with its coil
1 0 C) A diode in series with its coil
D) A diode in parallel with its coil
a b
23. If A and B be two matrices such that A = and B = 30. Thermal parameters can be measured by
1 b A) RTD
B) Thermocouple
y x C) Bi-metallic strip
a 0 D) All of above
the “A– 1 = B”
31. .The working of thermocouple is based upon the principle called
A) The statement is false because inverse of 3×2 A) Seebeck effect
matrix is not possible B) Newton’s Law
B) The statement is false because A – 1 has some C) Thomson effect
other value than the given above. D) Photoelectric effect
C) The statement may be false or true depending 32. For a liquid flowing through a tube, Bernoulli’s theorem at a point
upon the values of a,b and x,y states that;
D) The statement is true A) sum of pressure energy, P.E and K.E are
E) None of the above constant
B) sum of pressure energy, P.E and K.E are
24. A swimmer can swim with an average speed of 9km/hr in still C) P.E and K.E are constant only
water. What would be his net speed if he is crossing a river flowing D) None of above
at 20 km/hr, trying to swim straight along the breadth of the river.
A) About 22 km/hr
B) Exactly 20 km/hr
33. The range of temperature on Kelvin scale can be;
C) About 18 km/hr
D) Exactly 9km/hr A) -273° to 273°
E) None of the above B) 0° to 373°
25. Two 200W bulbs have been connected in series with each other. C) 0° to 273°
What would be the power of each bulb now? D) -100° to 100°
A) 100 W 34. Vacuum can be measured with the help of a;
B) 200 W A) Pyrometer
C) 50 W B) Strip meter
C) Induction meter
D) 400 W D) Bourden Gauge
E) None of the above 35. Electromagnetic induction principle is employed in;
26. the unit of solid angle is A) Moving coil instrumentation
A) solid angle B) Bourden tube
B) radian C) Aneroid barometer
C) steradian D) Flow venturi
D) candela 36. . The arrangement of resistances (R1,R2,R3,R4) and a galvanometer
E) none of the above (G) in figure (at the end) is called,
A) Kirchoff’s apparatus
27. LPG stands for B) Wheatstone bridge
A) Liquid petroleum gas C) Wheatmarble bridge
B) Low pressure gas D) Voltammeter
C) Lubricated and purified gas
D) Low performance gas 37. A galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by placing;
E) None of the above A) Shunt resistance with its coil
B) Series resistance with its coil
28. A speaks truth in 75% cases, B in 80% of the cases. In what
C) voltage can directly be measured
percent of cases they likely to contradict each other in narrating D) voltage cannot be measured with the help of a
same incident. galvanometer
A) 35% *
B) 10% 38. A Geiger-Mueller tube is used for;
C) 25% A) Flow rate measurement of gases
D) 45% B) Flow rate measurement of volatile liquids
C) Measurement of very high voltage
E) none of the above D) Detection of ionizing radiation
29. A moving coil galvanometer can be used as an ammeter by