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Design Problem


Cyber Crime
BBA(hons.)-MBA(dual integrated)

Submitted to: Mr. Shailendra Tiwari Submitted by: Ankit Garg

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CIPA Project

Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) was developed with objective of

automation the processes (workflow) at police station and to provide inputs for
building CCIS(Crime Criminal Information System)

The Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) is a multilingual

application to automate the processes (workflow) at primary sources of data viz.
Police Station and to build a crime & criminal Information system based on
It provides an efficient way of organizing crime records for generating
queries/reports and crime analysis for decision support. The CIPA Software is
developed in JAVA and implemented under open source environment viz.
Linux (OS), Postgre SQL as a back-end RDBMS. The CIPA software has
been developed with the following objectives:
• Significant reduction in manual records/register maintenance at Police
• Elimination of duplicate and inconsistent record keeping.
• Facilitate maintenance of details of criminals.
• Keep track of the status of cases.
• Introducing element of transparency in the working of Police department.
• Facilitating Investigating Officers with availability of records.
• Facilitating supervision by the Senior Officers.
• Generate various reports required from time to time.
• Faster response to public.
CIPA Software functionalities are being described below.

This module facilitate the Duty Officers (DO) in registering a case
by capturing the details of the complainant, accused, properties stolen/involved,
victims, place and time of occurrence of the crime, etc.

This module allows the Investigating Officers (IO) to record the
events of developments/progress as and when taking place/made by the IO from
time to time in the case like arrest/surrender of accused, seizure of properties,
witness statement records, etc.

This module allows the Investigating Officer (IO) to record the
events of developments/progresses as and when taking place from time to time
relating to the prosecution stage in the case, e.g., hearing of the case, summon/
warrants issued by the Court, etc.

This module facilitate in maintaining the various details of the
Criminals within the jurisdiction of the police station, and the listed organized
Gangs and updating it time to time based on the information received from
Various sources e.g. modus operandi, history of involvements, etc.
State Specific Requirements:
Any additional inputs and/or outputs requirement
Developed by individual states are made available through this module.

General/Daily Station diary:

This facilitates capturing the information recorded by the police stations in its
Daily Station Diary.

This module generates various outputs required by different levels.

Image of common integrated police application

This image shows that how does this software look like
Present Status:
It is being implemented by NIC and coordination and monitoring is being done
by NCRB.Initially only Registration Module has been taken up. Implementation
of CIPA project at police stations is being done in phases. 10% Police Stations
(about 1400 Police Stations) are being covered throughout the country in the
first phase by 2007. 30% Police Stations (Approximately 3,700 police stations)
will be covered in second phase and remaining in final phase. It has been
implemented in all the Police Stations of Delhi.
Limitation of CIPA

Absence of intelligent decision support system made it somewhat ‘standalone’

system and no analytical tools for analysing huge building database.
In today’s world criminals have become techno savvy and they make maximum
use of all the modern technologies and methods in committing crimes. This has
facilitated them in operating over the length and breadth of the country also. If
we have to effectively meet out challenges of crime control and maintenance of
public order, creation of databases on crimes & criminals in digital form for
sharing by all, an intelligent police information system cannot be neglected
anymore. This section highlights the need for Crime Analysis Tool as
interactive interface and describes the proposed Crime Analysis Tool which was
not present in CIPA.