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Hannah Jenkins

October 27, 2020
NC: Ch. 6
Note Catchers Chapter 6
Managerial Implications-
Planning a new food service operation is no simple task and can be years in the making. I think
that the most crucial step to planning any restaurant is the decision maker. If the individual or
team of people who will be making the decisions isn't laid out then there will be to many leaders
and not enough followers, ultimately resulting in a hostile work environment. I also see the step
of S.W.O.T. analysis is important, if this can be done before the operation is open it can aid in
focusing on the weakness or threats and finding ways to rise above them. You can also use your
strengths and potential opportunities to make your operation more valuable in the beginning. If
in a set period S.W.O.T. analysis is completed again I see that having the comparison of the first
and second analysis can be very beneficial to the business and that growing as a company could
be aided through that process. As stated, that the design and layout begin with the dining room it
is obvious this is an important part of any food service operation. This is what people see, this is
their environment, and yes this is where the money is made. However, if the back of house in not
set up in a functional matter, where every step taken by staff is considered how can the dining
room be successful. I see the dining room as the glam it is the diamonds that everyone will see,
but the back of house is where the diamonds are cut. Food is cooked, plated, presented,
everything the guests needs is going to be achieved in that back of house. If the diamond is not
cut perfect in the back it will not shine in the front. Essentially the back of house design and
equipment is just as if not more important than the dining room.
Industry Exemplar-
Tutta Bella didn’t just open one day. The owner traveled, expanded he knowledge, took notes
and truly paid attention to those who already had the VPN. He took his time to truly see why the
VPN is so special and never lost sight of what it entails. I think that was a paramount step for
him, a genius one as a matter of fact. Doing the kind of “research” that Joe Fugere did allowed
him to set a tone, environment, and his guiding principles for his food service operation. Creating
a restaurant that feels as though it belongs where it is, that is has been there for years and appeals
to all the localities of its location is a way of communicating to your guests that they were
considered and thought of throughout the whole planning and designing process. I think this has
had a positive effect on Tutta Bella’s success. Joe may have not chosen the cheapest way to open
his food service operation but his did not put his money to waist either. When you look at the full
story given in the book it seems as though Joe’s planning and design of this restaurant did not
start when he got the building but more so when he was in Italy, a long and time-consuming
process that for him paid off well.
Case in Point-
It appears Julio had a vision, and he was set on achieving it without the slightest bit of insight
form anyone but himself. Being strong willed is a good quality to have but being bull headed is
not. I think that as a first-time restaurant owner Julio should have taken any advice he was given.
From contractors or restaurant owners alike, they have experience and knowledge that he may
not have yet. My advice to Julio would be to listen to your elders if you will, although this
process is exciting, and he wants it to be his own there is advice that he could have listened to
and used without changing his vision. When opening a restaurant like he did with all his own
money and using all of it, there is no room for a mistake, even one as little as forgetting about
garbage. I am sure about how he forgot about garbage, he works in a kitchen and I can tell you I
have been scared by the gross combinations of food through into the dish pit garbage throughout
a shift. I think another mistake Julio made was making such a small complex kitchen, if there
isn't even room for a garbage can how is he going to ever expect to gain new equipment when it
may be wanted, or what about when maybe he is so busy that he needs another pizza oven, I feel
as though he should have had some assistance in at least designing the layout of this food service
operation, and with that it would have benefited him not only at the initial open but further down
the road as well.