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2/1/2011 Top 5 Truths on Hair Conditioners - Yaho…

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Lose weight the healthy way

By Dr. Anoop Misra Monday 31 January 2011 03:51 PM IST

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Pick the right diet along with regular exercise to

optim ise your weight-loss program me, instead of
res orting to fads or pills.

Recently, great advances have been made with

regard to weight-loss pills and bariatric surgery.
However, they are short cuts that m ust be avoided.
The pillars of a healthy weight loss s till remain
weight-loss diets and increas ed energy expenditure
every day.

It is a m yth that long-term weight los s can be

achieved with either dieting or with exercise alone. Latest Articles
Both are critical. Moreover, often three to six m onths
down the line, theres a decline in interest and consequent non-compliance in any strict diet or exercise regim en.
Before trying any short cuts, do keep in mind that, of the s everal com mercially available rem edies for obesity,
Top 5 Truths on Hair
m any m ake exaggerated claims and are based on non-s cientific principles and can lead to more harm than
good. Exercise regularly.
By Yahoo! India
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Blam e it on our genes, we Indians need m ore exercise than other ethnic groups to maintain our metabolism . It is
advis able that you do a combination of aerobic activity and m uscle-s trengthening exercises . Remem ber, when
you have shed those unhealthy kilos (and inches), you need to stick with intens ive and cons istent exercis e to
prevent weight gain.
By Yahoo! India
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Eat a healthy diet.

Most diets can be subdivided into four categories based on the combinations of macronutrients recomm ended: That moment we shared
very low-carbohydrate, low-carbohydrate, very low-fat and balanced diet (see table). These plans m odify the By Anindita Datta Choudhury
typical m acronutrient ratios by increasing or decreas ing the intake of dietary fat, carbohydrate and protein. (36) Comments | (17) Likes

High-Protein Diets (Atkins Diet): Higher protein intakes m ay have greater s atiating effects than higher
Forget me not
carbohydrate intakes, but further research is needed to prove their efficacy. High anim al protein intakes have
By Parul
been linked to higher ris ks for coronary heart disease (CHD), cancer, as well as os teoporosis and kidney
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diseas e.

Low-Carbohydrate Diets (The Zone Diet): Low-carbohydrate diets may be accompanied by greater weight los s Sex And The City creator on
than other diets becaus e of greater loss of water. However, thes e diets m ay be hard on the average Indian the trouble with men
person because of the traditional high intake of carbohydrates. By By Neha Tara Mehta in Jaipur
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High-Fat Diets (Atkins Diet): Thes e diets are popular in the West, however, in India's vegetarian s etting.it is often View All Articles
not pos sible to increase fat content of ones diet. Also, long-term use of very high-fat diets for maintaining weight
increas es serum cholesterol concentrations and the risk of CHD.

Low-Fat Diets (Ornis h Diet): Long-term us e of the Ornish diet decreases the risk of heart dis ease by nearly 60%.
Weight loss through these diets is achieved mostly because of the reduction in calories and not becaus e of Let's Talk!
increas ed m etabolis m.

Trends in Weight-Loss Therapies

In most cases, first kisses are either out of
Som e promising tips that are being scientifically tes ted. curiosity or utter foolishness. Are first
kisses overrated? Tell us your stories.
1. Sip on green tea and coffee m ore often to rev your metabolism .
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2. Fill up on of water and fibre. It will keep you satiated and up your m etabolis m.

3. Eating more monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), found in avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, dark
chocolate and olive oil, expedites losing inches in the core area. (Prevention's Flat Belly Diet em bodies this
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4. Replace your meals with protein snacks to maintain m uscle m ass.

Reproduced From Prevention. © 2011. LMIL. All rights reserved.

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2/1/2011 Top 5 Truths on Hair Conditioners - Yaho…
My first kiss was utterly gross, total
waste of m y tim e. I wish I didn't rush
into it. Now I dread the idea of kissing
That m om ent we shared IS JUST A SHAMPOO ENOUGH?
By Priya
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Show: Newest First The m ost m emorable first memory of a
52 Responses relationship need not be anything
physical at all. It may as well be
s omething intangible...
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Erich Philip 18 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0 View All

yeah! yoga is the best way to lose weight. i think we can work out also. this is really helpful.

Upas ana 27 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 0

I am 22 years old i have weight of more then 60KG. I am like this since my child hood I know i
have to do regularly yoga and take healthy food and less sugar no junk food an all that but
problem lies with me is regularity i start doing all these things and continue for 5 -6 days then
stop because no result so what to do can any body help me............ PLZZZ
Replies (2)

Bm k 1 hour ago Report Abuse 0 0

Yes, Yoga can definitely be helpful in your overall confidence building and handling your
weight problem. I am an experienced trained instructor, practising for over 17 yrs, can be
contacted at 9987093794. Good luck to you.

Sanju 1 hour ago Report Abuse 0 0

REPOST: For Weight Management


I am Nutrition and Skin Care Specialist. Looking leaner is different than losing weight. If
anyone wants to reduce his Tummy, its recommended that he should do some yogasan's viz.
Surya Namaskara, Kapal Bhati etc. The work outs and aerobics would also help in looking

If any one wants to lose weight he needs to control his Calories Intake. Generally thats the
reason why people put on weight and look fat. Our life styles are so hectic that we negelct the
healthy foods. We generally eat Fast Food or Junk food like dosas, Pizza etc. These doesnt
give us proper nutrition and have lots of carbohydrates and fats which makes the person look
fatty. I am dealing with a brand called POSITRIM which helps in reducing the weight. This is a
Weight Management Program and helps in reducing or increasing the weight in a right
manner. This provides the right amount of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers etc but almost
neglible fat.

Few days back I have used this program for myself and I have reduced about 4 KGs in 15
days. For somebody, if he wants to increase his weight, this product also helps in that too.

For more info about the Brand, Product and how it would be beneficial to you; you can get in
touch with me at 09980513942. This is a Bangalore Number.

FYI. This product is marketed through Direct Marketing and hence you wont find them in
outside market.

All the Best


RITU 1 hour ago Report Abuse 1 0

…yahoo.com/…/lose-weight-the-healthy-… 2/3
2/1/2011 Top 5 Truths on Hair Conditioners - Yaho…
Hi ,

I should say to stay fit you should have 5 short meals instead of 3 heavy meals.

Must also do excercise or Gyming regularly with control on the fatty food.

I hope that would help you.


Muk esh 1 hour ago Report Abuse 0 0

yaa madam i also want to know to reduce the waight
Replies (1)

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