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​ Assessment of Speaking and Listening [ASL]

Term 1: English -2020

Grade: IX
Max. Marks: 20
I. Listen to audio and answer the following questions. The audio will be narrated
twice.Write only the answers with the correct question no. in your note book.
II. After completion take a snap and turn it in to GCW.
Q1. ​Fill in the blanks with a phrase or a word: [5 Marks]
a. Grandfather decided to take grandmother to _________ if she didn’t get well by the next
b. Sita was not afraid of being left alone but she did not like the look of the _______
c. That evening, big ________ of rain were scarring the surface of the river.
d. Sita’s toes had grown accustomed to gripping all ____________ , slippery or sharp.
e. She had a scar on her thigh because of __________

Q2. ​State True or False: [5 Marks]

a. When Sita saw the snake she beat it black and blue
b. Sita didn’t mind staying alone.
c. Sita was scared of scorpion bite
d. Grandfather was worried that Sita would have to stay alone for a few days
e. The kerosene lamp was kept alight to scare away the animals around.

II. ​Listen to the audio and answer the following questions. The audio will be narrated
twice. Write only the answers with the correct Q.no.
Q3. ​Choose the correct option and complete the following sentences: [5 Marks]
a. The first step in silk production is ___________
i) Spinning the silk cocoons
ii) Cultivation of quality feed for the silkworms
iii) Fabric-weaving
iv) None of the above

b. The most famous silk is the ___________ silk

i) South India
ii) Powerloom
iii) Traditional handloom
iv) machine woven

c. The style of wearing the saree differs from

i) people to people
ii) time to time
iii) region to r legion
iv) All of these
d. The final part of silk production is the _________
i) production of dress-materials
ii) weaving of the fabric
iii) spinning silk thread
iv) None of the above

E. Around __________ percentage of the price of silk in the market goes back to the
silk weavers
i) 75 percent
ii) 80 percent
iii) 85 percent
iv) 100 percent

Q4. ​Answer the following in a word or a phrase: [5 Marks]

a. How is silk extracted?
b. Name the famous silk weaving centres.
c. Which variety of silk product is very much in demand?
d. How are the silkworms reared?
e. The silk sarees of India are among the living examples of what?