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. . JSC-08476
__ i

i .... SKYLAB 1/3




! ;

"- ?

7" National Aeron_J_,_____

and Space Administration
, " Houston, Texas

._- OCTOBER 1973

Z /


This document is the transcription of the technical air-to-ground

(TAG) voice communications of the Skylab 1/3 mission. The transcript is
divided into three columns time, speaker, and text. The time col ,--_
consists of four multidigit n--'_bers for days, hours, minutes, and seconds
(e.g., 209 22 45 12). All times are expressed in Greenwich mean time (GMT)
for the Julian dates shown as the first three numbers of the time col1-,n.
The speaker col,-,n indicates the source of a transmission; the text col1-,n
contains the verbatim transcript of the communications.

A series of three dots (...) is used to designate those portions of

the text that could not be transcribed because of garbling. One dash (-)
is used to indicate a speaker's pause or a self-interruption and subse-
quent completion of a thought. Two dashes (- -) are used to indicate an
interruption by another speaker or the point at which a recording was
abruptly terminated. Words given unusual emphasis by the speaker are

The Skylab i mission began with lift-off of the orbital workshop at

17:30:00 GMT (12:30:00 c.d.t.) on May 14. The second three-man team to
occupy the workshop, the Skylab 3 crew, lifted off at i1:10:50.5 GMT
(06:10:50.5 c.d.t.) on July 28. The Skylab 3 crew splamhed down in the
Pacific Ocean at 22:19:54 GMT (17:19:54 c.d.t.) on September 25, 1973.

Speakers in the transcript may be identified as follows.

Spacecraft :

CDR Commander Alan L. Bean

PLT Pilot Jack R. Lousma

SPT Scientist pilot Owen (0.) K. Garriott

CREW Unidentified crewmember

MS Multiple speakers

Mission Control Centers:

CC Capsulecommunicator

MCC Unidentifiedspeaker,other than

CC, in the Mission Operations
Control Room or a Staff Support
_ Room



F Flightdirector

S Surgeon

Remote sites :

AA Unidentified

CT Communications technician

REC Recovery helicopter


When any crewman is engaged in extravehicular activity (EVA), his

speaker designation is suffixed by EVA to indicate his status (e.g.,
CDR- A).
Transcription of these tapes was managed by William A. Kelley, Test
Division, Program Operations Office, to whom inquiries regarding this
document should be referred.


TAG Tape 209-03/T-I
Time: 209:10:30 to 209:12:00
Page i of 7/1


209 ii i0 52 CDR Clock has started. Roger. Roll and pitch program,

CC Roger. Roll and pitch, Skylab. And thrust looks

good on all engines.

CDR Roger. Feels good up here.

209 ii ii 30 CDR Got a pretty noise to it right now.

CC Roger that. You're looking real good.

209 ii ll _5 PLT Okay, Houston. The cabin pressure's starting to

come down.

CC Roger. Stand by for Mode I Bravo.

CDR Roll program- -

209 ii Ii 50 CC MARK. Mode I Bravo.

CDR - - complete.

CC Roger.


CC Roger.

PLT I get a great feeling of motion up here, Dick.

It really feels like it's moving on.

209 ll 12 08 CC Roger, PLT. And, Skylab, Houston; your feet wet.

CDR Understand.

209 ll 12 3_ CDR EDS 2 ENGINE, OUT, and LV RATEs, OFF.

CC Stand by for Mode I Charlie capability.

209 ll 12 39 CC MARK. I Charlie.

CDR Understand.

_ Is
TAG Tape 209-03/T-I
Page 2 of 7/2 "

209 ii 12 50 CC Skylab, Houston. GO for staging.

CDR Roger. Go here.

209 ll 13 09 CDR INBOARDS.

209 ll 13 12 CDR OUTBOARDS.

209 ll 13 14 CDR STAGING.

CC Roger.

209 ll 13 20 CDR Looks like the S-IVB's running.

CC Roger. We're watching the thrust come up now.

Skylab, Houston. Thrust is - looks good on S-IVB.

CDR That 's good news.

209 ii 13 43 CDR Tower jett.

209 ii 13 44 CC Roger. Tower Jettison; you're Mode II.

209 ii 13 49 CDR Guidance initiate.

209 ii 13 53 CC Roger. Everything is looking real good. You're

GO at 3 minutes.

CDR Nice and bright up here in the Sun.

CC Roger.

209 ll 14 31 PLT Okay, Dick, the cabin pressure's locked up real

good here. You should of seen that tower go.

CC Roger. Understand.

209 Ii lh 42 PLT And we're GO at 4 minutes.

209 ii 14 46 CC Roger, Skylab. We concur; you're GO at h.

CDR Dark blue to black horizon. Beautiful horizon.

CC Roger.

209 ll 15 14 PLT Yes, we'd like to try that lift-off again. That
was great there, Dick.

\ /
TAG Tape 209-03/T-I
" " Page 3 of 7/3

CC My turn next.

209 ii 15 43 CDR We're GO at 5 minutes.

209 ll 15 47 CC Roger, CDR. Concur. You're GO at 5. Looking real


209 ll 16 42 CDR GO at 6.

209 ll 16 44 CC Roger, CDR. GO at 6.

209 ll 17 09 PLT There's OMNI Charlie for you, Houston; right on


209 ll 17 12 CC Roger. OMNI Charlie. Thank you, sir.

PLT Want to keep old Ed down there happy.

CC He 's happy.

209 ll 17 35 CDR Okay, we Just put on the gimbal motors, Houston.

CC Roger,

209 ii 17 46 CC Skylab, Houston. We see four good gimbal motors,

good trims. You're GO at 7 minutes; looking real

CDR Roger.

209 ii 18 42 CDR PU shift, Houston; and we're GO at 8.

CC Roger. PU shift. And we concur. You're GO at

8 minutes.

209 ii 19 39 CDR We're GO at 9, Houston.

209 ii 19 42 CC Roger, CDR. GO at 9 minutes.

CDR There's a better horizon up here than in the CMS.

CC Roger.

209 ii 20 08 CC CDR, Houston. We're predicting a guidance cutoff

at 9 plus 53.

CDR Roger; 9 plus 53.

TAG Tape 209-0B/T-I ._
Page 4 of 7/4

CC Stand by for Mode III Alfa capability.

209 ll 20 20 CC MARK. Mode III Alfa.

CDR Roger. III Alfa.

CC Stand by for Mode IV capability.

209 ll 20 29 CC MARK. Mode IV.

CDR Roger. Mode IV.

209 ll 20 44 CDR SHUTDOWN, Houston.

CC Roger....

209 ll 20 48 CDR We've got 25,709. 122.2 by 8B.2. We look good.

CC Sounds real great.

SPT You sure know it when it quits.

CC Roger.

209 ll 21 2B CC $kylab, Hous - -

CDR ... it?

209 ll 21 25 CC Skylab, Houston. We've confirmed your orbit, and

you're GO for orbit. Looks good.

CDR Okay, tell the guys at KSC, "Thanks." It was a

nice, nice Job.

CC Roger, A1.

209 ll 21 52 CC Skylab, Houston. You look real good. You're GO

for a nominal separation sequence. We're about
45 seconds from LOS in Bermuda. We're going to
drop out for about a minute and a half, and I'll
give you a call at ARIA.

209 ll 22 OB CDR Okay.

209 ll 2B 55 CC Skylab, Houston through ARIA. How do you read?

CDR Read you pretty good, Dick. Everything's going

along right. _-_
TAG Tape 209-03/T-I
Page 5 of 7/5

CC Roger. I hear a little bit of static on the lines,

but I - I heard you very readable. We're standing

CDR " Okay.

209 Ii 2_ 58 CDR And we're standing by for a trim here, Houston.

CC Roger.

209 ll 25 23 SPT Cloud structures are too ... and, as we move by

rapidly, it looks almnst like we're above some
stratus layer at 5000 feet or something like that.
They are really moving out.

CC Roger.

209 ll 29 01 CDR We SEPed, Houston.

CC Roger, CDR.

209 ll 29 16 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about h5 seconds from LOS

ARIA. We'll drop out about 30 seconds, and I'ii
call you at Madrid.

CDR Okay.

209 ll 30 00 CC And, Skylab; Houston. If you're still there, we'd

like a GO from you, so we could do our S-IVB

CDR Okay, we're not facing it, yet. We'll give you a
GO as soon as we see it.

CC Okay, real fine.

209 ii 31 02 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A - A0S Madrid for 3 minutes.

CDR Okay, we got this baby right in front, and it is

beautiful. All four petals are open. We can see
the dome of the hydrogen tank, and it looks real
nice and clean inside. It's Just floating along
behind us.

CC Roger, CDR. And are we GO to maneuver it?

CDR You bet.

CC Okay.
TAG Tape 209-03/T-1 _-_
Page 6 of 7/6


CC Okay, thank you. We will on - on time.

CDR It's sure pretty up here in the sunlight with the

petals out.

CC Roger.

209 ll 31 47 CDR Looks like it's venting something also from the
back, although we can't see the engine.

SPT There's a couple of wide-angle plumes between about

ll o'clock and 2 o'clock, and then another one
between 5 and 8 o'clock down there.

209 ll 32 04 CC Roger. And, Skylab; Houston. I got two or three

things here for you at Madrid. One is we'd like
to delete the waste water dump that's in your
time line at 1 plus 10; that's Just a reminder.
I've got a couple of pads for you. The first one
is a backup GDC align pad, page 1 Alfa.

CDR Okay. Hold on a minute, and we'll get it.

CC Okay.

209 ll 32 42 CC And, Skylab; Houston. The booster maneuver will

start in about 20 seconds.

209 ll 33 07 PLT Well, we see her maneuvering now, Dick. Looks

like she's pitching up from where we stand.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Hous - -

CDR Go ahead on that pad, Dick.

209 ll 33 25 CC Roger. Backup GDC align. 33/37; 161.0, 046.3,

346.1. Go ahead.

CDR Roger. Stars 33 and 37; 161.0, 046.3, 346.1.

209 ii 33 53 CC Roger. Turn to page 5-Alfa. l've got a launch

rendezvous realign pad; and, while you're turning
there, we're about 30 seconds from LOS Madrid.

Your NC-I and Talign pads are GO. We'll see you
at ARIA at 52.
- TAG Tape 209-03/T-I
Page 7 of 7/7

CDR Okay, I don't think I'll have time for that pad
on 5-Alfa.

CC Okay, it's also - it's in your Launch Checklist,

page 2_-12.

CDR Okay. Stand by.

209 ll 34 39 CDR Okay, I've got 2-12. Go ahead, Dick.

CC Roger. Roll is four balls, 255.2, 357.9.

CDR Four balls, 255.2, 357.9.

209 ll 34 58 CC Roger. Good readback. See you at ARIA.

TAG Tape 209-Oh/T-2
- Time: 209:12:00 to 209:13:30
Page i of 6/9


209 12 02 58 CC Skylab, Houston through ARIA for 7 minutes.

CDR Roger, Houston. We hear you very, very weak.

CC Roger, AI. I hear you clear, but also very weak.

How now?

CDR We did the 3-foot-per-second posigrade SEP burn.

Everything else is going correct. We did the
EMS DELTA-V test this pass .... and started at
minus i00, ended up at minus 99.6 one time and
minus 99.7 the other time.

CC CDR, Houston. You'll have to say again those

two numbers. The first one you started at
minus i00 and then ended up with what? And read
me the second one.

CDR 99.6 and 99.7.

CC Roger. 99.6 and 99.7. Thank you very much.

And, CDR, anytime during this pass, if you get
any information on the two P52s, I'll be glad to
copy of them - copy them. I'll - I have a couple
of notes here for you to let you know about.
Your CMC vector, during the boost, developed
about a 30-foot-per-second out-of-plane, and
we intend on updating the CMC vector at Madrid.
And also we - Our initial look at the X and Y
PIPAs makes ustthink they probably will need a
compensation, and we're going to take another
look at them over the States. Over.

PLT Understand. And, Dick, when we put the radiators

on the line, we got a couple of intermittent
GLYCOL FLOW LOW lights, and the accumulator's
reading 35 percent now. We're going to put a
little more in her when we get around to it.

CC Roger, PLT.

CREW ... number 2.

TAG Tape 209-0h/T-2 _
Page 2 of 6/i0

209 12 05 h0 CC Break. Break. Skylah, Houston. If you're calling

me, you're too far down in the noise. Unable to
read you. Over.

CDR No, we weren't calling you, but it is fairly

noisy. We're in work on the P52. We'll give you
a call in a few moments.

CC Roger, A1. I'm standing by. And be advised

the - the weather conditions today for ARIA are
pretty poor, so if we do have comm trouble through
ARIA, it's not your onboard systems. And I'm
standing by. We're AOS for the next h minutes.

CDR We ought to m_ke it by then.

209 12 06 16 CC Roger.

CDR Okay, the NOUN 05 is all zeros.

CC Roger.

CDR Not bad for a physicist, huh? Okay, the NOUN 93s
are plus all zips, plus 021, plus ll3. I'll say
it again; all zips, plus 021, and plus ll3. How
do you hear?

CC We got them loud and clear, CDR. I copy them,

and go ahead and tell me the torque time.

CDR 00 :56 :17.

CC Roger. 00 :56:17. Thank you.

CDR Okay. We're going to go for the option 2 now.

CC Roger.

CDR Okay, the time we're using is 7:01:38.00.

CC 7:01:38.00.

CDR Roger. That's the T-align time we are using.

CC Roger.
TAG Tape 209-0h/T-2
Jf Page 3 of 6/ii

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 1 minute from LOS.

We're going to see you at Texas in 1 plus 02.

CDR Okay, we'll be there.

CC Okay.

PLT When you fire the thrusters up here, it looks

like lightning going by the window.

CC Roger. And that AOS time I read to you wrong.

It's about 1 plus 32.

209 12 l0 17 CDR I wondered.

209 12 h3 07 CC Skylab, Houston at Texas for 5 minutes.

CDR The second P52, stars 33 and 37, NOUN 05, all
zeros. We did it again. NOUN 93, plus 230,
plus 332, minus 129 ; and the time of torque was

CC Roger, CDR. I've got it, and I've got an NC-I

preliminary pad for you page 1-5.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Roger. Starting with NOUN 95, 002, 18, 05.00;

plus 213.8, plus four balls, plus four balls;
179, 074, 002; 199.5, 00:10; weight: 31219;
Trims: plus 1.37, plus 0.51. Go ahead.

CDR Okay, 002, 18, 05.00; plus 213.8, plus all zip,
plus all zip; 179, 074, 002; 199.5, 00:10;
31219, plus 1.37, plus 0.51.

CC Roger, CDR. And on the burn attitude check right

below that, it's star, 25; shaft, 250.3;
tm_nuion, 37.6. Go ahead.

CBR Roger. 25, 25.03, 37.6.

CC Roger. And I got a couple of notes. This NC-I

burn will he the dual b_k burn of the day. And
you'll be happy to know that no plane change is
TAG Tape 209-04/T-2 _
Page 4 of 6/12

CDR That's great. And when we went through our P31,

we got a NOUN 81 of 222.7.

CC Roger, A1.

209 12 46 14 CC CDR, Houston. For your information, we've Just

looked at your EEFSMMAT, and I do not have a
star acquisition pad for you right now, but as
soon as the Guidance Officer gets one ginned up,
we'll have one for you.

CDR Okay.

CDR And if you're finished with P52, Houston, I'll go

on and do P20.

CC Roger. We are happy with the P52, and you can

have it, A1.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 20 seconds from

LOS and I'll give you a call at Madrid at 1 plus

209 12 48 21 CDR Okeydoke.

209 13 02 21 CC Skylab, Houston at Madrid for 5 minutes. We'd

like ACCEPT so we can get your vectors up to you.

PLT Okay, Dick; we'll give it to you.

CC Roger. And I've got several pad updates for you.

The first one is the final NC-1 pad on page 1-5.

PLT Okay, stand by 1.

PLT Okay, Dick, I'm looking at page 5. Go ahead.

CC Roger. Starting with - There are Just three or

four changes, but I 'm going to read the whole
pad, and I think it will be easier, starting
with NOUN 95. 002, 18, 06.00; plus 214.8,
plus four zips, plus four zips; 179, 075, 002,
200.5, 00:10. Go ahead.

PLT Okay, I've got 002, 18, 06.00; plus 214.8, plus
all balls, plus all balls; 179, 075, 002, 200.5,

TAG T_pe 209-04/T-2
Page 5 of 6/13

CC Roger. That's correct. And I'd 1_ke to change

the shaft and tz,,nnion down under the burn attitude
check Just below that, Jack. I'd like to ch-nge
two numbers: shaft should read 249.4, tx,,nn_on
should read 37.9. Go ahead.

PLT Okay. New shaft and t_mnion are 249.4 and 37.9.

CC Roger. How about flipping up to page l-Alfa?

And this will be an update to the backup GDC align

PLT Okay, go ahead.

CC Roger. Ssme stars, 33, 37; 161.1, 048.1, 346.2.

Go ahead.

PLT Okay, 33 and 37; 161.1, 048.1, 346.2.

CC Roger. Stand by. And also next, PLT, on that

blank on the left, you might can write out - We'd
like you to do a PIPA bias update for us. If
r you'll take down the numbers, this will be via
VERB 21, NOUN 01. Over. And, Skylab; Houston.
You can go back to BLOCK; we got the vectors up.

PLT Okay, we'll go back to BLOCK, and go ahead with

the VERB 21, NOUN O1.

CC Roger. It's all three axes. Address 1452,

data 00665; address 1454, data 76647; address 1456,
data 03570. Go ahead.

209 13 06 16 PLT Okay, I've got the address 1452 is 00665;

address 1454 is 76647; address 1456 is 03570.

CC Roger; good readback. And if you have the results

of your BMAG 2 camparison check on page 1-4, we'd
like to have that. And we've looked at the bird.
You're GO for the NC-1 burn.

PLT Roger. GO for the burn. Thank you. And say

again the page.

CC It's on page l-h, kind of at the top, Jack, on

the right-hand col,-_n, BMAG 2 cu_parison. While
you're looking for that, flight wants to know
how you guys all liked zero g today?
TAG Tape 209-04/T-2 ---
P_e 6 of 6/14

PLT We're doing great. We got two suits off. We

don't have any _4AG comparisons for you yet.

CC Okay, good. We're coming close to LOS here at

Madrid, and we'll see you down at the ARIA at
about 2 plus 25. You're GO for NC-1. See you.

209 13 07 23 PLT Okay, Dick. Tlo-*Ikyou.


TAG Tape 209-05/T-3
Time: 209:13:30 to 209:15:00
Page I of 9/15


209 13 35 29 CC Skylab, Houston through ARIA. How do you read?

209 13 35 h8 CC Skylab, Houston through ARIA for 8 minutes. How

do you read?

209 13 37 34 CC Skylab, Houston through ARIA for 8 minutes.

209 13 37 41 CDR Houston, Skylab. We hear you intermittently. Not

too clearly, though.

CC Skylah, Houston. We've got a lot of static. I

can barely hear you. We are interested in knowing
how the NC-I burn went, though. Go ahead.

CDR It came off correctly. On time. We didn't copy

the DELTA-V C . We were in attitude and the NOUN
85s were minus 001, plus 005, and plus 008. The
star check that you gave us with star 25 was
correct. However, using the horizon check, which -
as sort of a backup, the horizon was not anywhere
near the 12-degree window mark at burn time. It
was up around 35.

CC Roger, CDR. I copied all of that. And - and one

more question. We wanted to verify that you got
the PIPA biases in, prior to the NC-1 burn.

CDR We got them in.

CDR We got them in, Dick, for sure.

CC CDR, Houston. Sorry, I didn't catch that last.

Say again, please.

CDR Roger. We got the PIPA biases in, prior to burn.

CC Rog -Roger, CDR. I understand you did get them

in. Be advised that I do have a star acq pad for
you, but I'll give it to you later when we have
better comm. And, if you get the P52 option 3
information, I'm standing by for it. We've still
got about 6 minutes left here at ARIA.
TAG Tape 209-05/T-3 -_
Page 2 of 9/16

CDR Roger. We're wondering which P52 option B you're

talking about. The very first one?

MCC No, the one that's supposed to be going on now.

CC Negative. CDR, negative. I got that other

option 3, and we're a little bit ahead of you.
We just thought, prior to this ARIA pass, you
might possibly get the one that's coming up right
now. If not, no problem. We'll get it at the

209 1B 40 06 CDR Okay, we weren't planning to do that for l0 more

minutes, but we,ll get on it right now. We've
hatched a little problem with the MANUAL drive, on
the OPTICS. In that in DIRECT, when we drive to
an angle, it doesn't want to stop there. It just
keeps going. And we're having a little trouble
setting the proper angle so that we could then
look out at a star; it transfers rather rapidly.
And we haven't had any trouble with auto optics,
however. It points very well. We don't have any
trouble marking on the star. It's merely when we
try to go to a decided shaft and trunnion, then
it's almost impossible to do. So we really had
better develop a better technique doe there.

209 13 40 46 CC Roger, CDR; I copied that. And no particular

hurry on the P52. We'll take it when you've got
it. We're standing by for 4 more minutes.

209 13 42 07 CDR Starting on the P52 right now, Dick, and first
star is 37.

CC CDR, Houston. CDR, Houston. You're just about

unreadable. Sorry, I understand you're reading
me some P52 information, but I have not gotten
any of it.

CDR Hello, Houston, we did our GDC align and got a ...
We'll give you that information at the next station
because we have difficulty hearing you.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about i minute from LOS

at ARIA. We'll see you at Goldstone at 03:01, and
I'ii have a star acq pad for you up there. You've
TAG Tape 209-05/T-3
Page 3 of 9 I17

been Just about unreadable for the last 3 minutes

of the pass, and so I didn't get any of the infor-
mation during that time.

209 13 44 20 CDR Okay, I'Ii read it again to you if you can take it.
37, 45 ... a11 balls i; NOUN 93, plus 009, minus 017,
plus 024, ... time; 02:32:56.00.

209 14 12 32 CC Skylab, Houston. Goldstone for 9 minutes.

CDR Okay, we got some news for you. We worked on that


CC Go ahead.

CDR We kind of got the feeling that maybe we hadn't

zeroed it well enough and - although we'd done it
a couple of times, because we went back, zeroed
it again, and drove it manually both in RESOLVE
and DIRECT, and it worked perfectly. So scratch
that up as a mystery at the moment.

CC Roger. The one question we had on that, A1, was

did you see this phenomena [sic] both driving it
in HIGH and LOW rates?

CDR We saw it in all rates. And it looked like it was

driving in HIGH in all rates. But things are
working well at the moment.

CC Okay, let me continue down my list then. We're a

little bit puzzled about the horizon check. We're
still thinking about that one. There was some
thought that it might be possible that you had seen
the terminator because of the conditions you were
in at the time; however, we really Just don't know.
We're tracking you here at Goldstone, but we'll
have to run the information and, by Madrid, we'll
have a good look at the way the NC-2 - correction,
the NC-1 burn went. And there's one number on
your P52 option 3, which is the NOUN 93 Z, that
I'd like for you to give me again.

CDR Okay. That's plus 02h. And now that you mention
this business about the terminator, I wouldn't be
surprised if you were right.
TAG Tape 209-05/T-3 -_
Page 4 of 9/18

CC Well, the terminator was quite a bit below you

there and we're - we're checking the angles.
That might have been right, but we were a little
bit puzzled as to how the star check could have
been so good and the horizon check not. At any
rate, we're thinking about it. And I never got
BMAG 2 results, page 1-4. Did you get them?

CDR I sure do. Let me give them to you right now.

NOUN 20, 178.74, 155.09, 359.82. Now the ASCP
thumbwheels were 177.6, 158.1, 359.4; and that
was the DELTA-T of 46. Now we have a BMAG I com-
parison going at this time, and we've been 25 min-
utes into it. So next time we talk with you,
we'll give you some information on BMAG i, also.

209 14 15 06 CC Good show. If you'll -l've got an NC-2 prelimi-

nary pad for you, page 1-9.

209 14 15 12 PLT And while you're thinking about that, I completed

the fuel cell purge and I noticed, on FUEL CELL i,
the hydrogen flow didn't quite come back to where
it was to begin with. It's riding about - it
appears to me about 0.01 pounds per hour higher
than the - than straight across from the 02 pointer.

CC Roger, PLT; and for whoever is going to copy the

NC-2 pad, I am going to have a DELTA-Vy for you.
It's printed in there as zeros, but I have one.
The reason is you have a slight out-of-plane,
and we think we're a little bit better off getting
it out of the way here at NC-2 instead of saving
it for - by doing it here, we should reduce what
we have to get out in NCC and NSR.

CDR Sounds like a good idea. We're ready to copy.

CC Okay, starting with NOUN 28, 004, 33, 57.00,

plus 153.5. Okay, here's your DELTA-Vy, minus 014.0.
Okay, starting again with DELTA-Vz, plus four balls,
180, 256, 356, 139.7, 00:07. Weight, 30557; trims,
plus 1.38, plus 0.41. Go ahead.

CDR Okay. 004, 33, 57.00, plus 153.5, 14.0 - that's

a minus, plus all zips, 180, 256, 356, 139.7,
00:07, 30557, plus 1.38, plus 0.41.
TAG Tape 209-05/T-3
_ Page 5 of 9/19

CC Okay, and we'd like to give you a burn star check

for these burns, since we have a couple of funnies.
For this one, it'll be star 13. And that should
give you a shaft of plus 318.4 and a trunnion of
plus 07.7. Two remarks : this will be a single
Bank burn, bank Alfa, which is nominal, and the
other one was that DELTA-Vy was due to a slight
out-of-plane. I already told you about that one.

CDR Okay, understand that. Star 13, plus 318.h and

plus 07.7 and bank Alfa.

CC Roger. And stand by please, Just a second.

CDR The more I think about this terminator business,

the more I think you're right.

CC Skylab, Houston. We see a decrease in helium and

propellants in quad Bravo, and we'd like to secure
that quad.

209 l_ 18 21 CDR Well, I tell you. We were Just getting ready to

tell you that we got some sort of sparklers going
by the right-hand window, over by Jack, but we
don't have any going by the left. And it's quite
a bit. We Just did that purge, and we thought
maybe that was it, but maybe we've got something
spraying out that side. I don't know.

209 14 18 46 CC Roger. We'll secure quad Bravo here and continue

to look at it.

209 14 18 51 PLT It looks like you're driving through a kind of a

snowstorm real fast. It's going from minux X out
to plus X, Dick.

CC Roger. Have you secured quad Bravo?

PLT Affirm.

CC Roger. Thank you.

CDR Did you want both the helium and the propellant

CC That 's affirmative, CDR.

TAG Tape 209-05/T-3 -
Page6 of 9/20

CDR Okay, we did both of them.

PLT And we've still got the snowstorm out the right
side there.

CC Roger.

PLT I'm wondering if it's got something to do with

that H2 on FUEL CELL i. Of course, we can't tell
what FUEL CELL 3 is doing on H2 because the meter
isn't working.

CC Roger. We're continuing to look at it.

209 14 19 54 CC Skylab, Houston. While we're continuing to look

at this, I got a couple of other notes. One is -
is the coolant problem, Jack, that you saw, Just
after launch, was almost identical to the idica-
tions that Pete and his guys got on SL-2, and we
think that was due to - Just a situation in - out
in the radiators - the thermal contraction in the
radiators, and was a nominal situation, no problem.
And I - I have a star acquisition pad on page l-Alfa,
if we have a chance to copy it.

209 14 20 28 PLT Can I go ahead and get my H2 PURGE LINE HEATER,

OFF, in spite of what's going on? It looks like
it stopped for a minute, then it started back up
again. It's looking kind of intermittent right
now, Dick; the snowstorm, that is.

CC Roger. Stand by a second.

PLT Some of the particles are bigger than others.

Some of them look like pieces of frost and others
look like a very, very fine rain, and then there
is a bunch of them that streak by with sizes in

CC PLT, Houston. On FUEL CELL l, the EECOM would

like you to cycle the H2 PURGE LINE HEATER, please.

PLT Roger......

CC I'm sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me. H2 PURGE LINE

VALVE, EECOM would like you to cycle that. Be ad- _ \
vised we're sJ_out 20 seconds from LOS here at Gold-
stone. And we'll pick you up at Canary at 03:25.
.P-- TAG Tape 209-05/T-3
Pa_e 7 of 91 Zl

CDR C_ay. And we 'ii be standing by for that star acq


CC Okay.

209 14 21 31 PLT Okay, I cycled it, and it went back to about the
same place. Do you want me to leave my H 2 PURGE
LINE HEATER, ON, I take it. Is that right?

209 14 21 40 CC Negative, PLT. If you hear me, you can turn it


209 14 36 00 CC Skylab, Houston. A0S Canary for 7 minutes.

CDR Roger. Loud and clear, Houston.

CC Roger. I wasn't sure you got my last transmission.

It was to Jack and that it's okay to turn the PURGE
LINE HEATER, OFF, and I've got some quad B recon-
figuration things to read up to you, that we suggest.

f CDR Okay. Let me tell you what I've done, and then it
may save you some reading.

CC 0kay.

209 14 36 26 CDR I set the DAP at ll002, ll011. I turned OFF _]]
quad B for roll - B/D ROLL and I've turned OFF
quad B in YAW auto switches. And I got A/C ROLL,

CC Roger. Thank you, you're right with us. That's

exactly what I was going to suggest.

CDR Okeydoke. We've been looking at this malf pro-

cedure and, of course, we can't go very far be-
cause right now the pressure doesn't appear to be
decreasing. I will say that the sparklers that
we were having out the right-hand window are gone.
But that, of course, could be because of the
hydrogen dump.

209 14 37 12 CC Roger. Okay. I've got a couple of other things

to tell you. We tracked you at Goldstone, and it
looks like you got off a real good execution on
the NC-1 burn. So we're still thinking about that
funny horizon check, but the burn went well. We
TAG Tape 209-05/T-3
Page 8 of 9/22

do not have any vectors that we need to up-link

to you at this time. The SWS tracking lights in
the VHF have been turned on, and they appear to
be working okay. And I have a star acq pad on
page 1-Al fa.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay. On 1-Alfa, the only thing that I - that

changes on it, A1, are the shaft and trunnions for
the first and second stars. So the first star
shaft angle is 251.8, 17B - correction - shaft
is 251.8; t_1=n_on, 037.2. For the second star:
shaft, 046.6; trunnion, 034.7.

CDR Okay. 251.8, 37.2; 046.6, and 34.7.

CC That's correct. You got it.

209 14 38 44 CC And, CDR; Houston. On the optics problem you had

a _hile ago, one possible explanation could - might
be some contamination in that switch that caused
you momentarily to be hung in a high rate - which
might explain it. And so to be conservative, we'd
recnmmend that you - when you - that you put it
in low rate and leave it there.

209 14 39 06 CDR Excellent suggestion; we'll put it back right now.

CC Roger.

CDR Exactly where's the vent for the hydrogen purge?

CC Stand by.

209 14 39 47 CC While we're looking that up for you, CDR, be advised

we did see quad Bravo decreasing before we did the
H2 purge, so it - it might have been that. It was
well - I'll take it back - running a little bit
lower in quantity before we did the H 2 purge. And
we're look - -

CDR Okay, let me give you - -

CC Go ahead.
_ TAG Tape 209-05/T-3
Page 9 of 9/23

CDR - - I had nothing important. I was just going to

give you the results of the HMAG i align, if you
wanted them.

CC Roger, go ahead.

209 14 h0 15 CDR Okay. 179.87, 206.30, 358.71. ASCP tht_bwheels

are 180.7, 207.6, 357.4, DELTA-T 38. Now at -
Do we owe you any other information?

CC CDR, negative. I'm happy, I've got - I've gotten

it all.

CDR Okay.

209 lh 42 14 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 20 seconds from LOS.

Honeysuckle at 04:07.

CDR Roge r.

CC Skylab, Houston. That purge is close to window

number 5 on the right-hand side.

CDR Okay. That makes sense then.

209 14 42 41 CC Roger.

TAG Tape 209-06/T-_
Time: 209:15:00 to 209:16:30
Page i of 12/25


209 15 18 26 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at Hoaeysuckle for

7 minutes.

CDR Okay. We're Just trying to get a lockon to the

workshop VHF.

CC Roger. And I've got three pads to read you.

The first one is NC-2 final, page 1-9.

CDR Okay, we've got a lockon. And it looks a

little bit erratic, probably because we're
over range. It shows about 60 miles. So we
add that to the cycle thing and we've got - not
bad distance. Okay. Ready to copy.

209 15 19 07 CC Roger. Starting with NOUN 28, 004, 33, 55.00,

plus 155.4; the DELTA-Vy is minus 015.0.

Starting again with DELTA-V z , plus four b-l Iq ;

180, 256, 335, excuse me, correct that. The
yaw for NOUN 22 should be 355; DELTA-V C 142.7,
00:07. Go ahead.

CDR Okay, 004, 33, 55.00, plus 155.4; minus 015.0,

all zips; 180, 355, 335; 142.7, 00:07.

CC Roger. l'd like to correct on noun 22, AI.

The pitch is 256, the yaw is 355. Go ahead.

CC CDR, Houston. If you read those back, you

dropped out. Say again please.

CDR Okay. 180, 256, 355.

209 15 20 47 CC Roger. That's correct. And I'd llke to - on

that star check for star 13, I'd llke to
correct the shaft and trunnions. The shaft
should read plus 314.8, t_mnion plus 08.1.

CDR Okay. Plus 314.8 and plus 08.1.

TAG Tape 209-061T-_, _-
Page 2 of 12/26

CC Roger. And next pad is NCC preliminary pad,

page i-ii.

CDR Go ahead.

209 15 21 23 CC Roger. 005, 20, 00.00, plus 037.0, minus 000.2,

plus 000.9; 180, 074, 001; 023.6, 00:02.
Go ahead.

CDR 005, 20, 00.00, plus 037.0, minus 000.2, plus

000.9; 180, 074, 001; 023.6, 00:02.

CC That's right. And the weight is 30085; trims,

plus 1.39, plus 0.34. And a star check for
this burn. Star 25; shaft, plus 246.7; trunnion,
plus 38.0. Go ahead.

CDR Roger. 25, and then plus 246.7, and plus 38.0.

209 15 22 55 CC Roger. And the next one is NSR preliminary

pad on next page.

209 15 22 59 CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay. Plus 017.4, plus 008.2, plus 001.9; 183,

285, 026. Skip DELTA-V C , I'll get that for
you later; burn time 00:O1. Weight, 29972;
trims, plus 1.39, plus 0.32. Go ahead.

CC Break, break, CDR. Stand by 1 before you read

back. Skylab, Houston. If you can continue getting
marks here, we'd appreciate it. We're not sure
why you've stopped here.

209 15 2_ 02 CDR Okay. We'll take a look for the tracking light
again. When it went into the dark, we could no
longer see it, and so we stopped taking marks.
We'll look out there again.

CC Okay. And I'm standing by to copy your


CDR Okay. We've got the tracking light and we'll

start taking sc_e. ThRnks for getting on us.
TAG Tape 209-06/T-4
Page 3 of 12/ 27

CC Roger.

209 15 24 20 CDR Okay. Readback, plus 17.4, plus 008.2, plus

001.9; 183, 285, 026. DELTA-V C will come up
later, and then 00:01; 29972; plus 1.B9,
plus 0.32.

CC Roger. That's a good readback. We're about

1 minute from LOS here at Honeysuckle. We'll
be at Hawaii at 04:26. Be advised we are
talking about here a troubleshooting procedure
on quad Bravo. And I'll be tA1_ing about that
to you probably at Hawaii.

CDR Okay. And we noticed, at least as far as

cockpit gages are concerned, that the pressure
is not changed either in the manifold or the
helium tanks since we shut them both off.

209 15 25 18 CC Okay. Roger. We confirm those readings on

the ground.

209 15 37 00 CC Skylab, Houston. A0S Hawaii for 8 minutes.

CDR Roger. We're Just standing by ready to do the


CC Roger, A1. I have a procedure here that we're

going to be doing after the burn up at
Goldstone on the quad. If you got a couple of
minutes, I thought I'd like to describe what
we're going to do while we watch it on the
ground. If you're too close to the burn and
like - like to put that off, I'll be glad to.
But I think I can explain to you generally
what we plan to do, to try and check it out.

CDR I'd prefer you waited to Goldstone.

209 15 37 38 CC Okay, we'll be prepared right at Goldstone A0S

and - and right after we - I guess - We should
watch you do the burn here, and we'll get a
burn status right after the burn. And then
right at Goldstone A0S we'll set up a particular
configuration and get right to it.
TAG Tape 209-06/T-h _
Page h of ]2128

CDR Sounds good.

CC And, CDR; Houston. Be advised we are going to

be cnmmaudlng the spectrometer ON here at Hawaii.

CDR Okay.

CC Skylab, Houston. Controllers have looked at the

the burn. You look real good; you're GO for

CDR Roger.

209 15 39 44 PLT Dick, I've noticed when we go into darkness

since the heaters come on, I guess the main bus
is getting down to around 25-1/2, 26 volts and
the fuel cells really put out. I'm sort of standing
by to put a BAT number 2 on if necessary. I notice
that the battery - entry batteries are taking
quite a load right now.

CC Roger, Jack. Copy.

PLT And we Just got an 02 FLOW HIGH, Houston. It

seems to be staying up around 0.9 right now.

CC Roger, Jack. And EECOM's happy with the elec-

tricai power system right now, so your procedure
of Just standing by and watching is a good one
and the 02 FLI [sic, FLOW HIGH] he thinks is due
to the enrichment procedures we're going through.

PLT Yes, probably. We're getting down around 5 psi

or maybe a little less now.

209 15 40 59 CC Roger.

209 15 41 24 CDR Another problem we've had. Now that we're

staying in low rate, it's next to impossible to
get the star check done, because it takes so long
to get to the shaft and trunnion angles of the
TAG Tape 209-06/T-_
Page 5 of 12/29

CC Roger, CDR. We had thought about that, but -

and we were hoping generally, it would be possible
to get close to those angles a little bit earlier,
but I guess we'll Just have to live with that one.

CDR Roger. There's now - real way to track, you

know, up to 12 minutes and then get there. We
Just can't - aren't able to do it with the authority
we have in those shafts and trunnions, at low

209 15 42 22 CDR We'll make sure we keep this GD - GDC closely

aligned and we'll also every night period take
a look for - and make sure that the IMU is centered
in. So I don't think we'll have any problem.

209 15 45 07 CDR There's the residual, Houston. Zero, plus

410, and plus 610.

CC Roger. We see them, A1.

CDR That thing gives you a nice kick.

CC Roger. We're going LOS here at Hawaii. We'll

see you at Goldstone at 04:37.

209 15 45 27 CDR Okay. _

209 15 h8 25 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at Goldstone for

7 minutes. We don't need any more information
on the NC-2 burn; it looked real good to us on
the ground. I've got a quad Bravo checkout I'd
like to get started on and one note for Jack.
You might expect the 02 FLOW HIGH light about
every i0 minutes or so. It seems to be a
combination of enrichment procedure and also
the accumulator cycle, which is about every
i0 minutes. Over.

PLT Right, okay. We'll watch for that, Dick. We

understand the 10-minute thing and expect to get
a little 02 HIGH on the enrichment and we're ready
to copy the RCS procedure.
TAG Tape 209-06/T-4 --_
Page 6 of 12/30

209 15 49 05 CC Okay, I think rather than copy it down, let

me explain briefly what we're going to do, and
then we'll get started. We'llneed one guy to
help us out here. First, we're going to set
up a configuration where we can check out the
thrusters in quad Bravo one at a time and see if
there's some kind of an electrical problem in
opening the oxidizer side and letting it go
through a thruster. In case that doesn't work,
after we look at that, then we'll look at a pro-
blem possibly in the direct coils. So what we'd
like you to do first is on panel 1 check ROTATION
CONTROL of POW_t_ 1 and 2 - 2 switches to OFF.

CDR They're OFF.

CC And, on panel 8, AUTO RCS Jet SELECTS for quad

Bravo, OFF, verify.

CDR Okay. B1, B2, B3, and Bh are OFF.

209 15 49 56 CC Roger; thank you. Now, on panel 2, service f

OPEN. And we're going to monitor manifold
pressure her_ on the ground for a decay and I'll
let you know when to proceed.

CDR It's OPEN and we can see some things coming

out right now. The same spray we tR1ked about
before is coming out right now.

CC Roger. Stand by.

209 15 50 23 CC Skylab, Houston. Go shead and CLOSE that now.

CDR Okay, it took a few minutes last time for it to

diminish and it's being true to form; it's slowly
decreasing but quite a number of particles coming

CC Roger, A1. Why don't we stop right there

and let us think about it from here?

CDR Sounds good.

TAG Tape 209-06/T-4
Page 7 of 12/31

209 15 50 47 CC While - while it looks like we've got a couple

of minutes that I didn't plan on though, I do have
the numbers that I didn't have - have for you
awhile ago on the NSR preliminary pad, if you'd
like to copy them down.

209 15 51 01 CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay. DELTA-V C is 006.4; DELTA-V C at ignition,

2.0; DELTA-V C at tailoff, minus 13.0.

CDR Roger. 006.4, 2.0, and 13.0.

CC Roger. That's correct.

CDR Boy, San Fransico looks pretty right out the

window. I guess that's what it is.

CC Roger. Should be.

209 15 52 03 CDR You know, Dick, those green circular fields

that are - that they use those round irrigation
things on are pretty visible from up here even.

CC Roger.

CDR Little bit smaller but very - very clear.

CC Roger; easy to see, huh?

CDR This would be a heck of a good day for an EREP

pass across this part of the country.

CC Roger that.

209 15 52 39 CDR The spray on our right-hand window has lessened

even more but hasn't quite completely.

CC Roger. Thank you.

CDR I guess it probably - I wonder if you can

tell from looking at the fuel usage in the other
quad, which - which way that thing's venting.
TAG Tape 209-06/T-h
Page 8 of 12/32

CC Skylab, Houston, We believe the vent wherever

it is, is causing you to have a plus yaw because
of the reaction we can see on the minus yaw ac-

CDR Roger.

PLT The particles are all different sizes, Dick.

They're - Some of them come out and look like
kind of clots.

CC Roger.

209 15 54 13 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about i minute from LOS.

Bermuda at 04 - 50 - 04:50.

CDR Okay, we'll be waiting for you.

CC Okay.

209 15 55 12 CC Skylab, Houston. We probably will have a short

procedure to continue this quad one more step
at Bermuda. I'll have that procedure for you
when we get there.

CDR We 'll be ready.

209 15 55 22 CC Okay.

209 16 03 25 CC Skylab, Houston. A0S Bermuda for 4 minutes.

CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Bermuda for 3 minutes.

CDR Okay. We hear you loud and clear.

209 16 Oh 19 CC Roger, CDR. That comm is a little bit scratchy

here. We were a little bit late locking up.
On the quad we've had some second thoughts and
at the - at the moment we're completely GO for
rendezvous. We still have all our deorbit
capabilities and so we elect now not to
troubleshoot it anymore, to avoid a possible
hard start. And since we - since the procedure
we were thinking about involved lighting a
couple of the thrasters. How do you read?
TAG Tape 209-06/T-4
Page 9 of 12/33

209 16 09 14 CC Skylsb, Houston. Canary for 8 minutes.

CDR Loud and Clear.

CC Roger, AI. Sorry for the cn-_ problems back

there at Bermuda. What I was trying to tell
you in case you didn't hear, is we don't intend
to do any more troubleshooting right now on
quad Bravo. It looks like we're completely GO
for the rendezvous. We've still got our deorbit
capabilities. And we'd like to think about that
one for a while.

CDR Okay.

209 16 09 42 CC And while I'm waiting to see if we have some

final pads to read up to you here, on the optics.
We think the IMU looks so great, and you're get-
ting checks by - during the tracking anyway, that
probably - star checks are not required for the
next burn. In the event that you would like to
make them, in order to save time, one thing you
might consider is dropping out of MINKEY and then
using - going into P52 and letting auto optics
take you to a star, and then reenter MINKEY after
that. But we really don't think it's required.

209 16 l0 16 CDR Okay. One thing we've had up here that's a

little unusual, we've had a GLYCOL FLOW, caution/
warning two times so far. It was on momentary,
and we could only tell that it was that particular
caution and warning by pushing RESET. Each
time we checked the pressures and everything,
we found them to be satisfactory and within

CC Okay, we'll take a close look.

PLT You may notice we put a little bit in the

accumulator, too, way back after insertion, Dick.

CC Roger, PLT.
TAG Tape 209-06/T-1_ _
Page I0 of 12/ 34

209 16 ll 21 CC And, Skylab; Houston. On the GLYCOL FLOW light,

are those two caution and warnings you've
mentioned that you had momentarily, were they
recently? Or were they the same ones that were
reported earlier?

CDR We've had a total of _hree, and we had the most

recent one approximately 15 minutes ago.

CC Okay, thank you.

209 16 ll 54 PLT Something quite interesting Just drifted by the

right window. I wish we could have got a picture
of it. But it was a piece of frost the shape of
a cone, the same size as the thruster nozzle.

CC Roger that.

209 16 12 ll PLT It must have been about - it must have been about
4 to 6 inches along the long axis of the cone.

209 16 12 18 CC Roger. Copy.

209 16 13 09 CDR And, Houston, are those NCC/NSR pads going to be

the final ones, or have you got a couple in your
hip pocket down there?

CC Roger. Negative. We will have new pads to read

to you here at Canary and Ascension, and they're
in work now. We've still got - we've still got
about ll to 12 minutes between these two sites,
so it shouldn't be any problem.

CDR Okay. Well, we've got to go to final comm

here in about 5, that's why I wondered.

CC Roger. We 're hustling.

TAD Tape 209-06/T-h
Page ii of 12/35

CC Skylab, Houston. I've got a final pad for

NCC here.

CDR Okay, ready to copy.

209 16 14 01 CC Roger. NOUN ll, 005, 20, 03.41, plus 036.h, plus
three balls 5, minus 004.5; 180, 082, 002; 023.2,
00:02. Go shead.

CDR 005, 20, 03.41, plus 036.4, plus 000.5, minus

004.5; 180, 082, 002; 023.2, 00:02.

CC Roger. Good readback. I'd like to also update

the trims. Pitch is plus 1.47; yaw is plus 0.29;
and I've got an NSR pad for you.

CDR Go ahead.

209 16 15 13 CC Roger. N@UN 81, plus 018.6, plus 009.4, minus

003.2; 176, 301, 028; 007.6, 00:01, 3.2, 13.5.
Go ahead.

CDR Okay, back on those trims: Plus 01.47, plus

0.29. Now, NOUN 81 is plus 018.6, plus 009.4,
minus 003.2; 176, 301, 028; 007.6, 00:01, 3.2,
and 13.5.

CC That's affirm. And the trims are the same for

both burns. And we'd like to switch quad
Charlie to the PSM.

CDR Okay.

CC Roger. And that's all I've got for you here.

We're still standing by for about 8 more minutes
at - at Ascension.

CDR Okay. Quad Charlie is on PSM.

209 16 16 42 CC Roger.

209 16 19 15 CC Skylab, Houston. Realize you're real busy. We've

still got about 6 minutes left at Ascension. We
never did get the P52 option 3 data on page 1-8.
• If anybodyhas a chance,you might read it to us
at your convenience.
TAG Tape 209-06/T-_
Page 12 of 12/36

CDR We got it right here.

SPT Okay, it's a - Star 34 is the first star; star

41 is the second star; our NOUN 05s have zip for
error. NOUN 93 is plus 00.020, minus 00.037, and
minus 00.003. Time of torquing was 3 hours,
53 minutes, 5_.00. Over.

CC Roger. Thank you very much.

209 16 20 15 CC Skylab, Houston. You're looking real good.

You're GO for NCC.

SPT Okay. GO here.

209 16 22 47 CDR And it looks like the CMC came up with a solution
that satisfies our c_p limits, Houston.

CC Roger. We certainly concur, CDR, looks real good.

CDR Okay. Those are the ones we'll burn.

CC Okay.

CC Skylab, Houston. One minute from LOS; Carnarvon

at 05:40.

209 16 24 00 CDR Roger.

TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Time: 209:16:30 to 209:18:00
Page i of i0/ 37


209 16 52 13 CC Skylab, Houston. Carnarvon for h minutes.

209 16 52 17 CDR Loud and clear.

CC Roger. Standing by for NCC burn status.

CDR Okay. Burn came off on time. DELTA-V C,

minus 13.7 at attitude. NOUN 85: minus 0.2,
minus O.1, and minus 0.2. And I applied the
CMC solution, as you know.

CC Roger, A1; we got that. I got a couple of other

notes for you. One of them is - is you might
of supposed that the PIPA bias update that
we put in awhile ago could possibly have been
from that venting that we had not expected, but
that is not true. We do have a PIPA bias on
board that is good. And I have one correction in
- you_" checklist at about 6 plus h0.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Roger. There where you see the - the VERB h8

ENTER for the DAP, we'd like to delete the part
that says, "Load h jet." We'd like to leave
the DAP configuration as it is. And Just a
reminder for you since we're doing that and
we've lost this quad, your braking authority
and your Z-translation authority during the final
maneuvers is going to be cut in half.

CDR Well, near as we can figure out - Okay.

CC Roger, A1. And we will be handing over from

Carnarvon to Honeysuckle here in a few minutes,
wo we've got about a total of about 5 or
6 minutes left in this pass. I'm standing by.

CDR Okay.
TAG Tape 209-07/T-5 -_
Page 2 of 10/38

CDR We've been doing some daydreaming here Just to

make sure we understand it completely. If we
ended up using the SCS, we wouldn't have any
Z-translation at all. As long as we stay on
the CMC, we will have half authority. Do you
concur with that one?

CC Stand by.

CC CDR, Houston. That's affirmative; you're


CDR Okay.

CDR Okay, Houston, that looks like the solution

we're going to burn. We used the 18.6 for X and
a 0.6 from the first recycle and a 9.7 from this
final comp.

CC Roger, A1. We're loo_ing at it with you.

209 16 57 38 CDR Everybody happy?

CC Stand by l, A1.

209 16 58 15 CC Skylab, Houston. We were not A0S and did not

see the post-NCC solution, and we Just wanted
to verify that that's what this is - these
numbers are coming from.

209 16 58 26 CDR Right. The post one was plus 18.6, plus 9.7,
and plus 0.6. So we put the X in Z for that one,
and Y for the final comp. And we're going to
PRO now.

209 16 58 40 CC Roger; and we're happy.

209 16 58 50 CC Skylab, Houston. You're looking real good.

You're GO for NSR.

CDR Okay. GO here.

209 16 59 29 CC Skylab, Houston. One minute from LOS; Hawaii

at 06:02.
--- TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page 3 of i0/39

PLT Just for the record, Dick, I got an ,mmatched

solution for NSR on the charts. Not quite as
good as yours, but they're in the ballpark. I
got plus 18.6 in X and plus 5.8 in Z, which is
the one that's a little bit off.

209 17 00 00 CC Roger, Jack. Thank you.

209 17 15 29 CC Skylab, Houston. A0S Hawaii for 5 minutes.

209 17 15 33 CDR Roger. Read you sort of scratchy, Houston.

CC Roger. Same here, AI. l'm standing by for your

NSR burn status.

CDR Okay. The burn came off on time. DELTA-V C was

minus ...... were all zips, minus 0. i and
minus 0.i. And we burned the NOUN 81s that we
discussed; namely, the CMC.

PLT Hey, Dick, you've got a whole lot of noise in the

transmission. I wonder if you could ask the
comm guys to see if they can work on them.

CC Roger. How do you read now, Jack?

PLT l'm reading you, but it sounds like you're

standing underneath a waterfall.

CC Roger.

CDR Actually, I think that may be VHF from the

workshop, l've noticed that before we picked up
the tone, we would get - Just sort of background
noise from their transponder; Just a steady scratch.
Then when I try VHF range RESET, it would work.

PLT I Just turned off my VHF, Dick, and that's what

it is, the VHF.

CC Roger. Okay. I do have two or three notes for

you guys that I wanted to tell you here at Hawaii.
We've done some t-lking about the braking gates
with this reduced authority due to the quad that's
out. And Just to remind you, the breaking gates
are set up so that as long as you stay ahead of
TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page h of 10/_0

them and, particularly, hit the first one Just

about on schedule, you shouldn't have any problem
following those printed gates right on in.
Another item is that you'd be interested to know
that the S-IVB deorbit was successful a few
minutes ago. And EECOM asked me to tell you that
if you are being bugged by the caution and warning
due to this 02 enrichment, it's okay to, on
panel 252, to put the WASTE STOWAGE VENT VALVE
to CLOSE, which should stop the caution and
warnings. But I'm not sure what your present
stowage configuration is at this moment, so
that might be inconvenient for you to do.

PLT Okay, thanks, Dick. We really don't mind it

coming on, and we don't want to upset the
stowage at the moment; so we'll Just go as

CC Okay, fine. And one more thing, we'd like to

transfer quad Alfa to the PSM.

209 17 18 30 CDR Okay, here it comes.

209 17 18 31 CC Roger.

209 17 18 39 CDH You got it.

CC Thank you.

CC PLT, Houston. Back to the problems with the

stowage and getting to that vent valve. Another
thing is, it would be okay if you waited until
after docking to close that, if that would be
more convenient to you at your call.

PLT Yes, I think it would. The only other time we

get in there is for a waste water dump. And it
looks like we've only got h0 percent. So I
think we'll Just leave it like you say. Thank
you, Dick.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 20 seconds from

LOS at Hawaii. We'll see you at Goldstone
at 06:15.
_ TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page 5 of I0/41

CDR Okay, the first recycle showed the time at

07:16:40.25, and narrowed the NOUN 91s right

CC Roger. Thank you, A1.

209 17 20 49 CDR Tell Duane Mosel and Mason Mines they've got a
pretty nice checklist here.

209 17 20 5h CC Roger. He's sitting right here; I sure will.

209 17 26 28 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Goldstone for 5 minutes.

209 17 26 31 CDR Okay, loud and clear.

CC Roger.

CDR We can resolve the ATM solar panels real well.

We haven't been able to see the workshop, I
mean, the woekshop body or its wing 2, but we
can see the other.

CC Roger, A1.

CDR And we got VHF lockup, Houston - 27 miles.

CC Roger, CDR.

CDR That's not true. Looks like a funny lockup - 276.

We think it will Jump here. We'll try another

CC CDR, Houston. We've still got about 3 minutes

here at Goldstone. A couple of things for you.
One is when we get to Bermuda, if we could,
we'd like to get ahead of the tiem line Just
a little bit and do our logic sequence checks.
And also, we figured out a way, we think, that
if you had to go to SCS control in the Z-axis
that you could get Z-translation, but it is a
little bit inefficient, if you'd like to listen
to that real quickly.

CDR I would love to.

TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page 6 of i0/42

CC Okay, if you are in 8C8, and you want to translate

in Z-axis, we'd recommend the following: AUTO RCS
SELECT switch is A/C ROLL, all of them to MAIN A,
which they ar in now. And then Delta 1 and
Delta 2 to MAIN Bravo. If you - In this config-
uration, you can get both plus- or minus-Z trans-
lation. However, the efficiency could be improved
for a single translation to turn D1, OFF, for a
plus-Z translation or D2, OFF, for a minus-Z
translation. Over.

CDR Okay. I understood all but the very first

sentence, Dick, about putting all - Did you say
all A/C ones on Main A?

CC That's affirmative. All the A/C ROLL Jets to

MAIN Alfa.

CDR Okay, understand it. I'll keep it in mind.

CC Roger, CDR.

CDR Okay.

CC A1, why don't you think about that a little bit?

And if we need to tA]_ about it later, we can.
We're about a minute from LOS at Goldstone, and
we're going to have about a 3- or 4-minute
dropout. And I'll call you agaon when we get
to MLA.

209 17 30 43 CDR Okay.

209 17 35 O0 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS at MLA and Bermuda

for the - ll minutes.

209 17 35 05 PLT Okay, Dick.

CDR We're ready to go on that test when you are.

CC Roger. We were waiting for our data to lock up

real solid before we give you a GO.

209 17 35 43 CC Skylab, we're going to drop out and into a

keyhole here, and we'll call you when we're back
up and do the test then.
TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page 7 of 10/43

209 17 37 B5 CC Skylab, Houston. We're out of keyhole. Now

we're AOS Be_mada for the next 9 minutes. Our
data is locked up real fine, and you're clear
to do the SEQ logic check down through SEQ LOGIC -
two of them, ON, up - anytime.

CDR Okay.

209 17 37 56 CDR Okay, we've got the SEQ LOGIC up, and ON, two
of them.

CC Roger. Stand by.

CC Skylab Houston. The system looks real good.

You're GO for PYRO ARM as required.

CDR I understand.

CDR Been doing a little thinking about this

procedure, Dick, on SCS. Which way do we move
the translational controller for plus-Z using
this schem_?

CC CDR, Houston. It's - plus-Z is a down movement

of the THC, Just like normal.

CDR Okay.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Houston; I've got a preliminary TPI pad,

page 1-15, anytime somebody gets a chance to
copy. We've still got about 6 minutes left in
this pass.

CDR Okay. And I'm still a little puzzled why we

bothered to put A/C ROLL on MAIN A, unless we're
going to pull some circuit breakers or something.
So I'm still a little puzzled about that procedure.

CC CDR, CDR, we'll have to give you a "gotcha" on

that one. It really doesn't matter, MAIN A or
B, as long as A/C ROLL is completely configured
on to one - to the proper bus.
TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page 8 of 10/44

CDR Okay. Makes sense.

CC So your - -

CDR Go ahead.

CC So your configuration is okay, with addition

of those two Delta thruster switches.

CDR Got you. Okay, ready to go.

209 17 hl 29 CC Okay, NOUN 37: 007, 12, 20.28; plus 18.9,

plus three balls, minus 06.6; plus 19.8/96,
plus O0.1/01, plus 02.7/26. Skip DELTA-Vc; I'll
get it later for you. Burn time: O0:O1,
three balls, 020, 359. And I'll get the other
two DELTA-VcS in a minute. The weight is 29905;
trims: plus 1.47, plus 0.29. Go ahead.

209 17 42 49 CDR Okay. 007, 12, 20:28; plus 18.9, plus all zips,
minus 06.6; plus 19.8/96, plus O0_l/01,
plus02.7/26; O0:01, all zips, 020, 359; 29905;
plus 1.47 and plus 0.29.

CC Roger. And one remark, this burn is 20 seconds,

two quad ullage. And I've got a cocking-attitude
pad for you that's a couple of pages over. I
think it's 1-17.

CDR Okay. Ready to copy.

CC 191, 354, 003. Go ahead.

CDR 191, 354, 003.

CC Roger. Thank you much.

CC And incidentally, CDR, on the TPI pad, the

NOUN 59 - the DELTA-Vs that I read you do take
into account your present configuration of

CDR Okay, thanks.

209 17 44 23 CC The burn times do. Yes.

TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page 9 of i0/45

209 17 44 25 CDR Okay.

209 17 45 02 CC Skylab, Houston. I have the DELTA-Vc'S I can

fill in for you on a preliminary TPI pad.

209 17 45 14 CDR Go ahead.

CC Roger. DELTA-Vc, 006.7. Down at the bottom,

DELTA-V c at ignition, 2.3; tailoff, 13.3. Go


PLT 006.7, 2.3, and 13.3.

CC Roger. Than_ you.

209 17 46 08 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 30 seconds from LOS;

Ascension at 06:42.

209 17 46 15 CDR Roger.

209 17 54 05 CC Skylab, Houston. Ascension for 9 minutes.

209 17 5h 33 CC Skylab, Houston. We're Ascension for 8 minutes.

209 17 55 56 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS Ascension for 7 minutes.

209 17 56 O0 CDR Loud and clear.

CC Roger. And I've got a TPI final pad, page 1-15,

when you can copy.

CDR Houston, whenever you get back in co-,,, I'll be

ready to copy.

CC Okay. How do you read me now, Al?

CDR Read you real good ...

CC Roger. Why don't I go ahead and start? If I

have to reread any of it, I'll be glad to.
Starting with NOUN 37: 007, 16, 40.57; plus 18.2,
m_uus 00.7, minus 08.7; plus 20.2/98,
minus 00.8/04, plus 00.5/04; 006.7, 00:01; 001,
010, 357, 2.3, 13.5. Go ahead.
TAG Tape 209-07/T-5
Page i0 of i0/46

CDR 007, 16, 40.57; plus 18.2, minus 00.7, minus 08.7;
plus 20.2/98, minus 00.8/04, plus 00.5/04; 006.7,
00:01; 001, 010, 357, 2.3, 13.5.

209 17 57 56 CC Roger, CDI - CDR. Good readback.

TAG Tape 209-081T-6
_-. Time: 209:18:00 to 209:19:30
Page l of 9/ _7


209 18 O0 18 CC Skylab, Houston. We've looked at all TM. You're

looking real good. You're GO for TPI.

CDR Okay. The solutions look pretty good up here

too, Dick. Thanks.

CC Roger.

CDR I noticed that you came to our tlme, which is

okay. Which is good.

CC Roger that.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about h5 seconds from

LOS. We'll wee you at Carnarvon at 07:lb.

209 18 02 lO CDR Okay.

209 18 26 26 CC Skylab, Houston; we're at Carnarvon for

l0 minutes. We've got good data; we'll watch
you do the burn. And after you're squared
away after the burn, I've got a couple of things
to talk about. But we're standing by:

CDR Okay.

CDR We can see it as a nice little blinking light,

right out in front of us.

CC Roger, A1.

209 18 28 18 CC Skylab, Houston. If you called, I didn't get

it. Say again.

CDR We didn't call. But TPI went off okay, and

we're on the way.

CC Roger.

PLT Dick, where are the TV pass times, please?

CC Roger. I got them right here, if you'd like to

copy, Jack.

_- PLT Go ahead.
TAG Tape 209-081T-6 --_
Page 2 of 9/49

CC Roger. Goldstone AOS in 7 hours 53 minutes and

30 seconds, 7:53:30; and MLA LOS is 8:00:09.

PLT I've got them, Dick; thank you.

CC And, PLT; Houston. One correction on the - that

MLA time I gave you was an AOS, not a LOS. I'd
like to correct that. The correct number for
LOS is 8:10:13, 8:10:13.

PLT Okay, Dick ; thank you.

209 18 32 25 CC Skylab, Houston. I think you're through with

your first short data point. If you are, we've
still got about 3 minutes left in this pass.
And some time I've got a couple of notes I'd
like to read to you about - we'd like to clean
up the rest of the Rendezvous Book with respect
to this quad checklist changes. And also a docked
DAP thing I'd like to give you.

CDR Okay, just a second.

CC Roger. Any time.

CDR Okay, go ahead, Houston.

209 18 33 07 CC Roger. First of all, on the configuration for

the docked - docked DAP, we'd like for you to
load, at your next best opportunity through -
via VERB 44 ENTER; register l, ll011; register 2,
00346; and register 3, four balls 3. Over.

CDR Roger. ii011, 00346, 00003.

CC Roger, Alan. I have two small checklist changes.

The first one is on page 1-16 in the Rendezvous
Book. On the pre-braking switch list, delete the
reference to your AUTO RCS SELECT switches. We've
already talked about the configuration that we'll
have there. And the second one is over on page

CDR Go ahead.
TAG Tape L:_)9-OS/T-6
Page 3 of 9/49

209 18 34 13 CC Roger. On 1-17, down there in the bottom right-

hand corner in the section called "After hard
dock," on the right-hand side about 2/3 of the
way down, there's a list of auto RCX - auto RCS
selects to be turned off. I'd like to delete
thrusters Alfa 1 and Delta 2 from that list to
be turned off.

209 18 34 35 CDR Okay, then that leaves Alfa 3, Charlie 4, Bravo 3,

and Delta 4.

CC That's affirm. And be advised over the evening

and next couple of days, we're going to go through
all of the checklists from here for the mission.
And I'll get you a message up as to what corrections
we'd like for the trim burns and so forth, but
this ought to take care of us for tonight.

CDR Okay.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 15 seconds from

LOS at Carnarvon. We're going to drop out about
3 minutes, and I'll call you at Guam.

209 18 36 00 CDR Roger.

209 18 39 03 CC Skylab, Houston. Standing by at G,,_ for

lO minutes.

CDR Roger.

CDR Houston, Skylab.

CC Go ahead.

209 18 41 3_ CDR In order to get this up/down thrust, I've got

to put D ROLL, ON. And I assume you want me
to put D1 and D2 in MAIN B. Is that correct?

CC Roger. Stand by and let me look back and make

sure that's where we want it.
TAG Tape 209-08/T-6
Page 4 of 9/50

CDR Yes, because see, I have - I've had them OFF,

the B/D ROLL's OFF all the time. But in order
to get this - -

CC CDR, affirmative. D1 and D2 to MAIN Bravo.

CDR Okay, I think we're configured properly now.

Thank you.

CC Okay.

CDR And we can see the - You just turn off the
tracking lights, Houston?

CC Stand by, A1; I'll check.

209 18 43 2B CC Skylab, Houston. Affirmative. We did Just

turn off the tracking lights.

CDR Okay, things are looking good.

CC Roger.

CDR And we Just loaded your docked DAP load,


CC Roger. Thank you, A1.

209 18 45 42 PLT And, Dick, Just for the record, TPI charts give
us a X of plus 16.1 and a Z of a minus 7.3.

CC Roger, Jack. Thank you.

209 18 47 39 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about i minute from

LOS here at Guam. Goldstone at 7:53. Be
advised that while you're on your way up to
the SWS today, we did have a rate gyro redundancy
management failure in the Y-axis of the SWS.
We're presently configured in Y-1 only, in the
Y-axil. We will be in that configuration at
docking. Well, that's the only difference from
the nominal as far as docking goes. We will
be in ATT HOLD mode when you get there.

CDR Okay. Sounds good, Dick.

TAG Tape 209-08/T-6
Page 5 of 9/51

CC Roger.

209 18 148 31 CC And, Skylab; Houston. Incidentally, the reason

that c_11 is coming up to you a little bit late
is because it Just happened vithin the last 20 or
30 minutes.

CDR No strain.

CC Roger. See you at Goldstone.

CDR Got an awful big midcourse.

CC Roger.

209 19 04 35 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Goldstone.

CDR Okay.

CDR Should have some TV down there, Dick.

CC Roger. We can see it trying to lock up, but it's

not - don't have a picture yet.

PLT We're looking at the underside of it now, Dick,

which is the S149 out the end of our solar airlock
and we can also see the parasol flapping in the

CC Roger. We have a good picture and we're looking

at it.

SPT Okay, Dick, we're zoomed all the way out now.

CC Roger.

PLT Looking right in the wardroom window. Nobody 's


209 19 06 18 CC Roger. But you will be.

SPT Dick, is there anything I can do to that picture

to touch it up? We don't have the Earth in the
background yet, but aside from that does it look
like it needs any focus or anything?
TAG Tape 209-08/T-6
Page 6 of 9/52

209 19 06 37 CC Roger. The picture looks pretty good. We are -

Just about the bottom half of the picture seems
to be blocked out by the bottom half I guess it
is of the window structure, but the picture itself
looks pretty good. Maybe it - may it is the zoom
setting you have.

PLT Yes, I noticed that all the way in. I haven't

been able to get rid of it.

CC Okay. Well, the picture we do have, which is about

the top 60 percent of the screen, is pretty good.

209 19 07 21 CC And, Skylab; Houston. Request you switch QUAD

Delta to the PSM.

PLT Roger.

PLT I don't know the reason for the deal on the bottom
there, Dick. Can't seem to get that out of there.

CC PLT, Houston. INCO suggests that the color wheel

might be stuck. You might take the camera and
Just shake it. Don' knock it around hard but Just
kind of Jostle it on the bracket and possibly
that'd get rid of it. But we do have a good pic-
ture in the portion that we see.

209 19 08 16 PLT We got a TEMP HIGH on RCS A, Houston.

CC Roger.

CC Skylab, Houston. G&C reminds us that the same

thing happened on 2 - that during this phase we
did get hot quads and it was on A. So Just
an eye on it, and so will we.

PLT Roger.

209 19 09 05 PLT Dick, I'm going to take the camera loose, try the
handholds, see if we can do better, and Owen will
get some abstract shots.

CDR Which flight are we on?

CC Roger, Jack.
TAG Tape 209-08/T-6
Page 7 of 9/53

209 19 09 58 PLT Okay, Dick, that half moon in the bottom of the
picture is a function of something besides the

CC Roger. We Just came to the same conclusion, Jack

and INC0 suggests cycling the POWER - TV CAMERA
POWER switch OFF and then back ON again.


CC That affirm. That 's affirmative. Excuse me.

209 19 l0 53 PLT Here's our home in the sky, Dick.

CC Roger; we're handing over at the moment and we'll

get TV back in a second.

209 19 12 33 CC Skylab, Houston. We got our picture back now.

We can see the Earth in the background and ap-
parently the cycling switch didn't help so we'll
probably live with what we have.

SPT Well, the old parasol there, Dick, is really blow-

ing in the breeze. Looks like about a 10- or 15-knot
gale every time the thrusters fire in Just a
very gentle flyaround here.

CC Roger. We were watching that very thing then.

SPT A1 thinks he'll probably knock off the flyaround

at this point to avoid blowing that parasol away.

CC I think that's certainly your call and looks like

we concur.

209 19 13 30 SPT You can tell that the Jets have forced the parasol
up against the side - the shiny surface of the
workshop as we fly around and then it's the recoil
from the springs - the fishing rods that spring
it back out.

CC Roger, Ow_n. We certainly concur. We think that'd

be a prudent thing to do.

SPT You can see it flopping there in the breeze.

CDR In fact we've blown it a little bit more than

we'd like to to tell you the truth. We'll try
TAG Tape 209-08/T-6
Page 8 of 9/5_

to drift off to the side a little bit and then

maybe we can prevent hitting it.

209 19 l_ 09 CC Roger, CDR. Concur with that.

CDR As you can probably also tell, it appears to be

rotated by about the 5 to l0 degrees as expected.

CC Roger.

209 19 14 49 CDR The problem is, we're trying to slide around to

the front of it, and every time we fire aft
thrusters, which move us that direction, it tends
to get under the front edge of the Sun, shade.
We'll try to Just drift a little bit longer.

CC Roger, CDR.

209 19 15 35 CDR We're drifting away the best we can. I'd like to
turn a little bit to the left and show it to you
better, but every time I start to turn that way,
it gives the parasol a flip, up at the front.

CC Roger, CDR. Do what you think is best to avoid

as much blowing of the parasol as you can. We'll
do without the picture.

PLT Got any more suggestions on how to get the half

moon out of the picture, Dick?

CC PLT, the only other suggestion that we had was

that you might try taking the lens off the camera
and trying to turn the color wheel with your fin-
ger, but that's about our last choice here.

209 19 17 00 PLT The focus and the lighting looks pretty good up
here. How's it look down there?

CC It's been looking real good, Jack.

PLT Okay.

PLT How much daylight we got left, Dick?

TAG Tape 209-08/T-6
Page 9 of 9/55

CC Skylab, you've got about 23-1/2 minutes of day-

light, and sunset time for you, if you'd like to
Jot it down, is 8 plus 30.

PLT Okay.

209 19 18 44 CC Skylab, Houston. We've taken a look at both the

CSM and the SWS; they both look good. You're GO
for docking. We're about 2 minutes from LOS at
Bermuda. We expect to be at Carnarvon at about
8:52, so we'll see you there. At - Probably at
the Carnarvon pass or Sl,am following that, I do
have some changes for you in the "No comm" section
of the Entry Checklist. So after you get docked
and squared away, it's in locker R-1. You might
get that out, and I'll get that out of the way.
You're GO for docking. We're about a minute and
a half from LOS.

CDR Roger.

209 19 19 h3 CC And, CDR; Houston. Suggest you go ahead and go

to PO0.

TAG Tape 209-09/T-7
Time: 209:19:30 to 209:21:00
Page 1 of 8/57


209 20 03 46 CC Skylab, Houston. Carnarvon for 7 minutes.

209 20 04 17 CC Skylab, Houston. Carnarvon for 6 minutes.


CC Skylab, Houston at Carnarvon. How do you read?

209 20 05 36 CC Skylab, Houston at Carnarvon. How do you read?

209 20 06 08 CC Skylab, Houston at Carnarvon for 4-1/2 minutes.

209 20 06 50 CC Skylab, Houston at Carnarvon for 4 minutes.

209 20 06 55 CDR Roger. How do you hear now, Dick?

CC Roger. Loud and clear now.

CDR Okay. We're docked. That went real well. The

tunnel pressure integrity check worked fine. We
have not removed the hatch yet and we're having
a snack, and then we're going to get after it.

CC Roger, CDR; and we'd like ACCEPT on the computer.

We've got some CMC servicing to do.

CDR Okay.

CC And also some commanding to the SWS attitude

control system, loading some dock gains and so
forth. And I have two checklists or changes in -
Stand by i.

209 20 07 39 CC Skylab, Houston. Request ACCEPT. I'm sorry, I

see that you do have it. And I've got changes -
one change in the Activation Checklist and a
couple of changes in the Entry Checklist if you
happen to have that book out, and that's ali the
checklist changes I have in front of me now.

209 20 08 00 CDR Okay, go ahead on the Activation. I've got one

of those in front of me.

CC Okay, A1. If you'll turn to page 1-3.

CDR Okay, we're there.

TAG Tape 209-09/T-7
Page 2 of 8/58

CC Okay. Down there in the - under CSM/RCS propel-

lent reconfiguration in the lower right-hand col-
,rmn, you want to - that quad Bravo entry should
read, "Quad Bravo, CLOSE; T-Ikbacks, two of them
to barber pole, verify."

CDR Okay.

209 20 08 45 CDR Okay. Just a second. We have the Entry book

now, Houston.

CC 0kay_ in the Entry Checklist, first on page ll-1,

if you'll turn hack to there.

CDR Okay. Go ahead.

CC Roger. That block data pad that's written in

there on ll-l, the one for day 210, you should
Just delete that whole pad. It turns out that
it covers a period that's about 5 or 6 hours
from now. We won't need it, plus there's some
very had weather in that area, a possible hurri-
cane brewing. So we'd Just like to delete that.
And the next change is on page E/ll-10.

209 20 09 _0 CDR Okay, we made the change and we're standing by

on ll-10.

CC Okay. The next to the bottom entry, delete the

words in there that say, "Load NOUN 47 and NOUN _8
from deorbit burn pad." Incidentally, these Entry
Checklist changes, A1, should have been - they're
in the NO COX section and they should have been
made preflight. We missed them and I Just - we
Just wanted to get them updated when we could.
We 're about -

CDR Okay.

CC We're about 30 seconds from LOS here at Carnarvon.

Guam is coming up at 09:07, and I'll get the last
two changes in the Entry book there.

209 20 i0 25 CDR Okay, could you give us GMT time hack roughly,
right now?

CC Roger. The CMC is on GMT and the time now is

20 hours l0 minutes and B5 seconds.
TAG Tape 209--09/Tl7
Page 3 of 8/59

CDR Thank you.

CC Roger.

209 20 17 41 CC Skylab, Houston. Guam for 6 minutes.

PLT Okay, Houston. We've got the BAT A charge going

and the secondary water blower drying out. We
turned off the prlmA_y, well before we docked,
Just like in the checklist, but it is hard to tell
what it 's doing.

CC Roger, PLT. Real good. If you still have the

Entry book out, I'd like to clean that up. I've
got two minor corrections, both on page ll-ll.

PLT Stand by l, Dick.

CC You ought to be able to dump about 4 minutes, Gary.

So that the next dump should be NSR data, right?

209 20 19 03 CDR Say the page again, Dick and we'll go there.

CC Roger. ll-ll.

CC And, Skylab; Houston, while you're looking up

page ii-ii, one thing we would like to do is l

when we can, is get that WASTE STOWAGE VENT valve

CLOSED. I think it's panel 252 in right-hand
equipment bay.

209 20 19 37 CDR Okay, we'll do that next. Go ahead on ll-ll.

CC Okay. Down on - About two-thirds of the way down

the page at a time of about 45 minutes to the
right, where it says, "Go to SPS Burn Entry Cue
Card," right next - underneath that, delete what 's
written there, that P40 SCS, and write in "Burn
SCS ."

209 20 20 04 CDR Okay, got that.

CC Okay, and then Just to the right of that same

entry there, write down - pitch gimbal trim equals
plus 1.4. And yaw gimbal trim equals plus 0.3.
TAG Tape 209-09/T-7
Page 4 of 8/60

CDR Okay, that would be I._ for pitch and 0.3 for yaw.

CC Roger; that's affirm. You can put the Entry book

up and be assured that the "no comm" section is
fixed up and sorry we had to bug you about it at
this point.

CDR No sweat, now we'll turn out the - turn off the

209 20 20 47 CC Okay, and I'm standing by. We've got about

3 minutes left here at Guam.

209 20 20 56 CDR That machine was - This machine was hard to brake.
It kept wanting to go - the workshop kept wanting
to go down on me, and I kept thrusting down quite
a bit and braking, but it took all we had to stay

CC Roger.

209 20 21 24 PLT Say, Dick, was any of that TV usable?

CC Yes sir, sure was. The bottom portion of it - we

never could seem to get that back. But what we
had was very clear, and we got several good shots
of it and we saw the parasol Jumping around there.
And when we put it all together, we ended up seeing
Just about the whole bird.

PLT Will they be able to somehow cut the whole bottom

part out and make a full picture out of what we

CC I guess we're Just not sure yet, Jack.

CDR It looks like the parasol is back about where it

was now, as we stand here and look over the edge.
I suspect what occurs is, those poles are not
fully extended, and as a result there's slack in
the parasol itself and so, when we give it a little
burst, you can Just kick it around. And once you
give it one burst, you're close enough to where
it's hard to get away without giving it another
15 or 20 bursts.

CC Roger; I understand.
TAG Tape 2091091Tl7
Pa_e 5 of 8/61

CDR Yes, it looks like - I can see it there. It kind

of tipped up to the Sun. It's conceivable that
we may have to get in there and shake the pole a
little bit and get it to come lie down a little
bit better.

CC Roger, CDR. Be advised we're about i minute from

LOS at Guam. We're going to see you at Goldstone
at 09:30 GET. That's Just a short break frc_ now.
We've looked at the bird and you're GO for MDA
entry when you get to it.

CDR Okay, tb_n_s.

209 20 23 09 CC And, Skylab; Houston. We're going to be contin-

uing to load _gP 51 into the CMC, so Just leave
the CMC in ACCEPT, and we'll be - we'll let you
know when we' re through.

CDR It's all yours.

CC Roger that.


CC Roger; thAn_ you much.

209 20 24 39 CC Skylab, Houston. On panel 225, we'd like you to

check DSE flight - Disregard, Skylab; excuse me.

209 20 40 39 CC Skylab, Houston through Goldstone at - -

PLT Hello, Bruce.

CC Roger; Roger.

PLT Hey, according to us, the time is up on the sec-

ondary evaporator dryout. Shall we go ahead and
secure it?

209 20 41 09 CC We'll have an answer for you in a minute on that,

Jack. And for your information, we're getting
ready to power up the prima_y airlock module
coolant loop by ground come,and per our time line
down here. No action required on your part but
Just info.
TAG Tape 209-09/T-7 _
Page 6 of 8/62

PLT Okay, th_k you. We're pretty much on the time

line ; kind of shuffling things around in the
cabin here and like to notify you we had a MAIN A
UNDERVOLT when I put the secondary glycol pump on
the line, although I reset back to 27 volts, so
no problem.

CC Okay, understand that was Just a momentary.

PLT That 's affirm.

PLT And the BAT A charge is proceeding along. Seems

like the entry battery is - batteries got down a
little further than I expected they might.

209 20 41 59 CC Roger. Out.

PLT Hey, Bruce, it's too bad that you can't record the
motion that you get in that lift-off on tape, be-
cause, boy, that was really something. Felt like
an old Model T starting up.

209 20 42 42 CC Sounds like it was quite a ride. It was - the

view was pretty hazy from down here. We could
hardly make you out in the fog and the mist until
the engine lite. And it's okay for you to secure
the secondary water boiler dryout at this time.

PLT Okay. Boy, that thing really shook, rattled, and

rolled getting off the pad there. You say it
wasn't too good a day for spectating, eh?

CC No, indeed.

PLT How was the ceiling, Bruce?

209 20 43 07 CC Oh, the ceiling was high enough_ it was Just that
we were working in sort of a mist or a haze there,
and the Sun was over behind you, and it was Just a
matter of there being very little contrast as you
looked out toward the pad.

209 20 _3 21 PLT You looked good when you went past us, Bruce,

CC Roger ; out.

CC And, Jack, this is Houston. Can you give us an

estimate of the GET at which this undervolt occurred?
TAG Tape 209-09/T-7
Page 7 of 81 63

209 20 44 06 PLT Just a minute. I'ii look it over. Yes, Bruce,

our GET was up at the tlme_ it was 08:40.

CC Okay, we copy.

209 20 45 29 PLT Okay, Bruce, we've secured the dryout on the

secondary evaporator.

CC Roger_ and for your information, we have approxi-

mately i0 minutes remaining in this series of
stateside passes. Over.

PLT By golly, you are down there, aren't you? I had

to look out this other window to find you, but
you look good.

CC Well, we show you over, I guess, Arizona, Utah,

that area.

209 20 46 07 PLT I fooled around a little more with the TV inside

the cabin here and never was able to get that half
moon off of there.

CC Okay, Jack. We're working up a procedure which

we' ii pass up to you probably in a couple of days
to see if we can figure it out any further. What
all did you do this time?

209 20 46 39 PLT Well, I Just pointed it into the cabin a little

bit and then changed the focus and so forth to
get a good picture of the cabin and - -

CC Okay, AI went back to RECORD.

PLT - - didn't seem to matter how I pointed it. I

took the lens off and looked inside, but I didn't
fool around with the - the color wheel.

CC Okay, we copy.

209 20 48 40 SPT Hello, Houston.

CC Go ahead, Skylab. Over.

SPT Okay, we got the hatch out right now, and we're
Just flicking it over on the CDR's couch.

- CC Roger; out.
TAG Tape 209-09/T-7 _
Page 8 of 8!62

209 20 53 19 CC Skylab, this is Houston. The computer is yours;

you can go back to BLOCK. EMP 51 has been loaded
and verified. And for Jack, if you've got a minute,
we have a change to the Activation Checklist on
page 1-50A. Over.

209 20 53 35 SPT Okay, we'll go back to BLOCK, and Jack's off the
headset for a moment. Can you wait on that
checklist change?

CC Yes; it's nothing Earthshaking.

SPT Okay.

209 20 54 59 PLT What can I do for you, Bruce?

CC Okay, Jack, on the Activation Checklist, page 1-50A,

we're adding in step 9 a note to exchange the
defective TV camera for the good one which is
located in command module locker Bravo 1. If
you want to open up to 1-50, I'll read it over

209 20 55 22 PLT Okay, I'm there, step 9.

CC Step 9. Add following after line 4: "Exchange

defective TV camera for the good one which is
located in CM - command module locker B-l."

PLT Okay, I got it. Thank you.

CC Roger; out.

CC Okay, we've got about 30 seconds to LOS in the

stateside pass here. Next contact is Vanguard
at 21:06 in about lO minutes. Over.

209 20 56 19 PLT Okay, Bruce. Th_n_ you.

TAG Tape 209-I0/T-8 •
Time: 209:21:00 to 209:22:30
Page i of 4/65


209 21 06 46 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard for

8-1/2 minutes. Out.

209 21 06 5_ CDR We got the passageway opened up to the MDA, and

we are stowing the probe and drogue right now.

CC Roger. Out.

CC Skylab, Houston. On the docking latches, could

you give us an indication of their status, i.e.,
all 12, and - they look okay? And when you have
it, we're standing by for the readout of the
docking tunnel index angle. Over.

CDR Okay, Houston, all 12 latches are made, and we

are going to give you a more accurate reading on
the docking tunnel rig in Just a little bit.

CC Roger; out.

CDR We are trying to clear a few things out of the

command module and give ourselves a little
working room. And then we will get that little
micrometer out and give you a more accurate
reading; it's pretty close, anyway.

PLT And Houston, this is the PLT; I'm at 21:0_ in the

checklist, configuring the RCS.

CC Roger, Jack.

219 21 13 55 CC Skylab, this is Houston; l-l/2 minutes until LOS.

Next contact over Goldstone at 22:18, in an hour
and 4 minutes. Over.

209 21 14 06 CDR Roger; 22:18. We ought to be ma_4ng a little

headway by then. We'll give you a call over -
around Goldstone.

CC You know where we'll be.

209 21 14 16 CDR (Chuckle) Roger.

TAG Tape 209-I0/T-8
Page 2 of h/66

209 22 18 28 CC Skylab Commander, this is Houston through

Goldstone and Texas for approximately ll minutes.

209 22 18 37 CDR Roger; read you loud and clear, Bruce.

CC Okay, I got a couple of items for you, Alan,

P52 stars and a few miscellaneous stuff. Let me
know when you're ready. Over.

CDR Okay, ready right now.

CC Okay, for your P52, option 3 at 22:50 Greenwich,

the following stars, and they are not available
until 22:50. Star 2 is the first one: shaft,
328.6; trunnion, 13.h. Second one is star 4:
shaft, 236.8; trunnion, 38.2. Over.

CDR Roger. You're at 22:50. Star 2: 328.6, 13._;

and 4: 236.8, and 38.2.

CC Okay, the last comm pass for the day, which will be
through Vanguard commencing at 01:59 Zulu,
will be your private medical comm hookup with
the medics today.

CC And we're getting a little noise on the loop

here right now; I'm going to hold on a second
with the rest of this stuff.

CDR Houston, are you there now?

CC Yes, we are, Alan. We had a short data dropout

there. Did you copy about the private medical
hookup at 01:59 through Vanguard?

209 22 21 36 CC Okay, let's try it again, Alan. Over.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Did you copy the message about the private medical

hookup at 01:59 over Vanguard? Over.

CDR No, I did not, but I did that time.

r TAG Tape 209-I0/T-8
Page 3 of h/67

CC Okay, that will be your last comm pass for the

day; it's set up with the medics. If you get
through early and have anything else for us, why
they can revert back to normal hookup, I'm sure,
but we don't anticipate anything of that sort.
On the command module or the CSM RCS service
module, did you inhibit any of the quad temperature
inputs to the caution and warning system? Over.

CDR No, I did not.

209 22 22 21 CC Okay, very good. Then our message to get you to

reenable them is not applicable. For your general
! information,we 're res1_ng unattendedATM operations,
commencing with this pass over Goldstone. And also
for your information, there is a tropical storm,
Florence by name, wind 75 knots, gusting to ii0,
that you will be passing Just to the southwest of
at about 22:27 to 22:28. It's south of BaJa
California, if you want to take a 10ok out the
window. Over.

209 22 22 59 CDR Okay, we'll give that a try. Thanks, Bruce.

CC I think that about wraps it up.

CDR Okay, the docking tunnel angle, using the little

plexiglass vernier or plastic vernier was a
minus 1._ degrees.

CC Okay, I copy; minus 1._ degrees with the vernier

on the tunnel.

CDR Roger. What's our general RCS condition as far as

remaining 59 days and the like?

CC Okay, qualitatively, you're in good shape. If

you want some specific numbers, we can get them
now, or I think we plan on sending them up

CDR No, Just kind of wanted a feel for it. I knew -

you know, we lost this quad, used quite a bit
there in the flyaround, and I Just wondered what
the general situation was.
TAG Tape 209-10/T-8
Page 4 of 4/68

CC We're about 5-1/2 or 6 percent greater than the

service module RCS deorbit redline at the
present time, Alan.

CDR •Okay, understand.

209 22 24 12 CC How are you all coming in progressing through the


CDR We're coming along real well. Owen's over there

connecting up the comm between the vehicles. Jack
- I don't know where he is; he's down there in the
workshop doing something. I guess, activating
the electrical system, but I don't know because I
I see all the lights are on down there, and I'm
up here. I'm down as far as page 1-24 doing
the CMO 2 system config, and I'm at about the
middle of that.

CC Okay, mighty fine. Thank you.

20922 24 46 CDR Okeydoke.

209 22 25 B0 CC Skylab, this is Houston. We have about 1 minute

until we lose co_ with you through Goldstone.
We'll pick you up, marginally, from Texas, but
the next good solid contact you better plan on
is Vanguard at 22:_4. Over.

209 22 25 49 CDR Thank you, Bruce.

209 22 25 52 CC Roger. Out.

TAG Tape 209-II/T-9
__ Time: 209:22:30 to 210:00:00
Page i of 5/69


209 22 42 58 CC S_ylab, this is Houston through Vanguard for the

next 8-1/2 minutes. If the PLT is within ear-
shot, we've got a couple of messages for him.

209 22 h3 15 PLT Well, here I am, Bruce, and I've a couple for you.
Go ahead.

CC Okay, me first. During this station pass, we're

going to command the airlock module 02 FILL and
AM FILL valves to the CLOSE position. We used
I them for bringingup the atmosphereand they're
actually being regulated by pressure switches.
Down on molecular sieve B, we show that the fan
has not been enabled. The checklist c-11s for it
to go to SECONDARY position on MOL SIEVE B FAN.
And in your activation Checklist on page 1-47, we
have a step for you to relocate the LCG that's in
D-424, which is suit drying locker, to D-422. I
can read that one over again when you find the

PLT Okay, l'm at the bottom of page 1-47.

CC Okay. Add a new step, 3-A. And it says, "Relo-

cate LCG in D, as in Delta 424 to Delta 422."

PLT Okay. You want me to relocate the LOG that's in

424 over to 422. Is that right?

CC Roger; Charlie.

209 22 44 44 PLT Okay, now about the tool sieve B secondary fan.
I closed the circuit breaker on that beauty and
it popped open, and so then I - I turned the
switch off and closed the circuit breaker, then
turned the switch back on and the circuit breaker
popped open again, so something's wrong with
tool sieve B secondary fan.

CC Okay. I understand that as long as the switch

was off, the circuit breaker stayed in and then
as soon as you tried to reenergize it, it popped.
TAG Tape 209-II/T-9
Page2 of 5/70

PLT That 's right.

CC Okay, why don't you let us think about that one

for a little while.?

PLT Okay, I'd have mentioned it sooner, but I was

busy down here in the workshop. I'm a little bit
shead here. I got the workshop all powered up.

CC Okay. ;#here would you say you are in the check-


209 22 45 53 PLT Well, I'm on page 1-43, Bruce, down to where it

says, 'Water system gas bleed," so I'm going to
cool it for a while and get that after a while, i

CC Roger; out.

CC How are your cempadres doing?

PLT Oh, they're up to their usual tricks. Everything's

going along smoothly. And one other note, the
vent valve in the deme of the workshop does have
a fair amount of debris in them.

CC Okay, we copy that.

PLT That's in answer to your question back here in

workshop entry, page 1-39.

CC Roger. Do you have any descriptive words about

it? I mean does it look like it's still debris
that's working its way out from manufacturing,
or does it look like it's, you know, people-gen-
erated stuff from use of the workshop?

209 22 _7 09 PLT Well, it's hard to tell. There's a little bit of

each in there, Bruce, and I guess we'll know
better when we yank it out and put a new one in,
or something, if that's what you want to do some-

CC Yes. Okay, thank you.

SPT Hello, Houston. This is the SPT from over in the

MDA on the squawk box. How do you read these
things now?
- TAG Tape 209-11/T-9
Page 3 of 5/71

CC Roger, SPT in the MDA on the squawk box; this is

Houston through Vanguard; loud and clear.

SPT Okay. I'm over on about page 1-39 here, ready to

do that C&W check anytime the CDR can break free.
And then we'll finish up with the fire sensor check.
And everything else seems to be going very smoothly.

CC Okay. Thank you for the update.

209 22 h7 51 PLT I made a couple of notes on the N 2 and 02 regs.

The N 2 reg is reading 180 instead of 150, and

i the 02 reg is reading 138 instead of 120.

CC Okay. We interpret that as trapped gas in the
nitrogen line downstream, and we're watching it
to make sure that it doesn't get any higher; and
no problem.

PLT Okay, I figured it has something to do with your

pressurizations of the workshop there.

SPT Find out, Bruce, real quick that you don't need
much energy to move across this workshop in a
big hurry.

CC Okay. We'll accept that as a data point.

PLT Say, Bruce, what's the mission day down there

anyway, 212 or lh - something like that, isn't it?

CC Well, the day of the year is 209. I think this

is mission day 1.

SPT I think - -

PLT I'll take the 209. Thanks.

CC Roger.

SPT _ Forgot to update him on the mission day.

CC Okay. And - -
TAG Tape 209-II/T-9 ---.
page4 of 5/72

SPT We were sleepy this morning.

CC - - we are 75 days since the launch of Skylab l,

if that was your question.

209 22 49 16 PLT No, I Just wanted to update the - the day on the
timers down here.

CC Roger.

CDR And if you've got data, you can see that I Just
did the alignment. NOUN 05 was _]I zips, and
you can see the NOUN 93.

CC Okay, A1, we've got them. You're cleared to

torque the platform.

209 22 49 54 SPT Hey, Bruce, I was Just wondering - why don't you
ask one of the surgeons over there where Joe left
his blood pressure cuff and stethoscope? He
moved it out of the normal position and left it
somewhere and I can't remember where.

CC Okay, we will see where it is.

MCC Naw, it never works.

209 22 52 16 CC Skylab, Houston. We have about 1 minute until

LOS. Next station contact will be Hawaii at
23:52, or Just about exactly 1 hour from now.
We believe the blood pressure cuff and stetho-
scope are in E-610, but we're still in the process
of confirming that. Over.

209 22 52 36 SPT Okay, fine, I'ii check there. ThAnK you.

209 23 50 53 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Hawaii for approx-

imately 8 minutes. Over.

CDR Read you loud and clear, Bruce. We're Just taking
part in the rapid DELTA-P and FIRE TEST and we're
getting ready to start on the WARNING SYSTEM and

CC Okay, sounds like y'all are pressing right along.

Are your plans to turn in for sleep per the check-
list this evening or are you looking for some
moreitemsto do? Over.
F TAG Tape 209-11/T-9
Page 5 of 5/73

CDR Roger. Let me check with m_ compatriots, see

what they think.

CC Okay.

209 23 51 31 CDR I suspect we won't need any; we've got a ton of

little things here that we can spend hours doing.
We've got all sorts of things to move down to the
workshop and get out of the comnand module so
when we go to sleep then we can put up our
sleep prestraints and sleep down there. So we
got a lot of things that we can do that'll get us
ahead tomorrow, without having you list them.

CC Okay, you might be ahead of the game. Just, -

you know, complying with the checklist for today
and then sort of arranging things to suit
yourself so you can have at it tomorrow.

CDR Okay. Before we launched, I didn't know we'd

have quite so much stowage. We got a lot of
things we can - got to stack somewhere.

CC Okay, and there will be a data voice dump on the

tape recorders this site.

209 23 52 20 CDR Okay.

209 2B 57 58 CC Skylab, this is Houston. Approximately i minute

until LOS ; next contact through Vanguard at 00:20
in approximately 22 minutes. From telemetry, all
of your systems are looking good.

CDR Okay, Bruce. Thank you.

209 23 58 20 CC Roger; out.

TAG Tape 210-01/TI0
Time: 210:00:00 to 210:01:30
Page 1 of 3/ 75


210 00 21 05 CC Skylab, this is Houston standing by through

Vanguard for 9-1/2 minutes. Out.

210 00 22 27 CC Skylab, this is Houston standing by through

Vanguard for 7-1/2 minutes. Out.

SPT Roger, Houston.

210 00 25 ll CC Skylab, Houston. You are now receiving the first

teleprinter messages of your mission. The first
one is a sort of a mysterious one we don't quite
understand. It says something about a quick brown
fox and a lazy dog, but you can take that at con-
text. Over.

SPT Okay.

210 00 29 31 CC Skylab, this is Houston. We're approximately

1 minute to LOS. Next contact is Hawaii at 01:27
in a little less than an hour. And did you all
Just do a command reset on board in the command
module? Over.

210 00 30 14 CC Skylab, this is Houston; approaching LOS. We've

gotten all our teleprinter messages on board.
And did you Just perform a command reset in the
command module? Over.

PLT Negative. We did not.

210 00 30 30 CC Okay. Thank you, Jack.

210 01 27 26 CC Skylab, Houston. Got you through Hawaii for

l0 minutes.

PLT Okay, Story. We're standing by here.

CC And I got some questions about the optics for


PLT Go ahead.

210 01 27 41 CC Did you have trouble positioning, in both SHAFT

._ and TRUNNION?
TAG Tape 210-OI/TIO _
Page 2 of 3/76

PLT Well, there was only this one occasion rather early
in the flight where I adjusted my P52, or some-
thing like that and was going to be done. I
left it in MANUAL drive for a few minutes and I
noticed that they - even in LOW position, LOW
Speed, the - both SHAFT and TRUNNION, as I recall,
would run very rapidly. And I'd get it started,
say increasing one direction, and it would be
almost impossible to stop, and would run it a
very high - high rate of speed. By going to the
HIGH speed, I could stop it. Although, of course,
then it would stop and run whichever direction I
pushed it. Now soon after that, A1 suggested that
perhaps they should be rezeroed. And after rezero-
ing it, we had no further trouble. We did leave
the speed in LOW after that, but all of the optics
drive was normal and in LOW speed all the MANUAL
drives were normal. But as I recall, it was both

210 O1 28 47 CC Okay. And was that DIRECT or RESOLVE?

CC That was DIRECT, wasn't it?

PLT I was in DIRECT at that time because I was trying

to put the SHAFT and TRUNNION in a certain location.

210 01 29 02 CC Okay, and you observed that in both sextant and

telescope or the TPACs?

PLT I believe that is correct.

CC All three?

PLT Excuse me, I thought you said - the sextant and

shaft and trunnion, that is correct. Now what
was the other question?

CC Was the problem observed in the sextant or the

telescope or the TPACs?

210 Ol 29 19 PLT Oh, I was only looking through the telescope at

the time. I assume it was present in the sextant.

CC And have you all seen the teleprinter messages

coming up? What kind of shape are they in?
TAG Tape 210-01/TI0
_-_ Page 3 of B/77

210 O1 29 41 PLT Answer's, good.

CC Okay.

CC One other question on the optics - was there any

trouble encountered while manually postioning the
optics during your P52?

PLT Negative.

210 01 29 58 CC Okay, and to preclude redundancy management on

Y-2 waking you up during the night, we'd like you
to go on panel 207, ACS MALF, the RATE GYRO switch

210 01 30 22 PLT Okay, tell us again now.

PLT Negative, we got it.

TAG Tape 210-02/T-II
- " Time: 210:01:30 to 210:03:00
Page i of 3/79


210 01 30 31 CC Okay, that's the RATE GYR0 switch only to INHIBIT.

SPT Okay, we've got it.

210 Ol 30 7 CC And for the night, we're going to leave the mol
sieve B fans off. We won't need them tonight
and we'll get together with you on that tomorrow.

CDR Okay, we got a little ahead and we've actually

started baking out mol sieve A right - already.
l We're a little ahead of the game.

CC Roger.

210 01 30 54 CDR I've got a nightly status report, if that's what

I'm supposed to give now, or is that a later pass?

CC No, that's this pass. The next pass will be your

med conference; and we're ready.

210 01 31 06 CDR Okay. The - As far as the food is concerned,

Bean will have eaten everything but the green
beans, which were not planned to be eaten prior
to flight. Garriott will have eaten everything
except the dried beef. And Jack, I don't think,
is going to be able to eat his evening meal; he
ate his meal A and meal B, but it doesn't look
like he is going to be eating meal C at all.

CC Okay.

210 01 31 52 CDR Now for extra drinking water we've had - Bean has
had - the CDR has had four extra shots from the
gun, and SPT has had four, and the PLT has had
none. As far as medication used: CDR has had
two aspirin; SPT, none; and PLT, one Scop/Dex.
The photo log: the HDC indicates 88 frames at the
moment; and the DAC indicates 50 percent. The two
things that we've noticed that are inoperable;
one is the circuit breaker that we discussed earlier.
The other is, after we opened the hatch and went in
and observed more closely the docking latches
from the MDA side, we noticed that two of them,
numbers l0 and l, although the bungee appeared to
be flush and the blue handle was flat, the actual
TAG Tape 210-02/T-II
Page 2 of B/80

latch itself was not pressing on hard on the

connector on the MDA. You could take your finger
and slide it back and forth, although to outward
appearances it was completely locked. When you
observed the top of the small spring bungee, you
found that on these two, they were depressed
approximately B/8ths of an inch each. Whereas
the others varied between 1/8th of an inch and
1/4 of an inch. We did not take any corrective
measures in - They remain that way at the moment.

210 O1 B4 07 CC Okay.

CDR To give you a feel where we are at the moment, J

we're beginning to eat our meal right now, and
it looks like we'll be - probably be working
around for another hour or so. We've had to
move extremely slowly to keep from causing any
vestibular problems with ourselves; by that,
I think both Owen and I had a little bit of
stomach awareness, so we tend to be fairly
careful how we move. And since we are moving
rather slowly then, it's taking a little bit
longer than we'd planned.

210 Ol B4 57 CC Okay; copy all of that. The latch observations

are familiar with us. We'll work on that and
give you a readup tomorrow.

CDR Okay, and I wmnt to m_ke sure that it's okay that
we started mol sieve A bakeout early.

CC That's fine, A1.

CDR Okay.

210 Ol B5 20 SPT And for information, the waste management

compartment has been activated early tonight,

CC Okay.

210 O1 B6 02 CC And all of your pads for tomorrow are presently

on board except for the threading pad.

PLT Okay, Story; thank you.

TAG Tape 210-02/T-II
f- Page 3 of 3/81

CC Skylab, you're i minute to LOS. You'll be

coming up over Vanguard at 01:59. At that time
you'll have the medical conference. Following
that, if you're still up the next pass, we will
not call you, we'll also be over Vanguard at
3 hours 36 minutes.

210 01 36 52 PLT Okay, I expect we'll be in bed by that second

pass, Story.

210 01 36 57 "CC Good idea.

210 02 06 l0 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got you for about another

minute. We would like you to start charging
battery B per the Flight Plan.

CDR Okay that will be done, Story. Thank you.

CC And we'd like you - to offer you a wake-up call

at about ll:10 GMT.

210 02 06 29 CDR Okay, we will accept that.

210 02 06 31 CC Okay

TAG Tape 210-03/T-12
Time: 210:03:00 to 210:i0:30
-_ Page i of l/83


TAG Tape 210-04/T-13
_ Time: 210:i0:30 to 210:12:00
Page 1 of 4185


210 ii 07 21 CC Good morning, Skylab. We got you through Carnarvon

for 6 minutes.

CDR Good morning, Houston.

CC And, AI, I got something for you.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Did you get the CSM water chlorination done last


CDR We did not.

CC You did get the chlorination done?

CDR Did not.

CC Okay.

210 ii 08 02 CDR We wondered Just where we were. We a11 thought it

was probably prudent to go rest and recover and
get started aga4n this morning with a fresh start.
So I'll bring you up later today on where we are.

210 ii 08 16 CC Okay, that's fine. Now we would like, on co-_and

module 352, the POTABLE TANK INLET valve to OPEN
as soon as possible at your convenience.

CDR Okay, I'ii go do that right now.

CC The reason for that is the fuel cells have been

putting out some water, and we have filled the
waste t-n_ up to 103percent and the potable tan_
is steady at 48 percent.

210 ii 08 49 CDR Okay. I tried to daydream up, and looked through

that list, anything that could possibly - ifwe
skip would get us in trouble. That's what I meant.
I'Ll go do it right now.

210 ii 09 00 CC Okay. And, other than that, the vehicle sta_ed in

excellent shape during the sleep period, and we
saw no anomalies during your night time.
TAG Tape 210-0h/T-13
Page 2 of 4/86

CDR Okay. Things here are nice too. It's cool and
real clean, and I'Ii go get that t_nl_ right now.

CC Okay.

210 ll iR 26 CC Skylab, we're going LOS in about 30 seconds. We'll

pick you up over Honeysuckle in 6 minutes.

CDR Hey, Story, I Just opened the POTABLE IN TANK. Did

you want me to do anything with the waste t_n_ in-
let, or Just leave it like it is?

210 ll 13 02 CC Just leave it like it is, A1.

210 ll 19 21 CC Skylab, we've got you through Honeysuckle for a


CDR Roger.

210 ll 20 20 CC We've got another 20 seconds. We'll see you over

Texas at ll :48.

210 ll 49 14 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got you stateside for

17 minutes.

SPT Okay. And, Story, I'm Just spreading the dosimeters

around - those personal radiation dosimeters. I
can't remember which goes where. Have you got a
quick page list for me, or can you remind me where
the three of them store?

CC Stand by 1. We'll get that.

CC And, Owen, we've got three things for you.

SPT I don't have a pencil right now. Can I get one

while you're giving me the word on the dosimeter?

CC Okay.

SPT Go ahead, Story.

210 ll 51 03 CC Go ahead.

SPT Go ahead with those three items, Story.

TAG Tape 210-0_/T-13

CC Okay, on the ATM console activation - on the Acti-

vation Checklist, page 2-9, the PC RATE GYRO switch
position on page 2-12, the UP/DOWN switch should be

210 ii 51 27 SPT Okay, was that on page 2-9 or 2-127

CC It's on page 2-12, but you want to get that con-

figured before powering up the panel. And the note
on that is on page 2-9.

SPT Okay. I understand. I've got that.


that you're up, you can ENABLE that.

SPT Okay, I got that.

210 ii 51 56 CC And if you wish to ride the ergometer prior to the

biomed activation, you can do half of the biomed
activation by completing pages 12-1 and 12-2 of the
Bic_ed Checklist, and that'll get power to the exer-
cise mode ergometer switch.

SPT Okay, I got that. Where do the PRDs go?

CC We're working on that.

CC You ready on the PRDs?

SPT Go ahead.

CC Okay. We're supposed to wear them on our person

for the first 3 days and since you got an EVA
coming up on the fourth day, suggest you Just wear
them until the EVA and then wear them on the EVA.

SPT Okay, got that. Thank you, Story.

210 ll 55 15 CC And do you want the locations where you'll store

them after the EVA now, or later?

210 ll 55 20 CDR Well, we think it's the red one up by the plus-Z
SAL, the white one in the experiment compartment,
and the blue one in my compartment.
TAG Tape 210-0h/T-13 _-_
Page h of 4/ 88

CC Okay, I don't have the colors here, but it's the

CDR's in the experiment compartment, the SPT at
the minus-Z SAL, and the PLT in the center sleep

210 ll 55 42 CDR Okay. Say it once more.

CC That's, the red in the experiment compartment over

the blood centrifuge, the white at the minus-Z SAL,
and the blue in the center sleep compartment.

210 ll 56 00 CDR Thank you.

TAG Tape 210-05/T-14
r Time: 210:12:00 to 210:13:30
Page i of 4/89


210 12 00 03 CDR Houston, are you still there?

CC Yes, sir. We've got another 5-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay, Story. We've been keeping the STS windows,

numl_er 244 and 242, we think. It's the ones on -
by mol sieve B, which is - Well it's - it's the
one halfway between plus Z and plus Y, and the
one halfway between plus Z and minus Y. And we
think the numbers are 244 and 242 - open all the
time. And we wanted to make sure that was okay.
Those are the two that seem to look down at the
Earth most of the time.

CC We're working on that.

CDR Roger. It might also be nice to keep 241 open.

If you don't open a few of those windows, it's
Almost like it's night time in here all the time.

CC We're working on it, A1.

210 12 02 02 CC You can leave them open, AI.

CDR Okay. Thanks, Story.

210 12 02 30 CC And we're going to be dumping the tape recorders


CDR Okay. •

210 12 05 20 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS; we'll pick you

up over Madrid in 5 minutes.

210 12 l0 29 CC Skylab, Houston. Got you over Madrid for 9 minutes.

SPT Okay, Story.

CC And, Owen, I've got a star tracker pad for you.

SPT Go ahead.

CC It 's Canopus, that 's a 52012 and a 50001. It 's

available at any time during the day, amy part of
the orbit. The inner gimbal is minus 0789;
outer gimbal, plus 0540.
TAG Tape 210-05/T-14 _
Page 2 of 4/90

SPT Okay, fine. 0789 minus; and plus 05_0.

CC That's correct.

210 12 17 29 CC CDR, Houston.

CDR Go ahead.

CC We'd like you to terminate the BAT B charge and

reinitiate the BAT A charge as per page 2-_ of
the Activation Checklist, anytime at your conven-
ience but prior to 12:_5 Zulu.

CDR Okay, I'll stop what I'm doing and do it right now.

CC And I've got a - some P52 stars for you. You can
copy those down on 2-8.

CDR Just a second.

CDR Go ahead.

CC It's star 2; shaft, 319.8; trunnion, 12.3. Star 4; -

shaft, 234.1; trunnion 39.9.

210 12 18 46 CDR Okay, I got that, Story. Thanks.

CC And we're going LOS in about 20 seconds. We'll

pick you up over Honeysuckle at 12:56.

210 12 18 58 CDR Roger.

210 12 56 35 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Honeysuckle for

approximately the next minute and a half. Over.

CDR Roger, Bruce.

CC And for Jack, when he's free for a minute, we've

got a small note changing around the fans on the
mol sieve that affects his checklist on page 2-31.

210 12 57 28 SPT Houston, SPT.

CC Go ahead, Owen.
- TAG Tape 210-05/T-14
Page 3 of 4/91

1 SPT Now, let me update our dinner from last night.

The dinner that I consumed was chicken and gravy,
and an orange drink, and 4 ounces of water. The
dinner that Jack consumed was a butterscotch
pudding, an orange drink, and the instant break-
fast. The rest on our schedule list still remains.

CC Okay, we copy that.

210 12 58 06 CC And this was a short pass. We're approximately

30 seconds to LOS. Next contact is a stateside
pass over Goldstone at 13:24, which is about
26 minutes from now.

CDR I'll give you some PRD readings if we get a moment

here, Bruce. CDR - -

CC Hang on there a minute.

CDR - - 45004; SPT, 19003; PLT, 07006 on the PRDs.


CC Okay, 45004, 19003, 07006.

210 12 58 49 CDR Roger.

210 13 25 40 CC Hello, hello.

CDR Just a second. Go ahead, Bruce.

CC Yes, we heard you beep on the intercom up there.

We're here through Goldstone for a fairly long
stateside pass, more or less continuous coverage
for 10-1/2 minutes. Standing by with two _m,ll
items for the PLT.

210 13 26 09 CDR Okay, let me bring you up to date on a couple of

things. First of a11, as from yesterday, we're
still having to move around fairly slowly up here,
so we're not - although we're moving around getting
things done, we're not doing them near as rapidly
as we'd like to. From last evening, the only
thing that we didn't complete was the - was the
portable - potable water chloination - chlorination
and some of the stowage transfers. We're going to
do the portable - potable water chlorination Just
TAG Tape 210-05/T-14
Page 4 of h/92

as soon as we've all had some good drinks, and j

we've got the water compartment down here acti-
vated, which Jack is working on right now. Now
this morning, we're running a little bit behind.
We got the P52 off. Let me give you the results
of that. That's stars 4 and 2. NOUN 05 was all
balls. NOUN 9B was plus 138, minus 195, plus 030.
And the torquing time that we used was 12:h8:00
GMT, but the time in the CMC was 36:48:00.

210 13 27 55 CC Okay, we copy that, Alan. In other words, the

CMC time was 24 hours in advance of the GMT time,
corrected for date. Over.

210 13 28 Oh CDR That's affirmative, and I'm getting ready to go

up and start doing the H 2 sep plate wetting prep.
Owen's eating right now; and, when he finishes
that, he's going to go up and activate the ATM
console. And when he does that, we're going to
go through the alignments there. We'll keep you
informed how we're going, but it's sort of - my
opinion would be that we're going to be moving
along more slowly than we planned, and we'll
probably have to Jump by some of the stowage
transfer items and then try to find a place for
doing those later on.

CC Okay. We copy, A1, and Just take your time and

get accustomed to things up there. In the Flight
Plan for tomorrow, we do have some time in for a
regroup. About the only thing I can think of on
the stowage transfer is, if you get significantly
out of phase with where we think you are, you
might bring us up to date on the major areas, so
that if you call down looking for something, why,
we'll know where to direct you. Over.

210 13 29 lh CDR Okay, well, we haven't - everytime we've moved

something, we've moved it where it's supposed to
go, so we haven't Just stashed things too many
places. We think we know where they are. What
we may do - what we really need, of course, is
regroup time right now, but we don't have it.
But what we're going to do is sort of have to
make it as we go along here.

TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
r Time: 210:13:30 to 210:15:00
Page i of 11/93


210 13 33 29 CC Skylab, this is Houston again. We've been talking

over the Flight Plan schedule constraints on you
for today. And our recommendation is that you try
to get the ATM C&D panel star tracker up on sched-
ule to the point where you can run the PS0, 51,
52 sequences and do the alignment on schedule so
that we can press on with our unattended ops. And,
other than that, you Just take as much time as you
need here to catch up on the stowage and other things
and feel comfortable. And Just press on in sequence,
and keep us posted on how you're doing. Over.

CDR Okay, we'll work on that, Bruce.

SPT We're Just about to finish up some'breakfast here,

Bruce. I'ii be up at the panel probably inside of

210 13 34 20 CC Roger, understand. - I wasn't trying to push you,

and I've got one small checklist ch--_e for the
PLT when he's available.

SPT He's not near a comm box, but he says he's listening,
Bruce; go ahead.

CC Okay, in his Activation Checklist on page 2-31,

where you're bringing the mol sieve fans back on
after wetting the water separater plates, what we
want to do is change the callout to read:
So that we get around that MOL SIEVE B, SECONDARY,
circuit breaker problem. Over.

210 13 35 17 cDR A on SECONDARY, B on PRIMARY. Is that correct, Bruce?

CC That's the configuration we want to get to. And

for your information, we'll be dumping the data
and voice tape recorders over Canary, which is our
next station at about 13:48. Over.

210 13 38 _2 CC CDR, Houston through the sunny island of Bermuda

here. We still got about 4minutes in this long
pass. We'd like to maybe clarify on our last mes-
TAG Tape 210-06/T-15 _-
Page 2 of ll / 94

sage with regard to the time line and say that -

guess what we're really saying is that we'd you to
Just take a chunk of about 2 hours and stick it in
here right now, if that'll fit your plans. Over.

SPT Okay, that sounds real good, Bruce. That's what

we'll do_ 2 hours.

CC Roger. Good night, Owen.

210 13 39 40 PLT Hey, Bruce, are you still there?

CC Yes indeed.

PLT Okay, I'm on - This is PLT on page 2-7, and I'm

down to step 3, trying to verify that the water
dump pressure in the - in the waste management
area is less than 0.7 and it's stayed too high,
above 2.0.

CC Okay, stand by a second, Jack. We're kicking that


CC PLT, Houston. We've got a minute and 20 seconds

left in this pass. Next contact will be Canary
at 13:_8 where we're going to dump the data and
voice tape recorder. We'd like for you to hold
up in the water system activation at this point
until we psych it out. And could you also tell
us what you did with the WMC water system yester-
day? Over.

210 13 42 07 PLT Oh, we just went according to checklist yesterday,

Bruce. Whatever is in there is what we did.
And, also, water tank l0 checked out to be above
6.0 in its iodine content.

210 13 42 19 CC Okay, copy. Tank l0 at 6.0 on the iodine.

210 13 _8 12 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Canary for 8 min-

utes for the PLT. Over.

PLT Go ahead, Bruce.

CC Okay, Jack. We'd like you to verify or check the

position of the panel 831 WATER DUMP valve. That's
TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page 3 of ii/95

the one in the compartment underneath the wash-

rag squeezer and all that down on the left-hand
side. At the present time, it should be OPEN.
If it turns out that it is still closed, give us
a call and we'll probably ask you to go back
through the heater configuration on l-h3 and come
on up through 1-_5 again. Over.

PLT Yes, I Just checked that a while ago and the valve
is OPEN. And the WATER DUMP press heater has
been ON since last night, and - with a green light.

CC Okay, we copy. Stand by, please.

210 13 52 42 CC Skylab, Houston. Over.

PLT Go ahead.

210 13 52 48 CC Okay, Jack. We've got three items here that we'd
like for you to run down to try to psych out this
problem on the dump. The first is, would you
verify that you removed the purge fitting from the
WMC dump line flex hose up there in connection
with the steps when you hook it up to the
water heater. Secondly, try cycling the panel 831
and OPEN and then back to OPEN again, and see if
that affects the reading. And as a third step,
if neither mf those do any good, check the
WMC urine flush line dump fitting, over there
where you evacuate the urine bags prior to putting
them in the collector. Over. That should be
capped on the end of it to prevent leakage. Over.

PLT Okay. The number l, one about the purge fitting,

that's off of there and the WMC 2 line is hooked
up to water tank 8 and the valve is CLOSED, - as
in step 2 on page 2-7. And I'll cycle the
DUMP valve and look at the flush system.

CC You know_ the purge fitting that we're talking

about is the purge fitting which is up there in
the water heater compartment behind the mirror,
as I recall it, above the washrag squeezer.
TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page 4 of ii/96

210 IB 54 BO CC Belay my last - You're right on that. It's the

one on the hose in the forward compartment.

CC Okay, Jack. One thing we noted here in the check-

list, the reference to water tank 8 is to the
WMC 2 hose QD location. We want the hose actually
hooked up to the water outlet QD of water tank 7.

210 1B 55 29 PLT Yes, I know it's suppose to be there. I already

hooked it up this time to water tank 7. And I
checked the - cycled the DUMP valve and it's
back to OPEN and that doesn't seem to do any good.
And I looked at the compartment 822, and the QD
is on. The urine system's dumped there. I noticed
the URINE DUMP valve is CLOSED over on panel 818.
Does that make a difference?

210 1B 56 07 CC That doesn't make any difference, Jack. And we've

got about 15 seconds to LOS. Our next contact is
over Honeysuckle in 36 minutes, at 14:B2 Greenwich.

PLT Okay. It looks like I Just can't go beyond this

point here, Bruce.

210 1B 56 28 CC Okay, we'll have some more info for you then, and
Just hold where you are on that.

210 14 B2 50 CC Skylab, thi's is Houston through Honeysuckle for

the next 8-1/2 minutes. Standing by for the PLT.

210 14 BB 16 PLT Okay, here I am, Bruce. I've proceeded to start

on the wardroom water activation, but go ahead
with whatever you've got on the waste management.

CC Okay, Jack. First a question. Did you put the

water sampling procedure on television on the
video tape recorder per checklist page 2-5? Over.

PLT Bruce, that's a negative. Due to the fact we had

to move so slow, I got behind. We've not done
any TV or DAC work. And we probably won't until
we get another opportune time. Over.
TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page 5 of ii/97

, CC Okay, that's fine by us. We Just wanted to know

if we should go through the motions of dumping the
VTR to see if there was anything on it.

210 14 34 08 PLT Yes, I'm sorry.

CC Okay.

PLT I'm sorry, I meant to tell you that before, but

we don't have anything on the VTR at all.

CC Okay. Back on your WMC troubleshooting here, what

we'd like you to do is disconnect the WMC dump
line from the WATER HEATER DUMP PORT and put the
cap on the dump line QD and then check panel 800
to see if the DUMP PRESSURE starts decreasing.

210 14 B4 B9 PLT Okay. That's disconnect the dump line and cap it
off and then watch the pressure, right?

CC Right. And then depending on whether it decreases

or does not decrease,we branch off into two
different parts of the procedure here. I thought
I'd Just let you go ahead and do it, and I'd read
it depending on what the result was.

PLT Okay, I'll go over and do that.

210 i_ B5 05 CC Okay, give us a call from the WMC. We want to be

sure and get the cap on the end of that dump line
to make sure we don't have any leakage through the
QD itself.

SPT Houston, SPT. I have essentially completed the

ATM console activation, and there are a couple of
things I want to talk over with you, as well as
completing our DAS checkouts together. Over.

210 14 35 B4 CC Okay, we're ready for the DAS checks, Owen. And
ready to talk to you sandwiched in between
converstations with Jack.
TAG Tape 210-06/T-15 "-
Page 6 of ll / 98

SPT Okay, I'ii go ahead and complete the DAS interface

check first or the last part of that. I'm on
page 2-11, and halfway down on the right-hand side.
It's coordinate each DAS check with STON. And I
will go through the entry of all of those eight
co-..ands, and Just wait for the verify from you,
and then proceed with the next one.

210 l_ 36 09 CC Mighty fine. Owen, we want you to enter them one

at a time, and then stand by for a GO after each

SPT Yes, that's what I was doing, after each command.

I've just entered in my i0000 ENTER. And I'm
waiting for a GO on that before I'll go to the
next command. Over.

CC Okay, and you are GO on it.

PLT Okay, Bruce, I've disconnected the WMC dump line

from the water heater. And there isn't any plug
that goes in the dump line, but I put it back on
its stowage location so that ought to do the job.
And the WATER DUMP pressure at this time is still
pegged high but we can watch it.

210 lh 37 16 CC Okay, 0wen, you're GO on number 2.

CC GO on number 3, Owen.

PLT ... did you copy the last?

CC Yea, I did, Jack. Stand by here; we'll have word

to you in just a second. We still have almost
h minutes left in the pass. Break, break; Owen,
you're GO on number 4.

CC Okay, we're GO on the next test, Owen. And, Jack,

what we'd like you to do is reconnect the dump
line to the WATER HEATER DUMP PORT and install
the WMC purge fitting on the end of the WMC-2
hose, and attempt to verify, either audibly or
by noting airflow, the fact that you have flow
through the purge fitting. And break, break,
Owen. You're GO on that one. Over.

PLT Okay, Bruce.

TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page 7 of 11/99

CC GO on the third one, Owen.

210 14 39 17 CC Okay, Owen. You're GO on number 4. The test is


SPT Okay. Now there are a couple of more things I

want to talk to you about, but there is one in
particular I want to get in now over on page 2-12.
It - left-hand colITmn shows COMPUTER talkback,

SPT Okay, that's right where I am right now, that's

Just what it ought to be. So, I guess there's
no further request on that ; I Just wanted to m_ke
sure. And I will give you my status words for
verification, although I think you probably can
read out my status words without me doing that.
They all look reasonable. I checked them all out
on page 2-12.

210 14 h0 Oh CC Okay, that's a Roger on the computer talkback and

switch position.

SPT Okay, now on the - power system, there are three

CBRMs that are giving off-nominal readings, all
of which I'm sure you know about, but I what to
check each of those. In the REG position, CBRM
number 3 is showing REG VOLTS and BAT CHARGE
barber poles. CBRM number 15 shows BAT VOLTS
barber pole, which I didn't expect. And number 17
is showing REG VOLTS barber pole. Now on page 2-10,
we have a write-in for a preflight change. And it
shows the power monitor switch REG. And looking
at CHRM number 3, when I do that, I am already
showing REG AMPS. I'm going to go back and check
that again right now in CBRM number 3.

CC Okay. We copy that and we have 30 seconds to LOS.

Next station contact is Hawaii at lh plus 52 GMT,
about ll minutes from now.

SPT You'll notice at the moment, I'm already showing

about h amps on REG number 3. And, therefore, I
have not performed this REG switch cycling off
and on five times or the CBRM all off. And I want
to talk to you about that at the next pass, before
I do any more cycling on REG 3, Bruce. Over.
TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page 8 of ll/100

CC Okay, we copy. And we'll talk to you over Hawaii.

SPT What's the time for Hawaii?

CC Eleven minutes from now - -

SPT Th,_.n
k you.

CC - - at 14:52.

210 14 42 02 SPT Roger.

210 14 52 08 CC Skylab, Houston through Hawaii for 9-1/2 minutes.

And, for the commander, we'd like to ask a question
or two.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Roger. We're wondering where you are right now

in the checklist. Specifically, have you completed
the IMSS transfer? And how are you doing on the
water separator plate wetting? Over.

CDR Completed the transfer - still in the midst of

stowage transfer, and have not begun the water
sep plate - wetting yet.

CC Okay. And you may perform the P50/52 sequence

without doing another P52, option 3 before it -
as long as you get done in this next daylight
cycle. If you wait until a subsequent one, we're
going to have to do the P52, option 3 again. Over.

CDR Understand. Thsnks.

210 14 53 05 CC And, for the SPT, on our telemetry we're showing

essentially zero current from CBRM 3 output, and
you're cleared to go ahead and do the five times
cycling. We'd like to get you to do it over a
pass, as for example, this one if convenient. And
we'll watch the current on telemetry. We'd also
like you to call up KEG AMPS on a couple of other
CBRMs and read them out to us in real time, so we
can compare that with our telemetry. Over.
p TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page 9 of ll/lO1

SPT Okay, I'm essentially there right now. On the

CBRM number B, I 'm reading a REG voltage of 22.5
volts plus S.5 amps. In the BAT position, the
voltage is off-scale low, and it's reading a
minus I amp. Now those two don't match up, of
course, so it does look like there's some sort of
a scaling error. Now Just stand by, and I'ii give
you a reading on REG 2.

210 14 54 08 CC And, for the PLT, what's the status on your WMC
vent troubleshooting? Over.

SPT All the other REGs are providing 5 to 6 amperes

to the BUS, and REG 3 still shows plus 3-1/2
although it's - I don't believe it, as you say.

CC Okay. How about Just picking one and giving us

a - a reading?

PLT Okay. CBRM number 2 is 6 amperes.

CC Okay, 6 even, thank you.

CC And we' re ready for the cycling on CBRM 3 when-

ever you are.

PLT Okay, Bruce, I put the purge fitting on the WMC

hose number 2 and verified that there was some
suction through there. And then I put the WMC 2
hose back on the water tank 7, and down here in
the waste compartment, my gage dump - gage still
reads above 2.0.

210 l_ 55 48 CC Okay, Jack. We copy that. Our suspicion now is

that we have a bad gage or transducer associated
with it. I understand that you're back in the
dump configuration now with the hose hooked back
up to water tank 7. We'd like you to leave the
8B1 DUMP valve OPEN for approximately 1 hour and
then assume that the pressure is down and press
on with the WMC water activation. Over.

PLT Okay.
TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page i0 of 11 / 102

SPT Okay, Bruce, as your front troops there could

probably tell, there was no change in that CBRM
current, and I wonder if you want me to go ahead
and give it that CBRM ALL ON at this time?

210 14 56 41 CC Understand you tried it five times, Owen, and if

so, then go ahead with the CBRM ALL ON.

SPT Okay, it 's done.

CC And, for Jack, working back in our extensive

troubleshooting and repair procedure files we
find a recommendation that maybe you bang on the
meter a couple of times in the WMC and see if that
could be part of the problem.

SPT I still get no current on CBRM B, so I'll turn

CHARGER/REGULATOR switches to OFF if your ground
telemetry concurs.

CC Roger ; we concur, 0wen.

210 14 57 32 SPT Okay, now I have just turned them OFF and I now
have three STATUS lights. That was the other
point I wanted to bring up. Up to this point,
I had not status lights on, on the panel at all.
And I thought that was apparently because you'd
already turned them off on the ground; and, there-
fore, the lights didn't show up. Maybe that
assumption was incorrect, because I do have three
STATUS lights now, all the way across on CBRM
number 3. What I had before, I had a completely
clean panel. Over.

210 l_ 58 16 CC Okay, Owen. Your indications on CBRM 3, both

prior to your operation and at the present time,
are correct, because we did not turn the CBRM off.
Everything's okay and we know about the talkbacks
on CBRMs 15 and 17. Over.

SPT Okay, that's fine. I presume number 15 is the one

responsible for the BAT CHARGE ALERT light which
is now disappeared. I had a BAT CHARGE AT.k_T light
until Just - sunrise here a few minutes ago.

SPT It's disappeared now.

TAG Tape 210-06/T-15
Page ii of 11/103

210 14 59 05 CC Negative, Owen. We show that the ALk_RT light was

associated with CBRM number 3, and it's gone out
because you've killed the CBRM.

SPT Oh, okay. Thank you very much.

SPT I guess I didn't ever complete telling you what

I did have barber poles on. I obviously had, or
CBRM number 3, REG VOLTS and the BAT CHARGE barber
poles. On number 15, I had a BAT VOLTS barber
pole; and on number 17, I had a REG VOLT barber

210 14 59 43 CC Yes, we copied that last pass. We do not have

an explanation for the barber pole indication on
CBRM 15 BAT VOLTS. It's a known Skylab 2 anomaly,
and we're Just accepting it as - as one of those
things for right now.

TAG Tape 210-07/T-16
Time: 210:15:00 to 210:16:30
Page i of 5/105


210 15 00 03 SPT Okay, th-n_ you, Bruce.

CC Okay, we're coming up on i minute to LOS. Next

station will be Goldstone in about 2 minutes.
Just a short break here and we have a fairly long
stateside pass with a couple of interruptions.
Again for the SPT, the situation on CBRM 17 is
that we believe that we have a short circuit in
the solar cells associated with CBRM 17, giving
reduced output from that unit leading to a
REG VOLT LOW - a valid REG VOLT LOW indication
during daylight portions of the pass. Over.

SPT Okay, I understand, Bruce. Tb-n_ you, and Just

to verify; I do have my EPC RATE GYRO switch in

210 15 01 39 CC Roger; we copy.

210 15 05 00 CC Skylab, Houston through Goldstone for 6 minutes.


PLT Roger. I Just finished the potable water chlori -

chlorination, and when I tried to get the water
back into the buffer, it leaked quite badly. But
I've been cleaning it up, so everything's copaeetic.

CC Roger. Think you can handle it?

PLT Yes, sir. Yes. What happened, apparently, is that

little plastic cap that's supposed to back up
as you let the water in didn't back up, and it Just
leaked the water right past it. It didn't get
cockeyed in there like I've heard it could do.
It's still perpendicular; it's Just that the
water went right by the edges of it and then, when
I took off the cap, the cap was I%_1] of water.

CC Okay. We copy that, and we ,11 look at the hardware

down here to see if there's anything we can do on
fUture missions.

210 15 06 09 SPT Well, Houston, I presume you're ready for us to

go ahead and enable star tracker control with
Canopus a_so the selected star.
TAG Tape 210-07/T-16
Page 2 of 5/ 106

CC Roger, 0wen.

CC Skylab, Houston. One minute to LOS. Next station

contact is through Beraada in 5 minutes at the
time of 15:15. Over.

SPT Okay, and we're working on the P50 now, Bruce.

2_10 15 l0 34 CC Roger. Out.

210 15 15 14 CC Skylab, Houston through Bermuda for about 7-1/2

minutes. For the SPT, we'd like to reconfirm
your star tracker pad angles. INNER GIMBAL is
minus 0789, and the Ob'r_ GIMBAL, say again,
OUTER GIMBAL is plus 0540. Over.

SPT I thought you were probably watching those down

there. Very good. I Just checked the ATMDC
Reference Data Book. And I'd reversed them.
I'd normally expect to get the outer gimbal first,
and I wrote it down that way. So I'll Just go on
over and reverse the gimbals. Glad you caught it.

210 15 17 06 CC Skylab, Houston. We're coming up on a 45-second

voice cc_m dropout. We'll give you a call on the
other side. No reply necessary. Out.

2_10 15 18 33 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got you again for about

4 minutes now, still through Bermuda. Be advised
that on your next station, which is Canary, we'll
be dumping the voice and data tape recorder. Out.

210 15 21 56 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 minute to LOS. Next

station contact is a combined Canary-Ascension
pass with AOS Canary at 15:24 in about 2 minutes.

210 15 23 09 CC And, Commander; this is Houston. We copied your

torquing angles. No need to send them down.

210 15 2_ 35 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Canary and

Ascension for 15 minutes. And, for the Commander,
we copied your torquing angles.

CDR Okay. In other words, you don't need anything.

--_ TAG Tape 210-07/T-16
Page 3 of 5/107

CC That's affirmative.

CDR Okay.

CC And, SPT, this is Houston. If you can verify

that you are through with the ATM C&D panel, we
need to load a drift update on the Y-2 rate gyro.

SPT Roger. l'm through. I 'ii be off the DAS.

CC Okay. And again for the C.......

_nder, no reply
necessary; we'll be configured to receive your
E-memory dump whenever you're ready.

210 15 26 15 CDR And, Houston_ CDR. I still have a few more

stowage items. I'm going to work those. And then
I'll come back and power down the SCS G&N.

CC Okay, Alan, we copy that. But before you leave

the command module or get engrossed in the stowage,
we'd like to get the E-memory dump, HIGH BIT RATE,
and VERB 74 ENTER.

CDR Okay, I guess I didn't give you HIGH BIT RATE;

I'll go give you that. I gave you the 74; I'll
give that again.

210 15 27 40 CDR How does that look to you?

CC That looks great to us, Al. Th_n_ you.

210 15 32 25 CC SPT, from Houston. For your information, we're

through commanding on the DAS. And we have also
inhibited the star tracker outer gimbal update
to the computer by ground cr,,mand per SOP having
gotten the star tracker data in. Out.

210 15 39 07 CC Skylab, Houston through Ascension; 1 minute to

LOS. Next station is Honeysuckle in half an hour
at 16:09. Out.

210 16 12 09 CC Skylab, this is Houston through HoneyBuckle for

the next 5-1/2 minutes. Out.

CDR Roger.
TAG Tape 210-07/T-16
Page )4of 5/ 108

CC And for your information, Skylab, we have resumed

unattended operation of the ATM and are currently
has a moment, we'd like to inquire as to whether
his tapping on the meter did any good on the WMC
dump line. We're considering other possibilities
for getting the system back in operation. And
sometime before LOS here, we'd like to get an
update from the three of you as to where you are
in the Activation Checklist. Over.

PLT Bruce, it didn't do any good to tap on the meter.

CC Roger.

SPT I'm still - I'm in the WMC right now, Houston,

working on the UCTA sampling. And the water
dump pressure on the meter right here is still
pegged too high.

CC Okay. Th_nk you, Owen.

PLT And the PLT is in the middle of the water system

activation in the wardroom. We're doing the
sterilization this time. We're putting the high
concentration iodine in the system and waiting.

CC Okay. Thank you, Jack.

CDR Sorry to ask this question so many times, but

would you verify that this is day 210?

CC Roger. This is day 2.

CDR OH, no, no, no. Two, one, zero, day of year.

CC Okay, 210. I thought you said 2 again.

CDR Thank you very much, Bruce.

CDR And, Houston, CDR is still working on stowage.

CC Roger, CDR.

210 16 16 34 CC Skylab, this is Houston; 1 m_uute to LOS. Next

station is Hawaii at 16:30 or 13 minutes from
now. Out.
- TAG Tape 210-07/T-16
Page 5 of 5/109

210 16 29 57 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Hawaii for

approximately 9 minutes. Out.

TAG Tape 210-08/T-17
Time: 210:16:30 to 210:18:00
Page i of 9/Iii


210 16 31 19 CDR Houston, CDR.

CC Go ahead, sir.

CDR Just a second, let me see if we can stop the -

there we stopped the squawks. It's becoming
obvious to us, as it probably is to you, that
we're Just not as spry up here right now as we'd
like to be. We - None of us has been able to
eat all our breakfast reakfast and it's dinner time
now and we're really not too keen on eating too
much of that either. We feel okay, except in the
stomach, if you knowwhat I mean. And our
thinking is that we're not going to be able to
work much faster than are right now for the rest
of the day, if that fast. There's a desire to
maybe take a break for an hour or 2 and get in
the bunk and Just stay still for a while.
Although, we could keep moving around at a slow
pace and work at the level we're working at,
which isn't near fast enough, hut that's the
best we can do. Now, with this in mind, it kind
of appears to us that maybe you ought to think
about somehow exchanging our day off from about
5 days or 6 days from now until tomorrow. That
would let us sort of regroup, get our water level
up, rest a little bit more, and sort of get our
stomachs settled down. We all feel good in the
head, it's merely a matter of if we move around
too much, we feel like we better not move around
any more for awhile, and, of course, that slows
us down.

216 16 33 O_ CC Okay, AI, we copy all tb-t. The rate at which

you're worklng is quite satisfactory to us.
We're sort of planning around it. If you all
want to take an hour or so and get in the sack
or do something to stabilize, why, go right
ahead. When you have a moment, keep us - keep
us posted on where you are and what you're
doing, so that we can keep track down here and
go into a dynRm_c - well, we are in a dynamic
planning mode, and we've got your comment about
TAG Tape 210-08/T-17
Page 2 of 9/112 --

switching the days off around and we'll evaluate

that internally here and be back to you on that
later. Over.

CDR Roger. It would be my sort of subjective opinion

right now that a couple of days from now, we'd
have a hard time goind EVA. That'd be my guess,
Just from the rate of adaptation we're having
at the moment.

210 16 BB 59 CC Okay, we have likewise factored that one into

the system, and when y'all are through with lunch
and back on the Job, I've got a location and
description for Jack perhaps to bang on the
transducer that feeds the WMC dump pressure gauge.

CDR Okay, why don't you give me that, and I'll copy
it down?

210 16 B_ 27 CC Okay, when you open up the door underneath the

water squeezer, I th_nk it's 829, the WMC vent
valve, panel 831, is right there on your left if
you're standing up in one g, and directly in
behind it is the transducer; I'm looking at the
photograph, it looks like it's about 2 inches
by 2 inches by 4 inches, a little, apparently
solid metal box with a quarter-inch stainless
steel line going in the top of it and an electrical
connector coming out the bottom. You can either
do - do it at your convenience. And we suggest
that he tap or bang on it with his fingertips or
some small object and see if that affects the
pressure read_ng. Over.

2_1016 35 24 CDR Okay, we're going to have to call you back on

that. We were blocked out for a little while
there with a MASTER ALARM from the command module.
We're going to work that problem and then we'll
call you Just as soon as we can.

CC Roger. Out.

PLT I heard all that, Bruce. I'll remember it.

CC Okay, it's pretty obvious, Jack. It's the only

instrumentation-looking box back there behind the
dump valve.
- TAG Tape 210-08/T-17
Page 3 of 9/113

PLT Okay.

210 16 37 09 CDR Houston, CDR.

CC Go ahead, CDR.

CDR Roger. We've had about three MASTER ALARMS from

the command module this morning. And each time
when we've gone there, we've found that no light
was on. We called the recall and couldn't get a
light. And we Just, of course, Just had one a
few moments ago and the same thing occurred.

CC Okay, Alan, we're showing the same thing down

here. About all I can say is that we will keep
a close eye on it. As you may realize, not all
of the command module parameters are available to
the memory in the comm-nd module. There's only
about half of them that are hooked up to that.

CDR Roger.

210 16 38 36 CC This is Houston. 30 seconds to LOS at Hawaii.

Next station is Goldstone in 3-1/2 minutes. Out.

210 16 h2 07 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone for

almost 6 minutes. Out.

210 16 h4 21 CDR Houston, do you know where the two spare tape
recorders are stowed?

CC We'll have an answer for you on that in Just a



CDR Front or back?

CC They' re in A-9, A1.

CDR Okay.

210 16 46 52 CC Skylab Commander, this is Houston. Over.

CDR Go ahead.
TAG Tape 210-08/T-17
Page h of R/ll4

CC Okay, A1. We've got a minute to LOS at Goldstone.

Four minutes from now, I'Ii pick you up at MLA.
We're going to have a briefing discussion with
you, coming up on Ascension at 17:08, regarding
what we feel we need to get finished up today.
But for the time being, we'd recommend that you
take your own advice and go into the local
horizontal mode or something like that and Just
rest for a while. And I guess one of the things
that apparently doesn't need to be accomplished
today is the airlock module tape recorder
replacement, so you can Just hold off on that
and relax for a while. Over.

CDR Sounds like a good idea.

210 16 47 4B CC Okay, we'll give you a call over MLA in a few

minutes. Excuse me, over Bermuda in a few
minutes. No response required.

210 16 54 03 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Bermuda for

8-1/2 minutes. No reply required. Out.

CDR Go ahead, Houston.

CC Okay, A1, I was Just telling you that we were

here in contact. Coming up on Ascension which
is still about 15 minutes away, we'd like you
to have the yellow pages portion of your
Activation Checklist; that is, the Flight Plan
section open, and we'll read off to you those
hlocks that we feel need to be accomplished
today. And you can Just check them off or
circle them, or do something like that. I think
we can handle the whole thing that way. Over.

CDR Sounds like a good way. We'll be ready.

CC Roger. Out.

210 17 01 56 CC Skylab, Houston." 30 seconds to LOS. We'll pick

you up through Ascension in 6-1/2 minutes. Out.

210 17 08 44 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Ascension. We've

got you for about lO minutes here. And if the
Commander has his checklist out, we're ready to
run through the things that we feel probably
ought to be accomplished today. Over.
r TAG Tape 210 08/T-17
Page 5 of 9/115

! CDR Okay,Just a second.

SPT While you're waiting there, Bruce, I Just finished

all the UCTA sampling. And I 'm looking for that
little map that shows where each of the samples
are supposed to be pl - placed in the freezer.
I though it was in our Activation Checklist,
maybe it's not. If you could Just show me where
that map is, I'd appreciate it. And when you're
through with this other, why, you can tell me.

CC Okay, we'll locate the map for you, Owen, in Just

a second here.

210 17 l0 05 CDR Okay, Bruce, ready to go on the other.

CC Okay, A1. On page small g for Golf, at about

- about 13:50 in your col_,mn, CSM G&N/SCS
powerdown per page 2-20, we want to accomplish.
And - and over in Jack's COllrmn, wardroom water
system activation per page 2-15. Over.

CDR Okay, got both of those.

CC Next page, little h for Hotel. SPT UCTA sampling,

which 0wen reports to me he has Just completed,
is all that we require out of b_m. In the PLT
column, opposite about 15:20, the 100 parts per
million drain and flush operation on page 2-35,
the water system flush on page 2-39, and the
wardroom water system bleed, down at the bottom
on page 2-45_ Over.

CDR Okay, I've got those.

CC Next page, little i for India. The PLT at

approximately 17:20 indicated, we want to do the
bed 2 bakeout termination for 2-55. Over.

_H Okay.

CC And the tool sieve A activation per 2-63.

CDR Okay.
TAG Tape 210-08/T-17
Page 6 of 9/116

210 17 ll 42 CC In your column, about equal to the toolsieve A I

activation, we'd like to write in a 'Bat A charge
termination" that - which should occur around
18:40 Zulu, although the timing is not real
critical at all on this. What we'd like to do
is get the bat A charge terminated prior to doing
the following steps for you. Over.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay, next page, page j for Juliett, the items

that I'm calling out here are pretty much a part
of the quiescent panel configuration, but all that
we really want to do is do the single inverter
operation configuration per page systems 4-7,
which is referenced if you go to the quiescent
panel configuration 2-76 in the Activation Check-
list. And configure panels 275 and panel 250.
Those are the two electrical panels; one for the
inverter control and the bus tie type thing, and
the other for the batteries per quiescent panel con-
figuration. And one write-in is we need to get a
waste water dump from the command module to the _--
workshop, while you're up there, at the same time.
This is per page systems checklist 4-16, that's
Command Module Systems Checklist 4-16. And for
your information, we expect that probably two
more water dumps will req - be required. So we
recommend, although it's your option, that you
omit the two steps which cause you to take the
plumbing apart, and Just leave the system hooked
up to save time on the future ones. Over.

CDR Sounds like a good idea.

210 17 14 26 CC Okay, for the SPT, the stowage map for urine is
on page 9-9 of the Biomed Experiment Checklist
and Log. What it says basically is all six have
urine samples from the UCTA go in slot number 1
of the urine tray. Over.

SPT Okay, understand. Thank you, Bruce.

CC Okay. And for the Commander, we're requesting

that when you all avail yourself of the sackout
time, that you each take a scop/Dex tablet. And
next time somebody happens to be up in the CSM
over a site, we'd like to get the TAPE RECORDER
FORWARD/REWIND switch put to the OFF position,
maybe we can get the DSE operating properly again.
__ TAG Tape 210-08/T-17
Page 7 of 9/117

i CDR Okay,
We youdo
'ii go want
thatthe TAPEnow.

CC Okay, if you feel like it.


CC Okay, thank you, A1.

PLT And, Bruce, Just for information, I'm having a

hard time getting the portable water tank drained
because the waste processor exhaust pressure keeps
going up above 0.08. So I've cycled the DUMP
valve from OFF to ON, and probably after a while
the water tank will be drained. You concur with

CC Okay, Jack. We concur with that. I know it takes

a little while, but that's the way we'd like to
get it done.

210 17 17 49 CC And for the CDR, this is Houston. On your way by

panel 207 in the STS, prior to sacking out, we'd
like you to INHIBIT the ACS MALF, RATE GYR0
switch from the ATM again so that you don't get
a caution and warning if we have a redundancy
management. Over.

CDR Okay, Bruce.

210 17 18 57 CC And 22 seconds to LOS. Next station is Carnarvon

in 22 minutes. And we'll give you a call there.

CDR Okay.

SPT Hey, how's your chanuel B doing down there, Bruce?

CC We'll check on that, Owen. I don't know that

we've positive feedback yet on anything from
channel B.

SPT Okay. I'm going to put a little bit of stuff

on it right -next few minutes.

210 17 19 27 CC Okay.
TAG Tape 2-10-08/T-17 -
Page 8 of 9/118

210 17 h3 ii CC Skylab, this Houston through Carnarvon for the

next 8-1/2 minutes. We have a couple of items
associated with the command module waste water
dump when the Commander 's available, and we wonder
if you're feeling any better since you took the
scop/Dex. Over

CDR Roger. I don't think anybody's gone to bed yet,

Houston. So I don't think anybody's taken the
scop/Dex. And I'm standing by for the note on -
waste water dump.

CC Okay, it's two small notes. The first is to

verify that the condensate holding tank inlet
hose is connected to panel 393 and to the
condensate inlet port. And the second item is that
in step ll of the command module waste water dump
to 0WS procedure, page Sh-17, we want you to delete
the last operation which says : "Airlock module 230
valve, to OPEN" - since we haven't powered up the
condensate system yet. Over.

210 17 h_ 3h CDR Understand. I've gone through the condensate

System prep. I mean the H0_ plate wetting prep,
but I don't think we've don_ the rest.

CC That's correct - -

CDR I got those two notes.

CC Right, you have not done the rest. Now our plan
here is that, following LOS at Carnarvon, we're
not going to give you any more calls on the radio
for - oh - probably 3 or h hours. If you want
to contact us, go ahead and put lO,O00 in the
ATM DAS, but do not ENTER. And we'll call you
the next time we see it over a station. Over.

CDR Okay, thank you.

910 17 h5 37 CC And, A1, to correct a possible misimpression on

my last transmission, regarding the scop/Dex,
we'd like you to go ahead and take it at the
present time, so it'll have a little chance to
act. 0ver.

CDR Okay, will do.

_ TAG Tape 210-08/T-17
Page 9 of 9/ ll9

210 17 51 14 CC Skylab, this is Houston with about 45 seconds to

LOS from Carnarvon. This will be our last call
until - oh, about dinnertime - 3 or h hours from
now. For the PLT, our reco,,,,-endation would be
Just to stop the wardroom water system activation
wherever is convenient for you and to go ahead
and hit the sack with the rest of the guys. Over.

TAG Tape 210-09/T-18
Time: 210:18:00 to 210:19:30
Page i of 3/121


210 18 38 41 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Bermuda. We'd

like you to terminate bat A charge in the commaud
module at this time. Acknowledge. Over.

CDR Okay. We'll do it right now.

210 18 38 51 CC Roger. Out.

210 19 19 2_ CC Skylab, this is Houston through Carnarvon for

7-1/2 minutes. We see 10000 on the DAS. Over.

PLT Yes, Bruce. We were down there resting and got

a MASTER ALARM. Turned out to be a MAIN A
UNDERVOLT. And came up here and looked at it in
the command module, and noticed that the MAIN A
was down around 25 volts for a little while, and
the fuel cell was putting out a lot of current.
Then it went down and went back to norm-1. And
then it made a couple of more spikes, very
intermittently, a couple of times. And I'm kind
of suspecting the heaters, although I don't know
for sure. I put all the heaters in the opposite
position to see if we can get aMAIN B the next
time, and isolate it to the heater system. But
looked like it was putting a lot of load on the
fuel cell. The only other thing we can think of
is there's a lot of water in the waste tAnK. Of
course, there's plenty of room in the potable
t_nk; that wouldn't be any problem. The only
other thing we got running are the - is the
glycol pump and the fUel cell pumps, they're ac,
but we didn't get any ac indication at all.

CC Okay. I think we're probably going to want to

ask you a few more questions on this subject,
Jack. You say the fuel cell were - was putting
out a lot of current. Was this fuel cell l?
And - oh, I guess you got the buses tied
together. What sort of current are you tal_ing

TAG Tape 210-09/T-18 -_
Page 2 of 3/122

210 19 21 07 PLT Okay, we had - we're normally running between

20 and 25 amps on both - both buses, and for the
little while we had the main A, why - main A -
the service module source 1 was putting out -
fuel cell 1 was putting out 40 amps.

CC Okay. Did you check to see what fuel cell

number 3 was doing at that time? Over.

PLT Yes. It was only putting out 20 amps.

CC Okay. We copy that. Th_nk you.

210 19 21 39 PLT And the buses are not tied together yet.

CC Roger. That was my error.

210 19 2_ 55 CC Hey, Jack, you still there?

CDR Roger. Go ahead.

CC You don't sound like Jack, but I guess you'll

do. Looking at the MAIN A UNDERVOLT, it appears
to us that it was due to a stacking up of the
heater loads all at once. And what we'd like
to do is to have you turn the HEATERS and FANS
in HYDROGEN TANK number l, OFF, and the HEATER
for OXYGEN TANK number l, OFF, and then complete
the panel configurations for panel 250 and
panel 226, per Systems Checklist, page 3-8.

CDR Okay, we'll go - go through that quiescent panel.

We were to there anyway, and we were Just getting
ready to settle down. We'll go back and put that
thing in quiescent and do the things you said,

210 19 26 O1 CC Oh, I don't think you have to - -

CDR We may have to put the heaters back - the original

heaters back on.
.... TAG Tape 210-09/T-18
Page 3 of 3/123

CC Okay. I don't think you have to go through the

whole quiescent checklist. This is - Just what
we want to get here is the configuration of some
of these heaters.

SPT We'll work on it; then we'll take a break.

CC Okay.

210 19 26 24 CC We've got about 40 seconds to LOS here at

Carnarvon. The next station coming up is Guam
in about 7 minutes, and if you like, we can
give you a call there or we can Just be standing
by. And if you want something, you can give us
a call. That's at 19:33. Over.

CDR Go ahead and give us a call.

210 19 26 47 CC We'll do it.


TAU Tape 210-I0/T-19
Time: 210:19:30 to 210:21:00
Page I of 12/125


210 19 33 34 CC SkYlab, this is Houston through Guam for a little

over 8 minutes. Out.

CDR Roger. We Just went over to single inverter

operation, and we're now configuring panel 5,
and we're going to press on from there.

CC Okay. Do I interpret what you're saying is

you're going to do the whole quiescent configura-
tion in the command module at this time? Over.

CDR Roger. It won't take us that long, and then

we'll have it done right.

CC Beautiful. We concur.

CDR Give us a recap on the 02 and H 2 heaters and

fan switches that you'd like. Wewant to
make sure we're right.

CC Okay. Stand by Just a second.

CDR And also any comments about the fuel cell

pumps or anything else.

210 19 35 07 CC Okay, Skylab. What we want is H2 TANK number i



to AUTO. And the nominal configuration on the
fuel cell pumps: FUEL CELL l, AC l; FUEL CELL 3,
AC 2; but you'll be powering both AC BUS 1 and 2
off of the one inverter, so it really doesn't
mA_e any difference on that point. Over.

CDR And we got it that way, and we're going to put -

as we mentioned, we're going to put the heaters
back as they were before this problem.

CC All right. This is the cryo heaters you're

talking about. Over.
TAG Tape 210-10/T-19
Page 2 of 12/126

210 19 36 08 CDR We're ta1_ng about RCS heaters, package heaters,

et cetera.

CC Okay. And you Just put that all back to the

preconfiguration. Do you need any more information
from us on those 9•

CDR No, not to put them back, lmsess you have any
other suggestions.

210 19 B8 42 CC Skylab, Houston. Wh_le we're taS_Tng to you on

the subject of quiescent configurations, did
you receive our teleprinter message last night
which was change number 1 to CSM Systems Checklist,
general message 202 Charlie, with the cryo
configuration in it? Over.

CDR We did, and we also got the one about the RCS
switches, and we've set them correctly.

CC Roger ; out.

CDR Thanks for checking, though.

120 19 _0 59 CC Skylab, Houston. We're noticing that we're not

getting any data back on the circadian rhythm
data system. We're wondering if you could check
the position, but not change, on panel 5,
EXPERIMENT BUS MAIN A and MAIN B circuit breakers

CDR Tell us exactly what you want. We don't think

we did, but we could have. If it just recently
went off, it's probable, because we've been work-
ing on that panel.

CC Okay. We got 15 seconds to LOS. We want to find

out what the position of the EXPERIMENT BUS
MAIN A and MAIN B circuit breakers and

CDR They're out per the quiescent checklist. A's open,

B's closed.

CC Okay; A, open; B, closed. How about EXPERIMENT

POWER, B, EXPERIMENT? That's the middle one
over to the right.

CDR It 's in.

f TAGTape210-I01T-19
Page 3 of 12/127

CC Okay. Thank you. We've got 9 - 15 minutes to

A0$ at Goldstone. I think we'll probably give
you a call at Goldstone, also.

210 lO 42 16 CDR Okay, and we'll try to work that problem, too.

210 19 57 31 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone and

stateside stations for 15 minutes. We've got
some questions for you regarding the configuration
of the S071/72 experiments when you have a

CDR We've got it right now. Go ahead, Bruce.

CC Okay, over on MDC panel 5, if you'll look down

there in the lower right-hand corner, there is a
group of five circuit breakers having to do
with the experiments.

PLT Roger, Bruce. We got MAIN A is open, and the

other four are closed.

210 19 50 05 CC Okay, what we're lookin_ for, reading from left

to right, is EXPER_ BUS, MAIN A, CLOSED;

PLT Okay, and the middle one is open.

CC Middle one is open, and the other four are


PLT That's the way we've got them right now.

CC Okay.

PLT How about 227 now? Did you say to do something

on there? Panel 227, SCI instrumentation?

CC No, we did not. But on panel 227, we'd like you

to confirm the S071 power switch to ON, and the
S072 switch to POWER. Over.

210 19 58 55 PLT That's verified.

CC Okay, we copy.
TAG Tape 210-I0/T-19
Page h of 12/128

SPT We're Just making landfall now, Bruce. What part

of the coastline are we crossing?

CC I'm sorry, Ow_n, I didn't copy. Can you say

again, please?

SPT We're just making landfall now. I wondered what

part of the coast we were crossing.

CC Okay, Just looking at the chart here in

Mission Control, looks like you're up above
Washin ton State. We can get you a little better
hack than that in a second.

SPT Well, that's close enough. Got a little info on

the w - wardroom window here, whenever you're
not too busy on the power stuff.

CDR Okay, I've got a couple of comments for you,


210 19 59 h5 CC Okay, Alan, go ahead.

CDR Okay, we left the potable water heater on until

we finished with the water heater. And in one
other switch ***

CC Go ahead, you've dropped out.

210 20 00 02 CDR Okay, on - Just a second. We noticed that it's

got the - on panel 352, PRESSURE RELIEF valve
to OFF. And we presently don't have that in OFF.
And I'm Just wondering if, in order to keep get-
ting water from the command module for drinking
purposes, should we go ahead and put it in OFF
or leave it right where it is?

CC Stand by Just a second.


CC Okay, on 352, Alan, go ahead and leave the valve

in the RELIEF position.

CDR Okay, now when we finish using water up here

after we get the wardroom water activated, should
we then put that to OFF per the checklist?
_- TAG Tape 210-I0/T-19
Page 5 of 12/129

210 20 Ol 09 CC That's affirmative.

CDR Okay, if you'll keep track of those two for us,

we'd appreciate it - that the pressure RELIEF
valve is in OFF - I mean, is not in OFF, and the
potable water heater is on. And when we finally
get the rest of it done, give us a reminder.
We'll probably remember, but this way, two of us
will be working on it.

CC Will do.

PLT How is the instrumentation on the gnats and rats

now, Bruce?

CC It's still NO GO, Jack. There must be something

else that we haven't figured out.

PLT I 'm kind of wondering if maybe the spikes we had

on MAIN A were - that thing shorting out.

CC Well, we've been discussing that possibility down

here but, at the present time, we don't - don't
have any definite opinion on that.

PLT Okay. Well, those spikes that we had weren't

typical heater - on spikes. That spike's - It
wasn't really a spike. It went up there and
stayed for a while, and then came down and then
spiked up a couple of times.

CC Can you give us any estimate of how long it was

at that higher level? I know it took you a while
to get up there and look.

PLT Both A1 and I saw it to stay up there for a couple

of seconds - two differenct times at least.

210 20 02 31 CC About what mission t_me was this? We can go back

and reconstruct when we get A0S with you, but we
don't know exactly how far before that it happened.

PLT About l0 minutes before we called.

CC Okay. Thank you

TAG Tape 210-i0/T-19
Page 6 of 12/130

210 20 02 46 PLT Okay. And we've been getting caution and warning
all morning. You know - just intermittents and
we get up here and we can't find out what it is,
but - but that wouldn't have been MAIN A, because
it locks up.

CC Roger; we copy.

PLT So I think that was the first ***

210 20 0B 17 CC Okay, Jack, your last comment got cut out there
on a handover within the stateside group.

CC PLT, Houston. Your last comment got cut out by

ground-station handover. Over.

PLT Now you hearing me, Bruce? Sounds like we've got
up-link but no down-link.

CC Yes, we're reading you now, Jack. I was saying

your last previous co_en was cut out, because
we were having a handover here from Goldstone to

PLT Okay, I'll repeat. We got the quiescent setup

about complete. And we've got both buses tied
together, and in total they're pulling between
30 and 40 amps off the -

210 20 Oh hO CC Say again about the current.

PLT The total amperage is between 30 and h0 amps; it's


CO Okay, we've got it.

CDR And we finished the qniescent check in the command

module, Houston.

CC Okay, Alan, we copy. And we'd like to get you to

cycle the two power switches - the one for SO71,
the one for S072, on panel 277, if you would,

f TAG Tape 210-I0/T-19
Page 7 of 12/131

210 20 05 h2 CDR When I first went up to the command module for

this low condition, Bruce, the fuel cell 1 was
Jumping almost to max flow, and it was Jumping
up to max and then about three-quarters of the
way down, and then up to max and then about halfway
down and then up to max. And it didn't act like
any heater that I've ever seen come on, unless the
heater itself was somehow shorting out, because
it was taking a big load. The fuel cells were
going as rapidly as possible to match it, but they,
of course, could not. And this occured about four
or five times. I called Jack; he came up. He
saw it a couple of times, and it's been normal
since then. And it became normal before we
switched the heaters. Of course, we came into the
sunlight some time around then. We're not sure,
because we've got all our window covers up. But
it Just didn't act like heaters to me. It acted
more like scme sort of short on the bus that may
have burned away.

PLT I concur with that. That was like no heater I

ever saw before. And I cycled you switches on
the - the 277.

210 20 06 50 CC Okay, we copy the input and the fact that you
cycled the switches. Thank you.

SPT There's Houston, 12 o'clock low, Bruce.

CC Okay, I guess we say there is Skylab at 12 o'clock

high. Thank you, Owen.

SPT You know we can almost pick out the NASA Manned
Spacecraft Center - Johnson Center - right down

CC Is there anybody up on Pete Conrad's roof?

SPT That I can't make out without bincoulars.

SPT Comment on this wardroom window, if you're through

with that systems stuff for a minute.

SPT The wardroom window, when I uncovered it here,

it has a pane of frost about i0 centimeters or
about 2-1/2 - about h inches or i0 centimeters in
TAG Tape 210-i0/T-19
Page 8 of 12/132

diameter; and right in the center of that frost,

there is a little round bubble of either water
or ice - -

CC Break, break.

SPT Go ahead.

CC We need to talk to CSM again here for a second.

SPT Right.

210 20 07 56 CC Can you all get at the S015 control panel, Alan?

CDR Sure can.

CC Okay, we'd like you to cycle the 40X. Hole it

on - the 40X switch on SO15, and observe the frame
rate on the camera. It - hold it in the TEST
postion. And it's supposed to be about one flash
every 12 seconds or so.

CDR Will do it ; 40X.

210 20 08 22 CC And ve've got a handover here in about l0 seconds.

I'll call you when we're on the other side.

CC Okay, we're back in business there, Alan.

CC Back in business there, A1.

CC Skylab, Houston. Back to you through MLA at

this time.

210 20 l0 03 cC Skylab, Houston. Back to you through MLA with a

little over 2 minutes until LOS.

CDR ... stay on as long as I remain in TEST.

CC I only heard the last part of your transmission,

A1. Something about remaining in TEST. Over.

CDR As long as I remain in TEST, it's on for 5, off

for 7, on for 5, off for 7-
TAG Tape 210-I0/T-19
- Page 9 of 12/133

CC Okay, we copy that and back over here on panel 8

[sic], with respect to these experiment circuit
breakers, we'd like to establish whether that
one on the left-hand side of the group of five
EXPERIMENT BUS, MAIN A, popped out, or whether
you all pulled that out in configuring the
panel. Over.

PLT Well, you know, Bruce, one of those breakers was

out. And I thought that's the one that it was.
And it may not have been, although I don't know.

q CC Okay, but when you guys went through the quiescent

panel checks in that area, it looked to you like
it was already in configuration? Is that correct?

210 20 ii B0 CDR I don't think we're sure, Bruce. We took a look

at the circuit breaker, and then we went through
quiescent panel configuration immediately
thereafter; and we've done every circuit breaker
in the spacecraft, and l'm afraid we Just can't
remember that particular one.

CC (Laughter) Okay, we'll believe that.

CC And we've got about _0 seconds to LOS. Next

station contact is Vanguard in ll minutes, and
we'll give you a call through there. And my
apologies to the SPT for not being able to listen
to his comments on the wardroom window at that -
this time. We'll try and pick him up over

SPT Perfectly understood, Bruce. I didn't want to

work it in unless you had a little spare time,
but I spotted you all the way across the whole
bay of Mexico there - Gulf of Mexico.

210 20 12 27 CC Beautiful.

210 20 23 56 PLT We're here if you're there.

CC Okay, Jack, we're reading you weA_ly, but the

signal strength is coming up rapidly now. Through
Vanguard for approximately 7 minutes. What we'd
like you to do in connection with S071/72 is take
f -.
TAG Tape 21G-10/T-I_
Page i0 of 12/134

Breaker on panel 5, _ch is the fourth one over

the right, that is, over toward the SPS heater
side, and cycle that out and back in, and then
cycle the S071/72 power switches again, please.

210 20 24 44 PLT Okay, that's the Bravo circuit breaker. Now that's
the fifth one from the right. Is Bravo the one
you want?

CC It's the one in between the EXPERIMENT POWER

Alfa and Charlie circuit breakers.

PLT Well, it looks a lot like Bravo than.

CC Right.

PLT Okay, you want me - Open, close, and then recycle,

right ?

CC Yes. Then recycle the switches on 277.

PLT Okay, Just recycled the circuit breaker and now

I'll get the switches.

CC Okay.

210 20 25 29 PLT Okay, everything's back on.

CC Okay, Jack, while we're standing by here, we've

got some more developments wetre trying to track
down here. Maybe we can get a report from Owen
on his wardroom window problem.

SPT Why don't you go ahead and finish that one up

and then I'll task to you about it?

PLT He's not too worried about talking about it for

a while, Bruce.

CC Roger.

PLT Okay, better get her closed and let her bleed down
a fair amount. You got 9 minutes?

210 20 27 56 CC Skylab, Houston.

TAG Tape 21G.-IO/T-19
Page II of 12/ 135

PLT Thirteen. Go ahead, I was t,1_ng to the wrong

guy there, Bruce.

CC Okay, Jack, for your information, it turns out

that the power for $071/SO72 experiments is drawn
directly off of service module bus Alfa through
on 15-amp fuse for each experiment, and that the
power that comes through the circuit breakers
and the switches up in the command module is
logic and control power. At the present time, our
suspicion is that we may have blown one or more
of these fuses; however, we've got a few data
system comm_nds that can be sent. So what we'd
like to do is leave the command module end of it
properly configured for the time heing but not
put any more crew time into troubleshooting at
the present time. Over.

210 20 28 49 PLT Okay, Just tell me how you want it and I'll put
it there. Do you like it the way it is?

CC Yes, we like it the way it is with the experiment

BUS breakers, in ; and EXPERIMENT POWER A/C in;
and the switches, on.

PLT Okay, meanwhile, we're moving along slowly here.

We got the wardroom water full of iodine; we're
flushing that out now. The problem is that you
can't dump it for 30 minutes straight. You've got
to cycle on and off, so it's t_ng a little extra
time to do that.

210 20 29 23 CC Okay, we copy that, Jack. And I got my tongue

tied on this last one. The circuit breaker
configuration that you've got up there we think is
correct. The EXPERIMENT POWER breakers, we won't
enter the B and C breakers. We copy your comments
on the wardroom water system. Basically, our
philosophy has been that you guys should slow down
and take it easy, and anything that you can get
done and work along in sequence in the checklist
is fine, but we're more interested in getting you
guys acclimatized to the enviroment right now
than anything else. Over.

PLT ...
TAG Tape 210-10/T-19
Page 12 of 12/136

210 20 30 i0 CC I'm sorry, I missed that last one. We got some

noise. We're coming through Vanguard, and they're
anchored in the harbor there.

PLT Yes, our sentiments are pretty much the same. I

terminated the - the BED 2 bakeout pretty much
on time, about 17:hO, I guess it was. And I
Couldn't go ahead and get mol sieve A up, of course,
because we don't have the - the certain watering
water condensate plates serviced yet.

CC Okay, Jack, we don't need them up. Go ahead and

activate the mol sieve. We 'ii worry a_out the
condensing heat exchanger and the condensate plates
later on. The little bit of water that the sieve
collects will probably be okay until we get to
it. Over.

PLT Oh, all right. I thought maybe that it's collect

more water that we ought to get in the BEDs, but
you say it's all right to go ahead. It looks
like the dew point's around 57, last I checked,
so that means I crank up sieve A then.

210 20 31 16 CC Yes, sir. Just leave the coolant valve to the

condensate plates closed off. We got i0 seconds
to LOS at Vanguard. Our next station contact is
Goldstone in an hour and 3 minutes; :_nd, for
Owen, we've dumped data tape recorder. We believe
you're still recording on channel A, though, at
this point in the configuration, since we found n
nothing on B.

CDR Well, I didn't record anything on A. I did put a

comment to the biomed people on channel B a
couple of hours ago. That's all.

CC Right. That would have been lost.

CDR I'll do it again.

CC On A, please.

210 20 31 57 CDR Okay.

TAG Tape 210-II/T-20
Time : 210 :21: 00 - 210 :22 :30
Page i of 7[137


210 21 35 08 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone and

Texas for the next 12 minutes. Over.

PLT Hello, Bruce. Well, we're still up here in the

Command module; at least I am. And this time I
was up here for a FUEL CELL 3 light.

CC Boy, it sounds like you found a home up there in

the command module. Go ahead, though.

PLT Yes, I couldn't find anything wrong when I got

here. The condenser - except the condenser exhaust
was down a little low. And it may have been
below 150 but - and it got back up before I got
here. So I don't know exactly why we got that,
but the condenser exhaust is rising a little bit ;
it's almost to the green now. And I haven't got
around to checking my - my FUEL CELL RAD OUT T_MP,
but I guess you can probably see that down there.
The SKIN TEMP hasn't changed appreciably.

210 21 36 04 CC Okay, Jack. We concur that it was the condensate

exhaust that caused the MASTER ALARM there and
that it's going back up. Got a little bit of
information for you regarding your previous MAIN A
problem. We've played back the tapes down here
on the ground and looked at them closely and we
concur that it was, indeed a short circuit on
MAIN A. We show spikes as - or excuse me, on
BUS A. We show spikes as high as 70 amperes fluc-
tuating and voltages down as low as 25 volts, sup-
porting your contention that it was not on a nor-
mal heater cycling situation. In very close time
correlation to these current spikes, we lost the
circadian rhythm data system, and our present
belief is that it was a short in this data system
that caused your problems and that it finally
failed in the open position. So this probably
implies that you won't have any more problems
on MAIN A and that the data system is lost.
However, we want to leave the command module
switches and circuit breakers in their present
configuration for the time being. Over.
TAG Tape 210-II/T-20
Page 2 of 7 / 138

PLT Okay, I copy all that. Probably one of those

mice is sitting on an open terminal down
there. He'll get off it after a while.

210 21 B7 26 CC I thought maybe he got hungry and decided

he'd like Teflon insulation or something
to eat.

CC And for the SPT or whoever is at the ATMDC,

we'd like to get the i0,000 cleared off the DAS.
And then, Jack, we have one more request for
you if you feel up to it. We'd like to go
ahead and get the water condensate system
activated by going through the water separator
flight servicing procedures on page 2-27 of
Activation Checklist and then the condensate
system activation right after it on 2-35,
if you could. And our feeling is that this
probably ought to take priority over finishing
up the water system activation, if you feel
like you can do it and work it in; otherwise,
you could probably split the taskup with
A1 on it. Over.

210 21 B8 27 PLT Okay. We'll look it over and see if we can

hack that, and we sL]most got the wardroom
water thing taken care of, I believe.

CC Okay, sounds mighty fine. Break, break for

the commander. Over.

CDR Go ahead.

210 21 B8 _5 CC Okay, A1. We request that all three of you

take another scop/Dex. Acknowledge. Over.

CDR Okay. Right now, you mean?

CC Yes, indeed. And I've got some instructions

for you that we believe will hasten your
vestibular adaptation.

CDR We're sure listening for that.

210 21 B9 l0 CC Okay. I'm informed that ground-base studies

in slow-rotation rooms have shown that
adaptation and loss of motion sickness with
head movements, while protected with medication, _
F- TAG Tape 210-11/T.20
Page 3-of 7/139 _/

CC Occurs within hours or a day at most. And

the following procedures are based on these
and aimed at helping you adapt. As I've
indicated, you should take a scop/Dex capsule and
then wait for the pill to take ma×imum effect,
which is approximately 1 hour after ingestion.
With your body stationary, perform right-left
head movements of the yawing type; i.e.,
yaw right, yaw left at a rate of approximately
30 per minute for a 10-minute period for
accumulated durations of 30 or 40 minutes.
I guess this comes out to 900 to 1200 yawing
movements, but don't allow any m_Jor symptoms
to occur during this period of head movement.
If these simple right-left head movements
can be tolerated, they'd like you to attempt
complex head movements in the four planes
as defined in the M131 experiment. The more
of these movements that can be done, the_more
rapid will be the adaptation. But we're not
implying that you use the M131 hardware.
The primary factor underlying these procedures
is that vestibular adaptation will not occur
without head movements. The anti-motion-
sickness pill should prevent symptoms and
allow head movements to be made. And we also
feel that probably, if you all can Just keep
going slowly on some of the tasks as you
feel up to it, you would, indeed, benefit from
the movements - Just normal adjuncts to
these tasks - also helping you to adapt while
you've got the scop/Dex in effect. Over.

210 21 41 G6 CDR Okay, we understand. In fact, what we've

been thinking about - as you know, we all three
went through this conditioning thing with
the scop/Dex on the rotating chair. And
one of the things that's been crossing my
mind is maybe that sort of set us up because
Jack was very good on that chair and did all
those movements and the whole business and -
and he hasn't adapted - yet. Neither has
Owen or myself, and we went through that
whole protocol. We'll take them and do the
head movements, but that's what we did the week
before the flight. So it seems to me that - -
TAG Tape 210-II/T-20
Page 4 of 7/140

CC Okay, we're coming up on a handover here.

CDR - - ... Just didn't happen to work on the

three of us for some reason, but we'll work
on it.

210 21 41 46 CC Okay, A1. We've got a handover in progress

right now. I'll get back to you in a second.

CC Okay. Belay that. Handover complete, and

we copied your response.

PLT Hey, Bruce, you think we ought to do anything

to keep this condenser exhaust from coming on
every time we go into darkness? I got a hunch
the thing cools off and then warms up again in
the sunshine.

210 21 42 22 CC Stand by a second on that, Jack, we're discussing

it right now.

210 21 46 09 CC Skylab, this is Houston. We've got a minute

and a half to LOS here at Texas. We're going
to be dumping the voice and data recorder next
pass, Vanguard, which comes up in 14 minutes at
22:00. And a final comment regarding these
vestibular motion procedures - we are aware of
the preflight protocol that you all went through
and have certainly been discussing that a good
bit. But I think that, in the present state,
the procedures that we Just read up to you are
our best effort at determining something that'll
hasten your adaptation. Over.

SPT Okay, Bruce. And check channel A when you

get it down on the tape.

210 21 46 54 CC Okay, Owen, we'll check channel A.

210 21 47 15 CC Skylab PLT, this is Houston. For right now

we'd like to go 4-A to INHIBIT on the CAUTION
and WARNING, which is FUEL CELL B, condenser
exhaust temperature. We're going to be varying
the loads on the system by ground command most
likely to bring the load up a little and compen-
sate for a loss of the circadian rythm data
j TAG Tape 2i0-II/T-29
Page 5 of 7/141 "_'

system, which we think'll keep it within limits,

but this way it'll get rid of the nuisance trips.

210 21 47 41 PLT 4-A's INHIBIT.

CC Roger; out. See you at Vanguard.

PLT Okay, tbAn_ you. We're in 1 inverter also,

by the way.

210 21 47 48 CC Roger. We copy.

210 22 01 04 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard

for 6-1/2 minutes. We've done a little switching
in the command module. Basically what we've
turned on to take up the circadian rhythm data
system power drop is the two power amplifiers ;
i.e., the primary and secondary power amps
are both on HIGH, strictly to use up a little
power and keep the environmental temperatures
in the command module up to where they ought
to be. Over.

PLT Okay, Bruce. Thank you.

CC And I guess when you have a free moment or some

time here, either this pass or the next station
or something we could use a few comments from
you on what your druthers are, with respect to
plans for this evening and when you feel like
eating supper and this sort of thing. Over.

CDR Why don't you let us talk about it in here for

a while and see what everybody thinks.

210 22 02 15 CC Yes _ sure. I wasn't intending to - to get the

answer now _,I was merely throwing the question
in a hopper so to speak. And we can actually
- you know, we are in no rush, we can get the
results from you over Hawaii next time, which
is about an hour from now. Over.

CDR Okay, what - what were you really looking

for, Bruce?

TAG Tape 210-II/T-20 P_
Page 6 of 7/142

CC Well, nothing in particular. We're Just sort

of operating here with nothing planned and you
3- to h-hour rest period got interrupted by the
caution and warnings and, from talking to you
all, it seems like you're slowly pressing on,
getting some of the activation tasks accomplished.
And we were Just trying to start making our plans
for tomorrow and see what you're going to be
doing this evening and where we stood.

210 22 03 09 CDR Okay, I think you got it right. We are Just

sort of pressing along and trying to get these
things slowly, l'm working on the water sep
plate and we dumped the command module water,
and Owen and Jack are working on their things.
l'm hoping that - that we - we plan pretty slack
tomorrow because we're - we're always in - I
think that's what we need is a little slack time
here to get some free time to not move so fast.

CC Roger. We concur.

210 22 03 52 CDR We have got quite a number of things that we

are going to have to update you on as far
as the - ... water ... our total diet is
much less than we were operating on preflight.
But that's really all we can take at the moment.
And we - we seem to be getting - improving
a little bit. But we're trying not to over -
overcommlt right now.

CC Okay, we copied the beginning and the end of

that, AI, but you went right over the top
of the Vanguard and they had to slew their
antenna around, so we missed your middle couple
of words.

CDR At the risk of repeating myself, the - we've

been moving along slowly Just as you indicated.
We kind of think we'd like to have a big
block of free time the rest of the day as we
try to get this done, without trying to meet
some schedule, and the same thing with tomorrow.
But my suggestion would be for planning tomorrow,
to plan on Just letting us keep going on this
activation as best we can. We're Just working
it in sequential order, like you suggested earlier.
/_ TAG Tape 210-II/T-20
Page 7 of 7/143

CDR And we'll know a lot more when we wake up tomor-

row morning, too. Right? We thought we'd be
feeling better this morning, but - and we were
for a while.

210 22 05 23 CC Okay. We'll do that. And I guess we'll Just

try to work you some sort of a real skeleton-type
thing on get up, postsleep, this type of thing,
and you all work along and keep us posted on
what you're doing and how you are progressing
and what sort of support you need from us, if
any. Over.

CDR Okay, we're going to be working on the activation,

so we've got a - a full plan there that we could
move out on as rapidly as we could do it. We've
got no shortage of work, I'll tell you that.

CC Okay, we realize that. Thank you.

210 22 06 27 CDR It might be interesting to know - as we're working

on this heat exchanger plate, wetting the - I've
only got one of them so far, but it's - it's
very wet, I'm going to wet it some more with the
procedure, but it looks through and through wet
at the moment.

CC Okay, I understand that when you removed the

plate from the mol sieve to commence the
procedure, it already looked wet?

210 22 06 50 CDR Sure did, very wet, and I'm going to wet it some
more, but it might be a data point for next time.

CC Okay, A1, thank you for the - the data point on

that. We suspect that with the - the dewpoint
where it is, it Just went ahead and wetted itself,
and maybe we can work something out for the next
mission based on this. We're 30 seconds to LOS.
Next station is Hawaii in i hour and 2 minutes from
now, and we'll give you a call over there.

210 22 07 33 CDR Roger.

TAG Tape 210-12fT-21 _ _! 7
Time: 210:22.:30 to 211:_:00
Page 1 of 7/145


210 23 09 55 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Hawaii for

4-1/2 minutes. Over.

CDR Okay, Houston. I read you loud and clear ....

Water separator ... in heat exchanger A in both
mol sieve A and B, and it looked to me like,
during the whole procedure, I never saw the gage
on the little metal adapter move at all, which
I think means that it's already completely
water-soaked. So it appears to me that those
two , four plates could have - you could have
Just turned it on and gone with that. What -
do you concur or not?

CC Okay, A1, we concur with your analysis of the

situation. And we had a little bit of noise right
at the beginning, but I understand that you have
completed the water separator plate servicing for
both tool sieves, and they are installed. Over.

CDR That's right. I did the heat exchanger A on both

mol sieves. I didn!t think we ever used B, so
I didn't do those.

210 23 ll 16 CDR I could sure do them if you wanted to, but they'd
probably dry out before we ever use them.

CC A1, we're happy with the configuration the way

you got it. When somebody has a chance, perhaps
this pass, we'd like to get a reading on the
waste processor exhaust pressure down there in
panel 800 in the WMC so we can compare out telem-
etry with your onboard read-outs of that quantity.


sitting on 0.061.

CC Okay, thank you, Owen.

TAG Tape 210-12/T-21 _-_
P_ge 2 of 7/146

CC Just for your information, on telemetry we're

showing a comparable reading of 0.013. We'd like
to, over a period, I guess, of a couple of hours
or so as the mission progresses, get some
additional data points, and we'll be back to you
with an analysis of the problem. Over.

210 23 iS 01 SPT Okay, now - We were having to cycle that dump

valve very frequently to avoid exceeding the max
exhaust pressure listed in the checklist, which
is 0.08, and we would cycle it to dump for 2, 3,
or 4 minutes and then have to go back to CLOSE in
order not to exceed that pressure, suggesting,
perhaps, that our meter on board was reading too
high, Does that make sense?

210 23 13 28 CC Roger, 0wen. That's why we asked you for a

comparative readout. That's our suspicion right
now, but we don't feel strongly enough about it
at the present time to tell you to go ahead and
disregard the meter, so stick with the checklist
as printed for the time being.

SPT Well, we' re already through with that procedure

anyway; we have managed to - to dump for a full
30 minutes integrated total. That pressure is
less than 0.08, as shown on our meter, and we're
proceeding on with the water activation nearly

CC Roger. Beautiful.

CC We're about 30 seconds from LOS at the present

time. Next station is Vanguard in 22 minutes at
23:36, and we'll be dumping the tape recorder
there. We did get some voice from somebody
recorded on the tape recorder the last dump. We're
still trying to track down what it was you said,
but don't tell us and spoil the suspense. Over.

SPT What was the subject?

210 23 14 40 SPT You've got us in suspense.

210 23 37 34 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard for

9 minutes. Over.
TAG Tape 210-12/T-21
Y Page 3 of 7/i_7 ,.

CDR Loud and clear, Houston.

CC Okay. We see a - -

CDR ... begin to activate - Are you still there?

CC Yes. We see a CAUTION and WARNING, and it looks

like it might be a GAS FLOW on M0L SIEVE A. Over.

CDR Roger. We're kind of thinking about it. We Just

got the mol sieve A activitated. It's Just, went
in 15 minutes and shifted. BED 2 is on ADSORB,
BED i is on DESORB, and the minute it shifted, it
gave us a caution and warning, and it's given us
about three intermittent ones since then. Usually
when we get over there, the light's out.

210 23 38 27 CDR Everything else looks exactly right.

CDR And perhaps this is the place that I can give

you a status report on how we're doing. You'd
indicated you might like one sent.

CC Okay, AI. This sieve flow problem that you're

having is the same thing that we saw on activation
of the first Skylab mission, and it Just seems
to take a little while for things to settle down
after you first activate the sieve at the
beginning of the mission. We recommend you
inhibit the sieve flow input to caution and
warning system, and we'll keep an eye on that -_
one from down here. Over.

210 2B 39 21 CDR Okay, Just did. Now, can I bring - you got a
few moments for me to bring you up to date?

CC Yes, fire away.

210 23 39 29 CDR Okay, if you've got your little yellow Flight

Plan out, I can tell you the things that we have
not done. And I think that would be - probably
be the best way.

CC Okay. Go.

CDR Let's look on G - page G.

TAG Tape 210-12/T-21 ..
Page 4 of 71148

CC Go.

CC Go ahead, A1.

23-0 23 39 53 CDR Okay. We have not done the waste _anagement

compartment water activation, but we will complete
that very shortly. So that's one that you don't
have to worry about, but we haven't done it yet.
The wardroom water activation is essentially
complete. We're Just checking it out and taking
a sample.

CC Okay.

CDR Okay. Next page.

CC Go.

CDR AM tape recorder replacement has not been done.

CC Roger.

CDR Okay. The PPCO - correction - PPO 2 sensor

replacement has not been done, CO 2 filter

replacement not done; SOP/SOMA reconfig not done;
CO samples, not done. Next page.

CC Okay, we copy - -

2]-0 23 40 52 CDR The LSU transfer, not done. We've not done the
returned water container fill and transfer, the
CM stowage transfer on 1.

CC Okay. Back on page H, we - -

CDR We have not - -

CC - - copied that you had completed the - -

CDR - - done the SMMD transfer in CAL. We've not

done the film transfer of the weigh food residue.
And we haven't done anything after that point.

CC Okay, and did we copy back on page H that you

did the condensate blanket installation and the
suit drying, second suit, up at the top of the page?
TAG Tape 210-,12/T-_I

CDR That's affirm-tive. We did that. __ _ _

CC Very g°°d-

CDR We're going to keep working here as best we can.

And I noticed that with the two pills and the
moving around quite a bit that we're feeling a
little bit better. But we'll Just have to keep
working at a nnm_nal pace. None of us feel like
eating very much. We usually Just - maybe take
one thing, and when we 're feeling best, eat it
and then press on from there. So we really
haven't sat down to anybig meals. We Just
haven't been able to take it.

CC Okay. We copy, and that's pretty much the way

we'd like you keep on operating, and it sounds

CDR Okay, and we will, of course, bring the food

people upto date when we finally get squared
away. We felt that it's probably - they don't -
they probably - The information that we could
furnish them tomorrow would probably be as good
as today. I don't think anybody wants to try
to guaff down any pills right now, either.

210 23 42 35 CC No, indeed. Just for your planning purposes,

we have you scheduled on the timeline_for an
evening status report next station pass, which
is Hawaii at 00:44 Zulu. And the one following
that is a Vanguard private medical conference,
scheduled to begin at 01:15 Zulu. Over.

CDR Okay. We'll take part in those when they come.

CC And when you have a chance, if somebody's up in

the command module, we' d like to go ahead and
shut down the S071/72 experiments - over a site
and - -

CDR Throw the switches off or what?

TAG Tape 210-12/T-21
Page 6 of 7/150

210 23 43 20 CC Right. It's the two switches, S071 to OFF and

S072 POWER to OFF, and we'd like to do that in
station contact if we can. Over.

CDR We'll do it right now.

CC Okay, we'll be watching, and someone who is not

headed for the command module, I'd like to get
to cycle the circuit breaker down on panel 613
and then check the panel 800 water dump pressure
so we can see if the meter is functioning properly.

SPT Okay, Just a minute, Bruce. I was Just opening

the WATER DUMP valve and trying to get this water
dump pressure down below 2 psi, down toward 0.7
where it indicates on page 2-51. And even though
I had the water dump open, I couldn't get the
pressure to drop further down, so what did you
want cycled over on the electrical panel?

CC Okay, 0wen. Panel 613, the circuit breaker

circuit breaker, we'd like you to open. And
then come back and read the WATER DUMP PRESSURE
meetle - meter on panel 800. Over.

SPT Stand by.

210 23 44 41 CDR 0kay_ and we've turned OFF both those switches,
Hous t on.

CC Okay ; thank you, A1.

SPT Was that BUS 1 or BUS 2 you wanted, Bruce?

CC That was BUS l, 0wen. And break, break; for A1.

When you turned those switches OFF, we were
watching the current up there in the command
module and, had the equipment been functioning,
we would have seen a drop of approximately 5 amps.
We saw nothing indicating that the gear had
already failed. Over.

210 23 45 38 SPT Okay, Bruce. I turned off BUS 1 and the WATER
DUMP PRESSURE is now reading full scale low.
TAG Tape 210-12/T-21
page 7 of 7/151

CC Okay, we copy, Owen. And you can go ahead and

reclose that circuit breaker, and we'll continue
to work on the problem.

SPT Okay. It looks like I 'm not going to be able to

get this dump press down below 2 psi.

210 23 46 01 CC Roger. We feel that there's a problem either

in the meter or in the transducer, and we've got
30 seconds until LOS. So, your next contact, as
noted earlier, is Hawaii in about 58 minutes.

SPT Roger.

CC Okay, Owen, on that dump pressure on the squeezer

bag, Just go ahead and do it by the seat of your
pants or by feel. We're not too terribly worried
about the actual pressure. Over.

SPT Okay, I understand, and I've reclosed the circuit


CC Roger. Out.

PLT And, Bruce, the iodine concentration in the

wardroom water is 7.0. Just sampled it.

210 23 h7 01 CC Understand. 7.0 iodine in the wardroom water.

Thank you.

TAG Tape 211-01/T-_2 - _ :-:
Time : 211: 00: 00 to 93_1:_01_L30:
Page 1 of 6/153


211 00 43 52 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS, Hawaii for i0 minutes.

211 00 _3 58 SPT Roger.

CDR Roger, Houston. Just a second.

CC Roger. Standing by.

SFT We noticed 8055's doing a little MAR on the

center of the sun there and S052 looks llke
they're Just cranked up for a " either stam_*_d
or a - probably a standard mode, is that right?

211 00 _4 29 CC That's - that's affiz,,ative, 0wen. And be ad-

vised, we are doing some other commnanding here
at this pass. We're going to update one of the
rate gyros and also update RU Z. And this is the
pass for the evening status report. And after
that I have a couple other things we would like
for you to do in the C_,-,.andmodule before bed-
time. And then I would like to t-]k to the CDR
a little bit about the Flight Plan before the
pass is over; and we still got about 9 minutes.

211 00 _4 56 CDR Okay, this is CDR. Let me give you the evening
status report.

CDR Let me go and get one of the squawk boxes; it's


CC Roger.

211 00 45 ii SPT While he's gone, do you want to tell me what you
want in the comm_ud module?

CC Roger, Owen, why don't I read them to you and

let's get ahead real quick. One thing we'd like
to do is in the Systems Checklist, page S/4-8,
Dual inverter reinitiate is the name of the
procedure. We want to go back to dual in-
verter operation to get our loads better squared
away for the evening. And then we want a do
some reconfiguration on the 02 system. We want
TAG Tape 211-01/T-22
Page 2 of 6/154

the MAIN 02 REGS to CLOSE; then we want the

CABIN REPRESS valve to open, which is clockwise.
Then we'd like the POTABLE H20 W_TER to OFF.
And finally on panel 352 the PRESSURE RELIEF
valve to OFF.

211 00 46 19 CDR Okay, I got that Houston.

CC Roger. And one thing also we wanted to add that

I'd forgot on my list was a fuel cell purge.

211 00 46 35 CDR Will do.

211 00 46 38 CDR Okay, here's the night report. Urine: we

sampled it today, but there is no way to measure
it and so it will come home with tracer in it, so
that's not applicable. Drinking water gun read-
ing: we Just got it activated, let me give you
the initial reading, 4490, 7330, 5475.

CC Roger, I got those, A1.

CDR Ok_7_ bod_" mass: 6.250, 6.274, 6.278; now the

SPT,_6.035, 6.035, 6.035; pilot, 6.958, 7.025,
7.000. And the CDR weight was short and in pencil
and we don't know how SPT and pilot did, but
they' ll tell you tomorrow.

CC Roger. I'm not sure I copied on the PLT's - the

first BMMD reading for PLT.

CDR 6.958.

211 00 47 48 CC Okay, A1, I got all that so far. Go ahead.

CDR No exercise. Medication: CDR, two scop/Dex;

SPT, two scop/Dex; PLT, two scop/Dex.

CC Roger.

CDR Okay, now I'm hesitant on reading the food log

because it is so different from what we did.
Let me tell you what we did.

211 00 48 15 CC Okay; go ahead.

CDR Okay CDR - Just a second I got to get the log.

P_ae 3 of 6/155

211 00 48 45 CDR Okay, the CDR had corn fl_kes, 'vanilla wafers t
orange drink, chicken and rice, butterscotch
pudding, and he's probably going to have some
other things before bed, but I don't know what
they are and I can tell you about -l'll give you
a recap on all of this food tomorrow.

CC Okay, and l've copied that so far on the CDR.

CDR Okay, the SPT had one piece of bread, namely one
half of a can; he had an orange drink, a choco-
late instant breakfast ; eight - and he will report
his meal C tomorrow.

CC Okay.

211 00 _9 3_ PLT Jack had an applesauce and he is going to have

some more for dinner, and he had 7-1/2 ounces of
co--,_ad module water plus 20 squirts of command
module water.

CC Roger, I got that.

211 00 49 51 CDR Okay, also the SPT had eight squirts from the
command module, H20 gun. CDR had 27 squirts from
the command module gun.

CC Okay.

211 00 50 i0 CDR Equipment relocation - let me talk about that.

We took some scop/Dex from the large can in 706
and the small container moved to - moved to the
rack in W-707. And we moved i0 trash bags from
569 to 568. And I've already given you a run-
down on the work we're doing. Right now l'm in
the process of transferring the Flight Data File
into the ...

CC Roger.

211 00 50 5_ CDR Can you think of anything you know of, Dick?

CC Yes - that's all you have; I do have a couple of

other things, but I Just wanted to make sure that
you were through.

CDR Ok ay.
TAG Tape 211-01/T-22
Page h of 6/156

211 O0 51 05 CC Okay, first of all, I'm not sure I said right

what we wanted done in the command module awhile
ago. It's an 02 fuel cell purge that we want
done in addition to that other list of things.
And we did have a question as to what you got
done yesterday. Did you, on around page 1-50
of the checklist, the rate gyro six-pack assembly
and the comm_d module stowage, did that get
accompli shed?

211 00 51 3h CDR No, it didn't. It's partially done in that

they're out and in the neighborhood of where
they should be, but they are not bolted down and
attached correctly. There's not but about 2-1/2
man hours of work left.

CC Roger, AI. That's perfectly okay with us, but

we Just wanted to keep our record straight about
how much, you know, we had gotten done. I would
like to shoot the breeze with you a little bit
about some flight planning for the next 3 or
days. We have some ideas and I would like to
pass them on to you and see what you think and -
and then if we have time I have another thing
to talk to you about before LOS.

211 00 52 08 CDR Sounds good; go ahead.

CC Okay. Essentially, what we thought we'd do is,

tomorrow Just have you get up and continuing to
press on as you see fit, right on through to
complete the Activation Checklist. Initial]y, we
think we would like to slip the EVA to day 5,
vice day h and that, in turn, will allow us to
put the activation regroup time and the EVA pre-
preprep - preprep on day 4. And we Just want you -
to make sure that you know we're happy with
this kind of a schedule and we wanted to be sure
that you were before we continued our planning.

CDR Roger; we couldn't ask for better than that. The

only other thing, I propose that you Just don't
wake us up tomorrow morning, and when we get up,
we'll start working.

211 O0 52 56 CC Okay, why don't we Just wait for you to put a

10,000 DO NOT ENTER in the DAS and we'll call you
when we see it.
_- TAG Tape 211-011T-22
Page 5 of 6/157

CDR Okay.

CC Okay, one more thing AI. You know yesterday we

had some problems driving the optics in the
comm-nd module. And right - In case we go LOS
here, we're about i minute away and your next
. pass is at V---_ard at 01:15; and that's • reed
conference. On the optics, we think it was
strictly eoinci - coincidence, and there's nothing
wrong with the optics. What we think happened
was when you PROed on - in on the VERB 50, NOUN
25, 204 display in P40 gimbal check, it turns out
that this disconnects the computer-to-optics
interface and increases the sensitivity of the
servo optics - servo loop to the hand controller.
And then when you exit P40 it reconnects this
interface. And it turns out, by looking at the
data, that it appears that it Just was a coinci-
dence that this was the time that we feel like
some of the problems had occurred. And this is
normal operations for the optics, and the way to
avoid the problem obviously would be to, if it
ever happened again, would Just be to complete
the star check and zero the optics prior to
PROing on the 204 display for the gimbal check.

211 00 54 13 CDR Okay, that's good news.

CC Okay, we're going LOS and we'll see you at -

The next pass is the med conference at Van_,-_d
and then I 'ii pick you up at Ascension.

211 O0 54 26 CDR Okay, good.

CC Righto.

211 00 54 34 CC And CDR, if you're there, I said that wrong.

The next pass will be another Vanguard pass and
I'll call you there.

211 O0 54 42 CDR Okay.

211 Ol 24 43 CC Skylab, Houston. I understand we got you here

Just for a second after the med conference. We're
about to go LOS; we expect Hawaii at 02:25.
TAG Tape 211-01/T-22
P_e 6 o_ 6/158

SPT Okay, Dick. And Just for information - I got

the ED52 passive cooler up into our chiller

211 Ol 2h 57 CC Roger.

211 01 24 59 PLT And the - -

TAG Tape 211-02/T-23
Time: 211:01:30 to 211:03:00
Page i of 5/159


211 02 22 50 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Hawaii for 2-1/2 minutes.

211 02 22 55 PLT 0_y, Dick, we got the command module stuff done.
Was there anything else you wanted done there?

CC Well, as a matter of fact, I did have a couple of

other things for you. One is - it's on panel 202.
We noticed that the ILCA INVERTER TEMP has gone up
a little bit. On panel 202, we'd like somebody to
pull ILCAHEATERS i circuit breaker to OPEN, and
we're going to watch it in between here at Hawaii
and Vanguard, which is your last pass prior to going
to bed. And when we get to Vanguard, we're either
going to get you to pull the HEATERS 2 circuit
breaker open or not, depending on how the temps
go in between here and there.

PLT Do you want Just one of them OPEN?

CC Yes, Just one. ILCA HEATERS i circuit breaker,

OPEN, and we're going to watch the temps.

PLT Okay.

CC And while l'm talking to you, also, we wanted to

confirm that your RATE GYRO INHIBIT switch to the
CAUTION AND WARNING is still - verify that it's
still inhibited prior to going to bed because we
are still getting some funnies off of GYRO Y-2.
And at the LOS of the last pass, you were telling
us about putting something in the chiller, and I
copied down you - ED52, and we're pretty sure you
meant ED32 in the chiller. And then I thought
somebody else gave me some status on something after
that, but that got cut off by the LOS.

211 02 24 32 PLT Wait i.

211 02 22 36 PLT Yes, I think I was telling you then that we got
everything done in the command module, Dick.

CC Okay, good. And the only other thing I have here

is, is you're not going to be needing any of that
block data in the Entry Checklist, but Just in case
you did, the day 213 data is also no good due to
TAG Tape 211-02/T-23
Page 2 of 5/160

bad weather, Just like the day 210 data was that
I read up to you yesterday afternoon.

SPT You're right. I'm sorry I called 52; it should

have been ED32.

CC Roger, 0wen. That's right. We didn't want to chill

down the spiders.

SPT (Laughter)

CC And, Skylab; Houston. This is a very low elevation

pass that we're going to be coming up on LOS shortly.
We'll see you at Vanguard at 02:53.

SPT 0kay, Dick.

211 02 25 44 CDR Okay, Dick, the ILCA number 1 - ILCA HEATERS number
1 is OPEN.

CC Roger. Thank you very much. And we still show

2 minutes on the clock here, but it is low elevation.
But I'm standing by; if you need to call, try.

CDR Hey, Dick, one thing has been bothering me all day.
You still there?

CC Yes, sir; go ahead.

CDR I still can't believe that those two tape recorders

we brought up here were in A-7; I haven't been able
to find those things. Now maybe I took them out
last night and set them somewhere, but I bet I've
looked in every box in this spacecraft.

CC I'm told A-9, A-9.

CDR Okay, that saves lot of problems. I've wasted a

little time hunting them, then.

CC Roger, A1. I think they're in A-9, and Gary Doerre's

showing me - leading me to page 1-50A in the
Activation Checklist about halfway down the left

CDR Copy says one- A-9, huh?

CC Yes. Or it might be written such that you couldn't

TAG Tape 211-02/T-23
Page 3 of 5/161 I

read it, or maybe you read it as A-7. It does

say A-9.

CDR Yes, maybe it's the speed. I Just couldn't read


211 02 27 28 CC Roger.

211 02 53 05 CC Skylab, Houston. We are AOS Vanguard for i0 minutes.

211 02 53 ii SPT Okay. Then we can either talk, or you can listen
to music; take your choice.

CC (Laughter) Well, let me talk for Just a second

here. One thing we'd noticed, that we have a slow
decrease in condensate DELTA-P of about 0.2 to
0.3 psi per hour. And EGIL says if this keeps on
in a linear fashion, that you might trip a CAUTION
AND WARNING at about a little over 8 hours from
now. So to ma_e sure you guys get a good night's
sleep, we'd suggest inhibiting that input to the
that's panel 207. We will take a real close look
at it tonight, and we won't let it get down so it
gives you any problems. And we can talk about
troubleshooting it tomorrow.

SPT Okay, Dick, we'll inhibit that. And do you want

a - one of the heat exchangers turned off, so we
can see which one might be leaking a little bit?

CC Stand by.

211 02 5_ 37 CC Skylab, Houston. In answer to your question:

negative; we'd Just as soon watch it. We are not
real sure that we really have a decent leak rate.
So we would like to stay in this present configu-
ration for tonight and ta1_ about that trouble-
shooting, if required, in the morning. And we have
looked at that inverter on ILCA, and we would like
to pull ILCA circuit breaker HEATERS, two, to OPEN.

SPT Okay, we'll do that, Dick, and another comment or

two here. I think the Flight Surgeon mentioned
that you'd be interested in a few temperatures
which I was going to report to him in the morning,
but we have already taken them, so 1,11 go ahead
and give you the numbers down now. I incidentally
TAG Tape 211-02/T-23
Page 4 of 5 /162

took them on two thermometers, Just to double i

check, since we probably haven't had them cali-

brated for a while. And the PLT on the two
thermometers, in order, were 96.6 and 96.2. The
SPT was 97.2 and 97.2 and the CDR was 97.0. And
I never got around to catching him with the second
thermometer. And we've all finished, or Just about
finished our supper for the evening, and are all
feeling much more comfortable at this point.

211 02 55 48 CC Hey, that sounds real good.

CC And, Skylab; Houston. We have also noticed the

beds in the mol sieve A don't seem to be cycling
properly, or cycling at all. And we'd like for
you to select MOL SIEVE A TIMER switch to SECONDARY.

211 02 56 17 CDR Okay.

CC And if you would, if somebody'll do that now while

we can watch it, we still got about 7 minutes here
at Vanguard, and I'm standingby. _-

PLT Okay, we' re on our way to do that.

CC Okay.

CDR Tell them the kid is coming back.

CC Roger.

CC Roger; that's - (laughter)


211 02 57 _5 CC Sounds like a party going on up there.

CDR Say, Dick, I Just took a look at them. MOL SIEVE A

is - I mean BED 1 is in DESORB. BED 2 is in ADSORB,
and I selected the SECONDARY timers, do you want
me to do anything else with that now?

CC Stand by Just a second, A1. I'll get right back

to you.
TAG Tape 211-02/T-23
Page 5 of 5/163

CDR I think m_ybe we have Just found out what was

wrong. I looked at the nitrogen supply; it was
not completely open.

CC Roger. Stand by Just a second. I'll get right

back to you when I get that new input.

CDR Before we lose co_n here, you may want me to Just

switch them around, so we won't bother that one
BED that's been in ADSORB so long.

CC Roger. EGIL is looking. And, incidentally, the

mat in case we do go LOS here - stand by 1. I'm
Just about to get a procedure for you.

CDR Okay.

CDR I'm suspicious it's the nitrogen pressure.

211 02 59 45 CC And, CDR; Houston, we will like for you to take

the MOL SIEVE A TIMER switch and cycle it again
back to PRIMARY and then back to SECONDARY.

CDR I didn't have - the SECONDARY has Just shifted it

over; I saw it go.

CC Roger.

211 02 59 54 CDR Okay, but I'll go back to PRIMARY now. Gosh, you
can hear them. Okay, they have shifted over. Do
you want me to go back to PRIMARY now?

211 0B 00 09 CC Stand by.

Tape 211-03/T-2h
Time: 211:03:00 to 211:10:30
Page i of i / 165


211 03 O0 05 CDR Okay, they've shifted over. You want me to

go back to PRIMARY now?

CC Stand by -

211 03 00 34 CC CDR, Houston. Would you verify - verify for us,

is the switch in PRIMARY or SECONDARY now?

CDR It is in SECONDARY, as instructed, -

CC Roger.

CDR But I think the problem was the nitrogen.

211 03 O0 45 CC Okay, A1. We would like to leave the switch


CDR Okay, consider it done. Yes, you're right, I

was looking at the DELTA-P. It's down to -
about 2-1/2 indicated on our small tank here.

211 03 O1 03 CC Roger. We are real happy now. Looks like the

beds are cycling normally, and we'll keep a
good watch during the evening.

211 03 01 13 CDR Okay.

211 03 02 12 SPT Say, Dick, would you ask the - the BMMD people
down there to turn those numbers we sent down
in evening status report into pounds and send
them up on the teleprinter tomorrow morning?

211 03 02 17 CC Roger. We'll - we'll get them up to you, Owen.

We are about 1 minute from LOS here at Vanguard,
and Flight's been around the room, and we have
looked at the bird. It looks real good for
the night. So you guys sleep tight and give
us - put the enter - entry in on the DAS when
you want to be called in the morning, and we
will talk to you then.

211 03 02 _6 SPT Okay. Good night, Dick.

TAG Tape 21_-0_/T-25
Time: 211:10:30 to 211:12:00
P_e 1 of 7/167


211 ii 06 28 SPT Hello, Houston.

CC Good morning, Owen. We've got you for about

16 minutes.

CC Good morning, Skylab. We've got you for about

16 minutes. How do you read, Owen?

CC Skylab, Houston.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS over the states

for about 15 minutes. How do you read now?

211 Ii 07 42 PLT Roger. Coming in good.

CC Roger, Jack. We're AOS for about 15 minutes.

Do you read okay?

PLT Hello, Houston. How do you read?

CC Loud and clear. How me?

211 11 08 02 PLT Okay. We got up a little early. We heard some

gas pulsing into the workshop towards the STS
area. And we came up here, and we been listen-
ing to it. We get rapid pulses of gas and
sometimes a constant on, and it sounds like
the Junction where the - the cabin regs dump
into the workshop ducts. And we seem to be
unable to do much about it. We don't know
if this is a normal operation or - we haven't
heard it before. And if it's not, we haven't
been able to isolate it to a particular cabin
reg or anything like that.

CC Okay, Jack. l'm having a little difficulty

reading you. Maybe if you got a little bit
closer to the mike. The problem on that is
we've got the 02 and N2 FILL VALVES, OPEN,
because we were losing cabin pressure last
night. And we never were able to locate why
we got it down to about _.7, and we decided
to go ahead and open it up and start filling
it rather than wake you gums up.
TAGTape211-0_/T-25 _-
Page 2 of 7/168

211 ii 09 08 PLT Okay. I guess we didn't hear it until Just

a little while ago, then, and we hadn 't been
able to psych out the problem here, and we ...
these regs?

CC Jack, I'm having still a pretty bad time

trying to read you. We would like to know
if perhaps someone got up around - oh, around
05:00 GMT and did anything that might have
caused this to start losing cabin pressure.

CDR No, the first time anybody got up was when we

heard this gas coming in. It is coming in
intermittently is the thing that puzzles us
a little bit. Also we tried a couple of trouble-
shooting procedures, but I think he explained
that we turned off the 120 psi reg. And we
notice that the pressure con - continues to
go down, but that's ... fill valves. We also
turned off the cabin pressure reg, and it
continued to go down.

PLT Houston, do you wantus to go around and close

some of the pressure relief valves?

211 ll l0 26 CC Okay, stand by just one moment, Jack.

CC Skylab, Houston. I guess we didn't quite get

everything you saidyou were doing there
regarding the cabin pressure, but we would
like you to go back to a nominal configuration
on the - on the 02/N 2 panel there.

211 ll ll 08 PLT Okay, we're in nominal configuration. We

noticed that whenever we turned off the main
reg, the pressure kept on coming down, so
apparently it wants to keep dumping into the

CC Jack, I'm really having a difficult time

reading you. I was receiving A1 okay a while
ago. I don't know if it's the box you're
using or what, but you're - you're coming in
very - very scratchy and garbled.

PLT How do you read me now, Crip?

p TAG Tape 211-0_/T-25
P_e 3 of 7l 169

CC Skylab, Houston. If somebody is in the

vicinity of the DAS, if you could go ahead
and clear that 10,O00 code for us, we'd
appreciate it.

PLT How do you read me now, Crip?

211 ll 12 21 PLT Crip, are you reading me any better now?

CC Yes, Jack. That 's somewhat better now.

PLT Okay, what we've been hearing is cycling on

and off of gas emission. We hear it most
distinctly right where the sieves dump into
the - the duct that goes into the workshop
or to the MDA. And we happen to know that's
where the cabin regs d,-.p.02 into the system.
And they're cycling on intermittently.

211 ii 12 55 CC Okay, Jack. We copied that. And we can

attribute that to the way we're doing the -
the fill on these 02/N 2 valves now.

PLT Okay. I asked you a little while ago if you

wanted us to go around and close some cabin
relief valves.

211 ll 13 50 CC Skylab, Houston. What we would recommend is

that you would get your rapid DELTA-P cue card
and go through the portion of it that has you
go around and looking for possible leaks.

PLT ...

211 ll 14 21 CC Skylab, Houston. We recommend that you get

your rapid DELTA-P cue card and go through the
portions of it that has you looking for various

CDR Okay, we 're working on it.

CC Okay, thank you.

211 ll 16 h9 CDR Are you still there, Houston?

CC That's affirmative, A1. We've still got you

for about 5-1/2 minutes.
Page_,of ? I156

CDR Okay. We've closed the forward AM hatch per

procedure and closed the forward hatch on the
MDA. That's the forward hatch on the lock
and the forward hatch on the MDA. It's quit
taking up oxygen at the moment. We can feel
a flow of air from the OWS to us, but - Okay,
just a s_cond, let's check it.

CC Okay, A1. Really what we were interested in

Was the - the leak isolation area of the cue
card, if you go - if you could go around and -
and check the various places the - there might
be leaks.

CDR Roger. We went through the first part to see

if we could maybe isolate as to which compart-
ment ; then we could work in that compartment.

CC Roger.

211 ii 19 h7 CDR Houston, when you said 05:00, did you mean

• CC That 's affirmative, A1. Should have been a

couple of hours a1_ter you went - went to bed.
One of the items we suspected maybe was, that
somebody went to the waste management compart-
ment, and some item in there might have caused
some leaks.

CDR We can check it out. I'll tell you what we

did do, we dumped the trash airlock a couple
of times too, at about 05:00.

CC Okay. You might check to make sure that

handle is in the full detent on the PRESS,
PRESS position.

CDR That's a good idea. We'll give it a go.

CDR Our indications, as we played with the hatches

here, indicate that it is down in the OWS.
MY guess is that that's exactly what it is.
We're going to go down and look at it.

CC 0kay.
_ TAG Tape 211-041T-25
Page 5 of 71 171

211 ii 21 31 CC Skylab, Houston. We're i minute from LOS.

b We'll have you iagain over Madrid at 11:27,

CDR Okay, we took a look at the trash airlock.

Indeed, the handle wasn't positioned properly,
and we also hear a slight hissing noise out
of the trash airlock.

CC Okay. Hope we've found it then.

CDR Okay. We'll fool with it a little bit.

211 ii 21 55 CC Okedoke, thank you.

211 ll 26 h6 CC Skylab, Houston. We have you AOS over Madrid

for the next 7 minutes.

CDR Roger. I went back and looked at that handle

again and the handle was halfway between - I'm
not down there to read the label, it's either
VENT or CLOSE, and I •must asstlne that, after
we finished last night, I either left
it there or when - when I was floating back
and forth between the head and the sleep com-
partment, and the wardroom, I gave it a nudge
with my foot, and put it midway between them.

PLT Yes, it was halfwaybetween close vent and

press, Crip.

CC Roger. We copy, thank you.

211 ll 27 30 CDR Roger. Also, when I got down there, I could

put my ear to it, and hear it leak. In fact,
if I Just take the handle now and move it
midway, you can hear it as i_c puts pressure
into the trash airlock, but I ass_e it Just
doesn't hold it. It also vents it when it's
halfway between. It's got to be one or the
other position and it doesn't look like that
vent position has a - has a - a detent.

CC Okay. We copy that. I'm informed that that

happened a couple of times last mission, also.
TAG Tape 211-0_/T-25 ....
Page 6 of 7 /172

We assume that that was the leak then, and d

we're going to back out of this fill that we
were doing with the airlock fill valve, and
go bgck to normal configuration on your pres-

211 ll 28 15 CDR Okay, but how about explaining to me before

you go, how they can fill and not Just keep
it going. Do they somehow have a regulator
they can work through?

CC Those are Just pressure switches, A1, and they

were Just cycling with the pressure.

211 ll 28 32 CDR Okay. So when they go to fill, it cycles at

a certain pressure to let 02 and N2 or just
CC It's - it's to let - to let both in.

PLT Were you filling in the airlock fill, or in

the workshop fill, Crip?

CC It was the airlock _ill, Jack.

PLT Okay. Now that apparently comes in at the

same place where the cabin regs dump in. Is
that right ?

CC That 's - that 's affirmative, Jack. That 's

where it dumps in. Through the ECS ducts.

PLT Okay, so that was the intermittent - on and

off - the intermittent condition that we were

211 ll 29 13 CC That's affirmative. And we kind of - we sus-

pected that you might be able to hear it, but
I guess we were given that option, or sitting
here and letting a caution and warning go off
on you.

PLT Does that come in downstream of the cabin regs?

CC I'm sorry, would you say that again?

TAG Tape 211-0h/T-25
Page 7 of 7/173

t PLT Does that come in downstreamof the cabin reg?

CC We'll check that.

CC Jack, that is downstream of the - the cabin

regs, so - Stand by 1.

PLT Jack, that's - that's really a parallel flow

of - to the regs and the - and the fill valves.
So it's not really in series at all.

PLT Okay, well, i was wondering why I couldn't shut

off the condition of - gas by turning off the
cabin regs. I turned them off and it Just kept
coming in.

CC That 's affirmative. You could turn them off

and that wouldn't affect the fill valves.

PLT Okay. That explains it then. Thank you.

211 ll 32 _3 CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute until LOS.

We'll have you again at Honeysuckle at 12:13,
12:13. Sorry you were so rudely awakened. I
hope everybody's feeling good this morning.

SPT I think so, Bob.

CC Very good, Owen.

SPT We're going back to bed for a while now.

CC Okay. Do you want me to give you a call at

Honeysuckle or not?

SPT I think not, Bob. As you can tell, we were

up a little late. We did stay up until mid-
night Houston time. 05 Zulu with that trash
airlock and then doing some food stuff. So we
really only had about 6 hours or so in the
pad, and I think we' ll probably get a couple

CC Okay, that sounds good. If you'll Just give us

another i0,000 when you'd like us to give you -
to start talking to you, that'd be fine.

211 ll 33 28 PLT Wilco.


TAG Tape 211-06/T-27
Time: 211:12:00 to 211:15:00
Page 1 of 1/175


" TAG Tape 211-07/T-28
Time: 211:15:00 to 211:16:30
Page i of 9/177


211 15 26 i0 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Honeysuckle for

8 minutes and 20 seconds. Good morning. Over.

PLT Good morning, Bruce. How are you doing?

CC Hello. We're doing real fine down her. How

are y'all doing?

PLT We're getting our blood drawn.

CC You're evading the issue.

211 15 26 40 PLT What's new on the ground?

CC Not a great deal, Jack. We've Just been

sitting around here monitoring systems and
letting y'all get a - a good night's rest. I
have a few things this morning and when you
all feel like getting to work and all that,
why, we're ready to go to work with you.

PLT Well, we've been up since about 8 o'clock

working. We're going throught the postsleep
stuff and getting some of the other things
done that got - we got behind on.

211 15 27 15 CC Oks_, when you have a break or get a chance,

you might tell us the things that you've
accomplished and we can check them off down
here on our Flight Plan and we'll know more
about where you are.

PLT Well, we got the blood drawn and we're about

to put it on the centrifuge. The rest of the
stuff we'll tell you about later, but don't
hold your breath.

CC I'm not in the habit of holding m_ breath.

211 15 31 16 CDR Houston, CDR.


TAG Tape 211-07/T-28

Page 2 of 9/178

CC Go ahead, CDR.

CDR When I was putting the checklist changes is

the SWS System Handbook today, I noticed that
I only had one set, whereas there's two of
those on board. Is it your plan Just to keep
one of them updated or what?

CDR Also, I noticed we got two solar activity pads.

Maybe somehow we got two of those instead of
two of the other.

211 15 32 16 CC We're discussing that now, A1. And in the

mean time, we'll Just give you a couple of
quick ones. When somebody goes by the ATM
next time, we'd like to get the l0,000 cleared
out of the DAS. It's no problem this site
but we may be doing some commanding over
Hawaii the next one. And a little later on
this morning, we're going to be asking you to
do a modified malfunction procedure on the
condensate system, since you've lost CONDENSATE
TANK DELTA-P and the dewpoint is creeping,
up there. Over.

2_1115 32 _9 CDR Okay, I kind of suspected you would. I - I'ii

be ready to do them. I'm Just finishing
breakfast here and I've got my postsleep stuff
done. I'll be ready to start on that whenever
you are. And then I Can do my other things
afterwards, before, anyway you want to work

CC Skylab, Houston. We're showing 1 minute to

LOS; and next station contact is over Hawaii
at 15:46 in about 13 minutes. We're working
the problem of number of messages we sent up,
here. Right now it locks like we only sent
up one SAP. I wonder if you could check in
a minute and see if you have two copies of
message 311 - 0311 Charlie on board. Over.

211 15 33 59 CDR I'm looking at the SAP right now and I've
got - it's number 0311 Charlie and I got
two of those.
TAG Tape 211-07/T-28
Page 3 of 9/179

CC Okay, thank you.

211 15 3h 09 CDR Okeydoke.

211 15 h7 00 SPT Hello, Houston.

CC Go ahead, Skylab.

211 15 47 04 SPT Okay, Bruce. Let me give you some report on the
ii0 that was done - stock numbers and so forth.
The ASPs used were the following in the order of
CDH, SPT, and PLT. CDR, 159; 155, and 135. The
BSVs in the same order, CDR, 022; SPT, 023;
PLT, 02h. Those are the stock numbers on the
three. The ASPs are being centrifuged right
now. And the BSVs are taped in the chiller
compartment. Now I obtained the ASP and syringes
from the SL2 kit and thought perhaps I could get
the BSVs out of there. But apparently there were
Just barely enough BSVs to go around, because there
were no extra BSVs in the LS-2 box, and I had to
open our own SL-3 box to get these three BSVs
out. Now there was one other problem when I got
inside of our blood-drawing kit there. The first
BSV that I pulled out had, somehow or other, had
its seal broken, because all of the liquid inside
the little vial has come out and then has apparently
solidified on the inside of the celophane package.
Now this m_y not be familiar to you unless you are
familiar with what this BSV looks like, but
the biomed people should understand all these
comments. So the impact of this is we have one
fewer BSV in the SL-3 kit than we had planned
and there were apparently no spares in the SL-2
kit, so the next time I have to use them at
the end of the mission, if there aren't any
extras in there, which I didn't see, I'll have
to go to SL-_ to get it. Is that straight
so far? Over.

211 15 48 58 CC Okay, Owen. Copy your comments on the BSVs and

I'm f_miliar with the configuration on them. Let
me read back these ASP and BSV numbers to you.
CDR, SPT, and PLT: the ASPs were 159, 155, and
135; the BSVs were 020, 023, and 02h. Over.

SPT Yes, that's right. And they are also, of

course, coded with a little colored dot, so I
guess that 's Just backup. But, anyway, we
figure the ... all through with the ll0 and the
centrifuge will turn off on time.
TAG Tape 211-07/T-28
Page 4 of 9/180

211 15 49 B2 CC Okay, we copy. And we are talking to you

through Hawaii with about 6 minutes left in
this pass.

SPT Okay, nothing else from me here. Sort of a

late start; I'm Just now getting to my breakfast.

211 15 49 49 CC Okay, no rush. We can hear some music going in

the background, so it sounds like things are
looking up.

211 15 49 54 SPT I think so.

211 15 50 09 SPT I'm Just planning to throw away this ruined

BSV unless there's some reason somebody wants
it brought back home. All it amounts to is
apparently the fluid has leaked out and then
it's a sort of a yellow deposit all on the
inside of the celophane bag. I don't imagine
it's of any use to anybody. I'll throw it away
unless told otherwise.

CC Okay, Owen. We concur on that.

9_ll15 50 52 SPT You might be able to verify also that each

of these kits only has the six BSVs in it and
no more. Could you do that - is that correct?

CC I believe that is correct. We will verify it.

SPT Thank you.

CC Skylab, Houston. One minute until LOS Hawaii.

Next site is Goldstone at 15 plus 58 in
approximately 3-1/2 minutes. Out.

211 15 54 40 SPT Okay, Bruce. See you there.

211 15 58 02 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone for

approximately 6-1/2 minutes. Out.

211 16 00 02 CDR Houston, why don't I give you the PRD readings
for this morning?

CC Wy don't you?
TAG Tape 211-07/T-28
Page 5 of 9/181

CDR Okay. 45012, 19005, 07012.

211 16 00 19 CC Okay. 45012, 19005, and 07012. While we're

talking with you, AI, I guess we've got a
philosophical question here. There are some
checklists, such as the SWS Systems Checklist,
for which you have multiple copies on board.
And I guess our feeling is that we should either
update all copies or should disregard - discard
the extra ones and Just stick with the number
you need to operate with. We're prepared to
send you up multiple copies of the changes if
you would like to go that way. What's your
feeling? Over.

CDR I guess the SWS Systems Checklist is the only

one we really have that way, isn't it? Or are
there some others?

211 16 01 15 CC We're tracking that down now, AI; I'ii have

an answer for you. The SWS Systpms is the most
obvious one.

CDR I'ii tell you what, we probably ought to start

doing both of them and, if it turns out that
it is a big time consumer, then fall back and
Just do one and we'll take the other book and
put it away somewhere where we won't get it.

211 16 01 h9 CC Okay, we copy; and your multiple changes will

be on the way. In this particular case, we have
a change to the change, so we're going to be
sending you two more copies of what was change
number 2 and is now change number 2 Alfa to the
SWS Systems Checklist, and an additional copy for
one change. Over.

CDR Sounds good. And I'ii stick those in and then

we'll - we'll see how it goes - see what level
of traffic we have on that checklist. I'm
hoping that - You know several of them this
morning were things we discussed that never got
in, and so maybe that'll stop - maybe we won't
have near the traffice on them any more.
TAG Tape 211-07JT-28
Page 6 of 9/ 182

211 i0 02 30 CC Okay. And while we're getting statuses squared

away, has anybody taken any medication this morning?

CDR Jack took a scop Dex; I did not. Let me ask

Owen. And Owen did not.

CC Okay; we copy.

211 16 02 53 CDR I know you're wondering. Subjectively, it looks

like that - that - I'd say 0wen is about the
same as he was yesterday morning. He improved
through the day until yesterday evening; he was
quite frisky. I'm not quite as frisky as I was
late yesterday but I feel good, and I was able
to get down all breakfast. So at least we got a
fighting start there. Jack is not feeling too
good still. He was feeling better yesterday late,
and then getting up this morning he's - he's
a little bit slow. So essentially I think that
he's not going to be working as fast as - as
we'd like him. And I don't think that Owen and
I are going to be working fast as we'd like our-
selves to either.

CC Okay, we copy all of that, A1. We've got about

40 seconds to LOS here. The next station will
be Bermuda in 4 minutes.

211 16 04 00 CDR Okay.

211 16 09 30 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Bermuda for

9 minutes. Out.

211 16 09 36 CDR Okay, Bruce.

211 16 13 45 CC Skylab, this is Houston with about 5 minutes to

LOS. When someone is free, we have a malfunction
procedure with a modification that we'd like to
read up to you for the condensate DELTA-P problem.

CDR Okay, go ahead then.

TAG Tape 211-07/T-28
Page 7 of 9/183

P 211 16 lh 05 CC Okay, AI. Basically we'd like you to perform -

ECS malf number 30 with mods to blocks 3 and 7.
Let me read them through and, if you want to get
your book out, then I can read them over again.
In block 3, we want to add "Report position of
the bladder in the airlock module condensate
tank." And in block 7, we want to change it to
read on the first bullet to "Perform airlock
module condensate t-nk dump to waste tank per
SWS Systems Checklist, page 9-6, instead of the
holding t-nk dump," as it shows in the m=lf
procedure. Over.

CDR Say the last two sentences again, please.

211 16 lh 58 CC Okay. Change block 7 in the ECS m_If 30 to read

"Perform AM condensate t-n_ dump waste tank in
accordance with SWS Syst_ma Checklist, page 9-6,
instead of the holding tank dump," as it's
called out in the malfunction procedure right
now. Over.

CDR Okay, understand.

CC And in the SWS Systems Checklist, you can disregard

the caution to keep the waste processor exhaust

I pressure below 0.08 psia for this dump. Over.

CDR Okay.

211 16 17 37 CC Skylab, Houston. One minute to LOS at Bermuda.

Next station will be Ascension at 16 plus 25
in approximately 7-1/2 minutes.

211 16 25 12 CC Skyl_b, this is Houston through Ascension for

i0 minutes. We have a few comments for you when
you have a chance. Over.

SPT Go ahead, Bruce. What are your comments?

211 16 25 49 CC Okay, Owen, for your information, the S055 door

hung up during unattended ops last night on
opening five times when the sunrise signal was
issued. Each time, it opened after the pr_m-_y
drive motor was cycled OFF and then back ON, and
then a DOOR OPEN command reissued. We've up dated
the X-2 rate gyro compensation by a small amount
TAG Tape 211-07/T-28
Page 8 of 9/ 18h

and we'll Just keep you posted whenever we do this.

If we do have a CMG SAT condition, we want to
rectify it with TACS control until our quad B
problem is completely analyzed and procedures
resolved. And when one of you has a moment to
enable us to continue our inverter/LCA temperature
troubleshooting procedures up on panel 202, we'd
like to get the ILCA B-_.ATERS, number 2 only, circuit
breaker, CLOSED. Over.

SPT ILCA number 2 circuit breaker. Stand by.

CC Okay, tb_k you - -

211 16 27 00 SPT A1 is on his way up right not.

CC Thank you.

SPT How is the Y-2 looking?

211 16 27 14 CC Well, not much I can say - I can say on Y-2, Owen,
other than the fact that it's sort of performing
like it has been for the past couple of days. We're
concerned over the fact that we have to continually
update it and are continuing to examine our
options down here. Over.

SPT Okay.

211 16 27 40 CDR Okay, the circuit breaker's on, Bruce.

CC Okay, AI, and you probably have some teleprinter

messages, including the checklist changes, in
the process of coming up right now; we hope to
have them all up by the end of this pass at
Ascension. Over.

CDR Oka_v, I'll wait a few minutes before I pick

them up there.

CC Okay.

211 16 28 02 SC You wanted a report on the bladder in the

condensate tank - it is completely at the empty

CC Okay, thank you, A1.

" TAG Tape 211-07/T-28
Page 9 of 9/16_

211 16 28 lh CDR Okeydoke.


TAG Tape 211-08/T-29

Time: 211:16:30 to 211:18:00
Page 1 of 8/187


211 16 31 13 CDR Bruce, I'm Just getting out the SWS Malfunction
procedures, and I'm wondering - I have had a chance
to update this book with any changes that we might
have brought up. Are there any? Or should I Just
go ahead and use the procedures that I - that's
been up here all along?

CC Okay, A1, I don't show any in the book we got here,

we show the date of 7 March. We are checking with
the back room on that though.

211 16 32 05 CC Okay, A1, that is the latest page for that proce-
dure. Of course, other pages in the book have
been updated.

CDR Okay.

CC Skylab, this is Houston with 1 minute until LOS.

Next station contact is Carnarvon at 16 plus 58
in 23 minutes from now. Out.

211 i6 35 lO CDR Okay, Bruce.

211 16 58 29 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Carnarvon for

9-1/2 minutes. Out.

211 17 07 58 CC Skylab, this is Houston. One m_nute to LOS. Next

station contact will be Guam at 17:13 in approxi-
mately 7 minutes. For your information, the ILCA
temperature is down to h3 degrees now, and it looks
like it's okay. We're going to leave the circuit
breaker in and continue to monitor on telemetry.
Over Guam, we'd like to get an update from you all
on your status with regard to progress through the
activation task for each crewman. And if the
Commander is listening, the items that we found
on the Flight Data File with multiple copies are,
the EREP Checklist, 2 copies ; SWS Systems, 2 ;
and Deactivation, 3. Over.

CDR Okay, I guess we're going to have to have changes

to ,I I of them for deactivation, what we can prob-
ably do if it - if we - yes, that would be
the one thing to do for that. For the EREP we use the
cards, so we'll change the cards, and only a single
item appears on the card. We use the cards as
opposed to the checklist anyway.
TAG Tape P--II-08/T-29
Page 2 of 8/188

211 17 08 ll CC Roger. Out.

CDR As far as getting anything done, as far as acti-

vation, we did our postsleep checklist, Bruce,
and then, since that time, we've been

CC Okay, I copy, A1.

CDR And so when we start working on that other, I'll

let you know.

211 17 08 32 CC Roger. Out.

211 17 13 B0 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Guam for 7-1/2 min-

utes. For your information, we'll be dumping the
data and voicetape recorder next pass at Gold-
stone. Out.

CDR Okay.

CC Skylab, this is Houston. On telemetry, we're

watching your condensate tank DELTA-P and show
it is about 1.6. We're wondering if you'd care
to give us a status on where you are in the malf,
and if there's any way we can assist you. Over.

CDR Okay. I got to the malf to the point where it

said step 7, where you said go dump the AM con-
densate tank dump. Now, as I reported to you,
the bladder was at that end of the tank anyway;
in other words, the empty end. So I've presently
dumped it per your instructions. And it's going
to be completely empty in a second.

211 17 16 40 CC Roger. We understood your call on the position,

and Roger your actions.

CDR Okay, now. The thing that puzzles me on this, it

says, "Observe bladder during dump and ... bladder
bottoming out before next operation." Well, see,
the bladder was already bottomed out.

211 17 17 02 CC Roger. We copy. Our feeling is that we probably

got ambient cabin pressure, both in the condensate
holding tan_ down in the workshop, and on the
backside of the bladder, at this stage of the

TAG Tape 211-08/T-29

Pa_e 3 of 811_9 •

game s with the gas on the backside of the bladder

leaking in through that vented cap and through
the pressurization valve, so it's probably two
problems. We'd like to go ahead and go through
the malfunction procedure.

CDR Okay. How long do you want me to wait before I

assume that the bladder is near empty, and go to

CC You can go ahead and do that now, /%1.

211 17 17 45 CDR Okay, I'll do it.

CC Skylab, Houston. We saw your condensate tank

DELTA-P build up to about 2-1/2 and then it dropped
back pretty rapidly to 0.6 and is now 0.9. Is
there any problem? Over.

211 17 19 3h CDR Just following the procedure. It builds up to

this 2-1/2 when we began, and the CONDENSATE TANK
H20 valve was in DUMP and it was configured llke
all - the procedure on page 9-6. Okay, then I
went up, the bladder was near empty. In fact,
it was against the bottom, as I mentioned, and I
and that's when it dropped the pressure.

211 17 20 05 CC Going to VACUUM dropped the pressure on you?

CDR It dropped the DELTA-P, yes. It had the 2-1/2

when we were - when the CONDENSATE TANK I_FRSURE
valve was in PRESS.

CC Roger. Out. And we have about 30 seconds to LOS.

Next station contact is Goldstone at 17:37 in
16 minutes.

CDR Okay, and you'll notice it's building up slowly


CC Roger. We copy.

CDR Okay.

CC And we think the system is acting as designed.

TAG Tape 211-08/T-29
Page 4 of 8/190

211 17 20 _B CDR Concur. Hope we don't overstress the bladder.

CC No comment.

CDR It's your feeling then, that it's not the rater
separator plates that are not - that are letting
the air in, huh?

CC We don't know enough Just yet, A1, to make a

Judgment on that. You go on through the malf;
that should become obvious later on.

211 17 21 17 CDR Okay.

211 17 36 57 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone for

6 minutes. Out.

CDR Okay, I'm still working on the proce - -

PLT Hey, Bruce, is this page 2-11?

CC Yes, it is, Jack.

PLT Thank you.

211 17 37 18 CDR Okay, here's what occurred. I went through

step 12 and then I ass,linedthat the dewpoint was
left in the heat exchanger out temperature. So
I went over to block 13. I established DELTA-P
and then I turned off both HEAT EXCHANGER A
CONDENSATE isolation valves, and I'm taking a
look at the arrangement now and the DELTA-P is
3-1/2, which is the highest it's been all day.

CDR It says, DELTA-P decreasing? Answer, no, because

actually the DELTA-P is increasing.

CC Okay ; stand by.

CDR Roger .... a little.

211 17 38 35 CC Skylab, Houston. Your assumption that the dew-

point was less than the heat exchanger output
temperature was not a correct one. In fact, the
dewpoint is a fair amount hi_her. It's up about
53 degrees. Over.

TAG Tape 211-081T-29

Page 5 of 8/191 :

CDR Okay, I noticed that we're getting a lot of

bubbles and water in the condensate tank now.
It seems to pulse. Now the pressure drops 2-1/2
and it has been a little bit higher.

CC Okay, we're showing about 3 on telemetry at the

present time, and the dewpoint is 53 degrees.

211 17 39 16 CDR Okay, and it Just went up to 3-1/2. Something

was wrong, so I'm going to go back to block 12
and go to block 14.

CC Roger.

CDR It's really pi_ng up the DELTA-P, now.

CC Okay, and we're dumping your data and voice tape

recorder this pass, in case .you're wondering
about that.

211 17 40 47 CDR I Just opened both HEAT EXCHANGER A valve, and

the DELTA-P now is about 3-1/2.

CC Okay, understand you opened both HEAT EXCHANGER A

valves. Over.

CDR That 's affirmative. I 'm backing up.

CC One minute to LOS, Skylab. Next station contact

will he through Texas at 17 :43 ; a handover.

211 17 42 36 CDR Okay.

211 17 44 25 CC Skylab, Houston, now coming to you through MLA

for the next ll minutes. And be advised that we
were unable to dump the data voice tape recorder
over Goldstone. We're going to do it at the
present time.

CDR Why is it that we never get a DELTA-P higher than

about 2-1/27

CC In work.

211 17 46 16 CC Whatever it is you're doing right now, A1, we're

up to about 3-1/2, 3.6 on telemetry.
TAG Tape 211-08/T-29
Page6 of 8/192

CDR Yes, that 's looking good.

CDR What I did was turn off sieve B - I mean, check

it for B leakage. I turned off A per block 14.

CC Okay. Understand you turned off the HEAT

EXCHANGER A in sieve B per block 14. Over.


CONDENSATE isolation valve, CLOSED. That's what
we did.

211 17 47 08 CC Yes, we're going to get to the guy that gave you
an A and B condensate system in A and B sieves,
one of these days.

CDR He must be related to the fellow that named all

these oxygen and condensate hoses. Every single
one of them sounds the same.

211 17 47 B8 SPY Houston, SPT is going to be starting on the 172

now, it'll be a while before I actually get to
the calibration portion. I suppose you were
planning to do a GG dump on the next night pass?

CC That was our plan. And have you all eaten lunch
yet, or what's the status on that with regards
with the food trays?

SPT No, we haven't eaten lunch. And since we finished

breakfast late, I was hoping that I would be able
to get the food trays done before lunch.

CC Okay, very good. Do you think that you will be in

the calibration maneuver next night pass, or you
think it will take you that long to get set up,
so we should go ahead and do our dump?

211 17 48 21 SPT I sort of think I'll be started on it before the

end of the night pass. Now I was going to ask
how badly you really want that dump, whether I
should wait on it, if necessary?

CC Okay, Owen. We'd be happy to go ahead and inhibit

momentum dump next pass if it'll help you out,
and we got about 30 seconds to a station handover
with momentary dropout. Over.
TAG Tape 211-081T-29
Page T of 81 193

SPT Okay, I'ii go ahead and get started on it and

assume that momentum dump will be handled.

211 17 49 06 CC Right, we will inb_bit.

211 17 h9 hl CDR Houston, how long do you think I should stay in

step 14 before I go to the next one?

CC We'll be right back in a minute, A1.

211 17 50 12 CDR Okay.

211 17 51 21 CC CDR, Houston. Are you still holding in block lh?

We Just noticed the bottom fall out from under
the condensate tank DELTA-P.

CDR I noticed that too, and that's affirm; I'm

holding at 14.

211 17 51 35 CC Okay.

211 17 52 39 CC CDR, Houston. We'd like you to take the PRESS

valve on CONDENSATE module and go to VACUUM. We
suspect that what may be happening is that cabin
gas is leaking back in through the press valve
to the back side of the bladder causing this
particular drop in DELTA-P. Over.

CDR Roger.

CDR Didn't seem to help much, did it?

CC No, it didn't.

211 17 54 12 CC CDR, Houston. How are you reestablishing the

DELTA-P in your system when you are doing it?
And Just looking at things here, we wonder if the
overboard vent or if a vacuum vent is open to
provide vacuum to that press valve.

CDR That's affirm. We've left it open while we've

done these procedures and it worked several times.
And the way I established vacuum was exactly how
they did it on page 9-6 and then they went over
to 9-7 and it says for DELTA-P stabilize, go to
filter close, and that's what I did. Essentially
I did the procedure on page 9-6 and -7 each time
we lost pressure.
TAG Tape 211-081T-29
8 of 81194

CC Roger; we copy.

2il 17 54 56 CDR I'll go check that valve myself again, and I'll
also look at the pressure in the tank.

CC Okay, we're coming up with a little over 1 minute

to LOS at Bermuda here. The next station contact
will be Ascension at 18:05 in approximately
l0 minutes. Over.

PLT Okay, Bruce. And one other thing, I had a who -

I had a whole lot of trouble finding the little
ferrite slug in the big condensate tank with the
stud finder. Is there any magic formula to that?
It worked real good on the water tank, but I
can't seem to get it on the condensate tank.

CC Okay, Jack. We understand that the metal strip

inside does not cover 360 degrees of the - of
the diaphragm. And we'll have to check and get
the particular an£nilar segment that is covered
for you, and get it to you over Ascension.

211 17 56 14 PLT Well, I've got two black lines lined up on the
flanges and it's supposed to be along that line
somewhere but I'll be doggone if I can find it.

CC Okay. In that case, we don't have any fUrther

intelligence for you right now, but we'll work
on it.

PLT But there's one in there, right?

211 17 56 32 CC Right.

TAG Tape 211-09/T-30
Time: 211:18:00 to 211:19-:30
Page i of 9/ 195


211 18 05 16 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Ascension for

5 minutes. Over.

CDR That condensate in step 14 - the pressure Just

goes up and it'll get up maybe 3-1/2 and then it'll
drop to 2, and then it'll go up to 3-1/2 and go
to somewhere else. Real strange.

211 18 05 38 CC Okay, Alan, what we'd like you to do is to close

valves; that is, put you in a configuration where
all four of the condensate isolation valves are
closed. Then reestablish the DELTA-P using the
procedure that you have been using, and wait;
see if it holds pressure. If it does hold
pressure, then open one heat exchanger condensate
valve and check and see if we're getting a
breakthrough on that one and then we can go
ahead and close that and open the other HEAT
EXCHANGER A when we think we may be getting
breakthrough on both HEAT EXCHANGER A sets of
plates. Over.

CDR That's kind of what I'd guess, too. It - it builds

up until it gets a good DELTA-P and then it
finally lets the air through.

CC Yes. So if we shut all four of these valves off

and see if we can build up to 4-1/2 or 5 and -
if it holds, then we got a pretty good hack on
what 's happening. Over.

211 18 07 20 CDR Okay. They're both closed now.

CC Roger.

211 18 07 35 CDR The way this 96 has been ... best is go to the
H20 valve to DUMP, and the other, VACUUM; so that's
where I'm going to go.

CC Roger.

211 18 07 59 PLT Say, Bruce, do you want us to go ahead and do the

S149 Stow-1 on page 3-3?
TAG T_e 211-09/T-30
Page 2 of 9/ 196

CC Stand by.

CC Jack, when did you do the retract on that? Over.

PLT We didn't do a retract. The thing was sticking

out all along. We noticed it during docking the
other day it was out there, but the wings shut - or
the doors were shut on it.

211 18 08 57 CC Jack, this is Houston. Prior to doing the Slh9

stow, we need to do a 149 retract. In Activation
Checklist, it's called out on page 2-89 and that
references you to 3-9 of the SAL Experiments Check-
list and then there's a wait period prior to doing
the stow.

PLT Okay, we overlooked that yesterday. And I'll do

the retract if you want me to do that; then Just
wait on the stow.

211 18 09 33 CC Roger. That' ll be fine with us and we 're run-

ning out of station contact time here at Ascen-
sion; 45 seconds left. We'll see you over
Carnarvon in about 25 minutes at time of 18:35.

211 18 35 4h CC Skylab, this is Houston through Carnarvon for

l0 minutes. Standing by for the CDR. Over.

CDR Go ahead, Bruce.

CC Okay, Alan. What have you done while we were

out of station contact on the condensate system?

CDR I have all the HEAT EXCHANGER A OFF in both tool

sieves. I attempted to get a large DELTA-P, the
maximum I could get is what you see at the
moment, 2-1/2. Which I guess means, and this is
what has been puzzling me all along. I guess it
means that the lib is not in - leak is not in
the water plate, it 's somewhere else, because
we've got the water plates cut off.

211 18 36 47 CC Okay. That's certainly what we're thinking also

if you've got all four water plates cut off.
What we'd like you to do is establish as high a
TAG Tape 211-O9/T-30
Page 3 of 9/197 _

vacuum as you can and then disconnect the QD

from the dump port on the side of the condensate
module that 's in use. I 'm informed that there' s
a label that says '_)mnp" right next to the QD
that's involved. And then we'll watch the system
and see what happens to the pressure. We're
suspecting gas leakage in the plumbing of the
condensate module. Over.

211 18 37 19 CDR Okay. Now, one other question. You're happy

with the position that I have these two valves
in? It's per the checklist but I've sort of
wondered about it. The H20 is in DUMP, and the

CC Roger. We are happy.

CDR Okay. I 'm going to leave it Just like that and

remove that dump line. Is that correct?

CC Stand by.

211 18 38 47 CC Skylah, Houston. We're trying to establish a

higher DELTA-P prior to disconnecting. So we'd
like to turn on the airlock module PRIMARY VENT
HEATERS, panel 216. And then open up the PRIMARY
airlock module VENT VALVE; again on 216. Over.

CDR Okay. Do you want me to delay anytime between

that - those two operations?

CC Negative. We feel you'll be venting only gas


211 18 39 25 CDR Good suggestion. There it goes.

CC Say again.

CDR I said the DELTA-P is moving up_ good suggestion.

CC Roger.

211 18 40 00 CDR When it reaches 5, I'll remove the dump port - -

211 18 40 04 CC Stand by, A1. We may want to reconfigure a

valve or two before you pop that QD loose.
TAG Ts_e 211-09/T-30
Page 4 of 9/198

CDR 0kay.

CDR Looks like about 4.3 is all we're going to get

for a while.

211 18 41 30 CC Okay, AI. We're copying that, and we're showing

about 4.34 down here. What we'd like you to do
is to go ahead and close the VENT VALVE first on
panel 216 and then as close to simultaneously
as you can, pop the QD loose. Over.

211 18 h2 06 CDR Okay, that's complete. And the heater's still


CC Roger; we concur. And we're watching the pressure


211 18 h2 48 CC Okay, A1, we can probably see the pressure change

faster than you can with our resolution here.
It's slowly deteriorating, and we'll have s_ne
words for you in a minute.

CDR Okay.

CC Okay, we'd like the WATER valve to FILL, please,


CDR Okay.

CDR It pulled a nice bubble into the tank.

CC A bubble of air? Over.

211 18 h3 48 CDR I can't tell against that black bladder whether

it's a bubble of water or a bubble of air.

CC Roger; we copy.

CC Okay, A1, we've got 1 minute to LOS here. Next

station contact is Gl,am in about h-l/2 minutes.
We're still showing a drop in pressure. We'd
like you to pull the fill QD loose from the con-
densate module; thereby completely isolating the
condensate module from the plumbing but leaving
it hooked up electrically and it should hold
pressure for about 15 minutes. So don't do
anything between now and G13nm and we can both
take a look at it over Guam. Over.
TAG Tape 211-(_/T-B0
Page 5 of 9/199

211 18 45 17 CDR Okay, I Just pulled it.

211 18 51 17 CC Skylab, this is Houston. We're with you through

G1_am for a little over 7-1/2 minutes ; for the
Cnm_ander. 0ver.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay, Alan. We think we have a leak in the

plumbing internal to the condensate tank itself.
We need to discuss matters a little more down
here before we make any decision on what to do
with respect to that tank, so in the mean time
we'd like you to sort of leave that part of the
system as it is. I think we can mere profitably
have you go ahead and run thro1_h a condensate
holding tank dump operation which is housekeeping
60 Bravo found on page 9-3; that's 9-3 of the
SWS Syt_ Checklist, since this has to be done
anyway. We think that using the stud finder
you'll be able to locate your little ferrite
reference approximately 180 degrees out frum the
marks that were installed on the tank. We believe
that the SL-2 crew located this position and put
some pencil marks on the outside of the tanks,
so you might take a look for those. Over.

CDR Okay, we'll give it a go.

211 18 52 36 CC Okay, and I guess for Owen and Jack, we'd ap-
preciate a comment as to how you're coming on
the 172 cal and 149 retraction, when they have
a minute.

211 18 52 54 CDR I think I can answer; we Just got the equipment

out of the command module to mount the batteries,
et cetera, on the 172, so Owen's in the process
of doing that. Jack is, as far as I know at
the moment, not doing anything about 149. He's
backed up in his checklist to the first day and
we're proceeding through there systematically to
make sure we don't skip anything and get out of
phase. So that's where he is at the moment.

CC Okay, we copy.
TAG Tape 211-091T-30
Page 6 of 9 1200

CDR Also, that's what I'm doing between the time of

this troubleshooting, what little there is between

211 18 53 42 CC Okay, Al, we copy your update. We Just come into

sunrise here, and we had inhibited momentum dump
during the night pass to facilitate the M172 cal,
because we thought he was about ready to run it.
At the present time, we cannot guarantee you a
momentum inhibit next night pass, so be sure and
keep us posted on how he progresses. Over.

211 18 54 i0 CDR Will do. We'll run into a continual probl_n in

that, when we go to hunt something the place
that it was up until about S or 4 days ago; in
the co-,,and module, it ain't there no more. And
so we've been doing a little searching, but we're
finding them.

211 18 58 27 CC Roger; we copy. And if you have any questions or

problems on specific locations ; although we under-
stand that the configurations - the problem
you're facing, i f you give us a call down here,
we may still be able to suggest some locations
where they could be. Over.

CDR We'll do that, Bruce. And do you want me to turn

OFF the AM heater - DUMP HEATER, or Just leave it

211 18 58 05 CC That's affirmative, AI; you can go ahead and shut

it OFF now.

211 18 58 i0 CDR Complete.

CC Skylab, this is Houston. One minute until LOS;

next station will be Goldstone at 19:1_, or
16 minutes from now for a string of stateside con-
tacts. Out.

211 18 58 20 CC And we have Rk_NABLED the MDMENTUM DUMP. Out.

211 19 lh ll CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone at the

States for about 16 minutes. Over.

CDR " Hello.

TAG Tape 211-09/T-30
Page 7 of 9/201

211 19 14 22 CC Hello' What we want to do, A1, is wind up dumping

the condensate holding tank as per our request,
last station pass. And then hook the condensate
holding tan_ back up to the system and use that
for pulling the vacuum on the system. Leave the
condensate modules and the airlock module d/s-
connected and open up the condensing m_.&T EX-
CHANGER A valves in MOL SIEVES A and B and see
if we got a system operating. Periodically, we'll
request that you hook the condensate module fill
QD up, with the water valve in the FILL position
and give us a reading on DELTA-P, since by leaving
the tanks disconnected from the plumbing, we've
lost both the onboard and the telemetry indications
of condensate tank DELTA-P. Over.

211 19 15 19 CDR Okay, I understand that, Bruce. Now, that's one

problem as I hunted for snme of this hardware.
I've got _Imost all of it done except one thing.
Let me see if I can find it here.

CC 0kay.

CDR Okay, right at the bottom of page 9-3, it says,

"Insert condensate press fitting into holding
t-n_ pressure valve fort - port." I got the last
part; I - I don't know where to find the condensate
press fitting.

CC Okay. Stand by a second here.

211 19 15 59 CC We understand that it should be on the tAn_,

mounted on the tank in a QD or a d_J,-,,,_
of some sort.

CDR Well, I looked around and I saw one called depress

fitting. Let me go up and look again.

CC Okay.

211 19 16 32 CC Okay, A1, it looks like any fitting that will let
let air in on the back side of that bellow so
that you can, in fact, use cabin pressure coming
in through the press valve on the condensate tank
to force the liquid out through the dump lines
down into the waste tan_ will do the Job. And
we're checking on the nomenclature on that thing.
We show it on our diagrams as the condensate press
TAG Tape 211-09/T-30
Page 8 of 9/ 202

211 19 17 ii CDR Well, I think we can clear it up. Do you have

anything on your diagram called a condensate
depress fitting?

CC Yes, sir, AI. We have one of those shown down

in the WMC, but that's not the right thing. We
don't think it'll fit. Over.

211 19 17 56 CDR Okay. Let's - Well this one was mounted on the
tank and that may Just be mislabelled. Let me
see if it'll fit.

CC Why don't you - with the valve - the press valve

closed, see if that fitting will fit?

211 19 18 23 CC Okay, AI, we'll get the input here that the con-
densate press fitting should be mounted on one
of the feet underneath the ta-_ as it's in posi-
tion up there on the dame. Over.

211 19 18 51 CDR Okay, that's - that's were I got this thing. And
if there isn't a depress fitting that's supposed
to be mounted, this is it. l'm - l'm still -
l'm back over there at the tanks, so I won't call
you back for a few minutes.

CC Roger; out.

21] 19 21 17 CDR Okay, I found it Bruce, the clue was that it was
down by the feet. Thanks.

CC It was downby thewhat,please?

CDR It was down by the mounting feet of the tun_.

A11 the rest of the valves are up on the top.
And I went around there and saw it. Than_s.

CC Roger.

211 19 24 21 CDR Okay, Houston; I've initiated the holding tank


211 19 2h 25 CC Okay, we're handing over right now. I'll call

you in a few seconds.
TAG Tape 211-09/T-30
Page 9 of 9/203

211 19 24 48 CC Skylab, Houston. We're back in business.

CC And, Alan, were you successful in locating the

bellows position using your stud finder? Over.

CDR The reason we couldn't locate it earlier was be-

cause it was too near the end. Now that it is
being moved back across, I 'm going to take the
stud finder and see if I can locate it; I'm pretty
sure I can. I see the marks on there that Pete
left and don't - don't see any reason why we
can't find it.

CC Okay, our best guess is that it is going to take

at least an hour to complete this dump, so you
better plan on leaving it in configuration and
Just chenk_ng it periodically. I don't imagine
it hurts anything, if it goes for longer than the
required -mount of time.

CDR Okay, I felt the fitting, you know, that the air
is supposed to come in when you apply a vacuum
to the condensate side and it didn't appear that
it was sucking excessively. You can feel that
there is indeed a vacuum being pulled, but it's
not very much. It is going to take quite a while.

CC Okay; Roger.

211 19 26 31 CC Okay. Skylab, Houston. You might change my last

there. What we would like to do is dmnp for about
an hour even, and then even though the tank may
not be completely empty at that point, go ahead
and reconfigure and start getting some water
removal, because our dewpoint is up to 53.7 and
we are concerned that we may be taking too m_ch
out with the molecular sieves. Over.

PLT A/ says to tell you, "Yes."

211 19 27 14 CC Okay, you can tell AI, "Roger," for me.

TAG Tape 211-I0/T-31
Time: 211:19:30 to 211:21:00
Page i of 6 / 205


211 19 30 06 CC Skylab, Houston. One minute to LOS through

Mila. We'll see you over Vanguard in
l0 minutes at the time of 19:h0 for about
a 5-minute pass. Over.

SPT How much time we got until sunset, Bruce?

CC Until sunset, you have 21 minutes, sir.

SPT Okay, I'm - I was Just putting on my last

tray now, and so I should have the BMMD
complete by sunset.

CC Go, msn; go.

CDR Okay, I found the stud - used the stud finder,

and found the bellows and I'm watching it
move across now. I'm going to mark it as it
moves, so the next time we play the game we
can find it faster.

211 19 30 56 CC Roger, A1.

211 19 hl 13 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard on

a 6-minute pass. A note for the SPT.
Momentum dump will eo--.enee at 19:51:37, or
in l0 minutes and ll seconds from now. I
can give you a mark if you'd like. Over.

SPT No, I don't need it; that's good enough,

Bruce. Now I've completed all of the
mass measurements, and I'm unstowing the
chair _ain, now. There is a final mass
measurement to be done with everything
unstowed again, which is Just a repeat of
the very first one; but that's such low_Ifs,
and therefore, such short a period, that l
can't imagine the GG dump would have affected
it, or even, really, for that matter, amy of
the rest. And it is a repeat of the first
one ma_e, so I th_n_ it's perfectly all right
If you Just go ahead and do this one, even if
the GO dump has co-,,euced, myself. Over.
TAG Tape 211-I0/T-31 _
Page 2 of 6/206

211 19 h2 13 PLT While you're thinking about that, the land

we Just came over had hundreds and hundreds
of small fires in it. Must be burning out
the crops or something.

CC Okay. Well, we got you over Vanguard now,

so looks like you're coming over
western Brazil and maybe northern Argentina.

SPT Looks like my suggestions didn't meet with

immediat e enthusiasm.

CC No, it didn't really meet with _mmediate

enthusiasm. What we'd like you to do,
since it is with all the masses off, is Just
go ahead and come back and do that one run at
next sunrise after one dump has been
accomplished. They say that it's a very
sensitive measurement. Over.

211 19 42 56 SPT Okay, that m-kes sense. I'll do it then.

After the next sunrise I'll go do it.

CC Skylab, this is Houston, with 2 minutes until

LOS at Vanguard. Your next station contact
will be Goldstone at 20:51, or an hour and
5 minutes from now. At that time, we'd like
to discuss with you our plans and your desires
for flight planning the mission day tomorrow,
and also to get an update from you on any
major task in activation that you may have
completed by that time. Over.

211 19 h6 02 CDR Okay.

211 20 51 05 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Goldstone

and stateside passes for 12 minutes. Over.

CDR - Read you real good, Houston.

CC Roger. Reading you the same, Alan, and we

got a couple of quick ones here. And then I would
like to discuss your status. First, on the
S055 door, we've operated that in every
conceivable configuration, both primary and
secondary motors alone, and with computer and
ground commands ; and it 's intermittently

> TAG Tape 21Z-101T-31
Paae 3 of 61207

hanging up. Conseq1,_ntly on this pass,

we're going to select two - motor operation
and see if that clears up the problem. And
then I have a quick change to general
message 0337-A which was your Flight Plan
message for todsy. You ready to copy?

211 20 52 00 CDR Go ahead.

CC Okay. You were directed in presleep to

powerdown the ATM C and D panel per the
unattended operations cue card. And what
we would 1_ke to do is have you powerdown
the C and D per the ATM presleep confi6_xratio_
page 2-91 of the SWS Activation Checklist.
That is, Just like you were finishing up day 2.
And what that does is Just turns off the
displays, the lighting in the DAS, and it leaves
you in the proper configuration for doing the
ATM checkout later on. Over.

211 20 52 41 CDR Okay; m_es sense. I got it, 2-91 on page -

use 2-91.

CC Roger.

! CC And now, if you could take a minute, we'd like

to get an update on your statuses as you progress
! through the Activation Checklist. Over.

i CDR Okay, let me -instea_l of giving you the exact

! details, let me Just t-1_ about it for a
few minutes. And -mybe that can make it solve
things better.

211 20 53 16 CC Okay, and then maybe I can ask you some blocks - -

CDR First of all - First of all, today, Jack has had

a scop/Dex and Owen has had a scop/Dex. So
everyone isn't - still isn't as ste=,__ as he
would like to be. Next. We see_ to end up with
about as many chores to de new, as we do chores
to do old. And so it tends to - to keep us
from really progressing on the activation. The
condensate work is taking quite a bit of time.
0wen went in to use his urine separator, and it
decided it wouldn't separate. So he is now in
the - he Just told me he got it fixed. But he

TAG Tspe 211-I0/T-31
Page h of 6/208

spent about an hour working on it, trying to get

it to work. We had those problems last evening
with the fill valve and with the condensate tank
yesterday, also. The whole point of the thing is,
we 're - we 're having difficluty progressing
because we- we're - we're doing other work.
What we were hoping would hap - What we were
hoping would happen today was we'd end up with
sort of not much to do, where we could get
caught up on day 2 and then we'd have then a
day 3 tomorrow. And I think even with this, we
might make - we might finish the activation for
day 2, but we will not be able to finish for
day B. There's Just no way we can do it.

211 20 54 58 CC Roger, A1. We concur with that. What we were

trying to do is to make our own plans down here
as far as scheduling shifts to support activation
and getting people lined up and planning ahead
towards the EVA day, and that's the reason for
our inquiring as to your progress on these tasks.

CDR Okay, let me get out mY Flight Plan. I've got it

right in front of me, and I think I can tell you
the additional items that we have picked up.

CC Okay, mighty fine.

211 20 55 47 CDR I've been working this morning, when time was
available, doing the C_4 stowage reconfiguration.
I got the rate gyros out and got them nearly
complete. And all - most all the rest of the
items are finished. But they're -whatever comes
after the rate gyros is not. I don't have my
list in front of me, but that needs to be

CC Okay.

CDR Jack finished doing the items that were in his

day i presleep checklist, Just a few moments ago.

CC Roger.
_ TAG Tape 211-I0/T-31
Page 5 of 6/209

211 20 56 25 CDR Of course, we got all of the water system

activated in both the wardroom and the washroom;
we dried all three of the suits. Let me tell
you a few things we haven't done, and then if I
don't say anything about it, then you'll know
we've done it. We still haven't done the

PPO 2 sensor replacement, the CO 2 filter replacement,

the SOPA/SOMA reconfig [sic], the C02 sampling

and the AM tLpe recorder replacement. Now mY
guess is we'll get that done today.
CC Okay, that's a good input.

' 211 20 57 ii CDR Okay, I 'm not completely finished transferring

the flight data file; l've transferred all the
items. But I haven't found the change sheet.
l've got the change sheet, I Just haven't taken
them around and put them in each book. So there
is probably a couple of hours there. Now - I
' don't know whether I will be able to finish that

211 20 57 34 CDR Jack finished the return water container fill-up,

and he is now working on the command module
stowage transfer. We have not done the
I PCU/LSU transfer, SMMD transfer cal, as you know,
we did the other c_e per the Flight Plan todd.
211 20 58 05 CC Oh, we had a handover there, AI. You cut out at
1 the beginning of your transmission. Over.

I CDR We have not done the S_I_D transfer cal, but we

will get to it today. The CSM quiescent panel
config [sic] is, complete. We are going to work
on the film transfer today, if we can. We've
weighed all our food residue, and tonight I'll
give you a report that will include, accurately,
all the food and water for the 3 days we've been
here so that the food people can know exactly
where we stand.

CC At1 righty, fine. I'm sure they'll appreciate

getting that.
TAG Tape 211-i0/T-31 -_
Page 6 of 6/210

211 20 58 42 CDR Okay, we have done the entry batt isolation, the
02 fUel cell purge, we have got all the suits
done. SI_9 retract, we have not done, but will,
if we can get to it. We have not done ED52 TV,
and we probably will not get to it. We have not
done anything on page P, which is day 3.

211 20 59 17 CDR Essentiallv, what we wanted to do today was try

to use this day to get done with day 2. But I
think it's going to be marginal, now. Also,
looking at the general state of equilibrium,my
guess is we probably - in thinking about the fact
that before we take this two - Dole sunshade
outside, we're going to have to take a look at
it in here, assemble it and put the rings on it,
and really go over it real closely to make sure
that it's shipshape. And the 149 and the rest
of it that I don't think we ought to try pulling
off an EVA prep at all tomorrow. It seems to me
that t_norrow, if it could be lighter than today,
we can conceivably get this place shipshape. It
Just takes a long time to get - to get where you
can live in it. Eve_ime you go to do something
like get your doc [?] kit out and shave, you
find that there's no heads there, and you have
to go hunt the heads that are in the command
module sGnewhere. So it Just takes a little
bit longer to get in - get going in a used
spacecraft, so to speak, than it does when
everything is right in it's proper place.

" TAG Tape 211-II/T-32
Time: 211:21:00 to 211:22:30
Page i of 7/211


211 21 00 36 CC Okay, AI, we concur on that, on your march [sic]

about a light schedule, and we're going to slant
our Flight Plan for tomorrow in that direction
very strongly. Over.

CDR Roger. I think tomorrow, also, we'll have a bet_ter -,

handle on how - on how everybody's feeling. It
seems to me that - that - we - there's Just no
way I - I think of that we could pull off an EVA
day after tomorrow, but the day after that is
possible. So I think we Just got to have time
to get these - get the things shipshape, and when
we do, then we can go from there.

CC Okay, A1, we're copying all of that. One question

that we've got for you is, did you get the ED
experiment transfer and preparation completed?

SPT No, it's not complete. I did transfer ED32,

as I reported yesterday, but I'ii have to finish
that up by today.

CC Okay, do you think you will get that done today,

- though, Owen?

SPT I think so. Now, as I recall, there's nothing

time critical in there except the - we don't
want to wait too many days on the spiders, but
outside that, there's no hurry, is there?

CC Okay, we're checking on that right now. I think

your assessment is correct. We have sent you up
a message on the teleprinter and - correction, we
are sending you a message on the teleprinter and,
contrary to the header, there is no time criticality
as to reporting it. We can get the info on the
evening status report, since Al's update and
assessment of your progress and condition has
been quite adequate for making our flight-planning
decisions. Over.

. 211 21 02 27 CDR Okay, one other thing. We - I ran an hour putting

the vacuum on the holding tank. I've got -
correction - dumping the holding tank. That's -
TAG Tape 211-II/T-32
Page 2 of 7/ 212

let it go about three quarters - the bellows go

about three quarters of the way, and I marked
very carefully where it went. I presently got the
vacuum being applied to the bellows. It said to
do it for 18 minutes, and right now we are in
about the 16th minute of it. When that's finished,
as soon as I can get a bite to eat here, so I
don't slip too far behind On that, I'll go up and
connect it to the MOL SIEVES, as well - ought to
have some good suction. I hope we do.

CC Okay, A1, mighty fine. Now, we've got about

30 seconds until LOS. Next station contact is
over Vanguard in 13 minutes, and I think when we
can get that condensate collection system going,
why we'll all be a little happier - breathe easier
down here. Over.

211 21 03 22 CDR Okay. We're with you.

211 21 17 32 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Vanguard for the

next 6-1/2 minutes. How do you read? Over.

CDR Loud and clear, Bruce.

CC Okay, Alan, we've got a few items for you with

respect to the Flight Plan for tomorrow. Our plan
is to schedule general activation for tomorrow
morning up through noon and to leave tomorrow
afternoon open for regroup operation, as desired
by you all on board. EVA will be no earlier than
day 6. Over.

PLT Okay, I understand, and A1 heard all that, also.

CDR That 's good news.

CC And in connection with that and to - to give us

maximum flexibilty in your operations and our
planning down here, we'd like to try to get y'all
back on a normal cycle of turning in on time and
getting up in the morning, so that we don't get
your circadian rhythms changed around. And then
I got a few little systems notes, if somebody's
ready. Over.
_ TAG Tape 211-II/T-32
Page 3 of 7/213

211 21 18 42 CDR We agree with you i00 percent on that. As you

can see, we are out of phase here several hours
by trying - trying to get something done - Just -
you know, Just one last-minute thing before you
eat. Okay, go ahead with those notes.

CC Okay, panel 207, when you get a chance, we'd like

to ENABLE the SIEVE A CAUTION and WARNING parameter,
since we believe it to be operating properly now.
And we're going to reset the battery volt talkback
and light with respect to CBRM. 15 down here on
the ground, so that after that's completed you
can extinguish the alert light by selecting CBRM
17. Over.

CDR Sounds good.

211 21 19 31 CC And that about wraps up the prepared traffic we

have down here. Do you have any comments or
anything for us?

CDR Not a thing. We'll Just keep going.

CC Okay. Interestingly enough, in looking at the

optics problem that you had during rendezvous, we
found from telemetry - belay that. I understand
it's already been read up.

CDR That's right. One thing I'm still puzzling about,

maybe you can find out and pass it up sometime.
I 'm still wondering how we ended up with an
8-foot-per-second midcourse Z. I got to thinking
last night ; I was wondering if somehow we could
have had - sc_e sort of optics problem there.

211 21 20 24 CC Okay, AI we don't think that was an optics problem,

but we're still working on the real answer to your

PLT Hey, Bruce, I got one for you.

CC Fire away, Jack.

PLT Now, I'm getting all the film and stuff out of the
command module and I'm leaving this Hasselblad in
here, but taking the magazine downstairs, and I'd
sure would like to have a cover for the back glass
of this Hasselblad. You know where there is one?
TAG Tape 211-11/T-32
Page 4 of 7/214

CC Let me check on that, Jack.

211 21 21 45 CC Hey, Jack, the word that we get here is that you
do not have a back cover on board for that Reseau
plate. I think if you can arrange to stow it in
such a location that _here's nothing up against
the glass, that's about the best that we can do
right now. And then we have a - question for you.
You have not yet accomplished the S149 Stow-1
operation, have you?

PLT No, Bruce, what we've done is we've all gone back
to the beginning and worked from that direction.
And I figure that since S149 has been out there
so long, another day won't hurt it; what do you

CC No, it won't hurt it. We were Just going to send

you up a film pad so that we can get some movies
or some pictures of this stowage and retract when
the time does come. So we'll go ahead and pump
it on up to you in the normal sequence of events.

211 21 22 40 PLT Yes, go ahead. I don't think I'm going to get to

it right away.

CC All right. It'll be tomorrow or sometime.

PLT I'm feeling much better with those scop/Dex now.

It's permitting me to have something to eat with-
out losing it, and haven't felt like tossing up
all day, and feel very good now.

CC Yes, I'll bet you'll eat all of the food for SL-3
and 4 if you're getting back to feeling like your
old self.

PLT _ Yes, I got some behind from yesterday and day

before I got to eat yet.

PLT I think my problem before with the scop/Dex was

that I didn't lay around long enough letting it
take hold before I got up and moved about, and
that upset me.
TAG Tape 211-II/T-32
i Page5 of 71215

CC Okay. We copy. We got about i minute left in

this Vanguard pass. Next contact is Hawaii in a
little over i hour.

CC And that Hawaii AOS time is 22:26.

211 21 24 09 PLT And I put that Hasselblad back in U-I and it looks
like it stows pretty good there without scratching
up the Reseau.

CC Roger, Jack. I think the big thing to avoid is

any actual scratches in that. If something touches
it, it probably wouldn't do much harm; we can
always brush it off later.

PLT Oh, it 's in good shape now. I think it 's

supposed to be left in U-I, according to my book

211 21 24 32 CC Okay.

211 22 25 27 CC Skylab, Houston. We're at Hawaii for 3 minutes.

SPT Hello there, Dick. How's everything in Hawaii?

CC Hey, I - I bet it's great. I wish I was over

there looking up at you. Things - things are
going great in Houston, though. Hey, the last
pass we had we got tr&pped by an LOS, and l'm not
sure whether we got all of that evening questions
pad up. And in the interim we modified it very
slightly, and we are retransmitting that message
here at Hawaii. So when you get around to
answering that later on this evening, answer the
one that's co_Ling up on the teleprinter this pass
and forget that other one.

SPT Okay. And one little piece of information for you,

on page 2-78 of the Activation Checklist, the PRD
in the cow--and module was reading 32016.

211 22 26 18 CC Roger, I got that, And if you guys don't have

anything else for me, l've got a little procedure
on the condensate holding tan_ that we'd like to -
at least talk about this pass and partially set
up, and if we don't get it done here we would
like to get it accomplished down at Vanguard.
TAG Tape 211-II/T-32

Page6 of 7/216 i

SPT One thing I got for you, Dick, I put a long

message on channel A, relative to the M172 cali-
bration results. And I'd Just like word back from
you, when you get it dumped, and if it all came
through okay.

CC Okay, we'll sure do that.

CDR Go ahead on the condensate thing, Dick.

2_1122 27 13 CC Okay, what we would like to end up doing is putting

those - the condensate tank back in the system long
enough to compare a meter reading on panel 216 to
our ground readings so that we kind of get a
baseline for some long-term operation. So what
we'd like to - for you to do to set up for this
is the follow - the following: First of all,
install the dry separator plate on the heat
exchanger plate servicing adaptor; secondly,
connect the heat exchanging plate servicing hose
to the separator plate and to M303; and, thirdly,
to monitor the pressure on the heat exchanger
plate servicing adaptor. And after you get that
set up and then when we're over a STDN site, we
want to connect the fill QD to the condensate
tank. And then we'll get you to report the
separator and adaptor meter readings and also the -
the panel 216 meter readings to us, and we will
look at our TM data. Over.

211 22 28 06 CDR Okay, I'll tell you what I have done. I've taken
the condensate tank and pumped it down - emptied
it. Then I put a vacuum on it. Now a little - a
funny thing happened when I put a vacuum on it -
I didn't understand it exactly. As I dumped, the
bellows went from the end it was in to the opposite
end while I was watching it, with - with the stud
finder. Then when I put a vacuum on the same
place - you put a vacuum in the same place that
the air comes in the first time - I thought, maybe
that - that - that bellows would travel back maybe
a third of the way or some small distance; but it
didn't. It traveled all the way back to the same
end it was at, initially, before we started the
dump. I checked the inlets to the tank by pushing
in on the QD and found it did have a vacuum inside.
TAG Tape 211-II/T-32
Page 7 of 7/217

211 22 31 04 CC Break, break, CDR. We're going LOS, we will see

you at Haw - Vanguard at 22:53.

t TAG Tape 211-12/T-33
Time: 211:22:30 to 212:00:02
Page i of 5/ 219


2_11 22 53 08 CC Skylab, Houston; Vanguard for i0 minutes.

CDR Okay, Dick. I got a dry sep plate, and I got

the adaptors, and I connected up the 303 and
got 2.75 Delta.

CC Say again the reading, please, A1.

CDR 2.75. Now, what you may want me to do - I don't

know if you heard me Just as you went LOS last
time, but I had already connected the holding
tank to both tool sieve heat exchangers A.

CC Roger.

211 22 53 47 CDR You may want me to disconnect them or turn them

off for the check.

CC Negative. We'd like to leave them connected,

and as a matter of fact, I think that was about
the only part of your transmission that we did
not get as we got cut off on LOS. So - so if
you're connected up to that point, we're - sounds
like we're ready to go ahead and connect the
FILL QD to the little condensate - to the con-
densate tank and report the separator adaptor
meter readings and also the panel 216 meter read-
ing after you do that. And we'll be watching
you on data.

CDR Okay, give me a second.

CC Okay.

211 22 55 22 CDR Okay, they're now connected, but you may want
selectors on the condensate t_n_ in scae different
positions. Which ones - where would you like them?

CC Stand by 1 on that, A1.

211 22 55 53 CDR I disconnected for a minute because I did't want

to take a chance on losing m_ vacuum.
TAG Tape 211-12/T-33 --
Page 2 of 5/ 220

CC Roger, A1. The WATER valve on the tank we want

to the FILL position, and the - the PRESS valve,
it doesn't really matter. But we want the WATER
valve to FILL.

211 22 56 12 CDR 0kay_ that's where it is, now.

CC Roger.

CDR Our DELTA-P gage at the moment reads zero.

CC Roger.

CC And be advised, our TM is also reading zero

there and we're continuing to look at it, so
Just stand by a second please.

211 22 56 h6 CDR Okay, now let me explain this hookup. I've got
one end of the hose connected to 303, and that's
connected to the dry heat exchanger plate, then
the gage is on the top, and then the hose from
the back of the gage is connected to the conden-
sate module - to the fill part of the condensate
module, to the fill connector.

CC Roger.

211 22 57 h9 CC CDR, Houston, I'm not sure we are in the proper

configuration. Why don't you let me read to
you again the - the note I have from EGIL on the
configuration you want and you confirm whether
or not we are there or not?

CDR Okay.

CC Okay. Step 1 was to install the dry separator

plate on the heat exchanger plate servicing

CDR Okay, I've done that.

CC Okay. Next was to connect the heat exchanger

plate servicing hose to the separator plate and
to M303.
TAG Tape 211-12/T-33
Page 3 of 5/221

CDR Okay, that 's done.

211 22 58 22 CC Okay, and then the next thing was Just to monitor
the pressure on the heat exchanger plate servic-
ing adaptor and then overstating, which we are,
connect the FIL QD to the condensate tank.

CDR I got you. I see what you're trying to do.

CDR Okay, I thought you wanted the other end of the

hose that was attached to the separator plate,
attached to the FIL. But it's not now, and I
see that both of these gage readings are the same.

211 22 59 ll CC Roger. And then, after the FIL QD is connected

to the condensate tank, A1, we want a reading on
the separator adaptor meter reading, and also the
panel 216 meterac - meter reading.

CDR They both read 2.5 at the moment, but when I

checked it out a few moments ago, Just with the
separator plate connected to 303, finally crept
up 2.75.

CC Roger.

CC CDR, Houston. We are satisfied with the look

we've had now, both on board and TM, and we
would like to disconnect the FIL QD to the con-
densate t_nk.

CDR Okay, that 's done.

211 23 00 32 CC CDR, Houston. Now what we'd like to do is Just

remain in the present configuration. Do not
connect the condensate tank up any more and you
can use the gage on the heat exchanger plate
servicing adaptor as DELTA-P gage now and we'll
collect water. And we'll continue to watch it
here on the ground.

CDR Okay. Was that as big a DELTA-P as they expected,

or did he expect something up around 5? And if
it wasn't 5, I wonder why?
TAG Tape 211-12/T-33 _
Page h of 5/ 222

CC Stand by on that one.

211 23 01 16 CC CDR, Houston. I was under the impression that

you had already disconnected the FIL QD to the
condensate tRnk. Is that correct?

CDR Roger. I Just did, when you told me to.

CC Roger. Okay. Now leave it disconnected. We'll

stay in this configuration. And I think on - I
think on these numbers we - we don't think that
we got as hard a vacuum on the water side because
we only left it open for an - for an hour, as
compared to the gas side that's down there in the
holding t-nks. So right now, we are satisfied
with the pressure - the pressure readings we have

CDR Okay, would you also ask EGIL, why that - if he's
satisfied with the fact that that bellow seems
to travel from - from one end of the tank to the
other, when you dump. And then it travels back
to its original end when you put a vacuum on it.

211 23 02 l0 CC Roger, A1. We've been thinking about that one

since you told us last pass and - and I'll be
getting back to you on the answer for that one.

CDR Yes. It Just doesn't act like I - I think bel-

lows ought - ought to react.

CC Roger that, A1. We're about a minute from LOS.

We're going to see you at Hawaii at O0:O1 and be
advised when we get to Hawaii, we're going to be
dumping the airlock module data tape recorder.

211 23 02 40 CDR Okay.

212 00 00 h5 CC SIw{lab, Houston. AOS Hawaii for 9 minutes.

PLT Okay.

CDR All, it's scheduled for the evening status, and

it's at - it's the next Hawaii pass on rev from
now and the time is 01:39.
TAG Tape 211-12/T-33
Page 5 of 5/223

CDR Thank you.

212 00 01 32 CC And I'm not sure what you guys are up to now,
but I've got a couple little things to chatter
about. One was the procedure - the changes we
sent up to you earlier on ECS malf 20, blocks B
and 7 were, as of now were on-time-only changes
for today. And if we decided to permanently
change that malf, we'll fire you up a message
that has a checklist change for that page. And
we Just want to make sure that you didn't per-
manently change that mall in your book.

CDR Okay.

CC And another thing was, we wondering if you were

successful in resetting the alert light on the
CBRM 15 awhile ago.

212 O0 02 36 CDR We didn't try, Dick.

.- TAG Tape 212-01/T-3h
Time: 212:00:02 to 212:00:56
P_e I o_ 61225


212 00 02 45 CC Roger. What we'd like to do sometime this evening

is verify that the talkback is gray and see if
you can reset that alert light, and to do that,
you need to select CERM 17 and we think that'll
reset the light. Another thing I had on m_
list was we think a while ago we cut off Owen
in a middle of a conversation trying to tell us
something about the wardroom window and we wanted
to give him a cb-nce to tell us that sometimes
this evening, if he wants to, - or anybody.

SPT Okay, Just a moment. I 'ii see if there' s anything

up there that AI wants to get across first, Dick.

CC Okay, Owen. Standing by. We got lots of time -

about 7 m_nutes left.

SPT Okay. As I recall, this is the co,.,-entI was

m-_ng along about 24 hours ago but it wasn't
a very high priority item, and I'm not so sure
but what it may have been commented by the mission
2 crew 81so_ but there is a spot of condensation
right in the middle of the wardroom window and
as we come out at sunrise it is shout 4 inches
or i0 centimeters across and then during the
daylight pass when the Earth essentially fills
the wardroom window, its size will d_mlnlsh to
about h_f of that i0 - from centimeter down to
say, 5 centimeters. Rather interesting thing,
right in the center of that is a little lens of
either water or ice, and I assume that it is ice,
that it is so perfectly formed that it -,_es a
demagnifying glass. And you - when you look
through that lens in the center of this
condensation, maythingyou see on the ground is
reduced in size by about a factor of 0.i and the
focal length's about - oh, 12 inches or so. When
you hold your head back about 12 inches from the
window, the terrain beneath you comes into a very
sh_p focus. Not a fuzzy one, but a very sharp
focus and reduced in size to about 0.i. It's
possible from that that somebody can calculate
Just how much moisture is inside on that window
if they wanted to. We also see, occasionally, a
TAG Tape 212-01/T-34
Page 2 of 6/226

streak out towards 9 o'clock. Let's see, I don't

know whether that would be nearer the sunrise or
sunset terminator but I'd have to check. Just
thinking back, I remember as we stand - call
it erect - in front of the wardroom window with
our feet on the grid, it's out toward 9 o'clock
as if there were a little drift of moisture out
in that direction. I can't imagine the window
is really - as if breathing in and out but it
sort of looks as if that little trail leading
off toward 9 o'clock had suggested that. And
this little condensation has been with us ever
since we opened the wind - wardroom window over
24 hours ago. Over.

212 00 05 33 CC Roger, Owen. Copied all of that and I remember

talking to the guys several times about this
and I don't remember any conversation with SL-2
crew about the - about the little demagnifying
piece of ice or water in the center. And as far
as the 9 o'clock goes, that is over towards the -
towards those ports, but we'll certainly think
about that one. Thank you much. Sorry we cut
you out earlier. I also ranted to pass up to you
that we are satisfied with the DELTA-P that we
got that I was talking to A1 about while ago.
And we think that the bellows operation that he
witnessed was - is normal and it's caused by the
fact that when we dump the - we dump the water
side of that tank for about 1 hour and so it did
have some %_ater pressure - vapor pressure in it.
So when the gas side's at a vacuum it goes full
to one end and then, when the gas side during
dump is to 5 psi, it goes full to the other. So
we're pretty happy with that one.

212 O0 06 40 SPT Fantastic view of the the Hawaiian Island just

passing beneath us here, Dick. Look right down
all the way from Kauai over to the Big Island -
see the big volcanos there - right into Honolulu
harbor and all up the sides of the volcanos. It's
a really a beautiful sight of the whole archipelago.

CC Roger. Thank you much.

CC And, Skylah; Houston. We'd like to get MOL SIEVE

Bravo FAN PRIMARY to ON, please.
-- TAG _pe __12-01_.-34
Page 3 of 6/227

212 00 07 32 CDR Coming ON.

CC Thank you.

CDR And I tried that - setting it on 17 and it worked

perfectly, Dick.

CC Hey, good. ThAnk you very much.

CDR Thank you.

212 00 08 07 SPT And, Dick, I've completed the exchange of the

SMMD here in the wardroom and I'm Just getting
to - fixing to calibrate it now and we going to
try to work up a - a - a television shot of that
and put it on the VTR. I don't know whether or
not there are any more direct TV passes tonight
but if not we'll try to get some of it on VTR.

CC Okay. Fine. Thanks for letting us know.

212 00 09 12 CC Skylab, Houston. We're about 1 minute from LOS.

We're going to see you at the Vanguard at 00:31.
And, 0wen, for your information - Owen, for your
information, I checked with INC0 and VTR as it is,
is at the start of tape and so you can use it
tonight as desired.

212 00 32 08 CC Skylab, Houston. We're at Vanguard for 9 minutes.

SPT Roger, Dick.

CDR Got a funny problem here, Dick.

CC Roger ; go ahead.

212 00 32 25 CDR I'm replacing the 02 sensors and, as you know, you
have to insert them and - where it says R and
rotate them to L. N1-,_ers 1 and 3 do it real well
and no trouble, quite smooth, and I've tried
several different ones of them and they - they
work well. The n,s,ber 2, I can get any sensor in
there, but I can't get it to rotate and I've tried
pushing in hard and rotating, pulling out a little
bit and rotating. I haven't applied particularly
much force to it because I didn't want to take any
chances of shorting anything out in there. So, as
TAG Tape 212-01/T-3_ -
Page 4 of 6/228

it presently stands, I've got a sensor in i and B

and, in 2, I can put one in but I - it Just won't

CC Okay, AI. I copied that one and, while EGIL's

thinking about that one, l've got a couple of other
notes for you. One is, is you've got a new decal
on board that you carried up to - for a changeout
of the EREP tape recorder and you were to take
off the old decal and put the new one on. We're
having some second thoughts about the procedure
that's on that new decal and it involves the - the
power configuration that it puts the tape recorder
in. So, what we'd appreciate it is - if you do
not install that new decal for changeout of the
EREP tape recorder. We'll continue to think about
it and, when we figure out which of the two decals
ve want on there, we'll get back to you.

212 00 3_ 01 CDR Sounds good to me. l'm just going to leave the
02 sensors like they are. I'ii leave number 2
with the sensor in there but not rotated and then
I'ii put it on - CONTROL on i and MONITOR on B.
Just leave 2 out of the loop at the moment.

CC Roger, AI. We concur with that. That's a good

configuration. And, Skylab; Houston. We would
appreciate sometime during this Vanguard pass
if somebody would have the time to give us another
read-out on the condensate system and how the
DELTA-P's holding up.

CDR Okay. I'ii check right now.

CC Thank you.

212 O0 34 50 CDR 2.1.

CC 2.1. Thank you.

CDR And, in position i, is serial number B9 and in

position B is serial number BI.

CC Roger. Thank you, AI.

CDR And l'm going to put 50 in the number 2 unrotated.

-_ TAG Tape 212-01/T-34
Page 5 of 61229

CC Roger. Understand. Serial m,m_er 50 is the one

in number 2. Thank you.

212 00 36 18 CC Skylab, Houston. We've still got about 4-1/2

minutes here at Vanguard. We're seeing some
funnies on the STAR TRACKER and we'd like some-
. body to go up to the panel if possible and tell
us the configuration of STAR TRACKER SHUTTER.
We _re in a _uap _*-euTer an_ we continue_ to -
we issued a comm_nd and continued to track the
star for a while. We Just lost star presence
and we would like to know whether the shutter
is open or closed.

SPT The STAR TRACKER shows a barber pole, but with

a - the DOOR OPEN.

CC Thank you.

SPT The ACQUISTION is barber pole and the SHUTTER,


CC Okay, 0wen, thank you very much.

SPT Do you want me to put it somewhere for you?

CC Stand by Just a second. Yes, GNS would like to

CLOSE, please.

212 00 B7 17 SPT I just tried to close it with the switch and

it wouldn't close.

CC Owen, we're going to ask you to go to MANUAL

and park and STAR TRACKER in some angles and
I'm getting angles now, so I'll have them up to
you in Just a second.

SPT Okay. I'ii go to MANUAL and wait.

CC Roger.

212 00 39 00 SPT You still there, Houston?

CC That 's _ffir_tive, Owen. We are.

: SPT Okay. I've got it set on OUTER. I - I don't

: have it set; it's sitting on outer, plus 876,
andinner, minus781.

TAG Tape 212-01/T-3h
Page 6 of 6/ 230

CC Roger. Thank you. We got about a minute and a

half left, and I'II get right back to you.

212 00 B9 39 SPT Would you like for me to try another manual

closure now that I'm in - at MANUAL?

CC Roger. Why don't you? That won't hurt.

212 00 39 56 SPT No. All it did was chaage my STAR ACQ flag from
MANUAL to barber pole and so I went back to
MANUAL and the - -

CC Roger.

SPT - - DOOR's still OPEN.

CC Roger. And, SPT, here are your angles. We'd

like it parked at an inner gimbal of minus 18O0
and an outer gimbal of plus 4200

SPT Roger.

212 00 40 20 CC Roger. And we're about 30 seconds from LOS.

The next pass is - is at Hawaii at 01:39, and
I'll be standing by there to copy your evening
status report.

TAG Tape 212-02/T-35
Time: 212:00:56 to 210:02:30
Page 1 of 8/ 231


212 01 38 36 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Hawaii for about

7 minutes. Before you start giving me your evening
status report, l've got a procedure that l'd like
to read up to you that we'd like to, sometime
between now and the time you go to bed, we'd
like - you to configure the condensate system for
us for the evening. Over.

CDR Go ahead.

212 01 39 04 CC Okay. We'd like somebody to give us a DELTA-P

reading now from the CONDENSING HEAT EXCHANGER
PLATE SERVICE device. While semebody is looking
for that, on panel 230 we'd like HEAT EXCHANGER
A WATER ISOLATION valve to CLOSE which is clock-
wise. Next, on panel 233 we 'd like CONDENSATE
HEAT EXCHANGER AIR FLOW valve to Bravo. Then

thirdly, on panel 232, w_.AT EXCHANGER A H20

ISOLATIONS valve to OPEN, verify. That's - the
one we closed was mol sieve A; this one that's
open is mol sieve B. Then we'd like to disconnect
this kluge that we have, which is disconnect the
and we'd like you to inspect the GAS TO WAT_
SEPARATOR SUS loop to insure that that connection
is not leaking. What we're seeing is a slow
decrease in DELTA-P in the big tank. We're not
exactly sure whether or not we have a leak some-
where or whether or not we Just need to reservice
the plates, either of which we plan to chase in
the morning.

CDR Okay.

212 01 40 48 CDR Say, Dick, I checked that gage a few moments ago
and it was setting at 1.9.

CC Roger. Looks like it still is going down. Also,

we'd like some help on the star tracker again.
We need to repark it. - Those numbers again were
OUTER GIMBAL, plus 4200; INNER GIMBAL, minus
1800, and then close the star tracker door.

_i_ CDR Okay, on the
TAG Tape 212-02/T-35
Page 2 of 8/232

CC And - -

CDR Are you ready for the evening status report?

212 01 4i 2T CC Roger. We got about 4-i/2 minutes left in this

pass so I'll give you an LOS call. Your next
pass is the medical conference at Vanguard which
020 - correction - 02:10. After that we have one
more Ascension pass before you go to bed, and
we'll make sure the condensate system is squared
away there. So go ahead with the evening status.

CDR Okay. Do you want me to go through these seven

items from the teleprinter pad first or save
those for the medical report?

212 01 42 09 CC A1, why don't you save that for the next pass
and - won't be amy problem there, and then we
will be sure and get this other evening status
stuff here.

212 01 42 17 CDR 0kay, here we go: Starting with volume there.

CC Go ahead.

CDR 090,080,080. Okay, drinking water gun reading:

4507; 7360; 5481. BMMD: 6.269, 6.270, 6.275;
SPT, 5.993, 5.99h, 5.99h; PLT, 6.876, 6.970,
6.900. No exercise. Medication: CD - CDR, none;
SPT, two scop/Dex; PLT, three scop/Dex. Sleep:
CDR 5/fair; SPT T/fair to good; PLT, T/fair.

CC Okay, I got all that, go ahead.

212 01 43 26 CDR Okay, about the Food Log. Here's the deviation.
First of all, CDR. No salt used. Deviation:
peanut butter, two; biscuit, two - make that
three; strawberry drink; butterscotch pudding.
Also crewman l, on his Jelly, didn't eat it all.
And here is the SMMD food reading: 2.07782,
2.0778h, 2.07793. Okay, next comes the SPT: no
salt, and he ate only cornflakes, orange drink,
both of those for breakfast. PLT: he did not
eat - first of all, no salt. And deviation:
sausage, chicken and gravy, pineapple, turkey and
gravy, two corn, biscuit, butterscotch pudding,
lemon pudding, and chocolate Instant Breakfast.
_ TAG Tape 212-02/T-35
Pqe 3 of 8/ 233

CC Okay, keep going.

212 01 44 37 CC While you're hesitating there, A1, we got about

1 minute to LOS. Your next pass is the doctor
at Vanguard at 02:10. Go ahead.

CDR Okay, I'll skip the photo log. I'll go down to

inoperable equipment. The only one I - you're
aware of them - both of them - the condensate
system and, of course, this 02 sensor number 2
which we t=Iked about - -

CC Break, break - -

CDR Now a couple - a couple of things we're going to

have to do tomorrow, in addition to trying to
get finished cleaning up and getting this place
livable, we've got to ... - -

CC Break, break. Skylab, Houston. We 'd like to

check the star tracker OUTER GIMBAL angle should
be plus 4200; we see 4800. Sorry to bust in on
you there.

CDR Okay, we'll get it 4200.

CC Thank you.

212 01 45 24 CC And, A1, we're about 20 seconds from LOS here at

Hawaii. Why don't we go ahead and - and secure
getting the rest of this information and we'll
get it at Ascension, which is the pass after the
medical conference. I got ali you've read so far.

CDR Okay, we'll be waiting.

CC And - and after you reset the star tracker be

sure and hit the SH_A-,'_ switch to CLOSE for us.
Thank you much.

SPT I tried that, Dick, and it wouldn't close.

212 01 45 55 CC Roger. Understand - Roger. We want it hit there

for a gimbal hold. So we would like you to hit
the switch anyway Owen.

TAG Tape 212-02/_-B5
Page 4 of 8/ 234

SPT Yes, I know that's what you wanted. Incidentally,

when I was up here before it was flipping between
OPEN and STAR. Now it seems to be locked on in
STAR position, but I'll go to 4200 - sorry I
missed that - and then try to close it manually

212 01 46 16 CC Okay, thank you.

212 02 18 O0 CC Skylab, Houston. I understand that you all are

through talking to the doctor. We've got about a
minute and _0 seconds here left at Vanguard.
And we notice that the star tracker shutter is
closed and we're planning on ta_ng power off of
it. We do need the MPC inhibited and we were
ondering what you - what action you had taken to
get the star tracker shutter closed.

SPT I left the - left up there about 15 m_nutes ago.

I tried to close it manually and there was no
change in behavior. It still stayed to OPEN and
fluctuated between OPEN and STAR, so it must have
done it on its Own.

212 02 18 41 CC Roger. Okay, we'll - we'll take care of the rest

of the work with star tracker tonight by command.
And I'm still co - standing by to copy the remainder
of the evi - evening status report and also some of
the questions on that evening questions pad - so
go ahead; we've got about a minute left.

CDR Okay, let me hit the photo pad. It occurred day

211, and it was a rendezvous docking and the
supply is CX07 percent remaining was 50 percent -
and I reported that I believe. 70 millimeters:
CX10, 090.

212 02 19 20 CC Roger. And, A1, we're getting close to LOS here.

I'll give you a call at Ascension. What we'll
need there is the remainder of evening status, the
answers to the evening questions of which I
already have the answers, I think, to number 2,
4, and 6. And that'll probably Just about get

CDR Okay. We have ***tion on Owen's food for today,

r_ TAG Tape 212-02/T-35
P_e 5 of 8/235

212 02 19 h3 CC That's right, I need that. And also, if we had

time, we were going to ask 0wen to tell us the
problems he had with the urine separator also.
I'll see you at Ascension.

212 02 23 35 CC Skylab Houston, we're A0S at Ascension for about

7-1/2 minutes. And, if possible, we'd like to
start by getting the answers to our evening
question pad, n_-,_er 3h0-D.

SPT Okay, Dick. Al's on his way down. Just a moment.

CC Okay, real fine. And, llke I said before, I

think I already have the qu - answers to 2, h, and 6,
and so it's the other ones we need filled in.

CDR Okay - -

SPT I've got some barber poles on the star tracker

up here now. I don't know how they got here.

CC Roger.

CDR In nl]mher i, when you asked if teleprinter

message _48 - 03388 was received and followed,
the answer is yes.

CC Roger. Go ahead.

212 02 2h 30 CDR And 2, you know the answer to, and they were
taken on h-hour intervals.

CC Roger. Got that.

CDR Three: Any vomiting today? No. So the rest

of it 's not applicable.

CC Okay, and h I thank I have or at least I will

when you finish with the evening status report.
How about 5?

CDR Okay, 5: We didn't go in there and measure it

again because we ,11 be measuring it tomorrow
m_rn_. _. _,WKkT. the C_l _ had _ut
four, the _ ]um had akout three, and the
h== ha4 about two. low you'_e wem_ the to-
tal vea_mm; ueore I_%m8 to _ • _m •t it
and we ,11 see bow e/nee we _ tommm_w moraln6.

TAG Tape 212-02/T-35
Page 6 of 8/ 236

I'd s_V mine's about 700, SPT's about 600, m-ybe,

and the PLT, he ss_-s a medium _unt.

PLT Milliliters.

212 02 25 21 CC Okay, fine. And I think the answer per the -

your last thing, to number 6, is no, and how
about 7?

CDR Seven, we got the answers to those. CDR: pulse,

76; temperature, 96.3; blood pressure, ii0 over 70.
SPT: 130 over 75 for blood pressure; 80, pulse;
98 degrees - that's 98.0 degrees for temp. Pilot:
132 over 78, h8 beats per minute.

CC Okay. Go ahead.

PLT 96.8.

CC Roger.

PLT 96.8, t emp for the PL - -

CDR And Jack's temperature was 96.8.

CC Okay. I think that satisfies me on all-those

answers, A1. And now I'd like to finish up getting
the evening status report stuff.

212 02 26 23 CDR Okay, and on this 6, where it _says any PG or ERG

exercises been performed? We wanted to but we
Just never could get time to do it today. And
we're hoping that there's time available tomorrow,
so that we can do it.

212 02 26 37 CC Roger. We sure hope so, too. And Just a reminder,

we need the MPC to INHIBIT. And go ahead with the
evening status.

CDR Let me give you some more information on - on the

SPT's food. I mentioned he ate corn flakes, orange
drink. Okay, here's the other things he ate:
potato soup, biscuit, butterscotch pudding, grape
drink. And he says he'll probably eat some more
before bedt_-_.

" TAG Tape 212-02/T-35

P.age 7 of 8/ 237

CC Roger.

212 02 27 09 CDR Gener_11y - generally speaking, everybody feels

pretty good until it comes to mealtime, and then
it gets a little tough right then. And if you can
get through the mealtime, then you feel pretty good
the rest of the t_m_ until the next one. And I
assume that this is probably true with other forms
of motion sit, hess, although I never spent 2 or
3 days doing it. So - that's kind of the way we
psyche it out. If we could Just kind of take it
easy for a day or so, I think we could completely
recover here and be ready to go full steam. But
the a - the a - like I said, everybody today
worked all day long - worked all day long. There
wasn't a moment's hesitation from the t_m_. we got
up until right now. In fact, everybody's still

212 02 27 54 CC Roger. Understand, AI; go ahead.

SPT Star tracker flag opened back up again.

CC Tba_ you, Owen.

SPT Already done the MPC, A1. I'm talking about the

CDR And - -

CC Roger, We Just comm-nded power OFF. We Just

commanded STAR TRACkE_ POWER, OFF, so that explains
that one and that should put it to bed for the
night. Go ahead.

CDR And I think, Dick, I probably finished the - the -

report. The things that - I mentioned we want to
try to get the m_Ying screen cleaned tomorrow.
The screens to the fans going into the CSM need
cleaning. We Just need to put the place in livable
condition, which it's not in at the moment. And
we need to get some exercise, and we also need to
get some rest. So all those things mount up to
quite a - quite a big order, especially when you
are thinking about condensate tank troubleshooting
and things of that nature.

TAG Tape 212-02/T-35
Page 8 of 8/238

CC Roger. We concur and we're going to be looking

at the condensate tank tonight, and we should
have our troubleshooting stuff, if we have to do
any, lined up when you get up in the morning.
We still got about 4 minutes here. Is there any-
thing else you want to tell us tonight about what
else you got done between the last t_me you gave
us an update on the - in the activation checklist.

212 02 29 17 CDR Roger. We got all of the film in the f_lm vault.
We got the rate gyro package up, connected, and
everything else we should have done. We finished
the stowage there, and we inserted two out of
three of the 02 sensors.

212 02 29 32 CC Roger.

CDR We've got the clothing and water over in the

command module. We - I haven't - I haven't
bothered to set down and take a close look. We've
Just been working along as we could.

CC Okay, A1.

212 02 29 52 SPT I've got - I've got the S - I've got the SMMD
calibrated in the wardroom, not yet in the head.
And I'll not read down the numbers - they're very
lengthy - on channel A, until I get verification
that channel A, with the BMMD, has been taken off.
And I would also like any repeat on any update
you Bad about firing up the ergometer. Maybe
you could do it on the teleprinter or something
if there was any difference in the procedure. I
think we know how to do it nominally. Over.


TAG Tape 212-03/T-36

Time : 212 :02 :30 to 212 :ii :00
Page 1 of 2/ 239


212 02 30 16 CC Okay, Owen. We'll take a look at that and if

there is anything we need to tell you about that
we'll get up to you tonight.

CC Skylab, Houston. We still got about 2 minutes

left here at Ascension. One of the things if
0wen could - encapsulate real quick some of the
problems he had on his urine separator. We were
wondering about that.

SPT I sure can do it quickly. It was a procedural

error on my part. It turns out that no suction
is available when that a - when the drawer is
even cracked open and I should have known that
and didn't. Over.

CC Okay, real fine, I'm sure it'll be working fine

for you, then.

SPT It is.

212 02 31 37 SPT Can you verify that that information on the B_94D
has been taken off of ch-nnel A?

CC Negative, 0wen. We have not verified that, so

why don't you sit on that other data and we will
verify it in the morning and you can put the other
data on there?

SPT Roger.

CC And, Skylab; Houston. We're about l minute from

LOS. We would like for you guys to go ahead then
sack out when you can so get a good night's sleep
and we'll see you in the morning.

CC And, Skylab; Houston. I'm assnm_ng we are going

to give you a wake-up call at the normal time in
the morning. Is that okay with you, A1, or do
you want to call us?

212 02 32 03 PLT Yes, that's okay, call us at the normal time

which is, what, about ll:00?

CC That's - that's affirm, Jack, it will be the first

pass after ll:00 Z?
TAG Tape 212-03/T-36
Page 2 of 2 / 240

PLT Okay, and we are going to bed now and we don't

expect to hear from you until morning. We hope
the caution and warning stays off tonight.

CC Us too.

CC Houston. One thing you might check is make sure

that the RATE GYRO input to the CAUTION/WARNING
is INHIBITED and that'll give us a lot more chance
on that particular item.

CDR I'ii do it now.

212 02 32 56 CC Good show.


TAG Tape 212-Oh/T-37

Time: 212:11:00 to 212:12:30
Page i of 5 /241


212 Ii 20 56 CC Good morning, Skylab. We're AOS over Carnarvon

for about 2 minutes.

PLT Good morning down there, space fans.

CC Morning, Jack. You sound mighty chipper this


CC Skylab, Houston. We'll have LOS in 1 minute.

We'll see you again at Goldstone at 11:59, 11:59.

212 Ii 22 24 CDR Okay, Bob.

212 Ii 58 51 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS over the States; that's for

the next 17 minutes, 17 minutes.

PLT Okay, Bob. Just for verification, did you happen

to dump the VTR last night? Find we put about
•i0 minutes of the SMMD CAL with some voice comments
on the - from channel A onto the voice track of the
VTR. Could you verify that was dumped?

CC We got all but about 2 or 3 minutes, and we

observed it down here, and it looked good.
Appreciate the demonstration.

212 ii 59 22 PLT Okay. Just wanted to make sure that we had all
the switches and things right, since we - it's
the first time we tried to light it off.

CC Worked good.

CC CDR, Houston.

CDR Go ahead.

CC Roger. I don't know if you've picked up your

messages yet, but there's one in there that deals
with the checklist change in the stowage book for
the day 3 transfers. You'll need to make that
change prior to doing the day 3 transfers today.
Dump Tape 212-04/T-37
Page 2 of 5 / 242

212 12 00 02 CDR Okay. Thank you. I got the message.

CDR How did the mol sieve heat exchangers look this

CC Well, we're still scratching our head over the

problem. We're trying to come up with a way to
attract - attack the whole condensate leak, and
we'll probably be asking you to perform that

CDR Okay.

CC For your information, the small condensate tank

, the pressure in it's been holding good since you
left it. And since we have no telemetry, we don't -
don't know exactly what's been happening with the
condensate holding tank.

212 12 03 30 CC Skylab, Houston. For your information, Y-2 has

been holding pretty steady all night. However,
Just when we came up over the States here, we had
had - had discompare between the two, so we're
currently resetting that caution and warning
condition and going back to the Y-l, Y-2

212 12 06 01 SI_f H llo, Houston; SPT.

CC Go ahead, 0wen.

SPT We've got a little company up here on board. I

don't know whether you believe that or not.

CC Well, I'll believe anything.

SPT We've got a couple of little minnows at the moment

that are just swiH,_ng all over the place. We
just opened up the IN_S kit with these minnows in
it, and both these fellows are really swimming
full speed. And, as a matter of fact, they
seem to be completely disoriented, except for the
TAG Tape 212-0_/T-37
Page _3 of 51243

fact, for the first couple of minutes here, and

they're still doing it, more or less, they're all
swin_ning pitch down in small circles. So - they'll
apparently think they' re climbing or something,
due to the zero g, and are pitching down in
order to overcc_e that. And they're swimming in
very tight circles. The length of these minnows
is on the order of 1 to l-l/2 centimeters, and
it's almost as if they were pivoting about a
point, oh, somewhere near their tail, or even
a little closer to their center of gravity. So
it's a very tight outside loop that they're
swimming in. And I've brought them over closer
to the window now, and it's not clear whether or
not they're going to sort of take an orientation
from the light or not. But at least their
initial response when we pulled them out of the
can was to swim -

212 12 07 50 SPT Hello, Houston. Are you still there?

CC Affirm, Owen. We got most of your description.

It's very good. I missed - we got dropped out
Just about the time you said you took them over to
the window and you didn't know whether the
light was going to affect them.

212 12 08 l0 CC Skylab, Houston. How do you read?

212 12 09 30 CC Skylab, Houston. How do you read?

SPT Loud and clear now, Bob. I guess we dropped

out there momentarily.

CC Yes, we had some kind of a problem. I'm not

sure what it was. A very good description
on the minnows. We've got everything up to
the point where you said you took them over
to the window and you didn't know whether
the - the light was going to affect them or not.

SPT Yes, I Just thought they might try to orient

toward the light, but they don't seem to be
doing that yet. And particularly the little
TAG Tape 212-04/T-37
Page 4 of 5 /244

minnow is still continuing in - belly toward the

wall of the container, no, back into outside loops
again. They are still confused, both of them
going in outside loops. There are a number of
bubbles in the container, and they'll bounce off
the bubbles and Just continue swimming around in
sort of random fashion in outside loops.

212 12 i0 27 CC Roger. Poor little fellows sound confused.

For your information, our comm bounced out again
briefly there, and I had you very, very faintly.
And we're not sure what the problem is, but we're
looking at it.

SPT Okay, fair enough. And of course it's too early

to see any development on the eggs, but there is
clearly a number of these that are coming along.
You can see the embryo inside a number of them
just by eye without putting a magnifying glass on
them. So we'll get this stashed away where we
can check it from day to day and see how our
friends are coming along.

212 12 i0 58 CC Okay; very good.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're 1 minute from LOS. We'll

see you again over Madrid at 12:20, 12:20. And
also we will be doing a data recorder dump over
Madrid. For your information, the VTR is all
cleaned off and rewound, if you have any reason
to want to use it today.

212 12 lh 58 SPT Thank you, Bob.

212 12 20 43 CC Skylab, Houston; A0S over Madrid for 9 minutes;

and we'll be doing a data recorder dump.

CDR Okay, Robert.

CDR Houston, CDR.


212 12 22 38 CDR On these urine bags, we're suppose to record the

serial number and each bag has two. It's got a
red one and a black one, both located on the
little metal fitting that attaches to the sample
_- TAG Tape 212-Oh/T-37
Page 5 of 5 /245

CC Okay, AI. We're - we're checking that out.

You're talking about the serial number on the
sample bags, right?

CDR That 's affirmative.

CC CDR, Houston. The number in red is the one we

want recorded, please.

212 12 28 52 CC Skylab, Houston. We're one minute from LOS.

We'll see you again over Honeysuckle at 13:07,
13 :07.

TAG Tape 212-05/T-38
Time: 212:12:30 to 212:1h:00
Page i of 5 /247


212 13 06 51 CC Skylab, this is Houston through Honeysuckle for

5-1/2 minutes. Out.

PLT Hello, Bruce.

CC Good morning, Jack. How you doing up there?

212 13 07 05 PLT Oh, we're moving around now.

212 13 ll 26 CC Skylab, this is Houston. 45 seconds to LOS.

Next station is Hawaii at 13:26 in approximately
15 minutes. Out.

212 13 26 42 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got you through Hawaii

for 7 minutes.

SPT Very good, Story. Let me ask you a question here.

CC Go, 0wen.

SPT I've got the ergometer lid off, and it operates

as advertised. We can set in the amount of work,
and pedal at that rate. But one thing about the
simple procedure that you sent up, does not pro-
vide for any displays. We can, for example, not
read out our TOTAL WORK in WATT-MINUTES on the
624A, nor can we set in an EVENT TIME or anything
like that up on the main 623 panel. The first
one was felt to be the most important. We'd like
to have the read-out of total work available, so
that we could pedal for 2, 3, 4000, whatever we
wanted to do. I wonder if you would check, or -
if you are not familiar with what modification,
if there is a simple one, to the procedure you
sent up so as to provide us with the display
read-out. Over.

CC Okay, Owen. Is the power supply circuit breaker


212 13 27 43 PLT Well, we have several - we have several power

supply circuit breakers. I think they're all

CC All the SYSTEM A circuit breakers are CLOSED, on,

up [sic]?
TAG Tape 212-05/T-38 _
Page 2 of 5/248

PLT Oh, no. Not all of them. I have ESS and - I

guess Just the ESS circuit breaker in the power
panel is on, SYSTEM A SELECT, of course.

CC Okay, the ESS. And you'll need the PS one, up

to get the WATT-METER display.

PLT Okay. Good enough. I'll Just add that to the

other list, then.

212 13 28 26 PLT Hey, Story. This is Jack. I'm in the process

of changing the tape recorder. I'm going to re-
configure some of your switches and to to onboard
control for a short time. Is that okay to do that

CC Stand by l, Jack. You're GO on that, Jack.

PLT Okay.

SPT ... backup on displays very nicely, Story. We'll

be doing a little bit of exercising, today, I'm
sure, and we'll report on it.

CC Okay, Owen. Good.

CC Jack, Houston.

212 13 33 25 CC Skylab, we're going LOS in 1 minute. We'll pick

you up over Goldstone at 13:35. And, PLT, we'd
like to know the serial number of the - of the
tape recorder. Could you verify that serial
number 32?

PLT Huh-uh. That 's a negative, Story. The serial

number is number 22, and the way I found which
one it was, was to find a little number i on the
connector plate.

212 13 34 15 CC Okay. We're going LOS here. We'll pick you up

in 1 minute and discuss it then.

PLT Okay.

213 13 36 h0 CC Skylab, we've got you through Goldstone for

9 minutes.
TAG Tape 212-05/T-38
Page 3 of 5/2h9

CC And, PLT, it's tape recorder number 32 that we

wish to install.

PLT Okay, Story. I thought you had asked the number

of the one that's coming out. We're taking
number 22 out, and we'll get number 32 in there.

CC That's right, Jack. And we need a switch thrown

up on main display console number 3 in the com-
mand module. That's FUEL CELL 1 and FUEL CELL 3

PLT All right. That's on the radiators, right?

CC That's affirmative.

PLT Okay, Story, let me reconfirm. Do you want both

fuel cells put in EMERGENCY BYPASS?

213 13 39 h3 CC That's affirmative, Jack.

PLT Don't you - before you need to do that, CLOSE

the RAD BAT RELAY circuit breakers?

CC Stand by i.

CC Okay, Jack. On panel 226, FUEL CELL 1 and FUEL

CELL 3, RAD BAT RELAY, we need that OPEN - CLOSED.

PLT Roger. You want the circuit breakers closed

before the switch will work right?

CC That 's affirmative.

PLT Okay. Then you want me to reopen the CBs?

CC That's affirmative.

PLT Okay.

213 13 41 21 PLT Okay. I went to H_ERGENCY BYPASS on both fuel

cells. How does it look?

CC We'll be looking at it during the day. It's a

slow response, Jack.
TAG Tape 212-05/T-38
Page 4 of 5/ 250

PLT Okay. I guess the only way you can tell is by

temperatures. I'll go ahead and open the circuit
breakers again, assuming that the valves opened
okay. All right ?

CC That 's fine, Jack.

CC No need to reply, Jack, but we had to do the

same thing on Skylab 2.

PLT Right.

212 13 43 30 CDR Story, are you still there?

CC Yes, be here for another minute.

CDR Okay, the problem is, when I stashed that tape

recorder there, I stashed it there by number on
the bag. And the number on the bag is correct ;
I Just checked it. The only two tape recorders
we brought up, I think, are 34 and 37.

CC We think you brought up 32 and 34.

212 13 44 13 CC We're going LOS in 20 seconds. We'll he with you

over Bermuda in 4 minutes.

212 13 48 21 CC And, Skylab, we're back with you over Bermuda for
6 minutes.

CDR We figured it out, Story. There's a big serial

number on the cold plate part of the tape recorder,
and it's 34. But the tape recorder placard has
the correct number on it, 32.

CC Okay, that's what we were looking for. Feel a

lot better now, thank you.

CDR Okay. It was in the right bag, also.

CC Roger.

PLT ... hooked up and ... COMMAND. See how you like
TAG Tape 212-05/T-38
Page 5 of 5 / 251

212 13 51 19 CC Say that again, Jack. We didn't get that.

PLT I got,the tape recorder hooked up, and it's back

in COMMAND; see how you like it.

CC Okay, good.

213 13 53 54 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS. We'll be picking

you up over Canaries in 3 minutes. And the tape
recorder you put in is running.

213 13 57 32 CC Skylab, we've got you through Canary for 9 minutes.

TAG Tape 212-06/T-39
Time: 212:14:00 to 212:15:30
Page i of _253


212 lh 05 49 CC Skylab, Houston. We'll be going LOS in i minute.

Be picking you up over Honeysuckle at 14:42. And
we'll be dumping the tape recorders at that time
over Honeysuckle. Sometime this morning, if
possible, we'd like to get a DELTA-P reading on
the condensate holding tank.

CDR 2.2

212 14 06 18 CC Okay. Thank you.

CDR You bet.

212 lh 42 55 CC Skylab, we've got you through Honeysuckle for

9 minutes.

SPT Okay, Story. I Just went through the 171 protocol

on the bicycle here. I'll ...

CC You're too far down in the mud to read you, Owen.

SPT Okay. I was Just now reporting that I Just went

through the 171 protocol on the bicycle ergometer,
and I'll put the information over on channel A.

CC Got it. Okay, good. Thanks a lot.

212 14 44 15 SPT Okay, Story. I finished doing the SOP/SOMA

reconfiguration. Let me read you the pressures on

CC Okay. I'm not sure I understood you. We're

working on the comm problem, (>wen. The pressure
we were looking for was the - the DELTA-P on the
holding - the condensate holding tank.

SPT ... next one?

CC It's the kluge on 303.

SPT Okay, Just a second. I have to connect it up.

212 14 45 01 SPT It'll take Just a second for this pressure gage
to start reading correctly. And I assume you
want it connected to panel 301 - servicing
connector 303 again.
TAG Tape 212-06/T-39
Page 2 of 61254

CC That's affirmative.

SPT Okay. Let's give it a few minutes here. While

we're waiting let me read you the SOP/SOMA pres-
sures, sleep compartment wall, 013 at 6000;
wardroom wall, 016 at 6200; dome is 554 and O10
at 6000; MDA, 010 at 6000; command module, 015
at 6000.

CC It - -

212 14 46 07 CDR So far, the DELTA-P is indicating zero. It may

be that the holding tank doesn't have pressure in
it - a - a vacuum in it anymore.

212 14 49 55 CC Skylab, Houston. Could you give us a short count,


212 14 50 01 SPT Okay. Short count follows: l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4,

3, 2, 1. Over.

CC Okay. You're loud and clear at this time. Those

numbers you read to us previously, we were unable
to copy them. Could we get them again - what
they were?

CDR Okay. Just a second.

CC Seeing
we'regoingLO - -

CDR By the way, the DELTA - -

CC We're going LOS in about 30 seconds. We probably

better wait until the next station. It'll be
Hawaii at 15:02, and we'll be dumping the voice
recorders over Hawaii.

212 14 50 51 CDR Okay. By the way, the DELTA-P on 303 shows zero,
so we may have lost vacuum in the holding tank.

CC Okay, we'll work that tomorrow, and understand

it's zero?

212 14 51 07 CDR That's affirmative.

212 15 02 19 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got you through Hawaii

for i0 minutes.
/- TAG Tape 212-06/T-39
Page 3 of 6/255

PLT Roger.

CC And, for Owen, we'd like him to know that we have

- have his _MD cal data.

SPT 0kay, fine. Thank you, Story. It did come up

on the teleprinter, also. Thank you, and I'll be
putting the SMM data on channel A, as soon as I
finish the one here in the head.

CC Okay, we'd like to swing over there to channel B

as per after the completion of activation, Owen.
And we can do that by going to panel 204,
Bravo, B.

212 15 03 04 SPT You want to do that now, I guess. Al's on his

way up to the MDA to do it.

CC Okay. That'd be fine.

SPT We knew it was a little furtherdown in the

' activationchecklist. We Just hadn't got to that
step yet, but we'll do it now.

CC Okay. And we'd like to find out how you all are
feeling today.

212 15 03 29 SPT I'll go ahead and answer for myself here. I'm
feeling very fine, Story, essentially going full
speed, and ate - I think I ate everything on my
breakfastmenu. There might have been one or
two i - one item or something that I didn't finish
yet, but I'm feeling 95 percent of ground level.

212 15 03 h8 CDR Okay. This is the CDR. I'm pretty much the same.
Nobody's had any Scop/Dex today. Everybody's
having the opportunity to move a little bit slower
today. So I think we're probably going to be in
pretty good shape by the end of the day. I'll
let Jack say what he's got on his mind.

CC Okay.

212 15 Oh 08 PLT I'm - I'm feeling - This is Jack. I'm feeling

better today. I haven't taken any scop/Dex, and
I'm moving around about the same as I did yesterday,
TAG Tape 212-06/T-39 _-
Page 4 of 6/ 256

with no adverse feelings. I didn't eat all of

my breakfast, but I ate most of it. And I feel
pretty good right now.

CC Okay. That's about all we need. But we would

like some BMMD readings on you, Jack.

212 15 04 31 CDR Okay. They're recorded, and Jack will read them
in a second. I think the test is going to come
about lunch and dinner, if we can all eat all our
food, Story. As long as you can get through the
meal, you're great between them. It's the
mealtime that gets a little tough.

CC Roger.

CDR Here, let him read you down the urine volumes and
also the counters on the water gun. That may
give you some feeling, also, for how we did yester-

CC Thank you.

212 15 05 01 CDR By the way, I Just ran the CO test, and the
initial color was about equivalent to 20 parts per
million or the 20 on the gage. After the test,
it was still the same color. Now I looked at all
the little sample stems, and most of them were
that color, also. So none of them were really
at the zero. I assume that, during the heat or
during just the time it set up here, somehow they
discolored slightly.

CC Okay.

212 15 05 35 PLT Here are the BMMD ma - measurements made this

morning for each person. CDR, 6.240, 6.246,
6.246; SPT is 5.988, 5.987, 5.991; PLT is 7.015,
7.048, 6.946. Over.

CC We got them. Thank you.

PLT And, Story, here comes the morning urine volume

readings and drinking water gun readings in the
same order for the three: 720, 750, 700; water
gun, 4534, 7408, 5524. Over.
TAG Tape 212-06/T-39
Page 5 of 6/257

CC We got them.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're going LOS in 30 seconds.

We'll see 3(ou over Goldstone in 2 minutes.

212 15 ll 41 SPT Story, I'm going to be starting that SMMD cal.

You might think about whether you want to inhibit
dump on the next night or not. I'm not sure I'll
be through by then.

CC We'll work it, 0wen.

212 15 14 22 CC Skylab. We've got you over Goldstone for

7 minutes.

CC And, Jack, sometime in the next 6 minutes, I'd

like to talk to you about S149 retract.

PLT Okay, Story. Here I am.

212 15 15 46 CC Jack, you only need 30 minutes between the S149

retract and repressurizing the SAL. The cue card
will not give you any information, and the SAL
Checklist, page 3-11, will say that there's an
hour and 42 minutes required. But you only need
30 minutes between retracting S149 and repres-
surizing the SAL.

212 15 16 24 PLT Okay. I copied down there, for 149, we need

30 minutes between the retract and the repressuriza-
tion of the SAL. Is that affirm?

CC That 's it, Jack.

PLT Thank you.

SPT Say, Story?

CC Go ahead.

212 15 18 52 SPT I understand we had a nice M-7 flare the other

day. I'm wondering if S054 happened to be taking
any exposures about that time and if there is any
geomagnetic affects expected. And if so, about
how many more hours?

CC I'll get you a report on that, Owen.

TAG Tape 212-06/T-39
Page 6 of 6 / 258

SPT Also, Story, I've forgotten the active region

that flare came from, but I was wondering if that
wasn't old active region 58 on the preceding

212 15 20 22 CC Okay, I'll get that information for you, too.

We did not record any data on that flare. We're
working on any geomagnetic information, and I'll
get you what active region it was. We're going
LOS here in about 30 seconds, and we'll pick you
up over Bermuda in 2 minutes.

212 15 25 22 CC Skylab, we've got you through Bermuda for 6 minutes.

And, Owen, that is affirmative; that was
active region 58 on the previous rev. That flare
did produce a geomagnetic storm which is ending
at this time.

SPT Okay. Now that you know, we might keep an eye

out for an aurora. I'm not quite sure; you might
check to see when - what GMT the most likely
opportunity would be for us to see an aurora, if
one exists.

212 15 25 52 CC Okay, we'll do it.

TAG Tape 212-07/T-h0
Time: 212:15:30 to 212:15:52
Page i of 2/259


212 15 34 12 CC Skylab, we're going LOS in 30 seconds. See you

over Canaries in 2 minutes.

CDR Roger.

212 15 36 22 CC And we're back with you through Canaries and

Ascension for 16 minutes.

SPT That's a nice long pass, Story. I can't remem-

ber for sure, but as I seem to recall, you're
able to carry a reasonable tune, aren't you?
Just a simple melody?

CC Not I, Owen.

212 15 36 48 SPT Well, maybe you can find another more adept
CAP COMM there. Here's my problem. Today hap-
pens to be my father's birthday. And I wonder
if you could give him a call collect, up in
Enid, Oklahoma. His name is Owen Garriott also.
And Just give him a call collect and wish him a
happy birthday from me from Skylab. Singing -
singing telegram type.

CC I'll certainly do it, Owen.

212 15 37 ll SPT Thank you, Story.

CDR Houston, CDR.

CC Go ahead, A1.

CDR I'm putting in the change sheets to the EREP book

and I noticed that I've got a change sheet for
615 target - correction, site 615-B for EREP site 2.
And we think that's an EREP 1 - crewman 1 site.
But we want to make sure we don't stick it in
the wrong book. Could you check on that? 615-B.

CC Okay.

212 15 40 05 SPT Story, I estimate about i0 more minutes on the

SMMD cal. That may give you time to complete it
and still get a dump in.
TAG Tape 212-07/T-40 .4
Page 2 of 2 /260

CC That's right, 0wen. Looks like we've got about

23 minutes more of day.

212 15 40 17 SPT Okay. That'll do it for sure.

212 15 51 39 CC Skylab, Houston; going LOS in 30 seconds. See

you over Carnarvon at 16:15.

r TAG Tape 212-08/T-41
Time: 212:15:52 to 212:17:00
Page 1 of 4/261


212 16 15 15 CC Skylab, Hous.ton. We have you through Carnarvon

for 9 minutes.

CDR Roger.

CC And, A1, there's no need to acknowledge. And

we're sorry to take so long, but site 615 belongs
to both the CDR and the PLT.

CDR Okay. We went ahead and put it in book 2, and

that's where it should be. Thanks.

SPT Story, I Just got through putting all of the data

ou the two SMMD calibrations on channel B. So -
might give me a report, when that's dumped,
whether or not it all came out all right.

CC Will do it, _en.

212 16 16 25 CC And, Skylab, we're 15 seconds to a slight keyhole


212 16 17 22 PLT Hello, Story. Are you there?

CC Yes.

PLT Okay, this is Jack. I've got two questions. I've

gone through the film transporter loading pad, and
we got one thing we're going to have to change a
little bit, I guess. Transporter 3 is already
loaded. The supply is CIIS_ it has 86 percent
remaining. The takeup is CIIT. Ask them if they
want me to leave it that way or run all that film
through or cut it, or Just what do they want me
to do?

CC Okay, Jack.

PLT And I've got one more question on the 5-millimeter

lenses. I know that we have some more on board
to replace the ones that are up here. What do you
want me to do with the ones that are up here?

CC Copy.
TAG Tape 212-08/T-41 --_
Page 2 of 4/262

212 16 24 02 CC Skylab, we're going LOS. We'll see you over Guam
in 6 minutes. And, in answer to your question
on the 5-millimeter lenses, put red tape on them
and restow them in F-527.

212 16 24 15 PLT 527.

212 16 29 49 CC Skylab, Houston. We have you over Guam for 6


CDR Story, CDR. I was Just finishing up the Flight

Data File changeout. And I had some change pages
for the ATM Log. And I can't find the ATM Logbook
itself anywhere. Maybe you can give me a clue
where it started out, where it was supposed to
move to, or whatever else. Just can't seem to
locate it anywhere.

CC That's the ATM Log?

CDR That's affirm.

CC Okay.

CDR And, Story, I note in my Activation Checklist, it

says it was in W-742, but I Just can't seem to
find it there or at the ATM panel.

CC Okay. Thanks, A1. We're working it.

212 16 35 52 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS. See you over

Hawaii in 7 minutes.

212 16 42 28 CC Skylab, we've got you through Hawaii for 1 minute.

CC And, A1, concerning the ATM Log. We assume you

did check M-126. Looking at our records here,
we think you transferred the ATM Log from W-742
to M-126.

PLT Okay, Story, he's riding the bicycle right now,

and he can't answer you. But he has looked in
126, and apparently it's not there. But he'll

CC Okay, we'll pursue it further.

212 16 44 31 CC And, Skylab, we're going LOS in 20 seconds. See

TAG Tape 212-08/T-41
Page 3 of 4 /263

you over Goldstone at 16:53.

212 16 53 30 CC Skylab, we've got you over Goldstone for 6 minutes.

PLT Okay, Story. I Just put about 3 minutes on the

VTR of fish swimming loose out here. Just might -
thought that I - you coming over Goldstone, I
should have sent it out to you direct. But there's
Just a little short segment on there, on the fish.
I don't have the closeup lens on the camera again,
so it's not as good a picture as we'll be able to
provide a little later. But we'll do the Job
properly a little bit later; thought you might want
a glimpse of what it looks like now.

CC Okay. And, for Owen. The best time for looking

at the aurora will be from 17:46 to 17:53. The
wardroom will not be a good window. Now, we
recommend one of the STS windows and probably window
243 will be the best.

SPT Okay; 17:46 to 17:53, and STS window 243.

CC That's affirmative.

CC And, Jack, we'd like a clarification on your

questions regarding supply CI18 and takeup CI17.

PLT I didn't hear what you said, Story. Say again.

212 16 55 04 CC We'd like a clarificla - clarification on your

question regarding supply CI18 and takeup CI17.

PLT You say you have an answer?

CC No. We need a clarification on the question.

PLT Yes. What do you want me to do with it? They

loaded from the last flight, and the photo pad
that you sent up told me to load it with something
else. And that - that transporter's still got 86
percent film on it. So it seems like it'd be a
waste of film to run it off there, if it's any

CC Okay. We understand the question. We'll work it.

TAG Tape 212-08/T-hi
Page 4 of 4 /264

212 16 56 17 CC And, Skylab, if it's okay with you, we'll be

rewinding the VTR and dumping it over MLA in about
5 minutes.

PLT Okay.

212 16 58 46 CC Skylab. No need to acknowledge. We're 30 seconds

to LOS. We'll be seeing you over Texas in
1 minute. And there's an EREP Checklist pad in
the teleprinter for you.END OF TAPE

TAG Tape 212-09/T-42
Time : 212 :17 :00 to 212 :18 :30
Page 1 of 5/265


212 17 00 29 CC Skylab, wetre back with you for 12 minutes over

Texas, and we'll be dumping the tape recorders
over MLA.

CDR Okay. Story, I Just got finished with a 171 run -

protocol on the bike. It wasn't a 171; it wasn't
instrumented. And ran the protocol, and at -
the rate l, heart was ll7; rate 2, 136; rate 3, 170.
And the total watt-minutes was 1425.

CC Okay. Thanks, A1. That's good data.

CDR Roger. We're going to try to run some more,

each of us, today.

CC Okay.

212 17 09 04 CC Skylab, the VTR is yours again.

CDR Roger.

CC And on our dump, we did not notice any modulation

on the VTR. Did you put any voice on it this

CDR No, I did not put any voice with it.

CC Okay.

CC Jack, you available?

CDR No, he's floating around in the middle of the

workshop right now. What - He can hear you.

CC Okay. No need to acknowledge. You can use

transporter 03. And supply CI18 for doing your
M151with the S149. And then on the evening status
report, we'll get the report on what you did.

212 17 l0 09 CDR Roger.

212 17 12 31 CC Skylab, we're going LOS in 30 seconds. See you

over Ascension at 17:21.
TAG Tape 212-09/T-_2
Page 2 of 5/266

212 17 22 05 CC Skylab, we have you over Ascension for 6 minutes. !

SPT Okay, Story. I have ED63 prep complete. The

vials with the leaves are stowed in their
proper spot up by the light in the wardroom. And
the foot-lamberts lu - luminance that point is 18,
18 foot-lamberts as measured with the spotmeter.
I hope that is somewhere in the vicinity of what
you were looking for or the investigators were
looking for. I do note that out the window it's
much brighter, 600 foot-lamberts, in case that's
not enough illumination. Those vials could be
temporarily placed over by the wardroom for a
period - or wardroom window - if 18 foot-lamberts
is insufficient.

CC Okay, Owen. We'll let you know on that. And,

Owen, while I've got you, using the VTR for re-
cording the spider, could you put some voice on
the VTR so we can check that out at that time?

SPT I sure can. I assume that we're - the VTR is

still connected to channel A voice, I assume,
whereas our nominal recording, otherwise, is
on channel B now. I presume that - that is your

212 17 23 31 CC It's on channel B, Owen.

SPT Okay. I Just got the word from A1, also. My

mistake. So channel B for voice on the VTR also.

CC Roger. And when we come over MLA at 18:37, we'll

be able to accept about l0 minutes of real-time TV,
if it's convenient for you to put anything on
TV; that's your option.

SPT Okay, fine. That's about an hour.

212 lT 26 31 CC Skylab, we're 1 minute to LOS. We'll see you

over Carnarvon at 17:51. And, for the CDR, the
next location we'd like you to look for the
ATM Log would be 7h3, and if it's not there,
check 7hh. And if you still don't find it, use
the SL-_ book, which you'll find in 7h5, and let
us know what you've done.
-- TAG Tape 212-09/T-h2
Page 3 of 5/267

CDR Okay, we've checked the first two, and I guess

we'll use the SL-h one until ours shows up.

CC 0kay, AI.

CDR Which locker was theirs in?

cc w-745.

212 17 27 i0 CDR Thank you.

212 17 52 lh CC Skylab, we have you through Carnarvon for 9 minutes.

SC ...

CC You were too far down for us to read you, Skylab.

SC I was Just commenting, no luck on any auroral dis-


212 17 52 58 CC I guess we better stand by until we can read you,


212 17 53 49 CC Let's try it now, Skylab.

SPT I was Just reporting no luck on any auroral dis-

play, Story.

CC Okay, you're still too far down. Stand by, and

we'll work on the comm.

CDR Hey, Story; CDR.

CC We can hear you talking, but we can't distinguish

what you're saying.

212 17 58 27 CC Skylab, we should be able to read you loud and c

clear now.

CDR Okay, how's that?

CC That 's good.

SPT I was Just going to say, no luck on the aurora;

and, secondly, on that fish down-link, you ought
to let Dr. Dick Simmonds over in building 37 know
TAG Tape 212-09/T-h2
Page 4 of 5/ 268

about that. He's the one who supplied the fish

and can provide you with any other pertinent
comments in the absence of any down-link voice.
So you might give him a call. I think A1
has something for you here, too.

CC We'll do that, Owen.

212 17 59 ll CDR Say, Story, if it's okay with you, we'll omit
that TV until later. We're still trying to get
finished up with the activation, and that takes
about 1 man-hour out of doing it.

CC Okay. That'll be fine, A1.

CDR Okay. As soon as we can get all this work done

and get it all put together as a good place to
live in, we'll give you lots of TV.

CC Roger.

212 18 02 06 CC Skylab, 30 seconds to LOS. We'll see you over

Guam in 3 minutes.

212 18 05 h3 CC Skylab. We have you through Guam for l0 minutes.

And, Owen, the ED63 - the 18 foot-lambert is

SPT Okay.

212 18 07 42 CC And, Skylab. No need to reply, but we're looking

at the acrobatic fish.

SPT It's pretty fascinating, isn't it, Dick? It seems

like when you stir the bag up a little bit, well,
then they'll swim in the outside loops for
5 or l0 seconds. And then they'll apparently
decide that's not getting them anywhere, so
they'll quiet down. One of the things that
Dr. Simmonds had suggested was that they might,
when placed against the wall, sort of assume that
the wall was the down direction. And it did seem,
sort of, as if there were a tendency to do that
after they'd been undisturbed for a while. They
TAG Tape 212-09/T-42
_ Page 5 of 5 /269

would usually float with their belly toward the

wall. And then after doing that for a while,
then they'd swim in outside loops again. So
apparently they can't make up their mind which
way is up and down, either.

212 18 08 40 CC Yes, sir. Good observation.

212 18 14 58 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS. See you over

Goldstone at 18:30.

212 18 15 05 CDR Roger.

TAG Tape 212-I0/T-43
Time: 212:18:30 to 212:20:00
Page i of 3 / 271


212 18 30 27 CC Skylab, we've got you over the States for 17 min-

PLT Roger, Houston.

212 18 31 06 CC And we'll be dumping the recorders over MLA at

18 :37.

212 18 41 h4 CC Skylab, we've got another 6 minutes to LOS and

we were real interested in how you're coming a-

CDR Owen's doing ED52 setup and he's done everything

before that. Jack is in his transfers s_id he's
done everything - command module stowage transfer,
and he's done everything before that. And I 'm in
day 3 transfers and I've done everything before

CC Okay. Thanks. Has Jack ridden the bike today?

CDR No, he's going to try it this afternoon. And

we'll all try to get in a lick or two.

CC Okay. Great.

212 18 42 4h CDR We've found the only tough part is, like I men-
tioned earlier, everybody feels pretty good be-
tween meals. Then the mealtime comes, and we're
caught in a - kind of in the squeeze, Dick. We're
trzring to decide whether we ought to try to eat
all that we have to, you know, keep our stomach
full and keep our strength up, or eat about what
we want to, which isn't very much. So, usually,
mealtime is kind of tough. And then for about an
hour afterwards, you don't feel so grand, and then -
you start feeling better until the next meal
rolls around. So I don't know how we're going
to handle that exactly. Maybe the medical group
has some advice on what to do about that specific
point, because it seems to bother all three of us.

CC Okay. Thanks, AI. We copy that.

CDR Yes, because if I - if it was the same case and

I were on Earth and, you know, felt the same way,
TAG Tape 212-I0/T-43 -
Page 2 of 3/272

I - I wouldn't eat very much. I'd eat some tea and

some soup and some other things. But I know that
we're not there.

CC Okay.

212 18 h3 h7 CDR Let me give a little thought to planning, too,

so it ... your thinking, at least to what ours
is up here. We're getting better, no doubt about
it. Nobody's had any scop/Dex today. And if we
Just be careful, everything's copacetic. But,
we certainly don't feel good. And nobody does.
And I suspicioned that - that there's no way we
could pull off an EVA in the next couple days.
I think the thing we're going to have to do is
plan to work s_ne medical experiments and any
other experiments where we stay inside and work
them at a relatively slow pace, until we get back
to feeling good. And I don't know when that's
going to be, but my guess is, it isn't going to
be in the next 2 days, Just Judging from the rap-
idity with which we've developed so far. As I
say, nobody's been sick today, but nobody's felt
good either, and I don't think we want to take
any undue - effort like an EVA until everybody
starts feeling good. Then we can give it a go.

212 18 44 55 CC Okay. Thanks, AI. At present, we're looking at

day 8 for your EVA. But, we'll see how you do
on days 5, 6, and 7.

CDR I'll tell you, that appeals to us a lot more.

It takes the pressure off. I think a lot of it
has been, we know we're running behind, so we've
got kind of a pressure to get well. So everybody
stuffs his food down, trying to get well. And
I'm not sure that isn't self-defeating. And
we'll Just have to press on. We're getting bet-
ter, it's just taking a little bit longer than
we thought.

CC Okay. Day 8 is the earliest we're looking at for

the EVA.

CDR That's good news. And - this whole activation

operation is - is awfully time consuming. Even
when you're working as fast as you can, there an
TAG Tape 212-10/T-h3
Page 3 of 3/273

: incredibleamountof - of work to be done to get

all this stuff moved over. And when you get ready
to put it somewhere, usually there's quite a num-
ber of things that you have to do to - to the box,
or the place you're going to put it, before you
can stow it. So it's - it's - None of us have
been resting at all today. We've been on the go,
trying to get these things done. And I Just hope,
by the end of the day, we will - we will have
finished. But I don't know.

212 18 )46 ii CC Yes sir.

212 18 h6 B2 CC Okay. We're not going to firm up any EVA day un-
til we've checked with you, A1.

212 18 h7 16 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS; see you over

Vanguard at 18:58.

212 18 58 52 CC Skylab, we've got you through Vanguard for h


CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS. We'll pick you

up over Carnarvon at 19 :B2.

212 19 02 28 SPT Roger.

._ TAG Tape 212-11/T-44
Time: 212:20:00 to 212:21:30
Page i of 5 / 275


212 20 07 hi CC Skylab, Houston. We've got you stateside for 14


CDR Got a few questions for you. First, where are the
utility gloves? Second, we were supposed to
transfer two drug cans to 706, but 706 is completely
full. We stuck it in 732 temporarily, waiting
your recommendation. And we need to know where
the utility power cables are stowed.

CC Okay, we'll be right with you.

SPT And one more. Those power cables I'm going to

use on page 2-5 of the Student Project Checklist
to hook up the light to the ED52 experiment.
Similarly, on the preceding page 2-4 it calls
for the photography of that experiment. And
apparently we've not received any pads for the use
of the DAC and you could - you might run down
that for me so that I could complete something
else by ED52.

CC Okay, Owen.

212 20 09 09 SPT And one more while we're on the subject of not
enough things that we can find. I don't have
the Biomed Checklist out with me right now, but
when I finished calibrations of the BMMD M172
yesterday, the clips and springs were to be taken
off and stowed at a location which apparently has
no label and is no locker. I suspect it's a
location on the floor or something like that, and
my question is where do these springs and clips
go that were used for M172 calibration?

CC Okay.

212 20 l0 58 SPT Boy, it's an amazing view of the San Francisco

Bay area. It's - looking out the window while
I came over to talk to you here, Dick - perfectly
clear. You can see the whole breadth of the place.

CC Okay.
TAG Tape 212-II/T-44 _
Page 2 of 5 /276

CDR We all decided to take a look. It's fantastic.

You can see San Francisco and Los Angles all in
the same view.

CC Roger.

212 20 12 07 SPT You might say there's still a little bit of tourist
left in him.

CDR You can see Vegas out to the side, too.

CC Roger. Wish we were at some of those places

looking up at you.

CDR I know what you mean. I can even see three of my

EREP sites from here - four, five, see about
eight Of them from here.

CC Owen?

SPT Say again.

212 20 13 05 CC Owen, the photo pad for ED52 went up on day 2, and
if you don't have it convenient there to you, I
can read it to you.

SPT I was afraid you were going to tell me something

like that. I guess you better read it to me.

CC You ready?


CC ED52 pre, 100 percent required; D-412, DAC 06;

A-2, transporter 03; DAC 06 is in F-527.

SPT Okay, I've got it Dick. I was afraid it came up

earlier and we must have misplaced it or I didn't
put it where I was supposed to. Thank you very

CC And, Owen, if you need the thread pad part of that

I've got that also?

SPT I'm sorry; I missed that Dick.

212 20 14 28 CC I've got the film thread pad for DAC 06 if you
need it.
TAG Tape 212-11/T-h4
Page 3 of 5 / 277

SPT You were cut out - apparently a handover.

CC Okay, I've got the film thread pad for DAC 06,
if you need _it.

SPT I'll need it.

CC Okay.

SPT Maybe we don't need it, Dick. I guess I already

threaded it.

CC Okay.

212 20 14 59 PLT Excuse me, Story. You haven't told us about the
utility gloves yet, have you?

CC We 're working.

CC Skylab, Houston.

CDR Go ahead.

212 20 20 ii CC We had an interruption when we sent you up the

general message concerning med status and legband
usage; that's 0431 Alfa. Count the lines on that
to be sure you didn't lose anything in the inter-

CDR Roger.

CC Answer to the SPT: We suggest you restrain the

clips and springs to the CAL mass adaptor in any
way you'd like - or strap it to the grid beside
the BMMD.

SPT Sure enough. That's the only thing I could figure

I could do with it. I think the location that
was given on the Biomed Checklist was a nonexistent

CC Roger.

212 20 21 01 PLT Hey, Story, if you're still waiting for the location
of those utility gloves, I could call a S149 in.
TAG Tape 212-11/T-h4 A
Page h of 5/278

CC Yes, we're still working now. We've got about

B0 seconds to LOS. We will see you over Vanguard
in l0 minutes and we should have the answers then.

PLT Thank you.

CC And as we go over the hill, leave the drug cans

in 732, that's fine for now.

SPT Okay.

212 20 32 22 CC Skylab, Houston, through Vanguard. We've got you

for 9 minutes.

CC And no need to acknowledge. The utility gloves

are located in your clothing module. The utility
power cables, of which there are a total of eight,
may be found in D-435, D-440, or possibly in use
at D-407; that's above the ring lockers.

212 20 33 03 PLT Okay, thank you, Story. We got this S149 retracted,
and we got the SAL door closed, but we can't
get the rod pulled through the panel all the way
so that we could get the latch - latch to mate.
We think maybe it's Just cold and we're going to
let it warm up for awhile so we could pull in a
little further. It lacks about an inch of - of
coming in far enough. And we noticed as we were
pulling that in that it really wanted to go off by
itself. You really got to hold on to that thing
and make sure you get the door closed.

CC Okay, copy that.

CC Jack, we need some clarification on your S149


212 20 35 20 PLT Okay, Story. I was working uh the checklist for

S149 retract. And one little interesting thing
we noted was that it suddenly started pulling
around and wanted to go off by itself very readily.
If we - if there hadn't been somebody on the end
of it it would have gone right on out. So we're
going to be very careful of that. That's just a
note. Okay, now - we can't get the rod - the last
rod - rod A, pulled back far enough so that when
TAG Tape 212-11/T-4h
Page 5 of 5 /279

you unscrew it, the little latch will catch the

stuff that's holding the S149. And, so we think
maybe if we let them warm up a little bit, we'll
be able to pull it in another inch or so. And
then when we unscrew rod A, the latch will come
up and mate with the stub so that it won't go out
any further.

CC Okay_ understand.

212 20 39 52 CC PLT, Houston.

PLT Just a minute, we're getting the ice cream out.

CC Say again.

PLT I said Just a minute, we're getting the the ice

cream out. First things first.

PLT Okay, go ahead, Story.

CC Verify that the SAL DOOR is CLOSED.

212 20 40 27 PLT Verified.

CC Okay. We agree with your action to sit and let

the experiment warm up. And as for the two drug
cans that you temporarily put in 732, you might
look for a slot in 707, 708, or 709, the IMSS
lockers, if possible.

PLT Okay.

PLT The problem is that the drugs from SL-2 are in

those lockers. I guess we'll have to take _hem
out and put them somewhere, huh?

CC Skylab, Houston. In the blind, we're going LOS

at this time. We'll see you over Goldstone at

212 20 42 24 PLT Okay.

TAG Tape 212-12/T-45
Time: 212:21:30 to 212:22:04
Page 1 of 2_81


212 21 47 19 CC Skylab, Houston. We're Goldstone for 40 minutes.

SPT Hello, Dick. How are you?

CC Doing real fine. How are guys doing today?

SPT Doing pretty well. I just finished the ED52

setup and want to - Just check it out to make
sure that the light and everything - the
sensitivities were Just right. And found on
that no - and found that no amount of voltage
generated ... would turned the lights ... about
to pick up - essentially it's a malfunction
procedure but they Just refer you over to ED52
adjust, page 2-13, which resets all of the gains
and adjusts it for sensivity. So I'm going to be
picking that up right now unless somebody there
has an objection?

CC Owen, I didn't copy some of that as to exactly

what your problems were because it was a lot of
static on the line, and before I get back to you
I have two or three things I'd like to get up
to you and a couple of them I'd like to get ahead
of this ED52. The first one is - has to do with
our friend the condensate holding tank. We have
some time scheduled in tomorrow's Flight Plan
for some troubleshooting. In order to get ahead
on that troubleshooting this evening, we'd like
to get the holding tank dumped, and I have some
short procedures that I'd like to read up to you
that we'd like to have done by this evening and
let it sit there for 2 or 3 hours, get dumped,
and then secure it, if you would.

SPT Go ahead with procedures.

212 21 48 54 CC Okay, what we'd like for you to do on - First is

panel 393, to disconnect the holding tank QD and
then, of course, then down on panel 800 turn the
dump heater - DUMP HEATERS WATER switch to 2, and
make sure that the H20 light that's for the
DUMP HEATER's ON. And then in the SWS Systems
Checklist perform housekeeping 60 Bravo, 60 Bravo,
Page 9-3. And the steps that we'd like performed
TAG Tape 212-121T-45 _4
Page 2 of 21 282

out of there are steps 3, 4, 5, and 6. Then after

this is completed on panel 393, we'd like for
you to reconnect the holding tank QD long enough
to reconnect the Kluge at DELTA-P meter and report
to us the DELTA-P and then finally to disconnect
the holding t_nk QD again on panel 393, and we're
going to let it sit that way all night. This
way it will get us ahead on the troubleshooting
tomorrow and it will also get - let us get a
overnight check on that part of the system as
far - as to see if it's holding the DELTA-P.
The next thing that I had if you got that one
was a couple of notes for Jack on the S149.

212 21 50 18 PLT Go ahead.

CC Okay, what we - well, per the - I guess that

the configuration is still as it was before,
Jack, that you described. We think you're
following the correct procedure. So we'd like
for you to let it sit there for awhile and try
it again. If you're still unsuccessful, we'd
like for you to pressurize the scientific air
lock, and this ought to let the experiment warm
up still further and let it sit there for about
another hour and try it again. If finally,
this evening, we are still unsucessful we'd
Just like to leave ROD A attached and just remove
that from the SAL and we'll let it sit indoors
and let us continue to think about that one.
We probably will - we can go ahead and use that
with ROD A as sticking in there although it'll -
may hurt us on the stowage. One reminder on
that is you need to unscrew ROD A a little bit -
slightly, in order to let that latch engage.
We're getting fairly close to LOS and we're -
we'll see you in Vanguard in a few minutes.
Go ahead.

PLT Okay, Dick; we'll do like you say on 149.

212 21 51 36 CC Okay, real fine, and I'll give you A0S call at

TAG Tape 212-13/T-46
Time: 212:22:04 to 212:23:00
Page 1 of 5/283


212 22 09 22 CC Skylab, Houston. We're at Vanguard for

i0 minutes.

212 22 l0 07 CC Skylab, Houston - -

SPT Okay, Dick - Okay, Dick. Now let me tell you

where I am in the Student Project Experiment
Checklist. The problem turned up with ED52.

CC Roger, Owen. Why don't you take Just a minute.

We did relisten to the tape and there was a lot
of static and I was going to tell you that you
were GO, to go ahead and do that mal. But it
probably wouldn't hurt for us to listen to it
again real quickly.

SPT Well, I'm beyond that now, anyway. I've already

performed that MAL, and it's not working and
that's what I wanted to tell you about.

CC Go ahead.

212 22 i0 40 SPT I went to the ED52 Adjust on page 2-13, turned

both pods counterclockwise just as it said. And
then down on step 7 it says, "Lights come on,
stay on for several seconds, go off and then
come back on." As a matter of fact, it doesn't
happen that way. The lights come on of course
when you put S-I on; they stay on for about
i to 2 seconds; they go off and then they stay
off. They do not come back on. And when you
put your ear down close to the electronic
assembly, you can hear the relay which turns the
lights off, and about a second or so later, you
can hear another fainter relay click, but it does
not turn the lights back on, as one might assume
that second relay click was supposed to do. So
something in the internal circuitry is not
permitting the trigger to turn the lights and
the camera, if it were connected, back on again.
And I don't know whether there's anything that
can be done to fix that or not, but I'ii
leave it in your hands and the designers' hands
to think about it for awahile. Over.
TAG Tape 212-13/T-h6
Page 2 of 5/284

212 22 Ii B5 CC Okay. I think we certainly understand, from

that description, what it is and we will think
about it, Owen. I've got another couple of things
to ask you guys. One is on channel B recording.
We dumped about a - and incidentally I forgot
to warn you, I think we are dumping the airlock
data recorder this site. But we dumped about
2 hours ago and we did not find any modulation
on channel Bravo. And as long as you guys did
not record anything on channel B during that
period, we're happy with that, but we Just wanted
to make sure t_hat we were in a proper configuration
for channel B recording. And while we're on that
subject, we've also noticed that we are recording
your intercom conversations on the command module
DSE. And on that one, we think probably the
reason that we are is that your panel 6 INTERCOM
switch is in T/R vice OFF, and if you want a
reference in the checklist, that's Systems
Checklist, page 3-3. We have not been dumping
that recorded voice and so it hasn't been getting
out, but I thought you ought be aware of that
and reconfigure if you desire.

212 22 12 52 SPT Okay. We were talking about that at lunch time

and sort of had come to the same conclusion that
that's probably how we were configured. And I
don't know whether Al's hearing this or not.
He probably will want to talk to you about it.
On the channel B recording, I'm not sure I'm too
happy about that, because I spent probably
15 minutes putting all the SMMD calibrations,
both wardroom and head on there. I don't know
whether those got dumped on the preceding rev
or preceding dump, or whether it was this last
time. Do you - can you verify that all of the
SMMD eals were taken off?

CC Stand by Just a second.

212 22 13 38 CC SPT, Houston. I'm unable to verify yes or no

right now, but as soon as I can we'll certainly
get back to you on SMMD cal, but don't put the
information back on there until I get back to
TAG Tape 212-13/T-h6
Page 3 of 5/285

SPT Okay. And A1 Just coasted by and mentioned the

fact that he had reconfigured the command module
intercom, off, 2 or 3 hours ago. So it shouldn't
be - INTERCOM shouldn't be ON the - on the tape
up in the co,_and module any longer. Over.

212 22 14 05 CC Okay. Real fine. Let me ask you a couple of

other questions from - from the Activation
Checklist folk. There are two or three items
that you haven't reported, and we'd like to know
whether or not you've completed them. And then,
after we get these answers, since we've had to
skip around in the time line and activation has
been extended a little bit, they'd sure appreciate
it if you guys would take a little bit of time
in that checklist, when you think you are through
with it, and turn the pages and Just make sure
that we haven't skipped anything.

SPT Okay. What do you want to ask us about?

CC Okay. First is the command module stowage

transfer, which is page 2-70 and 2-71.

212 22 14 52 SPT Okay. I want to get A1 to answer that. He's

been looking after most of that. Is there anything
over in my columns that you were - -

212 22 14 57 CC Okay. Well, I'm not real sure that - I have two
other items, 0wen. And I'm not looking at the
checklist at the moment. The other two items are
plenum bag stowage, and the third item was the
day 3 miscellaneous transfers that we sent up on
the message this morning, and it's located
actually in the stowage book.

PLT Dick, pages 2-70 and 2-71, I took care of. And
the plenum bag stowage isn't going to happen until
tomorrow because we're still putting a little
stuff in it. And other than that I guess the
only thing I have left to do is the water sampling
TV and the 149 stow.

CDR And the day 3 transfers are complete. Would you

do one thing for me, Dick? Are the three good
lenses - I want to verify that we got them correct,
5, 6, and 7, the 5-millimeters?
TAG Tape 212-13/T-46
Page h of 5 /286

212 22 15 47 CC That is correct, A1. And I think that gives us

the answers on all the things, and we think we're
pretty happy with knowing exactly where the whole
Activation Checklist is. But if you would take
5 or l0 minutes between you and Just take a look
and make sure you can't find anything that you
remember skipping, we'd sure appreciate it.

CDR Okay, we had that sort of on our minds, and we'll

go through that thing when we get a moment here.
But we think we've finished that except for those
two items that Jack mentioned, and we got a
couple of plenum bags completely full now. That
kind of gives you a feeling for the amount of
filler we've had.

CC Roger. I understand.

212 22 16 35 CC And we got about 3 minutes left here at Vanguard,

I'm standing by.

CDR We've got that dump ready to go. I'm Just

waiting until the heater gets hot. As soon as it
gets hot I'll turn it on. It's all connected up.

CC Okay. Thank you.

CDR It's a lot easier once you've found all the parts
up here, believe me.

212 22 17 3h CC Skylab, Houston. One thing that we were a little

bit confused on as to what you said about the
Activation Checklist. We think we copied you
said that you were going to set up the TV in
order to record the water sampling. We thought
you'd already done the water sampling. If you
have already completed the water sampling, we
sure don't want to ask you to repeat it in order
Just to get it on television.

CDR Understand.

CC Okay.

PLT The water sampling is complete.

CC Okay. We're happy.

TAG Tape 212-13/T-46
Page 5 of 5/287

212 22 18 13 CC And, Skylab; Houston. In order to make sure for

channel Bravo recording, you might - somebody,
next time they float by panel 204, they might
check and make sure it's configured there properly.

CC And we'll go - -

CDR I just checked it. It was on B. Whenever you

mentioned it wasn't anything there, I went up and
looked. It's switched to B.

CC Okay, AI. Thank you much.

CC Skylab, Houston. We're i minute from LOS. We'll

see you at Hawaii at 23:18. We are going to dump
the data recorder again there. And we were
wondering, when you did do the water sampling,
did you use the decal that had you take a look
at the iodine concentration after it was in the
chiller for 15 minutes?

PLT That's a negative because we had done the water

sampling prior to that message.

212 22 19 15 CC I see. Okay, thank you much. That's all right.

Time: 212:23:00 to 213:00:37
Page 1 of T/289


212 23 17 34 CC Skylab, Houston. Hello at Hawaii for 9 minutes.

CDR Say, Dick; CDR.

CC Yes, sir. Go ahead.

CDR Say, we ended up with our two llthlma hydroxide

canisters - the ones ie used in the command
module down in the workshop - we can't seem to
find a note anywhere exactly what we are supposed
to do with them. Are we supposed to _ettison
them out the trash airlock?

CC Okay, what - we' Ii get an answer to you as Icon

as we can on that. They're talklng - they'll
t-l_ a_out it in the back room. And I got two
or three things to talk to yOU about if yOu don't
have anything else.

CDR Go ahead.

212 23 18 2h CC Okay, first of A11, the last time we looked into

the tape recorder business and the last time
that we got any modulatten on the dumps to the
site was a Bermuda pass at 17:00 Zulu. And as
far as we can search, we - sometime during that
period, must have been when Oven put the
stuff on - because we don't have that. And we'd
like for you sometime in between now end the
upccLing Ven_,-_d pass, which is in the next
30 minutes, to make at least a 30-second test
recQrdinK on channel B because we'd like to dump
it and get right on top of this problem in case
we've got any hardware problems.

CDR Ok_7, we'll do that right now.

CC Okay. Next thing is - is - and, CDR, Houston;

we are dumping the tape recorder here at Hawaii,
so why don't you wait until after L_ to do that
test recording for us?
TAG Tape 212-14/T-_7
Page 2 of 7/290

CDR Unde rs t an d.

212 23 19 24 CC Okay, next thing. The other day you mentioned

about, prior to the EVA, looking at all the
hardware and getting ahead on things for the EVA_
and one thing we - be sure and don't want you to
do is to actually pull the sail out of the bag,
because _e think it _uld really he curtains for
getting it back installed in the bag. For your
information, we are going to pull a sail that
has been stowed in a bag over at Marshall the
day prior to the EVA and check its condition.
The next item that I have, A1, is - our G&C is
watching the oxidizer tank pressure for the
engine up in the c_nd module; and the pressure
is decreasing due to a helium ingestion in the
oxidizer. We do not have a leak, but it's getting
kind of close to the caution and warning limit ;
and in order to ,_, sure you don't get waked
up in the middle of the night or startled by it,
we' d recommend you INHIBIT Charlie 7.

CDR Okay, that' s done.

212 23 20 39 CC Okay. I got a couple more items and these are

on your Flight Plan for tomorrow that was up-linked
a while ago. Two items on that. You've got a -
the PLT and SPT are - the PLT's the subject, he
has got an MI31 Just before lunch. And there's
some extra time that is stuck in there, we think
about 30 m4nutes for both those guys, and that
does not include an extra 15 minutes that we've
put in there because it's the first time you ran.
Therefore, we think that he can get some extra
PT time right following that M131; and on the
Flight Plan, it looks like he got shortchanged,
hut we think he can change that 30 minutes
probably almost to an hour. Also, if possible,
we' d like during that same period to get Owen to
set up TV-3 Alfa in the TV OPS Book, because
we'd like to accomplish TV-3 Alfa during the
lunch meal tomorrow.

CDR Okay.
TAG Tape 212-1b/T-47
Page 3 of 7/ 291

212 23 21 43 CC Okay, and that will be an addition to O_en's

detail pad, and I figure the PT, you can Just play
that by ear, you know, as you get it. And the
only other thing l have on here is wondering if
there's any more further status on Slh9.

CDR Sure is. We let it warm up, we p-l led it out,

and it's now sitting over in the corner with the
cover on the end, and everything is copacetic
and tidy.

CC Roger; understand. You did ma_e the latch and

got rod A out there.

CDR When it warmed up a little bit, everything was


CC Hey, real fine; good.

212 23 22 33 CC And, S_ylab, Houston. We have an answer for

you on the lithium hydroxide. It should go down
the trash airlock.

CDR Okay, understand.

CC And that's the efld of my ]tst that's written down

here. We've still got 4 minutes here at Hawaii,
so I'm standing by.

212 23 24 13 SPT Dick, I l_,lled off the teleprinter stuff here

about 15 minutes ago; and at that time, it only
had the CDR and PLT deta/ls for tomorrow. Just
the last minute or so, the SPT details have come
up. It's only seven lines long, followed by a
general Flight Plan that's 58 lines long. I guess
that must be what you want though, seven lines
of SPT details.

CC That's right, SPT - I'm looking at it, Owen and

the SPT details is seven lines long. And the
thing to do is Just Jot down in there the TV-3
Alfa, you know, and I'll give you a time off the
s,,-,,_ryright now.

SPT Good enough. I get what it is.

TAG Tape 212-14/T-47
Page 4 of 7/292

212 23 25 C_ CC Cks_. !

212 23 48 15 CC Skylab, Houston. We're A06 at V=-_,=_d for

9 minutes, and we're going to be _,ping the data
tape recorder here.

CDR Okay, I tell you what we did, Dick. We put some

information on it - channel B, both froa the
console and headset that Owen used to put his
data on, and also down from the _mA-_lroom. I'm
Just playing the squawk box, so there ought to
he two sets of data on there Just t=1_Ing about

CC Oks_, I understand you used the wardroom speaker

box. Where was the other speaker box on - in
between these two sites that yon did use?

CDR The one up there by the A_ console and Owen used

a headset and m_ke with it.

212 23 48 55 CC Okay, AI; tbAnk you. I only had one question

this pass and that is for Owen, and we're back
to trying to understand completely this ED52
thing. And what we're not sure that we copied
because of the garble, and we'd like to clarify,
is on pete 2-6 of the checklist, step 30; we'd
like to know ex_ctly what it says: Move hand
around and verify the light and the camera come
on and sts_ on for 10 seconds. And it's at that
point that we' d like to understand what happened
that caused him to go over to page 2-13 and start
the ED52 adjust procedure.

212 23 49 37 SPT Okay, stand by. I'll have to get the checklist
out so I can see Just what page and item you're
t-lking about; it'll be a moment.

CC Okay, Owen, I think that'd he a good idea,

and then we' ii get sq_,=_ed aw_7 and get the
problem solved.

CDR Okay, Dick. I've had a vacu,-- on that tank for

quite sometime - I mean not a vacuum but dump
going into the tank, pulling out the water. I
TAG T_ 2_-I_IT-_7
P_ 5 of 71293

CDR Okay, Dick. I've had a vacuum on that tank for

quite sometime - I mean not a vacuum but dump
goi_ into the tank, l_,11tng out the water. I
checked the slug a few moments ago, and it moved
down to the far end of the tank, indicating that
it was empty. I was going to leave it 3_e that
for a few more m_-utes, perhaps 30, I don't know.
What do you recu,_endT

CC Stand by 1.

212 23 50 13 CDR It has a maximum pull about 1 inch from the flange.
That m_y be as far as it travels, or it still may
travel some more. That's why I was _ndering.

CC Okay, stand by.

SPT Okay. l'm ready to tAl_ about this pa_e 2-6

if - if you're prepared there, Dick.

CC Sk_'lab, Houston; that tranm_ssion vas kind of

garbled. I didn't get it. Say a_ain, please.

SPT Okay, I'm ready to talk about page 2-6. Are you
ready thereT

CC Yes. Okay, go ahead.

212 23 51 00 SPT Okay. It was at Just where you said on step 30.
We should be able to retFIF_er that autcaatie
circuitry by moving our hands around inside the
cage. And I did that and snapped fingers and
even tapped the walls and did everything I could
to get another trigger of the lights and camera.
And there was no way for me to trigger an auto-atic
sequence, i0 seconds to a sequence of exposures,
after I first turned it on. And the note that is
at the bottom of step 30, then, sa_s to refer
to 52 adjust if required, and so I then went over
to 52 adjust and followed down through, let me
see, step 6, step 7, 8, and then at step 9. Just
a ,wm_nt ; no, not that far. Step 7 - it's supposed
to be that at step 7 the light will come on, stay
on, go off, and then come hack on. But that one
did not happen in step 7 on page 2-13. They'll
come on, stay for a second or 2, then go off and
never come back on again. Over.
TAG Tape 212-14/T-_7
Page 6 of 7/294

CC Okay, thanks for the info, Owen. And we're not
real sure whether or not we've got a checklist
problem or _=_dware problem; and we're t=_king
about that; and we'll get - get - he _etting
back to y_u as soon an we can on a straight answer.

Okay, fine.

CC Roger.

212 23 52 54 CC And, CDR, Houston. The EGIL reco-_uds that we

zet about another 15 minutes worth of dumping
on the holding tank, and then you can - can continue
on with the procedure that I read up a while ago.

CDR Okay, Dick.

CC Okay.

212 23 53 32 CC Skylab, Houston. Be advised on that dump here at

Vanguard out at the site, we did see voice mod-
ulatio_ on the subfrmne as we _,mped it. We're
going to bring it back in here to Houston and
listen to the tapes and _ke sure that we got a
modulation from either 1, 2, or 3 of those sources
that you _-tioned. So we'll get back to you
later when we understand it.

212 23 53 56 SPT Okay, if you don't have it from all three sources,
that's box 131 with the lightweight headset and
on the speaker box, as well as down here 702
directly from the box.

CC Okay, and we' 11 let you know when we get it back

here in Houston and listen to it.

CC Skylab, Houston. One note that I had here and

I'm - quite frankly, I can't remember whether
I passed it up to you or not; and that was the
drug locations when Story was Just going off duty
there. What we want to end up with is the SL-2
drug cans in W-732 and the SL-3 drug cans in

SPT We copy, Dick.

TAG Tape 212-I_/T-_7
Page 7 of 7 /295

CC Thank you.

CC Skylab, Houston; we're 1 minute to LOS at Vanguard.

We're going to see you at Hawaii at 00:55, and
we'll be standing by there, A1, to copy the evening
status report.

212 23 56 _5 CDR Okay.

TAG Tape 213-01/T-h8
Time: 213:00:37 to 213:02:00
Page 1 of 7/297


213 00 55 03 CC Skylab, Houston. We are AOS Hawaii for

7-1/2 minutes.

CDR Okay, Dick, I'm ready for that nightly status


CC Roger. Me too, AI, and I believe I have already

have the urine volume, the drinking-water gun
reading and the BMMD masses from this morning
that you read down earlier.

CDR Okay, go to exercise?

CC Okay, go ahead.

CDR Okay. CDR, 2/15/1425; SPT, 2/15/2000; PLT,


CC Go ahead.

CDR Okay, under medication the CDR and SPT both

used some nasal emollient. The CDR would
like to think about using a Seconal tonight.
Okay, sleep: CDR, 5/good, 2/fair; SPT, 6/good;
PLT, 7/good. Okay, now I'll read you the food
log. CDR deleted chili; biscuits, two; vanilla
wafers, two. SPT deleted - By the way, CDR had
two salts. SPT deleted Jam, chicken and gravy,
lemon pudding, asparagus, butterscotch pudding,
apricots, strawberry drink, one-third of a can
of bacon wafers.

CC Okay. Go ahead.

CDR PLT ate the following: corn flakes, grapefruit

drink, cocoa, pea soup, tea, port loin, apple-
sauce, and lemonade.

CC Roger. Go ahead.

CDR No photo today. Flight Plan deviation: We

looked over the Flight Plans; they looked good
to us. We were a little bit worried about the
M131, but we'll - we'll Just be careful. Our
TAG Tape 213-01/T-_8
Page 2 of 71290

concern was the fact that everybody's a

little unsettled yet, and so they were afraid
if they got into a malaise 2A they might not
be able to recover very fast like you can on
Earth because it unsettles you there, as you
well know. And since your settling ability
is just not that good at the moment.

CC Roger. I understand, A1. And we realize that,

so we will Just leave it up to your judgment
as to how to proceed and let us know.

213 00 58 20 CDR Okay, we knew you did and been thinking about it.
We're going to Rive it a go and Just be careful.
Shopping list: the only thing we did, we inter-
changed the SAL tripods while we had S073
out of there and they both fit now. Inoperable
equipment : you know about that. And unscheduled
stowage item changes: we've reported those
already also.

CC Okay, I got all of that. Is there anything else

on the status report you'd like to add?

CDR No, did you - wanted a previous status report

or a previous food report and we weren't sure
which day.

CC I'll tell you what, I'm - it was day 210, AI,

which I believe was mission day 2, I think.

CDR Okay, let me read those, please.

CC Stand by i.

CDR Okay.

CC Roger, CDR. Go ahead. It was mission day 2.

Go ahead.

CDR Okay. CDR: delete biscuits, two; orange drink; chili;

peanut butter. SPT, he ate the following:
Instant Breakfast, one-half bread, orange drink,
chicken and rice, ambrosia, vanilla wafers.
PLT ate the following: applesauce, cocoa, peaches,
tea. And in addition to that, the CDR had
27 squirts of command module water, and the
TAG Tape 213-01/T-h8
Page 3 of 7/299

PLT had 7-1/2 ounces of command module water

plus 20 squirts.

CC Roger. Go ahead.

CDR I didn't have down the SPT's water and he

doesn't recall it. That completes the food
there, I believe.

213 O1 00 hO CC Okay, A1, thank you very much. I've got a

couple of things here. First of all on the
ED52, we are afraid that we do have a - some
sort of a hardware malfunction but we're - so
we're going to think about that one, and the only
thing we'd like to ask you guys to do tonight
is on the ED52 equipment turn the S-l, Sierra 1
switch to OFF.

CDR Owen reports he's done that already.

CC Okay. Next thing, we listened to that channel B

dump and we got a - a nothing but a bunch of
loud noise and no intelligible conversation.
It turns out at the same time we did have the
experiment 2 recorder running, and so we're
dumping that here at Hawaii and we're going to
listen to that recorder to see if it's a record-
er problem or something else. And I do
have - we've noticed in the command module that -
that we're reading about a 70 or 71 percent
reading in the waste water tank and we - so
we're not too sure that's accurate and I have
a - couple of things I'd like you to check in the
command module. However, I see that I'm about
h5 seconds from LOS. Your next pass is at
Vanguard at 01:26 and it's a medical conference
and I'll catch you again at Ascension and I'll
have this stuff squared away, and I can tell
you what we would like at Ascension.

CDR Okay, what do you want me to do, go read the

waste water and tell you?
TAG Tape 213-01/T-48
Page 4 of 7/300

CC Yes, we want you to read the - put the MAIN

REGs, two of them to OPEN. Then read the waste
water. If it's greater than 60 percent perform
the service module water tank activation which
is on page S/h-16; if it's less than 60 percent,
close the MAIN REGS and open the CABIN REPRESS

CDR Understand.

CC Okay, good.

213 01 02 29 CDR But, do you want me to dump the water if it's

CC Negative and I forgot to say prior to starting

this procedure, CABIN REPRESS valve to CLOSE.

CDR Okay, I understand then. So, in other words,

it if is greater, Just turn those things on and
leave them there, but don't dump the water.

CC That's affirmative, and we also want to get

another holding tank at - no.

213 01 03 01 CC Belay that last, A1, I'li catch you at Ascension.

213 01 41 17 CC Skylab, Houston; Ascension for 7 minutes.

CDR Okay, Dick, let me tell you what we got.

CC Go ahead.

CDR WE went through the first part of the procedures

in the comm_ud module, checked the water, it's
at 75 percent. We didn't - we knew how to
follow the rest of the procedure, but we just
wanted to make sure that you wanted us to do
that one because when we were going out of
sight, it sounded like you had a little something
else on your mind.

CC Well, as a matter fact, what we had on our minds

would - didn't have anything to do with that.
So the procedure that I did read - you ought
to follow for the part which is to perform that
water tank activation, page 4-16. So that one
TAG Tape 213-01/T-48
Page 5 of 7/301

was okay. What I was trying to get up to you,

A1, was at the time that - we assume by now
you've secured the condensate holding tank and
I wanted to get a DELTA-P reading on that tank
that you took, I think, right after you secured

CDR Okay, hold on, I'll give it to you, and then

I'll disconnect at that panel 930 or 390 or
whatever it's called.

CC Roger.

CDR It'll take about 2 minutes or about 30 seconds.

CC Okay. And while you're going up there, if

somebody's listening, one thing that we do need
as far as the evening status report is your
drawer A - drawer Alpha configuration in the
film vault, sometime this evening in either this
pass or the next one, so that we can do our
photo pads properly for tomorrow and our planning.
And also, be advise, we will be up-linking a
pad tonight for your tomorrow's menus.

CDR It's h.25, 4.25.

CC Okay, AI, thank you - thank you much and - -

CDR Now I'm going to go back and disconnect it, and

put a cap on the end of that line.

CC Okay, A1, and is Owen listening?

CDR He sure is.

213 01 43 19 CC Key, Owen, I just wanted you to know that I

just called up and talked to your Dad and had
a very pleasant conversation with him and
wished him a Happy Birthday. And he said to
pass on the best of luck from everybody in Enid
to you, and they've been real concerned about
how you guys were feeling and getting along.
And I assured them that as each day went by you
were feeling a lot better and really having a
lot of fun. I sure enjoyed talking to him.

SPT Very good, thanks a lot, Dick.

TAG Tape 213-01/T-48
Page 6 of 7/302

CC Roger

CDR Okay, disconnect complete.

CC Okay, thank you.

CC And Skylab, Houston. I don't know if you checked

the tape recorder a while ago, we did send up
an S192 alignment pad. And after we got it up
there we had some second thoughts about some
minor things on it, and we have Just uplinked
another S192 alignment pad that should replace
the one you got earlier. And the good one is
message number 0529. You can throw the other
one away.

CDR Okay, Dick; understand.

213 01 44 59 CC Okay.

CC Skylab, Houston. We've still got about

2-1/2 minutes to LOS. And let me tell you real
briefly about one minor problem that we're taking
a looking at and still talking about it, because
I might have to talk to you again about it at
our last pass of the evening which is at Guam.
The temperatures - the dew point in the spacecraft
has risen to a point where we're afraid that we
may start collecting - Where the temperature
in the heat exchangers is lower than the dew
point. So we're thinking about, possibly
tonight, turning off the heat exchangers and,
of course, the bad part of that is that during
the evening the temperature in the spacecraft
will rise and the estimate is somewhere like
3 degrees or so. I Just wanted to alert you to
that before we got to Guam. We'll be talking
about in between here and there. Over.

CDR Understand, Dick. Thank you.

CC And, of course, the other side of the coin, other

than letting the temps go on up tonight, is if
we should - If this trend continues, of course,
we might deposit some water in the heat exchangers
and the fans. It might take us 2 or 3 days to
dry them out so - so I guess it's some good
TAG Tape 213-01/T-48
Page 7 of 7/303

news and some bad news there. And we'll let

you know at Guam. We're about a minute from
LOS here at Ascension and the Guam AOS is 02:26.

CDR Roger. There's no way that we could, for example,

hook up that condensate tank and then Just
continue to pull a vacuum on the back side of it
through the SAL airlock?

CC I guess we hadn't really thought about that one,

A1, but the condensate holding tank, we're
satisfied, is - We'd like to let it sit all
night, if that's what you're asking about, and
check the pressure in the morning.

213 01 _7 59 CDR I didn't know whether - since you were worried

about the humidity you might not want to pull
the water out tonight if you could, and then
make the test tomorrow day or tomorrow night.
It doesn't make any difference to us; we can
stand the 3 degrees. I Just didn't know what
you want to do. We'll see you next tee - next -
next site.

CC Okay, A1.

PLT Hey, Dick the film is Just as they asked me to

load it on the pad this morning. I got all the
numbers if you want it but that's the way it is.

CC Okay, I'll check in between sites, Jack, and if

I need them I'll get them at Guam.

PLT Yes, we didn't use any of it at all.

CC Okay, thank you.

213 01 48 46 CC Skylab, Houston. We're satisfied with that on

the film, so I will not need anymore information
from you when we get there.

TAG Tape 213-02/T-49
Time: 213:02:00 to 213:03:30
Page 1 of 3/305


213 02 26 02 CC Skylab, Houston. We're AOS Guam for 4 minutes.

CDR Okay, Dick; one question. We've got to start

using the 0WS food tomorrow, only I noticed you
didn't do - had me doing Housekeeping 60E until
after lunch. What shall we do for breakfast and
dinner - or breakfast and lunch?

213 02 26 26 CC Roger, AI. I'll get you a question - I'll get

you an answer back on that, this pass. On the
problem with the heat exchangers - what we've
decided to do is turn the fans off in the OWS
and airlock heat exchangers. And let me tell
you which switches they are. I think you already
know, but then I'll give you the rationale and -
and our - our thoughts on the subject. What we
want on panel 390 is the OWS HEAT EXCHANGER FANS,
four switches, OFF. And also on panel 293,
AM FAN CIRC, three swi - three switches, to OFF.
Essentially what we've - we think this is the
best approach, AI, because we're - we're - we're
trading a short-term problem tonight which may -
which - in which we think the temp in the
spacecraft is going to go up approximately
3 degrees, versus a very long-time - term problem,
in the event that we did get the heat exchangers
wet tonight. As a matter of fact, we don't know
how many days it would take us to recover from
that, and during that time the temp would keep
going up. So our decision is - is to turn the
fans off tonight. If the temp has gone up more
than 3 degrees tonight, we'll certainly get the
fans on first thing in the morning. Over.

CDR Okay. CIRC FANS, three and then the HEAT EXCHANGER
FANS, four. We'll get them.

213 02 27 47 CC Okay. One more thing. We had no Joy on the

channel B that we dumped on the experiment tape
recorder, so I got two things I want you to do
there now. One is, right away while we still
got you, we've still got about 2 minutes. We'd
like sc_ebody to m_ke an intercom check on
channel B and report to us how that comes out.
TAG Tape 213-02/T-h9
Page 2 of 3/306

CC We want to see if we have a generic problem in

the channel B itself. And, secondly, after we
go LOS, we'd like you to go to panel 20h and go
back to recording on channel A. And we' d like
you to - to m-ke us a 30-second test, as you did
before on channel A. And we'll dump that later
in the evening, and we'll be researching this
problem during the night. Over.

CDR Okay. I can give you a hint already. We tried

B whenever we were making the check, and we found
it okay. But let me switch over and talk to
Owen, and I'll see you right now.

CC Roger.

213 02 28 58 CDR Say, Dick, we Just tried it, and the only thing
we noticed is - the volume isn't quite as high
on B as it is on A. It's probably two-thirds as

CC Okay. Thank you, AI. Stand by, please.

PLT Probably getting 6 - to 10-dB difference.

CC Roger.

CC CDR, Houston. On the question on the menus.

We're working up a pad for you this evening on
the menus, and it will be made up of food that
you can get to readily in time for breakfast.
We are about 30 seconds from LOS here at Guam.
This is the last pass of the evening, so you
guys get a real good night's sleep, and we'll
see you in the morning.

CDR Okay, and the CIRC FANS are OFF already.

CC Okay.

213 02 29 59 CDR And everything else is okay. We tried B; I'm

going to A right now. On RECORD.

CC Roger that.
.._ TAG Tape 213-02/T-49
Page 3 of 3/307

CDR And we'll record a message on A when we get a


213 02 30 lh CC Roger.

TAG Tape 213-03/T-50
Time: 213:03:30 to 213:10:30
Page i of I/B09



TAG Tape 213-04/T-51
Time: 213:10:30 to 213:12:00
Page i of 5/311


213 ii 16 58 CC Skylab, Houston. Good morning. We're with you

for about 15 minutes stateside.

PLT Good morning, Houston.

CDR Howdy, howdy.

CC Hello there. How you all doing this morning?

CDR Sound asleep until the call.

213 ii 17 23 PLT Too early to know.

213 ii 21 54 CC Skylab, Houston. We've got two things for you

during the postsleep this morning, whenever it's
convenient. One is a change to CDR Flight Plan.
And the other is a little procedure we want to
run through to see if we can track down the
problem with the channel B RECORD. Whenever it's
convenient, Just give us a call.

CDR How about right now?

CC Okay. The Flight Plan change for the CDR is

at 13:00 on the Flight Plan. We'd like for you
to perform the Housekeeping 60 Echo, instead of
the S190 film stow. And then at 18:00, we'll
do the film stow. And anything - the time that's
left over there, will be the - be for open

213 ii 22 50 CDR That's good, because we can sure use that. And
the other thing's a little procedure on the AM
voice record. Whenever it's convenient for some-
body to work that, Just give a call.

CDR Right now.

CC Okay, AI. Like to get someone to look at panel 200.

breaker. We'd like to check that one.


TAG Tape 213-04/T-51
Page 2 of 5/312

CC It is CLOSED? Okay. What we'd like for you

to do, is cycle that circuit breaker OFF and
ON three times, then. And then leave it in the
CLOSED position.

CDR Complete.

CC Okay. And if you would, what we'd like for you

to do now, is compose a little test message and
record it on comm channel A. You have to put
on panel 204 to channel B, and record on that
channel. And then we want you to record the same
message on channel A. And what we're going to
do, then, is dump both of those and compare them.

213 ll 24 32 CDR Okay. I will start doing that right now. And
I'll do B first, as requested.

213 ll 26 ll CC Skylab, Houston.

CDR Okay, we put them on A and B.

CC Okay; real good. I guess we should have started

with A, since that's the way you're configured.
We'd like you to leave it configured to RECORD
on channel A. And we'd also like to know if
you've noticed any difference on the intercom,
on the audio level, between channels A and B.

213 ii 27 04 CDR Okay, Houston. Yesterday, we noticed that on

B channel it was lower than on A. And we Just
took another check, and it seems to be the same
way this morning, although the difference isn't
quite so pronounced. Owen, who's an expert,
says it's about 3 dB lower on B than it is on A.

CC Roger; copy. And we are configured now for

recording on channel A, is that correct?

CDR You bet.

213 ii 27 34 CC Okay. That - let us get the tapes down and

take a look at it, then. And you'll probably
also notice when you empty the teleprinter this
morning, there was a - some checklist
TAG Tape 213-Oh/T-51
Page 3 of 5/313

changes for the systems - CSM systems checklist

and deact checklist, in regard to the quad B
failure. For the next few days, we'll probably
be dribbling those procedure changes up to them -
up to you, as we sort them out down here on the
ground to try to take into account that quad B

213 ii 28 00 CDR Okay. One that I'm hoping they'll work on is

the cue card that we got in the CSM for attitude
control takeover, in the event of some funny
with the CMGs. Been thinking about that the
last couple of days. I suspect our technique
there for restoring the command module, Just
with the SCS, may not work. But I don't know.
That probably ought to be one of the higher
priority items.

CC Okay. That is in work, AI.

213 ii 28 29 CDR Okay. Let me help you with some of this con-
densate loop troubleshooting. Last night, as
you know, I gave you the DELTA-P as the result
of putting the kluge pressure gage on the loop
at servicing panel 303. Now when I got finished
doing that, I disconnected back in - I think
it's called 393. I never remember the number,
hut it's the connector at the aft end of the
lock compartment, or the - yes, that's not the
aft end of the lock. It's the aft compartment
back there. When I did, I noticed when I looked
at the heat exchanger plate, kluge pressure gage
again, that it had immediately gone to zero;
giving me a feeling that either the quick dis-
connect didn't work, or that that line in the
lock compartment was leaking. What I've done
this morning, since we started talking, was
connect the holding tank up again. And I'm going
to give you a pressure gage reading, so that'll
give you view of what the holding tank did last
night. And I'm also going to disconnect it
again so it won't leak down - and then look at
it again and tell you what happened between
303 and that 393. So, Just a second.

CC Okay.
TAG Tape 213-04/T-51
Page 4 of 5/314

213 ii 29 46 CDR Okay. The holding tank, just in a few minutes

here, has gone to 4.2; which is, as I recall,
roughly the same as it was last night. If it
wasn't, it's pretty doggone close. But it gives
you a feeling the holding tank and the line up
to it are doing okay. Let me now go back and
disconnect the - the disconnect. Hold on.

213 ll B0 30 CDR I disconnected the disconnect, and I noticed

that it's holding 4.3 now. Let me watch it
for the next couple of minutes to see if it
leaks down, or if it stays the same.

CC Okay, A1. And I guess, overnight, we worked

up a troubleshooting procedure for that con-
densate system, and it should be in the tele-
printer now. In fact, all the messages should
be up now.

213 ll 31 00 CDR Okay, Jack picked them up. I hadn't looked at

them. I Just noticed this last night, and I
thought it may aid you in your thinking while
we Just - because we don't troubleshoot it until
a little while later.

CC Okay. We'll be mulling that over. And we're

about 1 minute from LOS now. And we'll be
coming up on Madrid at 37.

CDR Okay.

213 ll B1 40 CDR Okay, to help your thinking, the DELTA-P on

that kluge meter right now is down to 2. So
it's lost 2 psi Just in the time we've been talk-
ing, which gives me a feeling that either it's
in that connector BOB, which I've got something
connected to, or it's in the - service - the
heat exchanger little line there that's running
to the kluge; or it's in the hard line that
rums through the lock compartment. Or, I guess
the one that went through the lock compartment,
also fans around and goes down to the mol sieve
and things. So, at least, we can say - at
least, my guess would be, nevertheless, if it
isn't in the holding tank and the line up to
there, it's from that point onward.
F TAG Tape 21B-0_/T-51
Page 5 of 5/B15

CC Roger. We'll talk about it a little more at


213 ll 32 h4 CDR ... it could be M0L SIEVE HEAT EXCHANGER A,

since it's OPEN.

213 ll 36 53 CC Skylab, Houston through Madrid for 9 minutes.

And we'll be dumping the recorder at this site.

213 ii h3 00 SPT Okay, Houston; another thing we found the SL-3

ATM log yesterday. And we went ahead and wrote
4 on it and stuck it down in the 4 place, be-
cause we'd taken theirs, as you know, and writ-
ten 3 on it and stuck it up - and made some
changes to it and stuck it in the 3 place.

CC Roger ; copy.

213 ll hh 25 CDR Houston, one problem here. This morning chow

that you've given us, you called our CSM chow.
Is that the day 57 chow that's presently in the
CSM, or some other chow?

CC Stand by 1.

CDR Say again.

CC Stand by, A1.

213 ll 45 23 CC $kylab, Houston. We're about 1 minute from

LOS. Those meals should be from the first
couple of days' food, A1. You shouldn't have
to touch day 57 or any of that. And we'll be
coming up on Honeysuckle at 23.

CDR Okay, we'll search around.

CC Those are meals A, B, C, and D. From what you

read down, those things should be remaining.

CDR Okay, and I gather, then, that some of them

:may be in somebody else's food. For example,
I think you got me down for cornflakes, and I've
eaten all my cornflakes, I know.

213 ll 46 07 CC That's affirmative, A1.

TAG Tape 213-05/T-52
Time: 213:12:00 to 213:13:30
Page i of 5/317


213 12 23 30 CC Skylab, Houston through Honeysuckle, 5 minutes.

PLT Okay. We're eating breakfast.

CC Roger.

213 12 25 03 SPT Hello, Houston; SPT.

CC Go ahead.

SPT How much time we got left?

CC About 3 minutes 20 seconds.

SPT Okay, Hank. Reference to general message

0431 Alfa, several questions that need to be
answered this morning, if you're ready to
copy those.

CC Roger. Go ahead.

213 12 25 27 SPT Okay. On the question i, we're all feeling in

very good shape this morning. There's been no
scop/Dex taken by anyone since day before
yesterday, as reported On the evening status
report. And the BMMD readings are as follow:
for the CDR, 6.250, 6.244, 6.251; SPT, 5.985,
5.994, 5.990; PLT, 6.938, 6.934, 6.947. And
I think biomeds will be more happy with the
smaller scatter about all these numbers. They
asked for day 210 food update, which was
covered on last night's status report. I think
they may really.have wanted a report on day 211,
which I had promised on channel B. I did have
a can of apricots that night before going to
sleep, and I'm not sure that ever got reported
on the evening of that day 211. And I believe
those are the only other comments on general
message 0_31 Alfa that have not been aswered
,Dr require an answer. Over.

CC Roger. We copy. Thank you.

TAG Tape 213-05/T-52
Page 2 of 5/318

213 12 27 59 CC Skylab, Houston. About 30 seconds to LOS. We'll

be coming up on Hawaii at 44.

213 12 44 40 CC Skylab, Houston through Hawaii, 4 minutes.

SPT Okay, Houston; SPT. I'm going to voice down

some PRD readings until they get straightened
out on which of our tape recorder channels is
working well. And, still - I am also not
going to put that SMM data back on tape recorder
channel until it's verified. If there's a
1000 or so numbers involved, I don't like to
repeat them any more than I have to. So here's
our three PRDs for the morning: CDR is 45021;
SPT, 19012; PLT, 07024. Over, Hank.

CC Roger, we copy.

213 12 46 13 SPT Hank, we also transferred our PRDs to their more

permanent location. The PLT's down in the sleep
compartment, the SPT's above the centrifuge, and
the CDR's over by the minus-Z airlock. We'd like
to get confirmation that that's satisfactory for
us to leave them there from now on.

CC Okay. We'll work on that. And also we have a

procedure we'd like for you to run through to
reconfigure the comm. i guess we decided that
channel A is the best one to record on, so we'd
like to go - go over - switch over to use chan-
nel B for air-to-ground and channel A for record,
if you want to copy this procedure down.

SPT Okay. Stand by a minute please, Hank.

SPT Go ahead.

213 12 47 16 CC Okay, it's - the procedure we want you to follow

is in the CSM Systems Checklist, page 4-12,
paragraph F, OA alternate. And in addition to
that, we want to make sure you connect up the
VTR audio cable to SIA 116. Switch that over to
channel A, and put the channel A switch to PTT
and switch channel B OFF. And also, we'd like
for you to verify that you do have the RECORD
switch on panel 204 in A.
TAG Tape 213-05/T-52
Page 3 of 5/319

PLT Okay. We'll get all that done.

CC And of course, in all your checklists from now

on you'll have to reverse the A and B when it's
referred to. And we're about 30 seconds from
LOS. We'll be coming up on Goldstone at 52.

CDR Roger.

213 12 48 27 CC And, Skylab, before we lose comm here: also,

when you do put something on channel A for the
first time, we'd lik for you to notify us so
we can get a verification on how it's working

PLT Okay, we'll put another test message on it Just

to make sure, and the first time we dump any
VTR on channel A you might give us a confirmation
on all those things.

213 12 48 47 CC Okay. Will do.

213 12 51 37 CC Skylab, Hou ton through Goldstone 9-1/2 minutes.

213 12 53 31 CC Skylab, Houston. Were you calling?

CDR Negative.

213 13 00 46 CC Skylab, Houston; 30 seconds to LOS. Bermuda

at 05.

213 13 04 41 CC Skylab, Houston. We have you over Bermuda for

6 minutes.

CDR Okay, Story.

CDR Story, CDR. Let me get you to put something on

the schedule tomorrow, if you can. We're out of
urine bags and so we'll need some time to resupply
those, whatever housekeeping item that is. And
then if you could throw in for the CDR some time
tomorrow about 2 extra hours of general house-
keeping, I think we could really finish this
thing up in good shape.
TAG Tape 213-05/T-52
Page 4 of 5/320

CC Okay, we'll do it, AI.

213 13 05 16 CDR We've got to make it tomorrow on the general;

well, maybethe day after is okay, but we need
that urine bag supply tomorrow.

CC Okay.

CC And, AI, could you give us the status on any

drugs you used yesterday or today?

CDR CDR took one Seconal last night, and that's it.

CC Thank you.

213 13 06 20 CDR Also - Those were good breakfast menus today,

they weren't so big. This is the first morning
we've been up here - first time we've been up here
that after a meal everybody felt good. So, maybe
we eat all these little meals today, we'll
really start getting in good shape. Everybody
feels real good right now. Best since we've
been here.

CC Okay. Good.

213 13 09 57 CC Skylab, LOS in 30 seconds. See you over

Canaries in 4 minutes.

213 13 14 26 CC Skylab, AOS through Canaries for 9 minutes.

CDR Houston, CDR.

CC Go ahead, A1.

213 13 17 05 CDR Okay, we're getting ready to change the transmission

to the ground to B, and the record to A. So I
guess when we come over the next site, we'll be
up on B.

CC Okay.

PLT Okeydoke.

CDR It may ever be in the middle of this site. We're

working on it now, or Jack is.
TAG Tape 213-05/T-52
Page 5 of 5/321

CC Okay; 6 minutes to LOS.

CC Skylab, Houston. Are you there? For 30 more


213 13 23 05 PLT Roger. What part of paragraph F did you want

me to do? There's several subparagraphs. You
want me to do them all, or a specific one?

CC Just OA alternate.

PLT OA alternate. Thank you.

213 13 23 20 CC And we're going LOS in about l0 seconds. See

you over Honeysuckle at 13:58. And we'll be
dumping the tape recorders at that time.

TAG Tape 213-06/T-53
Time: 213:13:30 to 213:15:00
Page 1 of 5/323


213 13 59 06 CC Skylab, Houston. AOS through Honeysuckle for

l0 minutes.

CDR Loud and clear, Houston.

213 13 59 23 CDR Okay. We have to put the volume controls on our

VOXs up about 80 degrees to get the equivalent
volume that we were getting on channel A. So
channel A is - I mean is apparently degraded in
some way.

CC Okay. Well, my sample of one - l'm reading you

a lot clearer than I was on the other channel.

CDR Well, good. Volume control has to he up around

11:30, where previously it only had to be around
9 o'clock.

213 13 59 55 CC Okay, and understnad you do have the VTR switched

over on SIA 116?

213 14 00 03 CDR You bet.

CC Okay, thank you.

SPT Story, just to make sure, my worklist today shows

my first task here,is biomed activation, the
checklist calls it med activation. There is no
biomed in the cross correlation table so l'm working
on med activation.

CC That's the same thing, Owen. And if you recorded

anything on channel A, we're commencing a dump
right now; we'd like to look at it.

213 14 00 44 SPT Yes, hold on just a minute, Story - -

CDR ... hold, we'll put some on right now.

CC We've started the dump; hold on.

TAG Tape 213-06/T-53
Page 2 of 5/_24

SPT Now if you could hold it up for just a minute,

Story. I'm sorry we didn't get it on.

CC The dump's already commenced. We'll - we'll -

we'll catch it next time.

SPT Roger.

213 lh 01 17 SPT Okay. If you can't hold it up, why we'll Just put
some on channel A after this LOS. Is that your
side procedure?

CC That'll be fine, sir.

SPT Okay.

213 14 07 25 CC Skylab, we're going LOS in 30 seconds. See you

over Hawaii in l0 minutes.

213 14 18 19 CC Skylab, A0S through Hawaii for l0 minutes.

213 lh 20 01 SPT Story, one thing that might be of interest to

your biomed people. In the checkout of the MA
here, over on page 12-3. When you turn the - when
I turned the MAIN POWER ON, it only took about
3 seconds for the ION PUMP PRESS light to go out,
although we could hae had up to a minute. And
when you turn the ION PUMP POWER, ON, it's only
about 3 seconds for the MS INHIBIT status light to
go out. And after turning wT2CTRONIC POWER, ON,
I never even saw the MS INHIBIT status light on.
It was out almost immediately. So looks as if
there had been a very good vacuum kept in the
spectrometer - mass spectrometer during the
interval here since mission 1. And we've now
completed on down through where we've got the
LOOP running CLOSED. Over.

CC Okay, sounds real good, Owen. Thank you.

213 lh 21 18 SPT The ZERO adjusts were a little bit high, but not
far. It didn't take very much touching up to
bring the ZERO adjusts back in CAL.

CC Copy, 0wen.
TAG Tape 213-06/T-53
Page 3 of 5/325

213 14 27 46 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS. See you over

Goldstone in 2 minutes.

213 14 31 51 CC Skylab, we're A0S through Goldstone for

8 minutes.

CC And no need to acknowledge. We're happy with the

PRD locations.

SPT Say, Story, we put another test message on

channel A.

CC Okay, thanks. We'll be dumping over Bermuda at

14 :41.

SPT I wonder if we ought to go put a test message

on the VTR and get a couple of minutes of that,
just to make sure we get some audio on that, too?

213 14 32 16 SPT Did you get may last question, Story?

CC Yes, sir. We've just been working it over. We

would appreciate, at your option, some VTR and
some voice on the VTR.

SPT Okay. We won't have any VTR running, that'll

take a little too long right now. But I can
run up there and turn it on and then just put a