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Proper Waste Management

Waste Management refers to the practice of proper waste disposal. Wastes refer to used or consumed products
or materials. A very good example of this is garbage.

WASTE MANAGEMENT is implemented anywhere in order to clean the environment and make everyone healthy.
Surely, you do not want to leave a place full of garbage and wastes. Aside from their foul smell, we do not want to get
sick because of them.
A kind of waste management we follow nowadays is the 5Rs of waste management.
5RS in Waste Management
The 5RS of waste management is the modern way of organizing garbage and waste materials. The focus of
5RS waste management is to:
o Promote a clean and healthful environment
o Transform garbage into something useful (Examples: used cooking oil to fuel through recycling), thus
o Making the earth free from any garbage or waste material – “zero waste”

REDUCE simply means to lessen the amount of trash that will add to the environment. Reducing waste is the most
important thing we can do. By reducing waste, we avoid the unnecessary use of resources such as materials, energy
and water. It means there is less waste to manage.
How can we reduce waste?

 Buy in bulk to reduce packaging

 Take a reusable shopping bag with you so you don't have to use a paper or plastic bag from the shop
 Say ‘no’ to a plastic shopping bag when you only have a couple of items
 Choose products that use less packaging 
 Buy reusable items rather than disposable ones.

REUSE The next most important thing we can do is reuse waste material. That way it doesn't go in the rubbish and
end up in the landfill. It also means you don't have to buy a new product. That saves you money and saves the energy
and resources that would have been used to make the new product.

How can we reuse waste?

 Give unwanted toys and books to hospitals or schools

 Put unwanted clothes in used clothing bins
 Use plastic containers for freezing or storing food items
 Save wrapping paper and boxes to use again
 Use old jars for storage

RECYCLE involves some form of reprocessing of waste materials to produce another product. For example,
recycling plastic bottles to make buckets.

RECOVER means converting waste to energy and transforming used materials or garbage into a useful substance in
order to create electricity or energy.

REPAIR means to fix anything broken as much as possible.

What do you do when you accidentally break your favorite toy or cut your huggable teddy bear? Do you immediately
throw them away?

Learning Competency: Design a product out of local, recyclable

solid and/ or liquid materials in making
Grade 5
useful products.
Check your Knowledge
Read and analyze the statements below. Classify each statement if they show or use any of the 5Rs of waste
management. Write your answer on the space provided before each number. Note that the option provided below can
be repeated.
____________________1. Margaret found her old dolls and gave them to her baby sister.

____________________2. Denise, instead of buying a new bag for the upcoming school days,
washed and fixed her old one.
___________________3. Jason used paper bags in the grocery instead of plastic bags.

___________________4. Mr. Cruz collected the chicken manure in his poultry farm and gave it to a
shop that can convert biodegradable materials into LPG.
___________________5. Anna’s school always collects old papers to be used as scratch papers.
___________________6. During Christmas, Kathy and her friends made a Christmas lantern made
purely of mussel shells and candy wrappers.
___________________7. Carol bought good vegetables only enough for her one-day meal.
___________________8. Mely opens a garage sale in her place to sell her old furnitures.
___________________9. Johnny always brings his water tumbler every time he buys juice from the
___________________10. Instead of throwing away all the soft drink cans he bought, Dennis used
them as pots for his plants.

Performance Task in SCIENCE 5 (30pts)

What to do: Poster on Waste Management showing 5Rs
Materials Needed: 1 long bond paper, ballpen, coloring materials
*Make your work neat and presentable. This will be included in your portfolio.

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Learning Competency: Design a product out of local, recyclable

solid and/ or liquid materials in making
Grade 5
useful products.