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Jerneh Insurance Berhad (9827-A)

A member of the Kuok Group

12th Floor, Wisma Jerneh, 38 Jalan Sultan Ismail, P. O. Box 1420, 50778 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03-2116 3300 Fax: 03-2142 6672, 2148 0969
Customer Service Helpline: 03-2116 3388 Website: http://www.jerneh.com.my

Class of : All Risk Insurance
Insured :
BANK BERHAD as Owner For Their Respective Rights &
Business / Trade / :
Manufacturing of Glove

Location of : PT 2609 – 2620 Batu 8 Jalan Changkat Jong, Mukim

Risk(s) / Premises Changkat Jong, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak.

Geographical : MALAYSIA

Period of : 17/09/2010 to 16/09/2011


Rate(s) : 0.65%

Deductible(s) : Minimum RM35,000.00 or 5% of Loss Amount whichever

is higher.

Annual Premium : RM 42,757.00

RM 4,275.70 (Less: Rebate)

RM 2,137.85 (5% Service Tax)

RM 10.00 (Stamp Duty)


RM 40,629.15


Sum Insured : Property Damage RM

1 On 2 units of All & Full Set of all 4,898,000.00

. Double Dipping Line including all cost
of pipes and related materials to
connect all relevant parts of the

Created on 06/07/2010
Insured’s Equipment.

2 On 1 unit of all & Full Set of all Bio 1,680,000.00

. Mass Thermal Oil Heater including all
cost of pipes and related materials to
connect all relevant parts of the
Insured’s Equipment.

TOTAL RM6,578,000.00

Policy Wording : Loss or damage to property insured caused by Fire, Riot, Strike
& Civil Commotion Collision, Burglary, Accidental damage and
other causes not specifically under the policy.

Perils / Clauses / : Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion & Malicious Damage

Reinstatement Value (excluding Stocks)

Removal of Debris Clause

Automatic Inclusion Clause

Alterations & Repairs Clause

Reinstatement of Loss Clause

Temporary Storage Clause (Limit : 10% of Sum Insured – 60


Temporary Removal Clause (Limit: 15% of Sum Insured)

Breach of Policy Conditions.

Loss Notification Clause (30 days)

Vehicle Load Clause

Misdescription Clause

Payment of Account Clause

Designation of Property Clause

Internal Removal Clause

Created on 06/07/2010
Appraisement Clause

Contract Price Clause (not applicable to non-stock item)

Property Damage Clarification Clause

Hire Purchase Endorsement - OCBC Al-Amin Bank Berhad

Full Theft Endorsement

Loading & Unloading Clause

Automatic Inclusion Clause

Theft by Deception (Cheating) Clause

Criminal Breach of Trust

Date Recognition Endorsement (Property Category)
Warranties : Premium Warranty

Optional Clauses NIL

(* involves

This quotation is only valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

We confirm acceptance of the above

with effective from_______________

Chop & Sign

Name :
Designation :
Date :
Created on 06/07/2010
(Kindly fax this page
only to effect cover once chop &

Created on 06/07/2010

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