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I. The Problem and its Background

There were two fresh graduates of Hotel and Restaurant Management. One

graduated from an elite school and the other one graduated from a TESDA

accredited school. They both started to seek for a job in the field that they specialize

in. They were both accepted on a prestigious hotel. The one that graduated from an

elite school thought that he was hired because of his school’s reputation, and the

other one who graduated from a TESDA accredited school thought that the reason

why he was hired is because of his skills and ability.

(research about stats. Of hiring … before and now…)

This study shall determine the effects of Alma mater and skills to the hiring of

HRM related job qualifiers.

II. Statement of the Problem

Nowadays, HRM students may not be aware of the qualifications set by their

prospective employers. They may not be fully equipped and prepared for the

challenges they may face during the process of their job hunting.

To work out this problem, this research study aims to identify the preferences

of HRM related companies with regards to the qualifications of their applicants. The

study shall also identify the effects of Alma Mater branding and Aptitude Test Score

to the hiring of HRM related job qualifiers in the Manila area. In line with this, the

study shall also be able to specify the top qualifications sought by the said

companies from their applicants.

Furthermore, this research also intends to identify the employer’s view or

observation of their applicants and its effects to their inclination to accept or decline

their application. To be specific, these views or observation may include the

applicant’s overall grooming, disposition, personality, charisma, human networks,

smartness, and other factors.

III. Statement of Hypothesis

Given this problems, the researchers suppose that this study will adequately indicate

the factors affecting the hiring of hotel and restaurant management related job

qualifiers in the Manila area. Likewise, the researchers hypothesize that this study

will determine the employers’ preferences in hiring process of applicants. By this, we

assume that this study will assist the students with hotel and restaurant

management related courses in awareness of the factors that the employers of

certain companies consider at hiring their applicants. In addition to this, this study

will also aid the employers on the manner of choosing applicants based on their

proficiency not because of their school’s reputation.

IV. Significance of the Study

As the researchers establish the effects of alma mater branding, aptitude test score and

other factors that affect the process of hiring in hotel and restaurant management

industry towards the school and the companies, this study will be a great help to the

following people in the workplace:

• Employers. As employers become aware of the theorem, they will have a broad

understanding on the most considerable factors to the hiring of applicants that

are qualified for the job

• Job qualifiers. As a result to the employer’s awareness of the job qualifier’s


V. Scope and Limitations

VI. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

VII. Definition of Terms