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Operation Instructions of

Superfine Pen
一,StructuraI sketch map

二, Brief introdution of products

This kind of product is a section of advanced MINI DV products which is
put out to market demand,It have the functions of advanced digitaI video
recordings of trades, taking a picture,recording,the computer Iens and mobile
memory,The appearance is exquiste,esthetic and practical and easy to carry
三,Maunfacturer s instruction
1, Power: In the off state, long press function key boot, yellow light,
De knop lang indrukken = groen licht= in werking stellen.
Nog een keer indrukken= goen = video opname
the click function key click, direct access to video state at this time were blue
lights in the click function key while yellow light at the same time and save it as a
*, AVI format video files, this time for standby.

2, Picture: In the standby mode a long press function key 2 seconds then the
blue lights in the click function keys clicking at this time and save a *, JPC format.
In the long press function key 2 seconds, for the standby. At this point out blue
light, yellow light.
3, Shutdown: In the video mode, long press function key 3 seconds off, while
lights go out: In the standby in the standby mode, a continuous automatic
shutdown 60 seconds without action.
4, Low power: If the check is to use battery power is low, the yellow light flash
five times after the shutdown, before shutdown will save the current video file.
5. Charge: device is connected to a computer or power adapter can charge,
charging, when the yellow light flashes, filled with long bright yellow.
四.File store
The completion of video or take pictures, use the USB data cable, the device
with a computer connected to the recorded images can be copied or cut to a
computer and play.
Attention; video or taking pictures Do not connect the computer
When the product is because of illegal operation or other reasons not
known to stop responding when the products need to be reset.
Attention; video or taking pictures Do not connect the computer
六.Time revises
Confirmed that the computer time to normal, the machine connected to the
computer, confirm finding mobile U disk, run the "Update Time tool", you can
change the machine time to time synchronization with the computer.

Picture eiemente 300.000 CMOS

VisuaI angIe 65 degrees
Minimum intensity 1Lux
Store Temperature -20°C—-80°C
Operation -10°C—-50°C
Operation Humidity 15—85%RH
The Card Capacity Maximum:8G
Recording function The compiled code of the video
(Suppord the adopts Motion JPEG,record and
make it as AVI file VGA
(640*480@25 frame/second)

Picture function The compiled code of the video

(Suppord the adopts Motion JPEG, record and
forrm) make it as JPG file(1280*960)
USB interfasc USB1.1/2.0
Opeating system 2000/XP/VISTA32
Charge time 90 minutes