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Three Year Degree Course Part-III Examinations, 2011
PROGRAMME (New and Old Courses)
Date Day Morning (9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon)
(1.30 PM to 4.30 PM)
Major Papers:
M30100/3.1/V [Asm, Bng, Edn, Electr, Eng,
Geol(Old), Sts]
General Papers:
M30100/VI [Geog, Phy]
Sanskrit- 30400/IV,
M30100/VII [Bot, Zoo],
22-03-2011 Tuesday Eco Environment of Business/
M30100/VIII [Chem],
Computer Application in
M30500/V [Eco, Hist, Phil, Pol Sc, Snskt, Soc]
Business- 3.01
General Paper: Sanskrit- 30300/III,
Rural Development-III
Principles of Marketing (G & S)/ Indian Banking
General Papers:
System (S)/ Industrial Relations (S)
24-03-2011 Thursday 30700/VII (Home Sc, Anth),
General Papers: 30600/VI (Home Sc, Anth),
Information Technology-VII
Information Technology-VI
Major Papers:
M30200/3.2/VI [Asm, Bng, Edn, Electr, Eng,
Information Technology & its
Geol(New & Old), Home Sc.,Mth, Sts]
Implications in Business (G)
M30200/VII [Geog, Phy]
M30200/VIII [Bot, Zoo]
26-03-2011 Saturday General Paper:
M30200/IX [Chem]
Geology-V (Old), VII (New)
M30600/VI [Anth, Eco, Hist, Phil, Pol Sc, Snskt,
Tribal Studies-IV,
Soc], Com-3.02
Business Finance-3.02
General Paper- Geology-IV (Old), VI (New)
Tribal Studies-III
Financial Management (S)/ International
General Papers:
Marketing (S)/ Fundamentals of Insurance (S)/
Botany- 30200/VII,
28-03-2011 Monday Labour Legislation (S)
Philosophy- 30400/IV,
General Papers:
Rural Development-IV
Botany- 30100/VI, Philosophy- 30300/III
Major Papers:
M30300/3.3/VII [Asm, Bng, Edn, Electr, Eng,
Geol(New & Old), Home Sc.,Mth, Sts]
Indirect Taxes (G &S)/ Global
M30300/VIII [Geog, Phy]
Human Resource Management (S)
M30300/IX [Bot, Zoo]
30-03-2011 Wednesday M30300/X [Chem]
General Papers:
M30700/VII [Anth, Eco, Hist, Phil, Pol Sc, Snskt,
Soc], Com-3.03
General Papers:
Geography-30100/VI, Entrepreneurship- 3.03,
Auditing (G & S)/ Personal Selling (S)/
International Business Environment (S)/
General Papers:
01-04-2011 Friday Merchant Banking & Financial Service (S)
History- 30400/IV, Mathematics-V
General Papers:
History- 30300/III, Mathematics-IV
Management Accounting (S)
Major Papers:
M30400/3.4/VIII [Asm, Bng, Edn, Eng,
Geol(New & Old), Home Sc.,Mth, Sts]
04-04-2011 Monday M30400/IX [Geog, Phy] X
M30400/X [Bot, Zoo]
M30400/XI [Chem]
M30800/VIII [Anth, Eco, Hist, Phil, Pol Sc, Snskt,
Soc], Com-3.04

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Date Day Morning (9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon)
(1.30 PM to 4.30 PM)
Indian Financial System (G & S)/ Advertising &
Sales Promotion (S)/ Indian Foreign Trade &
Policy (S)/ Insurance Management (S)/ Legal General Papers:
06-04-2011 Wednesday Securities & other issues in e-com. (S)/ Trade Political Science-30400/IV,
Unionism & ILO (S) Zoology-30200/VII
General Paper:
Political Science-30300/III, Zoology-30100/VI
Major Papers:
M30500/IX [Asm, Bng, Edn, Eng, Geol(New),
Home Sc.,Mth]
08-04-2011 Friday Vocational-IV/ VI/ VII
M30900/IX [Anth, Eco, Hist, Phil, Pol Sc, Snskt,
Soc], Com-3.05
Vocational- III/ V/ VI
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (S)/
Agriculture & Rural Marketing (S)/ Export-Import Fundamentals of
Procedure & Documentation (S)/ Commercial Entrepreneurship (G)
11-04-2011 Monday Bank Management (S)/ Internet & World Wide General Papers:
Web (S)/ Human Resource Development (S) Computer Science-VII,
General Papers: Education-30200/IV
Computer Science-VI, Education-30100/III
Major Paper: X (Mathematics)
General Papers:
General Papers:
19-04-2011 Tuesday Physics-30200/VII
Physics-30100/VI, Sociology- 30300/III, Auditing
Sociology- 30400/IV
and Business Taxation- 3.04
Financial Statement Analysis (S)/ Distribution &
Retailing (S)/ International Finance (S)/ Insurance
General Papers:
Regulatory Framework (S)/ Online Marketing &
21-04-2011 Thursday Economics-30400/IV,
e-CRM (S)/ Compensation Management (S)
General Papers:
Economics-30300/III, Electronics-30100/VI
General Papers:
General Papers:
23-04-2011 Saturday Chemistry-30200/VII,
Chemistry-30100/VI, Elective Language-III
Elective Language-IV

Note: 1. Practical Examination will be held after 23-04-2011 as per programme to be notified by the
Principal/ Officer-in-charge concerned.
2. Elective Language means core subjects of Assamese/ Bengali/ Bodo /Hindi.
3. G and S stand for B.Com General and B.Com. Specialty courses respectively.
4. For all half papers, time allowed 2 (two) hours only.

Date :19.01.2011
Sd/-Dr. S. Gogoi
Controller of Examinations,
Dibrugarh University

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