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     Synthetic Pregnancy
  ! Adult: PO 2ʹ4 sympathomimetic To relieve  *) (category C),    
(al-byoo'ter-ole)) mg 3ʹ4 amine and bronchospasm Hypersensitivity lactation. Use of  
times/d, 4ʹ8 moderately associated reaction. &: oral syrup in
" mg sustained selective beta2- with acute or Tremor, anxiety, children <2 y. ! Monitor
  " release 2 adrenergic chronic nervousness, therapeutic
#  "#   times/d agonist with asthma, restlessness, effectiveness
$%"#    1ʹ2 comparatively bronchitis, or convulsions, which is indicated
  " inhalations long action. Acts other weakness, by significant
& " q4ʹ6h more prominently reversible headache, subjective
' "'  Child: PO v  on beta2 obstructive hallucinations. ': improvement in
  "'(  0.1ʹ0.2 receptors airway Palpitation, pulmonary
 mg/kg t.i.d. (particularly diseases. Also hypertension, function within
   ) (max: 4 smooth muscles used to hypotension, 60ʹ90 min after
autonomic nervous mg/dose);  of bronchi, prevent bradycardia, reflex drug
system agent; beta- v 2 mg 3ʹ4 uterus, and exercise- tachycardia. Special administration.
adrenergic agonist times/d; vascular supply to induced Senses: Blurred ! Monitor for: S&S
(sympathomimetic);   v skeletal muscles) bronchospasm. vision, dilated of fine tremor in
bronchodilator  1ʹ2 than on beta1 pupils. +: Nausea, fingers, which may
(respiratory smooth inhalations (heart) receptors. vomiting. Other: interfere with
muscle relaxant) q4ʹ6h Minimal or no Muscle cramps, precision
effect on alpha- hoarseness. handwork; CNS
adrenergic stimulation,
receptors. Inhibits particularly in
histamine release children 2ʹ6 y,
by mast cells. (hyperactivity,
tachycardia, GI
symptoms. Report
promptly to
! Oab tests: Periodic
ABGs, pulmonary
functions, and
pulse oximetry.
! Consult physician
about giving last
albuterol dose
several hours
before bedtime, if
insomnia is a

+ ) Adult and child Third-generation Treatment of &) fever, Hypersensitivity ! Before giving drug,
 > 12 years, 1- cephalosporin infection of the headache, dizziness to ask patient if he is
Ceftriaxone sodium 2g once daily. that inhibits cell- respiratory ad ') phlebitis, cephalosporins allergic to
Severe wall synthesis, urinary tract; +) diarrhea, penicillins or
 ) infections: 4g promoting sepsis, pseudomembranous cephalosporin.
daily. Child> osmotic meningitis, colitis ! Obtain specimen
Rocephine 50kg, use instability; usually infections of +)genital pruritus, for culture and
adult dose. bactericidal. the bones, candidiasis sensitivity tests
Infants > 15 joints and soft $) before giving first
days and child tissues; intra- thrombocytosis, dose.
< 12 yrs, 20- abdominal eosinophilia,
80mg/kg body infections, leukopenia
weight once genital &,)pain,
daily. IV doses infections, induration,
> 50mg/kg infections in tenderness at
body weight immuno- injection site, rash,
should be compromised pruritus
given over 30 patients, !  )
minutes. perioperative hypersensitivity
prophylaxis reactions, serum
anaphylaxis, chills