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Publish version 015

2011-01-14 Added functions for 92% stuck acounts. (world has moved)
2011-01-11 New sub project .. will be release soon .. keep it secret for no
2011-01-10 Better detection SQLITE errors.
2011-01-10 building inventory for other items than energy, not finisched.
2011-01-09 Multi images: show latest image in correct order (only 20)
2011-01-09 Neighbors: You can now set the amount of neighbors to visit per
cycle. [Neighbors V0.5]
2011-01-09 Neighbors: When it stops in the middle, it will contineu the nex
t bot cycle. [Neighbors V0.5]
Publish version 014
2011-01-08 Added compatibility for "Plugin Special Unreleased"
2011-01-08 Show Latest items in multi plugin. you can see there the items t
hat are new (unreleased).
2011-01-08 Energy multiple update & not visiting NN for 15 days (was 5)
2011-01-08 Plugin Versions into the datebase. (Multi, building, Crop, Energ
2011-01-08 Image added to Wish List.
2011-01-07 Images added to: Multi goods, Crops, buildings.
2011-01-07 Downloading icon images from the server. (can take some time for
the first run)
It needs ot download more than 450 images and it is about 2,3Mb
Publish version 013
2011-01-05 Give error "DATABASE IS LOCKED" some extra information on the sc
2011-01-05 Multi: added overview of collections
2011-01-05 Multi: move inventory to user in menu
2011-01-04 Multi: fill goods, you can pick your own crop (for collections).
2011-01-04 Added better help text to some plugin.
2011-01-04 Added collors to the plugins.
Publish version 012
2011-01-04 General: in log show Coins & Goods & Energy when updated from se
2011-01-04 Neighbors work is now accepted before doing other work. (save en
2011-01-04 Energy: make max energy box availible. (not hardcoded, sorry for
the error in 011) [Energy 0.7]
2011-01-03 New request. Do not accept N work on first run. [done]
2011-01-03 New request. accept N work before own actions. [done]
Publish version 011
2011-01-03 Multi: Added under franchise, collection of daily bonus for ever
y HQ. [multi 0.2]
2011-01-03 Multi: Added under inventory the option to fill the goods, befor
e & after doing work.
2011-01-02 Energy: now you can also find enery every cycle. [Energy 0.6]
2011-01-02 Energy: included timer into the energy (max time to find energy)
. [Energy 0.6]
2011-01-01 Fix for goods with trains & ships (thx tehaon).
2011-01-01 Buildings: make business building directly ready before supplyin
g. [buildings 0.5]
2011-01-01 Buildings: make business building directly ready after supplying
. [buildings 0.5]
2011-01-01 Show current goods & Maximum goods with bot start.
2011-01-01 Happy new year.
2011-01-01 Publish version 010
2010-12-31 Multi: Neighbors: Neighbors Lot site. Direct link to you Neighbo
rs fransice open space.
2010-12-31 Multi: Wish list: put items on you Wish list (and keep them ther
2010-12-31 Multi: Inventory: overview (see what is in your inventory)
2010-12-31 Multi: Inventory: use of Energy from inventory
2010-12-31 Multi: added User info
2010-12-31 new request work in progress: Supply Franchises
2010-12-31 new request work in progress: visit xx N / bot cycle.
2010-12-31 new request work in progress: stop visit N when goods are full.
2010-12-30 Created the Multi Plug-in. This plugin will be used for all kind
s off enhancements.
2010-12-30 Show goods in Gameinfo (Storage capacity & current amount of goo
Publish version 009
2010-12-28 Added removal of Withered crops [Crops v0.3]
2010-12-28 Preperations for Inventory Plugin (database creation etc).
2010-12-28 Update to Neighbors plugin to store energy options. [Neighbors v0.4]
2010-12-28 Accept Neighbors help. [Neighbors v0.4]
2010-12-28 Preperations for multi lang support.
2010-12-27 Added goods_pier to be counted in the total storage goods. It was mis
2010-12-27 Collecting daily bonus added in buildings. [Buildings v0.4]
2010-12-27 Energy update to prevent loops. [Energy v0.6]
2010-12-27 Added instant grow (Harvest withing 5 Sec.) [Crops v0.3]
2010-12-26 < Error fixes + PHP ERROR does not lock the bot, but restart. [Core B
2010-12-26 < Under buildings, you can select sending and receiving ships.
2010-12-26 < Under buildings, you can select sending and receiving trains. (base
d on trains v0.1 from benni16)
2010-12-26 < Under buildings, you can select to stop recieving trains or ships w
hen goods storage is 90% full.
2010-12 File 007 => Energy plug-in Updated to version 0.4. quicker finding more
Please note that if you where looking for energy in the last 24 hours, it
can take a long time before you find energy again.
This version remembers where it looked for energy, so i will not try same
location 2nd time.
Meaning that this plug-in works optimal after 24 hours. So, please remembe
r this, before starting to complain.
2010-12 File 008 => Ships in the buildings plug-in.
2010-12 File 008 => Detection if goods storage is full.
2010-12 File 008 => quicker energy.
2010-12 File 006 => Trains in the buildings plug-in.
2010-12 File 005 => general: now shows the correct version numbers.
2010-12 File 005 => Neighbor plug-in Version 0.3
2010-12 File 005 => Energy finder Version 0.3 : now uses Database to store energ
y info.
2010-12 File 005 => Unlimited Coins Version 0.3 : better logging + screen change
2010-12 File 005 => Update to database; many
2010-12 File 04 => Neighbor plug-in Version 0.2 On the bottom of the page it wil
l show the neighbor that have a open place for your busniss
2010-12 File 04 => Energy finder Version 0.2
2010-12 File 04 => Unlimited Coins Version 0.2 (missing file now in this file.)
2010-12 File 04 => Update to database; save the database took > 1 minute, now fe
w seconds.
2010-12 File 03 => Neighbor plug-in Version 0.2 (better log file)
2010-12 File 03 => Energy finder Version 0.2 (better speed finding energy + bett
er log file)
2010-12 File 03 => Unlimited Coins Version 0.2 (more coins in 1 run, the max coi
ns / run = your level * 1.5 * 55 * 8. so if you are level File 03 => Update to d
atabase; save the database took > 1 minute, now few seconds.
2010-12 File 02 => Neighbor plug-in Version 0.1 + energy finder Version 0.1
2010-12 File 01 => Neighbor plug-in Version 0.1