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Return to Kandalinga


of the BBC television series

Ten years of the
Eleventh Doctor
SURPRISE Season 14
disc-by-d set
On holiday with
The Faceless Ones
Cutting a dash
with Ray


“When the Doctor’s revealed
you instantly know Ruth has gone
and this is the real me”
APRIL 2020
UK £5.99 | US $11.99
o Steven Moffat o Timothy Combe
o The Big Store o New strip story





The Historical Celebrity Story
The Daleks’ Master Plan
62 COSPLAY The Fifth Doctor

The Piggybackers Part 1
The Fishmen of Kandalinga


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DWM 549
ver the years, much has

O been made of the special

relationship between Doctor
Who and that other BBC
stalwart, Blue Peter. Indeed,
back in 2003 this very magazine devoted
a lengthy cover story to the subject.
There’s been rather less attention paid
to our favourite Time Lord’s appearances
on Crackerjack (altogether now:
“Crackerjack!”), another children’s series
that has a place in many of our hearts. I first
realised the extent of this shared history
when I discovered illustrations of the
Doctor and some Daleks in The BBC Book
of Crackerjack, published in 1966.
If you’ve seen the documentary More
Than 30 Years in the TARDIS you’ll be
familiar with Hallo My Dalek, a sketch
from a 1975 episode of Crackerjack that
features Don Maclean as Doctor
Why, Peter Glaze as the Brigadier
and Jan Hunt as Sarah. Peter Glaze,
one of the show’s resident comics,
was no stranger to Doctor Who,
having played a Sensorite back
in the first series, in 1964.
Hallo My Dalek is unsophisticated
stuff – at one point the cast are
prodded by a Genesis-era Dalek
called Doreen – but there are some
chuckles along the way. I especially
like the Doctor’s line, “Brigadier,
what are you doing here? You’re
not even in this series!”
This wasn’t Crackerjack’s first
time-travelling adventure. The
previous year, its pantomime
production of Aladdin featured
a brief appearance from the Third
Doctor, on this occasion played by
Jon Pertwee’s regular stunt double
Terry Walsh. It’s jaw-dropping stuff.
In January I was intrigued to see that What really strikes me about Crackerjack when I was a kid. Which just goes to show
Crackerjack was returning to television 2.0 is how well its old-school variety that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
after an absence of 36 years. The show is format seems to work. We’re used to Hopefully the new team can find space for
now presented by Sam Nixon and Mark TV series and films being revived in such the Doctor in its classic mix of knockabout
Rhodes, who seem like just the right chaps a radically different form that they’re nonsense and custard-pie humour. Even
for the job. The first episode acknowledged virtually unrecognisable. Judging by the if Doreen, the ballroom-dancing Dalek,
the legacy by also including numerous faces enthusiasm of its young audience, the new has probably had her day.
from the old rep company, including Don Crackerjack is succeeding by being almost
Maclean and Jan Hunt. exactly the same programme that I loved

Andrew Smith Emily Cook Hannah Cooper
Andrew has contributed numerous audio plays to Big DWM’s editorial assistant can often be found in coffee Hannah spends much of her time watching, writing
Finish but is perhaps best known for writing 1980’s shops writing about Doctor Who or on the radio talking or reading about television. Her favourite Doctor is
Full Circle, one about it. Emily Patrick Troughton
of Tom Baker’s last is celebrating and she would
TV adventures. ten years of the like to see The
Andrew also found Eleventh Doctor Highlanders turn
time for a career by rewatching up, preferably
in the Metropolitan Series 5 with alongside similarly
Police, from her housemates. missing episodes
which he retired This issue, she’s of Callan, Public
in 2014. On page interviewed cover Eye and Crane. On
24 he turns his star Jo Martin and page 22 she sheds
attention to Matt costume designer new light on Victory
Smith’s Doctor. Ray Holman. of the Daleks.


Gallifrey The latest official news
from every corner of the
Guardian Doctor Who universe...

Return of the Curator

om Baker will reprise the “We had to have a little

T role of the enigmatic Curator

for the first time since
2013’s The Day of the Doctor.
discussion about how to do it.
The lines as they are written are
very evocative but they don’t
The Curator will feature mean exactly what they say. Am
alongside Paul McGann’s Eighth I being deliberately evasive, or
Doctor in Stranded 1, the first am I playing a part? Whichever
box set in a new series of full-cast way I look at it, the language
audio adventures from Big Finish. remains compelling.”
“Who would have thought that Stranded 1 comprises four
doing that little scene written for stories: Lost Property by
me all those years ago would have Matt Fitton, Wild Animals by
such repercussions?” John Dorney, Must-See TV Moffat with the idea and he was
says Tom. “A lot by Lisa McMullin and Divine very enthusiastic – giving us
of fans were Intervention by David K Barnes. some insights into the character
intrigued “Stranded is Doctor Who, that were incredibly useful. The
by it, but it’s also a contemporary Curator joins River Song, new
and here drama,” says producer David UNIT, the Paternoster Gang and
we are at Richardson. “Present-day Earth Missy at Big Finish – fantastic
last doing is precisely where the Curator Steven Moffat creations that
something resides, so it was an irresistible have gained an extended life
else with idea to have him step into this on audio.”
him. series. We approached Steven Stranded 1 will be released
in July 2020 and is available to
pre-order now as a collector’s
edition CD box set (priced at
£24.99) or as a digital download
(at £19.99) from bigfinish.com

ø Far left: Tom Baker will return

as the Curator in Stranded 1.
ø Left: The Doctor (Matt Smith)
meets the mysterious Curator in
The Day of the Doctor (2013).

Time Lord Teddies B

uild-A-Bear Workshop Thirteenth Doctor in a striped
has launched a Doctor top, braces and light coat. Sonic
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a double blue heart The new range is available
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The bears can
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Tenth Doctor in
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3D glasses, or the


Companion Pieces Prime Time
igurines of the First eeltime Pictures’

F and Thirteenth Doctor’s

companions have been
released in two new sets from
R documentary series
The Doctors is now
streaming on Amazon
Hero Collector. Prime Video.
Each set contains four All seven programmes
figurines: an incarnation of the are available: The
Doctor alongside their three William Hartnell Years
companions. The First Doctor (featuring Carole Ann
set includes models of Barbara Ford, Jacqueline Hill,
Wright, Ian Chesterton and the William Russell, Peter
Doctor’s granddaughter Susan. magazine that contains Purves and Jackie Lane),
The Thirteenth Doctor set interviews, photographs, The Pat Troughton Years
includes Ryan Sinclair, Graham character biographies and (featuring Anneke Wills,
O’Brien and Yasmin Khan. information about each Michael Craze, Frazer
The figurines are companion’s time in the TARDIS. Hines, Deborah Watling
approximately 3.5 inches The Thirteenth Doctor and Wendy Padbury), The
tall and are rendered in hand- Companion Set and First Doctor Jon Pertwee Years (featuring Angela Bruce, Jessica Martin,
painted polyresin, produced in Companion Set are available Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Lisa Bowerman and Andrew
1:21 scale. The sets come with now from shop.eaglemoss.com Caroline John, Nicholas Cartmel), and The Paul McGann
an accompanying 20-page priced £39.99 each. Courtney, Richard Franklin and Years (featuring Paul McGann,
John Levene), The Tom Baker Daphne Ashbrook, Yee Jee
Years (featuring Tom Baker, Tso, Eric Roberts, Philip Segal
Elisabeth Sladen, Ian Marter, and Geoffrey Sax). Four more
Louise Jameson, Mary Tamm titles are also available:
and John Leeson), The Colin Monsters!, More Monsters!,
Baker Years (featuring Colin Villains! and Heroes!
Baker, Nicola Bryant, Bonnie Each programme features
Langford, Michael Jayston, interviews and insights into the
John Nathan-Turner and Eric making of Doctor Who. The
Saward), The Sylvester McCoy series is presented by Nicholas
Years (featuring Sylvester Briggs and produced by Keith
McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Barnfather. DWM
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Galaxy Forum, Doctor Who Magazine, Brockbourne House,
77 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8BS.
O A Judoon, by Jack Turner.

with 20 people, the reaction s JONATHAN SIMMONS

to every twist and turn LONDON
was magnified. I’m still reeling from the shocks
When Jack appeared, the and surprises in Fugitive of the
cheering and joy was something Judoon and delighted that they
I hadn’t experienced since the weren’t spoilered in advance. 
50th anniversary episode. I noticed that Ruth Clayton said
And that wasn’t even the that she was 44 years old. 
biggest moment in the story! Forty-four years ago, almost
After watching it, we to the day, Part Four of The
assembled our chairs in a circle Brain of Morbius aired, in
and just talked. There was no which we possibly glimpsed
sneering at potential continuity former incarnations of the
problems, no whining about Doctor. Coincidence or not?!
perceived biases or errors;
there was just excited, fervent s BEN
discussion. This is what Doctor HEYWOOD
Who fandom should be. EMAIL
O The Two New Doctors by Luanne Sharman.
So... Mother G
By the time you’re reading this, we’ll and Chris Chibnall, but it s PAUL SMITH EMAIL in the DWM
have seen the Series 12 finale. But as also gave me one of the Doctor Who on top form! I comic strip is
we go to print, it’s yet to air. So we’ll greatest fan experiences was already excited to see the Doctor Ruth,
catch up on your thoughts about that I’ve ever had. Watching it Judoon back after 13 years right? An
next issue. In the meantime, here are but then Chris Chibnall and the impressive
your comments on Fugitive of the team dropped big moment after long game
Judoon, Praxeus, Can You Hear Me? big moment. First Captain Jack from DWM O Mother G.
and The Haunting of Villa Diodati… returning, followed by another and writer Scott Gray!
incarnation of the Doctor and Keep up the awesome work!
ON THE RUN then a gorgeous control room.
s DAVID LEVER EMAIL Plus references to the Cybermen Scott Gray’s saying nothing!
Fugitive of the Judoon was and the chameleon arch.
not only a feverishly paced, I have so many questions and s ALAN WILKINSON EMAIL
canon-smashing masterclass I can’t wait to see how the rest Whelp! When the Master turned
from writers Vinay Patel O Jack is back! of the series plays out. up as a POC I knew a POC
Doctor wasn’t too far behind.
I certainly wasn’t expecting it
STAR LETTER like this!


s TARA ELIZABETH EMAIL Doctor Who proving once more
Fugitive of the Judoon. just how brave, shocking,
Ruth’s reveal. I am speechless! exciting and rich it is. Loved
I actually thought she was every mad moment of it and
another Master and I smugly so thrilled to have Captain Jack
said “I knew it” when she back, albeit for a fleeting visit.
broke the glass and the
energy came out. But no, s MITCHELL NORTH EMAIL
I was wrong. I screamed. I loved how the Judoon got
When the Gallifreyan general O The two Doctors prepare to enter the TARDIS. a makeover – the Mohican
regenerated into T’Nia Miller And now this! I genuinely to inhabit that role so smoothly was awesome! Also, the return
in Hell Bent [2015] I flapped didn’t expect it. Didn’t think the is a real testament to her.  of Captain Jack; I hope he
so hard I knocked over my writers would have the guts. But returns again to join the Doctor.
drink, and rewatched the no, they bring on this wonderful Tara’s letter wins her a copy of At The end of the episode left
scene twice. I have been so actress, Jo Martin, with the Childhood’s End, the me confused as to who the
desperate to see Time Lords be toughest role to play in the new Doctor Who novel Doctor actually is. Is it the
something like me (I’m a black, episode. She has to become the by Sophie Aldred. Master messing around?
queer, non-binary person) for Doctor opposite an established It’s available now in Overall, this was a fantastic
years, and I got five minutes of Doctor, and she does it brilliantly. hardback from BBC episode and I would watch
it! Best moment of my life. The outfit, the speech, her wit – Books, price £16.99. it over and over again.
10/10. Phenomenal.


This issue’s selection of
O Bradley Thomas with his parents at Worlds
Who-related videos…
Collide, the Doctor Who escape room.

O Jon Ashma’s daughter, Megan, created this Doctor Who drawing for her dad’s birthday.

As mysterious, possibly connected, Earth and the message

events took place in 21st-century Peru, wasn’t too overbearing.
Madagascar and Hong Kong, Team TARDIS O Meara Hamlin’s Thirteenth Doctor cosplay.
split up across the globe to investigate… s PETER THORPE EMAIL
What a well thought out MINDFUL MATTERS s Captain Jack is back! John
HAZARDOUS WASTE adventure – I really enjoyed s PAUL LAVILLE EMAIL Barrowman discusses what it was like
s MICHAEL KARAM EMAIL that. The creatures reminded Intelligent, adult and to return to the Doctor Who universe
Praxeus was great stand alone me of the Chameleons in very creepy – all the right in Fugitive of the Judoon. Go to:
episode! For the first time this The Faceless Ones. ingredients for a memorable tinyurl.com/CaptainJackBack
season I found the pacing to nightmare. A devious
be on point. I was kept s SARAH SMITH EMAIL sci-fi trap for the Doctor,
interested without a big I was looking forward to seeing some fantastic character
reveal and the story was Yaz develop further moments and
genuinely interesting. The guest this series and this is a non-judgmental
characters were unique and definitely happening, look at mental
the visuals and music were especially in this health that rang
stunning. The alien virus was episode. Mandip Gill deep and true s Watch this video that explores
an interesting take on the is a brilliant actor! to me. Plus it the making of Praxeus – and
plastic problem facing planet I loved the looked fantastic: find out why Team TARDIS
relationship the establishing couldn’t stop laughing on set.
between Jake and shots of ancient Go to: tinyurl.com/PraxeusBTS
the astronaut, too. Aleppo were
O Rakaya in Can You Hear Me?
A superb idea to have I didn’t enjoy this episode very
different locations all linked much. I think it had a massively
to the alien virus. Earth seen rushed ending which could
as the Dump of the Galaxies have been done better with
was a brilliant twist. The another ten minutes. This was s Chris Chibnall, Matt Strevens,
SFX this series have been a shame, really, because the Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill,
stunning – this episode first half of the episode was Tosin Cole, Bradley Walsh and Ian
very much so. really promising, but it fell down. Gelder take us behind the scenes
of Can You Hear Me? Go to:
While the Doctor took a trip to ancient s NIK FOX EMAIL tinyurl.com/BehindTheNightmares
Syria, Graham, Yaz and Ryan paid I applaud Jodie Whittaker
a visit to their friends and family in for her portrayal of a Doctor
Sheffield, where they were confronted I can relate to. I think the end
O Jo Martin IS the Doctor by Ken Holtzhouser. with their deepest fears… response from the Doctor after 1

The Daft Dimension BY LEW STRINGER

s Find out more about Lord Byron,
Mary and Percy Shelley, and the night
at Lake Geneva that inspired the
groundbreaking Frankenstein. Go to:

s Who said what? Jodie Whittaker,

Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole
compete to remember who said
what in Series 11. Go to:


@NoaxNOW What a lovely treat for
us DWM subscribers – a properly
exclusive cover of issue 548 with
a fantastic pic of Sacha Dhawan.

@geeceeree I didn’t think I could

love Sacha Dhawan more but I just
read his interview with DWM and
I do now.

@NottmTARDIS Had to laugh

reading Robert Glenister comparing
O Artwork of the Doctor, as seen in Praxeus, by Jessica O’Neill.
the Magma Beast in The Caves of
Androzani to Barney the Dinosaur in (including Mont Blanc on because otherwise they would
DWM 548. a good day) would be know that the Eighth Doctor
clearly visible in all the not only met Mary Shelley,
O Keiron Ward’s Lone Cyberman.
@DoctorWhoP2P Excellent article angles and shots that were Lord Byron and co that fateful
about artist Bill Mevin in the DWM for The Celestial Toymaker and shown. Plus, the lake is far night, but that Mary became
548. I had the chance to interview writing out William Hartnell. wider than that, even as it his travelling companion for
him a while back. Lovely gentleman It was an ingenious idea. But narrows at Geneva. It’d been a while. Furthermore, she and
and a talented illustrator! with the Toymaker recurring in shrunk down to a puddle! the most Byronic of Time Lords
brilliant audio stories like The A missed opportunity for some encountered the Silver Turk
@SKiiZZ Fantastic article on the late Nightmare Fair and Solitaire, excellent visuals. Otherwise, automaton, which turned out to
Donald Tosh in DWM 548. Absolutely might the recent mention in a terrific episode. be a Cyberman. Millions of the
the sort of thing I subscribe for, so Can You Hear Me? be more programme’s viewers will never
I don’t miss out. than just a throwaway line? Is s SCARLETTE-ELECTRA even have heard of Big Finish,
the Doctor still subject to one LEBLANC EMAIL but for those of us who have,
@RobertJAyres Anyone else of the Toymaker’s long I absolutely loved this episode! this is rather irritating.
reminded of the DWM comic strip The games? I certainly hope so. It might be my new favourite.
Time Witch during the conclusion of The sets, the costumes and s MISCREANT BLOOM EMAIL
Can You Hear Me? In 1816, the Doctor and the acting sold it The Haunting of Villa Diodati
her friends arrived at for me. Jodie did is eerie, beautifully shot and lit
the Villa Diodati on the a fantastic job by candlelight with the beating
1 hearing Graham’s fears night that inspired Mary portraying the rhythmic heart of rain pouring at
was important to show that Shelley’s Frankenstein… total dilemma the the windows. History twists and
sometimes, even if you don’t Doctor was placed turns with the lash of the wind
quite know what to say or how HAUNTED in. Thank you and the howl of the elements.
to react to someone confiding HOUSE so much for How very appropriate and
in you, the most important s NICK RANDELL letting two of my unintentionally serendipitous
O The Doctor investigates in
thing is that you listen. EMAIL favourite interests that this was broadcast through
The Haunting of Villa Diodati.
The Haunting of – literature and the height of Storm Dennis in
s DERBI MPETI EMAIL Villa Diodati was beautifully Doctor Who – collide in such the United Kingdom. 
I was disappointed with this filmed, confident storytelling a fantastic and fascinating way!
episode. l loved getting to know with a historical twist. Mary Thank you for all your letters, artwork
more about the characters and Shelley so belongs in the world s MERVYN CAPEL EMAIL and images. Let us know what you
I loved the animated scene as of Doctor Who! There was Does the current production thought of Ascension of the Cybermen
well, but the resolution was laugh-out-loud dialogue amidst pay any attention to Big Finish and The Timeless Children by emailing
rushed. The message, though, all the scares. Have people stories? It would seem not, dwm@panini.co.uk DWM
was very important and noticed how this series
needs to be addressed in has been ramping up the
today’s society. fear factor? Some proper
terrifying moments pop
s NATHAN STONEROCK EMAIL up when you least expect
The problem with having so them – the sort you used
many companions is that to remember as a kid.
invariably one or more take Plus, it all made sense in
a back seat in every episode. the end. Well, sort of.
However, in this episode, Sci-fi, timey-wimey sense.
Ryan, Yaz and Graham all had
important contributions to make s NOEL BUTTERWORTH
to the overall plot. It made the SWITZERLAND
episode fast-paced and exciting I live in Switzerland near
from beginning to end. Lake Geneva and there’s
a mystery that needs to
s BRANDON ARTHUR PORTH be resolved: who erased
There I am on the train the Alps and shrunk
commute home, reading [in the lake?! Was it the
DWM 548] about Donald Tosh’s Cyberman? The villa was/
wonderful contributions to is in Cologny near Geneva,
Doctor Who. I was amazed to on the French side of the
read about the original plans lakes where the Alps O Andrew-Mark Thompson’s reimaginings of old Radio Times covers featuring the Doctor and the Master.




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23 March at Alexandra Palace. In December
Each issue, the Time and Space Visualiser looks he’ll return to the venue to star in his own
back at a landmark moment and provides updates adaptation of A Christmas Carol, following
an initial run at the Nottingham Playhouse.
on Doctor Who luminaries, past and present… Russell T Davies and Doctor Who comic
artist Rachael Stott are among the guests
at the Fairford Festival of Fiction on 6 June.
The event is organised by Paul Cornell,
who’s busy elsewhere too – providing his
own “ridiculous take” on The Strange Case
of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in Issue 6 of Edgar
Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror Season Two,
published on 25 March.
Paul’s Hammer House of
Podcast, co-presented
with LM Myles, continues
its regular release
schedule on the 13th
O Amanda Abbington, Reece Shearsmith and Frances Barber of each month.
in Steven Moffat’s new play The Unfriend.
O Writer Paul Cornell.
O Alex Kingston as Sarah Bishop in the first series MUSIC
of A Discovery of Witches (2019). STAGE A number of intergalactic music makers
David Tennant will be returning to the West are currently doing the rounds. Destiny
TELEVISION End stage for ten weeks only from October, of the Daleks’ Peter Straker has released
Tosin Cole has bagged a lead role in 61st starring in Good by CP Taylor. Fenella a new single, Heart Be Still 2020, while
Street – a two-season courtroom drama Woolgar also stars in the production, Enlightenment’s Leee John has
series from US television giant AMC. which has Tennant as a decent man just added a Manchester date
Pete McTighe has just completed a stint swept along by momentous events. (22 May) to his Art of Love UK
as a lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss tour and The Trial of a Time Lord’s
on the second season of A Discovery of are reuniting, with the former writing David Rodigan has announced
Witches for Bad Wolf/Sky/AMC, which will and the latter directing a new play, his only London outdoor gig this
broadcast later this year. Alex Kingston The Unfriend, at the Chichester year, at Kenwood House on
and Lindsay Duncan are in the cast. Festival Theatre. The comedy 19 June. Oh, and Paul
Peter Purves will end his concerns an ill-advised McGann provides the
41-year association with holiday friendship and its narration that knits
Crufts by presenting the subsequent ramifications. together the songs
Best in Show prize at this The cast includes Reece on A Pilgrim’s
year’s event. He’s also been Shearsmith and Frances Tale, the latest
learning some new tricks, Barber. It runs from folk album from
notably filming Peter’s Perfect 17 July to 22 August. singer-songwriter
Pups for ITV’s This Morning, Gatiss will also be taking Seth Lakeman.
and has become a brand part in a Q&A (with TOBY HADOKE
O Peter Purves at ambassador for the veterinary Matthew Sweet) about
joint supplement YuMOVE. his career on ø Leee John is embarking
Crufts in 2019.
on his Art of Love tour.

OBITUARIES Nicholas Parsons CBE, who played

the Rev Mr Wainwright in The Curse
adventures The Eighth Piece and The
Doomsday Chronometer (as Thomas
sequence, who died on 16 December
aged 96. Wendy Williams, Vira in
of Fenric, died on 28 January aged 96. Cromwell) and The False Guardian and The Ark in Space, died aged 84 on
Edmund Kente, Mr Scoones in The Time’s Assassin (as Nigel Colloon), died 17 October, and Stacy Davies (Private
Next Doctor, died at 72 on 2 January. on 14 February, aged 77. Perkins from The Invasion and Veros
Norman Hartley, Ulf in The Time Some 2019 deaths have only from State of Decay) died at 83 on
Meddler and Sergeant Peters in The recently come to light, among them 7 July. The passing of Terence Brown,
Invasion, died on 20 January aged Ben Palmer, the BBC technician who Abu from The Krotons and an extra in
89. And John Shrapnel, who lent created the ascending piece of signal Day of the Daleks and The Face of Evil,
his distinctive voice to the Big Finish howlround in Doctor Who’s first title has also been reported.
ø From left: Nicholas Parsons in
The Curse of Fenric; Edmund Kente
in The Next Doctor; Norman Hartley
in The Invasion; John Shrapnel;
Wendy Williams in The Ark in Space;
Stacy Davies in State of Decay; and
Terence Brown in The Krotons.


THIS MONTH IN... 1970 ø A publicity photo of Jon Pertwee
as the new Doctor in Spearhead from ALSO THIS
Space (1970).
Ø From top: Mark Edwards as Tod MONTH
Browning in Blood From the Mummy’s
Tomb; Ghost Town, a 1968 episode
of Land of the Giants; and an edition
of TV Times featuring Yutte Stensgaard
and Barry Evans in Doctor in the House.

up with Snowy Black,

about an Aussie farmhand
abroad in slightly swinging
London. A pilot script
was written, and Mark
Edwards was cast as the Saturday the 7th At the end
eponymous Snowy. Doctor of The Aztecs (1964), Doctor
Who’s future had never Who viewers had seen a cruel
before hung by such priest murder his sacrificial
a slender thread. victim at the moment of a solar
But the medicine eclipse over Central America.
worked. Five of the first Fifteen minutes after the end
six new-look episodes of the sixth episode of Doctor
scored above eight million, Who and the Silurians, they
a figure the series had could have tuned
attained just once in the into BBC2’s live
whole of 1969. On Monday coverage of a real
9 March 1970, Pertwee Total Eclipse in
was contracted to appear Mexico, hosted
in another 25-episode by astronomer
season for 1971… so Patrick Moore –
Snowy B stayed stuck 40 years before he
in the Outback forever… made a cameo appearance
and Edwards went in The Eleventh Hour (2010).
on to appear in
the Hammer
MONDAY 9 MARCH horror movie
Blood from the
Doctor Who first suffered a near-death Mummy’s Tomb.
experience not because of the activities Bullet dodged.
of Daleks or Cybermen, but after the But there would
spaceplane Spindrift crash-landed be others.
in a weird world where everything It’s worth pointing
was approximately 12 times the out, though, that in London
size of Earth… the 1970 episodes’ competition Monday the 16th
Such was the premise of the wasn’t Land of the Giants, but Re-entry Forbidden,
colourful US-made series Land the hospital sitcom Doctor in the an episode of
of the Giants, that began to air House. Imagine a world in which Kit Pedler and
in the UK – firstly in the London the ITV companies, rather than the Gerry Davis’
area – at 5.15pm on Saturday 7 December BBC, had bought the US sci-fi series Star gloom-mongering
1968, opposite Episode 6 of The Invasion. Trek and networked it at 5.15pm on Saturdays. series Doomwatch,
At first, it made little impact on Doctor Who’s What would one have given for Doctor Who’s featured a Sunfire rocket.
ratings – but they were falling fast by the time chances opposite that? ALAN BARNES Its capsule interior was
The Space Pirates ended the following April. identical to the Recovery 7
Over the years, much has been said about how capsule interior in the opening
shabby late-1970s Doctor Who looked in the episode of The Ambassadors
light of Star Wars (1977), but it had begun of Death, first seen five days
to look distinctly shoddy by comparison to the later, on Saturday the 21st!
competition in the late 1960s, too.
So there were no guarantees that Doctor Who
would continue after its seventh season, in 1970
– as first-time producer Barry Letts recalled in
his memoir Who & Me (2007). When he’d been
asked if he was interested in running Doctor
Who, it was because no one else would take
it on: “It was being given a last chance…”
One that involved recording in colour,
recasting the leads and reformatting the
series as an Earth-based affair. But new
Doctor Jon Pertwee had been contracted to O From top: The sacrificial altar in
The Aztecs (1964); astronomer Patrick
appear in a minimum of just 21 episodes – so
Moore; the Re-entry Forbidden episode of
there was no danger of Doctor Who simply Doomwatch; Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis in
limping on, because part of Letts’ brief was the Doomwatch office; and Van Lyden (Ric
to “find a replacement for the Saturday slot Felgate) in The Ambassadors of Death.
if the decision was taken to dump it”. He came


The latest update on Doctor Who’s
ratings looks at the middle episodes
from the most recent series.

y the time you read this,

Series 12 of Doctor
Who will have finished
airing. However, as
this issue went to
press, we only had a
partial indication of how well it had
performed in the UK.
Last issue, we confirmed that the
first three episodes had achieved
seven-day consolidated ratings of
6.89m, 6.07m and 5.38m respectively
– some way short of the admittedly
impressive figures attained by the previous Masked Singer (6.10m) and Bradley Walsh
season in 2018. The fourth episode, Nikola & Son: Breaking Dad (5.85m). Nikola Tesla’s
Tesla’s Night of Terror, continued this Night of Terror did, however, manage to
downward trajectory with a seven-day beat Dancing on Ice, its direct competition
rating of 5.20 million (with 5.07m watching on ITV, which had 5.06m.
on televisions and 0.13m on other devices). Doctor Who’s audience rose pleasingly
This represents one of the lower ratings for Fugitive of the Judoon, which attracted
Doctor Who has achieved this century, 5.57 million viewers (5.42m on televisions
although it was still high enough to make and 0.15m on other devices). This higher
it into the Top 30 weekly chart at Number rating also translated to a better position
28, behind dramas such as Call the Midwife on the TV chart, with the episode coming in
(8.22m), White House Farm (7.89m), Death at Number 23. However, the extra viewers
in Paradise (7.61m), Silent Witness (7.60m), largely disappeared the following week for
Vera (7.20m) and Cold Feet (5.24m), as well Praxeus, which had a consolidated rating
as assorted soap episodes, news broadcasts of 5.22 million (5.09m on televisions and
and entertainment shows such as The The 0.13m on other devices), causing a drop
back down to Number 28 on the weekly list.
Curiously, the number of viewers
watching BBC One live for each of those
three episodes was virtually identical
(2.86m for Nikola Tesla, 2.86m for Fugitive
and 2.82m for Praxeus), so the overall rise
for the Judoon episode came mostly from
more people choosing to catch up after
transmission, suggesting that word-of-
mouth concerning the episode’s revelations
may have played a part. This theory is also
supported by the fact that the episode
received the highest audience appreciation
score of the series so far.

adly, however, ratings fell still further

S for the seventh episode, Can You

Hear Me?, which had a seven-
day figure of 4.90 million (4.77m on
televisions, and 0.12m on other devices).


Main image: The
Doctor (Jodie
Whittaker) runs into
action in Praxeus
Opposite page
below: Yaz (Mandip
Gill) in Nikola Tesla’s
Night of Terror
Far left: The hunt is
on for the Fugitive of
the Judoon (2020).
Left: The mysterious
Zellin (Ian Gelder) in
Can You Hear Me?

with 5.3m), and it also became the

Doctor Who’s first episode since 1989 to fall outside
of the weekly Top 30, coming in at
audience rose Number 35.
As this all seems a little gloomy,
pleasingly for let’s find some positives. A rating of
just under five million is still a decent
Fugitive of the number for a current drama series, even
if it’s undeniably low by Doctor Who’s
Judoon, which recent standards. We also know that the
audience for Doctor Who keeps growing
attracted 5.57 after the initial seven-day period. We
now have 28-day numbers for the first
million viewers. few episodes of this season: episode
one improved to 7.40m, episode two
Since Doctor Who returned in 2005, only to 6.69m, episode three to 5.89m
2017’s The Eaters of Light has achieved and episode four to 5.80m. While
a lower seven-day rating (4.73m on these increases are relatively modest
televisions alone), and that did so on a compared to most other current
blazing hot June evening, yet still gained dramas, they certainly put Doctor Who
the largest audience on British television well within the ‘respectable’ category.
for the entire day. By comparison, Can Next issue, we’ll see whether the show
You Hear Me? was only the seventh-most- was able to win back some of its lapsed
watched programme for Sunday 9 February viewers for the final three episodes of the
(this time, Dancing on Ice pulled ahead series… DWM




e r e m e m b ered as th
o f t h e J u doon will b k n e w n o t hing about
Fugitive e
re v e a l e d a Doctor w Martin.
is o d e t h a t ,” s a y s J o
ep shock
“I’m still in K OO

h my gosh! What an honour!” wanted to get a piece of Doctor Who. Many of my friends
Jo Martin has just found have been in Doctor Who over the years. I was always
out she’s receiving the like, ‘Oh, I didn’t get a call for that audition. I didn’t hear
accolade of a Doctor Who about that part.’ So when I got the call for the audition
Magazine cover. I was like, ‘Yeaaaaah!’”
“You’re going to make At her audition, Jo was totally unaware of the
me cry,” she says. “I’m very character she would ultimately be playing. “I knew about
emotional. I’ve been crying Ruth and that she was a tour guide. I was like, ‘OK, I get
since I got the job. I can’t even this.’ But, looking at the scenes they’d sent me to learn,
find words some days. I’m still pinching myself. I grew something just wasn’t adding up. There were a couple
up loving Doctor Who. My first Doctor was Tom Baker of things, like the fact that I was in the TARDIS.
and then, you know how it is, when Tom Baker was I thought, ‘What’s she doing flying the TARDIS?!’ But
going to leave I thought, ‘No one can ever replace him!’ sometimes with auditions, they don’t give you the actual
But Peter Davison did and I loved him too… text; they’ll give you something different just to see how
“I won’t bore you with all my memories, but let’s you read. I thought maybe that’s what it was. So I put
just say I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl in the it to the back of my mind, went into the audition and
70s. As an actor, I always dreamt about getting a guest hoped for the best. All my fingers were crossed.
appearance. I didn’t care what it was. I’d pretend to be “I had absolutely no idea I was going to be a Doctor!”
a Dalek – although I’m a bit tall for a Dalek, I think. I just Jo breaks into joyous laughter. “I think if I’d have known
in advance I’d have flopped the
audition. I wouldn’t have slept the
night before. It would have been
too much to take.
“They finally told me when I got
the job. And I wanted to tell the
world. I wanted to run down the
street going, ‘Guess what? Guess
what? GUESS WHAT?’ But I had
to button it and be like, ‘I’m just
playing a tour guide.’ The only
person in my family that knew was
my husband. I had to tell him. But
I couldn’t tell my son because he’s
a huge fan and he’s got friends at
school who are huge fans. He loves
Jodie and Peter Capaldi – they’re
his ultimate favourites – but he’s
still watching reruns of David
Tennant, too.”

he unveiling of another,

T unexplained Doctor in
Fugitive of the Judoon
shocked fans worldwide, none
Left: Tour guide
more so than Jo’s 13-year-old Ruth Clayton
son. “Sitting down and watching (Jo Martin) in
it on the night, when that moment Fugitive of the
came, my son literally flung his Judoon (2020).
slippers off his feet,” Jo recalls. Right: Ruth
“He said, ‘Mummy, can I swear?’ is revealed as
Obviously we don’t swear, so all a previously
he kept saying was, ‘Mum, I’m
gassed. I’m gassed.’ It’s young of the Doctor.
people speak: it means it’s good. 1






1“They’ve lost their minds, my friends and family,” she doesn’t really have a filter. She’s not afraid to say
Jo continues. “Let me tell you, that night, my phone whatever, like when she tells the Thirteenth Doctor
blew up. I’m still trying to catch up on replying to texts, to get off her ship. I was like, ‘I’m saying that to Jodie?
WhatsApps, Facebook messages, emails. It’s impossible! I’m kicking her off my TARDIS? Are you for real?’”
And I’m hearing from friends I haven’t seen for years. How excited was Jo to be stepping into her own
It’s brought old boyfriends out of the woodwork… but control room – one that displays a classic desktop
let’s not talk about that! theme? “My dear, when I got in that TARDIS I was
“The thing is, not everyone saw the episode when it just pressing, spinning, turning every gadget. Some
went out, but suddenly they saw all the publicity that good advice from continuity was: don’t press too many
blew up around it and read it in the papers or saw it on buttons because you have to remember how to recreate
social media. It meant they didn’t get to see the reveal it in every shot. But I couldn’t stop myself! I was like
Right inset: Ruth first-hand, which, for me, was the best part. They were a kid in a toy shop. And, as you can imagine, I went
discovers that she like, ‘You’re the new Doctor!’ And I’m like, ‘Well… I’m picture crazy. I was taking selfies all day long. I couldn’t
can speak Judoonese. not the new Doctor. I’m a Doctor. You’ll have to watch even remember my lines some days. That scene where
Below right: “I’m the the episode.’” me and Jodie start talking together – oh my gosh – trying
Doctor.” Ruth declares to get that right was mind-numbing. It took a while for
her true identity.

o describes her Doctor as “a fighter”. Would she go us to get on the same page.”
Bottom: Yaz (Mandip as far as calling her ruthless? Jo laughs. “I see what How did the co-stars rehearse their synchronised
Gill), the Doctor (Jodie you did there! I like it. Yes, she will kick lines? “We initially had to learn it in isolation in
Whittaker), Ryan your butt. Also, what I quite like is she can be our hotel rooms or wherever we were staying
(Tosin Cole), Ruth,
a bit grumpy, a bit moody, this Doctor. in Wales. Then when we came together on
and her husband Lee
Clayton (Neil Stuke) are A little like Capaldi, maybe. She’s got the day, we did a lot of practising in the
startled by the arrival an edge and a dark side to her as well make-up room and had time on set to sit
of a Judoon device. as being cheeky and charming. And and run through and rehearse things.

n Fugitive of the Judoon, the spoke Judoonese. What even

I Doctor uses a chameleon

arch to disguise herself
as Ruth Clayton, a human
is that language? Bo Fro Sho!’”
The transformation from
Ruth into the Doctor is
tour guide from Gloucester. something Jo considered
“Isn’t Ruth lovely?” says Jo. carefully. “I spent a lot of
“She’s such a warm, cheerful, time talking about it with
happy-go-lucky lady, living the director [Nida Manzoor]
her suburban life with a lovely in order to find the contrast
husband who gets blown up, between Ruth and the Doctor,
bless him. because they’re completely
“I love the scene where different people. When a bit risky, but I didn’t want to “On the day, I knew all that
she’s in the cathedral and the Doctor’s revealed, you overthink or over-rehearse it, was coming with that line and
a piece of the Doctor breaks instantly know Ruth has otherwise it could almost not the goosebumps came over
through. She has her Jason gone – Ruth didn’t even really work. So I decided to immerse me. I felt quite tearful but it
Bourne moment… and then exist – and this is the real me: myself in the character as needed to be strong. In that
she’s absolutely terrified. In ‘Hello, I’m the Doctor.’ much as I could and leave it moment – standing on that
that moment, she’s all of us: “That was the one line to my instincts, trusting that windy hill in that amazing
she’s me, she’s you. We’d all I didn’t practise,” says Jo. the emotion of the moment costume – the job was done
be like, ‘What the hell? I just “I know that might sound would give me what I needed. for me. It all came together.”


Left: In the TARDIS
control room, the two
Doctors discover that
they’re talking in sync.
Below left: The two
Doctors arrive in the
control room of the
buried TARDIS.
Below right from top:
The Doctors that Jo
grew up watching: Tom
Baker in The Ark in Space
(1975); Peter Davison
in Castrovalva (1982);
Colin Baker in The Twin
Dilemma (1984); and
another favourite, Peter
Capaldi, in Deep Breath
Bottom right: Cosplayer
Kim Pfeifer-Adams
at the Gallifrey One
convention in February.
Photo © Paul Cornell.

respect for everybody and she does

“I thINK ME AND JODIE HAD everything with such humour.
She’s just so generous… It sounds
AN AMAZING CHEMISTRY.” like I want to marry her!” Jo laughs.
“I’m already married; I mustn’t try
After a few rehearsals we then did a crew show, where all to marry Jodie. But let’s just say I liked her a lot, a lot,
the crew come and watch what we’ve been rehearsing to a lot. She sent me a beautiful message of lovely support
see how they’re going to shoot it. When all the technical after my reveal aired.”
people were setting up the lights and cameras, we had

a little lull time as actors so sat together to run through as Jo heard from any other Doctors? “I don’t
things. We did one more rehearsal and then we tried to know any of the other Doctors. But can you
shoot it. We hoped we’d be on point by then. Well, we imagine if I got to meet some of my old Doctors
weren’t that on point, but we kept trying. Eventually we that I grew up with? Like Peter Davison, Colin Baker,
got it right – yay! It was really worth putting those extra Tom Baker… Oh my goodness, I would lose the power
hours in. of speech if I met Tom Baker. I think I’d just be curtseying.
“I think me and Jodie had an amazing chemistry,” I’d love to meet him!
Jo adds. “She was great to work with and I think she’s “I’m a huge fan of Peter Capaldi too,” she says. “There
an amazing Doctor. I mean, I thought I had lots of lines were a few nods to Capaldi’s Doctor’s outfit within my
but there’s so much she has to learn. I watched and I costume, actually. I thought that was really clever and the
learned, thinking, ‘Wow, how does she do this?’ She’s a right thing to do for the kind of Doctor that I was trying to
phenomenal actress. It’s so nice when you meet someone create. It’s the right costume for her: structured, strong,
whose work you respect so much and they turn out to no-nonsense. Ray [Holman] worked so hard, he’s a genius
be so lovely, sharing and kind. She welcomed me and designer. I love that coat and waistcoat and shirt, which
supported me, because obviously she knows that you’re was handmade – so bespoke and beautiful. I wanted to take
a little bit shaky stepping into this huge, iconic show. my costume with me but I wasn’t allowed. I feel
She has no airs or graces about her and that’s a yearning to put it on again.
just fabulous – that’s how I like to work. She has “There was a convention in America the
other week [Gallifrey One in LA] and there
was a young fan there dressed as my Doctor
already – one of my cousins sent me
a screen-shot of this person
who’s made the costume and
has been wearing it around.
I think that’s amazing.
“My friends and family
have also been forwarding
on to me all the love and
support that people
have been sending my
way. I’m honoured and
blessed to be a part
of such an amazing
show as Doctor Who
and to get such lovely
feedback… it’s just
been phenomenal.”
Jo smiles. “Doctor
Who was so worth
waiting for.” DWM




REMAR KS Jo M a r t in b efore, whe

e a te d c o s tumes for d F le a b a g . But his

n has cr vs Aliens a
Ray Holma W iz a r d s
ex p e c te d c h
starred in with an un
she guest- m e n t w a s f a c e d
o f D o c tor Who…
ep a r t r ie s
wardrobe d c a s t in t h e latest se
when Jo w EMILY COO
Interview b

osh, there’s a new Doctor! I’m going

to design another Doctor’s costume.
Right… That’s not what I was expecting
halfway through the series!”
These were some of the thoughts that
ran through Ray Holman’s mind as he
read the first-draft script for Fugitive
of the Judoon.
“Whenever you’re asked to design a Doctor’s costume
you have to take a bit of a gulp because it’s such a
responsibility,” says Ray. “So after I’d read it, I took a deep
breath and messaged [writers] Vinay [Patel] and Chris
[Chibnall] and said, ‘That moment at the lighthouse where
she says, “I’m the Doctor,” that’s a real moment. We need
Above: Armed and to mark it. That’s when we’ve got to change her costume.’
dangerous – the Doctor “At that point we didn’t know who was cast, so I had
(Jo Martin) in Fugitive a little think to myself and wondered what the costume
of the Judoon (2020).
should be. One of the things that immediately came to
Below from top: The mind was tailoring, because it would be a bit of a contrast
Doctor (Matt Smith)
to Jodie’s costume. Also, I wanted little references to
in The Time of Angels
(2010); and the Doctor existing Doctors in the costume, although I only decided
(Peter Capaldi) in Hell what these should be once Jo [Martin] was cast and I
Bent (2015). Ray Holman talked to her.”
designed costumes for Can Ray elaborate on these references? “Shall I tell you?
both actors. Shall I share?” he says with a smile. Happily, he doesn’t
take much persuading.
“Because the first Doctor I ever designed properly –
from head to foot – was Matt Smith, I wanted some kind
of tweed. Both the waistcoat and the coat ended up being
Scottish tweed. I was really happy with that. The coat
was a period-cut coat, which is a nod to some of the
older ‘classic’ series Doctors, too. Then the other
reference is the trousers and the boots. Have you
noticed?” he asks.
They’re very similar to the Twelfth Doctor’s. “Yes!
Jo wears them just like Peter [Capaldi] used to wear

them. I made her,” he says, laughing. “I said to Jo, ‘Peter n Fugitive of the Judoon the Thirteenth Doctor isn’t

Below: The two
Doctors, Jodie used to wear his boots with his black trousers like this.’” quite so thrilled with the other Doctor’s dress sense.
Whittaker and Jo Other costume-design elements, however, are unique to And the other Doctor is equally disapproving of
Martin, in Fugitive
Jo’s Doctor. “Originally I was going to put the whole outfit Thirteen’s “rainbows and trousers that don’t reach”.
of the Judoon.
together with a 17th-century linen shirt. I went through What does their designer make of these on-screen
Right inset from
the classic Doctors’ shirts and thought, ‘Nobody’s ever costume quips? “I love it!” says Ray, grinning. “It’s great
top: Jo’s Doctor
wears quirky done the frilled stand collar with the frill cuffs before.’ Me fun. And why shouldn’t they criticise each other? Each
glasses; Jo as and Nida [Manzoor], the director, were having a little chat Doctor is a unique person – a unique alien – with different
Ruth Clayton. and we both decided that, actually, it shouldn’t be cream tastes. I think the thing about Jo’s Doctor is she’s more
Bottom right: linen, it should be something that’s representative of Jo. assertive. She’s used to fighting, which is why the black
Ray Holman on “I did some research into Kente cloth, which is an trousers she’s wearing are combats.”
set for Series 12 African wax-print fabric, and ordered in a few different This Doctor sports some rather distinctive eyewear, too.
of Doctor Who.
patterns. My Kente cloth samples arrived and a lot of “I knew I needed a pair of quirky glasses,” Ray explains.
them were quite green, which is a problem for a Doctor’s “I took Jo to a quirky optician that I know in Covent
costume because these clothes have Garden. We both walked in, saw these yellow sunglasses
to go against green screens. I and she went, ‘Can we?’ And I said,
have to choose colours that ‘Yes, we so can! We’re having them!’”
won’t cause problems Alongside this costume, Ray
on camera. Eventually was also working on a wardrobe
I found the Kente for the mysterious Doctor’s
cloth pattern that human alter-ego, Ruth
we ended up using Clayton. “I took a straight-
and it turned out to drama approach to that.
be the most vibrant It was very much: she’s a
fabric. It worked so tour guide, she stands outside
well on Jo. She was Gloucester Cathedral all day
thrilled with it.” long, so she needs a waterproof
coat and some navy-blue Dr
Martens boots which would be
comfortable to walk around in all day.”
Are there any elements of Ruth’s outfit
that subtly hint she’s really a Time Lord?
“No. Although if you look closely at
her jewellery, you’ll see it changes.
Ruth the tour guide wears ordinary
gold hoops – nothing unusual. But
I found a pair of hoops that looked more
otherworldly for her to wear as the Doctor.
To me, they feel a little bit more Gallifreyan
than ordinary hoops. I don’t think anybody’s
noticed.” Ray laughs. “But they will now!”
According to Ray, dressing the Doctor is “a time-
consuming process, because it’s hard to come up with
something that resonates with the whole audience.”
But having designed outfits for more incarnations of the
character than anyone else – “Jo Martin is my fourth” –
Ray can confidently say he knows the process well.
“A lot of thought goes into designing a Doctor.” DWM




In April 2010, a new era began when Matt Smith embarked on his first series as
the Doctor. The casting of such a young actor proved controversial in some
quarters, but the Eleventh Doctor soon earned the respect of fans and critics
around the world. Over the next six pages we reappraise all the stories in
that groudbreaking series, while Steven Moffat – who at the time was making
his debut as showrunner – shares his memories with TOM SPILSBURY.
“I loved all these episodes,” says Steven. “It was sort of a golden time
on Doctor Who, that first year. It’s golden because it was long enough ago
that I’ve forgotten how rancid with exhaustion, misery, paranoia and fear
I was. Ten years on, it’s all just sunny and lovely…”

in Moffat’s sitcom Coupling (2000-04),

where Jeff says of his impressive Spider-Man
routine: “I invented this dance!” (Earlier
in the same scene, Patrick admits to having
Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Adam Smith
lured Sally to the bar with “a clever lie”
– a phrase that occurs in The Eleventh
who are confronted by terrifying monsters Hour and some of Moffat’s other Doctor
before, finally, the Doctor heroically sweeps Who stories.) Indeed, one could draw an
in to the rescue. evolutionary line from Colin in Moffat’s first
Steven Moffat’s background, however, series Press Gang (1989-94) through Jeff to
was in comedy, so The Eleventh Hour’s hook the Eleventh Doctor. This is not to suggest
is not familiarity, but in giving the audience that they’re the same character, because
reasons to laugh. Our first sight of the Doctor the moment the Eleventh Doctor is faced
comes barely 20 seconds into the episode, as with a sinister crack in the wall of Amelia’s
he’s introduced dangling out of the TARDIS bedroom the ‘comedy act’ drops away and
doors like Harold Lloyd in Safety Last (1923). he becomes deadly earnest.
ou never get a second Moments later, he narrowly escapes a painful The writing, however, retains the

chance to make a first encounter with the spire of the Big Ben clock precision of a sitcom farce, as every plot
impression. A new Doctor tower. The Doctor’s entrance is the opposite development is given a comedy twist – the
means millions more extra of heroic; he’s introduced as a galactic running gag about Amy’s other outfits,
viewers tuning in; the trick Frank Spencer, doing the equivalent the Doctor’s attempt to convince Prisoner
is to keep them watching, of roller-skating down a flight of stairs. Zero that they’re safe because they have/
not just for the rest of the episode but Then the new Doctor is given don’t have back-up, Jeff’s laptop history, the
for the one the week after. a whole prologue with young Doctor’s text message “Look in the mirror”,
So it’s interesting to compare Amelia (Caitlin Blackwood), and his arrival by crashing in through
the opening of The Eleventh in which he continues to be a a window. The whole episode is designed
Hour with the introductions of figure of fun, walking into a tree to make you love the new Doctor and tune
other Doctors. Both Rose (2005) and trying out different dishes in next week, because this guy is going
and The Woman Who Fell to before settling on fish fingers to be seriously funny. JONATHAN MORRIS
Earth (2018) begin by rooting and custard. In the script, there
the story in the familiar, with what was even more comedy designed
looks like conventional domestic drama
– showrunners Russell T Davies and Chris
to make the new Doctor win over
viewers with a kind of hapless, Tiggerish STEVEN MOFFAT
Chibnall’s areas of television experience. enthusiasm. There’s one tell-tale moment his was a monster script to write.
They both hold off on revealing the Doctor where the Doctor proudly proclaims, “Fish I actually did not have a particularly
for as long as possible, telling the story custard! This is mine. I invented this!” This good time writing it, possibly because of
through the journeys of the companions, isn’t a million miles away from a moment everything weighing on me, and possibly because
it’s a very odd episode. Looking at it now, I think
it’s really good, and hugely entertaining, but
what is the villain up to? What’s the villain’s
plan? What’s the jeopardy? It’s like the jeopardy
keeps reorienting itself to give Matt Smith
another funny, brave or charming scene. It’s not
the most coherent ‘alien menace defeated’ plot
ever. But it doesn’t seem to matter, because it
does the job – I think, very well – of presenting
our three new stars in their new roles. I think it’s
deeply charming.



hile it doesn’t look as good as it could – we
were still doing spaceships in old factories
– the story cracks along, there’s twist
after twist, and it’s clever. It’s flawed, though –
it’s shaped like a satire but has no target. As
a very good children-sy episode of Doctor Who,
I enjoyed it when I re-watched it not long ago.
It’s ‘getting to know our fabulous new stars’,
and that carries you through an awful lot, as
they’re so good and so charming. I remember Piers
[Wenger, executive producer] and I having a chat
about the script, and
we decided that Amy
hadn’t had a moment
of demonstrating
why she’s useful
to the Doctor.
So it’s the ‘Amy
defeats the monster
this week’ episode,
which is always
quite important.
Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Andrew Gunn
he’s been whisked Unfazed by the bizarre scenery

away from her dull (marketplace, voting booth, giant tongue), Whale bear to watch children cry? And why
but complicated life in Amy’s fearless nature reassures us can’t the Doctor stick to his own rules
Leadworth and now Amy that she’s the right person for the and not interfere when he sees
Pond – all wide-eyed job. But difficult choices are the a child in distress? “All that pain
wonderment and Titian foundation of this story and Amy and misery and loneliness just
locks floating in space – is about to prove is placed firmly in the driving made [the Whale] kind,” Amy
that she’s a worthy companion for the seat. Faced with the threat of realises, looking straight at the
Doctor. Taking her cue from his concern being sent home after only one Doctor. Her ability to make that
over a crying child aboard Starship UK, she proper adventure, she forces connection is what cements her
shows her companion credentials early on: herself to solve the mysteries position as a companion in his
“Never could resist a Keep Out sign.” presented to her. Why can’t the Star eyes, and ours. ALEX ROMEO

It’s rare that the Doctor doesn’t defeat a

Dalek plan, but his predictability meant they
could set the perfect trap. We’re left with a
crack in the triumphant ending. The Doctor
reveals that because he cares, he’ll continue
to be vulnerable. HANNAH COOPER
Written by Mark Gatiss Directed by Andrew Gunn

gain, it’s quite simplistic Doctor Who, but you
ike any classic war film, To the delight/dismay of many, the need that in the early part of the season. The

in Victory of the Daleks we Paradigm Daleks were destined not to controversial element, not to duck it, is the
know who the villains are become permanent replacements, so this design of the Daleks. It’s entirely my fault – I want
from the start. When the episode remains the only one to foreground to stress that. I was quite keen to try the Daleks
Doctor arrives, the Daleks them in their multi-coloured glory. as they appeared in the Peter Cushing movies.
have been hiding in plain Emerging through smoke and accompanied But the reality of making the Daleks bigger is that
sight of the Allies, just like the Nazis in Where by a thundering orchestra, these Daleks are you push the camera further away and make the
Eagles Dare. That film’s famous ‘Broadsword’ given a dramatic reveal in their new bold Doctor look smaller. So that was a mistake, but
and ‘Danny Boy’ call signs are echoed as this colours, towering over their predecessors. I think the episode is terrific good fun. I love the
story pays homage to the war genre. Heroism, Amy becomes Earth’s hero as she turns Jammie Dodger. Some critics have said the Doctor
Spitfire battles and last-second escapes the Daleks’ own creation against them. Later would never be friends with Churchill, but I think
are supplemented by a rousing score that in the episode, she’s the one to instinctively he would, because Churchill is both a great man
perfectly evokes the spirit of a traditional epic. reach Professor Bracewell’s heart. and a terrible man. He’s both those things at
different points in his life, and the
Doctor would find that fascinating.


Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Adam Smith
or all its quirks, the Doctorness, encompassing everything from

role of the Doctor is curiosity to arrogance, physical comedy to
a fundamentally heroic one. sudden, desperate rage. He’s an innocent

What’s often overlooked, and an ancient, all gawky body language don’t like the last scene of Flesh and Stone
however, is the heroism and galloping brain. very much. I think I played it too comedically,
of the actors taking it on. “Have I impressed you yet, Amy Pond?” when Amy comes on to the Doctor. It’s a good
This was the first Doctor Who story that asks the Doctor in Flesh and Stone. For Amy idea, but I think it should have been done more
Matt Smith recorded. He was 26, – for all of us – it’s already a rhetorical seriously. It feels like a cheap shot, when it should
relatively unknown, trading his question. NICK SETCHFIELD have felt like a terrified young girl reaching out,
anonymity for the full-beam glare and not understanding that the target of her
of the media and the judgment affections is beyond inappropriate. But the rest
of an audience that had lost their of it, I think, is absolutely barnstorming. That
hearts to David Tennant. On cliffhanger is amazing. And Matt is the Doctor
location, he felt his confidence from the first day. Those scenes on the beach
falter. “I rang my dad up and said, are his first day of filming, and he’s there. He’s
‘What do I do?’ And he said, ‘Son, complete. I don’t think anyone would be able to
you’re a fabulous actor, but you’ve got to tell that was a brand-new cast, terrified out of
grow a pair and you’ve got to step up.’” their minds, a few feet from the paparazzi.
The story has obvious strengths,
there to bolster its untried star –
the charismatic River Song;
an intriguingly militarised
future church; an army of
Weeping Angels, half-formed
and hideously unnerving;
a classic backdrop of dank,
death-haunted catacombs.
But it’s Matt Smith who steps
up and owns it all. Straight out of
the gate he gives a masterclass in

Written by Toby Whithouse Directed by Jonny Campbell

n alien refugee in human treatment of time travel – where else

disguise cooks up an but in Doctor Who would you find his is one of the episodes I watch to cheer
elaborate plot to avert the a 16th-century Venetian gondolier in myself up if I’m feeling sad. I think it’s
destruction of its race while a stag-do t-shirt? – and everything is hilarious. Toby [Whithouse] absolutely
hiding out in a romantic resolved in a matter of seconds. nails Rory. He’s the one who says the funny
European (Though, admittedly, the things, who isn’t quite appropriate for an action
tourist destination. Doctor literally turning off adventure, but at the same time is a walking
Meanwhile, the the story by flicking a switch critique of the Doctor. That’s a great bit of
Doctor makes himself lacks the elegant pay-off of writing. Given that we didn’t step foot in Venice,
comfy in a fancy chair Duggan’s “most important the recreation of the place is very convincing.
and engages in sparky punch in history” in City Jonny [Campbell] did an absolutely stellar job.
banter with A Beautiful of Death.) It’s just a delightful, very funny, totally nuts
Woman, Probably. The fact that episode of Doctor Who, where the sexy alien fish
Sound familiar? It’s something this vampires’ plan is to sink Venice… for reasons!
a wonder, really, that they rich was widely And it has that scene with Matt Smith jittering
didn’t just call Matt Smith’s viewed at the about among all the beautiful vampire girls,
fifth story ‘City of Death in Venice’. time as rather absolutely thrilled out of his mind.
Perhaps the most impressive boilerplate,
thing about The Vampires of mid-table grout is
Venice, however, is that it doesn’t surely a testament
suffer through comparison with to the high quality of
that venerated 1979 Tom Baker Series 5. (Which, for
classic. The foreign location those taking notes,
filming is glorious, writer is The Greatest Series
Toby Whithouse does his best of Doctor Who
to match Douglas Adams gag Ever, Probably.)
for gag, there’s the same witty PAUL KIRKLEY


the depth of Amy’s love for Rory
in a way that will make Rory’s
erasure and return later in
the season almost unbearably
Written by Simon Nye Directed by Catherine Morshead
poignant. And although brief,
ake a list of what you Real-time suspense. the portrayal of early grief in

might find in the best An incredible twist. Amy’s its fantastical state shown here
Doctor Who stories. Choice ticks every single box. is remarkable for a Saturday
A sinister villain. As a single piece of drama, it’s teatime drama. So many
Spooky imagery and practically flawless. As part of touches add to their story – Amy’s
scary monsters. The an ongoing series, it adds layer after pregnancy, her fear of being alone, the
everyday becoming terrifying. Sparkling layer. There’s an unparalleled glimpse into willingness to sacrifice everything just to
dialogue. Character insight. Real emotion. the Doctor’s psyche. Then it demonstrates be together, all of which will be echoed or
revisited later on.
Oh, and the

STEVEN MOFFAT dialogue doesn’t

just sparkle – it’s

his one is like an Annual story! I remember proper laugh-
coming up with that as an idea – having the out-loud funny.
two dreams, and trying to work out which The award-
one was real, but making them both dreams. winning sitcom
It was a last-minute decision writer Simon
to make the Dream Lord Nye delivers
a reflection of the something that’s
Doctor. The part was both true to his
cast with Toby Jones, speciality and
and we were heading works as a Doctor
to the readthrough. Who story (a rare
Toby phoned me up and feat). As a piece of
said, “You’ve completely Doctor Who, as a
changed everything!” “Yes, piece of television,
you’re not just a delusion any more, you’re Amy’s Choice is
now a reflection of the Doctor’s personality.” the right choice.
I thought that tied it all up quite nicely. JACQUELINE

recovering from that, we discover the

object the Doctor recovered from beyond
the crack in time is… a scorched
fragment of his TARDIS! Amy may
have forgotten Rory, but these
are moments we remember.
Written by

few better
Chris Chibnall

concepts in was keen to do Silurians, but I felt
Directed by all of Doctor we needed some sort of ‘human’
Ashley Way Who than the face. Something that was more
Silurians. A threat relatable, someone with whom you could
to humanity that comes not from play a scene. That scene in the crypt with the
outer space but from inner Earth. It was Doctor and Alaya [Neve McIntosh] is brilliant –
inevitable that the modern series would really wonderful writing from Chris [Chibnall].
revisit these classic adversaries. Matt came out of the gate very strong, but that
This story is an excellent example of how cemented his Doctor in a way, because he did
to update an old ‘monster’, with a high- gravitas and calm patience. He did ‘stripped
stakes adventure that makes use of modern back’ Doctor in that scene, without any of the
effects to provide the scale the Silurians’ bounciness or those aspects of the Doctor that
story deserves. Their underground habitat you might think are a bit performative on his
isn’t, as the Doctor expects from previous part. I’ll be honest with you, though – we were
encounters, a “small tribal settlement” struggling for money. We’d been spending it like
but a sprawling city, containing ranks of water, and I hadn’t yet learned how to plead the
dormant warriors stretching as far as the way I did later. I very much like these episodes,
eye can see. but there’s a better version that we didn’t get to
Neve McIntosh is impressive in make, and that’s my fault.
the dual roles of Alaya and Restac.
Establishing herself as the series’ go-to
Silurian, she would return as Madame
Vastra, lynchpin of the Paternoster
Gang, who would assist the Eleventh
and Twelfth Doctors.
The story delivers punches to the
end. Rory’s apparent death, and Amy’s
loss of memory of him, is one of the
most emotional moments in the
series’ history. And while we’re


Written by Richard Curtis Directed by Jonny Campbell
fter Rory’s erasure a price? What connection, if any, does the

from existence, a guilty Krafayis have to Vincent’s eventual death?
but determinedly jolly Writer Richard Curtis provides no easy

Eleventh Doctor treats answers. And that’s OK. Achingly beautiful, ichard Curtis texted me and said, “I want to
the unwittingly bereaved always unique, Vincent and the Doctor means do a story about depression and suicide.”
Amy to a monster-hunting many different things to many different I said, “Okaaaaay. It is Saturday evening
expedition with her hero, Vincent van Gogh. people. It’s what art is for. EMMA REEVES at seven o’clock! Are you sure?” So he pitched
What follows is a moving meditation on Vincent to me, and it’s a story written for and
art and sanity, lightly packaged around about his sister, who was bipolar and suffered
a familiar ‘celebrity historical’/‘alien threat terribly from depression. Sadly, she never lived
of the week’ format. to see the end result, because she committed
The design is a triumph, recreating some suicide during the writing of it. Dreadful. This is
of van Gogh’s most famous works as sets. a contender for the best ever episode of Doctor
The visual feast peaks with the glorious Who. The visit to the art gallery, the sky turning
“starry night” scene where Amy and the into starry night… Also, Richard wrote, by his
Doctor glimpse Vincent’s transcendently own admission, the Doctor
beautiful inner world. as a dithery Hugh Grant.
But alongside the beauty, Vincent sees “Oh, that’s how
monsters nobody else can see. He also sees I write everybody,
the tears that Amy can’t shed for Rory, I can’t help it!”
and realises that the blinded, desperate We scaled back
Krafayis killed only through fear and panic. on that, but a bit
The things he sees are real, and yet he of it remained, and
repeatedly calls himself “mad”. I think that added to
Why can only Vincent see the Krafayis? Matt’s performance
Is it because of his illness or his artistic from that point on.
brilliance? Does genius always come at

loved the DWM
comic-strip version
[also called The
Written by Gareth Roberts Directed by Catherine Morshead Lodger, published
he Lodger may be Doctor: greeting everyone with air kisses, in 2006]. I thought

off-the-wall, but Craig slyly spitting his wine back into the glass and it was a genius idea
Owens (James Corden) having telepathic conversations with cats. having the Doctor
has an entirely believable This eccentric behaviour is misdirection, forced to spend
relationship with his however, as the Doctor knows exactly time with Mickey.
time-travelling friend. The what he’s doing. He solves the mystery We’d worked on
Doctor is weird – in a good way – but Craig of Aickman Road, saves Amy, and brings something else with
is too wrapped up with his own problems to Craig and his close friend Sophie together Gareth [Roberts],
start obsessing about his new housemate and into the bargain. And it turns out Craig’s which wasn’t working out for budgetary reasons.
the possibilities he presents. He needs quite lack of wanderlust is a crucial factor in So I was looking for a cheap one, and Gareth
a bang on the head before he gets with the resolving the plot. This story reminded me that I’d always said I’d wanted
programme in the way that you or I might. may seem light and frothy, to make that comic strip into an episode. So,
‘Weird in a good way’ is not a bad but it’s a serious piece I said, “Yes! That’s a commission right now!”
description of Doctor Who, and The Lodger of craftsmanship. With The Lodger being the last one made, we
certainly crystallises the weirdness of the new RICHARD ATKINSON had no money left. Even so, we built a whole
flat. It’s just a completely lovely episode.
Although it was originally David’s Doctor, it
works better with Matt. An apparently young lad,
but definitely Yoda. He’s so completely nuts!


Winston Churchill! The Queen of (future)
England! It’s got scary bits – a disembodied
Cyber-head snapping open to reveal
a shrivelled skull! It’s got funny bits – River
doing Liz Taylor doing Cleopatra; the
Doctor struggling to keep up with the
realisation that Rory, whom he’d
Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Toby Haynes
thought rubbed out of existence,
magine: it’s the far future, No, you can’t have The Day has come back as a Roman. It’s

or next year, or the day of the Doctor (2013) or The got romance, it’s got pathos,
after tomorrow, and planet Five Doctors (1983) – because it’s got the Doctor addressing
Earth is about to be fried by neither has a cliffhanger, and the spaceships circling over
an expanding sun, or endure cliffhangers are essential to Stonehenge like a rock god
a total ecological collapse, Doctor Who, so it must be an doing his biggest hits to a
or suffer a mass extinction event after being episode with a cliffhanger. But Wembley crowd: “Look at me.
struck by a time-travelling space freighter, if we need to preserve a cliffhanger, No plan, no back-up, no weapons
or all of the above. And it’s your job to it had better be a truly amazing worth a damn. Oh, and something
pick one single solitary episode of Doctor cliffhanger – a proper jaw-dropper, to keep else. I don’t have anything to lose!”
Who to place in a time capsule, preserved the aliens or super-evolved cockroaches or And something else, something we might
forever as an example of everything that the whatever else might inherit the Earth, trying have forgotten ten years later: it is full of
programme was, and is, or will be. Which to guess what happened next. surprises. Surprise after surprise, building
single episode will you choose? Me, I’m picking The Pandorica to the ultimate reveal: that the goblin
Opens, and not just for that multi- or trickster or warrior whom
layered cliffhanger – the Doctor the eponymous Pandorica was
STEVEN MOFFAT sealed inside an impenetrable
box, beneath Stonehenge!
designed to contain… is the
Doctor. At which point the
River Song trapped in an episode itself opens, since
exploding TARDIS! Amy Pond it’s a perfectly designed
shot dead by Auton Rory! puzzle-box too.
Oh, and all the stars in existence Now get out of that: and he
being snuffed out in a Total Event will, in The Big Bang – a finale
Collapse! I’m picking The Pandorica that exemplifies everything else that
Opens for the sheer scale of it. Doctor Who can be, since it’s (mostly)
Time and space travel? Covered in the a four-hander set (mostly) in a deserted
pre-titles alone, which take in 19th-century museum. Which is no less surprising, and

I love it when the Pandorica opens at the France, London in the Blitz, a starship in equally perfect.
beginning of The Big Bang, and it’s adult Amy 5145, the Oldest Planet in the Universe In the so-called ‘Underhenge’, on meeting
inside and she says, “OK kid, this is where and Roman Britain. Monsters? It’s got the the revivified Rory, the Doctor describes
it gets complicated.” It was such a moment of lot – Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, Autons the universe as “vast and complicated
chutzpah. I think it’s the favourite of the finales and Sontarans, plus mentions of Terileptils, and ridiculous”. Vast and complicated and
I’ve done. It covers a hell of a lot of ground, from Drahvins, Zygons, Draconians and more. ridiculous – that’s the whole of Doctor
the fake-out of the biggest universal battle in the It’s got outrageous sci-fi ideas – the Who. And that’s why this one’s a keeper,
whole history of creation, to a loopy time-travel Stonehenge stones are transmitters! It’s something to keep safe in a box, or show
sitcom in a museum. At the same time, I think got guest-star cameos – Vincent van Gogh! off in a museum. Forever. ALAN BARNES
it’s very moving. The line “We’re all stories in the
end” has lived on in a very gratifying way. The
thing I couldn’t wait to write was “Something old,
something new, something borrowed, something
blue” to bring back the TARDIS. It makes absolutely
no sense whatsoever, but who cares!






VOLU MES 1 & 2 AVA I L A BL E N OW • VO LUM E 3 AVA I L A B L E M A RC H 2 02 0


BBC logo TM and © BBC 1996. Doctor Who logo and © BBC 2018. Licensed by BBC Studios. Captain Jack Harkness and Jackie Tyler
created by Russell T Davies and used under licence. River Song created by Steven Moffat and used under licence.

The Eleventh Doctor’s journeys into the past Charles Dickens: take one long-dead
Historical Celeb at a specific moment
included notable examples of a subgenre in their life; have the Doctor, on meeting
said personage, gush about how
that’s become a mainstay… “I’m Your No 1 Fan!”; show that
the subject isn’t quite as their
Feature by ALAN BARNES reputation suggests (ie,
they’re Not Like They Say);
make them the Hero of the
Years later, the Sixth Hour, playing an essential
Doctor helped out steam part in the adventure’s
engineer George Stephenson, conclusion; settle an enduring
of Rocket fame, in the second biographical or other enigma
half of The Mark of the Rani en route, leaving an Historical
(1985), and in a surprise twist Mystery Solved; and finally, show
at the end of Timelash (1985) that their subject’s unlikely
a dislocated Victorian youth adventure has inspired them
called Herbert turned out in some way, big or small
to be the young HG Wells. (“That Gives Me an Idea…”).
At least they had a little With corrupt US president
more to do than scientists Richard Nixon playing
Albert Einstein and Charles only a supporting role in

eal historical persons hardly Darwin, who were relegated The Impossible Astronaut/
ever turned up in Doctor to non-speaking walk-ons in in Day of the Moon (2011), the
Who throughout its original the Seventh Doctor’s debut Time and Historical Celeb story eventually
20th-century run. True, the the Rani (1987). But mostly, the Doctor’s faded from prominence… until the arrival
First Doctor met Marco Polo adventures with past persons – with, say, of the Thirteenth Doctor, whose meeting
and Kublai Khan, Robespierre, Henry VIII, or Napoleon Bonaparte, or with US civil rights activist Rosa Parks
the Emperor Nero, Richard the Marie Antoinette, or Marie Curie – were in Rosa (2018) was given an altogether
Lionheart and Saladin, plus various fleeting mentions, given in passing. more serious treatment. Since then, the
OK Corral gunfighters (among others) – So the ‘historical celebrity’ story – Doctor’s met King James I, Ada Lovelace,
but such encounters ended in 1967, when two examples of which can be found in Charles Babbage, Noor Inayat Khan,
viewer apathy caused his non-fantastical the Eleventh Doctor’s first series – was Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison,
adventures to come to an end. largely the invention of the programme’s Mary and Percy Shelley
modern revival. Writer Mark Gatiss and Alfred Lord Byron.
created an enduring template with The The Historical Celebs
Unquiet Dead (2005), co-starring are back! DWM

Julian Glover
as King Richard the
Lionheart with William
Hartnell as the Doctor
in The Crusade (1965).
(David Chandler) is
revealed to be none
other than HG Wells
in Timelash (1985).

President Nixon (Stuart

Milligan) in The Impossible
Astronaut (2011).
Bill Paterson (as
Bracewell), Ian McNeice
(Winston Churchill),
Matt Smith (the Doctor)
and Karen Gillan (Amy
Pond) in a publicity
shot for Victory of the
Daleks (2010).


The Gelth = the Blue
Author Charles “Go on, do the On Christmas Realises gas causes How was The
The Unquiet Dickens (1812-70) death of Little Nell, Eve, glum Dickens the alien Gelth to Mystery of Edwin
Elementals to be
Dead (2005) revealed at the end
in 1869 it cracks me up.” is Scrooge-like vacate their hosts Drood going to end?
of Drood

Rose is waiting Why did Victoria

Tooth Queen Victoria “We just met Shoots mad monk Founds the
for Her Majesty develop a blood
and Claw (1819-1901) Queen Victoria! …
to say: “We are
Father Angelo and
mutation late
Torchwood Institute,
(2006) in 1879 What a laugh!” faces a werewolf to fight aliens
not amused.” in life?

Eponymous Looks different At the Globe, What happened

The “Genius.
to the ‘lost’
playwright from portraits, ad-libs verses
Shakespeare William S
He’s a genius.
notes Martha to banish the play Love’s
‘Dark Lady’ Martha
Code (2007) The genius!” to a summer’s day
(1564-1616) c 1599 (approvingly) Carrionites Labour’s Won?

The Unicorn Mystery writer “Oh, I love Calls herself The Doctor asks Why did Agatha Donna suggests the
and the Wasp Agatha Christie your stuff. “a purveyor Agatha to unmask disappear for ten title Murder on the
(2008) (1890-1976) in 1926 What a mind!” of nonsense” a murderer… days in 1926? Orient Express…

Eponymous artist Sees an invisible

Vincent and The Doctor has never Tells Amy that What prompted the Paints Still Life
V van Gogh monster, and
the Doctor (1853-90) in his
seen stars the way sunflowers aren’t his
kebabs it with his
“artistic outpouring” with Sunflowers –
(2010) Vincent sees them… favourite flower of his final months? dedicated to Amy
final year easel (alas)

Uses his Wants to study

Nikola Tesla’s The eponymous “Total genius! The Doctor was … answering this:
Wardenclyffe the Doctor’s
Night of inventor (1856-1943) I always wanted “expecting more” of
Tower to repel
would his wireless
Terror (2020) circa 1903 to meet you!” Tesla’s sparse lab power have worked?
the Skithra… TARDIS




Timothy Combe continues “They look good, don’t they?” Tim leans forward
enthusiastically. “I was really pleased. There weren’t
his account of the challenges helicopters in the script. It just said something like,
‘The soldiers search the area…’ So it was my idea
he faced 50 years ago while to take to the air. I got my production assistant to line
up the soldiers and Fulton Mackay [playing Dr Quinn],
directing Doctor Who and and over we flew. Of course, you’re praying like hell
you got it all and there’s no hair in the gate that’s
the Silurians. going to make it useless.”
Filming on The Silurians had begun at London’s
Interview by STEVE COLE Marylebone Station on 12 November 1969 – when things
were rather more relaxed. The scene? The doomed
Masters (Geoffrey Palmer) falling victim to the Silurian
managed to squeeze the money for plague. But Barry Letts, flexing his muscles as newly

a helicopter out of Barry Letts,” Timothy appointed producer, wanted more inserts of supporting
Combe declares. “That’s something!” artists being struck down with plague, necessitating
In 1970, Tim and Barry Letts, Doctor a remount on Monday the 24th.
Who’s new producer, didn’t always see “The extras were upset about lying down on
eye to eye – particularly on budget. a dirty floor,” Tim recalls. “We offered to meet their
Though they didn’t come cheap, the dry-cleaning bills, but then they started to say, ‘You
helicopter scenes in Doctor Who and the Silurians
added enormously to the serial’s taut, adult feel.


Opposite page:
Jon Pertwee (as the
Doctor) and Nicholas
Courtney (as Brigadier
Lethbridge-Stewart) on
the Television Centre set
of Doctor Who and the
know, it requires a bit of acting if we’re having to die, so What about the shot of the Doctor and Liz driving Bessie Silurians (1970).
really our fees should be higher…’ I said, ‘You don’t have through town in Episode 1? It’s a lovely sequence but hardly Above from left:
to do any moving about, you’re dead!’ Trevor Ray [Doctor essential. Surely it must have taken a long time to set up Masters (Geoffrey
Who’s assistant script editor] was in there – or ‘Sting’ Ray and shoot? “Did it in one take,” Tim says happily. “Filmed Palmer) succumbs
to the Silurian plague
as we called him. He had a gorgeous blonde girl with him, from the hotel window. The old car was taking over from in London; medics
Prunella Ransome, who was an actress, and we called the TARDIS so we had to show it in action. I think Barry and police arrive at
upon their friends for those ‘dying’ scenes, as well as crew. was hoping that toy Bessies would sweep the land.” Marylebone Station;
Barry wasn’t happy because he said it deprived genuine Bessie also featured in the story’s downbeat climax, a pedestrian (Prunella
actors of work… whereas I liked it because it was cheap! with the Doctor and Liz watching in horror as the Ransome) and a ticket
inspector (Trevor
In all my productions I’d get mates to do things for nothing Silurians’ underground base is blown up. It’s a superbly
Ray) fall victim to
and then thank them with lunch at Costa in Notting Hill.” shot finale. “We used handheld lighting on Jon [Pertwee] the disease.
From Marylebone, production moved to and Caroline [John] to highlight the explosions,”
Left insets: Squire
Surrey, with Tim basing his unit at Godalming. says Tim. “And the final big explosion as Jon (Gordon Richardson)
“We were actually very lucky with our drove out of shot was carefully timed – not and Liz Shaw (Caroline
locations,” he says. “You know the atomic down to luck! It was also done in one take.” John), as seen from the
energy station in the story? I didn’t know Trevor Ray recalled Hankley Common Silurian’s point of view
where to find that. Then I was driving being set on fire by the blast – and that in Episode 2.
along the A3 past Surrey Cathedral and he stayed behind to explain what Below left: Jon Pertwee
looked off to my left and there were these happened to the fire brigade. Tim, takes a bird’s-eye view
of the location shooting
big aerials sticking up. I thought, ‘I wonder however, remembers things differently. for Episode 3.
what’s up there?’ So I left the main road “We were prepared in case the heather and
Below right: The
and took the turning up to Hog’s Back, saw the scrub caught fire. The special effects team Doctor and Liz witness
the place and thought, ‘That’s it, I’m here! did a great job and very little damage was done. the destruction of the
I’ve found Wenley Moor.’ I have no recollection of ‘Sting’ Ray being on Silurians’ base at the
“We also had a barn with a Silurian in location during this sequence. My PA would end of the final episode.
it, in Tilford. I said to Fred Hamilton, the have made sure we left the common in a
cameraman: ‘I want you to be the Silurian, good state.” He frowns. “I would have liked
his point of view… and I want it to have to have shown more chaos in the caves
a third eye that’s coloured red.’ So he in studio, but time and resources didn’t
arranged for a special lens to be made and allow that.”
put a bit of lipstick on one part of it! He was
tremendously clever. But in the end, Barry

im doesn’t relish the memories
made me cut back the POV shots; he said of the studio caves. “There’d been a big
it was too frightening. Even the little we left dispute because the studios at TV Centre
in was apparently very frightening to the kids.” were much larger than the Lime Grove-type
studios Doctor Who was used to. The BBC’s Scenic Design

The helicopter scenes Department said that we had to use the same-sized sets
as before: there wasn’t enough time and manpower to

in Doctor Who and handle bigger ones. But the caves were vital to the realism
in the story and so much action took place down there.

the Silurians added We needed that space. So as a compromise, and to save

striking and setting up complicated sets each week, we
arranged to shoot all the cave scenes on a single day.” 1
enormously to the
serial’s taut,
adult feel.



Timothy Combe
1 Designer Barry Newbery ran into problems with the
external contractors building the cave sets. They were
supposed to be spraying fibreglass over a rigid framework.
However, “They’d stuck it on some old sacking,” Tim
laments, “and of course, despite their assurances, the sets
simply wouldn’t stand up. I remember driving to the BBC
from Richmond at eight o’clock in the morning, getting
to Studio One. Nothing was there! Barry Newbery, the
designer, was tearing his hair out. I said, ‘Have you been
on to Barry Letts?’ He said, ‘Yes, but he can’t do anything
about it. It’s these people. I wish I’d never gone to them…’
“Barry and Barry and I met up, and the lighting guy and
technical crew, and it was decided we had to abandon the
day. We couldn’t do anything. I said, ‘Well, we can do some
cutaways I suppose against a black screen… but I don’t
know what it’s going to look like.’” Tim shakes his head.
“My stomach was churning and I felt really quite sick.

“At the time I was

unaware of how
universally popular
Doctor Who was going
to turn out to be.”
I mean, we’ve got Studio One, the most expensive studio,
and I’m thinking, will anything ever arrive, and will I have
time? Barry Newbery went out to rustle up whatever
he could, and people from other productions came and
helped out. When they did arrive, thanks to the lighting,
you wouldn’t know it’s a small set. Sand on the floor helps
sell it, and the black drapes at the back help to add space.
The limitations actually work in its favour.
“In the end it was worth it – but it really was
a stomach-churning time for me. There was nothing
I could do besides amend the camera scripts to fit in
with the new layouts. We worked through as fast as we
could and arranged a remount to take care of the rest
and piece it all together in the edit.”
These painful memories fade away when I remind
Tim of Marjorie Bilbow’s Television Today review from
February 1970, following the transmission of Episode 1: 

NOTES ON AN OLD CRUMHORN phoning me up at ten at night,

very excited. He said, ‘I’ve
found the Silurian sound…’
ith more advanced He played it down the phone

W editing techniques
available than in the
1960s, Doctor Who and
at me. Notes on an old
crumhorn! He was quite an
eccentric chap, which is what
the Silurians was recorded appealed to me. I wanted
very much out of sequence, something different to the
with music added in post- standard Doctor Who music,
production. The score was to make it a bit scarier at times.
provided by Carey Blyton, “Barry didn’t like it, though;
making his first musical he thought the Silurian sound
contribution to the series. was a bit jokey.
Above: A Silurian
“I’d had enough of [prolific I get the feeling that
on the problematic
cave set, which was Doctor Who composer] Dudley Barry and Terrance
hastily dressed with Simpson,” says Tim. “I wanted would get together,
black drapes and to do things differently, make and one would say,
a sandy floor. it stand out a little bit.” He ‘I don’t like it,’ and the
Right: Carey Blyton pauses. “I don’t know if it quite other would agree. That’s
composed the incidental worked with Carey…” where I should have stepped
music for Doctor Who The score is certainly in and said why I liked it.
and the Silurians.
striking. “Yes. Different…” he But, I didn’t.”
Far right: A crumhorn, concedes. “I remember Carey
of the type pictured
here, featured
prominently in
Blyton’s score.


“A wonderful feeling of contentment descends
when one comes across a production that
does exactly what it sets out to do – thrill,
amuse and entertain. Not art, but a fine
display of craftsmanship.” Tim smiles.
“I did enjoy directing The Silurians.”
Tim came away, temporarily at least,
with a charming keepsake. At the end of
production he was presented with a 12-inch
Silurian statuette by visual effects assistant
Gerry Abouaf, who’d helped sculpt the
monsters’ masks. “And very well made it was
too,” says Tim. “At the time I was unaware
of how universally popular Doctor Who was
going to turn out to be. The Silurian sat for
quite a while on the sitting-room mantelpiece.
I can’t remember how it happened, but one
day I found it broken. Really sad. It would
have made a piece of Whovian history –
rather like the special photographs David
Hebden prepared for me as a birthday gift,
showing the Silurians in odd headgear! David
was on the sound in studio. Very creative,
and married to Sue Marlborough, one of my
regular AFMs [assistant floor managers].”

adly, Tim returned to Doctor Who only

S once, for 1971’s The Mind of Evil – and,

once again, it was a helicopter that
caused raised eyebrows among the production
team. “I was never asked back,” he says,
sighing. “The script left Jon and Katy [Manning] still
Top left: Visual
on the actual site of the climactic explosion, yet the effects assistant
next scene showed them back in London. To escape Gerald Abouaf with a
the explosion they obviously had to be whisked away, sculpted Silurian mask.
and a helicopter was the only solution. Above: David Hebden
“I explained this to [script editor] Terry Dicks made this birthday
and asked him to tell Barry of my problem. I don’t card for Tim Combe.
think Terry liked being told there was a fault in the Left: A recent picture
script and therefore he didn’t explain to Barry why of Tim with Pik-Sen
I needed the helicopter. And so I had an overspend Lim, who played
Captain Chin Lee in The
entered against my name, which of course scarred Mind of Evil (1971).
my reputation. Fortunately, the wonderful William
Slater, the BBC’s Head of Serials, believed me –
and believed in me. He’d seen my work and liked
it and gave me a classic serial to direct, The Early
Life of Stephen Hind [1974] by Storm Jameson.
I cast Michael Kitchen in the title role, and
thanks to a wonderful script and cast I was
back in favour again.”
Tim’s earlier experience with the Silurians had
already had a pleasing outcome. “Shortly afterwards,
a vacancy for staff director in Drama came up. I was the Tim settles back on his sofa. “I was the last of the
youngest and least experienced of all the applicants but staff directors. The BBC never appointed another.
got the position – one of the best days of my life, as child Of course, I get nothing from repeat fees or video sales
number three was on the way and we were in the process or the rest. But…” The twinkle returns to his eyes. 
of moving from our two-bedroom Victorian cottage “At the time, the kudos and the extra money were just
in Richmond to a six-bedroom house in East Molesey.” what the Doctor ordered!” DWM


FA CE LIFT The Second Doctor battles shape-shifting aliens
at Gatwick Airport! The missing 1967 story The
Faceless Ones is back on our screens for the first time
in more than 50 years.. This is how it was done…

he TARDIS materialises on the runway at

Gatwick Airport, just as a plane is taking
off. Chased by the police, the Doctor and
his friends – Polly, Ben and Jamie – scatter
into the airport buildings, where Polly
witnesses a murder and is then captured.
Ben vanishes too, and Jamie and the Doctor soon discover
that their friends are just the latest young people to
disappear. It transpires that Chameleon Tours is offering
more than just budget package holidays. And that the Earth
is on the brink of an ingenious alien invasion…
Originally broadcast in 1967, only two of the six episodes
of The Faceless Ones survive. Happily, however, this makes
it an ideal candidate to be animated by BBC Studios.
The new version of The Faceless Ones is directed by
AnneMarie Walsh, who worked as an animator on 2016’s
The Power of the Daleks, was animation director on
Shada (2017) and also directed the animation segment of
The Wheel in Space, included as an extra with last year’s
release of The Macra Terror. “I’ve worked in animation
for 15 years,” she tells Doctor Who Magazine. “While I
specialise in animating, I’ve also storyboarded, designed
backgrounds and characters, worked in visual effects and
motion graphics, edited, been an animation director, and
directed and produced on other projects.”
AnneMarie has brought this experience to bear on
the way animation has been applied to this
missing story, and the people who’ve
worked on it. “The creative team has
changed significantly,” she says. “Of
the 23 people involved creatively on


of the things groovy kids wore in 1967 wouldn’t
“DOING A STRONG have looked out of place on the Macra colony!”

PERIOD PIECE LIKE So how did he recreate Swinging London? “

I referenced busy shots of Carnaby Street
THIS ALWAYS BRINGS from the era, as the majority of passengers
in the story are meant to be youngsters taking
ITS OWN DESIGN advantage of the new fad for cheap air travel.
In a way, that was one of the most enjoyable aspects Opposite page clockwise

ISSUES.” MARTIN GERAGHTY of the job, as we only really needed one angle of those
passengers seated.”
from top left: Polly; the
Chameleon Tours plane;
Jamie McCrimmon; the
this story, only seven worked on previous Doctor Who “Martin designed 19 swinging young people to be Doctor, wearing a device
animations. All three storyboard artists – Barry Baker, passengers,” says colour artist Adrian Salmon – another placed on him by the
Malcolm Hartley and Studio35 – were new to the team, veteran of DWM and previous animations. “You might spot Chameleons.
as were most of the animators. And we used a different a blazer from The Prisoner in the mix!” But The Faceless Top left: All that remains of
animation program from the one used on The Macra Ones was originally made in black and white, so what a body – a pile of clothes
Terror, which led to a different style of storytelling, reference did Adrian use? “I did plenty of research into the and a pool of green liquid.
design and animation, as did the structure of how we appropriate colours for the era, and checked the actors’ Top right: Jamie, Sam and
ran the project.” hair and eye colours circa 1967 from other TV and films the Doctor face death
by laser beam.
they were in – plenty of shows produced by ITC at the
ven so, The Faceless Ones is very much in keeping time were particularly helpful. Polly’s pea-green coat was Above: The scene as it

E with those previous animations, not least because

the character design is again by DWM comic-
inspired by Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock’s film The Birds,
while the suit worn by Jean Rock was nicknamed ‘salmon
appeared in the original
version of The Faceless Ones
(1967), featuring Frazer
strip artist Martin Geraghty, who has worked on all the pink’ by AnneMarie. Hines as Jamie, Pauline
productions since The Power of the Daleks. “It’s been “I also designed over 20 props for the production,” he Collins as Samantha Briggs
another busy year on the animation front,” continues, “from mundane objects like a crowbar and Patrick Troughton
as the Doctor.
he says. What makes The Faceless Ones or hammer, to French and Spanish stamps
different, however, is that “This is the first and postcards. I really enjoyed doing Left inset: Jean Rock in
the air traffic control room
one we’ve done set somewhere other those, and again did a lot of research
at Gatwick.
than a futuristic colony – well, barring to try to get the period details right.
Below: Jamie, Sam, the
Shada, but there most of the costume In one scene, Jamie is peering from
Doctor, Inspector Crossland
and design already existed. Doing a behind a newspaper and AnneMarie and the Commandant discuss
strong period piece like this always asked me to create ‘Easter egg’ the mysterious events
brings its own design issues. Some adverts in that – in-jokes for 1 surrounding Chameleon Tours.


1 you to spot. So keep an eye out for Marinus padlocks,
Smugglers whiskey and a free ‘Rough & Tumble’ cabinet!”
What makes Adrian’s work here different to the
illustrations he creates for DWM is that his drawings,
created in Photoshop, must then be redrawn by the
animators as vectors. “These allow you to increase the size
of the artwork without losing resolution,” he explains.
Gaia Satya Matteucci and Ana García Sebastiá are the
credited 2D animation leads on the story. They have a team
of 14 freelance animators working under them. One of the Then, just as an actor would, the animation ‘performer’
latter is Kate Sullivan, contributing to her first Doctor Who. adjusts the performance to suit the role. The animation of
“I was lucky to be one of the character animators,” she our 2D Doctor had to reference how Troughton played the
says. “We all were given several shots a week to work on, character, but never be too broad and played for laughs,
which meant that we all got to animate a wide variety tipping into comedy pastiche. That said, there is, of course,
of characters. Character animation is acting, and on a humorous element to Troughton’s performance. Oh dear,
Right: Animator a job like The Faceless Ones it also requires a level of it’s very difficult to explain what is really instinctive! But it’s
Kate Sullivan. impersonation. I’ve worked on several projects before been lovely to lose myself in these characters and creatures
Below inset: Sam this, such as for [the comedy series] Dead Ringers, that – ones I’d never be cast as in real life!”
Briggs, bound and involved what you might call ‘animated impersonations’ The alien Chameleons presented a particular challenge,
gagged by the
of characters – though the style and tone you’ll see in The because only one full-size photograph survives of what
Faceless Ones are of course very different.” they looked like. “So they double up a lot!” says Martin,
Below left: The
laughing. “But we needed to give the Chameleons some
Doctor hides behind
an aeroplane wheel s with Martin and Adrian, Kate started with thought anyway, as their on-screen design would’ve been
in Episode 1.
Below right:
A diligent research. “I revisited Troughton-era
Doctor Who episodes to get into character.
difficult to achieve in animation, being quite vague and
latexy. I had the thought of continents or land
Storyboards for With the existing first episode of The Faceless masses breaking up and drifting across
the new animation. Ones, I was studying the way the Doctor a hard surface, to mimic the ruined planet
Bottom: Telesnaps wrings his hands and how he frowns they’ve left behind. They still have
from the original TV a lot. But it’s a funny thing: it’s not the basic silhouette and feel of the TV
story, including images necessarily a case of looking at Chameleons, I hope, and I adapted
from the scene where individual shots, more like watching the Chameleon Tours logo as a
a raw-state Chameleon
takes on the appearance
lots of footage and then keeping in kind of brand for the species, so
of Meadows (George mind the overall impression. Also, that appears as an insignia on their
Selway). having the voice track helps a lot. tunics.” Even so, Martin thinks
this production is an authentic
recreation of the TV story. “Yes,
I think it’s a less radical reimagaining
than for The Macra Terror.”
That doesn’t mean it’s any less
ambitious. For one thing, while the original
versions of The Power of the Daleks and The
Macra Terror were wholly recorded in the studio, The
Faceless Ones boasted location filming, so it’s on a much
larger scale. “The fact it’s set and was shot in Gatwick


Fury from the Deep is on BBC STUDIOS USA The Evil of
BBC Studios’ schedule, but The Massacre of St The Smugglers the Daleks
which missing Doctor Who Bartholomew’s Eve I love Anneke Wills as Polly It’s the story right after The
story would fans like to see No telesnaps and anything she’s involved in Faceless Ones and also I’m a
animated next? In February exist and has a lot of energy. big Dalek buff. It would
we asked attendees of the I have no be good to complete the
Gallifrey One convention… idea what DIANE Dalek stories.
any of MARTIN
DIRECTOR CARRIE NOLAN Anything The Highlanders
OF THE MARYLAND, USA I’m just looking forward to [Why that one
ANIMATED The Celestial Toymaker seeing these lost episodes. I in particular,
VERSION They recently referenced just want more Doctor Who! Frazer?] The
OF FURY FROM THE DEEP the character Highlanders!
The Celestial Toymaker in a TV episode ANDREW PARSONS
Gary Russell photo © Alex Mallinson

That’s my Holy Grail. I want [2020’s Can BRISTOL, UK

to animate that. It would You Hear The Highlanders
lend itself really nicely to Me?]. To It’s the first one with Jamie
animation. You could do a lot revisit where McCrimmon, played by Frazer
with it, taking it into realms that all started Hines. And it would be good
that they could never have would be to have an animation of an
done in 1966 on the telly. awesome. historical story.

Airport means that we had a huge variety of backgrounds,” time constraints of a project like this,
says AnneMarie, “from the wide open external and internal let’s just say there was some copy-and-
spaces of the airport and concourse, to tiny secret rooms pasting going on.”
and the aeroplanes. It also allowed us much more scope for Interior sets were easier, although
wide and panning shots, such as characters running across Rob had less flexibility than on previous animations. Above: The covers for
the runway or up and down stairs.” “With Macra, there were no existing episodes and there the 2020 DVD and
The story’s location presented challenges for Rob wasn’t much in the way of reference, so we could expand Blu-ray releases of
Ritchie, who recreated the original sets and settings using the design and almost make it from scratch as a new The Faceless Ones.
computer graphics. “At least you can see where a studio production. With The Faceless Ones, it was hard to be Below left: Jamie and the
ends,” he says. “With Gatwick, you need the surrounding mega-creative in that way. I mean, it’s good having existing Doctor attempt to evade
airport security.
landscape, the tree lines, other buildings… Given the episodes and telesnaps [screenshot photographs taken of
Below right: CG artist
the episodes as they were transmitted] because I had more
Rob Ritchie.
“WE USED THE reference images when I built all the sets in CG. I rarely
dig out floorplans or design blueprints as I find it easier
ORIGINAL CAMERA building by eye from images.” Even so, he’s been
able to expand on elements of the original story.
SCRIPTS AND THE “I always like to try to improve the sets, as I’ve done
here with the Chameleons’ satellite – but you’ll have
AUDIO TO GUIDE US.” to wait till you see that!”
“It’s great having so much reference material for this
ANNEMARIE WALSH story,” says AnneMarie. “That gives us an opportunity
to really study the idiosyncrasies of the actors from the
original version and bring them into our animation. We
used the original camera scripts
and the audio to guide us, rather
than trying to do a shot-by-shot
remake. We storyboarded it
all from scratch to best express
the series in animated form,
while being sympathetic to the
original style.” The animation is
in colour and clearly aimed at
a modern audience. “Naturally,”
says AnneMarie, “we’re accustomed
to making and watching a very
different style of TV. Apart from the
use of technology for more ambitious
shots, we also tend to create more
dynamically paced stories. So we’ve
tried to make it more relevant in how
we tell the story, and we established
that in the storyboarding phase.”
In fact, the team set themselves
a remarkable challenge. “We had about
the same time to do The Faceless Ones as
we had for Macra, but with an extra two
episodes,” says Rob Ritchie, who was also
responsible for 3D animation 1



Above left: The 2020 1 and compositing on the story. “That’s roughly an
Steelbook Blu-ray release
of The Faceless Ones.
additional 500+ shots. I always try to render sets at as many “ALL ADDED SOUNDS
Above right: Nurse Pinto,
Spencer and Captain Blade
different angles as possible so that shots will feel more
varied – and across these six episodes I probably rendered ARE ORIGINAL–
in the medical centre of
Gatwick Airport.
700 or 800 individual shots myself. I hope people find it
wonderful to look at, and I enjoyed hiding my own Easter
Below left: Telesnaps
from the original TV story
eggs in there, too. So keep ’em peeled as you watch it.” ELSEWHERE IN THE
showing the Chameleon s well as the visuals, it’s worth paying attention to EPISODES.” MARK AYRES
Tours plane docking with
the alien satellite.
Right inset: The
A the sound. Mark Ayres previously remastered the
story’s soundtrack for the 2002 audiobook and for
the versions of the two surviving episodes released first
although these are presented on the Blu-ray as standard
definition video, they have newly remastered sound.
Chameleons’ satellite as it on VHS in 2003 and then on the Lost in Time DVD set the “The final job was to prepare the animation soundtrack,
appears in the animation.
following year. “As a first step on this one,” he says, re-conforming and tweaking the new audio masters to
Below right: Sam and “I pulled those out of the archive – it pays to keep synchronise with the locked pictures,” Mark continues.
Jamie wrestle with
everything! – and produced new reference files to be “There was a lot of to-and-fro between AnneMarie, Rob
used for animation synchronisation. The files were and me to make sure we got it exactly right: a tricky but
also used by Derek Handley for the telesnap essential job at the end of a complicated production.
reconstruction of the missing episodes that I also added some additional sound effects in
will also be on this set. some places to help ‘sell’ the animation.
“I then completely remastered the For instance, in Episode 6 there’s a fight
soundtrack of all six episodes from the sequence which, bar the music, appears
off-air recordings made by Graham to have been entirely mute in the
Strong when the story was originally original. Even so, all the added sounds
broadcast. They’re still the best are authentic and original – I lifted
source. This time, I was able to them from elsewhere in the episodes
reconstruct far more of the dynamics and modified to suit.”
lost in the original recording, and “The tight schedule meant it was quite
increase the noise reduction using the an intense project throughout,” says
more subtle techniques that are now AnneMarie, “and how limited we were in
available. My six new master files were being able to edit the dialogue, sound effects
then synchronised to Derek’s completed and music separately was a challenge at times.
recons, and to the 2003 picture restorations of But my favourite aspect was seeing the excellent
the original Episodes 1 and 3 – so work of so many very talented and creative
people coming together. Having such
a dedicated team, capable of working well
beyond the confines of
their roles, was a huge
plus and they were a
genuine pleasure to
work with.” DWM


The transmitted version of The Faceless Ones
grew out of a rather different adventure set
in a near-future department store…
Illustration by SEAN COLEMAN

n summer 1966, Doctor Who serial, the term ‘faceless one’ is used twice The Moonbase was also the story on

I story editor Gerry Davis met with

writers David Ellis and Malcolm
Hulke to discuss potential ideas
for the series. Ellis and Hulke
were both established television writers,
in the outline to describe a Chameleon.)
It transpires that the Chameleons are only
drones, working for another master-race of
humanoids. This species is locked in a long-
term rivalry with the inhabitants of another
which Wills and Craze’s contracts were
due to expire. On 11 December Wills’
contract was renewed for three further
four-part serials, encompassing The Macra
Terror (1967), Ellis and
but previous pitches to Doctor Who – planet, with both sides “pursuing a policy of Hulke’s story and another Above: Anneke
including solo efforts and a collaboration colonisation.” In a sub-basement laboratory tale. Craze’s contract was Wills as Polly and
entitled The People Who Couldn’t under the store, these aliens have developed not, however. The production Michael Craze as
Remember – had been unsuccessful. a new form of bubonic plague with which team apparently considered Ben in The War
Keen for stories based around a single, they intend to eliminate humanity and that Jamie could replace Machines (1966).
distinctive location, Davis asked the duo to colonise Earth for themselves. Ben entirely. Below inset:
Polly meets Jamie
Meanwhile, although liking
In a sub-basement laboratory under many elements of The Big
Store, Davis and producer
(Frazer Hines) for
the first time in
the store, aliens have developed Innes Lloyd decided to alter
the original brief, requesting
The Highlanders

a new form of bubonic plague. that the setting now be

changed to an airport.
Below left:
A Chameleon from
Perhaps they had spotted The Faceless Ones
potential in one of The Big
develop a serial set in a large department The plan is ultimately defeated when Store’s subplots, in which Below right: Writer
Malcolm Hulke,
store. A simple brief perhaps – but this retail- the TARDIS crew finds and releases Polly took a job selling
producer Innes
themed assignment would prove more than the kidnapped originals; this causes the holidays in the store’s travel Lloyd and story
the writers had bargained for. Chameleons to disappear, forcing the master bureau (where she’s later editor Gerry Davis.
On Tuesday 15 November, Ellis and aliens to flee. Then, much like in any replaced by a Chameleon
Hulke submitted a storyline for a four-part Doctor Who story, the Doctor, Polly duplicate). With the
story entitled The Big Store. The proposed and Ben depart in the TARDIS. new airport setting, this would
story featured established companions Polly But even as Ellis and Hulke be adapted into a plotline with
(Anneke Wills) and Ben (Michael Craze) were developing the storyline, Polly’s duplicate working in
alongside Patrick Troughton’s new changes were afoot in the an airline kiosk.
Doctor, whose debut in The cast. On 14 November, the The story was thus
Power of the Daleks Episode day before the outline was reworked into a new tale
One had been transmitted submitted, Frazer Hines entitled Doctor Who and the
just over a week earlier, had made his debut as Jamie Chameleons, commissioned
on 5 November. McCrimmon in location filming on Tuesday 3 January 1967, now
Arriving in a department for The Highlanders (1966-67). extended to six episodes as part of
store in England, 1973, Within a week he’d been added to the a broader shift towards longer stories.
the TARDIS crew soon regular cast, and scripts for the next This had an odd side-effect – Anneke Wills’
discovers that the staff are two stories – The Underwater Menace contract now expired in the second episode
being systematically abducted (1967) and The Moonbase (1967) – of the next story. With the actress electing
and replaced with identical were hastily revised to depart with Craze, this placed her
impostors. These are to include Jamie. projected exit in an odd place. 1
the Chameleons –
faceless beings
who can assume
the physical
characteristics of
humans with the
aid of advanced
the ultimate
title of Ellis
and Hulke’s 1


Lloyd and Davis
ne striking moment
in The Big Store
suddenly changed outline is the first
cliffhanger, in which
their minds, Polly wanders through
an area populated by mannequins
electing to speed wearing the fashions of 1973.
Intrigued, she tries some items
up Polly and on, but “as she admires herself
in a mirror, one of the dummies
Ben’s departure begins to walk, hands reaching
for Polly’s throat.”
from the series. This imagery strongly
foreshadows the Autons – the
further mention of living dummies
is made in the entire outline.
living mannequins famously Perhaps this was intended to
introduced to the series be a ‘raw-state’ Chameleon in
1 By now it was established that this next in Spearhead from Space hiding – maybe Ellis and Hulke
serial would be a seven-part Dalek story by (1970). But despite this initially thought that their
David Whitaker, who created his own early prescience, here the idea is faceless selves might resemble
breakdown on 4 January. From the start, this oddly underdeveloped. When mannequins. The eventual
story was intended to span multiple settings, Polly turns around, the realisation of the
including Victorian England and the Dalek mannequin instantly Chameleons in The
planet Skaro. However, much of the first two freezes – no Faceless Ones,
episodes would be set in the present day, explanation is however, would be
following directly on from the end of The provided, and no far more ‘monstrous’.
Chameleons. The breakdown begins with
“Tardis stolen”, a development that would
be incorporated as a cliffhanger ending to the bubonic plague plot was abandoned were paid for the remaining six episodes
Ellis and Hulke’s new serial. in favour of a scheme based more directly on their contracts.
around their abilities, as the Chameleons Major restructuring of the story after
hitaker’s outline also features aim to abduct and steal the identities of Episode 2 was therefore required. New

W Polly and Ben, writing them out

in Episode 2 as required. While
the Doctor and Jamie are
captured and taken back to
Victorian times (as in the final transmitted
50,000 young people.
Full scripts of Episodes 1 to 3 were
delivered on Tuesday 24 January. Episode
4 followed on Friday 27 January – and
on the same day Craze was belatedly
outlines were delivered for Episode 3 on
10 February and Episodes 4, 5 and 6 the
following day, with the Polly and Ben roles
reduced accordingly. On 13 February it
was arranged for Whitaker to similarly
version), the outline notes simply that “Ben contracted to the second episode of the revise his work on the first two episodes
and Polly return to London life”. Dalek story so that Ben could depart with of The Evil of the Daleks.
Polly. Ellis and Hulke By the time a revised rehearsal script
delivered the final two for Episode 2 was delivered on Monday
episodes on Tuesday 31 27 February, Cleo had been renamed
January, while Whitaker Samantha (Sam) Briggs, whilst the story
delivered a script for The was now called Doctor Who and the Faceless
Evil of the Daleks Episode 1, Ones. Hopes that Sam might become
featuring Ben and Polly, the new companion were dashed when
on 8 February 1967. Pauline Collins – cast for just the one story
Around this time, Lloyd – declined an offer to continue with the
and Davis suddenly changed series. So Victoria Waterfield, an alternative
their minds, electing to potential companion devised for The Evil of
speed up Polly and Ben’s the Daleks, joined the TARDIS crew instead.
departure from the series. The evolution of The Big Store, and its
Another character in The careful dovetailing with The Evil of the
Chameleons – named Daleks, reveal the inner workings of
Mary Dawson in the early a television series in a state of flux. By the
outlines, and now called time The Faceless Ones began transmission
Top: The Autons Meanwhile, an outline Cleopatra (‘Cleo’) Briggs – had been in April 1967, Ellis and Hulke’s Chameleons
attack in Episode 4 of the first four episodes identified as a potential new companion, story had come a long way. DWM
of Spearhead from of The Chameleons was and this would give her space for a bigger
Space (1970). prepared on 7 January. The role in the narrative. For more information about The Big Store
Above: Publicity idea of a separate master Now Polly and Ben would appear visit endofthelane.co.uk
shots of Ben and race was now dropped, prominently in Episodes 1 and 2 of The
Polly from 1966.
making the Chameleons Chameleons, before being abducted by
Right: Telesnaps
themselves more developed the aliens and disappearing for the rest
from The Faceless
Ones, featuring and intelligent. The original of the story. They would then return
scenes with Jamie, ‘coloniser’ backstory was for a brief farewell scene in Episode 6,
the Doctor (Patrick changed to a more tragic to be shot during pre-filming at
Troughton), account of how the Gatwick Airport. Wills and Craze
Samantha Briggs Chameleons lost their would therefore only be required for
(Pauline Collins), the
identities in a catastrophe rehearsals and recording of the first
Commandant (Colin
Gordon) and Ben. on their planet. Similarly, two episodes, although both actors
Far right: The
Doctor gets behind
the wheel in The
Faceless Ones.


Exploring the hidden depths of Doctor Who’s most intriguing stories...

Episodes nine to twelve:

Golden Death to
Destruction of Time
Feature by

Above: The Daleks

pursue the Doctor
to Ancient Egypt in
Golden Death, the
ninth episode of The
Daleks’ Master Plan e’re inside a hut in Ancient

Photos © Barry Newbery.
Egypt, where Space Security
agent Sara Kingdom and
Opposite page
top: This Daily Mail
astronaut Steven Taylor are
cutting from Saturday held prisoner, their hands
4 December 1965 tied. Using a potsherd, Sara
highlights Jean Marsh has cut through Steven’s bonds, enabling him to
as Sara Kingdom. release her. Now all they have to do is get past the
Opposite page inset: guards outside. But how?
The Dalek Outer Space Here’s how, according to the cutting script that
Book, published by
details every shot used in this film sequence for
Souvenir Press in
September 1966. Golden Death, the ninth episode of The Daleks’
Master Plan: “Two guards enter. Third follows
Opposite page below
left: Sara begins to to make trio… Sara enters shot R [right] and
rapidly age in the dropkicks guard B who loses sword. Guard A grabs
final episode, Sara around the waist… She jabs him at neck…
Destruction of Time. A is thrown by monkey climb towards camera…
Opposite page below A gets off floor follows Sara to top left of hut,
right: The Church throws a punch at her and smashes jar. Pan him
of Jesus Christ of to sword which he picks up… He rushes her…
Latter-day Saints in
She reaches table. He aims overarm blow at her,
strikes. She ducks so he carves table in two…


Sara picks up pot… Pot is smashed over audio by Big Finish
his head.” Meanwhile, with C having in 2010, as part
accidentally fallen on B’s sword, B of its Lost Stories
“smashes Steven backwards. Sara enters line). Perhaps Sara
L [left] and throws guard out L with rear was nearly the
tai-otoshi.” (Which, for those uninitiated Captain Jack of
in the art of judo, is a particular type of the 1960s…
throw.) “Remind me not to pick a fight The fact that
with you,” says Steven, before they leave. Sara only featured
Dropkicks, ‘monkey climbs’ and rear in one TV story
tai-otoshis aren’t usually associated with has caused some
Doctor Who companions of the 1960s; but to dismiss any
then again, Sara wasn’t actually meant claim she might have to
to be a companion. Two issues back, we ‘companionhood’ – which
saw how the dramatically limited Trojan was why author John Peel
handmaiden Katarina was replaced four deliberately wrote a lengthy
episodes in by Sara, created solely to gap into his Target Books
take the companion role throughout novelisation of the serial
the remaining eight instalments. Really, (published in 1989). The
though, she was drafted in from another second volume begins long
television series entirely, as press reports after the events of the sixth The principal exploiters
on the day of her introduction made episode, with Sara waking of the gap either side of the Christmas
clear. “A Touch of The Avengers: the new up in “her old, familiar room episode The Feast of Steven have turned
girl linking up with Dr Who tonight” read in the TARDIS, the one she’d out to be audio producers Big Finish –
the Daily Mail headline of Saturday 4 occupied for several months and particularly Simon Guerrier, whose
December 1965, with reporter Brian Dean now…” Peel tells The Fact Companion Chronicle Home Truths (2008)
going on to describe Sara as “a space-age of Fiction that “Adding the was the first of many scripts he’d write for
combination of Cathy Gale and Emma time gap between the books gave room Sara, whom Jean Marsh continues to play
Peel”, the high-kicking sidekicks in for further stories, thus ‘proving’ she was despite her character’s on-screen demise
ABC-TV’s fantastical thriller series. a companion! And, of course, we were more than 50 years ago. He recalls that
approaching the end of the TV stories to it had never occurred to him that Sara
ut whereas Katarina novelise at that point, and I was might not count as a companion – but

B went unmourned,
viewers of the
feedback programme Junior
hoping that Target would be
allowed to write original stories
in the near future. I was giving
that “In studio on, I think, The Drowned
World [2009], Jean told us that at the
time she did the TV episodes she wasn’t 
Points of View were appalled myself and others a place to a companion: someone on the production
by Sara’s ageing-to-death put authorised tales that could team had said that if she were, they
in the final episode, two include Sara. I felt that she would have paid her more. Our feeling
months later. “Would you was a wonderful companion was that if she wasn’t then, she was
kindly, on behalf of all us ‘Dr – a space-age Emma Peel, now because of the extra adventures
Who’ fans, give the Producer as it were, and the first we’d given her.”
a kick in the pants for killing companion who was actually So maybe Sara’s the companion
off the only decent person a trained warrior, which could whom fandom itself created… by
in ‘Dr Who’”, wrote one H be highly useful…” popular demand.
Dronk of Surrey. But it was
co-writer Terry Nation who
must have been kicking himself – since he returned from the collection of
not only featured the pre-deceased Sara a former BBC engineer in 2004;
in several text and comic strip stories for before that, in 1983, the fifth and
The Dalek Outer Space Book, published in tenth instalments, Counter Plot
autumn 1966, he also made her central t The story so far: Having BBC TV Centre on successive Friday and Escape Switch, were reportedly
to a pilot script written for a proposed discovered that the Doctor tricked nights – albeit with a single week’s discovered in the cellar of the Church
Daleks-only spin-off series (adapted for them by surrendering a fake break for Christmas after Golden of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
taranium core for their terrible Time Death on 18 December 1965. in Wandsworth. Perhaps the latter
Destructor, the Daleks have fact isn’t quite so strange as it might
sent a task force, and t The BBC Engineering seem: the Mormons had established
their Earthly ally Mavic Department wiped and their temple at 149 Nightingale
Chen, to retrieve the reused the original Lane in 1978 – a few minutes’ walk
real core. But they’re two-inch videotapes of from 74 Nightingale Lane, where
not the only old every episode of The the BBC Research Department had
enemy on the trail of Daleks’ Master Plan been based between 1932 and
the Doctor’s TARDIS… before the 1960s were 1934, maintaining an ‘outpost’ at
out, and the only known set that address until at least 1958, and
t Fight sequences for the ninth and of 16mm film recordings had been possibly later. It doesn’t seem so
tenth episodes – plus scenes for the junked by BBC Enterprises by 1974 unlikely that several film cans might
twelfth and last, in which the Doctor – having never aired overseas, after have migrated from no. 74 to
and Sara returned to the TARDIS the Australian TV censor deemed no. 149, at some point – perhaps
carrying the ticking Time Destructor most of it ‘unsuitable for children’. for additional storage?
– were among those pre-filmed at
Ealing over ten days from Monday t Three of the 12 episodes have t The Daleks’ Master Plan ranked
27 September 1965. The bulk of the survived, however. The second 48th in DWM’s ‘First 50 Years’ poll
final four episodes was recorded at episode, Day of Armageddon, was of 2014.


found in the modern TARDIS toolbox –
alongside the “Braxium bouncer mark
III” mentioned in Nikola Tesla’s Night of
Terror (2020)?
NB: All except the second, fifth and tenth Hartnell sounds particularly chesty when
episodes are currently missing from the Doctor describes the pyramids as “the
the BBC archive. Timings for missing seventh wonder of this ancient world”,
episodes are taken from uncorrected off-air and throughout – like he caught a cold
audio recordings. that week?

01m 05s A stop-off in Ancient Egypt had 06m 02s After Steven (Peter Purves) and
been described in The Pursuers, Dalek Sara (Jean Marsh) set off for the Monk’s
creator Terry Nation’s outline for the TARDIS, which Steven saw materialise a
story that became The Chase (1965). The short distance away, the Doctor is watched
idea was eventually incorporated into The by Egyptian overseer Tuthmos – played
Daleks’ Master Plan. The episode’s location by fight arranger Derek Ware, hitherto one Hemiunu as the pyramid’s architect.)
was established in a very long shot of glimpsed as (among others) a Saracen Tuthmos’ name resembles that of the four
model pyramids, over which the title was warrior in The Crusade and a bus conductor Thutmoses, pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty
superimposed – with the rather obscure in The Chase (both 1965). (circa 1550-1292 BC). Hyksos’ name is
Golden Death having replaced the original Tuthmos reports the strangers’ arrival to equally anachronistic, since it describes the
Land of the Pharaohs. Khepren (Jeffrey Isaac), whom Spooner’s invaders/settlers whose arrival in the Nile
In his draft script, Nation’s co-writer original stage directions named a “pyramid Delta circa 1650 BC brought about the end
Dennis Spooner described the main pyramid builder”, and Hyksos (Walter Randall), of the 13th Dynasty.
as “the simple version – rather like those “captain of the Egyptian guard”. Randall,
known to have existed near Sakarra [sic: who’d made his Doctor Who debut as Tonila 07m 00s Steven and Sara see Mavic Chen
usually Saqqara] … an earlier version from in The Aztecs (1964), was a particular (Kevin Stoney) and a Dalek emerge from the
which the famous ‘great’ pyramid at Ghiza favourite of director Douglas Camfield’s, time machine they thought was the Monk’s.
[sic: Giza] was conceived.” In the next having featured as El Akir in The Crusade. In the draft, this led to Sara “taking out her
episode, however, the pyramid in question Khepren’s name suggests Khephren space-gun” – meaning to face the Daleks
is twice referred to, unambiguously, as “the (or Khafra, or Khafre, or Chephren; with fire. “Are you mad?” asked Steven.
Great Pyramid” – suggesting that this must spellings vary), son of Khufu, the pharaoh
be the oldest of the pyramids at the Giza for whom the Great Pyramid was built. 07m 30s Having arrested Steven and Sara,
complex after all, completed circa 2650 BC. (Most Egyptologists, however, nominate Hyksos and his men attack the Dalek, but
Target Books noveliser John Peel affirms this more Daleks appear… leading into a pre-
in the second volume of his two-part Master
Plan adaptation. Khepren’s name filmed massacre. Douglas Camfield planned
to execute this sequence in 23 numbered

02m 52s The Doctor (William Hartnell) is suggests Khephren, shots. Number 13, for example, showed:
“Egyptians rushing towards camera. They
working to repair the TARDIS lock… since
the meddlesome Monk had damaged it in the son of Khufu, split L and R revealing Dalek who follows
and fills screen.” 22, meanwhile, showed:
previous episode, of course. Stage directions
called for “an open tool kit” to be seen at the the pharaoh for “Egyptian climbing over stone. He cops
it and hangs limp like a man electrocuted
Doctor’s feet – yet the TARDIS tool kit was on a wire.” Some of Camfield’s shots were
only properly established in later adventures,
such as Earthshock (1982). Perhaps the
whom the Great dropped on the day, however – because,
as production assistant Viktors Ritelis
Doctor’s “diatrab”, used here, can still be Pyramid was built. subsequently reported in an internal memo,
the supporting artists supplied by the
Terry Denton de Gray agency “were
a dead loss… incapable of any enthusiasm”.
Without “painstaking and individual
direction”, he continued, “little more than
a somnambulistic performance could
be extracted…”

Lock repaired, the Doctor goes in search

of Steven and Sara – and sees the Monk’s
TARDIS materialise. The Daleks must have
landed before, he realises.

13m 48s Not realising the Doctor is trailing

him, the Monk (Peter Butterworth) removes
his sunglasses as he tries to bluff his way
past someone he hears approaching from
the other side of a stone block.
Stage directions required him
to go a few paces further before
The Monk
(Peter Butterworth)
doing “an enormous double take” at the
is confronted by sight of a Dalek. (Oh, if only this
Sara and Steven moment survived.)
(Peter Purves). Chen stops the Dalek from
The exterminating the Monk, who claims to
Egyptians go on the have heard of the Daleks “by reputation”
offensive against – which is more than the Doctor had,
the Daleks.
when he encountered them in the
Photo © Barry Newbery.
first Dalek serial (1963-64).


On pain of “elimination”, the Monk
promises to recover the taranium within
one hour – but the Doctor has been
listening in…

17m 02s Having fetched an “energy

counter” from his stone block TARDIS,
the Monk heads off – enabling the Doctor
to sneak inside the Monk’s ship, muttering
a part-audible (and unscripted) line about The Daleks
this “opportunity”. Stage directions had the engage in battle.
Doctor wondering if the Monk had “again” Photo © Barry Newbery.
left the doors unlocked – and it’s fair to The
say, he’s made a habit of it…! Egyptians immobilise
Next, the Monk’s ship changes shape a Dalek with stones.
several times – the script suggesting
a Greek stone column, a Wells Fargo Destroying a defeated
stagecoach (“doors shut, blinds drawn”), Dalek in Resolution
an unearthly tree, an igloo, a space
rocket, a sarcophagus, a “Martian like Could
a Dalek still be
small building, or xeros space-museum”
entombed in Egypt?
(after The Space Museum, 1965), a small Photo © Barry Newbery.
six-seater aeroplane… and finally
a police box.
on reaching Earth (in the fourth episode,
22m 00s The Monk’s energy counter The Traitors), the Doctor left his associate
has helped him locate the Doctor’s Bret to face Sara… and scarpered. From
TARDIS where the Egyptians had Chen’s perspective, neither suggests the
placed it – inside the tomb. “Surely you The ‘mummy’ stands. It’s the Monk – Doctor’s fidelity.
don’t think I was going to help the Daleks?” bandaged up by the missing Doctor…
the Monk asks the Doctor. In Spooner’s 07m 21s Held captive in the Daleks’ ship,
draft, he explained how he was “just on 03m 06s With the hour’s deadline expired, Steven, Sara and the Monk confer – with
a long voyage. And there’s always dictators, all Daleks prepare to disembark their ship – scripted stage directions noting, shamelessly:
rulers, somebody running things wherever much to Chen’s irritation, who swats “They are guarded by Third Dalek [sic] who
you go. It doesn’t matter to me who has a Dalek eyestalk in an unscripted display is some way away and apparently does not
the power. Pharaohs, Insects, Presidents, of petulance. listen to their conversation!”
Daleks, they’re all much of the muchness.
I come and go anyway, so why get involved?” 05m 39s When Steven, Sara and the Monk Hearing Chen deliver the
At the end of the scene, Spooner intended run into the Daleks, the Monk claims to have Daleks’ ultimatum via a
the Doctor to move in front of the camera – brought the Doctor’s friends as hostages – loudspeaker system, the 1
obscuring our view as he advanced on prompting Chen to muse, “Yes, that could
the Monk… work. The Doctor’s loyalty to his friends
is beyond question…” But what makes
Having contrived to overcome their Chen think that? He might know that the
guards, Steven and Sara find the TARDIS Doctor first arrived on Kembel with a young
inside the tomb – and see a bandaged female companion (ie, Katarina) who never
hand reaching out from inside survived the Doctor’s subsequent flight
a sarcophagus… in his Spar. And he probably knows that,

guardian of the Great Pyramid.

“Have you heard of the legend
of the Sphinx?”
comes the reply.
oose ends are base tight. In Dennis Spooner’s This lost

L perhaps inevitable
at the end of a story
as huge as The
Daleks’ Master Plan. For example:
original draft, this set up a scene
in which pyramid builder Khepren
declared his intent to order
skilled masons to shape
scene originated
in Nation’s original storyline for
The Chase (1965), in which one
of the Daleks abroad in
in Escape Switch, at the end of the stones piled on Ancient Egypt was
the second Daleks/Egyptians top of the Dalek destroyed, leading
battle, a Dalek is immobilised into “a monument the “primitive
when rocks are used to wedge its of victory” that people” to “build
will “stand as the first pyramid
a guardian of over the spot where
the tomb…” the Dalek lies”.
Spooner’s intention Best hope that Dalek’s
wasn’t entirely clear – but John still under the desert sands –
Peel supplies a proper punchline because who’s to say it’s not
in his Target Books novelisation, still alive, like the last survivor
in which Khephren [sic] is asked of the 9th-century Battle of Hope
if he has a shape in mind for this Valley in Resolution (2018)?


1Doctor agrees to a rendezvous, where
he’ll exchange the core for Steven, Sara
and the Monk.

16m 03s At the west angle of the Great

Pyramid, the Daleks release their hostages,
and the Doctor hands the core to Chen – the
scripted intention being that the Doctor
was “using Chen as a shield against Dalek
gunfire”. On screen, the Doctor passes the
core to Chen, then darts inside the passage
leading down into the tomb. In Spooner’s
draft, Chen hauled the core from the
Doctor and legged it: “The Doctor, taken
by surprise, goes to move after him…” possible that the increased energy rate will the absent Chen… in a scene that opened
Whereupon Steven appeared, grabbing hold “destroy the centre column”. This isn’t quite with a shot of Chen’s empty chair, followed
of the Doctor and practically dragging him as bad as the possibility mooted in Spooner’s by a pan to Celation (Terence Woodfield)
back towards the TARDIS. draft: “That the increased energy rate and Malpha (Bryan Mosley).
Oddly, this will prove to be the Doctor’s demanded will smash the TARDIS to pieces. Mosley had appeared as the prop man in
last-ever face-to-face encounter with the Yes… To pieces.” the seventh episode, The Feast of Steven,
villainous Chen. using his stuntman alias ‘Buddy Windrush’.
22m 48s Unaware that the directional Here, he became the third Malpha, after
16m 19s Attacked, the Daleks go after unit-less Monk has ended up on an ice Robert Cartland in Mission to the Unknown
Hyksos’ reinforcements… in another planet, the Doctor instructs Steven to “Pull and Brian Edwards in Day of Armageddon.
pre-filmed fight sequence, shot the day the main switch” – meaning the title Escape He’d left the cast of Coronation Street in
after the previous Daleks v Egyptians battle. Switch isn’t explained until, not just the final 1963… but he’d return to his most famous
Alas, Viktors Ritelis wasn’t much impressed line, but the final word of the episode. role, that of Weatherfield mayor Alf
with the supporting artists provided on Roberts, in 1967.
this day, either: “Once again the extras Cue: a terrible flash… A shot of Gearon (Jack Pitt) and Beaus
were uninspired, even though they were (Gerry Videl) applauding was followed by
a different lot…” a sudden whip pan to the Dalek Supreme
on the ramp behind – bringing Chen to
17m 35s Outside the TARDIS with Steven the conference room and catching the
and Sara, the Doctor rues the fact that he delegates out.
had to hand the real core over to “Magic – Mavic Chen returns to Kembel with the
Mavic Chen”. taranium. Meanwhile, the TARDIS crew 06m 52s First Beaus, then Celation object
In the Target telling, Khephren [sic] recover – the Doctor noting that the to Chen’s seemingly privileged position as
orders his slaves to seal the tomb with the Monk’s directional unit has burned the Supreme’s right-sucker man, prompting
Doctor and friends inside: “In a matter of itself out. Chen to observe, “Though we are all equal
days, their air would run out, and they would partners with the Daleks on this great
die, horribly… The pyramid could then be 04m 26s The scanner shows that they’ve conquest, some of us are more equal
unblocked to receive the Pharaoh’s body. It reached Kembel regardless – prompting than others” – paraphrasing the revised
would have three spirits waiting to show it the Doctor to tell Sara to have more faith in final commandment in George Orwell’s
the way to the underworld...” him in future: “I thought something would allegorical novella Animal Farm (1945):
work out.” This was Hartnell’s version of his “All animals are equal, but some animals
19m 11s The Monk rushes to his TARDIS scripted line: “I was sure it would work.” are more equal than others.”
– shaped like a police box, thanks to the Nation’s first-draft storyline proposed
Doctor’s intervention. “What’s he been up that the TARDIS might make an additional Celation calls for Chen’s death – but when
to this time!” he exclaimed in the original stop en route between Egypt and Varga (the Gearon moves, Chen shoots him dead.
draft – before moving forward, “clutching at original name for Kembel): “Find themselves
the telephone box, not sure whether it will alongside a wooden structure.” It turned out 08m 53s Proceeding towards the Dalek
explode in his hand…” that they’d landed in the middle of the first city, Steven tells Sara that he’s not seen any
ever “atom bomb test” – ie, in the desert at Varga plants in the jungle… then suddenly
The Monk escapes; and the Daleks and Alamogordo in New Mexico, presumably realises that the Doctor is missing: “Where
Chen prepare to return to Kembel, with with the clock ticking down to the moment of is he?” It’s a very good question, since he
the core. first detonation at 5.30am on 16 July 1945. won’t reappear before the next episode. “I
The “wooden structure” was meant to be the was wondering all the time where Dr. Who
20m 54s The Doctor plans to wire the tower on which the bomb sat, perhaps. had got to,” complained Stage and Television
directional unit that he stole from the Today reviewer Bill Edmund. “Dennis
Monk’s TARDIS into his own ship’s 05m 08s In the conference room on Spooner should have given us a hint.”
circuits, so they can return to Kembel, the remaining four galactic But it wasn’t Spooner’s fault. The Doctor
Kembel… he hopes, since it’s delegates pass a motion of censure on accompanied Steven and Sara throughout

(Jeffrey Isaac), the leader
of the Egyptians.
The Daleks
and Mavic Chen (Kevin
Stoney) meet the Doctor
(William Hartnell), and
exchange their prisoners
for the taranium core.
The model set
of the pyramids.
Photo © Barry Newbery.


his draft of this episode… before it was
suddenly rewritten sometime after 13
December 1965 to remove the Doctor
from all but the first scene. The reason
why is a mystery. Certainly, the combative
professional relations between Hartnell he Monk is last seen properly ‘Mortimus’ – turned out to
and producer John Wiles reached their shivering on an ice be the villain behind a particularly
lowest ebb that December, with Wiles planet in Escape vast, reality-altering scheme
declaring his intention to leave the series Switch, after the that ended in No Future (Virgin
not long after Hartnell had (seemingly) Doctor steals the directional unit Publishing, 1994). In the Missing
used a Manchester Evening News interview from his TARDIS – swearing: “I’ll Adventure Divided Loyalties (1999), associate Lucie Miller (Sheridan
to threaten his own departure. But perhaps get you for this, Doctor! I’ll get the Monk was revealed to be a Smith). Several encounters later,
Hartnell had simply requested an early you one day!” That day never former classmate of the Doctor’s the Monk regenerated into a new
finish on the Friday of recording, for some came on TV, and the great Peter from the Time Lord Academy – body (Rufus Hound’s) – making his
unknown reason? It’s worth noting that Butterworth died in 1979 – but where they were fellow members of debut in the Early Adventure The
Hartnell’s 58th birthday fell the very next the Monk has continued to seek a secret society, the Deca. Black Hole (2015).
day – a Saturday. revenge on the Doctor in a variety A new regeneration
John Peel based this portion of his of spin-off media… of the Monk (played by The Monk,
novelisation on Spooner’s draft – in which He met the Fifth Doctor when he Graeme Garden) made his trapped on a planet of ice.
the Doctor explained the significance of the allied himself with the Ice Warriors audio-drama debut in The No Future (1994)
Varga plants’ vanishing, unaccounted for in the comic strip 4-Dimensional Book of Kells (Big Finish, by Paul Cornell.
in the television programme: “Whether the Vistas (DWMs 78-83, 1983) and 2010) – by which time (it The Daleks’
Daleks destroyed them or simply let them the Seventh in Follow That TARDIS! turned out) he’d gained a control room on
die out… it can mean only one thing: they (DWM 149, 1989). In the New companion in the form of the planet Kembel.
Photo © Raymond Cusick.
no longer need guards. Their invasion Adventures novels, the Monk – the Eighth Doctor’s former
plans must be almost ready!”

cut to a medium shot of him and the again incarnated by Terence Woodfield,
delegates, seen through the bars of a cell. turned up on Junior Points of View on
Friday 4 February 1966, when he revealed
Passing through the conference a hitherto unhinted-at taste for whelks.
room en route, Steven and Sara have made Woodfield would again appear alongside
their way to the detention cell – where the Purves’ Steven just six weeks later, playing
… thinking that they’ll surrender delegates agree that, if released, they’ll the Monoid collaborator Maharis in the
the Doctor if they can be bluffed into organise a search of the Dalek invasion final two episodes of The Ark.
believing that Steven and Sara will use force. Which is the last we’ll see of the On screen, it’s Sara who tells Steven
the Daleks’ own time machine to return to delegates… although spotty Celation, to let the delegates out, leading Chen to
Earth otherwise – their wildly convoluted call her “a sensible woman”, promising
plan a consequence of that late rewrite. that he will see her “justly rewarded”. In
In Peel’s novelisation, as in Spooner’s the Target version, though, Sara raises
original, the Doctor uses the her blaster at Chen, saying: “The time of
loudspeaker system to try to summon retribution… is now!” But the Doctor’s
the delegates – reasoning that they cane catches her on the arm, causing her
must still be around if their ships  shot to go wild – whereupon he persuades
are still on the launch pad. her that Chen is the only person currently
Moments later, Chen answers able to unite the Earth against the Daleks:
Sara’s call… whereupon the scene “You know that the political chaos that
would follow Chen’s death would fragment
the leadership of the Solar System. He
has to live!” This was John Peel’s own
invention. He told The Fact of Fiction:
“I felt that, after so long, Sara needed to
confront Chen, and wasn’t likely to simply
let him go…”

Steven and Sara have caught sight

of a Dalek… and followed it into a clearing,
where it trundles into a tunnel leading
underground. The logic of the Daleks’
“abandoned planet” plan isn’t spelled out
on screen, although Nation and Spooner’s
expanded storyline noted how “the Dalek
invasion force are assembled on the only
planet that will not be searched” – ie,
this one. In Spooner’s draft, Sara told the
Doctor and Steven how they were “the
only ones” who knew: “Do you realize
[sic] that this planet will be the only one
not searched?”


1 Chen appears – still alive, holding his
pistol. He points them down the tunnel: The model of the
spaceship landing area on
“I’m certain the Daleks will be delighted Kembel. Photo © Raymond Cusick.
to see you…”
The Fourth
Doctor Adventures Series 8

Bret Vyon (Nicholas Courtney).

Chen and Karlton
00m 52s The title Destruction of Time (Maurice Browning).
appeared over a shot of the tunnel that
Steven, Sara and Chen entered at the end The TARDIS on the now
of the cliffhanger reprise. Spooner’s draft barren world of Kembel.
was titled A Switch in Time – itself switched Photo © Barry Newbery.
to avoid the repetition of a word from the
last-but-one episode title, perhaps? A Dalek and Sara
(May Warden) age to death.
Photos © Barry Newbery.
Chen thinks the absent Doctor is trying to
usurp his position with the Daleks...
of natural caverns in order to hide their 07m 55s The Doctor steps out of hiding,
02m 18s Lost from Spooner’s draft: Sara “immense” task force – as seen by the telling Steven and Sara that he, too,
telling Chen how the only talking she’d do Doctor and friends, on their way to had followed a Dalek into the bunker…
with him “would be with that gun you’re central control: “they were taken across whereupon the narrative resumes as
holding”. To which Chen responded: “Once a catwalk hundreds of feet above a huge Spooner had intended.
a Space Security Agent, always a Space hangar. Within the vast room were
Security Agent, eh?” After telling the hundreds of Dalek saucers… Daleks on 09m 19s With Chen exterminated, the
Doctor how Sara had once thanked him for their flying discs were in the air, checking Doctor activates the Time Destructor –
the honour of being asked to kill him, he and sealing each of the saucers, ready for telling the Supreme his Daleks can’t fire
reminded her: “You took orders very well – their launch.” at him and his friends without destroying
as a certain Brett [sic] Vyon found out to their own equipment. Which was how his
his cost…” 06m 00s The Supreme informs Chen that granddaughter’s bumbling boyfriend Ian
On screen, Chen doesn’t explain what’s their alliance is ended. In Spooner’s draft, (Roy Castle) had contrived to defeat the
made him think that the Doctor is plotting Chen began to “rant and rave and look Daleks in the parallel reality seen in the
to join forces with the Daleks. Originally, very wild-eyed” – and the Doctor took movie adaptation Dr. Who and the Daleks,
this was because the Doctor and friends advantage of the distraction to prompt his released in cinemas the previous summer.
had been “so anxious for the Gallactiv [sic] friends to move with him to the nearby (Perhaps the Doctor was watching… or,
Representatives to leave – I wondered why.” Time Destructor. more likely, one D Spooner.)
Chen laughed when Steven said they meant Also lost from the original: Chen’s
to stop the Daleks: “And why? Your machine declaration that “It was always my 10m 37s Having used a Dalek to shield
can take you to places the Daleks will never intention, once conquest was complete, their exit with the Destructor, the Doctor
reach! Put yourselves in danger when you to take command with my own forces” tells his friends to return to the TARDIS. In
can just spirit yourselves away? … If you – aided by Karlton and the Venus party Spooner’s draft, when Sara protested, he
must lie you can do better than that!” To mentioned in the fifth episode, we presume snapped: “Do you want to ruin everything?
which the Doctor replied: “We’ve listened (see Whatever Happened to… the Co- The Time Destructor is already changing the
to your rantings for long enough, Mavick Conspirators?). Chen went on to claim that years, the time, and everything you can see.”
[sic] Chen!” he’d needed the Daleks’ “war-machine” – Including the Doctor himself, said Steven.
but: “Now, that will not be necessary! “My dear fellow, I am not of your race,” he
03m 11s In main central control, the I, personally, will command the invasion, replied. “What do a few hundred years or
Supreme is informed that an assault division the Universe will be mine!” so, either way matter?” Which is especially
of 5,000 Daleks awaits his orders – and that noteworthy, because it would have been the
Chen, Steven and Sara have been arrested. Futilely, Chen shoots at the Dalek first unambiguous statement of the Doctor’s
The Target version elaborates on how the Supreme – who orders his minions to inhuman longevity – something merely
Daleks had spent years digging out a series pursue him. implied by events later in this episode.
(Series development documents from 1963
gave the Doctor’s age as variously 764 and
circa 650, but his vast lifespan wouldn’t be
confirmed on screen until The Tomb of the
Cybermen in 1967.)

urviving delegates Space Security Service chief 13m 07s Outside, Steven’s realised that

S Malpha, Celation and

Beaus made it back to
galaxies of origin,
Karlton (Maurice Browning) was
last seen in the fifth episode,
Counter Plot,
when Chen Chen – was charged
Sara’s gone back for the Doctor… who
intends to neutralise the Destructor inside
the TARDIS. Meanwhile, Daleks clear an
obstruction left by the Doctor – “gliding
we presume. Their told him: with high treason in single file” along the corridor outside,
heirs, and others, “Wait not long afterwards. according to stage directions: “As they go
would later form till you It transpired that an past the camera and out of shot, we pan
the mysterious hear from SSS agent had found down and see the sprawled body of Mavick
Syndicate featured me, then Marc Cory’s tape in the [sic] Chen…” A shot list confirms that this,
in the eighth series take your party to dead Bret Vyon’s possession, upon our last sight of Chen, did indeed come here.
of The Fourth Doctor Adventures Venus” – seemingly planning to which Cory had named Chen and But Kevin Stoney would twice return to
(Big Finish, 2019). double-cross the Daleks. In his Karlton as the Daleks’ allies… Doctor Who: firstly as Cybermen collaborator
But not all of Mavic Chen’s novelisation, John Peel reveals that meaning neither he, nor Bret, had Tobias Vaughn in the Camfield-directed
fellow traitors escaped justice. Karlton – who never got word from died in vain. The Invasion (1968), then as Cyber-resister
Tyrum in Revenge of the Cybermen (1975).


opposite Freddie Frinton’s butler character
in the 18-minute comedy skit Dinner
for One (1963) airs on German TV every
New Year’s Eve to this day. Shot 13 was
a hand-held tracking shot showing “Old
Sara” moving along – followed by 14, in
which the Doctor’s legs came into view: “He
falls down and drops the Time Destructor
out of shot forward.” The Destructor was
hurled into 15, a locked-off shot of the
device partially obscured by bushes… which
disappeared in a mix to the otherwise
identical 16. Stock footage of speeded-up
clouds indicated time passing; after this, the
13m 28s As winds race through the jungle, jungle had vanished, replaced by desert.
the Doctor sees that Sara is beginning to
age rapidly… in the first of the set-piece 17m 00s Leaving the shelter of the TARDIS,
film sequences that concluded The Daleks’ Steven rushes over to his friends’ dust-
Master Plan. Cutting scripts detail these covered bodies. Here, the cutting script Back in the TARDIS, they watch as four
scenes shot by shot. Number 3, for example, details a couple of startlingly horrific images Daleks are de-evolved into embryos.
was a close-up of the Doctor “turning – again, perhaps inspired by the eventual
clockwise into shot” then delivering a crumbling-to-dust suffered by Hammer’s She 19m 19s Terry Nation’s earliest version of
shocked “Sara!” Shocked, because number Who Must Be Obeyed. In 25, Steven’s cry of the storyline had ended with the “regression
4 was a medium shot of Sara – beginning “Sara!” led to a “whip-tilt” to a grey-wigged of the Daleks” – a phrase begging to be used
with her “head down against the wind”, then head of Sara: “We see no features. Pan along as a title, someday. In the second, more
looking up: “She is old and haggard…” In 6, right arm to see skeleton’s hand coming out detailed storyline submitted by Nation and
she told him to “Keep moving!” and moved of sleeve.” After Steven’s horrified reaction Spooner, the Doctor managed to turn the
out of frame right – whereupon we cut back in 26, and more rushing clouds in 27, we Daleks’ own “time mechanism” against
to a close shot of the Doctor in 7, “horror returned to Steven looking them. Inside the TARDIS,
and pity” on his face. back down at Sara with insulated from its effects,
Having moved on against the wind in “greater horror” still: the Doctor, Steven and Vicki
long shot in 8, the first sequence ended “Skeleton hand has gone, in watched as the planet, and
with Sara moving into frame for a close place are skeleton’s fingers the Daleks, disappeared back into
shot: “She looks at her hands, touches her traced out in bicarbonet time: “We see evolution in
face, attempts to conceal her rising panic [sic] of soda as if they are reverse – the Daleks reverting
and revulsion, and staggers out R.” Which the remaining lime deposits Surviving to microbes in the mud…”
sounds very similar to the beginning part of of what was the skeleton…” episodes and On screen: shot 49 was a
the ageing-to-death sequence that concluded It’s possible, however, clips included in low-angle medium shot of two
Hammer Film Productions’ epic H Rider that these particular shots three-disc set Daleks twisting out of control,
Haggard adaptation She, released in cinemas were never shown. On 18 Lost in Time followed by a similar shot of
the previous spring – in which Major Holly January 1966, producer COMPANY BBC another Dalek exploding; shots
and his companion Job (played by big screen John Wiles sent a memo Worldwide YEAR 2004 52 and 54 showed embryo Daleks
‘Dr Who’ Peter Cushing and his soon-to-be to a superior, apologising AVAILABILITY Out now “squirming in sand” then falling
companion Bernard Cribbins) watched the for the under-running of still; and locked-off shot 55,
eponymous She (Ursula Andress) regard her this final episode: “This showing four Daleks “twisting
suddenly wrinkled hands with, well, panic happened because I had to COMPANY BBC Audio [CD] / against desert”, was mixed to an
and revulsion… insist on making certain Demon Records [LP] identical shot without Daleks,
A second, single-shot sequence as they cuts, for policy reasons, in YEAR 2019 [CD/LP] to give the impression of their
stumbled on was the last we saw of Jean a film sequence… the loss of NARRATOR Peter Purves disappearance. This was
Marsh as Sara – but she’d return to Doctor two shots was responsible.” AVAILABILITY CD in The Lost followed by a close shot of the
Who 23 years later, as wicked witch TV Episodes – Collection Time Destructor as it stopped
Morgaine in Battlefield (1989). In the third By chance, Steven causes Two: 1965-66/Out now flashing – ie, as its taranium
sequence, she was replaced by the tiny, the Destructor to go into core burned out: “Zoom in to it
then 74-year-old May Warden – whose reverse, and the Doctor to emphasise sudden silence.”
appearance as the aged Countess Sophie begins to recover. The Daleks’ Master Plan: The sequence ended with a long
Part II – The Mutation of Time shot of the silent desert… then
COMPANY WH Allen & Co/ another angle of the same.
Target Books
YEAR 1989 21m 38s Outside, the Doctor
AUTHOR tells Steven that “the one thing
John Peel that Sara lived for was to see
AVAILABILITY the total destruction of the
Out of print Daleks. Well, now it’s all over…”
By this estimation, though, Sara
died in vain – because far from
The Daleks’ Master Plan: Part being totally destroyed, they’ll
II – The Mutation of Time be back in The Power of the
COMPANY BBC Worldwide Daleks (1966).
YEAR 2012
READ BY Peter Purves, Jean The TARDIS dematerialises
Marsh, Nicholas Briggs from Kembel.
Next Episode: War of God DWM


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Although widely
perceived as one of
the most unchanging
outfits in the series’
history, there is a
lot more to the Fifth
Doctor’s cricket whites
than meets the eye…
Feature by PETER NOLAN

here are several topics of

conversation that inevitably

arise whenever three or
more Doctor Who fans
assemble. Ordinary people
have the weather, buses
and the telly to fill those
pauses in small talk. Doctor
Who fans have UNIT dating,
the Doctor’s erratic age, and
making all the logos on their shelf match.
(And at this point, let’s take a moment
to bow our heads and remember ‘does
Paul McGann count?’ – which served this
community so well from 1996 to around
2008, but now lies in an unmarked grave.)
Another of these well-worn topics is the
question ‘clothes or costume?’ Should the
Doctor simply look like he-she grabbed
whichever clothes happened to be to
hand that morning – with perhaps some
concession to a sense of personal style?
Or should he-she have an overtly designed
– and, crucially, largely unchanging –
outfit? Of course, it’s a question based
on a flawed premise. Every character
in Doctor Who is wearing a costume.
Whether it’s the high-street style of
Jackie Tyler, or Adric’s utilitarian
pyjama set, whether it’s hired from a
costumier or custom-made, all of the
Above: Peter outfits are carefully thought out and
Nolan cosplays assembled. There’s no grasping at the
the Fifth Doctor. back of the wardrobe for a clean shirt, only
Right: Cosplayer the carefully crafted illusion of it. And it’s all
Ellie Collins. in the name of communicating something
Photo © Aaron Lowe
Photography. about the character.


Far left: Peter Davison
as the newly regenerated
Doctor in Castrovalva
Above: An older Fifth Doctor
in Time Crash (2007).
Left and bottom right:
Peter Nolan evokes his
inner Davison.
Below: Cosplayer
Bottom left: Peter
Nolan’s costume
on a hat stand.

o what does the Fifth Doctor’s oneself. But the Fifth Doctor is a Time
costume tell us about him? Perhaps Lord who wears his promise not just on
most important is the way that he his sleeve but all over. No wonder it’s so
initially chooses his clothes. Although (relatively) unchanging and uniform.
some Doctors have worked from a limited Promises are like that, if you mean them.
choice (based, for example, on which But if you’re trying to put together the
hospital lockers have been left open), it’s Fifth Doctor’s look for yourself, how to
still been their choice. But Peter Davison’s go about it? The first decision you need
incarnation doesn’t get to play to make is which version of the
around in the TARDIS wardrobe costume you want to pursue –
room, mixing and matching because it subtly evolves over
different items and rejecting time. Between 1982’s Castrovalva
some options in favour of others. and 2007’s Time Crash, Davison
Instead, his new cricket whites works his way through five different
are presented to him, fully formed, shirt designs, three different types
hanging in a corridor like a gift of cricket jumper, two different
from the TARDIS itself. No, not trouser patterns, two hat designs
a gift. An instruction. and two brands of trainers. And
It’s fitting as, contrary to then, for good measure, he has
what some might claim, the his hatband sewn on upside
Fifth Doctor is not all bland down in the fever dream that is
pleasantries. He’s tetchy and 1993’s Dimensions in Time. The
irritable and spends most of his iconic beige frock coat with red
tenure biting his tongue and piping is the only true constant.
rolling his eyes in an effort not Having decided on the
to say things he’d plainly like combination of clothes to
to. And suddenly, his costume go for, you effectively need
and the message it sends make to choose between three main
perfect sense. It isn’t a projection routes: assembling a cheap
of the Doctor as he is, but of the replica, ordering a high-end
man he wants to be. Decades later, bespoke tailored version, or making
showrunner Steven Moffat would posit your own. But you can also mix and
that ‘the Doctor’ isn’t a name or even match – combining cheaper pieces
a disguise. It’s a promise made to with higher quality ones is always 1


1 a great way to ‘lift’ a costume faux shirt and jumper. You could just draw
while keeping prices down. It also the question marks on a regular shirt,
gives you a baseline to build from but a much more satisfying outcome is
– replacing elements one by one easier to achieve than you might think.
with newer, more expensive The itailor.com website allows you
pieces as and when you can. to create your own shirt recipe,
This is the path Doctor custom-made to your measurements.
Who Magazine has taken Picking red-contrast inner collar,
with the version presented cuffs and button thread, along with
here. Like Trigger’s white buttons, is a fast and effective
infamous broom in Only way of getting the Season 19/20
Fools and Horses, almost (1982-83) look. Unfortunately,
every part of it has been however, they don’t allow you to
modified or replaced since it mix colours, so the Season 21 (1984)
was first put together. Indeed, green-red combination is out. From
it started life as a Rubies’ there, embroidery companies will
Costumes costume-in-a-bag: a be able to take your shirt and put the
version so basic that the ‘shirt’, question marks on. You can get
‘jumper’ and coat were all stitched a generic one, but thanks to Bob
together. But three years on, it’s Mitsch’s Honorary Doctor blog
come a long way. (honorarydoctor.livejournal.com)
The first change made to that you can download a template of
original costume was to discard the all the various question marks.

Above: A promotional
image for Rubies’ Fifth
he original Fifth Doctor jumpers
Doctor costume.
Right: A publicity shot
of the Fifth Doctor,
promoting his first
T appear to have been custom-knit
in-house by the BBC. Though not
identical, the popular cricketing outfitters
season in 1982. Gunn and Moore make one similar in
Above right: Question general style to the Season 21 version, while
marks from Bob the official licensee, Lovarzi, makes a replica
Mitsch’s website. of its predecessor. Witty knitters can even
Below right: Peter seek out 1986’s Doctor Who Pattern Book
Nolan sports his for instructions.
Fifth Doctor hat. The trousers are one element for which
Photo © Donald Manning.
there aren’t many cheap options. The pair
supplied with the Rubies’ costume, although
not proper trousers (there are no pockets
for starters), still look far more accurate
than many more expensive options. It’s no
surprise, then, that this is the one element
to survive our costume upgrades down the
years. Your only real alternative here is to
select one of several attempts to replicate
the pattern on the resource spoonflower.com
(searching for ‘Fifth Doctor’) and attempt to
make the trousers yourself from scratch, or
get a tailor to make a pair for you.


ne of the most challenging jumper and braces from Steven Ricks,

O routes a cosplayer can take

is making their costumes
themselves. German-based
Stephanie Moses-Lange (known,
she made the coat and hatband
herself and embroidered her own
question marks. Her replica of the
Doctor’s masquerade costume from
appropriately, as ‘GermanCompanion’) Black Orchid (1982) is completely her
is one such fan. own work, as is her Tegan air-hostess
Mixing skill and uniform. Her take on Anthony Ainley’s
determination in equal Master, who so often bedevilled
measure, Stephanie is driven the Doctor in the 1980s, is heavily
by an adoration for 1980s modified from a velvet jacket and
Who that few can equal; trousers she found – adding the
even her 2019 calendar was Master’s distinctive embroidered
a vintage Colin Baker collar, among other features.
one in which days
and dates happened
to line up with last
year’s. This love
also expresses
itself through her
cosplay. Not only
does she cosplay as
the Fifth Doctor, but
also as his companion
Tegan and his arch-
enemy the Master.
Most impressive
of all, however,
is that Stephanie
crafts the bulk of her
costumes herself.
While she uses
the official Lovarzi

teven Ricks is one Until recently official replicas of the
tailor who always Fifth Doctor’s celery were available
does an excellent job. from Abbyshot. However, since
His version of the frock Abbyshot’s licence expired, these
coat is simply unparalleled items have become harder to find
and indistinguishable from – which is a shame, as the celery
the real thing. The internet is sums up the Fifth Doctor perfectly.
awash with websites offering Few Doctors have tried so hard to
cheaper versions of the frock tone down their alien-ness, and
coat, but they often have the happiest we ever see this
issues arising from being incarnation is when he’s
made by people working accepted as just one
in an anime style. The of the lads at Top left: Stephanie
version presented in a cricketmatch. Moses-Lange
as the Doctor
these pages is one of But the in the TARDIS.
these, but it’s been celery is
Top centre:
modified by a local tailor always Stephanie as the
to bash it into a more there to 1980s Master.
Davison-esque form. give him Above right: Stephanie
Ricks also makes an away; it’s as the Doctor in 1982’s
accurate and highly the symbol Black Orchid.
detailed replica of the of a man who tries Far left: Ellie Collins
Fifth Doctor’s hatband. so very hard to get wearing a coat from an
Attractive and eye- it right. online cosplay outlet. The
catching, that’s one With the Fifth jumper and trousers were
specially made. Photo ©
element well worth Doctor, our hero
Aaron Lowe Photography.
obtaining to bind together has never looked
Left above:
the look. It’s a good idea more like an Stephanie as the
to splash out on a proper alien cosplaying Doctor’s companion
rollable Panama hat to put as a human. Tegan Jovanka.
it on, too. And when we Left below: Stephanie
Add a decorative cosplayers cosplay as the Fifth Doctor, in
vegetable and a generic as him cosplaying the mood for cricket.
pair of white leather as a human…
(or fake leather) trainers Infinite recursion!
and you’re good to go. DWM


The adventures we

APOCRYPHA might have missed

between television

Feature by STEVE LYONS

“It was rare indeed
that he actually
interfered very
actively in the
affairs of any of the
strange worlds he
had visited but this
What is it? A story in the first time he had had
Dr Who Annual. no choice.”

Who wrote it? he TARDIS lands on a world From on-screen evidence alone, the
Unknown, but long of water, enslaved by alien wetsuit theory seems the more likely. For
rumoured to be the invaders. Its amphibious Doctor Who’s earliest merchandisers,
series’ original story natives have become a however, it presented a peculiar problem.
editor, David Whitaker. labour force – and also a What would be the point
foodstuff – for the Voord. of licensing said monsters,
When was it? The invaders were exiled from their home if you have to change
September 1965. world millions of years ago, thanks in part their iconic appearance
to the Doctor’s interference. With his by disrobing them?
Where does it fit? advanced knowledge, and his spaceship’s No matter that the
The First Doctor is powerful engines, they can finally return… Voord were zipping
travelling alone, at So, what are the Voord exactly? about in spaceships
some point after Are they rubbery monsters or men now (as they did in
1964’s The Keys of in rubbery suits? From their single TV a series of sweet
Marinus. Another appearance in 1964’s The Keys of Marinus,
story in this book and with all due deference to the pioneers
suggests that he of Doctor Who and their limited budgets,
hasn’t met the it’s difficult to tell.
Sensorites yet. In an early scene, the Doctor and friends
find a Voord skin on a beach, which
Why does they take to be a “protective suit” – the
it matter? creatures having just emerged from a sea
It redefines of acid. But then, after days on dry land,
Doctor Who’s we find the Voord still stumbling about
second-oldest in their ungainly flippers, their heads
monsters. still swathed in clinging black.

How do
I find it?
Thanks to
a high print
run, it isn’t hard
to track the first
Dr Who Annual
down. Its contents
also appear in
PDF form on the
BBC DVD release
of 1965’s The
Web Planet.


Opposite page below
centre: Barbara (Jacqueline
Hill), the Doctor (William
Hartnell) and Ian (William
Russell) find the “protective
suit” of a Voord in the first
episode of The Keys of
Marinus (1964).
cigarette cards released in 1964), about the Doctor assumes – by
Opposite page below right:
as far from any sea as you can get – the antigravity. They found refuge
Susan (Carole Ann Ford)
rubber simply had to stay. on the planet Kandalinga. is attacked by a Voord
In a neat little detail, in a publicity photo for

he Fishmen of Kandalinga settles they have corrupted their The Keys of Marinus.
the matter once and for all. own history. They refer to Far left: Richard Jennings
It confirms that we are seeing the ancient enemies who illustrated these sweet
the Voord au naturel. Indeed, those vanquished them as Arbitans cigarette cards from 1964.
encountered by the Doctor in this story – named for the one-time Left and below:
have never met a human-like being before, leader of the human race on Illustrations by Walter
Howarth from The Fishmen
though they have race memories of them. Marinus, again as seen on TV.
of Kandalinga (1965).
The Voord (on TV, the plural form The Voord are highly
Voords is sometimes used, but never sensitive to noise – a trait
here), lacking any facial features, are blind they share with the Sensorites, who
and mute. Their antennae are natural too. appear elsewhere in this annual. It’s
They are “telepathic organs” that allow perplexing that, having noted this
the Voord to sense the world around them weakness, the Doctor makes no
and communicate by “thought-speech”. use of it whatsoever. Instead,
Their leader, more powerful than the he defeats the Voord leader by
others – at one point, he refers to his snapping off its telepathic organ.
fellows as “cattle” – can exert control His surprise attack sends the
over other, weaker telepathic creatures. creature reeling, while also
David Whitaker may or may not have releasing the Fishmen from
written this story. Whoever did, in an age its control, allowing them to
before home video, had access to old Doctor rise up in rebellion against
Who episodes or scripts – or an excellent their cruel masters.
memory. The Doctor’s trip to Marinus is The Voord, of course,
recounted in some detail; and a couple of have returned to plague the
travel dials from that story, along with two Doctor several more times
actual Keys of Marinus, appear. in various media, with some
Millions of years have passed in the of those stories exploring
interim, during which the Voord fought their alien natures in even
and lost a war for which their legends more depth. Never again
blame the Doctor. The last few hundred have they been portrayed
survivors were removed from their planet as just men in rubbery
in a spaceship, powered – like the TARDIS, suits. DWM


Our verdict on the latest episodes and products.
Though all too brief, the Seventh Doctor’s

Audio Frequencies 1987-89 run of televised stories provides an

enviable cast of creatures and companions
for audio purposes. Ancient genie Fenric,
for example, reared his evil head a few
iven Big Finish’s freedom years ago, and the Counter-Measures

Reviewed this issue to frolic in Doctor Who’s team from Remembrance of the Daleks
vast galactic playground, (1988) is enjoying its own ongoing series.
o The Psychic Circus it’s laudable that the Now Stephen Wyatt, writer of Paradise
Featuring the Seventh Doctor majority of its output Towers (1987) and The Greatest Show
RRP £14.99 (CD), £12.99 (download) focuses on original in the Galaxy (1988-89), gives us a twofer
o The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles: creations and situations, excepting the by revisiting both in The Psychic Circus.
Volume One main character of course. Which makes If you’ve ever wondered how such
Featuring the Twelfth Doctor, Danny Pink it all the more exciting when it does decide a disparate band of hippies and
and Petronella Osgood to buff up some treasured gem psychopaths ended up on a dustbowl
RRP £22.99 (CD), £19.99 (download) from the show’s past… planet in the thrall of three fibreglass
elephants, then this is the story for
you. Set before the events of
Available from bigfinish.com
Greatest Show but after the
Doctor himself experienced
Review and illustration
them, the tale begins with
a pre-Deadbeat Kingpin
(perfectly recreated
by original actor
Chris Jury) and

Juniper Berry
(brought to vivid life
by Anna Leong Bophy)
tramping about the universe
as they struggle to bring their
artistic dreams to fruition.
Initially, the opening
instalment of this new adventure
feels like a threefer, drawing
heavily on elements of that other
Sylvester McCoy favourite, The
Happiness Patrol (1988). ’Pin and
’Berry mistakenly hitch a ride to
a planet where the citizens are lifeless
drones and fun is illegal, flipping Helen
A’s candy-coloured police state on
its head and bringing to mind
Doctor Who Weekly’s 1979-80


comic strip City of the Damned. They’re
even confronted with their very own ersatz
Thatcher and threatened with an eternity
of instructional videos – until the Doctor
intervenes, however indirectly, and sets
them on their way to the planet Segonax.
Echoing the opening scene of The
Greatest Show in the Galaxy, we find
the Doctor practising his juggling in the
TARDIS, something that will recur many
times throughout the piece, perhaps
reflecting the way the script itself juggles
so many different times, places and peoples.
The Psychic Circus of the title refers not
only to Kingpin’s nascent performance Ian Reddington’s
troupe but also the dizzying web that the
Doctor finds himself in, jumping back and
Chief Clown
forth on the psychic plane, guided by our
old friend the junk-mail robot. As such, the
must surely be
Doctor is kept separate from the rest of the
protagonists for much of the story, only
one of the great
arriving on said dustbowl planet at roughly
the halfway point. Before this, he returns to
one-off villains
the infamous corridors of Paradise Towers,
as yet spotless and uninhabited, where he
in the whole of
encounters a familiar grinning face…
Ian Reddington’s Chief Clown must
Doctor Who.
surely be one of the great one-off villains trouble? Given his central presence on nd what, one wonders, would
in the whole of Doctor Who, and here
he slips back into the old greasepaint as if
he’d never scrubbed it off. Reddington plays
the unnamed clown as a much more timid,
the CD cover, I don’t think it’s spoiling
anything to say that it belongs to James
Dreyfus’ delightfully dour incarnation of the
Master, who has been menacing us since
A Big Finish do without Jacob
Dudman? From his beginnings
as a YouTube impressionist,
Dudman has evolved into an accomplished
hesitant creature when we first meet him, 2017’s First Doctor Adventures. Having actor in his own right and one of Big Finish’s
lurking in the high-rise, which initially feels been trapped by the Gods of Ragnarok, the core team, providing an array of voices in
at odds with his on-screen persona. Then bearded renegade is looking to draw psychic a plethora of stories, notably his incredibly
gradually, as the story progresses, he’s strength from anyone he can in order to authentic Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in
imbued with more and more confidence escape from their obscure dimension. These the Chronicles range. This month, after
until eventually the familiar deep snarl desperate machinations go right to the heart a dry run in last year’s Dead Media short
escapes his throat. At this point we can see of the character, and hearing him spar with trip, he gives us the full Capaldi in The
just how delicately Reddington is handling McCoy in a tense finale leaves us hungry Twelfth Doctor Chronicles: Volume One,
the clown’s personal evolution from aspiring for more of Dreyfus’ take on the role. and it’s nothing less than a triumph.
acrobat to murderous slave, and it’s Throughout these scenes, we can’t This collection follows the
a terrifying experience. help being pleasantly reminded general pattern of the Chronicles
McCoy plays the later, darker version of similar spats between sets, whereby each individual
of his Doctor with audible relish, the two Time Lords in story features a guest actor
though still allowing his playful side 1989’s Survival, and in a starring role, with the
to shine through, as in the reprise together with the Doctor, narration and
of his ‘magic act’ from the 1988-89 other snatches various subsidiary characters
serial, featuring yet more juggling. of Cartmel- tackled by Dudman. David
Indeed, fans of the Doctor’s era Who, The Llewellyn’s The Charge of the
fast-talking defeat of the robotic Psychic Circus Night Brigade is an atmospheric
bus conductor and his rulebook serves not only as a historical starring Mandi Symonds as
besting of the Deputy Chief thrilling story in its own Mary Seacole, a contemporary of Florence
Caretaker will enjoy a similar right, but also a joyous Nightingale’s, serving in the Crimean
encounter with the tinhead ticket- celebration of Sylvester War. The tone of the piece is unmistakably
taker in the third episode; it’s hard McCoy’s entire tenure. Moffat-ian, and it’s a real pleasure to
to begrudge Wyatt the occasional be back with ‘old eyebrows’ again; if
playback of some of his greatest hits. Dudman’s voice doesn’t quite have the
But whose is the disembodied voice weight of a gruff 60-year-old Scot, he’s
that coaxes and cajoles Kingpin’s certainly picked up the musical accent
crew into deeper and deeper and curious vocal ticks with surgical
precision, and within a few minutes
Top left: Chris Jury as you don’t even question it. Indeed, the
Deadbeat in The Greatest occasional lapses into something that
Show in the Galaxy sounds a bit closer to David Tennant
add to the performance instead
Top right: Ian Reddington of taking away from it – an audible
made a lasting impression
affirmation that all these different
as the Chief Clown in the
same story. personalities really are the same
person combined.
Above right inset:
Jacob Dudman. Llewellyn’s claustrophobic tale
stalks the grim corridors of an
Right: James Dreyfus
returns as the Master army barracks as the Doctor
in The Psychic Circus and Mary trace the cause of
(2020). several macabre deaths, and
the listener is left wondering 1


1 if perhaps this combination of narrated
storytelling with acted dialogue might be the
perfect mix of everything Big Finish has to
offer, allowing us the luxury of captivating
performances and descriptive prose. Details
like Mary’s surprise at the weight of the sonic Left: Osgood (Ingrid
screwdriver add a layer of depth to the story Oliver) first assisted
that would have been hard to accomplish in the Twelfth Doctor
a more straightforward production, and are (Peter Capaldi) in
a definite plus for this format. The Zygon Invasion/
The Zygon Inversion
Mark Wright’s War Wounds continues (2015).
the military theme and welcomes
Below left: Samuel
Samuel Anderson to the Big Finish Anderson as Danny
fold, with Danny Pink stowing away Pink in The Caretaker
in the TARDIS for some time with (2014).
the Doctor. Anderson shines as the Bottom: Clara (Jenna
latest in a long line of beleaguered Coleman) and the
boyfriends, and it’s great to hear Doctor (Matt Smith)
him tackling his relationship with in The Rings of
Akhaten (2012).
this soldier-hating incarnation
of our hero. As action-Dan takes
on an army of belligerent dinosaurs to rescue
an alien fugitive, the two leads continue
In Field Trip, the Doctor and Osgood
to surprise each other and eventually reach
a kind of reconciliation. This moment is
are plunged into a James Bond-ish
made all the more poignant by its eventual
dismissal for the sake of ongoing
tale of interplanetary espionage.
continuity – a move entirely in and that, but always with the kind espionage, with the Doctor assembling
keeping with the era the story of fraught empathy common a team of skilled operatives to accompany
is attempting to evoke. to Capaldi’s later seasons. him on his daring mission, in a way that
The Doctor finds himself He and Redpath spark off each recalls the 2014 crime caper Time Heist.
surrounded by soldiers once other and the result is a right The story has everything from rooftop
again in Lizbeth Myles’ rollicking adventure across parkour chases to glamorous space-casinos
Distant Voices, an epic Sapphire past, present and future. and rounds everything off with a huge
& Steel-type number sprawling The set finishes with Una explosion, bringing the collection to
across 16 centuries. The voices McCormack’s Field Trip, which a conclusion worthy of the big screen.
in question are plaguing castle sees the Doctor taking superfan Despite the genre-hopping stories
tour-guide Cameron, feistily voiced by Emily UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood on her on offer, Big Finish has managed to retain
Redpath, but of course it’s not as simple as first trip in the TARDIS. She’s still not saying the distinctive feel of Capaldi-era Who
your average National Trust haunting; soon whether she’s a Zygon or not, although the throughout them all, which is no mean feat.
she and a certain aggravating tourist are awe she expresses when simply stepping It’s odd to get a rush of nostalgia for a period
catapulted (or should that be trebuchet-ed?) onto “an alien planet” rather gives the game that only ended two scant years ago, but it’s
through time. Dudman’s Doctor is at his away. The pair are plunged headlong into a a good feeling, and with any luck this won’t
crossest here, bullying Cameron this way rather James Bond-ish tale of interplanetary be the last time we experience it. DWM

Talking Book and the story along

with breathtaking
colour and range across
the cast of Fossians and
speed. Dudman’s Drak-Arzin, each one
o Doctor Who: dense eco-system reading is equally distinct and not just another
Paradise Lost of the planet Foss, breathtaking. croaky-voiced monster.
Featuring Eleventh Doctor and Clara where they’re Rapidly becoming There’s a subtlety to the
Read by Jacob Dudman caught in a conflict a regular face sound design, along with
RRP £10.99 between the insect in big TV dramas, the music, which gives
Fossians and the Dudman once an unsettling punctuation
Available from BBC Audio terrifying arachnid Drak-Arzin. again displays the chameleon throughout the piece.
Foss is no ordinary planet, skill he’s become known for Another sound designer might
here’s a deliciously its natural cycle having been in the world of Doctor Who have gone hell-for-leather
T retro vibe to this latest
Doctor Who audio
disrupted. Attempting to
mediate between the two
audio. If you didn’t know
better, you’d swear
on the effects, but here they
wisely let the prose and
original. Darren Jones’ Paradise factions, the Doctor and Clara Matt Smith had Dudman do the heavy lifting.
Lost has the feel of those must identify the real enemy popped into Paradise Lost occupies
1960s William Hartnell annuals, and why Foss is on the verge the studio for a mid-ground between
when TV serials like The Web of ripping itself apart. a morning, but familiarity and an out-there
Planet (1965) were routinely The Eleventh Doctor always Dudman’s skill alien quality. It adds up to
adopted as a template for feels at home in utterly doesn’t an effective audio adventure
wider storytelling in the Doctor alien environments, that end there. for the Eleventh
Who universe. The alien world childlike view of the He gives Doctor, brought
depicted here by Jones is richly universe and Tigger-like to life with
drawn in prose, and given energy contrasting a sensational
extra vitality in a lovely reading with his surroundings. reading.
by Jacob Dudman. Foss is one of those Job done.
The Eleventh Doctor and environments, with the MARK
Clara find themselves in the Doctor pulling Clara WRIGHT



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1 2 3 4 5 6 7
he Faceless Ones, a mostly

T missing six-part Second

Doctor serial from 1967, has
been reconstructed as a new
animation. The story sees the Doctor,
9 10 11

12 13 14

Jamie, Ben and Polly arrive at Gatwick 15 16

Airport where they come across the
mysterious Chameleon Tours, whose 17 18
passengers have been vanishing…
The release includes the two surviving 19 20
episodes plus special features, including
exclusive commentaries. It’s available 21 22 23
from BBC Studios in March as a
Blu-ray steelbook (£40.84), standard 24 25
Blu-ray (£25.52), or DVD (£20.42).
DWM has FIVE copies of the standard 26
Blu-ray to
give away to
lucky readers
who can 27 28 29 30
the letters 31 32
in the yellow
squares 33 34 35
of the
crossword 36 37 38
to form
a character 39 40 41 42
from Matt
Smith’s first
series of
Doctor Who. 43 44

ACROSS 39 Country of origin of the satellite being tracked 31 Used by the Logopolitans (6)
1 Contagion that latches onto plastic (7) by Hawk and Weismuller (1,1) 35 The Doctor met the Collector here (5)
5 Scorpion-like aliens (7) 40 Chameleon ____ – device used to turn the 37 Game the Doctor thought she was playing
9 __ capsule – a TARDIS (1,1) Doctor into a human (4) at Daniel Barton’s birthday (4)
11 Digital effects (1,1,1) 41 Production code of The Mutants (1,1,1) 38 Almost a companion of the Doctor (4)
12 Creatures that the Zarbi resemble (5) 42 __ Hime – writer of Orphan 55 (2)
14 __ Foreman – owner of Totter’s Yard (1,1) 43 Tegan’s aunt (7) ANSWERS NEXT ISSUE
15 General based on Androzani Minor (7) 44 _______ Centauri – where Susie Fontana Brooke
16 (and 6 Down) Judoon Captain (3-3-3) piloted Earth’s first lightspeed ship (7)  LAST ISSUE’S SOLUTION
17 Edward Waterfield used one to lure the Doctor
and Jamie into a trap (5) DOWN
18 Planet in the Pliny system (2) 2 Alias of the fugitive of the Judoon (4)
19 Country of origin of the submarine that 3 Endured by the Third Doctor (5)
rescued the Ice Warrior Skaldak (1,1,1,1) 4 38 Down had surgery that froze this (4)
21 (and 24 Down) Played queen of 5 Across (5,8) 6 See 16 Across
22 Comic read by the Eleventh Doctor (5) 7 Character played by John Abineri (7)
26 (and 23 Down) A pioneering inventor’s 8 He played the Reverend Wainwright (8,7)
encounter with 5 Across (6,6,5,2,6) 10 A Dulcian (5)
27 _____ Mamo – sang The Stowaway aboard 13 Decoy deployed by the Slitheen (5,3)
the Titanic (5) 15 Student at Coal Hill School (8)
29 Torchwood operative (5) 20 Crewmember on the Teselecta (5)
32 Queen Thalira’s champion (4) 23 See 26 Across
33 Production code of Fury from the Deep (1,1) 24 See 21 Across LAST ISSUE’S PRIZE WORD: GALLIFREY
34 Victim of the Abzorbaloff (5) 25 Wife of Ivo (5)
36 ___ Lock – third episode of Galaxy 4 (3) 28 Ruler of Chloris (7)
37 Character played by Prentis Hancock (7) 30 “Sacred fire! Sacred _____!” (5)


ophie Aldred, who played the Seventh Doctor’s on Culshaw reads

S companion Ace, reads the audiobook of her new

Doctor Who novel At Childhood’s End.
Decades after travelling with the Doctor, Ace
discovers that scores of young runaways have started vanishing
J Brian Hayles’
novelisation of his
1974 serial The
Monster of Peladon, a story
from the dark alleys of London. Investigating the same mystery featuring the Third Doctor
with Ryan, Graham and Yaz, the Doctor is reunited with Ace. and Sarah Jane Smith.
Together they must unravel a malevolent plot that will cost Fifty years after his first
thousands of lives. But can the Doctor atone for her past visit to Peladon, the Doctor
incarnation’s behaviour – and how much must Ace sacrifice returns to find that Queen
to win victory not Thalira has inherited a
only for herself, but troubled kingdom from her
for the Earth? father. Membership of the
At Childhood’s End Galactic Federation was expected to bring peace and
is available now prosperity to the planet, but the spirit of the sacred monster
on CD, priced £26.50. Aggedor is once more spreading terror and death.
Thanks to BBC Audio The Doctor uncovers a treacherous plot to steal the mineral
we’ve got FIVE wealth of Peladon, and is again confronted by his old enemies
copies to give away. – the Ice Warriors.
To be in with The Monster of Peladon is available now, priced £20 on CD.
a chance of winning Thanks to BBC Audio we’ve got FIVE copies to give away. Fancy
one of these prizes, winning one? Just answer the following question correctly:
correctly answer the
following question: From which planet do the Ice Warriors originate?
A Mars B Jupiter C Ranskoor Av Kolos
What is Ace’s real name?
A Dorabella B Doreen C Dorothy
AUDIO DRAMA emon Records has released a box set featuring two

onna Noble:
D full-cast BBC radio adventures presented across six
180g pieces of vinyl. Starring Jon Pertwee as the

D Kidnapped!
is a set of
audio adventures
Doctor, the stories were written by former Doctor Who
producer Barry Letts and feature incidental music by Peter Howell.
The Paradise of Death sees the Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith
(Elisabeth Sladen) and the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney)
starring Catherine Tate embarking on an adventure that takes them from Hampstead
as Donna Noble and Heath to the far-flung planet of Parrakon. In The Ghosts
Jacqueline King as her of N-Space the Doctor visits Sicily, where he discovers trouble
mum, Sylvia. in the form of spectral monsters from another dimension.
After the traumatic The box set is available now on standard-edition blue-and-
events of Silence in the yellow vinyl from demonmusicgroup.co.uk or on limited-edition,
Library (2008) Donna Amazon-exclusive ‘Space World’ and ‘Spectral’ splatter vinyl.
wants a break – to see We’ve got one copy of the standard edition to give away to
old friends and family, a lucky reader. For a chance
to remind herself of normality. Except Donna’s new normal of winning it, answer
involves trips through time and space and visiting alien worlds. this question
So when she and her friend Nat start looking into strange correctly:
abductions, they’re dragged into a whole new universe
of trouble…
This set features four new adventures: Out of This World
by Jacqueline Rayner, Spinvasion by John Dorney, The
Sorcerer of Albion by James Goss and The Chiswick Cuckoos
by Matt Fitton.
Donna Noble: Kidnapped! is available to order now from
bigfinish.com priced £24.99 on CD or £19.99 to download.
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To have a go at winning one, answer this question correctly:
Peter Miles, who features in The Paradise
Where did Donna Noble once work of Death, played which character in Genesis
as a temporary secretary? of the Daleks (1975)?
A Henrik’s B HC Clements C Adipose Industries A Nyder B Snyder C Honey Ryder

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We talk to the talents behind the upcoming Doctor Who releases.
Previews by DAN TOSTEVIN

to rebuild after an alien occupation (1964’s

The Dalek Invasion of Earth). On audio, we’d
met her teenage son Alex, and they’d both
he funny thing about All Hands become important parts of the Eighth Doctor’s

on Deck was: I wrote it with the life (beginning in 2009’s An Earthly Child).
intention that, chronologically, And then we listened in horror as the Daleks
RRP £24.99 (CD), £19.99
it would be Susan’s last story,” returned, with Alex among the ensuing
says its writer, Eddie Robson. casualties (2011’s To the Death).
“Not that it would close off ever All Hands on Deck saw the Eighth Doctor
using Carole Ann Ford, but that if you put all reunite with a still-devastated Susan at the
Written by Alan Barnes,
Susan’s appearances in Big Finish Doctor Who outbreak of the Time War. He wanted her to
Simon Guerrier, Lou Morgan,
stuff end to end, that would be the last one. ignore her call-up papers and travel with him
Eddie Robson
I was quite surprised when quite a few people’s again, but she – in an inversion of their first
STARRING immediate reaction on hearing it was, ‘Oh, I’d parting – took the decision out of his hands,
Susan Carole Ann Ford love to hear what happened next…’” locking him out and accepting the summons.
Ian Chesterton William Russell
Released in 2017, All Hands on Deck was “A lot of people did read it as obviously setting
The Daleks Nicholas Briggs
built upon many previous stories about Susan, up a series,” Eddie continues. “It really wasn’t
Veklin Beth Chalmers
Rasmus Damian Lynch the Doctor’s granddaughter and original intended to. But Ian Atkins, who produced it,
The Doctor Paul McGann travelling companion. On screen, we’d seen the liked the idea, and was quite keen to run with
Lamarius Franchi Webb First Doctor lock her out of the TARDIS, leaving the stuff that it set up. He came to me and said,
her to begin a new life on a world preparing ‘I want to show how the series would work,


last – the final episode
of Susan’s War reunites her
with the Eighth Doctor.
usan is joined in her is much more in the Ollistra “The fallout [from To the
S new adventures by
some Time Lords who
mould: she’s a Time Lord patriot
and will do what needs to be
Death] started to get addressed
in All Hands on Deck, and they
will be familiar to regular Big done. That’s an interesting pairing reconnect again in The Shoreditch
Finish listeners. with Susan, and I think they both Intervention,” Matt explains. “And
“Her handler is Rasmus, a Time gain some mutual respect over the they’re not absolutely reconciled,
Lord we’ve met a couple of times time they spend together.” by any means. But they’re starting
across other ranges,” says script But the biggest to see one another’s point of
editor Matt Fitton. “We know Gallifreyan view, I think. And it’s hopefully
he’s one of the good guys. When guest star something that we’ll continue
I describe the character, I always is saved till to develop in the future as well.”
say, ‘If Romana had decided to

“The first story stay on Gallifrey and join the

war effort, he’s a bit like that.’

is very much a He’s a polymath – he covers

science, politics and the

diplomatic mission, military – and has some

of the pragmatism we’ve

because Susan and seen in characters like

Ollistra, but also some

Ian have met the sympathy, which

is why I think Susan

Sensorites before.” gets along with him

and respects him.
Equally, we’ve got
MATT FITTON Veklin, who we’ve also
met before and

so could you rough out a story for a first

episode so we get a sense of what the So it’s quite nice to take a different one where she goes to a secret Time Lord
series would be?’” aspect of what a Time War would entail, base where they’re developing new, living
Ian also suggested making this pilot and look at diplomacy and espionage weapons from monsters that live in the
story a sequel to 1964’s The Sensorites. and fact-finding missions.” Vortex. And in the last one, she’s sent on
“I love The Sensorites,” says Eddie. “There Alan Barnes, Simon Guerrier and a secret mission back to Earth and
have been odd little appearances of the Lou Morgan were asked to write into her own past to retrieve
Sensorites in other things, but very few, the other episodes. “There’s something from 1963 London.
and there’s never been a proper sequel, a story where Susan and “She very much sees it as
so I was quite thrilled to be asked to do it.” Veklin, a Time Lord soldier, her duty to help the war
A present-day Ian Chesterton, who go undercover, and they’re effort,” he continues. “And
travelled with the First Doctor and Susan, trying to sniff out a spy in a losing her son to the Daleks
was added following the first draft. “So Casablanca-like place caught gives her an extra grudge
it was a sequel to The Sensorites starring in the middle of the Time against them. But she will
both the surviving members of the regular War,” explains Matt. “There’s do it on her terms. She wants to
cast from that time,” says Eddie. “It did use intelligence and compassion,
feel really like it was picking up a lot of the and try to have sympathy for those
stuff from where that left off.” fighting in the war, whether they’re caught
up in the conflict or they’re Time Lord
he pitch for Susan’s War was soldiers. She’s got that sympathy and
T successful, and Eddie’s story,
Sphere of Influence, became its
empathy with everyone who’s caught up
in it. But ultimately, she knows something
first episode. Ian Atkins moved on, leaving has to be done to stop the Daleks.”
David Richardson to produce it with Matt
Fitton as his script editor. Opposite page: Tom Webster’s
“We’ve been telling all these other cover art for Susan’s War.
stories on the front lines about soldiers Top left: Two of the
and warriors and the War Doctor, and eponymous aliens from
the Eighth Doctor on the fringes of that,” The Sensorites (1964).
Matt says of Big Finish’s other Time War Top right: Damian Lynch, Carole
storytelling. “Sphere of Influence gave Ann Ford and Beth Chalmers.
us the kind of thing Susan would Above inset: The Doctor (Paul
be doing. That first McGann) in The Night of the
story is very much Doctor (2013).
a diplomatic Left: William Russell and
mission, because Carole Ann Ford are
reunited for Susan’s War.
Susan and Ian
have met the
Sensorites before
and the Time
Lords think
they will be
useful allies
in the war.
Dead Woman
n Dead Woman Walking,
the Seventh Doctor visits

I a world gripped by an
endless civil war.
“I quite like the idea
of a war having gone on
for so long that nobody really knows why
it started,” says writer Roland Moore. “And
the two sides are almost interchangeable,
because they’re so worn down by war
that the uniforms are bashed and battered
and they all look the same.”
But the Doctor’s plans
to bring peace to Gathrossa RRP £2.99 (download)
become complicated when RELEASED April
his companion, Ace, is infected
by a Golobian Trigger Worm – Written by
a parasite that prevents her Roland Moore doubt about what his bigger that’s multiplied so many times that it’s
ever leaving the planet. plan is. And then I wanted ready to burst out of something. And in
“I was always interested to do a story about a parasite, Doctor Who, why not make that a planet?
Sophie Aldred
in how the Seventh Doctor having read real-life things So that was the idea: for a disgusting worm
manipulated things with Ace, about parasites – some of to have multiplied in its billions inside
and was sometimes quite unpleasant them are just incredibly awful and horrible.” a planet, where it could just burst it open,
in the way he treated her,” says Roland. Roland was especially inspired by tales and to link it to the parasite that’s in Ace’s
“So I wanted a situation where she had of strange boils erupting with spiders. neck. So I think that was the starting point
to trust him to come back. But because “Whether or not they’re true, I don’t know!” – the distrustfulness of the Seventh Doctor,
it’s the Seventh Doctor, there’s that slight he says. “But it’s that sort of idea, a parasite and a gruesome body-horror story…”

The New Counter-Measures:

The Movellan Manoeuvre
he conflict between the called Clare Industries. “I wanted to do something about
Daleks and the Movellans household robots,” John explains. “I wanted to evoke the

T is coming to 1970s
Earth, and the Intrusion
Counter-Measures Group
(from 1988’s Remembrance
technological innovations of the 1970s, when people were
beginning to get gadgets that look really backwards and
slightly strange from our perspective now.
“When I was writing it, I did slightly resist one of
of the Daleks) will be caught in the crossfire. [script editor] Roland Moore’s notes, which was to have
Above: The Seventh
Doctor and Ace feature But the warring aliens aren’t the only returning villains a stronger presence for the Movellans earlier on in the
in Mark Plastow’s in The Movellan Manoeuvre and its May sequel, The Dalek story,” John continues. “I like the tension of seeing how
cover art for Dead Gambit. The Movellan Manoeuvre starts with a human long I can make the audience wait for
Woman Walking. adversary from previous Counter-Measures stories: the Movellans to actually appear. That
Right: Carolyn Seymour arms dealer Suzanne Clare. feels to me an interesting position,
and Cyril Nri. “Even when we locked her away in the 2017 because you’re not quite sure what
series, we were always intending angle they’re coming from; you’re
on bringing her back,” says writer not quite sure how it’s all
RRP £10.99 (CD), John Dorney. “She becomes, in working together. They’re
£8.99 (download) terms of the story, very much hinted earlier, working
RELEASED April a Tobias Vaughn character with Lady Clare, but
[from 1968’s The it takes a bit of time
Written by John Dorney Invasion] – the human before the audience
who is using alien is quite going to
STARRING invaders for their own know where they’re
Group Captain Gilmore Simon Williams ends, because they’ve coming from. And it
Rachel Jensen Pamela Salem made the foolish did lead to a scene
Allison Williams Karen Gledhill
assumption that they that Ken Bentley,
Sir Toby Kinsella Hugh Ross
can to some degree who directed it, said
Soldier Nicholas Briggs
Maurice Vallan Cyril Nri control them.” was his favourite twist
Lady Suzanne Clare Carolyn Seymour She’s now the boss in any Big Finish for
of a new tech company a long time…”


Torchwood: Tropical Beach Releases
Sounds and Other Relaxing Seascapes #4 AUDIOS
ropical Beach Sounds APRIL RELEASES
and Other Relaxing s Cry of the Vultriss

T Seascapes #4 is
a self-help cassette
tape which coaxes
the listener through
[Sixth Doctor]
by Darren Jones
Big Finish £14.99 (CD),
£12.99 (download)

a peaceful stroll on an idyllic beach, s Susan’s War

with words of encouragement by Alan Barnes, Simon
from a celebrity narrator. It’s also Guerrier, Lou Morgan,
a creepy Torchwood story in which Eddie Robson
Captain Jack Harkness is possessed Big Finish £24.99 (CD),
£19.99 (download)
and made to do the bidding of
an evil force, working against his s Dead Woman
Torchwood Three colleagues. But Walking [Seventh Doctor]
mainly it’s a new Big Finish audio by Roland Moore
drama in which Sir Michael Palin is Big Finish
the only voice and you, the listener, £2.99 (download)
are the main character.
It gets weirder: the whole thing s Torchwood: Tropical
has its roots in an immersive Beach Sounds and Other
Relaxing Seascapes #4
second-person podcast about
by Tim Foley
footwear, launched by Torchwood Big Finish £10.99 (CD),
writer Tim Foley last year. £8.99 (download)
“I just wanted to do a bit more So we did a bit of that – we made
audio writing that was untethered Michael Palin do some ASMR!” s Class: Volume Three
and wild,” Tim says of North West RRP £10.99 (CD), As Sir Michael’s narration takes by Michael Dennis,
Footwear Database. “So I invented £8.99 (download) us from the beach to the Torchwood Carl Rowens,
this weird foot institute in the middle RELEASED April Hub, his tone starts to change. Kate Thorman
of the Peak District. It’s this giant “The moment it’s in the second Big Finish £19.99 (CD),
£16.99 (download)
warehouse in the countryside that Written by Tim Foley person, you can’t just instantly dive
has a large amount of shoes, and The Voice a listener into really weird stuff,” s Class: Volume Four
they’re not normal shoes. Some Michael Palin says Tim. “You’ve got to gradually by Lizzie Hopley, Blair
of them have strange powers. Some beckon them in. So it’s a very Mowat, Alfie Shaw
of them sing. But it was just me in manipulative character. He’s sitting Big Finish £19.99 (CD),
a cupboard, experimenting with things like synth inside your brain, tweaking your thoughts. He £16.99 (download)
noises and other Foley sounds.” goes from very silky to sinister.”
The podcast was a success and Torchwood The real-life Michael was, Tim says, a joy to Thursday
producer James Goss was among the listeners. work with in the studio. “He was just such a lovely 5 March
s The Krotons
“I was horrified at first!” says Tim, laughing. “But man – so self-effacing – and you could tell he
[Second Doctor]
he quite liked what it did in terms of putting the really relished playing a role that he’s not used by Terrance Dicks;
listener in a strange place, and he said, ‘I’d really to playing. He was really enjoying being evil; he read by Frazer Hines
like to do something like that for Torchwood.’” kept on saying, ‘This is nothing like the Clangers!’ BBC Audio £20 (CD),
Tim came up with the idea of making it He really dug the humour. He didn’t know what £9 (download)
a soundscape tape and listened to some ASMR was, but we explained it to him.
“mantra-esque audios, where they repeat “You’re going to see him take great delight Thursday
positive affirmations” for inspiration. “Then in twisting your mind, and he’s going to do it 2 April
James sent me a link to an album called Jesus’ with quite a lot of flair. He’s going to repeat s The Trial of a Time
Lord Collection [Sixth
Blood Never Failed Me Yet,” he adds. “It’s this a line about biscuits that just had me on the floor
Doctor] by Terrance
one line that’s repeated over and over, sort laughing. He’s going to whisper at you, he’s going Dicks, Philip Martin,
of semi-sung, by a homeless man who was to shout at you, he’s going to effectively drown Pip and Jane Baker; read
recorded. It’s mesmeric. It’s very strange to you in the sound effects of the sea… He’s great. by Colin Baker, Lynda
listen to, but that kind of rhythm and repetition He’s just maniacal.” DWM Bellingham, Michael
is something that went Jayston, Bonnie Langford
into the script.” Above: Lee BBC Audio
Through the feedback Binding’s cover £13 (download)
to his podcast, Tim was art shows the
Torchwood team
also familiar with ASMR off duty.
videos, which aim to
Right: Michael Monday
trigger the autonomous Palin in the studio.
sensory meridian response 20 April
– a tingling in the scalp – s Doctor Who: The
Collection – Season 14
in receptive individuals.
[Fourth Doctor]
“I don’t really experience BBC Studios £56.16
that phenomenon,” (Blu-ray)
Tim says. “And if you
don’t experience it, it’s
very strange watching
somebody pretending Thursday 2 April
to be someone else and s DWM 550
whispering at a mic. Panini £9.99


Preview by eason 14, the third with

ROBERT FAIRCLOUGH Tom Baker and producer
Philip Hinchcliffe at the
helm, has a significant claim
to being the pinnacle of
Doctor Who in the 1970s.
Everything seemed to come together,
delivering artistic highs in script writing,
directing, costume and set design, and
performances. The BBC clearly thought
things were going well, as in 1977 it
screened Whose Doctor Who, a documentary
that examined the production of The Talons
of Weng-Chiang as part of its analysis
of the show’s enduring popularity.
Season 14’s reputation has only
grown in the intervening years, and it’s
fair to say that its selection as the next
Doctor Who box set was greeted with
unanimous approval.
Given the opportunity to commission
new special features to accompany the
stories, executive producer Russell Minton
was able to fill a significant gap in the
Talons of Weng-Chiang DVD releases.
“Deep Roy, who played Mr Sin,

20 April 2020
£56.16 (Blu-ray)

Doctor Who Tom Baker
Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen
Leela Louise Jameson
The Masque of Mandragora
written by Louis Marks
directed by Rodney Bennett
The Hand of Fear
written by Bob Baker
and Dave Martin
directed by Lennie Mayne
The Deadly Assassin
written by Robert Holmes
directed by David Maloney
The Face of Evil
written by Chris Boucher
directed by Pennant Roberts
The Robots of Death
written by Chris Boucher
directed by Michael E Briant
The Talons of Weng-Chiang
written by Robert Holmes
directed by David Maloney


mixes provided by Mark Ayres. Season 14 Chris worked with long-time range
“I wanted the new is no exception, although the team initially
disagreed on which serial should get the
contributor Toby Hadoke on the other
major new feature, Whose Doctor Who

rat to feel large and special treatment. “Russell wanted me to

do The Talons of Weng-Chiang in surround
Revisited. “Essentially, we were making
a documentary about a documentary!”
sound, and I argued against that,” says Mark. says Chris, laughing. “But, importantly,
sinister.” Niel Bushnell “I thought 5.1 would really suit all the Matrix our premise was that ‘Whose Doctor Who
stuff in The Deadly Assassin. Russell agreed, was the first documentary ever made
so I was able to really go to town on that.” about Doctor Who’, so everything we work
didn’t feature at all. I asked Richard Latto on now, and all the DVD extras in between,
and Stuart Manning if they could turn ollowing the success of Chris have been the legacy of that.
around an interview with him fairly quickly,
without even knowing if he was available
F Chapman’s Showman, the
feature-length biography
“I thought it would be lovely to
catch up with some of the school
or interested. Deep lives in Los Angeles and of John Nathan-Turner on the kids interviewed for Whose
is very busy, but Richard and Stuart were Season 26 set, perhaps the Doctor Who and to see what
really persistent and, at the last minute, most eagerly awaited feature became of them. It became
managed to interview him at his home. He’s this time is Our Sarah Jane, a massive research task,
now represented in a really fun feature.” produced by the same team. primarily for myself and
Discussion of The Talons of Weng-Chiang “Elisabeth Sladen and her Richard Bignell, to basically
often turns, wearily, to the story’s giant portrayal of Sarah has always stalk people! There’s a lot
rat, which has a reputation for being more had a very, very special place in you can find out through
cuddly than carnivorous. CGI artist Niel the hearts of Doctor Who fans,” registries, the phone book and
Bushnell has addressed this shortcoming says Chris. “We wanted to make so on, but most of the people we
and contributed other optional effects, such a documentary that really paid tribute to Lis, found by trawling through the internet
as new laser beams and new glowing eyes but also respected her enough to explore and tracking them down via Facebook. 
for Li H’Sen Chang (John Bennett). other areas of her life – her background in “Tony Cash, who produced Whose Doctor
“The rat was the first thing discussed Liverpool growing up, performing on the Who, was a big part of the documentary
when we started to plan new animation stage, and her life after Doctor Who. and we spent a lot of time with him. One
and VFX for Talons,” says Niel. “It’s “The esteem Lis was held in opened of the moving things about our film is that
obviously a very big challenge, as there a lot of doors,” he continues. “For example, you’re taking the original filmmaker, who
are a number of shots that cover a variety Tom Baker doesn’t have to do anything he did all those interviews with all those kids,
of situations. I wanted the new rat to feel doesn’t want to, but he and everybody else and reuniting him with them now. It was
large and sinister, and for its fur to look wet fell over themselves to be a part of what we a big deal for Tony.
and catch the light as it approached. I think were doing. Tom, in particular, talks about “I think we’ve come up with a really
it works really well.” Lis in such a heartfelt way that you really interesting film,” he says. “In fact, Toby
A popular feature of the Collection box get to understand their relationship better says it’s his favourite of the ones that
sets has been the 5.1 surround sound audio by the end of the film.” we’ve done.” DWM

Opposite page top: Producer

Chris Chapman finds Tom
Baker in a jovial mood.
Above left: Toby Hadoke (far
right) reunites producer Tony
Cash (centre) with interviewees
Ian Budhu, Roger Daley and
Caron Nadal Scott for Whose
Doctor Who Revisited.
Above right: Examples
of the optional new CGI
effects for The Talons
of Weng-Chiang (1977),
compared to the original
versions (left).
Above inset: Actor Deep Roy
is interviewed in An Audience
with Mr Sin.
Left: Peter Hinchcliffe, Toby
Hadoke and Tony Cash in
Whose Doctor Who Revisited.


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4

Four Episodes Four Episodes Four Episodes

Four Episodes
Existing Special Features Existing Special Features Existing Special Features
Existing Special Features ● Audio commentary with Tom Baker, ● Audio commentary with Tom Baker, ● Audio commentary featuring
● Audio commentary with Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Judith Paris, Bernard Horsfall and Philip Hinchcliffe Louise Jameson, Leslie Schofield,
Gareth Armstrong, Philip Hinchcliffe Bob Baker and Philip Hinchcliffe ● The Matrix Revisited – David Garfield, Philip Hinchliffe
● Changing Time – making-of documentary and others
and Chris D’Oyly-John
● The Secret of the Labyrinth – making-of documentary ● Dressing Doctor Who ● Into the Wild –

making-of documentary ● Doctor Who Stories: ● The Gallifreyan Candidate making-of documentary
● Now and Then: The Masque Elisabeth Sladen Part Two ● The Frighten Factor ● Film trims: highlights

● Swap Shop excerpt ● Coming Soon: The Face of Evil ● Girls Girls Girls – The 1970s
of Mandragora
● Beneath the Masque ● Coming Soon: The Deadly Assassin

● Nationwide excerpt New Special Features New Special Features

New Special Features ● Optional 5.1 surround sound mix ● New audio commentaries with
New Special Features ● Our Sarah Jane – The Life ● Behind the Sofa: The Deadly Assassin Tom Baker and Matthew Sweet
of Elisabeth Sladen ● Nationwide excerpt featuring on Parts One and Three
● Behind the Sofa: The Masque
of Mandragora ● Behind the Sofa: The Hand of Fear Tom Baker and Louise Jameson ● Behind the Sofa: The Face of Evil

● Audio archive: Exploration Earth ● BBC trails and continuity

● Audio archive: Tom Baker interview ● Film trims: unedited
● BBC trails and continuity ● New production subtitles
● Audio archive: Doctor Who and ● BBC trails and continuity
● Revised and updated ● Photo gallery in HD
the Pescatons ● Revised and updated

● BBC trails and continuity production subtitles production subtitles

● Revised and updated ● Photo gallery in HD PDFs ● Photo gallery in HD

production subtitles ● Production paperwork

● Photo gallery in HD PDFs ● Scripts PDFs
● Production paperwork ● Radio Times cuttings ● Production paperwork
● Scripts
PDFs ● Scripts
● Radio Times cuttings ● Radio Times cuttings
● Studio floor plan
● Barry Newbery’s TARDIS exterior Disc 7
design drawing
● Barry Newbery’s set design drawings Disc 6 Disc 8
● Ian Scoones’ VFX design drawings

● Production paperwork Bonus Disc

● Scripts Existing Special Features
● Radio Times cuttings
Six Episodes
● Whose Doctor Who (new HD transfer) Existing Special Features
● Studio footage ● Life After Who
● Blue Peter excerpt ● Denys Fisher toys advert
Existing Special Features ● The Foe from the Future
Disc 5 ● Audio commentary with
● Moving On New Special Features
Louise Jameson, Christopher Benjamin,
● Limehouse ● Philip Hinchcliffe: In Conversation
John Bennett, David Maloney and
Four Episodes ● Victoriana and Chinoiserie with Matthew Sweet
Philip Hinchcliffe ● Tom Baker and Philip Hinchcliffe
● Music Hall
● The Last Hurrah –
interview (re-edit of Last Hurrah
Existing Special Features making-of documentary
● Audio commentary with ● Look East location report
New Special Features footage)
● Call My Bluff featuring Tom Baker
Chris Boucher and Philip Hinchcliffe ● Pebble Mill at One excerpt
● Whose Doctor Who Revisited
● Season 14 Blu-ray trailer
● Audio commentary with Tom Baker, ● Now and Then: The Talons of
● An Audience with Mr Sin –
Louise Jameson, Pamela Salem Deep Roy interview
and Michael E Briant
● The Sandmine Murders –
New Special Features PDFs ● Season 14 BBC Enterprises
● Whose Doctor Who production archive sales sheets
making-of documentary ● New audio commentaries with
● Whose Doctor Who BBC Enterprises ● 1976 Typhoo Tea Doctor Who
● Serial Thrillers
Tom Baker and Matthew Sweet
● Robophobia sales sheet promotion
on Parts One, Four and Six ● Season 14 BBC Television
● Model footage ● Behind the Sofa: The Talons of

● Studio sound
play synopses
Weng-Chiang ● The Dr Who Annual 1978
● Swap Shop excerpt ● Optional updated special effects

● BBC trails and continuity

● Revised and updated

production subtitles
● Photo gallery in HD

● The Foe from the Future
New Special Features storyline
● Behind the Sofa: The Robots of Death ● John Bloomfield’s

● The Panopticon Archive: The Robots costume designs

of Death panel ● Production paperwork

● BBC trails and continuity ● Scripts

● Revised and updated ● Radio Times cuttings

production subtitles
● Photo gallery in HD

● Studio floor plan Right: Toby Hadoke
and Whose Doctor
● Production paperwork
Who interviewee
● Scripts
Caspar Hewitt.
● Radio Times cuttings


Sneaky peeks into the secret dia
of characters in the Doctor’s orb
The Eleventh Hour
(2010) them in the comas, it wasn’t me!) It
I thought, to just hide out in the spare
gets me out of the house and it’s nice
room downstairs from the crack for
to sit by the duck pond wondering why
12 years, doing nothing but developing
there aren’t any ducks and whether
my repertoire of showbiz impressions.
in that direction, you never know, if the this will ever prove significant.
es, it’s me. The galaxy’s I started with some easy ones: Michael

Y number-one, most-wanted
criminal. Except I’m one better
than number one. I’m the galaxy’s
real Doctors weren’t available.
And then I made my escape, through
the crack, into a young Scottish girl’s
bedroom. As it turned out she was
Caine, Bruce Forsyth, Frank Spencer,
building up to more contemporary
ones like Harry Hill and the dragons
ut now my cover has been blown!
The Doctor has turned up again,
enabling the Atraxi to get a fix
zero-most wanted. The big from Dragon’s Den.
busy downstairs making on my location. Now they have the
round 0, nada, “nil pwa”, And all through this time, I’ve
fish fingers and custard planet surrounded and are threatening
the lowest of the low, or something, so I was been keeping an eye on the young
to incinerate it if I don’t surrender. My
without going into able to slip into one Scottish girl, who has now grown up
first thought when I heard this was to
minus numbers. When of the spare rooms and and is working as a part-time nurse,
go, “You know, maybe I should have
it comes to villainy, set up a perception part-time policewoman, part-time
I stop at nothing! tried to leave the planet over the past
Why am I so most 12 years.” But it’s too late now. My
wanted? What did I do second thought was, “Oh, if the Atraxi
to end up in the galaxy’s want me dead, I don’t really care if
most secure prison? Well, as they destroy the planet too; it’s no skin
an inter-dimensional multiform I have off my slimy nose.”
a number of talents, one of which What the Atraxi haven’t reckoned
is impersonations. I don’t mean with, though, are my powers of
impersonation. Because I have
just doing the voices. I can do
decided to adopt the form
the whole thing, the faces as
of a human chameleon!
well. I’ve done a little bit of
Yes, the actress Olivia
stand-up, did a Time War
Colman! She is so good,
Dining Experience for the
isn’t she? In The Crown,
Shadow Proclamation
Broadchurch, Fleabag,
and so on, but then
The Favourite. So
I made the mistake of
good in everything,
doing a routine about
and so versatile.
the Atraxi. You see,
Apparently she’s really
me and the Atraxi, we
nice in real life too,
don’t really see eye
very down-to-Earth.
to eye (that was one
My thinking is that by
of my gags), and they
taking the form of Olivia,
didn’t see the funny
the Atraxi will never be
side. It’s not my fault
able to pin me down to one
they’re sensitive about
time or place. They’ll search
their appearance, the
for me and find that I appear
great bunch of enormous
throughout human history, that
snowflakes (another of
my gags). Just for that they I have been everywhere and in
locked me up in solitary for everything, playing different parts.
eternity! I didn’t even kill anyone! The perfect disguise!
And if the Doctor tries to
ut more fool them, because I’ve interfere... well, then I know

B escaped. A crack appeared in the

everything that’s coming

up. If I’m going to die,

wall of my cell, which revealed
I’m going to make sure
to me all sorts of things about the
I ruin all the surprises
Doctor. I know all the secrets, all nun. She’s had the shed
filter around the door (another of first by dropping
about the TARDIS, the Time Lords, repaired but the garden
my talents). I did consider fleeing to little hints about what
the Pandorica, the Silence, even what is in a terrible state.
somewhere a long way away from the I know. If I am to die,
happens to the Boatswain of the pirate I’ve started taking walks
crack and using my powers of mimicry let there be spoilers! The
ship Fancy. And, of course, I worked up around the village, dressed
to take over the world, but I thought, Pandorica will open! Silence will
impressions of all the Doctors, just in as various villagers who are in the
no, that’s exactly what they will expect fall! The Boatswain will vanish!
case there was some audio work going local hospital in a coma. (I didn’t put
me to do. How much better,

As told to Jonathan Morris

ext Issue...
Director Michael E Briant
returns to the scene
of the crime

Robert Holmes’

Season theories

The Fact of

A special issue PLUS!
Fiction confronts
a Victorian
Gothic horror

News Reviews
celebrates the year Interviews Competitions

that changed DWM 550 available at , newsagents

Doctor Who forever and comic shops from 2 April 2020, price £9.99

From the makers of Doctor Who Magazine


The Twelfth Doctor: Volume Three
Doctor Who Magazine’s chronicle of the series’ production
continues with this special issue, written and researched by
Andrew Pixley. This richly illustrated, 116-page volume is
dedicated to five episodes of the 2014 series, starring Peter
Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald:


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BBC logo TM and © BBC 1996. Doctor Who logo and © BBC 2018. Dalek image © BBC/Terry Nation 1963.
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