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The Unfortunate Fiscal Reality

of the Jordan-Elbridge What Costs going forward...

School District could What has been spent or committed by the District’s actions
to date is just the beginning.
If the current course of events is not altered, the total costs
It’s easy to get caught up in the drama associated with the
be the to taxpayers over the next several years could well exceed
$10 million.
events currently shaping the Jordan-Elbridge Central
School District’s future. Regardless of how you might feel potential Here’s how:

about the controversial issues of ongoing staff and policy • Ongoing costs for interim administration–potentially

changes, there is one aspect of the current crisis that future hundreds of thousands of dollars.
• Costs associated with current and future legal
should be of equal concern to all residents in the JE
costs? challenges–potentially millions of dollars.
district—how it impacts us financially. • Payments required if current actions cause the District’s
bond rating to be lowered–potentially several million
dollars in added interest expenses.

What • At least $500,000 for interim principals, new non-

instructional positions and high wage increases for
select employees, all in addition to wages and What • Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget would reduce the
District’s state aid significantly.
unbudgeted benefits being paid to either suspended and/or
reassigned employees. could • Expect program and teacher cuts–some, maybe most,
as a result of having to pay for legal fees, interim
expenses • An estimated $1 million for future retirement employees and much more.
benefits for new non-instructional employees. all of • Currently 1% of the tax levy is about $100,000. Suppose
has the • About $100,000 for superintendent buyout and
$2.5 million must be budgeted to pay for the current
interim superintendent at $600 a day.
this mean crisis. That could potentially raise the tax levy by 25% or
District • Legal costs spent and/or committed are estimated approximately $600 per year for every $100,000 of
to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
to each assessed property value. The alternative is for the
District to deplete its reserves, which will not play well
incurred or • At least $50,000 for contracted investigative
for credit rating purposes and overall fiscal stability.
taxpayer? • The potential for a decline in property values and
committed • Thousands of dollars in overtime costs for labor to
compensate for displaced expertise. economic development opportunities is expected to be
in the tens of millions of dollars if the current course of
• $10,000 for membership in NYS School Boards
to? Association.
events is not altered.

Presented by Lee Badman, Maureen Doyle, Fred Weisskopf and JE District residents for fiscal responsibility.