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Chapter 16 Final Exam

1) Top of Form
A network technician has received several reports regarding missing and
corrupted information on a company file server. Which course of action can the
technician use to investigate any unauthorized network access?
Audit all user activity by using telnet to access each computer during the
Enable event logging on each user computer to check for unauthorized
network access.
Enable event logging on all network devices to audit any suspicious user
Audit the event logs on the server to check for unauthorized network
2) Top of Form
Which two advantages are attributed to a hardware firewall when compared to a
software firewall? (Choose two.)
It costs less because it is more efficient.
It does not impact the processing performance of the equipment it
It always protects both the computer it is installed on as well as the rest of
the network.
It is designed to protect more than one computer.
It is a free Windows operating system component.

3)A technician has been asked to format the drives of several Windows XP
computers with a file system that can use file-level permissions to secure
confidential information. Which file system should be used by the technician?

4) Which simple wireless configuration technique can make the network invisible
to unauthorized users?
Change the default password on the WAP.
Disable inactive wireless connections.
Filter all network access using MAC addresses.
Disable SSID broadcasting.
5) Top of Form
Windows XP should be updated on a regular basis. In which situation should
automatic updates be disabled?
Computers on a corporate network perform well without automatic
updates because they are protected by a firewall.
Home users should avoid automatic updates because they are protected
by Windows Internet Connection Firewall.
Users accessing the network using a dial-up connection need to control
when the updates are downloaded and installed.
Guest user accounts with limited access are unlikely to ever need updates
because they are temporary users.

6) Which encryption technology provides secure tunnels?

asymmetric encryption
hash encoding
symmetric encryption

7) Which two file-level permissions allow a user to delete a file? (Choose two.)
read and execute
full control
list contents

8) What is the default setting for Windows XP operating system updates?

only download updates
notify me

9) Which Windows XP command initiates a backup from the command line?

10) The ABC Company network designers are designing the new corporate WiFi
network. Which two precautions should be implemented because of security
concerns with wireless networks? (Choose two.)
Shield the access point with a Faraday cage.
Send only essential passwords in clear text.
Disable broadcast of the SSID.
Configure WPA on access points.
Use the 2.4 GHz frequency band.
Use the 5.0 GHz frequency band.

11) After a technician collects information from the computer, which two sources
can provide the technician with possible solutions for various types of network-
related problems? (Choose two.)
paperwork that is provided to customers
the manufacturer FAQ for network devices
firewall logs
network device logs
technical websites

12) Which two characteristics of network traffic are being monitored if a network
technician configures the company firewall to operate as a packet filter? (Choose
physical addresses
packet size

13) Which three physical security measures are employed to prevent security
breaches and loss of data? (Choose three.)
antivirus program
software firewall
card key
strong password
security guard
14) Top of Form
Which data security technology takes the form of an object which must be close
to a computer before the user can successfully submit a username and
biometric device
security key fob
smart card
thumb drive

15) What are two features of Windows Vista Backup? (Choose two.)
The backup files have the extension .zip.
The source and target drive volumes must be NTFS.
The maximum size of a single backed up file is 450 MB.
The backup files can be saved to another connected computer or server.
The backup files have an extension of .bkf and a maximum uncompressed
file size of 200 MB.

16) On a Windows Vista computer, which CLI command is used to repair the
master boot record that has been damaged by a virus?
fdisk /mbr

17) What is the result of changing the default username and password on a
wireless access point?
It reduces the chance of the wireless network being detected.
It reduces the chance of interference from a nearby wireless device.
It reduces the chance of someone accessing the device and changing
It requires all devices that access the wireless network to provide the new
username and password

18) Port triggering has been configured on a wireless router. Port 25 has been
defined as the trigger port and port 113 as an open port. What effect does this
have on network traffic?
Any traffic that comes into port 25 allows outgoing port 113 to be used.
All traffic that is sent into port 25 to the internal network will also be allowed to
use port 113.
Any traffic that is using port 25 going out of the internal network will also be
allowed to transmit out port 113.
All traffic that is sent out port 25 will open port 113 to allow inbound traffic into
the internal network through port 113.

19) A student has a Windows XP laptop firewall set with the Don't Allow
Exceptions option enabled. What is the consequence of setting this option?
The Windows XP firewall has been disabled.
The laptop cannot be used to access the Internet.
No traffic that originates from an outside network is allowed to be sent to
the laptop.
No applications on an outside network are allowed access to the laptop

20) On a computer in the lab, a student can access e-mail. However, from a
laptop that is owned by the student, the wireless connection to the e-mail server
fails. What is the problem?
Port 23 is being blocked on the wireless network.
The e-mail server is having intermittent connectivity issues.
Windows Firewall is blocking the port that is used by the e-mail
The router that is connected to the e-mail server is blocking the port that is
used by the e-mail application.
21) Top of Form
A computer user cannot access the Internet. A technician, attempting to resolve
the problem, can ping the proxy server, but Internet access is still denied. What is
the problem?
The firewall is disabled on the proxy server.
The IP address on the proxy server is wrong.
The computer browser proxy server settings are wrong.
The IP address on the computer is missing or misconfigured.

22) A business has a policy to automatically update and run the antivirus
software on all computers each day. When is the best time to perform this
security maintenance?
at computer startup
after each operating system update
when the computers are not being used
when a user logs in to the computer
23) A user reports that the antivirus software on a computer is always turned off
when the computer is restarted, despite being reactivated each time the
computer starts up. Further investigation by the technician shows that the
Internet browser also displays an incorrect homepage. What is the probable
cause of these problems?
The Internet browser needs updating.
The computer has been infected with spyware.
The automatic software firewall settings have been disabled.
The automatic scan feature of the antivirus software has been disabled.

Bottom of Form

24) Which method can a technician use to make sure that only specific
computers connect to a wireless router?
WEP security settings
WPA security settings
SSID broadcast disabled
MAC address filtering
LEAP authentication

25) A network administrator is trying to change the account name of a user but
cannot make the changes. What could be a possible cause?
The user is logged in to the account.
The account has been disabled.
The administrator does not have the correct permissions to make the
The user has violated a security policy, and the result is that the account has
been deleted.

26) A network administrator has noticed that users without administrative rights
are installing unauthorized applications on the Windows Vista computers. What
could the administrator do to prevent the installation of these applications?
Further restrict the rights of all users.
Enable the UAC function on the computers.
Put all of the computers in a special group with more restrictive rights.
Reinstall the operating system and use the 64-bit version.
27) Top of Form
A network administrator is trying to allow everyone access to a data folder while
limiting access to individual subfolders to individuals. The administrator is having
problems with all users being able to view and edit all files and folders. What
should the administrator look at to solve the problem?
Check to make sure the users are in different groups.
Check to see if the subfolders have inherited rights from the main folder.
Check the login script of all users to make sure they have login rights.
Check to make sure that system resources are not being over tasked.

28) A network administrator has moved encrypted files from one computer to
another computer on the network and now the files are not encrypted. What does
the administrator need to do to correct the problem?
Move the files back and try the copy again.
Convert the destination computer partition to NTFS.
Change the file rights properties to Modify on the destination computer.
Change the folder permissions on the destination computer to deny.

Refer to the exhibit. Which Firewall Settings tab would be used to allow an FTP
connection through a Vista-based computer?
the hidden tab accessed by pressing F12