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Join FoodBank South Africa’s Fill the Gap Club for 2011.

Become part of a growing number of caring people and companies

making their contribution to help end hunger and malnutrition in South Africa.
With four membership levels from which to choose, everyone can help make a difference!

Fill the Gap for Communities

Meet Rosie Mashale, the powerhouse behind Baphumelele in Khayelitsha, just outside Cape
Town. Baphumelele, which means “progress” in Xhosa, is making real inroads in the fight
against poverty and hunger in her community. This champion community-based organisation
comprises an educare centre that cares for up to 230 children, a soup kitchen, a hospice and
homes for up to 200 orphans and vulnerable children. Baphumelele feeds up to 1000
beneficiaries a day!
R40 000
Baphumelele is one of over 1 000 community-based organisations served by WILL FEED
FoodBank South Africa. 40 TO 45 PEOPLE

Fill the Gap for Learners

Joburg Early Childhood Development Centre is an educare centre in the midst of a cluster of
men’s hostels in Denver, Johannesburg. Of the 10 children aged four to five at the centre,
eight are orphans and six live with caregivers who are unemployed. While the centre asks
parents and caregivers for only R20 a month as school fees, half of them are unable to pay.
For many of these children, breakfast and lunch at the centre are the only full meals they will
have in the day. R10 000
There are over 60 000 learners in centres like Joburg ECD Centre served by FoodBank WILL FEED
South Africa.

Fill the Gap for Families

Thandi M is a single mother and survivor of physical and emotional abuse. After a severe
physical beating by her husband, Thandi was then raped by a neighbour. She and her family
found refuge with Women Against Women Abuse (WAWA) in Port Elizabeth. WAWA
provided her with counselling and food for her family. She is currently on a skills and income-
generation programme where she makes candles for sale at a local craft market.
Thandi M and her family are just one of 20 000 families supported by FoodBank SA R2 000
through agencies such as Women Against Women Abuse. WILL FEED

Fill the Gap for One

Grinding poverty drove Mnqobi N to begging on the streets of Durban from the age of 15. By
18, he was drinking and sniffing glue, and felt he couldn’t return home. That’s when iCare
field workers befriended him, changing the course of his life. iCare helps rehabilitate and
reunite street kids with their families. Now 23, Mnqobi has a matric certificate and a job at a

top hotel in Durban North.
Mnqobi is one of over 200 000 individuals served by FoodBank SA through agencies
such as iCare.
About your membership
Members join the Fill the Gap Club for a calendar year, and can sign up at any time. Membership is not pro-rated. Your contribution will be
used by FoodBank South Africa to help supply both donated and purchased food to our growing network of community-based organisations. In
exchange, we offer the following membership benefits:
 Have your name on our website acknowledging your support.
 Receive our email newsletter to track how membership money is being spent.
 Receive a car or window decal by post.
 Receive a Section 18A tax receipt on your contribution (South African taxpayers only).
 The pleasure of knowing you are making a difference in the fight against hunger.
Consider giving the gift of membership to a friend or loved one on a special occasion.
To ensure that little of your contribution goes to administration costs, we prefer payment via an EFT or direct deposit into our bank account or
by cheque. We also accept payment by credit and debit card. If you would like to pay using another method please contact us at
info@foodbank.org.za or phone us at 0800 00 FOOD (0800 00 3663) toll-free from South Africa.
For more information about FoodBank South Africa, please visit our website at www.foodbank.org.za.

Sign up now
1. Choose a membership level (tick one box below) 4. Choose membership benefits (tick those you want)
Fill the Gap for … Display name as _____________________________________
on website - www.foodbank.org.za/fillthegap.
Send membership window decal to the postal address.
 Communities – R40 000 Email a Section 18A tax receipt.
Subscribe to FoodBank SA’s email newsletter.
 Learners – R10 000
FoodBank SA respects your privacy. Your details will not be shared with
any third party. You may unsubscribe from the email newsletter at any
 Families – R2 000 time.

 One – R300 5. Choose your payment method (tick one)

If you would like to make an additional donation, please note the You can make a payment in one of three ways.
additional amount here: By direct deposit or electronic transfer (EFT)
R ___________________ Make your deposit to FoodBank South Africa into our bank
account at:

2. Provide us with membership details Bank: Nedbank

[For gift memberships, fill in the recipient’s details] Branch: Gardens, Cape Town
Branch Code: 101009
Name: _______________________________________________ Account number: 1010069136
Email: _______________________________________________ Account name: FoodBank South Africa
Telephone: ___________________________________________ Please use your surname and contact number as the
beneficiary reference (e.g. Dube 073 123 4567)
Postal address: ____________________________________
By cheque payable to ‘FoodBank South Africa’
_______________________________________________ Enclose your cheque with the completed form and post to us.
_______________________________________________ By credit or debit card
Follow the instructions provided online at
______________________________ Code: ___________
We accept VISA, Mastercard and Maestro cards.
3. Giving membership as a gift (optional)
6. Return this form to us
If this is a gift membership, please tick here
and provide your details: You return the form, with either your cheque or proof of payment,
in one of the following ways:

Name: _______________________________________________ Post to:

FoodBank South Africa: Donor Relations
Email: _______________________________________________
P.O. Box 564
Telephone: ___________________________________________ Howard Place
7450 South Africa
Message to gift recipient: ______________________________ Fax to: 086 584 6010 (from within South Africa)
_______________________________________________ Scan and email to: info@foodbank.org.za
_______________________________________________ FoodBank endeavours to acknowledge and process all membership
applications within a week of receipt. If you haven’t heard from us in seven
working days, email membership@foodbank.org.za.

On behalf of our 200 000 beneficiaries, we thank you for your support.

Non profit registration: 025-709 ● Section 21 Company: 2000/014314/08 ● Public benefit registration: 18/11/1337/15 Form: FTGC_ZAR_0211