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Why should we pray? How often do we pray? Do we pray enough? These are
kingdom influencing questions for any church in this year of our Lord. It is possible
that they are more critical for any church community that is experiencing decline in
its numbers or effectiveness. However it is just as essential for a community where
the church is experiencing revival.
Prayer is one of those activities that seems to have been in significant decline in the
church for a long perio d of time. It is still a normal part of church meeting practise but
not to the extent that it was practised around a hundred years ago. Records of any
church that has been going for more than that period will indicate usually that there
was a mid week prayer meeting that was often followed up with a pre service prayer
gathering on Sunday, then there would have been at least three seasons of prayer
during the service, that were focussed on the life of the church.
Now granted this sort of regimen would not wo rk with today¶s programs and
pressures, we really need to look to ³best practise´ and compare it with the biblical
practise. Are we really praying in the way that the Bible expects, and are we also
³short changing´ ourselves when it comes to power to influ ence others for God, by
trying to do it in the assumption that God is endorsing what we do?
What sort of things does the Bible say of our need to pray? Jesus must no doubt be
our best inspiration, especially when we are attempting to follow Him shouldn¶t it. In
all probability the most telling passage would be Luke 10:2 where iT is recorded
³á ?
      ?    ´ This was directed to the 72 disciples
who were originally sent out to promote the message of the kingdom. Are they not
the predecessors of what we are doing now, and isn¶t this verse just as appropriate
today? I, for one, think so.
In Luke 5:16 it is recorded that ³ h  

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