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(Semester IV)

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES




Dissertation Project Proposal







Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

1. Introduction
The Project in an essential requirement and integral part of the curriculum for
successful completion of the PGPM and PGPM International programme. The
project aims at developing insight and capabilities in the students for in depth
study, research, interpretation, and analysis on a particular chosen/allotted topic.

The focus of the PGP Dissertation is to develop students’ management

capabilities to a high level, enabling them to exploit the opportunities offered by
an increasingly globalised and competitive business environment. The PGP
Dissertation Project complements the coursework component in achieving these
objectives through the application of research pertaining to management and
business practices within a particular business context. The Project is intended to
contribute to students’ professional development in their particular field which will
enhance their overall managerial effectiveness and increase their understanding
of management and business practices through extensive research training.

In general, the plan for undertaking research leading to the PGP Dissertation
Project can be divided into the following steps:

• Completion of the project related assigned tasks related to the courses

Literature Review, Research Methodology I & II, and Research Proposal;

• Practical work of the research;

• Analysis of results; and

• Writing up the research as a Dissertation Project for submission.

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

2. Choosing a Dissertation Project Topic
2. a. Project topic has to be selected with respect to the programme of study
and area elected by the student.

2. b. Title of the project should clearly specify the objective and scope of the
study. It should be specific and neither too vague nor centralistic.

In choosing a Dissertation Project topic, the following questions should be


• Has the research issue already been covered in detail elsewhere?

• Does the topic have any managerial/business significance?

• Does the topic match capabilities and interests?

• Are there facilities and/or data available to achieve the research


3. Scope of work
The student is expected to carry out following activities in the project

3. a. Prepare a synopsis of the project.

3. b. Undertake a detailed literature survey on the subject matter.

3. c. Make relevant data collection/observation.

3. d. Consult experts of the field.

3. e. Visit related organizations/institutions/industries.

3. f. Compile data in proper format.

3. g. Make proper conclusion/recommendations.

3. h. Prepare a Project Report.

3. i. Submit 1 copy of Project Report at the institute.

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

4. Student’s Responsibilities

It is expected that students will:

• Endeavour to make satisfactory progress and complete the Dissertation

Project within the designated time frame.

• Take responsibility to ensure that the completion of the dissertation is

undertaken in a timely manner.

• Behave proactively during the process and take initiatives to ensure the
successful completion of the project.

• Ensure a professional manner with the supervisor is maintained at all


• Develop a research plan and timeline for completion of the various stages
of the Dissertation Project.

• Attempt to acquire and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for
completion of the Dissertation Project.

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

5. Writing a Dissertation Project – Overview

The PGP Dissertation Project should be a coherent exposition of a research

project. As such, it should follow an ordered sequence in which the research
objectives, relationships to other scholarly work (i.e. literature review),
methodology and strategies employed, and the results obtained are identified,
analyzed and evaluated. The main text should include a discussion of the
conclusions or results and the significance of the issues explored.

The following strategy may be employed for the work leading to the submission
of a project:

• Identification or location of a problem, topic and/or theme;

• Identification of a theoretical framework and/or methodology;

• Accumulation of relevant data;

• Analysis of information or material obtained;

• Analysis of the results;

• Arrival at a conclusion in light of material analyzed; and

• Writing of the Dissertation Project.

The task of writing the Dissertation Project is part of the research process and is
often best undertaken progressively.

It is important that the material in the Dissertation Project be thoroughly

referenced, that these references are complete, cross referenced between the
text and the reference list.

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

6. Examples of PGP Dissertation Projects
Accounting & Finance Dissertation Topics

The topics could be related to any of the following fields of the study:
- Personal Finance
- Money & Banking
- Corporate Finance
- Economics
- Economic Theory
- Economic History
- International Economics
- International Finance
- Misc. Economic Issues

- Estimating FCFE - BOC Group Plc and Croda International Plc
- Banking Firms That Have At Least 5% Owner (outside Of Executive Management)
- How Companies Manipulate Their Accounts Using Accounting Ratios? Abstract
- Conclusions And Recommendations The Article Concludes By Emphasizing The
- Critical Analysis Of The Academic Work d Measuring The Strategic Readiness
- Customer Satisfaction Was Calculated As The Difference Between Expectations
- What Are The Motives And Acquisitions For Uk Banking? The Overall Problem
- Theories Of Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty
- Versions Of The Model Allow The Use Of Less-restrictive Assumptions In
- Worldcom Worldcom (now Mci) Is One Of The Largest Distance Phone Companies
- According To This Model, Each Element Will Be Given A Certain Weight Of
- Acquisitions That Were Motivated By The Parent Companies Desire For Immediate
- Any Income-producing Asset Can Be Calculated For Their Future Expected Cash
- But, Due To Insufficient Export Level As The Result Of Fixed Demand Level For
- Cocheo (1993) Advises That Derivatives Are Also Sometimes Termed ‘notionals',
- Cone And Foster (1993) Argue That Minor Violations Of Assumptions Of
- Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty Antecedents And Resultants: In
- Deals With Employees, Administrative Systems And Organisational Procedures.
- E. Ladder Of Quantitative Vs. Qualitative Growth That Single Elementary
- Finally, The Following Formulas Will Be Entered The In The Corresponding
- For Bringing Organizational Capital Readiness, Leadership Plays A Very
- However, Bank Has Also Been Known As The Best Customer-service Oriented Bank
- In The Case Of Such Developing Economies As Uzbekistan, Where The Process Of
- Investors Use Strategies Such As Fundamental Ratio Analysis, Accruals
- That Stockholders Of Highly Liquid Targets Have The Highest Abnormal Returns,
- That Stockholders Of Highly Liquid Targets Have The Highest Abnormal Returns,
- The Impact Of Financial Derivatives In International Finance Contents
- To Compensate For The Lack Of Cash, WorldCom Also Manipulated The Gaap Rules

Business Management Dissertation Topics

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

The topics could be related to any of the following fields of the study:
- Management Theory
- Advertising Issues
- Business Ethics
- Human Resource Issues
- Management Of Information Systems
- International Business
- Management Theory
- Applied Operations Mgt.
- Management And Business
- Consumer Behavior
- Marketing
- Business Plans
- Misc. Issues In Business

 Acquisitions Continued To Be Made, But Marketing Expenses Were Reduced. The -
Acquisitions continued to be made, but marketing expenses were reduced. The weak
sales figures indicate that QXL never managed to achieve quantum leaps even remotely
close to those of eBay…
 In Addition To Hard Work And Attention To Detail, Conferences Need A - In addition to
hard work and attention to detail, conferences need a creativity and flair to be brought to
them which will make them memorable occasions. They should live long in the memories
of delegates…
 Among The More Recognised Hrm Models As Discussed In The Hr Literature Are -
Among the more recognised HRM models as discussed in the HR literature are the ‘soft
and hard' models. While the ‘soft' model centres on a more persuasive approach in its
treatment of employees as valuable assets and an essential competitive advantage…
 An Analysis Of Succession Planning Methods In Small- And Medium-sized - It is a well
documented fact that small family businesses have difficulty in managing the process of
passing control and ownership to the next generation. Many do not survive it…
 Balfour Beatty Plc Competitive Analysis (an Analysis Of Balfour Beatty's - Balfour Beatty
(Balfour) is a world class engineering, construction and services group and its strategic
and competitive position can be investigated using management tools such as a
 It Is Clear From The Interviews Undertaken For This Research That Learning - It is clear
from the interviews undertaken for this research that learning disabled persons seek not
sympathy or pity, but simply the financial means to adjust to mainstream life…
 As Companies Seek To Differentiate Their Events From Others, They Are - As
companies seek to differentiate their events from others, they are searching out more and
more unusual alternatives. Finding a venue that's out of the ordinary is an increasingly
popular trend, and one that's driven not just by buyers, but also by the venues
themselves. (Roythorne, 2007)…
 Ebay Seems To Have A Technical Platform In Place That Is Flexible And Shows - EBay
seems to have a technical platform in place that is flexible and shows high degrees of
scalability. And this can certainly be said for the company's processes and procedures, or
in other words, its business model…
 Finally, Good Planning Can Take 3-5 Years So, If It Is To Be Effective, It - Finally, good
planning can take 3-5 years so, if it is to be effective, it needs to phased in while the
current business owner is still in power. Rushing will result in conflict, confusion and loss

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

of potential benefits. The use of objective mediators to help with the transition is highly
 The Majority Of Family Businesses Are Small And Sole Proprietorships; - The majority of
family businesses are small and sole proprietorships; nevertheless, families can be found
in many large public organisations. Numerous shareholders own the majority of public
corporations, family firms are epitomize by a combination of ownership and control by
concentrated shareholders…
 The Male Business Owner's Wife Often Sees Herself In The Supporting Role Of - Often
sees herself in the supporting role of background adviser, assessing the character of
others involved in the business possible mediator between husband and children…
 In Order For The System To Work Having A Wider Knowledge On The Implications - In
order for the system to work having a wider knowledge on the implications and affects of
their activities on other areas will add substance to the training and ensure at go-live the
system and any issues are understood more effectively…
 Performance Management For Call Centre Services It Is Noted That - It is noted that
Benchmarking and Performance level evaluations are crucial to call centers in order to
eliminate criticism such as, poor training of agents who are said to be incapable of
processing customers' requests effectively and so on (Marr and Neeley, 2004)…
 Therefore Family Businesses Are The Primary Contributors To The Economic And -
Therefore family businesses are the primary contributors to the economic and social well
being of all capitalist societies, it is their lack of prolonged existence that is the problem…
 HRM managing human resources assignment - That labor is costly is a fact known to all

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

7. Dissertation Project Presentation and Format
Length of the Dissertation Project
A PGP Dissertation Project is intended to demonstrate the student’s capacity to
report on the research in a clear and concise manner. The length of the
dissertation will be within the range of 30,000 – 40,000 words.

Responsibility for the format of the dissertation rests with the student. A major
consideration in the presentation of work is the ease with which an examiner can
undertake the task of examination. It is a requirement that a written dissertation
be prepared as follows:

Dissertation Project Format

• The size of the paper shall be A4 Metric (approx. 21 cm x 30 cm) except
for drawings and maps, upon which no restriction is placed.

• The following information should be presented on separate single-sided

sheets in the following order:

1. Title page showing dissertation title, author's name in full, previous

qualifications heldin abbreviated form {e.g. BSc (Hons)}, full name of
degree for which dissertation is submitted, and the date (month and year)
of submission.

2. After the title page shall appear a page with the following signed
declaration: I hereby certify that the work embodied in this Dissertation
Project is the result of original research and has not been submitted for a
Post Graduate Programme to any other University or Institution.
(Signed) ___________________________

3. Each copy of the Dissertation Project should be signed individually by the

student after printing and binding. Acknowledgments and/or a dedication
should follow on a separate page. These entries are not part of the
required format and are made at the student's discretion.

4. The table of contents shall appear next.

5. The synopsis or abstract consisting of approximately 300 words should

follow the table of contents.

• The main argument of the Dissertation Project shall be typed in 1½ line

spacing. The student's own discretion should be used where variation in
spacing is considered desirable for the presentation of tables, quotations
and other distinct inclusions, provided that quoted text is clearly
distinguished from the author’s composition.

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

• Figures and tables may be integrated into the main text (within the normal
publication style for the discipline) with the exception of photographs,
charts, maps and diagrams of material that should not be mounted on the
back of typed pages •The margin on each page should not be less than
5cm on the left, 2cm on the right, 3 cm at the top and 2 cm at the bottom
for right-hand pages.

After the title page, the contents of the Dissertation Project normally take the
following order:

• A statement acknowledging the extent and nature of any assistance

received in the pursuit of the research and preparation of the research.
This entry is not part of the required format and is made at the student's

• A table of contents, a list of all diagrams and illustrations, and a list of

supplementary material if any.

• A short synopsis of approximately 300 words.

• The main text.

• Bibliography/ references.

• Appendices.

• Supplementary material separate from the bound dissertation and

submitted as part, or in support, of the Dissertation Project such as
computer printouts.

• All pages should be printed single-sided and numbered consecutively.

Referencing Details

• Other researchers upon whose work or publications the Dissertation

Project has drawn must be acknowledged. Failure to do so constitutes
plagiarism. All books and articles mentioned in the body of the
Dissertation Project must appear in the bibliography/references. Adequate
documentation of sources is expected and relied upon by the dissertation
examiners who may wish to consult sources referred to in a Dissertation
Project. Failure to adequately document sources could lead to allegations
of plagiarism.

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

Use of Confidential Material
It is recognised that there will be instances when a Dissertation Project will
contain confidential information which cannot be made freely accessible.
Wherever possible, confidential information should be used as supplementary
material rather than as the principal basis for the dissertation. If practicable,
confidential material should form a separate confidential appendix.

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

8. PGP Dissertation Project Checklist
Students are to submit this form with their spiral bound dissertation copies.
Tick on
Title page details are correct
Contents of dissertation includes:
• Title page
• Synopsis (300 words)
• List of tables, figures, diagrams, illustrations •Acknowledgements (optional)
• Main text
• References
• Appendices
Length of dissertation is between 30,000 - 40,000 words
Print size at least 12 point
Double or 1.5 spacing
• At least 5cm on LHS, at least 2cm RHS
• Top margin at least 3cm, bottom margin at least 2cm
Page numbering:
• Roman numbers for abstract, table of contents etc
• Sequential numbers commencing from main text (chapter 1)onwards
Chapter section numbers:
• Numbered sequentially, in sections
eg: 1.0, 1.1; 1.2 etc
1.1; 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3 etc
1.2; 1.2.1; 1.2.2; 1.2.3 etc
• Labelled appropriately
• Sources appropriately identified
• Numbered sequentially and located within close proximity to the discussion (i.e.
not 2 pages away)
TIP: number tables/figures as they pertain to the section number eg: in section 1.1
a table will be
labelled Table 1.1
• Place a labelled covering sheet before each appendix
• Identify in Table of Contents Referencing: All references checked for inclusion
• 1 copies (spiral bound) submitted to respective batch coordinator

Student’s signature ___________________________ Date: ______________

Dissertation Project received by: ___________________ Date: ______________

Institute of Management and Development, New Delhi DISSERTATION PROJECT GUIDELINES

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