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Chemuturi Consultants – Do it well or not at all

Religion – a cynical viewpoint – part 2

Murali Chemuturi

Do you believe in God?

I came across very few people who totally debunk the concept of God – rest all believe in God.
The atheists think that the entire creation is an accident and a chain reaction one accident leading
to another. Theists think that God created all this with a purpose which is not revealed to us.

I am fine with both arguments. But I believe in God.

But those who believe in God – do they really believe in God? I doubt it. Human beings are
complex. They are not sure of what they think and they are not consistent either!

If they truly believe in God, how can they approve of democracy?

Democracy is totally against God. Don’t believe? Come on I will show you how.

Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people – as enunciated by Abraham
Lincoln. There is no mention of God anywhere!

Democracy is making rules that are approved by people. And enforcing them! Those rules may or
in most cases may not be within the ambit of God’s rules.

I will give you one example – democracy states that all are equal before the law and the law is the
same for a dumb person as well as for a wise person; a strong person as well as a weak person.
But equality is absent in God’s creation. Some are strong some are weak; some are tall and some
are short; some are male, some are female and some are eunuchs; some are prey and some are
predators; some are herbivores and some are carnivores; some are ugly and some are beautiful;
some are dumb, some are clever, some are intelligent and some are wise; some are poor and
some are rich; some are generous and some are stingy; God made it explicitly and amply clear
that equality is not one of the considerations in His creation.

Second and more important aspect – who should rule - a person selected by God or a person
elected by the people?

Elections can be hijacked; voters can be bribed; the mandate of the people can be vitiated. We
saw examples of all these. We saw in 2000 how the American election was won by republicans
thru their supreme court by preventing the counting of the votes. We saw in 2008 how the
Democratic Party nomination was given to the Obama by not counting the votes of not one but
three states. We saw in India, for the last sixty years how elections are conducted. Except in
mainland Western Europe nowhere are elections conducted freely or fairly.

Any rich person who is determined can buy an election in most countries.

Monarchy is God-given – you need to be born into the royal family – no person on earth can buy
that or bribe God to get a royal birth. No body can bribe a king, but every body can bribe a
politician. King has a sense of ownership – no politician has a sense of ownership. A king can
correct himself. Politician has no chance of correcting his mistakes. An ignorant person occupies
the high office causes all-round damage and retires to enjoy his pension. Another ignorant person
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Chemuturi Consultants – Do it well or not at all
comes into the high office and the repeats the cycle albeit in another route. Don’t we see this
around us?

The most recent fall of a monarchy is that of Sikkim. The country was peaceful living in harmony
with its neighbors and the world community minding its own business. Some people took it upon
themselves to turn it into a democracy revolted against the king and merged it with India – now
after some thirty odd years – most people think that they made mistake. Now this is happening in

Any body can become a Tony Blair or Gordon Brown – but can any body become Prince Charles?

So my question is if you believe in God – how can you believe in democracy and elected leaders?


To be continued in Part III

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