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Football Club
... Company Limited

Annual Report
Statement of Accounts
at 31 May 1975



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Directors

Ninety-sixth Annual General Meeting of A. W. Waterworth. J.P., Chairman
the Company wiil be held at the offices of John Moores. C.B.E., Vice-Chairman
The Everton Football Club Company Limited, J. C. Sharp
Goodison Park, Liverpool L4 4EL, on G. A. Watts
Thursday the 14th day of August, 1975, at T. H. W. Scott
7.00 p.m. to receive and consider the Report K. M. Tamlln
of the Dlrectors, and the Accounts for the P. D. Carter
~ period endad 31 st May, 1975. to elect
. Directors, to fix the remuneration of the
Auditors for the ensuing year, and to
• transact any other business which may be
~ transacted at the Ordinary General Meeting
of the Company. Secretary and Registered O'ffice
The Transfer Books of the Company will C. D. Hassell,
. . closed until 15th August, 1975. Goodlson Park, Liverpool L44EL

By Order of the Board.

C. D. HASSELL. Secretary.
Goodison Park, Liverpool L44EL. Manager
10th July. 1975. W. L. Bingham

Admission on Presentation
of Annual Repori
-r~otice is also given that a Member of the Bankers
"'~ompany entitled to attend and vote at the
above Annual General Meeting is entitled Midland Bank Limited
to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead
of him, and that the proxy need not be a
member of the Company.
Proxies must be lodged at the Registered
Office of the Company, not less than Auditors
48 hours before the time of the Meeting. Rogers, Bowler & Co.


I have much plluura In pr...nUng the Report lind the Flnal. of the lancllhlra Youth Cup. ThIS' succe•• e. art
Accounts. largClly dU8 to Mr. Ray Mln.hull who II In charg. of our Youth
DGlvelopmlJnt Polley and to Mr. ErIc Harrlson, the Youth t.lm
Thl past I&uon wal a frustrating bland of excltement coach. No club can facal the future with any ccnfldsnce unl6ll11
lind disappointment, We headed the First Division on mars It hat good young playctr. at every ItZig. of development. W.
occlIlIlons than any other club. Within weeks of the end of the have contlnumd to encourage talented youngstera to make their
....on we WIre three points ahead of our nearut rlvZlls with a fOCltballlng careers with Everton and WG lire Clrt:!:- that within
game In hand. Unfortunately our end of season form was a f.w years a number of thl•• boys will be taking thllr ~lacl!
disappointing, WQ lost a number of games which we should tn the flr,t team.
hove won end we f1l'lshed fourlh In the League. In our natural
disappointment at having missed the gllttQrlng prIze which at The first team was atr.ngthllned at the out.,· of the
one moment seemed within our grasp. we should not forget ..aeon by the arrival of Martin Dcbson from Burnley, whllet In
that Everton continued to show the Improvement which had March Davld Smallman [olned us from Wrlxham. Both thIS.
been apparent In the prsvloua seeson. This I" Mr. Blnghamls players galnlid Intsrnatlonal cap! durIng the lIIalon, one with
second asaaon as Manager. Hie first SQ8S0n ~aw the club climb England and the other with the Wellh tllm, Da! Davllus. who
from seventeenth to seventh place In the Leftgue. This year we eslabllshad hlmaelf !IS a first team go.lke.par this 811l180n, was
reached fourth place and quallflod for 8 place In the UEFA Cup awarded International caps for W~I8I whilst David CI.mentl,
Competition. Now that the Iniquitous 'One city, one club' rule the cstabllahed lrlsh International. had th. responsibility of
hae flnnlly been abolished I am certain that we will be seeing betlng play, -mzmager for the Northern Ireland team throughout
more Europeftn footbell on Merseyslde. not only durlno this the home Internatlollal aeries. Peter Scott received his flrat oap
coming season but In the years ahead. Evorton has long argued for Ireland, whilst our skipper. Roger Kenyon, I!l member of the
that entry to the UEFA Cup should be on merit alone and not England squad narrowly missed an International cap when
dependent on geographical location, It Is encourllglng that this chosen as substitute In the match against Cyprus. Mlck
view hD9 prevailed at last. Buckley. Bob Latchford and Mlck Lyons all played during t h e .
season for the England Under.23 team whlfst Jim Peerson
To have earned a place In Europe Is an achievement represented Scotland at the same laver. Two of our players
which reflects credit upon Mr. Bingham and upon the sklll and played In the England Youth team - David Jones a-rd NGII
endeavour of the whole team. We at Everton , however, should RobInson.
never be satisfied with anything less than the best. Ths.e Is
still a long way to go before we nave blended a team with JOB Royle, who over the year. scored more than a
which we can all be satisfied but after last season we know hundred gonls for EVQrton. was transferred to Manchester CIty
that we have the nucleus of a side capable of winnIng the shortly before Christmas and Colin Harvey. another really great
Championship. Everton player, jollHtd Sheffield Wednesday. Gordon Wist, yet
another member of our last Chlmlplonshlp winnIng side.
During the season we were obliged. usualJy through retired from football at the end of the season after an
Injuries, to playas many as twenty-three different plnyers In the outstanding career with the club. Bill Kenny wh« played for the
first team. Whilst giving an Indication of the depth of talent first team on a number of cccaslcna was transferred to
within the club. this necessarily meant that on most occasions Tranmere Rovers. .... .
our Reserve side was well below strength. Despite thls,
however. they fInished fifth In the Centralleagua - a result Sometimes Everton are accused of trying to buy
that owes much to tho unselfish enthusiasm of Mr. RZlY success and of spending vast sums to achleve this end. This
Henderson, the second team coach. Our younger players, by Is not true and to put the record straight I would point out that
winnIng the Lancashlra League Division I and Division II and despite some spectacular and expensive Incursions Into the
by winning the <,)lIpplementary Cup outright, established transfer market during the last two years. our net expenditure
a ~%ort.l which has not been equalled by any other slnce the appointment of Mr. Bingham as Manager, has been
club. The Youth tsam were winners of an International £75,000. A sum which hardly suggests that we are one of the
tournament In Germany at the end of the season and reached big spenders of the transfer scene.

By tho end of the .aallon the view Wit b.lng freely At the ,nr) of the .eason our own Maintenance Staff
expr• .,ed In footb.:1 Board Room. that the day. of the really Inlt.Ued aWl more .afaty barrl.ra on terrae•••round the
Ilrg. tl1lOsfer fe.. wert)over, Whath,r this prove. to b. ground 10 as to comply wJth forthcoming Ilgl.latlon on the
correct or not, thare 10 no doubt at all that the vicious rate of Saflty of Sports Ground •• We are confident that our Isfaty
Inflation Is preuiltlng serlcue problems to proflulonal etan:Jards are now amongst the hlghelt In the Laague.
fCJotball clubs. Manyclubs have alrmady reduced their playing
Itaff whilst we at EVGrton havi eerrled out III uarchlng revlClw Durlng one of the wettest "alon. on record thea pitch
of current Ixp8ndlture. A number of substantial eccnornles at Goodtlon agaIn proved tho value of the land Injection
hAve been eFfectod and, where possible. capitol expendlturs process whIch has been applied durIng the past two ••ascn ••
hall been pruned. DespltG this, costs are riling eharply and tlua SImilar treatment Wtll again und.rt~k.n at the end uf the
Board have had to Increase seat prlcss for th~ comIng 1EI1ison .,8&On lind It Is anticipated that the condltlon of the pitch
as wmll as raisIng the admission charge to the minimum should continua to Improve, Constant uletgs often under wet
allowed by the Football Letlgus. Our seaaon tlckats are stili condition. meant tha+ the Blllllefield pitches ,ultalnld ht;avy
amongat the cheapest In the Flr~t DIvisIon. wear, It Is a tribute to the ground staff, both there and at
Goodlson, that within thrOB weeks of the snd of the aealon
",wly sown grail wae growing and thG ravages of the p!lat
Bofore t8klng Trenif~r (-"oas :,to account, the club made seescn had almost disappeared.
" a surplus of £85,679 durl,I\' tho year under review. Not Tn•.•..fGr
• Fees totftllQd £127.200 lind after transferring the £100,000 s~t In last year's Report I raferred to the appclntmenl of
aslde last year In the Transfer Reserve, the club produced a Mr. Skinner as CommGrcl81 Mtmag&r. He htlS had a suceessful
net surplus of £8,479 on the year's trndlng. The aubste.ntlal first year In his new position and his department made a velY
rise In gate rscslpte was very largely offset by the 20% useful contribution to the club's Income. During the clcse
W increase In Wag~s and Salaries and shareholders must be season It Is Intended to redecorate and lmprovs faclllties
prepared for Increases under this hoading In the coming year. within the 800 Club and restaurant, Wuch of thG Increased
When considering these accounts It Is Important to note the Income from catering and soclal functions has arisen as a
contribution of over £100.000 made by our Commercial result of the lmprcvements effGlcted In the sao Club laat year
~partment from such activities as catering, social functions, and It Is antlctpuiQa that the rafurblshlng of the SOO Club will
~vertlslng and the sale of programmes and souvenirs. make It stili rnors attractlvi for private and cornmerclel
Without the eneraetlc steps taken by the Board over the past functions.
few years to develop this side of the club's actIvIties WG would
have been obliged to reduce our playing slaff and alill furth,r As Chelrman of Evertonl I am fortunate In having the
Increase admission charges. Whilst our current borrowlnQti hard working assistance and loyal support of a very active
at £819,HiB are not yet at II dangerous level, It Is the B08rrJla Board of Dlre~tors and I am pleased to havs this opportunity
IntentIon to reduce these as soon as practicable. of thanktng them publicly for their work during the year. I
would also like to pdy tribute to Mr. Norman Coffey who
re81~n(Jcl at the end of the season, after servIng 26 years as a
Attendances during the past season averaged just to IOi d-,ector of the club. He was a IOY211 and experienced COllGllgue
40.000 - an Improvement of 14 % upon the previous year's and a true Evertonlan. In recognition of his service to the club
figure. At a time of decllninu standards throughout the he was appointed a Vice President and we look forward to
country, I am glad to say that crowd behaviour at Goodlson seeing him at Goodlson for many years. The Board elected
was generally good and posod comparatively few problems for Mr. Philip Carter to take his place and I am confident that he
the police. Our reputanon for good sporting behavlcur was will playa slgnlflctln+ and valuable part In the future of the club.
- ~fortunately marred by the action of one or two young The Directors, the St!lff and the players are all dedicated to
hooligans who threw bottles on to the pItch and provoked a establishing Everton as the leading club In the country.
spacial F.A. lnqulry. The club was found to have taken a/l I am confided that the coming S6a90n will see the club
reasonable precautions to prevent such IncIdents but continuing the Improvement that has been evident over the
neverthelees our reputation was tarn/shed by the conduct of past two seasons.
stupid and lrrssponsfble Indlvlduals,
The new weight training gymneslum referred to /n Just Chairman
year's Report was completed In January and SUbsequently
proved of great beneflt to the players and c08chlng !tafi 10th "tulYt 1975.

rv ~


The profit for the year to 31 st May. 1975 The amount of Steck In the Company In which
amounted to £8,479. The Directors do not the Directors at the end of the Financial Year
recommend the payment of a dividend. were then Interested, according to the
register kept by the Company for the purposes
Directors of Section 27 of the Companies Act, 1967 are
At no time during the last financial year has: shown below. No other Interests of these
1. Any Director of the Company had directly Directors lu Stock of the Company were
or indirectly any material interest in any recorded in the register at that date.
Contract with the Company of significance
in relation to the Company's business 1 June 81 May
requiring disclosure under Section 16 (1) (c) 1974 1975 -
of the Companies Act. 1967.
2. The Company been a party t" any
arrangement to enable Directors of the
Company to acquire benefits by means of
the acquisition of stock in the Company
or any other Body Corporate.
Mr. A. W. Waterworth, J.P.
Mr. John Moores, C.B.E.
Mr. J. C. Sharp
Mr. G. A. Watts

.i -


;.- !':"'-
J •

Mr.T.H.W.Scotl 3 8
Mr. K. M. Tamlln 3
Mr. P. D. Carter 8

Mr. N. W. Coffey was also a Director of

the Company during but not at the end of
the Financial Year.

The following Members of the Board of

Direct-irs retire in accordance with the
Company's Articles and, being eligible, offer
~ .1
themselves for re..election:
Mr. A. W. Waterworth. J.P.
Mr. G. A. Watts

A nomination has been received on behalf of:

Mr. I. A. T. Legge. F.e.A.

-.' ...... ..


Prlnelpe! activity Auditors

.. !
! The principal activity of your Company Messrs Rogers, Bowler & Co. have Intimated
centlnues to be that of a Professional their willingness to continue 8S Auditors of the
Pcetball league Club. Company.
.. I ..

Fix6d assets
FUU detaBs of the changes to the Fixed Assets
are-shown ln Notes on the Accounts. In view
ef the speclallssd use of the Freehold Land
. a-nd Build:ings at Goodison Park, the Directors
are, unable give an indication of the
difference between market and book value.
It is considered that the market value exceeds
. !.. ..:.:~,,'e vaiue included in the Balance Sheet.

Char:iitable and poUtical

There where no charitable or political
contributions made during the year.


10th July, 1975.

~ .. r »


for the year ended 31 May 1975
1975 1974
£ £
Gate receipts, after percentages
to visitors, League and Associations 526,130 410,876

Profits from sub..lets, programmes,

bars. property, etc. 102,062 881'448

628,192 499J323

Expenditu ra .
Salaries, wages and other payroll costs 343,145 280- ,~ .
' i 7Q. -' ....
Transfer fees (net), less provision 27,200 (23 j 9 0 0 )
Training. travel, match and other expenses 108,949 114,684
Ground expenses and maintenance 31,060 25,1'95
Utilities 70,463 46,018
Depreciatio n 10,128 5r423
Auditors' remuneration 2,000 11000
Other administrative expenses 20,640 19,407

608,585 474J413

Surplus carried to .~ 1
Profit and Loss Account £19,607 £24,910 ~. j

~ ''--~


j for the year ended 31 May 1975

'1975 1974
£ e
Surplus from
Income and Expenditure Account 19,607 241910
. Acid: Interest received 6,211 11 1906

25,818 361816

Deduct: Interest paid 20,197 81175

5,621 28,641
~ ~'dd.· Exceptional Items (Note 8) 2,858

8,479 28,641

Taxation (Note 4)

Profit after taxation 8,479 28;641

Retained profits brought forward

from previous year 157,785
Less: Prior year adjustment (Note 5) (15,445) 142,340 129,144
1 .... ·4letained profits to date £150,819 £157,785


as at 31 May 1975
Fixed Assets 1975
Freehold land, buildings, equipment £
and motor vehicles, at cost, less
amounts written off (Note 1) 690,888

Current Assets
Stocks (Note 2) 17,881 5,793
Sundry debtors 190.491 118,600
Cash at bank 20,249
Cash in hand 15,461 223,838 26,4{}4


Less: Current Liabilities and Provisions

Bank overdraft 125,658
Sundry creditors 171,785 172,448
Loan 198.500 195,000
Provision for transfer fees 490,913 100JOOO

Net Assets £423,778

Financed by
Capital and Reserves
Share capital (authorised and issued)
2,500 £1 stock units 2,500 2,500
General reserve 270,459 270,459
Profit and Loss Account 150.819

£493,778 £430,744
Signed on behalf of the Board
In our opinion the annexed Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, and Notes glvo a true and fair view ofthe state of the Company's
affairs at 31at May, 1975 and of lt~ Profit for the year ended on that date, and comply with the Companies Acts 1948and 1967.
Signed ROGERS, BOWLEf, ~ CO'I Chartered Accountants, liverpool, 24th dena 1975

to ef~"} t i (y til( 1. ttl) ~. J S i.... trut'~
EVERTON FOOTBALL CLUB l:t'i'J o : tJU.: .t: • .l .~ll:C ..';1
i ,t ll~t·: .1. :";" j to

_.~OMPANY LIMJ.~~. ~
t .t,.'j:·L'l::,r:. o t l!lf" ~OHlp; n;y at. cr.e A!tIlual

'J-~-:#1on~:t:1 ,'.~ jtt

' ...-t i n 1'. /'.•

~;;U I ~
~r i .. . ~cr..t"ry /


for the year ended 31 May 1975 "
1. FIxed Astots Freehold land Standi,
end buildIngs fixtures. etc. Vohlcle. Totall
e £ e £
COlt or valuation
At 1st June, 1974 1CO,758 7251099 5,975 882,727
Addttlons (see below) (25,830) 2.280 (29,100)
Disposals (3,000) (S,OOO)
At 31st May, 1975 97,758 700669 8,205 806,627
At 1st June. Hr,4 27.720 75.600 2,291 10e;,811
ProvIded during ye21r 8,528 1,600 10,128
On dlspcsals
At 31st May, 1975 27.720 84,128 8.891 118.789
Not book value at 70,OSS 616.541 4.814 690,888
3ht May, 1975 ----- --
Donations received from the various Everton development associations have bean applied In reduction of the cost of stands,
No depreciation Is provlded on land, buildings, stands. fixtures and equipment associated with the punclpel activity of the
COlnpany. Other fixed assets, Including vehicles. are being depreciated at 25% on the reducing balanc.EI basis.
2. Stocks
Stocks consist of refreshments and souvenirs, and have been valued at the lower of cost or market value.
3. E)(coptional items .£
Profit on sale of property 1,750
Distribution received from Investment previously written off 1.108

4. Taxation
After m21klng adjustments necessary for tax purposes, no tax Is due In respect of the profit for the year.


Prior year adjustment
The Company recelvod nollflcatlon during the year that due to on error It had been undercharged for electricity consumed
over the years 1970 to 1974. The amount of the undercharge. In so far as It related to prevlous years. has been deducted from
the balance of rstalned profits brought forward.
Employees' Emoluments
The numb- I'!)f employoes earning over £10.000 per annum was as follows:-
1974/75 1973}74
£1 fl.001 and £12 1500 3 2
Between! 12.501 and £151000 2
7. Future capital expendlturB 197fi 1974
Amount contracted for but not provlded for In these accounts Nil Nil
Amount authcrlsed by the Directors but not yet contracted for Nil £19,550


THURSDAY, 1st AUGUST, 1974, AT 7.00 P.M.

Present: Messrs. A. '1\.1. Waterworth (in the Chair), J. Moores, C.B.E., J. C. Sharp, N. W. Coffey,
G. A. Watts and T. H. W. Scott (Directors), W. L. Bingham (Manager), C. D. Hassell (Secretary),
K. M. Tamlln (Solicitor), P. B, Bowler (Auditor), together with 86 Shareholders.

It was agreed that the notice convening the It was agreed that the Dlrectors' Report and I
meeting be taken as read. ... Mr.'
the Auditors' Report be taken as read. The
Chairman then called upon Mr. Watts who • ell.glb
proposed the adoption of the Accounts which
It was agreed that the Press who were not $1
showed a profit of £28.641. This was seconded
present should remain In attendance. .I!!III~topc
by Mr. Brown and after a number of questions
had been answered tho resolution was put to the
meeting and carried unanimously.
The minutes of the previous Annual General 11
Meeting, held on 2nd August, 1973, having been resoli
circulated were agreed to be taken as read, DIVIDEND:
Mr. C
confirmed and sIgned as a correct record. It was proposed by Mr. Sharp and seconded propc
by Mr. Search that no dividend be paid. On being unani
put to the meeting the resolution was carried
The report having been previously circulated unanImously. Corm
was aqreed to be taken as read. There were no 1
questions. The Chairman then referred to the
recent sad passing of Mr. C. E. Balmforth, a AUDITORS: .-...1ecor
former Chairman of the club, It was aoreed that It was proposed by Mr. Scott and seconded to the
a letter expressing the vary best wl, as of the
by Mr. Beattie that the remuneration of the unani
meeting be sent to Mrs. F. Balmforth. The
Auditors for the ensuing year be left to the rv
Chairman also referred to the sad retirement
through Injury of the club's International full back Directors to decide. This resolution was carried thank
Tommy Wright. unanimously. suppt

It was reported that Mr. N. W. Coffey and The Chairman then proposed that the
.. Mr. T. H. W. Scott retired by rotatton and being following Special Resolution be adopted:-
• ellglble offered themselves for re-election. "That the Memorandum of Assoclatlon be
Mr. J. P. Hacking also retired by rotation but did altered In manner following that Is to say that
· \
not seek re-election. There were three nominations there shall be added to Clause 3 G> after the
droposlng Mr. K. M. Tamlln, Mr. I. A. T. Legge words "hold shares In" the following:-
--..-nd Mr. P. Parry. However those in respect of lito lend and advance money or give credit to: to
Mr. Legge and Mr. Parry were withdrawn. guarantee and give guarantees or indemnities for
It was unanimously agreed to take a sIngle the payment of money or the performance of
I esclutrcnfor the re-election of Mr. Scott and contracts or obligations by; to secure or
Mr. Coffey. The Chairman therefore made the undertake In any way the repayment of money lent
proposition seconded by Mr. Bailey and It was or advanced to or the liabilities Incurred bYi and
unanimously resolved that Mr. N. W. Coffey and otherwise to assist",
Mr. T. H. W. Scott be re-elected Directors of the The resolution was seconded by Mr. Parry
Company for a further period of three years. and after a number of questions had been
answered, was put to the meeting and carried
The Chairman then proposed, and Mr. Whitley
~econded. that Mr. K. Tamlin be elected a
"~lrector for a period of three years. On b~jng put
.- to the meeting the resolution was carried
unanimously. There ware various questions of a general
nature and these were suitably answered.
Mr. Tarnlln, Mr. Scott and Mr. Coffey suitably
thanked the members fCJr their confidence and There being no further business the meeting
support. closed with a vote of thanks to the Chairman.




, , u., .u, Kio~u.

'~e~ Warohous.e Ltd.

AMBl'i0Jl Warehousee (Liv.rpooJJ.) Ltd.
''''",oa Suppliers Ltd•
. . . . . .a'nbergs Body Worb Ltd.
~ "itish Paraoh~t$ Co. Ltd.
~_.~ Ie mdwal:'ds Ltd.
~ Trader8 (Liverpool) Ltd.
,.. '-rk Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
,*,~e Estate Company Ltd •
.... litchen & Bona Ltd.
~ tilton Engineeri~g Company Ltd.
~ l~ternatiGnal Import & Export Company Ltd.
___tit Ltci.
"""~oeds Mail ~dar stores Ltd.
~ & Oottntry C0mmercial PrOp3rty Investments Ltd.
~weeQS War&he~8eB Ltd.
, .. ' ' eWGeJs of Liverpool Ltd.
, . \..: .verpoel :Bedding (;0. Ltd.
~Q01 CQn~'aetors Ltd •
• M,eore,a Quality stores Ltd.
,.~ ,• . :0. Maores l"td.
",' , '" ,', .yside Furniture MaAufacturing C<"mpany Ltd.
, Fleor's Ltd.•
',' ard Mills Ltd.
& Car. Ltd.
, p;r,eduots Ltd.
~.<.r Manufacturing CQ. Ltd.

/~. 1wn11el Ltd.

,~,he6 of Switze~land Ltd.
~ & Lawrence Ltd.
~ ,~uel (Jawe11ers & Bilversmith8) Ltd.
~'$aiety Pictur~ Hoase (Southampton) Ltd.

(~t Jewellers Ltd.

4J.1i.am Pearsall Ltd.
i.-zy Samuel Ltd."
8/.t,Ied Mamufacturing Jewellers Ltd.
:.: ')11. E. Osborne Be COe Ltd.
t ',rmore Estate Coo Ltd.
~~~ Littlewood Pensions Trust Ltd.
,"' ~ ·:hester Holdings Ltd •
. «, ; i. Pr oducr s Ltr.
~ M. Lane & ~o. Ltd.
-,:':Ably Hughes & Co~ Ltd.
: J • ~on Caterers Ltd.

~5_: a.E. Ba1mforth.

ley E8tates Ltd.
i :

-, • Darracott Ltd.
"fill .... Swi.:tt ('£ilel's) Ltd •
. " y Mar:.:'6 Ltd.
, ,den (;Jill) Ltd.