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16 Chapter Questions Retailing

Managing Retailing, What major types of marketing

Wholesaling, and Logistics intermediaries occupy this sector?
What marketing decisions do these
Includes all the activities involved in
marketing intermediaries make?
selling goods or services directly
What are the major trends with marketing to final consumers for personal,
Uma Pricilda.J intermediaries? Non-business use.
VIT Business School
VIT University

Major Retailer Types Levels of Retail Service Non-

Non-store Retailing
Self-service Direct selling
Specialty store Discount store
Department store Off-
Off-price retailer Self-
Self-selection Direct marketing
Supermarket Superstore Limited service Automatic vending
Convenience store Catalog showroom Full service Buying service

Major Types of Corporate Retail

Retailers’ Marketing Decisions Retail Category Management
Define the category
Corporate chain store Target market
Voluntary chain Product assortment Figure out its role
Retailer cooperative Service/store atmosphere Assess performance
Consumer cooperative Price Set goals
Franchise organization Communication Choose the audience
Merchandising conglomerate Location
Figure out tactics
Implement the plan
Indicators of Sales
Retailer Services Mix Location Decision
Pre-purchase services General business districts Number of people passing by location
Post-purchase services Regional shopping centers Percentage who enter store
Ancillary services Community shopping centers Percentage of those who enter who also
Strip malls buy
Location within a larger store Average amount spent per sale

Trends in Retailing Wholesaling Functions Major Wholesaler Types

New retail forms and combinations Selling and promoting Transportation Merchant Brokers and agents
Growth of intertype competition Buying and Financing Full service Manufacturers
assortment building Risk bearing Limited service Specialized
Competition between store-
store-based and
Bulk breaking Market information
store-based retailing
Warehousing Management services
Growth of giant retailers and counseling
Decline of middle market retailers
Growing investment in technology
Global presence of major retailers

Wholesalers’ Marketing
Market Logistics Planning Market Logistics Decisions
Target market Deciding on the company’
company’s value How should orders be handled?
Product assortment proposition to its customers Where should stock be located?
Price Deciding on the best channel design and How much stock should be held?
Promotion network strategy How should goods be shipped?
Place Developing operational excellence
Implementing the solution
Transportation Factors