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Woensdag 9 Februarie 2011 Gemeenskap Bolander 7

■ Music teacher Lise-

Municipal manager
lotte Costandius
celebrates with
protegés and pals.
Back row, from left,

stays mum over ban are Seaneon Rucelli,

Frances Anderson,
Dalene du Pisanie,
Melissa Hovestadt
Norman McFarlane from Mr Daniels (the first direct and Chloe Bailey. In
communication with Mr Dan- the centre, from left,
he ejection of the media iels) on Tuesday afternoon, in are Nicodemus Olivier,

T from a meeting at the Stel-

lenbosch municipality last
week Monday (“Media ousted
which he reiterated his desire to
meet at the “best possible time”.
Bolander once more declined,
Lise-lotte Costandius,
Tessa Follett-Botha,
Ancu van Wyk, Amina
from Stellenbosch municipality and requested answers to the Sayed and Sky Bailey.
planning meeting”, Bolander, questions originally posed. In front, from left, are
February 2) by a municipal offi- The final (email) communica-
Jean-Pierre Beukes
cial, Basil Davidson, culminated tion from Mr Daniels arrived on
in Bolander emailing a series of Thursday morning, in which Mr
and Jaco Beukes.
questions to municipal manager Daniels reiterated his desire to
David Daniels on Tuesday Janu- meet, but now stating that “It will
ary 25, seeking clarity on why the
media was ejected.
Mr Daniels was unable to
take me far too long to give you a
written response to all the issues
raised in your letter.”
Wellington music teacher keeps
‘ Trinity College flag flying
respond to the questions in time
for the original deadline of close
of business Thursday, due to
bereavement in his family.
Bolander was contacted tele-
phonically on Friday afternoon
is not
‘ Maggie Follett to solo performances by soprano
Ms Costandius, fellow music-
marks averaged out at well over
70% makes me extremely proud.”
by municipal communications ‘political’ Wellington music teacher Lise- teacher Dalene du Pisanie (from With external music pro-
manager Vernon Bower, who lotte Costandius and pupils cele- Table View), and Gordon’s Bay- grammes – including those offered
undertook to get a response from The questions posed to Mr brated the year’s progress at an based singer and pianist Nicode- by Trinity College and Unisa – to
Mr Daniels on Monday January Daniels are repeated below for the informal evening concert for par- mus Olivier, who doubled as MC. be phased out of the school cur-
31, by 10am, for publication with record. ents and friends, held at the town’s Mr Olivier congratulated the riculum, due to “implementation,
the story. ● Were you invited to the AGS Church at the end of last five pupils who are enrolled, management and administrative
At 10am Monday, Mr Bower meeting, did you initially accept, year. through Ms Costandius, with the problems” according to Minister
contacted Bolander and said that and then withdraw? If so, why did The nine private pupils (who Trinity College of London. of Basic Education, Angie Mot-
Mr Daniels wanted to “meet with you not attend the meeting? range in age from eight to 35-plus) All passed their music exams – shekga, pupils will in future only
you and Mr Davidson and sit ● In your absence, was Basil demonstrated their prowess in assessed in Stellenbosch by a vis- be able to study these courses
around a table and talk this out”. Davidson (planning, property and piano, guitar and vocals, with tal- iting British judge – with flying through private tutors.
Bolander declined to meet with integrated human settlements ented young pianist Ancu van colours. “It’s another example of the
Mr Daniels, and reiterated the director) granted any delegated Wyk – a former pupil now study- “It’s a tremendous achieve- government putting arts and cul-
request for answers to the ques- authority, and if so what was the ing music at Stellenbosch Univer- ment. Trinity is known for their ture last,” says Ms Costandius,
tions posed. nature and extent of that dele- sity – as accompanist. exacting standards,” she admits, who provides tuition in singing,
Bolander was called a few min- gated authority? The audience was also treated “so the fact that my students’ and diverse musical instruments.
utes later by Mr Daniels’ per- ● With regard to Mr Davidson
sonal assistant, who communi- ordering the media to leave: was
cated essentially the same he carrying out your or somebody
message as Mr Bower. else’s instructions, and if so,
Bolander once more declined, whose?
and requested answers to the ● Is there a formal written pol-
questions submitted. icy to exclude the media from
Mr Bower contacted Bolander meetings of a “planning nature”,
again at about 11.45am, and reit- and could you please explain the
erated that Mr Daniels wanted to motivation for such a policy?
meet with Bolander to discuss the ● If he was not carrying out
matter, which Bolander once anybody’s explicit instructions,
more declined. Mr Bower made it and there is no such official pol-
clear that “it would be a good idea icy, did he act within his powers?
for you meet with Mr Daniels”. ● Did Mr Davidson have the
Bolander challeng ed this
assertion, classifying it as undue
right to eject the media from the
meeting, and do you support his
... want the romance to last beyond
Valentine’s Day?
political pressure, which Mr actions?
Bower denied on the grounds that ● If you support his actions,
his appointment “is not political”. what does the municipality have
He did, however, acknowledge to hide?
that he was speaking on behalf of At the time of going to print,
Mr Daniels, who is a political
appointment. Mr Bower then ter-
Mr Daniels had not responded to
Bolander’s last email declining
find out how at...
minated the call, declining to the invitation to meet, and
comment further. requesting once more, answers to
Bolander received an email the above questions.
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