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25, Sunderland Way, London E12 5HR
Mobile: +44 7554652496
E-mail: annuachu@gmail.com

I am an enthusiastic and proactive MBA graduate with a Law background seeking a position where I¶ll be presented
with the opportunity to further develop my leadership, communication, problem solving and project management skills.
I am a motivated team player and I look forward to developing a successful, challenging, long term career in a global

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c !.+  Corporate Strategy, Human Resource Management Strategy, Employee
Relationship Management, International Marketing, Managing Organizations,
Operations & Change Management, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance,
Organizational competitiveness.
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c (+c"c/ (  A comprehensive study around how organisations deal with work
related stress situations and the impact of flexible working practices on reducing such
stress. My study reviewed practices implemented in the public sector (NHS) in order to
minimise stress and the positive outcome of these practises.

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c (+c"c6"!7#%cHuman Rights - Child Labor and Child Trafficking.

My research reviewed the scale of child labor and child trafficking phenomenon in South
Asia, and focused on the available methods of legal protection and ways to improve
society¶s awareness of child labor and child trafficking in order to eradicate this unlawful
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 c  c (for Bachelors in Law- Mahatma Gandhi University)


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(Financial reward of Rs 25,000 per month for high achieving students to pursue post-
graduate education abroad)c
  3c Advocate ± Bar Council of India

 6c (2005 to date)
c- 33c MS office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook) ± Advanced user
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cc English, Hindi, French, Malayalam, Tamil

cc Available on request.

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 Provide a friendly and efficient customer service (including telebetting/tele sales) including effectively
resolving any customer complaints.
 Assist store manager in key performance management activities such as calculating and tracking profit margin
and revenue turnover.
 Develop and deploy seasonal promotions such as Cheltenham festival scheme and new initiatives to retain
customer loyalty.
 Prepare staff shift-rosters and resolve any unplanned resourcing issues that arise such as sickness leave.
 Ensure that store meets all operational standards (health & safety customer service standards, marketing
standards, bet acceptance and handling procedures) providing coaching where appropriate.
 Coordinate with central HR to identify skills gaps and organise monthly training events to improve workforce
 Assist the Store manager and central HR in recruitment & retention activities including achieving required
levels of resourcing and succession planning; proactive identification of recruitment needs according to
business activity levels, Ensuring that new members of staff are inducted into the organisation according to
 Maintain awareness of competitor activity in order to identify and maximise all opportunities within local area
for market growth.
 Liase with Security Department in the event of a robbery, implementing any changes required as a result of
post-robbery risk assessment and provide assistance to staff involved in serious incidents along with Incident
Support Team.
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 Provide a friendly and efficient customer service.
 Complete daily/ weekly shop administration activities, such as business activity monitoring, day-end book
balancing, producing weekly sales reports, banking and cash handling tasks.

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V. K. Almoayyed & Sons is a leading constructions contractor in Bahrain. It has executed various prestigious industrial
and commercial construction projects, including the construction of the RUF Car Assembly Complex which is part of
the Bahrain International Formula-One Circuit.
 Attended senior management / stakeholder meetings, produced minutes and follow up on actions arising from
these meetings.
 Handled general administrative activities such as appointments, correspondence, travel planning, e-mail and
diary management for senior directors.
 Processed expense claims for third party contractors.
 Produced monthly consolidated head-count and expense reports.
 Assisted HR with on-boarding new third party contractors and new staff members.
 Arranged interviews for new candidates who were short-listed for the advertised vacancies within the
company, coordinated the recruitment process with HR.
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