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Youth Organization

A Chinese saying embeds that Even the Biggest

journey of this World starts with a SINGLE SMALL
It was a crucial need of the hour to
mention the above Saying .Because in this juvenile
Organization, VIPLOVE ,we do small activities, as
we think that to obtain a big result , small factors
should be corrected or improved. We wish to do
small tasks continuously, unlike doing a big event
in a year. We wish our path is clear to you now; it is
most simple and efficient way to have an era of
RENAISSANCE back in our Villages, as we need to
start from the grass root level. We will begin our
activities from four cities of Madhya Pradesh,
Our initial motive is RURAL DEVELOPMENT.
Some initial steps to turn our dreams into reality
are as follows:

• V.I.A.: Initially a selected Village will be provided

a Computer with a high speed broadband Internet
connection, this computer will be issued for Villager’s
Internet Access. This will help villager’s to extract
maximum benefits from Government Policies , as Our
Government is also having an extended hand
towards online administration .They will be able to
have faster, easier, more clear information about
their rights illustrated in various policies. They can
also use the same for more advanced and modern
techniques of Agriculture, cheap alternatives for
Sanitation, architecture, where to sell or purchase
their crops and even small bits like the appropriate
fertilizers for their soil & many more benefits. This
step is a n initial small step but as we know that
Technology provides a better scenario of OPTIMIZED

• We will be organizing weekend camps to inculcate their

perception towards technology and train them how 2 to
extract maximum benefits from internet for their specified
interests. These camps will not be limited to students rather
villagers will also be encouraged to join it .Our dedicated
members will survey their those queries, problems, or needs
related to computers and internet, and try to solve them
using Internet. Not only Farmers, their children will also be
able to obtain maximum details about various entrance

• Participants (Villagers) in these Tec camps will award

Scholarships on the basis of performance. These
Scholarships will also be distributed among those who
achieve any remarkable achievement in any field (like
cultural, or sports, or technical etc.) that has an aspect of
development of the village.

This would be our path to reach the desired

destination. We invite all interested ones to
join the joyride and may our fleet reach the
venue of success soon……….
I wish May our visions are clear to every
intellectual; we are waiting for your response,
queries and the very important, your


 ANSHUMAN JHA, 9713329540,

civilizedcivilian@yahoo.com, Civil Engg., Medicaps
Institute of Science and Technology.INDORE.
 AKHILESH PRAJAPATI, 9713471716, Civil Engg.,
Medicaps Institute of Science and Technology, Indore.
 SAGAR PARMAR, 9926761677, Master in Social Work
9981059698 ,surajmadholia@yahoo.co.in , E.C. ,
Mahakal Institute of Technology and Science, UJJAIN
 ANAND KHEDE, 8109032979, B.Arch (Hitkarni college of
Architecture and Town Planning) ,JABALPUR.

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