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Gabriela Utra

Mrs. Pye

English 101

18 October 2020

Review of Pride and Prejudice

Some people believe that Pride and Prejudice is a boring movie. This is reasonable, as it

is two-hours long and uses the proper English language of the 1700s. While some people dislike

this movie, I think this movie is a masterpiece. There are many factors to contribute to the

substance in this movie. It includes a very large metaphor that is not completely obvious,

everchanging characters, and a strong plot. The director, Joe Wright, uses beautiful scenery to

enhance these characteristics of the movie.

The movie opens with Mrs. Bennet, who has five daughters, discussing a new lord that

recently moved into an estate with her husband, Mr. Bennet. Her main purpose is to marry her

eldest daughter, Jane Bennet, to the new lord, Mr. Bingley. To be introduced, the Bennets attend

the Meryton ball. Here, Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist, meets Mr. Darcy and immediately

hates him. She believes he is too prideful because he refuses to dance or have a conversation

with anyone. Mr. Darcy shares with his colleague that Elizabeth is, “tolerable, but not handsome

enough” to tempt him. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy share quite a few interactions until Mr. Darcy

realizes he has fallen in love with her. He eventually confesses it to her, but Elizabeth refuses to

marry him. She is most offended by his proposal and declines after arguing with him. As the

movie progresses, she realizes too that she loves him. They end up getting married at the end of

the movie.
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In this movie, both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy must overcome their pride and prejudice to

understand the substance the other obtains. Elizabeth is a person that is very quick to assume the

character of another person, as she has done with Mr. Darcy. At first meeting him, she thinks he

is arrogant and conceited. Immediately, she forms her opinion based on her thoughts and the

thoughts of her mother and friends. During Mr. Darcy’s proposal, Elizabeth confronts him about

it, which shows Mr. Darcy her real thoughts about him. He is hurt by this and leaves at once,

leaving Elizabeth in the rain.

His manner at the ball near the beginning of the movie shows this with his stern expression and

lack of speaking. He also shows his pride when he proposes to Elizabeth. In his proposal he says,

“I afford against my better judgement, my family’s expectation, the inferiority of your birth by

rank, and the circumstance of these things I’m willing to put aside,” which deeply offends

Elizabeth. During this proposal, Elizabeth brings up the fact that he separated Mr. Bingley and

her sister, Jane. He doesn’t deny it and digs himself into a deeper hole by saying it was because

of the Bennet family. He says, “It was the lack of proprieties going by your mother, your three

younger sisters, even on occasion your father.” In response to his, Elizabeth inquires about Mr.

Wickham, a friend of Mr. Darcy who told her of his apparent “cruelty”. His reasoning hurts

Elizabeth even more and Mr. Darcy leaves, ending the conversation.
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