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Company of Heroes
v2.601 10/06/2009
Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where mines could be used to destroy newly spawned enemy tanks
and prevent further respawn
- Fixed a couple of issues to make COH easier to mod

v2.600 06/03/2009

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where Bergetiger audio volume was lower than intended.
- Fixed an issue with speech mixing.
- Fixed an issue with the game crashing while trying to exit from cinematic mod
- Fixed a number of issues with the World Builder.
- Updated the help text for a few units.
- Fixed an issue with incompatibility between save games and version.
- Fixed a bug with long scenario descriptions.
- Cool-downs are now working properly for all weapons.
- HMGs in buildings will now switch targets as intended; there is a 3.5 second
delay before the hmg will fire at another target.
- Squads will no longer rush at an undeployed weapons crew when ordered to atta
- Fixed an issue where Pak38s could stack their first-strike modifiers.
- Fixed an issue with the lobby and front-end slowing down and operating slowly
. This makes joining games and automatch teams much more reliable.
- Fixed a networking issue that caused a player's stats to appear as all zeroes
- Fixed an issue that caused the last played map to be forgotten when starting
a game of the same type.
- Fixed an issue where a host's game would crash when both host and client woul
d try to move to an empty slot simultaneously.
- Fixed a few issues with players swapping slots and gameplay types within the
- Fixed an issue with "Swap Starting Location" functionality.
- Fixed a usability issue with the Autopatcher error messages.
- Fixed an issued that caused the game to crash upon loading the Mission 4 from
Invasion of Normandy.
- The help text for the British Staghound has been updated to correctly reflect
its role.
- Raised Panzerschreck squads preference to target Light Vehicles while garriso
ned in buildings.
- SCAR Bug reporting has been turned off while players are running with -dev.
- Purple box no longer appears when trying to place British emplacements next t
o each other.
- Panzerkrieg: Fixed exploit that let players create Defensive Infantry for fre
e ignoring the cool down timer.
- Repair bunker pioneers now repair engine criticals when repairing damaged veh

- Added a new map called Panzerkrieg: Hébécrevon.
- 2p Sturzdorf has been updated to its proper version.
- 2p Beaux Lowlands has been updated to its proper version.
- 2p Wrecked Train has been updated to its proper version.
- 2p Langres has been updated to its proper version.
- 6p The Scheldt has been updated to its proper version.

- Improved the reliability and effectiveness of the American's Strafing Run.
- The T17 armored car's damage output has been reduced.
- Penetration of the T17 armored car has been reduced.
- The Panzer Elite's Schwimmwagen Scorched Earth ability has been replaced with
an "Incendiary Trap" ability.
- The British Command Truck's mobile ability will no longer be available while
the Truck is setting up.
- Panzergrenadier's Suppression Volley can properly target weapon crews that ar
e set-up.
- Infantry sections with Bren upgrades can now use 'Button Enemy Vehicle' when
garrisoned inside a building.

- Recon flight will now detect camouflaged vehicles and infantry (Panzerkrieg o
- Panther health decreased by 11%.
- Panther Damage Multiplier reduced by 7%.
- Panther Range Multiplier reduced by 7%.
- Hellcat weapon reload modifier decreased by 11%.
- Hellcat damage multiplier increased by 9%.
- Hotchkiss health decreased by 10%.
- Churchill range increased by 7%.
- Stealth infantry units now cost 35 Manpower.
- Stealth infantry sticky bomb damage reduced by 27%.

v2.502 04/20/2009

- Fixed a crash that occurred while automatching in an operation automatch.
- Fixed a crash that occurred in the Worldbuilder when saving a valid map.
- Action markers work again in the Worldbuilder.
- The default map folder in the Worldbuilder works again.

- There is now a delay that affects how quickly an MG will swap between windows.
An MG will have to stay at a window for a short period of time ~2 seconds befor
e it can move to another window.

v2.501 04/08/2009

- Fixed an issue where a glider shot down in mid-air would prevent the commonwea
lth faction from being ‘annihilated’
- Fixed an issue where the game could crash if a player was alt-tabbed during th
e count-down and loading screens
- Fixed an issue where in some cases Deploy Marksmen and Canister Shot could not
be used on team weapons.
- Hotkeys have been added for the Italian version
- Caen campaign NISs were missing sound in the German version of COH, it has bee
n re-added
- Fixed an issue where a scorched point that had repairs begun on it, but were i
nterrupted, would not allow repairs to restart on it for an unintended duration
- Fixed crash on Tiger Ace Mission 3
- Improved memory usage when environmental reverb is disabled
- Improved CoH’s ability to notice new keys to make purchasing from ESDs a better
- Fixed sync error that would occasionally happen when one player drops in a mul
tiplayer game
- Fixed a bug with reward vehicles and LAN games
- Fixed a bug related to swapping factions when starting a multiplayer game
- Fixed a crash related to queuing up commands before all players have finished
loading in a multiplayer game
- Fixed an issue where the Direct-Fire cursor would not change to capture-cursor
when moved over Victory or Munition points when Direct-Fire is active
- Fixed Churchill flamethrower to work with Direct-Fire
- Fixed tank MGs to fire while in Direct-Fire mode
- Fixed numerous issues with saved games crashing when certain abilities were ac
- Fixed an issue where the sounds of HMG rounds would continue to play after dea
- Fixed some issues with glider sounds
- Fixed ocean ambience in Point-du-Huc
- Fixed blocking object placement on 4p Vire River Vally
- Fixed blocking object placement on 6p Villers Bocage
- Fixed blocking object placement on single player Villers Bocage
- Improved Stukka sounds
- Improved audio in Tiger Ace campaign
- Improved UI for many lobby screens
- Numerous help text updates

- The British Staghound will no longer gain veterancy like American vehicles
- An unintended resource income modifier for players in team games that was adde
d in 2.4 has been reverted due to unintended effects on gameplay
- King Tiger now costs 500 manpower to call-in
- Jagdpanther now costs 500 manpower to call-in
- Assault Grenades now incur damage and a stun effect; the help text still needs
to be updated to reflect the new stun effect
- Panzerkrieg – The Hotchkiss’ capturing speed has been decreased
- Fixed tread breaker long range shot for Panzerkrieg
- Panzerkrieg fix – occasionally when a tank’s main gun destroyed, it would not be r
epaired by the repair station
- Added community maps to the map pool:
- Added 2p Industrial Riverbed
- Added 2p Ruins of Rouen
- Added 4p Duclair
- Added 4p Road To Montherme
- Added 6p Red Ball Express
- Added 6p Vimoutiers
- Optimized 6p Villers Bocage
- Optimized 2p Lyon
- Due to the implementation of new abilities and addition of content for Tales o
f Valor, several hotkeys have been revamped:
- Unload = “D”
- Cut Wire = “W”
- Hold Fire = “D”
- Upgrade Demolitions = “O”
- Minesweeper Upgrade = “N”
- Plant Demolitions = “O”
- Quad .50 cal upgrade = “Q”
- Mine Clearing (crab) = “C”
- Throw Satchel = “L”
- Thompson Rifle upgrade = “P”
- Axis Assault = “L”
- Fire Panzerfaust = “Z”
- Observed Fire = “B”
- Supervise = “V”
- Throw Bundled Grenade = “B”
- Incendiary Grenade = “Y”
- Kettenkrad = “K”
- Panther Battle Ground = “P”
- Marder III = “M”
- Overdrive = “O”
- Sprint = “I”

v2.500 04/08/2009
Tales of Valor Features
- Added new Reward Vehicles:
- American T17 Armored Car
- American M18 Hellcat
- British Staghound
- British Kangaroo Carrier
- Wehrmacht Schwimmwagen
- Wehrmacht Geschutzwagen
- Panzer Elite Scwimmwagen
- Panzer Elite Hotchkiss
- Added new Operation Modes:
- Panzerkrieg
- Assault
- Stonewall
General Features
- Added new standard multiplayer maps
- 2p Flooded Plains
- 2p Beach Assault
- 4p Achelous River
- 4p Ecliptic Fields
- 8p King of the Hill
- Updated the Front End UI.
- Numerous fixes and enhancements.
- Updated all versions of the game to be compatible with Tales of Valor.
- Tuned Leaderboard distribution.
- A number of bug fixes and tuning changes have been implemented.

v2.400 03/24/2009

***** Online *****

- Further optimizations & fixes to the new network code.
- Reduced latency, improved connectivity, memory leaks.
- Fixed permissions for some of the Lobby UI.
- -port (port #) command line extension. With this command you can specify the
port Company of Heroes uses to connect. This is especially helpful for players
on the same LAN.
- Updated BugSplat. Anti-virus programs should dislike it less now.
- Resolved some network issues with joining games.
- Fixed the ping display in the game list to update correctly.
- Relic Downloader is now active. (It can be located in your system tray, and i
s only active while the game is running.)
- Fixed a number of issues with the Network Library. Connectivity should be im
- Resolved an issue that would cause simulation to pause and sync errors in-gam
- Host Proxy added.
- Fixed multiple network related crash bugs and connection issues.
- Fixed server exception that occurred when resetting an account password if th
e password had at least one Unicode character.
- Fixed for a crash that occurred when joining a game that was quickly created
and destroyed by the host.
- Tuned automatch to adjust skill ratings faster when players beat much higher
rated opponents.
- Failure to find an automatch control record is now a fatal error when automat
ch polling, and is handled correctly by client.
- Fix for bug that accidentally deleted the automatch control record when attem
pting to join an automatch.
- Fixed a bug where the automatcher would not use the correct skill ratings for
random searches.
- Fixed memory leak inside the network library when posting game results to the
- Joining a game or automatch team now forces the ping to always be retested (F
ix for a join failure causing all further attempts to fail for the next 60 secon
- Fixed a crash caused by an incoming chat message while still loading the Main
Menu after coming back from a game.
- Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when sending a chat message.
- Fixed multiple random crashes (and trailing random characters) that occurred
when sending/receiving whispers.
- Fix for having a banned key of a product that prevented you from adding a new
key of the same product.
- Fix to allow a user with an unbanned product to play even if a previous produ
ct was banned.
- Fix to allow adding a key to your account even if you are banned.
- Gamelisting screen consolidates events and will only update the UI at most on
ce per tick (making it much more responsive).
- Gamelisting screen now updates immediately whenever pings change (as opposed
to only when the user clicks refresh).
- Fix for Stats not counting when someone ends the RelicCOH process using Task
- Fix for Inviting people to a team too quickly adding a ghost version of a pla
- Fix for UI not updating to show stats changes for team wins or losses right a
- UI updates the ping in the game setup screen every 5 seconds.
- Arbitration message now shown to someone who disputes the game results.
- Fix for changing chat channels too quickly putting a user into a bad state.
- Chat channel list now show in alphabetical order.
- Fix for the stats popup sometimes not opening when clicking on a player s nam
e in the game listing screen.
- Fix for the game getting stuck consolidating players when multiple people d
rop simultaneously.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when a chat message was received while transition
ing from game setup screen to game loading screen.

***** Fixes *****

- Fixed planes spawning from center of map.
- Planes will no longer path along the ground killing squads.
- When receiving VP Ticker warnings and the opponent team has multiple Armies i
n it the player will no longer receive multiple Ticker warnings simultaneously.
- Fixed a number of quite obscure in-game crashes.
- When crushing Tank Traps,tanks will now receive a speed reduction on the spec
ific tank that crushed the Tank Trap.
- Streamlined the voice configuration options to 32, 64 and 128 voices.
- All mine and Goliath drop abilities can now be used on bridges.
- All mine and Goliath drop abilities now use a ghost preview instead of a circ
ular UI element prior to placement.
- Vickers Nests will no longer leave behind a no fire zone when destroyed whi
le a unit is in its line of fire.
- AI will no longer dodge artillery impeccably.
- Added a number of anti-cheat measures.
- Fixed issue with garrisoning windmills.
- Windmills can have demolition charges placed on them properly.
- Some small footbridges have been tuned to ensure that they are properly destr
- British and American Infantry will properly repair points that have been Scor
ched by Panzer Elite squads.
- Soldiers trapped by defenses (sandbags, barbwire, etc.) will no longer become
non-functional when ordered to man an emplacement.
- A team will no longer turn all one color after a skirmish/multiplayer match i
s over if the team color is selected.
- AI no longer uses abilities such as such as sector artillery, gliders, etc in
illegal situations.
- There was a small inconsistency among about 10% of null points that had a dif
ferent capture speed than the majority. These have been brought up to the stand
ard capture time.
- Fixed a bug where planes would not exit the world map.
- Fixed a bug where resources would not be generated in counter-attack missions
during the campaigns.
- Fixed a bug where hills would prevent artillery from firing.
- Fixed an exploit where some artillery could have its cost refunded after use.
- Some abilities which had finicky range issues will now be less finicky (repai
r, booby traps, etc.).
- Unconstructed buildings no longer briefly increase their sight range on death
- Units with extended sight such as the Vampire will now detect camouflaged u
nits on the mini-map.
- Fixed a bug with Goliath accuracy against American Airborne Infantry to match
all other infantry.
- Moved UI elements from In-Game screen such that objectives, chat text, and al
erts do not overlap.
- Fixed an issue where reinforced squad members were not receiving veterancy bo
- AI improvements to the Americans.
- Fixed an issue where the 105mm Howitzer Team firing range is shown incorrectl
y on the mini-map.
- Riflemen will now be affected by Rapid Response.
- Airborne Strafing Run no longer favors firing to one side.
- Fixed a bug that enables multiple squads of Riflemen with differing veterancy
levels able to throw Sticky Bombs without selecting them separately.
- Fixed a bug that reimburses munitions spent on Armor Piercing Rounds for Brow
ning HMGs, if they pack up the MG before the ability runs out.
- Fixed a bug that refunded the cost and resets the cooldown of the Airborne Bo
mbing Run if the bomber was shot down before releasing its payload.
- Clicking repeatedly on the Supply Yard will no longer select American M10s.
- Sniper veterancy does not block out the camouflage ability anymore.
- American mortar teams can use US halftracks as transports.

- AI Improvements to the Wehrmacht.
- Wehrmacht Vehicle veterancy received accuracy while moving modifiers now scal
es to the size of the vehicle.
- Wehrmacht Puma received accuracy while moving modifiers from veterancy now
- Wehrmacht Halftrack received accuracy while moving modifiers from veterancy
- Repair Bunker s Repair Pioneers will now repair AT Guns and Flak 88 cannons.
- All Wehrmacht Captured Weapon teams will obtain veterancy when researched fro
m the Kamptkraft center for their respective veterancy types.
- Knights Cross Holders will now retain veterancy bonuses after reinforcing.
- Fixed a bug when Wehrmacht Grenadiers would sometimes lose the ability to upg
rade to Panzerschrecks.
- Fixed the minimum damage range of V1 rockets.
- Wehrmacht medical kit moved to a different slot in the UI to prevent conflict
with the rally point in Garrisoned building.
- Fixed an ownership issue with the Firestorm ability.
- Fixed a bug where Registered artillery could be cast on unconstructed buildin
- Nebelwerfer will properly get veterancy modifiers to barrage recharge time wh
en recaptured.
- Fixed issues with V1 not dropping properly on a specified location.

- Over Repair ability will now display spinning wrench FX on the target if it w
as injured and is under repair.
- Over Repair has been affected in the following ways:
- The health bonus maximum has been reduced.
- The rate at which the bonus health decreases (decay) has been increased.
- The threshold at which decay no longer applies has been lowered.
- British Over Repair will now Over Repair different health amounts depending o
n the size of the vehicle.
- 25 Pounder Emplacements set to Counter-battery will not fire on infantry that
use grenades.
- British Resource modifiers will no longer give an unintended munitions bonus
to points that were not munitions points.
- British Priest Barrage now uses the same mini-map and tactical-map icon as th
e standard 25 Pounder version of the Overwatch Barrage ability.
- British Command Tank Creeping Smoke Barrage will now indicate ability range o
n the mini-map.
- British Emplacements captured by other armies will no longer obtain veterancy
- British Troops will not retreat to the British HQ while it is mobile.
- Fixed corrupted fuel and munitions resource rates when a British Captain with
3rd level of veterancy moved from one territory to another.
- When the British Forward Observation Officer s is killed, his Artillery will
continue to fall. The Officer must remain stationary for 2 seconds after casting
the ability.
- Cromwell Flank Speed now requires the engine to not be damaged or destroyed.
- Infantry will receive the proper fatigue modifiers after the effects of Heroi
c Charge wear off.
- Overwatch projectile will not explode below the ground any more.
- British Sandbags are now treated the same as all other sandbags with regards
to crushing.
- Fixed an issue with Overwatch and some British buildings that caused the shel
ls to impact the buildings before arriving at the target destination.
- British Recon squad now only detects mines when stationary.
- Overwatch cancel on Mortar emplacements shows the correct icon.
- British Lieutenant has his shortcut key fixed for Heroic Charge.
- Fixed a bug with the Captain s modifiers that allowed them to stack when movi
ng through friendly territories.
- British Command Tank s Creeping Smoke Barrage, once triggered, will no longer
refund resources if canceled.
- British gliders can no longer crush infantry.
- Fixed cooldown modifiers on British Creeping Barrage Company Commander bonuse
- The firefly no longer uses the Sherman vehicle wreck.
- Churchill s Tank Shock has been fixed to work much more consistently. It is
now a timed ability that suppresses infantry around it for a given duration.
- Minor changes to the movement modifiers for the recon Infantry Section.
- Numerous Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite upgrades, buildings, and squads were not
revealed by the Ultra Decryption ability on the British Royal Commando Commander
Tree. This has been fixed.

Panzer Elite
- Kettenkrads no longer run away from Jeeps. This fixes the exploit of players
using Jeeps to block Kettenkrad movement.
- Multiple Squads can no longer booby trap the same building.
- Panzer Elite Group Zeal will no longer affect enemy and allied infantry.
- Panzer Elite Overdrive ability now requires an engine that is not damaged or
- The Vampire now toggles properly when ownership of a territory changes while
- Panzer Elite cannot delete their base defenses.
- Panthers for both the Wehrmacht and the Panzer Elite use the correct model wh
en rebuilt by Bergetiger.
- Panzer Elite Sector artillery cannot be targeted on your or your ally s HQ te
- Removed Goliaths ability to gain or provide shared veterancy upon destructio
- Panzer Elite Marder III now has its Site Main Gun shortcut key re-enabled.
- Fixed veterancy not applying to the Hummel Barrage cooldown at level 3.
- Fixed a bug where Panzer Elite Henschel attacks were auto-firing both weapons
instead of auto-firing one and auto-targeting with the other.
- Fixed Panther Battlegroup button visibility when Panzer Elite HQ is destroyed
- Advanced repair upgrade now affects the Kettenkrad s repair ability.
- Fixed issue where garrisoned squads inside the 250 Halftrack would receive ar
ea of effect damage when they should not.
***** Audio *****

- Fixed incoming projectile sounds.

- Collisions between physics objects now produce material-specific sounds. *thi
s system is not perfect, and is meant to supplement the regular destruction audi
o (ie: a sound will not play for every collision, only those with a large enough
velocity/mass). It s fun to push around debris with vehicles though.
- Nebelwerfers have new and much improved sound FX.
- Reduced volume on BAR to sit better in the mix, as well as many other smaller
mix refinements.
- Tweaked and changed some of the large cannons back to previous firing sounds
based on community feedback.
- Fixed the firing volume of Greyhound.
- P47 - Fixed bug where plane engine sounds continued after the plane was shot
- Firing sound for Off-map Artillery has been added.
- Artillery explosions now heard at distance.
- Added wet road surface sound for vehicles driving in the rain (and squishy
- Fixed the Halktrack Quad 50 and 20mm Flakvierling firing sound.
- The Vampire Halftrack now shuts off its engine while stealing resources.
- Echo has been fixed. Try the reverb again, it s been tweaked (Dual Core+ On
- Tiger engine turned down.
- Volksgrenadiers and MG42 have had their speech fixed.
- Sherman 75mm and 76mm fire sounds replaced and are now awesome.
- Many sound improvements have been made to the Tiger, Jagdpanther and King Tig
- Menu now randomizes music between two original Company of Heroes pieces and O
pposing Front s main theme.
- Radio effect modified - no more piercing resonance!

***** Gameplay *****

- A team-resource modifier has been added to all teams. Teams of two share 99%
resources; teams of three share 98% resources; teams of four share 97% resources
- Tank Traps under construction have had their health reduced.
- Distance reduced in which Tank Trap ghost is replaced with the actual objec
t under construction.
- Weapons will now auto-target defenses (Barbed Wire, Tank Traps, Sand Bags) wh
ile they are under construction.
- All Tank Main Guns now have an equal chance to target the crew of a Towed AT
Gun as they do of targeting the AT Gun directly. Prior to this they would consis
tently choose the AT Gun itself as the main target, dramatically reducing the li
fe expectancy of the AT Gun in a head-to-head confrontation with a Tank. Tank Gu
ns that prefer infantry in general (Ostwind Flakpanzer, 20mm cannons, etc.) will
still prefer to fire at the Infantry rather than the AT Gun itself.
- Anti-tank class weapons (specifically the 37mm Pak 35, 50mm pak 38, 75mm pak
40, 17 pounder, 57mm) are now less accurate against infantry.
- Infantry Anti-tank class weapons (specifically Bazookas, Panzerschrecks, Reco
illess Rifles) previously had a flat 50% damage reduction vs. Wehrmacht targets
upgraded with Armored Skirts, this has been changed over to a 25% damage reducti
on and 25% penetration reduction.
- Tank gun targeting priority increased significantly vs. Marder IIIs.
- Mine and Butterfly Bomb short and medium range accuracy and area of effect ac
curacy increased.
- Mines are deadlier to retreating units.
- Vehicle dropped mines (i.e. M8 Greyhound) short and medium range accuracy inc
- On-map artillery weapons (British 25 Pounder, American M2 105mm, Hummel) and
Off-map artillery (Rocket Barrage, Firestorm, Forward Observer Artillery) now ha
ve standard penetration values against the rear armor of a number of armored veh
- AT guns (Wehrmacht Pak 38, American 57mm, etc.) are less accurate versus othe
r AT guns.
- Tank Guns, Artillery, AT Guns, and Rockets do slightly less damage (-10%) to
Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite tanks with armored Skirts.
- The time it takes to repair a Scorched strategic point has been increased, wi
th the exception of engineer types (Engineers, Sappers, Pioneers, and Panzer Gre
nadiers) who take less time to repair a point than before.
- The guns for the Bofors, Flak 38, 222 Armored Car, and 234 Armored Car all ha
ve decreased accuracy against infantry garrisoned in buildings.
- Barbed Wire and Sandbags can no longer be scuttled.

- American Rangers and Airborne Fire-Up ability now causes a 10 second exhaus
tion after use. Exhausted units move slower for the duration and have a slower r
ate of fire.
- American Anti-tank and MG gun Armor Piercing Round abilities only show up for
an American Player.
- Browning HMG damage modifier vs. Panzer Elite, British soldiers increased by
- Sherman Calliope Barrage ability cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds for each le
vel of veterancy.
- American Strafing Run ability arrival delay increased by 1/2 a second.
- American Sherman and M3 Halftracks now benefit from vehicle cover.
- Paratroopers and Rangers have their upkeep increased by 20%.
- M10 main gun range increased by 12%.
- Some upgrades now increase the rate at which Riflemen gain veterancy (specifi
cally: BARS, Sticky Bombs, Supply Yard production).
- American War Machine from Armor Company Commander cost decreased from 250 to
200 munitions.
- American Self Repair from Armor Company Commander cost decreased from 200 to
150 munitions.
- 90mm Pershing main gun area of effect increased 66%.
- 90mm Pershing main gun effectiveness vs. Panzer IV and Panther armored skirts
slightly reduced by about 5%.
- 90mm Pershing HVAP main gun area of effect increased by 50%.
- 90mm Pershing HVAP main gun has increased penetration versus Panzer IV, Panth
er, and Stugs with armored skirts.
- 90mm Pershing HVAP main gun has increased penetration overall, by about 10%.
- American Machine Gun nest cost adjusted to 200 manpower and 15 fuel from 240
manpower to 10 fuel.
- American Machine Gun nest weapon does marginally increased suppression.
- American Machine Gun nest weapon cooldown is marginally shorter.
- American 76mm Sherman main gun area damage tuned.
- American .30 Cal HMG squad veterancy requirements reduced for level 2 and lev
el 3 veterancy.
- American 60mm Mortar damage modifier increased by 75% vs Panzer Elite and Bri
tish soldiers.
- American 60mm mortar weapon health has tripled (this is the gun, not the enti
re squad).
- American Airborne can now upgrade their Recoilless Rifles in enemy-owned or n
eutral territory.
- American 57mm AT gun penetration modifier vs. Jagdpanther increased by 10%.
- American M10 main cannon penetration increased 20% vs. Jagdpanther.
- American Sherman 76mm upgraded gun penetration increased 20% vs. Jagdpanther.
- American Mortar Smoke Barrage ability fires more rounds than before.
- American Pershing gets increased penetration (approximately 35%) on its main
gun when the 76mm Gun upgrade is researched at Tank Depot (note, help text has n
ot been localized).
- American Fire-up ability time increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, but is
reduced by 15 seconds at each level of veterancy.
- American M3 Halftrack health increases by 20% when upgrading to the Quad .50
- American Bazooka damage reduced vs. Wehrmacht Halftracks, 234 Armored Cars, M
8 Greyhounds, American M3 Halftracks by about 20%.
- American Bazooka accuracy vs. moving armored vehicles modifier is slightly re
- American 60mm Mortar Barrage s scatter was tuned.
- 105mm Howitzer Barrage ability s firing cone reduced by 68% and range reduced
by 9%.

- Reduced cost of Firestorm to from 200 to 160 munitions.
- Firestorm damage over time modified to have a decreased radius, but a longer
minimum duration and much lower damage frequency.
- Firestorm is less accurate and less damaging to all buildings.
- Firestorm falls more quickly after being requested.
- Firestorm sight radius reveal timer reduced.
- Improved the MP40 medium range accuracy by 225%.
- At veterancy level 2, Volksgrenadiers get a +10 meter sight range addition.
- Wehrmacht 234 Armored Car weapon range bonus at veterancy level 2 replaced wi
th a sight range bonus.
- Wehrmacht Panzerfaust damage modifier reduced (-45%) vs. American and British
heavily armored vehicles.
- Wehrmacht Knights Cross Holders now capable of camouflaging (for when they re
-capture a Pak 38), but they do not have a new ability.
- Wehrmacht Knights Cross Holder squads reinforce time down from 30 seconds to
15 seconds per soldier.
- Nebelwerfer burning ground does not damage heavy armor and has significantly
reduced damage to light armor.
- Nebelwerfer burning ground damage does not kill heavy or light armor.
- Minimum burning ground damage duration on the Nebelwerfer increased to 10 sec
- Nebelwerfer can be repaired.
- Stormtrooper suppression recovery now matches that of a Grenadier squad, prev
iously they had recovered from suppression roughly 4-5 times slower.
- Wehrmacht Sdkfz 234 Armored Car first level veterancy bonus changed from a -1
5% received enemy accuracy bonus to a -15% received damage bonus.
- Wehrmacht 234 Armored Car max speed increased by 10%.
- Wehrmacht Flammenwerfer upgrade cost reduced from 100 to 75 munitions.
- Panzerschreck chance to drop decreased by 50%.
- Wehrmacht infantry retain their veterancy on recaptured Wehrmacht weapons (Ne
belwerfers, MG42 HMGS, Mortars, Flak 88s)
- Werhmacht Stuka rockets damage reduced against British and Panzer Elite targe
ts by 25%.
- Panzerschreck accuracy vs AT guns reduced.
- Panzerschreck damage vs Panzer IVs reduced.
- Wehrmacht Mortar Smoke Barrage ability fires more rounds than before.
- Wehrmacht Stuh with armored skirts benefit from the same frontal armor improv
ements as regular Stugs.
- Wehrmacht Stug main gun tracking speed increased by 66%.
- Wehrmacht Stuka Halftrack rocket barrage increased from 60 seconds to 90 seco
nds; it decreases by 10 seconds for every level of veterancy.
- Wehrmacht 8cm mortar weapon health has tripled (this is the gun, not the enti
re squad).
- The Stug has its front armor improved by roughly 20%.
- Panzerfaust damage vs. Bren Carriers reduced by 13%.
- Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite tanks with armored skirts are more resistant to in
fantry AT.

- British 25 Pounder Howitzer Overwatch Barrage now has a 1 second increased de
lay between firing rounds.
- Slowed British 25 Pounder Overwatch projectile.
- British 3" Mortar supercharge range reduced by 15%. Overwatch set to the same
max range.
- British Overwatch Barrage now has 40 second duration and 40 second recharge t
- British 25 Pounder emplacements and Priests have their supercharge and Overwa
tch ranges reduced by 10%.
- Reduced cost of British Glider HQ from 340 to 200 manpower.
- British Anti-tank Armor Piercing Round ability only shows up for British play
- British Captain s Victor Target ability must now be targeted within 45 meters
of the Captain.
- British Tetrarch main gun area-of-effect radius slightly reduced, slightly re
ducing effectiveness vs. infantry targets.
- British Tetrarch Littlejohn Adapter has increased penetration rates vs. all A
rmor by 20%.
- British Sherman Firefly Tank Commander upgrade cost increased from 10 to 30 m
- British PIAT launcher scatter radius reduced.
- British PIAT reload tuned.
- Artillery Barrage cooldowns have been increased across all British Artillery.
Note, most upgrades for Royal Artillery reduce these incrementally.
- British Creeping Barrage cooldown increased by 15 seconds. Range reduced to 2
25 meters.
- Doubled the amount of fuel drain required by Flank Speed.
- British Churchill 6 pounder Gun has 30% better penetration vs. Hummel, Jagdpa
nther, and Hetzer.
- Area of effect range on Churchill 6 pounder gun reduced by about 66%.
- British Churchill damage vs Marder III reduced by 12%.
- Churchill Crocodile uses its tank gun instead of its flamethrower for attacki
ng ground.
- British Commando PIAT squad cost increased from 255 to 325 manpower.
- Buttoning speed modifiers on British Infantry squads are dependent on squad s
ize. Small squads apply fewer speed penalties, large squads apply full speed pen
alties to enemy targets.
- British Bren Carrier Vickers weapon has its moving while firing accuracy mu
ltiplier reduced by 33%.
- British Bren Carrier Vickers weapon close range accuracy reduced by 40%.
- British Resource upgrades no longer share with teammates. Secured Resourcing
, Captain s veterancy resource bonus, and improved Command Truck resource bonuse
s only apply to the player performing those upgrades.
- Commando demo charge can be targeted and killed by small arms fire.
- British Captain s territory health bonus to emplacements reduced by an approp
riate amount.
- British Royal Engineer Improved Emplacements health maximum modifier reduced
by 17%.
- British Royal Engineer Improved Emplacements received damage modifier removed
and replaced with a received penetration modifier that decreases penetration by
- British Commando Concealing Smoke starts recharging when the squad is recruit
ed. The ability is not available until it has undergone one cooldown cycle.
- Anti-aircraft weapons have improved damage and accuracy vs. landing British G
- Timer tuned on Overwatch Cancel.
- Lieutenants area of effect bonuses had an unintended side effect of slaughter
ing retreating infantry. These values have been modified so that this does not
happen anymore, but still maintaining the efficacy of the Lieutenant s leadershi
p bonuses.
- British Churchill Tank Shock recharge timer increased from 60 to 75 seconds.
- British Commando Sten SMGs are less effective vs. Knights Cross Holders.
- Improved British AI command truck setup.
- The Priest and the 25 Pounder Barrage and Supercharge cooldown increased by 1
5 seconds.
- British 17 pounder emplacement has had its scatter increased.
- Small Arms, Light and Heavy MG penetration against British Mortar Pits and Ho
witzers has doubled.
- Tuned Bren Carrier weapon and modified Bren Carrier Button Down ability so th
at it more reliably shoots at the specified target.
- Button Down ability targets the coaxial guns on the vehicles first, giving th
e main weapon a 5 second delay before it will stop shooting as well.

Panzer Elite
- All Panzer Elite vehicle veterancy curves now escalate (previously many obtai
ned veterancy level 2 much slower than they would obtain veterancy level 3).
- All Panzer Elite Soldiers obtain veterancy level 3 at a slightly slower rate.
- Panzer Elite Marder III damage vs. the American M10 and M4 Sherman reduced by
- Panzer Elite Scout Car will now detect snipers at half the radius of a Jeep o
r Motorcycle.
- Panzer Elite G43 Rifle long range cooldown penalty reduced to 25% from 50%, o
verall cooldown increased by 25%.
- Panzer Elite Kettenkrad Camouflage ability now reduces both Sight Radius and
Camouflage Detection radius by 30%.
- Panzer Elite Suppressive Volley Fire will slow retreating squads to normal mo
vement speed temporarily.
- Updated the Wirbelwind UI unit ratings.
- Panzer Elite Armored Car 20mm cannon effectiveness reduced vs. American Rifle
- Panzer Elite Armored Car s ranged increased by 15%.
- Doubled the fuel drain of the Panzer Elite Armored Car 222 Overdrive.
- Panzer Elite Hummel cost reduced by 650 to 600 manpower.
- Panzer Elite Vehicles shared veterancy radius reduced by 10 meters.
- Panzer Elite vehicle and infantry veterancy sharing tuned.
- Panzer Elite Jagdpanther health reduced by 11%.
- Panzer Elite Marder III Site Main Gun sight bonus reduced by 75%.
- Panzer Elite Kettenkrad has its sniper detection radius increased by 30%.
- Bergetiger recovery manpower cost per minute has doubled.
- Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager will reveal themselves after 3 shots instead of
4 and time to revert back to camouflage has increased by 20%.
- Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack MG42 is less effective vs. squads in light co
ver. Damage has been reduced by 25%.
- Tuned suppression on the Wirblewind.
- Panzer Elite Vampire acceleration increased by 33%.
- Panzer Elite Hummel artillery barrage ability increased by 30 seconds.
- Panzer Elite Hummel artillery barrage ability decreases by 10 seconds for eve
ry level of veterancy.
- Panzer Elite Wirblewind has increased penetration vs American Halftracks and
M8 Greyhounds.
- Panzer Elite Wirblewind deals more deflection damage against armored targets.
- Previously when a Bergetiger recovers a vehicle, it came back with 50% of its
of max health, the vehicle now returns with 40% of its max health.
- Axis armor recovered by the Bergetiger is more likely to return with either a
damaged engine or destroyed main gun.

- Fixed some building locations on Angoville Farms.
- Fixed a control point issue on Beaux Lowlands.
- Etavaux has a couple of world objects that have incorrect player ownership as
sociation and revealed some small areas in the Fog of War.

v2.301 04/29/2008
- Removed game matching information in the console.
- Resolved a game arbitration issue when the game resulted in a sync error.
- Fixed World Builder to export correctly. All custom maps should now save cor
rectly. Be sure to re-save your custom maps to carry over these properties.
- Updated save game version. Save games previous to 2.300 will not be compatib
le with the current version of Company of Heroes.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to teleport garrisoned troops.
- -dev mode has been re-enabled.
- Modified FOW related commands in the console to be single player only.
- British Bren carriers and Bren gunners will no longer be able to button Flakv
ierlings, 88s, AT guns, Howitzers.
- Strafing run has been tuned.
- US M8 Greyhound and Wehrmacht SdKfz 234 Armoured cars have had their target a
ccuracy modifiers increased from 0.73 and 0.82 respectively to .9.
- US M8 Greyhound and SdKfz 234 Armoured Cars moving accuracy modifiers changed
from 0.6 to 0.8.
- Light vehicle received accuracy modifier on light engine damage critical chan
ged from 1.25 to 1.35.
- Sniper detection radius reduced from 3m to 1m.
- Panzer Elite Defensive Veterancy Vehicle modifiers tuned at vet levels 2 and
3. Received accuracy and damage modifiers reduced, health maximum modifiers redu
- Panzer Elite 222 Armoured cars have their health bonus at Vet 1 reduced from
30 to 15.
Maps Changes
- Several map weather settings have been tuned.
- The Scheldt - Two bridges to centre island replaced with land bridges.
- Hochwald Gap - Tweaked territory near bridge crossings, widened bridge crossi
ngs from each base, removed a large number of fx markers.
- St. Mere Dumont - several buildings replaced so window facings are more equit
able between north and south facing.
- St. Mere Dumont - moved some fuel points to prevent them from being captured
on the wrong side of a wall.
- Wrecked Train - cleared some debris from the center of the map
- Wrecked Train - removed some tank traps blocking access to one of the fuel po
- Langres - Moved one of the strategic points slightly. Rebalanced VP locations
slightly so that both have equal coverage from defensive buildings.
- Beaux Lowlands - Updated to 3 VPs
- Beaux Lowlands - replaced high munition point with strategic point.
- Sturzdorf - bottom player has one extra ramp up to the high fuel area.
- Minor pathing changes to Linden to enable Kettens to capture a point.
- Verrieres Ridge - added version of map with no repairable bunkers (playable w
ith Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts).

v2.300 03/18/2008
- 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Team Automatch enabled.
- Added a number of missing tooltips and information popups.
- Re-factored competition logic for ranks and results.
- Fixed some bugs where whispers were not being sent properly.
- Leaderboard search is now not case sensitive.
- Fixed a number of crashes.
- Fixed a bug that would lock out valid match type options when kicked from a t
eam or an invitation is cancelled.
- Players should no longer get disconnected from a game if the server goes down
- Forcing ping updates when joining automatch games.
- Tabs will now flash if there is activity in the tab and it is not the current
ly selected tab. (ie. Game setup / Automatch)
- Reduced frequency of the Ping of Shame warning for other players.
- Fixed a performance tooltip bug that made it display the wrong number of play
- Fixed some arbitration logic for random teams.
- Notifications will now be sent if the user ranks up or down.
- Fixed a number of issues with tool-tip layers.
- Added "Exit Game" option on the Count Not Verify Media pop-up.
- Refactored host notifications and automatch messages.
- Added user feedback to the Relic Online Account Details screen whenever an in
valid input is given.
- User is now removed from channels when disconnected.
- Responses to invitations while in game and while returning to main menu after
a game will be sent automatically.
- Resolved the issue where a win was awarded to the wrong faction.
- Fixed a game crash caused by a British player producing a Cromwell Command Ta
nk and using the Creeping Smoke Barrage ability near any ally tank.
- Gliders should not be able to land in enemy base sectors.
- Laying barbed wire should be fixed and back to how it was in vanilla CoH.
- Fixed the minimap so that it is not mis-aligned.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the British from acquiring resources properly if t
he HQ truck was moved.
- Items are now transferred to remaining members of a squad instead of dropping
them on the ground. If the team is fully absorbed into a team weapon, the item
s are dropped.
- Fixed AI unit production limit so that certain units won’t be built more than s
pecified amount.
- Added additional unit demand multiplier, which lowers production demand if AI
player has the same unit already.
Bug Fixes
- Removed phantom Vet 2 and Vet 3 upgrades on Panzer Elite Jagdpanther and Hetz
- Fixed Panzer Elite Incendiary Mortar weapon causing constant engine criticals
- Panzer Elite Light AT halftrack modifier set correctly for cooldown modifiers
(was enable 2.5, is now multiply 1.5)
- Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager attack trigger priority value when camouflaged r
educed from 90 to 80. Fallschirmjager will more reliably exit camouflage to atta
ck infantry targets when autoattacking.
- Springfield Sniper Rifle had some backwards modifiers fixed (min cooldown was
larger than max cooldown)
- British Lee Enfield should play bolt action animation now. Fire Wind up varia
ble added 1.3 seconds, removed 1.3 seconds from cooldown to compensate.
- Updated penetration of captured Bazookas and Recoilless Rifles vs some Britis
h Tanks.
- Wehrmacht Pistol armed weapon crews had their camouflage attack priorities tu
ned and will reveal themselves less often when camouflaged.
- Fixed flamethrower infantry death critical. Critical type now only applies to
squad member carrying flamethrower.
- Fixed timing issues and left behind sim-boxes with several smoke abilities.
- Commando squad reinforcements cost increased to fix UI rounding issue (UI sho
wed 34, actual cost was 35). Cost should display as 35 now.
- Fixed Hetzer Reinforcement requirements to match squad popcap
- Panzer Elite vehicles should visually use proper Panzer Elite crews.
- British mortar emplacements no longer have phantom third crew member.
- Fixed a bug in British Captain FOO artillery. Artillery will recharge properl
y if Captain is moved quickly before artillery starts to land.
- Bug fix for Overwatch Artillery. Overwatch Artillery projectiles won t inters
ect incorrectly with world objects enroute to their target destination.
- Bug fix for Nebelwerfers. When shooting nearby tall objects (buildings etc.)
the rockets could intersect with the building and destroy the Neblewerfer crew.
This should be addressed for most situations.
- Fixed several UI and text issues.
- Fixed an issue with sniper camouflage. Both Wehrmacht and Allied snipers can
be detected if a unit gets within 3m.
- Fixed a bug where British Artillery would not leave overwatch mode when kille
d and taken over by enemy troops.
- Fixed a bug where Panzer Elite Scout cars could not un-setup if the point i
t was securing was Scorched.
- Fixed recharge timer on sector artillery. Recharge timer and duration were no
t matching.
- Fixed a bug where British Mortars would not leave overwatch or counterbattery
mode when killed and taken over by enemy troops.
- Fixed a bug where Fallschirmjager were able to infiltrate from neutral trench
es or friendly vehicles.
- Registered artillery will hide properly when Wehrmacht player has lost their
- Wehrmacht assault will work on trenches.
- British Cromwell Flank Speed ability will be disabled when the Cromwell is Hu
ll Down.
- Building moved on Hochwald Gap to prevent US and Wehrmacht AT units from gett
ing stuck
- Map balance fix on Hill 331
- Map bug fix on Route N13
- Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Panzerschreck projectile scatter tuned to closer m
atch that of US bazooka. This will reduce number of accidental hits on enemy veh
- Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Panzerschreck accuracy at short and medium ranges
- Stuka zu Fuss rocket damage modifiers have been tuned vs British infantry. Da
mage modifier reduced from 1.0 to 0.4
- A new mine-drop ability was added to the Panzer Elite Munition halftrack and
the Goliath Drop was moved to the Funkwagen Vampire Halftrack.
- PE Munitions halftrack minelaying ability shortcut is set to N
- Panzer Elite AT halftrack Treadbreaker ability had its range increassed from
32 to 42
- Allied Snipers don t get a camouflaged speed modifier until they reach vet 3.
- HMGs (i.e. Vickers, Browning, .50 cal,mg42 HMG) increased 1.15 suppression vs
- HMGs have increased suppression area (from 12 to 15m)
- US Quad 50 halftrack weapon does more damage and has more accuracy vs pinned
targets. Suppression modifier boosted to 1.2
- US Quad 50 halftrack upgrade reduced from 125 to 100 munition.
- Wehrmacht MG42 LMG suppression modifer to tp_infantry and tp_infantry soldier
increased from 1.0 to 1.15
- US P47 Strafing run increased in damage vs tp_infantry_soldier - tuned strafi
ng run and P47 weapons to improve effectiveness against enemy infantry.
- Additional tuning to P-47 Strafing run. Weapons do more suppression, but are
less effective vs units in cover.
- Tuning target step distance on Strafing run. Should spread damage more along
length of strafing run and bombing runs.
- US Supply Drop reduced in cost from 200mp to 100mp
- US Ranger Reinforce cost increased to 45mp
- US Off-map Howitzer barrage delay set to 3 seconds.
- Panzer Elite 222 Armoured Car gets 30 health bonus when receiving any first l
evel veterancy.
- Added Button Vehicle ability to British Bren carrier. This ability works on t
he unupgraded Bren carrier, and is replaced by Armor Piercing Rounds when the Vi
ckers MMG is upgraded.
- Tuned priority of Bren Carrier weapon and modified Bren Carrier Button abilit
y so that it more reliably shoots at target of Button Ability.
- Panzerfaust damage modifier reduced vs Bren Carrier from 2 to 1.5
- Reduced accuracy of AT weapons and Panzerschreck vs Bren carrier (moving accu
racy modifier set to .5)
- Kettenkrad set to use a different turn plan with modified rotation rates to t
o help it from being blocked by micro-managed jeeps.
- Wehrmacht Inspired Assault cooldown weapon modifier changed from .2 to .6 to
fix sniper issues.
- Bren Carrier percent unload on death changed from .5 to .75 so more garrisone
d units will survive destruction of the carrier.
- Tuned some priorities on Wehrmacht Ostwind weapon to reduce its chances of sh
ooting at tanks over emplacements.
- Wehrmacht Medical Kits can be used inside garrisonable structures or vehicles
- StuH 105mm does more damage to hedgerows.
- Changed Wehrmacht sniper cooldown modifiers on veterancy from 2.5s shorter co
oldown to .6 cooldown modifier
- British HQ trucks are limited to one Secured Resourcing Upgrade.
- Damage on US Turret mounted and M3 halftrack .50 cal HMGs increased vs tp_inf
- Increased Radius of Wehrmacht Rocket Barrage from 15m to 20m
- Increased Damage of Wehrmacht Rocket Barrage weapon from 100 to 175
- Reduced cost of Wehrmacht Rocket Barrage by 50mun to 200mun
- Reduced number of shells in Rocket Barrage from 15 to 12. FX changed.
- Reduced delay of Wehrmacht Firestorm barrage by approximately 3 seconds.
- Wehrmacht 280mm Rocket Barrage weapon tuned vs buildings and British HQs. Dam
age increased vs British HQs and decreased vs US buildings.
- British Commando Infantry reinforce cost increased from 25 to 35
- British Commando Concealing Smoke and Commando Grenades share timers - abilit
ies cannot be used at the same time.
- British Commando Glider, with the exception of the Glider HQ, will not allow
reinforcements or be able to build units outside friendly territory.
- British Commandos cannot capture when using Concealing Smoke. Using smoke whi
le capturing will disable the capture.
- British Commando Gliders will be able to land anywhere except enemy base sect
- Suppression on some HMG and LMGs increased vs tp_infantry_soldier.
- Wehrmacht bunkers gain 300 health when Wehrmacht players choose Fortify the P
erimeter command tree ability.
- Wehrmacht Observation Points receive a health bonus when Wehrmacht players ch
oose Fortify the Perimeter from the Defensive Doctrine.
- Wehrmacht and Fallschirmjager Panzerfaust damage increased vs heavy armour (r
oughly 50% more damage) and increased roughly 30% vs Light Armoured vehicles
- British Lt. Heroic charge duration reduced from 20s to 15s.
- Added one more reload cycle to US Ranger M1 thompson. Rangers would fire two
bursts before reloading. Will now fire three.
- US Ranger M1 Thomspon cooldowns and reloads tuned to decrease damage output.
- Jagdpanther and Hetzer squad veterancy requirements doubled. These tanks take
longer to reach each level of veterancy.
- PIAT ambush ability cost removed.
- British Overwatch artillery projectile speed increased marginally
- British Overwatch weapon scatter tuning adjusted - angle reduced, area reduce
d marginally. Should make for more concentrated effect
- British Overwatch recharge reduced. Overwatch used to take 30s to disable its
elf, now takes 22s.
- British Overwatch ability passively reduces the recharge rate of 25pounder ba
rrage abilities
- British Creeping barrage has increased artillery rounds incoming.
- British Creeping barrage passively reduces the recharge rate of 25pounder art
illery barrage abilities.
- British 25pounder rotates faster to make it more responsive during Counter Ba
tttery operations
- British Artillery in Counter Battery mode will fire back at enemy artillery e
ven if it does not damage friendly units
- British Counter Battery should be a bit more responsive.
- British Counter Battery takes less time to disable itself. 22s instead of 30s
- British Sappers will move at normal speed outside territory when upgraded as
Demolition and Disposal Section
- British Mortar Overwatch will use proper range (same as Supercharge)
- Infantry Antitank weapons will do less damage to Flak 88s and Flakvierling we
- Panzer Elite roadblocks offer heavy cover.
- Panzer Elite roadblocks are buildable as walls and the object was made smalle
r to accomodate more precise construction.
- Panzer Elite Panzer Grenadiers are able to construct barbed wire when they ge
t RoadBlocks.
- British Captain s FOO artillery ability is improved. First round lands faster
and does suppression. That round is followed shortly by 3 rounds and then final
ly by 5 rounds in expanding areas.
- British FOO artillery tuned.
- Panzer Elite 22x, Greyhound M8, and Werhmacht SdKfz 234 Puma Armoured Cars no
longer use a unique rear damage critical type.
- Light vehicles (M8s, 234 Armoured Cars, Panzer Elite Armoured cars) are easie
r to hit when suffering engine damage. Engine damage increases accuracy penalty
to 1.25, Engine destroyed increases accuracy penalty to 1.6.
- Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager Panzerfaust ability recharges much faster and no
longer requires munition halftracks for a faster recharge.
- British Cromwell had some target priority issues resolved.
- British Command trucks can no longer reinforce when mobile.
- Panzer Elite Luftwaffe Flakvierling cost reduced from 300mp\35fuel to 300mp\3
- Panzer Elite Marder III accuracy and damage reduced vs AT guns. Accuracy from
1 to .65, damage from 1 to .65
- Marder III has a short delay in movement when it leaves "Site Main Gun" abili
- British Firefly damage reduced vs AT guns from 1 to .65
- British Firefly cost increased from 420mp\100fuel to 450mp\100fuel.
- British Firefly reload time increased by 2.5s.
- British Command tank modifies reload time of Firefly by an additional .8 to o
ffset increase in reload time.
- British Firefly reload duration multipliers increased at short and medium ran
- Wehrmacht Panther Cost reduced from 640mp\125fuel to 600mp\110fuel.
- Wehrmacht Panther main gun range increased from 40 to 47.5.
- Allied Sherman 76mm Upgun upgrade reduced in cost from 200mp\85fuel to 200mp\
- King Tigers and Jagdpanthers have reduced accuracy vs moving M10 Tank Destroy
- Panzer Elite Wirbelwind suppression increased.
- Panzer Elite Wirbelwind Accuracy vs airplane targets increased.
- Wehrmacht Stug and StuH improved vs British Emplacements and Command trucks (
penetration increased, damage marginally increased).
- Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Goliaths receive camouflage similar to Fallschirmj
ager. When in cover and not moving, the Goliaths will be camouflaged.
- Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack health increased by 15.
- British Casualty Clearing station requires 5 casualties to spawn a 5 man squa
d (previously required 6 casualties for a 5 man squad.)
- Wehrmacht Stormtrooper MP44 upgrade available at Assault Phase.
- Panzer Elite Sector Artillery duration increased to 130s from 90s.
- Wehrmacht Panther main gun accuracy vs infantry reduced from .75 to .6
- Wehrmacht Veteran tank top mounted MG does less damage.
- US Pershing tank main gun penetration increased by 30% vs Panthers (0.5 to 0.
65), approximately 80% vs Jagdpanthers (approx 0.22 to approx 0.4).
- US Pershing tank main gun damage increased by 10% vs Panthers, Jagdpanthers.
- Wehrmacht Mortar Smoke ability is available from Skirmish Phase
- Wehrmacht Nebelwerfer recharge is increased from 60 to 90s, but decreases by
10s at each level of support veterancy.
- Wehrmacht Knight s Cross Holders have their Panzerfaust ability available at
the first level of veterancy.
- Sherman Smoke upgrade reduced by 15fuel.
- Panzer Elite Marder III deflection damage modifier reduced from .5 to .35. AP
CR upgrade to Marder III remains at .5 deflection damage multiplier.
- Most tank guns, Bofors emplacements, have had their moving target modifiers i
mproved vs Armoured Car targets (M8s, SdKfz234 Pumas, Panzer Elite 22x) from .6
to .75.
- British 17pounder antitank gun accuracy modifier against moving armoured cars
increased from .1 to .3
- Wehrmacht Stug IV main gun accuracy reduced vs tp_infantry_soldier target typ
e (British Infantry)
- Panzer Elite 221 Scout car build time increased by 10s.
- Bren Carrier receives small health boost when upgrading with Vickers MMG.
- Tuned some stacking modifiers on British Command Tank veterancy abilities.
- Wehrmacht Sniper build time reduced by 10s to 50s
- Wehrmacht Officer build time reduced from 60s to 45s
- Fallschirmjager reinforce cost reduced from 45 to 37
- Fallschirmjager veterancy values reduced from 12/26/40 to 8/24/38. Fallschirm
jager will gain veterancy more quickly.
- US Bazooka penetration reduced vs Panzer Elite Hetzer front armour. Rear pene
tration modifier increased marginally.
- US Calliope Rocket FOW scatter multipliers reduced. The Rockets will be sligh
tly more concentrated when firing into the FOW.
- US Calliope recharge time reduced to 80s
- US Calliope Rocket barrage scatter tuned to fall more reliably around target
location instead of scattering long.
- US Calliope rockets do equal damage modifiers to tp_infantry and tp_infantry
- British Vickers HMG emplacement weapon range increased by 5m
- British Vickers HMG emplacement sight radius increased by 5m
- Mortar damage vs US and Wehrmacht Observation Posts and Vickers HMG emplaceme
nts reduced.
- Infantry AT weapon damage vs US and Wehrmacht Observation Posts and Vickers e
mplacements reduced marginally.
- British Command Tank veterancy values increased from 14/28/42 to 24/48/72.
- British Cromwell Flank Speed ability increased in cost from 25mun to 35mun.

v2.202 02/19/2008
- Increased version for CoH Gold Edition Release. Unlock both products with on
e key!

v2.201 12/11/2007
- Performance improvements, especially on single-core systems.
- Fixed a bug with account secret question collisions.
- Removed the ability to add chat messages with no content.
- Streamlined the in game downloader and added checksum verification.
- Increased the default volume mix output, should now be equivalent to original
- Fixed a bug where speech and music would stop mid-game.
- Replays now restore the custom atmosphere, and also do not reset the atmosphe
re for save games.
- Fixed a bug that resulted in the UI losing functionality after watching an NI
- The screen no longer remains black if you save the game during a black screen
- Fixed a number of incorrect speech triggers.
- Fixed the ending of OMG M07 so that the final mission speech does not play tw
- Fixed a potential crash that would occur in Caen M08.
- Fixed Normandy M10 to ensure that the medal objective occurs when the Rangers
- Ensured that the player would start with enough fuel to build a Howitzer at t
he start of Caen M01.
- Removed extra lines in OMG M02 that were inaudible to the player with regards
to the found plans.
- Fixed a minor pathing issue in M05 of Best when squads garrison a particular
- Fixed a keyless text reference when the player selects the neutral Goliaths i
n Normandy M08.
- Fixed the special single player manpower point to increase in MP rate when an
outpost is built on the point.
- Ensured that the forward Motorpool Normandy M06 does not disappear when destr
- Map changes to Normandy M09.
- Airborne Satchel Charges reduced in cost from 75munitions to 50munitions.
- American 105mm artillery barrage recharge increased by 25s.
- American 76mm gun upgrade cost reduced from 200mp/100fuel to 200mp/85fuel.
- American Airborne Recoilless Rifles have their setup times reduced to enable
them to fire more effectively at moving vehicles.
- American BAR weapon damage modifier increased from .5 to .75 against Marder I
II armour type. BAR will do more damage when it penetrates the armour of the Mar
der III.
- American Offmap artillery arrival delay reduced by 1s.
- American Rangers have some changes to their veterancy. Vet 1 received accurac
y bonus is moved to Vet 2. Vet 2 received damage modifier is moved to Vet 1.
- American Rangers have their reinforce costs increased by approximately 10mp p
er soldier.
- American Riflemen receive longer range sticky bombs ability at Vet level 2.
- American Sherman .50cal turret mount cost reduced from 100munitions to 75muni
- British 17 pounder AT gun has its range increased marginally to account for t
he size of its emplacement.
- British 25 Pounder scatter tuned to reduce overshooting.
- British Armour Command Truck and Field Support Truck have their sight radii t
- British Deploy Marksman ability range reduced from 35 to 30.
- British officers and Recon squads have their camouflage detection increased m
- British Sappers have their health individually increased by 5.
- British trucks have a small camo detection radius.
- Commando Artillery cost increased from 80munitions to 100munitions.
- Defensive Operations (researched at the HQ) is required to enable healing at
Panzer Elite Medical stations.
- Goliath has reduced chance of taking an engine critical from small arms fire.
- Jagdpanther costs set to be the same as King Tiger. Will cost 100mp upkeep pe
r minute for 5 minutes.
- M8 Greyhound 37mm gun cool down reduced from 9s to 7s.
- MG42 Suppression increased vs tp_infantry_soldier (British Infantry/Panzer El
ite Infantry)).
- On map American 105mm howitzers and all Flak 88 variants have their build tim
es reduced from 90s to 60s.
- Pak 38 Vet 3 damage modifier reduced from 1.25 to 1.15
- Panzer Elite AT grenades set to do matching damage vs tp_infantry_soldier (Br
itish Infantry/Panzer Elite Infantry) target types
- Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Focused Firing ability increased in cost from 30mun
itions to 40munitions.
- Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Focused Firing ability will set a .55 speed modifie
r on the AT Halftrack for the duration of the ability.
- Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Treadbreaker ability cost increased from 25munition
s to 40munitions.
- Panzer Elite AT Halftrack Treadbreaker ability range decreased from 45 to 32.
- Panzer Elite Booby Trap ability recharge time increased.
- Panzer Elite Defensive Operations cost increased from 100mp/20fuel to 150mp/3
- Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager FG42 weapon has its rate of fire reduced from 8
to 7.
- Panzer Elite Fallschirmjager FG65 weapon is less effective against units in l
ight and open cover.
- Panzer Elite Flakvierling 38 cost changed from 340mp/20fuel to 300mp/35fuel.
- Panzer Elite Funkwagen steals 100% of resources from enemy sectors now instea
d of 50%.
- Panzer Elite grenadiers receive veterancy at a slower rate. Required 8 points
for vet 1, 22 for vet 2, 36 for vet 3, now requires 12 points for vet 1, 26 for
vet 2, 40 for vet 3.
- Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack cost increased from 240mp/15fuel to 240mp/20f
- Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack had main MG42 Suppression reduced vs units in
heavy and light cover.
- Panzer Elite Infantry Halftrack health reduced from 300 to 285.
- Panzer Elite Infantry lose their received_accuracy modifiers for Defensive Ve
t 1 and Defensive Vet 2
- Panzer Elite Jager Kommand and Support Kommand costs increased from 220mp/20f
uel to 220mp/30fuel.
- Panzer Elite Luftwaffe Commander tree has its command point costs modified. F
allschirmjager increased from 2 to 3, Luftwaffe Ground Forces reduced from 2 to
1, Wirblewind increased by 1, Butterfly bombs reduced by 1.
- Panzer Elite Mortar Halftrack barrage tuned by adding 1s to each cool down.
- Panzer Elite Munition Halftrack cost reduced from 220mp/25fuel to 200mp/15fue
- Panzer Elite Panzer IV Infantry Support tank had its main weapon accuracy inc
reased vs tp_infantry (US and Wehrmacht infantry) and tp_infantry_elite (US Rang
ers) from .4 to .5.
- Panzer Elite Scout Car Logistik Upgrade decreased in cost from 40munitions to
- Panzer Elite Sector Artillery costs 3 command points instead of 4.
- Panzer Elite Tank Busters reduced in cost from 390mp to 360mp.
- Panzer Elite Wirblewind AA vehicle increased in effectiveness vs light vehicl
es. Rounds Will have a greater chance of penetrating Armour of vehicles like M24
Greyhound and M19 Halftracks.
- Panzer Elite Wirblewind has improved accuracy modifiers against massed infant
- Panzer Grenadiers max builders set from 12 to 6. This will reduce the constru
ction speed of Panzer Elite infantry.
- Probability of blowing up a flamethrower armed soldier is reduced.
- Turret mounted machine gunners have their chance of death criticals reduced i
n most weapon categories.
- Wehrmacht Flak 88 health increased from 200 to 325.
- Wehrmacht Registered Artillery cost reduced from 150munitions to 125munitions
- Wehrmacht StuH 42 weapon does marginally increased area damage to infantry.
- Wehrmacht Volksgrenadiers get a new K98 rifle tuned vs tp_infantry_soldier (B
ritish Infantry/Panzer Elite Infantry). Damage modifier increased from .6 to .65
Data Bug Fixes
- Set UI stats correctly for Jagdpanther. Was 3/5/5/4, should be 9/3/7/5.
- Axis 88 crews will no longer lose their medical kit during the Battle Phase.
- PE Assault Grenadiers cannot pick up dropped bazookas that they cannot use.
- Axis Wehrmacht and Stormtroopers no longer use the same group selection. Doub
le-clicking on either unit type will no longer select both unit types.
- British Command Trucks will crush tank traps or other blocking objects for a
short duration when they first appear on the map.
- Kettenkrad will no longer have the rudimentary repair ability before the Tank
Destroyer command tree is selected.
- The American Tank Depot will count properly in Annihilate Games. Players will
not lose Annihilate Games if all they have left is a Tank Depot.
- Panzer Elite Sprint Ability is visible with requirements
- Activate Panther Battlegroup upgrade on HQ now has a shortcut key.
- Units can no longer repair slit trenches.
- Several UI bugs were fixed when British emplacements were taken over by non-B
ritish allied or enemy forces.
- Fixed a bug where the British Lt was applying his speed modifier bonus to som
e enemy and allied troops.
- Fixed a bug where Heroic Charge fatigue modifiers were not being applied af
ter Heroic Charge had been used.
- Fixed a bug where Panzer Grenadiers would detect mines while garrisoned in a
- V1 Fixes - fixed a bug where the V1 would fail if it was targeted on a unit t
hat died before the V1 arrived. V1s should only target position, not entity.
Map Changes
- Linden & Bedum added to the playlist.
- Bernieres Sur Mer - top fuel point on right side of island had a gap placed i
n the wall.
- Wolfheze - Some shotblocking hedgerows were placed by a house to the north of
the bottom-left base.
- Bedum - Some shot blocking set around a house in the bottom center of the map
- Linden - some points and victory points moved slightly to create better balan
ce between the north and south teams.
- Best - some points moved to create better balance between the two players.
- Langres - Map base areas increased in size.

v2.103 10/31/2007
- Corrected a validation problem that exists on North American released copies
of CoH: Game of the Year.
- Fixed an occasional crash that would happen on quad-core CPU s.
- Fixed a bug in the Infantry Combat System that was causing inconsistent appli
cation of priority system.
- Fixed a modifier in the church steeple that was enabling snipers to fire at d
rastically increased rates.
- Fixed British infantry invincibility when capturing and reinforcing heavy wea
pons (Machine guns, mortars etc.)
- Axis Knight’s Cross Holders have abilities arranged so that both Assault and Fi
re Panzerfaust are usable from the command panel.

v2.102 10/09/2007
- Players now get distributed to teams evenly as they join.
- Fixed some P2P Sync issues.
- Fixed an error in the way stats were counting.
- Stats are now displaying correctly.
- Fixed CD-key validation errors.
- Environmental Reverb is now disabled by default for hyperthreaded machines.
- Fixed Overwatch.
- Combat system updates: System reverted to COH infantry combat.
- Vet 3 Ostwind receives a 40% boost to accuracy.
- Wehrmacht Panzer Command Building reduced 15 fuel.
- Wehrmacht Panzer Command build time increased by 15s
- Knights Cross Holders receive Panzerfaust ability at Vet 3
- Panther cost reduced from 140 fuel to 125 fuel
- Panzerfausts cost reduced to 35
- Stugs and StuHs receive a 15% health modifier at vet 2
- Wehrmacht Halftracks receive damage modifier at Vet 1 decreased from .85 to .
- Wehrmacht Halftracks deliver 20% more damage Vet 2
- Vet 2 StuH has a received penetration modifier of .85
- Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower range increased from 20 to 35
- Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower damage output increased vs pinned (1.5 damag
e, 2x accuracy) and suppressed targets (1.25 damage).
- Sniper rifles accuracy vs trench cover increased from .25 to .45
- Reduced cost of Allied MG nest by 5 fuel.
- Ranger Veterancy experience requirements increased to 14/28/50
- British Howitzer Popcap reduced to 10 from 12.
- BAR damage increased to .4 versus Panzer Elite soldiers.
- Puma\234 Armoured Car Vet 2 range bonus reduced to 1.125 from 1.2
- Nebelwerfer Vet 3 damage reduced to 1.15 from 1.25.
v2.101 09/24/2007
- Connectivity improvements.
- Lobby improvements.
- Fixed several simulation crashes.
- Automatch fixes.
- More StuH projectile Tuning. Projectile set to artillery type to deal with ve
ry errant misses.
- FG42 tuned. Burst length reset, moving accuracy and moving burst modifiers ad
justed to match non-assault rifle weapons.
- Tuned some Stug and StuH target damage modifiers.
- Vet exp values tuned for British and Panzer Elite Vehicles, British Captains,
LTs, and Luftwaffe Ground forces.
- Pak35 weapon on 250 AT halftrack had its priority tuned vs team weapons. Will
kill weapon teams more effectively instead of shell intersecting team weapon.
- Bug fix for V1 that prevented it from landing if the FOW closed in too early
during the ability (if a spotter was killed for example).
- Received accuracy modifier removed from British Captain.
- Bren carriers build time increased to 35 seconds.
- Bren carriers Armour Piercing ability cost increased to 40 munitions.
- UI changes to creeping barrage.
- Fixed Bofors vs tp_armour_axis_panther_skirts
- Vet cost Updates for Werhmacht Support units and Vehicles (from manpower/fuel
- 100/30, 300/50, 300/70 to 100/20, 200/40, 250/50)
- Wehrmacht Puma/234 Heavy Armoured car receives a 20% weapon range increase at
Vet 2 and a 30% weapon damage increase at Vet 3
- Wehrmacht Mortar teams receive a 50% damage increase to their barrage at Vet
- Wehrmacht Nebelwerfers receive a 35% speed boost at vet 1
- Wehrmacht Nebelwerfers receive a 25% damage increase to their barrage at vet
- Wehrmacht MG42s receive a +15 sight range increase at Vet 3
- Wehrmacht Pak38s receive a 25% damage boost at Vet 3.
- Kettenkrad sniper detection range increased to 20.
- King Tiger generates 100mp reduction for 5 minutes upon arrival.
- Wehrmacht Battle Phase fuel cost reduced to 50 from 65
- Armour Piercing shells on Allied 57mm AT and British 17pounder increased to 5
- Wehrmacht Panthers, Stugs, and Panzer IVS, and PE Panzer IVs Infantry Support
Tanks are more resistant to infantry AT (Panzerschrecks, Bazookas, Sticky Bombs
, Recoilless rifles, PIATs etc.) when they receive armour skirts from Veterancy
or upgrades.
- Wehrmacht pioneers receive a repair ability at Vet 3 that enables them to rep
air more effectively in combat. The damage modifier while repairing was reduced.
- British LTs are affected by suppression, but can take a considerable amount o
f fire before becoming suppressed.
- British Infantry sections and LTs have their capture modifier set to 1.0 inst
ead of 1.5.
- Bren carriers lose a received damage bonus (.85) when they upgrade with the V
ickers MMG.
- Mortar damage modifier increased vs tp_trench cover types.
- British mortars have additional accuracy bonus vs slit trenches.
- British Rifle grenades improved vs tp_trench cover type and trench objects.
- Panzer Grenadiers and Fallschirmjagers have their passive mine detection re-e
nabled. Mines within 10m will be detected when the PGs are immobile for 3 second
- 250 Funkwagen halftrack will detect and reveal camouflaged snipers in an area
around itself when setup.
- British Infanty damage modifier while constructing emplacements increased fro
m 1.5 to 2.0 to match Sappers.
- Panzer Elite start with 50 munitions.
- Stormtrooper s bundled grenade does 3x damage vs slit trenches.
- Button vehicle will disable coaxial MGs before the main gun. Main gun will re
main active for 5 seconds after ability is applied.
- Tank guns set to .9 damage vs tp_infantry_soldier (Panzer Grenadiers and Brit
ish Infantry). Increased from .7
- Removed rear damage enabled flag from Kettenkrad.
- Panzer Grenadier AT grenades set to do the same damage vs British Infantry as
regular infantry.
- Wehrmacht forces receive a new medkit.
- The basic medkit is available at tier 2 (after researching Escalat
e to Skirmish) but only functions in friendly territory.
- At tier 4 (Escalate to Battle Phase) they receive a new medkit tha
t can be used anywhere.
- Stukas, V1s, and Nebelwerfers all have improved damage vs British emplacement
- Nebelwerfers and Stukas set to 1.0 damage vs tp_infantry_soldier.
- Pak 38s and Flak 88s have been moved into the Vehicle Veterancy research at t
he KampfKraft Center.
- Mortars set to do 1.0 damage vs tp_infantry_soldier target types (Panzer Gren
adiers and British Infantry).
- Building critical tuning.
- V1 FOW scatter modifiers reduced.
- PIAT scatter modified to reduce anti-infantry effectiveness
- British Priest damage modifier vs buildings set from .35 to .25
- Panzer Elite Scout car health increased from 220 to 260.
- British Artillery cooldowns (basic and supercharge barrages) set from 60 to 9
- StuH weapon scatter reduced, angle of gun depression increased marginally.
- StuH tilt set to 0m.
- Panzer Elite AT grenade damage bug fixed on target types associated with Brit
ish Infantry.
- Pioneer veterancy moved to support veteran choice.
- Help text not yet updated.
- Pioneers have a received damage modifier when massed.
- Butterfly mines set to damage all infantry types equally.
- All Flamethrowers set to do damage to gliders after they land.
- Removed incorrect squad AI plan from several tank squads.
- Fixed a bug where abilities, such as BAR suppression, were able to be used in
hold of M3 Halftrack. These abilities wouldn t work in the halftrack.
- A data bug fix was made to Panzer Elite Suppressive Volley Fire
- The modifiers would reset incorrectly when the squad moved.
- Panzer Grenadier G43 Rifle upgrade cost increased to 50 from 35
- Lieutenant Auras were tuned.
- Removed received suppression modifiers
- Set stacking cooldown weapon modifier on LT vet 2 from .75 to .9
- Fixed a bug where the non-stacking modifier was stacking.
- Added reload weapon modifier to LT vet 2 and set to .9
- Removed reload weapon modifiers on LTs
- Removed stacking accuracy modifier on LT vet 2
- Reduced popcap bonus on LT vet 3 from 8 to 4.
- Increased the amount of action required to gain veterancy levels on British L
ieutenants from:
- Second level requires 30 instead of 24
- Third level requires 54 instead of 36
- Panzer Elite Halftrack costs were adjusted
- 250 Infantry Halftrack drops to 15 fuel from 20
- 250 Funkwagen Halftrack drops to 0 from 20 fuel.
- Munitions Halftrack was decreased from 280 to 220 manpower
- All Panzer Elite 250 halftracks were increased in health from 260 to 300
- Panzer Elite Scout cars cost decreased from 240 to 220 manpower
- Panzer Elite Scout Car popcap decreased from 4 to 2.
- Tank Buster infantry increased in cost to 390 manpower
- Assault Infantry increased in price to 360 manpower
- Received damage modifiers reduced to .99 on Group Zeal ability for Panzer Eli
- Panzer Elite 88mm health increased from 250 to 375.
- British 25pounder fuel cost increased from 55 to 75.
- British 25pounder popcap increased to 12 from 8
- British 25pounder scatter increased forward to help prevent shots landing w
ithin its minimum range.
- Building criticals fixed for artillery. A bug was killing all occupants of a
building when there was a near miss by artillery shell.
- Axis Personnel population upkeep threshold increased from 12 to 14
- Pioneer upkeep doubled from approximately 3 to approximately 6.
- Upkeep removed from repair pioneer at Repair Bunker.
- tp_slit_trench had its disable_target_search removed and artillery was added
to its projectile pass through for flamethrowers.
- V1 set to a new projectile type that will allow it to pass through buildings
in order for it to hit its targeted location.
- V1 scatter tuned.
- PIAT Weapon tuned
- Damage reduced from 100 to 90
- Target accuracy reduced vs moving light vehicles (generally from .
8 to .4).
- PIAT armour penetration values set for a few missing Commonwealth
vehicles (in case PIAT is picked up)
- Allied Bazookas are slightly less accurate vs light vehicles.
- British Starting pop cap dropped from 46 to 40
- Panzer Elite Base Building Health increased from 500 to 1000.
- Heavy Tank guns have reduced accuracy vs PE light vehicles. Modifier is set f
rom 1 to .6
- Stuarts, M8 Greyhounds have .8 moving accuracy modifier vs PE Light vehicles.
- Sticky bombs given a .8 damage modifier vs Panzer Elite Light vehicles.
- Snipers retreat modifiers tuned. Sniper retreat received accuracy modifier se
t to .75
- Axis Mortar scatter reduced marginally to account for its extra range. Angle
drops from 10 to 9, distance_scatter drops from 12 to 10.
- Fallschirmjager FG42 rifle tuned.
- Increased suppression
- Increased accuracy at long range
- Increased burst length
- Increased reload frequency. Weapon will reload less often.
- Removed building type off Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite defenses to prevent Re
gistered Artillery from being used on these structures.
- Registered artillery has a slight modification to its target requirements.
- Panzer Elite Aid Station health regeneration modifier set from .15 to .095

v2.100 09/24/2007
- Refactored network library.
General Features
- Added Commonwealth Army.
- Added Panzer Elite Army.
- A large number of bug fixes and tuning changes have been addressed.

v1.71 07/24/2007
General Fixes & Features
- Warning on option screen for excessive memory usage.
- Crash fix on entity spawn (occurs with several mods)
- Various other crash fixes.
- Various memory leak fixes.
- Window maximize button switches windowed mode back to full screen.
- D3D10 sky shader fixed.
- D3D10 stippled scarring fix.
- Better colour for HTML news links.
- Allied War Machine has had its duration reduced to 25 seconds, cost increased
to 250 munitions and cool down increased to 150 seconds.
* You will need to reconfigure your options from the default settings after this
patch is applied. *

v1.70 05/29/2007
DX10 Features
- Edges of particles are softened where intersecting 3D objects.
- Thousands of additional litter objects in the world.
- Improved user control over anti aliasing settings.
- Alpha to coverage anti aliasing to improve quality of alpha test objects such
as shrubs.
- Lighting quality has improved by moving all calculations per pixel.
- More precise point light calculations.
- Point lights can now cast shadows.
- 3D short grass on the terrain.
- Vertical refresh synchronization is enabled by default to improve visual qual
ity by preventing tearing of the display image, use -novsync to disable.
- Hardware PCF for improved shadow quality.
Other Fixes
- Various crash fixes.
- Improved hack detection.
- Axis Pak38 50mm accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced
- Allied M1 57mm AT gun accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been r
- Certain Infantry Antitank weapons (bazookas, panzerschrecks, recoilless rifle
s) accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced.
- Attack ground functionality was removed from the 234 Armored Car to fix issue
s enabling it to fire through shot -blocking objects.
- Tank and armoured car weapon types can no longer one-shot kill 234/Puma Armou
red car and M8 Armoured Cars.

v1.61 05/08/2007
- Fixed a bug where Allied Halftracks were resistant to some forms of damage.

v1.60 05/01/2007
General Fixes & Features
- Fixed AI bug that caused retreated units to gather closely around the HQ.
- Worldbuilder now shows territory properly.
- Fixed a crash that occurred while loading old files.
- Fixed a bug in crew switching during AT gun movement.
- Fixed a graphical bug in the replay menu.
- Fixed a bug with unit weapon slots after dropping two weapons.
- Fixed a crash bug when launching saved games from Windows Explorer in Vista.
- Fixed multiplayer maps not drawing boundary lines after a performance test.
- Anti-hacking systems have been integrated.
- Tiger Ace with wreck mesh has been fixed.
- Fog of War can be toggled on and off during Replays in the Replay Menu.
- Scenario packs will show UI images and loading screen.
- Recorded game files no longer saved to disk until after the game.
- Fixed timed ability not triggering on all selected squads.
- Fixed a bug that caused the Panzerschreck to misfire.
- Hyperlinking support added to news items.
- Addfriend and Removefriend commands are now disallowed in game.
Online Fixes & Features
- Players can now see the number of "dropped" games in the player profile scree
n. (See note below)
- Performance improvements for lobby game pings.
- Performance bar improvements.
- Fixed a rare crash occurrence in the lobby.
- "Play Now" button is disabled if in dev mode or any mods are active.
- Implemented dropping fixes.
- Player ability levels are matched more evenly during automatch.
* "Drops" is actually the count of the games you have been in that the server ha
d to *
* arbitrate the results for. The following things cause arbitration; kicking som
ebody *
* for lag, having a sync error, “drop-hacking”, and certain kinds of internet
* connection problems. Players should be aware that all of these things will aff
ect *
* the players trust score.
- Units using Barbed Wire Cutters are now significantly more susceptible to dam
age while cutting barbed wire.
- Squads building barbed wire are now capped at two builders per squad.
- Wire cutters are now provided to all players at the start of the game.
- All Anti-Tank Guns have a reduced chance to hit moving infantry targets.
Gameplay Bug Fixes
- Route N13 ambient building repositioned so troops no longer become stuck when
- Axis Inspired Assault UI indicator will now last as long as the ability is st
ill active.
- Axis Sniper now obtains suppression resistance and a health bonus at second l
evel veterancy.
- Axis Stormtroopers will now come out of camouflage while retreating.
- Removed manpower upkeep cost from mines.
- Axis Advanced Warning Commander Tree Ability no longer applies sight bonuses
to Axis Vehicles.
- Axis Grenadier and Stormtrooper squads can continue purchasing weapons packag
es regardless of the number of times they ve dropped them.
- All small ambient buildings will now display on the minimap while garrisoned
or controlled.
- Allied M3 Halftrack and Jeep armor is no longer highly resistant to projectil
e ammunition.
- Changed the requirements to use Offmap Reinforcements and paradropped enginee
rs when HQ is destroyed; Mortars, AT Guns and other non-builder units will not p
rohibit this action from taking place.
- Removed flamethrower death critical on ballistic weapons.
- M8 Greyhound no longer does incremental engine damage to vehicles.
- Allied M10 Tank Destroyer no longer has an unintended accuracy penalty agains
t moving Axis Sdkfz Armoured Cars.
- Axis Volksgrenadier and Axis Knights Cross Holder squads now receive bonuses
at their second levels of veterancy.
- Axis Panzerfaust ability no longer has a 50% chance to miss moving heavy vehi
- Axis 88mm Flak 36 now receives intended bonuses from support weapon veterancy
- Tank wrecks found on maps are no longer salvageable.
- Allied Demolitions upgrade moved one slot to the left on the Allied HQ UI.
Commander Trees
- Allied Paradrop AT-Gun cost increased to 350 manpower from 320.
- Allied Pershing now requires more experience to obtain veterancy levels.
- Allied Supply Drop will now cost 200 Manpower.
- Axis Infantry Assault Team cost decreased to 350 manpower from 400.
- Axis Stormtrooper squad removed from the Urban Assault Team and the Armored A
ssault Force Commander Tree Abilities.
- Axis "Urban Assault Team" has been renamed to "Urban Assault Support".
- Axis Urban Assault Support cost decreased to 600 manpower from 700.
- Axis Armored Assault Force cost decreased to 900 manpower from 1000.
Gameplay Changes
- Allied M4 Crocodile Sherman range and damage decreased.
- Allied M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun and Allied Paradrop Anti-Tank Gun accuracy bonus
at first level of veterancy decreased.
- Allied M10 Tank Destroyer acceleration speed slightly decreased.
- Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced versus Axis Light Vehicles.
- Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced against buildings.
- Allied M10 Tank Destroyer turn radius increased.
- Allied M3 Halftrack cost increased to 25 fuel from 20.
- Allied M3 Halftrack Quad .50 cal upgrade cost increased to 125 munitions from
- Axis Ostwind Flakpanzer area of effect radius increased.
- Axis Sdkfz Armored Car 50mm Puma Gun upgrade no longer requires Escalate to B
attle Phase.
- Axis Motorcycle more resilient to small arms fire.
- Axis Panzerfaust ability damage increased versus Allied Jeep.
- Axis Grenade ability range increased significantly.
- Axis Grenade area of effect increased.
- St. Mere Dumont, Langres, and Wrecked Train Community Maps added to the Custo
m Games map selection.
- Hill 331 resources rebalanced.
- Point du Hoc resources rebalanced.
- Sturzdorf resources rebalanced.
- Angoville Farms base defenses updated.
- Angoville Farms ambient building positions rebalanced.
- Beaux Lowlands base defenses updated.
- Beaux Lowlands resource positions rebalanced.

v1.51 03/19/2007
- Fixed a bug which allowed users to use the development console in multiplayer
- Fixed a bug in multiplayer lobby

v1.5 01/05/2007
New Maps
- 2p_Beaux Lowlands
- 4p_Lyon
General Fixes
- Games with friends now have a friend icon displayed when browsing the lobby g
ame list.
- Messages regarding game connection attempts are logged to the chat window for
all players in the session.
- Rank icons now indicate the type of game the rank was earned in.
- Games with players who have infinite pings now display an "X" for ping in the
lobby game list.
- New game list filtering options added to the online lobby.
- Custom maps are now properly supported in multiplayer.
- Losing connection with the lobby while downloading a patch no longer crashes
the game.
- UI sounds have been added to the online lobby.
- Auto match sound notification has been improved.
- Various speech fixes for weapons have been implemented and tuned.
- Destruction sounds have been added to various world objects.
- Repetition has been reduced in battle chatter and with various units.
Sherman Calliope:
- Sherman Calliope’s main tank gun has been removed and the Calliope Barrage abil
ity is now free to use.
- Sherman Calliope Barrage range increased from 130 to 150 meters.
- Sherman Calliope now has cap of 2, similar to the Pershing Heavy Tank.
- Sherman Calliope cost reduced from 600 Manpower to 560 Manpower.
- Sherman Calliope Barrage ability recharge timer increased to 105 seconds
M10 Tank Destroyer:
- Allied M10 Movement improved: 15% increase to acceleration and 10% increase r
otation rate.
- Allied M10 Tank Destroyer weapon damage has been increased and Fuel cost has
been reduced by 5.
- Axis Armoured Car (Puma) 20mm main cannon rear penetration vs. the Allied M10
significantly reduced.
M8 Armored Car:
- Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy on the move increased. Now on par with the M4
Sherman and M10 Tank Destroyer.
- Allied M8 Armored Car’s accuracy penalties vs. the Axis Armored Car (Puma) have
been removed.
- Allied M8 Armored Car Armor upgrade Munitions cost reduced by 25.
M26 Pershing Heavy Tank:
- Allied Pershing penetration rate vs. the Stug increased to 80%.
- Axis Stug penetration rate vs. the Pershing has been reduced to 45% from 74.6
Allied Commander Tree Improvements:
- Armoured Fury Branch changed to: Raid to Allied War Machine to Calliope.
- War Machine Branch changed to: Fast Deployment to Field Repairs to Pershing.
- Allied War Machine Command Point Cost reduced by 1
- Sherman Calliope Command Point Cost reduced by 1
Infantry AT weapon changes (Allies and Axis):
- All Infantry Anti-Tank weaponry (Bazooka, Recoilless Rifle, Panzerschreck) ar
e slightly more accurate when firing at moving light targets.
- Allied Bazookas and Recoilless Rifles now deal slightly more damage to Light
- Panzerfaust accuracy against infantry targets has been reduced as intended. W
hile there is still a chance to directly hit and kill targets like snipers, - P
anzerfausts are now more likely to cause splash damage rather than kill infantry
- Panzerschreck Damage vs. base buildings lowered by 25%.
- Bazooka damage vs. base buildings has been lowered by 25%.
Allied BAR and suppression changes:
- Allied BAR Rifle upgrade now gives 2 BAR Rifles rather than 3. Allied BAR Rif
lemen squads will now be able to pick-up MG42 and Panzerschreck items
- Allied BAR Rifle damage increased by 40%.
- Allied BAR Rifle will take slightly longer to Pin units that are in a Suppres
sed state
- Allied BAR Suppression ability can no longer suppress and pin units in heavy
Construction Changes:
- Players may no longer delete Sand Bags or Tank Traps.
- Allied Observation Post built from Riflemen now has the same build speed as t
he Observation Post built by Engineers.
- Allied Observation Posts, Axis Observation Posts, and Machine Gun Nests now h
ave the appropriate target type while building; now like all other buildings the
y will be much more susceptible to damage while under construction
- Axis Volksgrenadiers can now utilize the same build menu as the Grenadiers – th
is allows them to construct Barbed Wire and Sand Bags.
Smoke Changes:
- All Barrage weapons no longer have a 50% chance to miss targets in Smoke.
- Projectiles will no longer pass directly through Sherman’s on registered “Misses” – t
hey will now behave like all other tanks and those hits will be registered as a
non-penetrated “deflection”.
- Sherman smoke launcher recharge rate was less than the duration of the abilit
y, now set to 45 seconds
Axis Officer:
- Axis ‘Leutnant’ Manpower cost decreased to 260 from 340
- Axis ‘Leutnant’ Build Time increased to 60 from 30.
General Squad and Weapon Changes (Allies and Axis):
- All Snipers more effective against units garrisoned inside of bunkers.
- All Allied Rifles slightly more effective against Axis Motorcycles
- Allied Engineers with the Flamethrower upgrade are no longer resistant to Sni
per Shots
- Fixed an issue where the Stug’s main gun Area-of-Effect was too effective again
st infantry squads.
- Axis Assault ability will now break pinning/suppression and prevent pinning/s
uppression while the ability is active.
- Increased Axis Infantry passive health regeneration bonus received from their
first level of veterancy by 40%.
General Vehicle Changes (Allies and Axis):
- Panzer IV accuracy while moving set to the same value as other tanks.
- Axis Goliaths now destroy Tank Traps in a single explosion.
- Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Cannon upgrade now requires Escalate to Battle Ph
ase upgrade.
- Axis Motorcycles damage vs. units in light or heavy cover has been slightly r
- Axis StuH 42 now effectively kills infantry as was originally intended
- Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Upgrade accuracy reduced vs. infantry. It is inte
nded as an anti-armor upgrade.
General Heavy Weapon Team Changes (Allies and Axis):
- All Mortars now have a chance to deal Mobility Damage if they hit Light Vehic
- All Anti-Tank guns are now more accurate when firing at moving and stationary
Light Vehicles.
- Allied 57mm Anti-Tank gun firing cone has been increased by 20 degrees to mat
ch Axis 50mm Anti-Tank gun.
- Allied HMG Armor Piercing Rounds ability price reduced from 50 to 35 munition
- Allied Howitzer Gun Barrage is less accurate when firing into the Fog of War.
- Axis Nebelwerfer Manpower cost has been reduced by 20
- Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket Suppression area of effect increased.
- Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket area of effect damaged reduced. Direct hits and near
misses will still damage infantry units.
- Axis Nebelwerfer will deal a reduced amount of damage to units in light, heav
y, bunker, and garrison cover types.
- Axis Flak 88’s are more resilient to Artillery, off-map attacks, and satchel ch
arges (the crew manning them is not).
- Axis Flak 88’s and Nebelwerfers can now be re-manned by 2-man Pioneer squads.

v1.4 11/21/2006
General Fixes
- Both Ranked and Custom games now support random starting locations.
- The in-game server status URL now points to http://www.relicrank.com
- Fixed a bug pertaining to unranked matches counting as Ranked matches.
- New performance and lag indicators have been added to the Online UI.
- A new loading screen has been added which incorporates player names, ranks an
d loading bars.
- Light Vehicles can no longer be blocked by Allied Barbed Wire and Sand Bags
- Light and Medium Vehicles can no longer crush Axis Tank Traps.
- Fixed bug where Allied€AT Guns could destroy Axis Flak 88s in a single register
ed hit, regardless of the Flak 88 s health.
- Fixed issue where unfinished defensive structures had 100% health. Also,€Now al
l unfinished defensive structures take much more damage from all weapons.
- Fixed bug where the Axis Halftrack Flammenwerfer upgrade cost fuel. This was
an attribute data error.
- Allied and Axis Snipers can once again kill each other with single registered
- Improved Sherman Crocodile damage against infantry units not in cover
v1.3 10/24/2006
New Features
- New multiplayer map: 6P_Seine River Docks
- New and improved Game Replay functionality allows players to view the game fr
om a selected player’s perspective in slow motion or fast forward. In addition the
game UI can now be minimized to reveal a larger viewing space of the action goi
ng on in the replay. To compliment this, a new Cinematic Mode allows players to
sit back and enjoy the show.
- Cinematic Mode camera - Replay your battles as the game automatically switch
es between cinematic camera angles, capturing the sound and fury of war from the
combatants perspective.
- IME support for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista
- Improved SLI performance on Nvidia systems using the latest drivers.
General Fixes
- BugReport has more space on the success dialog to show Cyrillic text.
- Far East characters will not clip when listed in a multi-line text box.
- 30260 is now listed as the correct port to leave unblocked.
- Removal of ghost bug that could leave duplicates upon reload of a saved game.
- The playback controls for viewing a recorded game have their graphics fixed.
- Medal text is now visible (Korean)
- Reinforce radius has been fixed on certain buildings.
- M02: Fixed several instances of having the wrong named character s picture at
tached to subtitled text.
- M02: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to reinforce the squad.
- M04: Fixed a Fatal Scar Error that occurred when the church is taken back by
the enemy forces, just as the timer ends, and as the cinematic is about to begin
- M05: Convoy will no longer exit the map using an unsecured road after you com
plete the final objective
- M08: Fixed critical error after countdown reaches 0 after holding the city ce
ntre point
- M10: The Select HQ Button now properly selects the forward HQ
- M10: Fixed the lack of audio for subtitled text.
- M10: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to convert a building ou
tside controlled territory
- M11: Briefing fixed subtitle timing issue
- Fixed the problem where mouse-clicking on a unit onscreen under heavy loads o
ften does not result in the unit being selected.
- Improved load times by fixing pathfinding regens.
- Fixed the bug where capturing an enemy weapon resulted in it having enemy uni
t occlusion.
- Veterancy speech samples are now triggered correctly.
- The vehicle repair icon now shows up offscreen.
- Fix for Allied Engineers becoming trapped when building barbed wire close to
sandbags or other obstacles, which prevents them from completing orders.
- All sectors default to neutral on Map Montherme, previously one player would
start with ownership of a sector.
- Allied and Axis HQs can no longer be deleted by the player.
- Players will no longer lose munitions income from creating an Axis Sniper.
- Axis Blitzkrieg ability now displays appropriate icon over Axis Anti-Tank Gun
- Axis Halftracks and Allied halftracks will now carry a maximum of 3 squads to
tal opposed to 4.
- Weapon capture squads can now reinforce to full squad size.
- Tuned projectile launcher location for Axis Pak 38 so it now shoots from the
correct gun height.
- Sniper "Make Casualty" or "Hit but not killed" criticals no longer kill their
target. The result of this is that Snipers will no longer one-shot-kill other S
nipers if they have full health.
- Allied Engineers had a 1% chance to instantly kill a target, this was fixed a
nd they now operate as intended.
- Fix for the computer AI constantly cancelling construction and rebuilding a s
tructure when destroying the building and staying in the area in any game.
- Allied Engineer Demolitions ability will now destroy an Axis Security Post in
one detonation as intended.
- Axis Salvage ability is no longer giving inappropriate returns for the Axis H
alftracks and Stug.
- Allied Rangers were detecting camouflaged units at a very high radius, this h
as been reduced to the standard radius for infantry units.
- Axis Flammenwerfer Halftrack will now successfully upgrade when pioneers are
loaded inside.
- Fixed the issue of split or cut-off text when viewing the Play Now screen in
the Online Lobby on 1920x1200 (widescreen)
- Players should now hear an audio prompt when sending a chat message to an all
y or enemy.
- The scrollbar for the player list now resets properly to the top position whe
n switching between chat channels in the online lobby
- Fixed the bug where Annihilation games would end before players could see the
enemy s HQ collapsing.
- Users with slower computers will see each other properly in the game lobby.
- Most Wins list and top 15 players list display properly in the Leaderboard 1v
1 bracket.
- Players looking for Ranked Games are no longer displayed as "0" on the News t
- Fix for cut-off and split text in the Online Lobby when viewing 1920x1200 wid
escreen in Polish, Spanish, Czech, German and Italian.
- Performance measurements now include loading time.
- Fix for no SFX, Music or Speech play if you ALT-TAB from the MP lobby and ALT
-TAB back after the game has loaded.
- Fixed a crash relating to players logging out of Relic Online during the coun
tdown to game launch.
- UI now properly filtering out old replays from previous versions of the game.
- Axis Ostwind has more frequent reloads, will be less effective vs units in co
ver or in buildings.
- Axis Ostwind’s damage to player-buildings has been reduced (35-40% reduction)
- Axis Panther tuning moderate speed and rotation rate increases (bringing mobi
lity a bit closer to the Allied Sherman).
- Axis Armoured Car cost increased by 10 fuel.
- Axis Stug build time increased by 10 seconds.
- Allied Sherman main gun effectiveness vs. units garrisoned within ambient bui
ldings reduced.
- Allied Sherman main gun Area of Effect damage slightly lowered.
- Fixed the Allied Bazooka’s unnecessary accuracy penalty vs. the Axis Stug and P
anzer IV.
- Allied Airborne Satchel charges strengthened against buildings and bunkers.
- Fortify the Perimeter Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a
1 Commander Point reduction.
- Axis Flak 88 Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a 1 Comman
der Point increase.
- For the Fatherland ability cost has been reduced by 40%.
- All vehicle main guns effectiveness vs. infantry in cover reduced.
- Sherman Calliope Main Turret reload time is 50% slower than the standard Sher
- Allies Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is significantly less effective on the

- Sce nario pack support
- A scenario pack (*.sga file) is an archive that contain all the files needed
for a scenario allowing for easy map sharing.
- Added the Worldbuilder tool.
- Added the MovieMaker tool.
- Supports export of scenario packs by selecting Export Scenario in the File me

v1.2 9/12/2006
- Connectivity fixes
- SLI performance fix
- Allied HMG exploit fix
- Axis wreck exploit fix
- Various crash fixes

v1.1 8/25/2006
- Multithreaded lens-flare destruction fix
- Burning building crash fix