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Press Kit

by NoPaperForms
Asia’s Largest B-Plan Competition

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Message from the CEO
Welcome to NoPaperForms' press center and thank you for your interest in our high-growth startup!

A number of people ask us the reason behind naming ourselves, NoPaperForms. We modestly reply that we
want academic institutions to say no to paper-based admission application forms and we thought it apt for our
name to reflect that vision. NoPaperForms is all about eliminating paper forms from schools and colleges by
helping them go online.

This press kit will help you gain answers to the following questions:

What is NoPaperForms?

How does it work?

Why do we exist?

Who are our clients (early adopters) today?

We have also included a detailed case study on St. Xavier's College (Mumbai) and a flash demo in the expanded press kit to give you a
panoramic view of our startup from the outside looking in.

To contact or interview me, call Ami Damani at +91 97699 93239. Thank you again for your interest. We hope you enjoy reading and
browsing through our press kit!


Vishal Shah
What is

We provide a software-as-a-service that will help hundreds of thousands of academic institutions across India accept admission applications
online. For free. In just 15 minutes. It's just a little more complex than setting up an email account. See how it works at www.nopaperforms.com.

1 Create Form 2 Publish Online 3 Applications
Sign up and build an interactive online Setup your application fee payment Once verified, you are ready to start
application form for your school. If you medium and publish the form online. receiving applications online - for FREE!
want us to do it for you, simply call us at
1800-22-8011 or email

Just apply
No more
no paper forms

Using NoPaperForms' form builder engine, schools and colleges can dynamically create admission forms, publish online and instantly start
receiving applications electronically - all in less than 15 minutes, at no cost and with nothing more than a PC and an internet connection!

Initially, prospective adopters include all academic institutions - schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutions, tutorials and other academic
bodies – that engage in recruiting students each year via a standard application process. End-users will also include the broad set of applicants
including college applicants and parents applying to kindergartens for their toddlers. As we grow, we plan to extend this technology's application
beyond the education sector.

Why do we exist?

The problem is clear in this video – We solve the problems of two broad categories of

Academic Institutions

We significantly ease the logistical and financial

burden imposed by paper-based admissions -
designing and printing thousands of paper forms,
distribution, collection, sorting, mailing, data entry
etc - and help achieve greater transparency.

Over 99% of academic institutions in India use paper

application forms for admissions. This causes enormous
logistical difficulties for both applicants and admission
committees, not to mention the lack of transparency and
accountability. A typical applicant spends nearly 8 - 10 hours
and an average of Rs. 50 on just logistics and transportation - Applicants
for each institution that he/she applies to. Given the intense
competition, most applicants apply to at least 5 institutions,
We simplify the job of an applicant who struggles in
utilizing nearly 50 man-hours and Rs. 2,500 - time and money
long queues just to buy or turn in an application form
that could have otherwise been saved.
by providing them an easy-to-use online application.

Recent media reports have indicated growing dissent among

applicants due to an opaque admission process at most
institutions in India. A recent government crack-down resulted
in 44 deemed universities losing their accreditation due to
various issues, with lack of admission transparency being one
among them. We help institutions significantly reduce the
logistical and financial burdens that paper admission imposes
on them.

Early Adopters
(i.e. clients)

St. Xavier's College TAPMI ITM Group of Indian School of

Institutions Business & Finance

St. Aloysius Bharatiya Vidya Chaitanya Engineering Fortune Institute

Sr. Sec. School Bhavan's R.K. Sarda College of Arts
Vidya Mandir

Jain International Blooms Indian Institute Of Remal Public

Institute Education & Business School

Rustomjee Business Shashwat Institute Of Indo Western College Jain Toddlers

School Business Management of Professional Studies
(SIBM), Pune

Vignana Jyothi Parul Institute of

Institute of Management Management


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