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// Suite1 = Dictionary, Money, Mapping //
// Suite2 = Mapping, Dictionary //
// Suite3 = Dictionary, Money //
// //
// Std1 = AW, Dictionary //
// Std2 = NO AW, NO Dictionary //
// Std3 = AW //
// Sku tag visibility 0=off 1=on //

//-- **********************Open Section******************* --//

//###new version###//
&intro_welcome=Welcome to&
&intro_start=Get started now...&
&intro_description=Explore Works.&
&launch=<p align="left"><font size="16">Getting to know Works</font></p>&
&launch_desc=Explore the Works Task Launcher.&

//-- **********************Luanch Section******************* --//

//Script text//

//-- Section 1 Home----------------------------------------------//

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_01=The Task Launcher home page is your starting point for Microsoft W
&scriptTxt_02=With all your programs, contacts, and appointments in one place, i
t's the fastest way to get started.&
&scriptTxt_03=You can quickly view your appointments...&
&scriptTxt_03a=You can quickly view your appointments...&
&scriptTxt_04=...and your Address Book contacts.&
&scriptTxt_05=The Quick Launch bar lets you quickly open a program.&
&scriptTxt_06=To begin, just click a program name.&
&scriptTxt_07=You can close the Quick Launch bar at any time.&
//-- Section 1 Change Font Size-- //

//-- Section 2 Calendar-------------------------------------------//

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_08=The Calendar tab displays the information you've entered into your
&scriptTxt_09=Click a date to display appointments for that day.&
&scriptTxt_10=To change the month, just click an arrow.&
&scriptTxt_11=You can view appointments by day...&
&scriptTxt_11a=You can view appointments by day or by week.&
&scriptTxt_12=Want to add, remove, or edit an appointment?&
&scriptTxt_13=Just click Open Calendar.&
//-- Section 2 Change Font Size-- //

//-- Section 3 Contacts---------------------------------------------------------

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_14=The Contacts tab lets you quickly view phone numbers from the Addr
ess Book.&
&scriptTxt_15=You can sort your contacts by name...&
&scriptTxt_16=You can sort your contacts by name or by phone number.&
&scriptTxt_17=Want to send e-mail to a contact?&
&scriptTxt_18=Just click...&
&scriptTxt_19=Just click...Your e-mail program will start a new e-mail message,
already addressed to your contact. It's that easy!&
&scriptTxt_20=Want to add, remove, or edit contact information?&
&scriptTxt_21=Just click Edit Contacts to open the Address Book.&
//-- Section 3 Change Font Size-- //

//-- Section 4 Templates--------------------------------------------------------

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_22=Microsoft Works includes dozens of tasks and templates to help you
find information and create great-looking documents.&
&scriptTxt_23=Browse tasks and templates by category...&
&scriptTxt_24=...then select the task you want.&
&scriptTxt_25=Preview available styles, choose the one that best suits your need
&scriptTxt_26=...and you're ready to start.&
&scriptTxt_27=Can't find the task you need?&
&scriptTxt_27a=Return to the template page...&
&scriptTxt_28=...and try searching.&
&scriptTxt_29=Just type a word or phrase and click the arrow.&
//NOTE: the flash file just had 29 and not 29 and 29a thus it is changed this to
reflect that.//
&scriptTxt_29a=...and then click the arrow.&
&scriptTxt_30=The Task Launcher finds all the tasks and templates that match you
r query. To get started, just click a task.&
//-- Section 4 Change Font Size-- //

//-- Section 5 Programs----------------------------------------------//

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_31=The Programs page is perfect when you know the program you want to
&scriptTxt_32=Just click the program name...&
&scriptTxt_32b=...and open a blank document...&
&scriptTxt_33=...and open a blank document...or browse tasks and templates to fi
nd one that's right for you.&
//-- Section 5 Change Font Size-- //

//-- Section 6 Projects-----------------------------------//

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_34a=Moving? Throwing a party?&
&scriptTxt_34=Projects are the easiest way to organize your tasks and keep on tr
&scriptTxt_35=Works Projects are a collection of tasks, ready for you to persona
&scriptTxt_36=The To Do list is where you keep track of the tasks you need to ac
&scriptTxt_37=You can even open important documents right from your To Do List.&
&scriptTxt_38=Can't find the right project?&
&scriptTxt_39c=Just click the Works Projects Tab and create your own.&
&scriptTxt_39=Just click the Works Projects Tab and create your own.&
&scriptTxt_40=Works automatically saves your project so you can quickly find it
//-- Section 6 Change Font Size-- //

//-- Section 7 History--------------------------------------//

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_42=Use the History page to find documents fast.&
&scriptTxt_43=All the documents and files you create using Works programs are li
sted on the History page.&
&scriptTxt_44=To open a document, just click its name.&
&scriptTxt_45a=You can sort the History list by name...&
&scriptTxt_45b=You can sort the History list by name, date...&
&scriptTxt_45c=You can sort the History list by name, date, task...&
&scriptTxt_45=You can sort the History list by name, date, task, or program.&
//-- Section 7 Change Font Size-- //

//-- Section 8 Help------------------------------------------//

//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_46=Any time you need help with the Task Launcher, just click the Help
//-- Section 8 Change Font Size-- //
//-- Conclusion----------------------------------------------//
//###new version###//
&scriptTxt_51=Thank you for using Microsoft Works!&
&scriptTxt_51a=Thank you&
&scriptTxt_52=Check out the Works Web site for product support and information,
free downloads, and more.&
&scriptTxt_53=Works Web Site&
//-- conclusion Change Font Size-- //
//Navigation buttons//
//###new version###//
&navbuttons_replay=Replay Intro&
&navbuttons_continue=Continue Tour&
&navbuttons_skipintro=Skip Intro&
&navbuttons_replaytour=Replay Tour&

//Works Header text//
//###new version###//
//te2t text for below:14 1820 24 28 32 36 40 44 (28 is MAX # of character
s that fit onscreen)//
&ttlbr_quicklaunch=Quick Launch&

//Table of Content//
// NOTE: This is not used but should be kept in case TOC is brought back.//
&toc_head=Table of Contents&
&toc_whatsnew=What's New&
&header_tasklauncher=(1) Home&
&header_calendar=(2) Home : &
&header_contacts=(3) Home : &
&header_templates=(4) Templates&
&header_programs=(5) Programs&
&header_projects=(6) Projects&
&header_history=(7) History&
&header_help=(8) Help&
//Titles used in lower navigation bar//
//###new version###//
&title_01=Works Task Launcher: (Section 1) Home&
&title_02=Works Task Launcher: (Section 2) Home : Calendar&
&title_03=Works Task Launcher: (Section 3) Home : Contacts&
&title_04=Works Task Launcher: (Section 4) Templates&
&title_05=Works Task Launcher: (Section 5) Programs&
&title_06=Works Task Launcher: (Section 6) Projects&
&title_07=Works Task Launcher: (Section 7) History&
&title_08=Works Task Launcher: (Section 8) Help&

//What's New Navs//
// NOTE: Probably not used in the file.//
&new_mText1=Works Calendar - better than ever&
&new_mText3=PowerPoint viewer&
&new_mText4=Autosave - protection for your work&
//Home welcome//
//###new version###//
&welcome02=Need help? Just click the question&
&welcome03=or take a <U>Quick Tour</U>.&

//Home tabs//
//###new version###//

//Home buttons//
//###new version###//
//MAX Character total including spaces for this text field= 35//
//test text: Print 10 15 20 25 30 35//
//MAX Character total including spaces for this text field = 42//
&btn_open_calendar=Open Calendar&

//Home content//
//###new version###//
&home_content_01=View your appointments by:&
//Contacts Tab//
//###new version###//
//MAX Character total including spaces for this text field= 42//
&contact_edit_btn=Edit Contacts&
&contact_name1=Neketa Argrow&
&contact_name2=Suzana De Abrea A. Canuto&
&contact_name3=Garth Fort&
&contact_name4=Arlene Huff&
&contact_name5=Erik Ismert&
&contact_name6=Robert Lyon&
&contact_name7=Chris McGurk&
&contact_name8=Jake Zukowski&

//Calendar Tab//

&calendar_appoint1=9:00 AM - 11:00 AM&
&calendar_appoint3=7:00 PM - 10:00 PM&
&calendar_appoint4=Dinner at the Simpsons&
//###new version###//
&calendar_date01=April, 2007&
&calendar_date02=May, 2007&
&calendar_date_today=Today: 4/19/2007&
//###new version###//

//###new version###//

//Quick Launch Down with 7 Programs//
// NOTE: Not known if this is used or not. //
&quicklaunch_word_std=Works Word Processor&
&quicklaunch_word2=Create documents&
&quicklaunch_excel=Works Spreadsheet&
&quicklaunch_excel2=Perform calculations&
&quicklaunch_power=Works Database&
&quicklaunch_power2=Organize information&
&quicklaunch_picture=Picture It! Premium&
&quicklaunch_encarta=Encarta Encyclopedia&
&quicklaunch_streets=Streets and Trips&
&quicklaunch_streets2=Maps and directions&

//PREVIOUS Works Spreadsheet Application//
//Guest List//
//NOTE: Instead of creating/naming new text fields //
//am using the bits from the spreadsheet//

//###current,working version###//
&worddoc_header=Untitled Document - Microsoft Works Word Processor&
&spreadsheet_header=Unsaved Spreadsheet - Microsoft Works Spreadsheet&
&spreadsheet_menu1=File Edit View Insert Format Tools Help&
&spreadsheet_menunohelp=File Edit View Insert Format Tools&
&spreadsheet_bottompane4=Press ALT to choose commands, or F2 to edit.&
&guestlist_bp1=Page 1 of 1&
//###new version###//
//###new version###//

//###new version###//
//&ss_emtask6=Non-perishable food&//
//&ss_emtask7=Can opener (manual)&//
//&ss_emtask8=Tools, instructions for turning off utilities&//
//&ss_emtask9=Personal medications, infant formula&//

//Works Calendar Application//
//NOTE: Not sure why this stuff isn't with the other Calendar application stuff.
//###new version###//
&appcal_header=Microsoft Works Calendar&
&appcal_menu1=File Edit View Help&
&appcal_may2004=May 2007&
&appcal_prevmonth=Previous Month&
&appcal_nextmonth=Next Month&
//NOTE: MAX length of these = 11 characters//
&appcal_apt2=Dinner with&

//Address Book Application ***NOTE*** is NOW Contacts Popup!!!!//
//###new version###//
//This is used but variable name does not match text.//
//These will "self-align" on screen but you are limited to the screeshot width"/
//If you go over the width the text will go past the screenshot image.//
&cntctpop_bb3=New Contact&
&cntctpop_bb4=New Contact Group&

//These are used but variable name does not match text.//
&adrsbk_type=Favorite Links&


&adrsbk_email=E-mail Address&
&adrsbk_busphone=Business Ph...&
&adrsbk_itemtotal=9 items&
// Names and phone numbers from the "contacttxt" above - coordinate email addres
s below to match //

//tasks area//
//###new version###//
//// tasksselector ////
&select_task1=Letters and Labels&
&select_task2=Newsletters and Flyers&
&select_task3=Research and Education&
&select_task4=Home and Money&
&select_task5=Cards and Crafts&
&select_task6=Events and Planning&
&select_task7=Vehicle Data&
&select_task9=Sports and Fitness&
&select_task10=Email and Internet&
//Below (12 and 15 and maybe 16) not used in Vista version.
&select_task13=Choose a Program&
&select_task14=Search tasks and templates:&
&select_tast165=Search results.&
&select_task_style=Choose a style&
//// tasksiconview ////
//&icon_title1=Address Cards&//
&icon_title1a=Cover letters&
//&icon_title2=Album Pages&//
//&icon_title3=Awards, Photo&//
&icon_title3a=Individual envelopes&
//&icon_title4=Calendar, Photo&//
&icon_title5a=Mail-merge documents&
//&icon_title6=Crafts, Photo&//
&icon_title6a=Resume (CV)&
&icon_title8=Flyers, Photo&
&icon_title9=Greeting Cards, Photo&
&icon_title16=Event flyers&
//NOTE: below not used? //
&icon_title19=Invitations and Announcements&
&icon_title20=Gift and Card Lists&
&icon_title21=Invitations and Announcements&
&taskdescription_newsletter=Choose from a variety of styles and layouts to creat
e an attractive newsletter&
//// taskstyles ////
&styles_preview=Preview style&
&styles_usethisstyle=Use this style&
&styles_entrytitle=Three-column, tall&
&styles_guest=Party planner - activities&

//programs area//

//###new version###//
&program2=Works Spreadsheet&
&program3=Works Database&
&program3a=Works Calendar&
&program4=PowerPoint Viewer&
&program5=Encarta Encyclopedia&
&program6=Address Book&
&program6a=Works Portfolio&
&program7=Digital Image Standard 2006&
&program8=Internet Explorer&
&program9=Outlook Express&
&program12=Works Word Processor&
&program13=Choose a program.&
&program14=Search tasks and templates:&
&icontitle_program1=Blank spreadsheet&
&icontitle_program2=Chores and errands lists&
&icontitle_program3=Financial worksheets&
&icontitle_program4=Fitness Tracking&
&icontitle_program6=Graphs and charts&
&icontitle_program9=Caregiver Instructions&

//Outlook Express new mail application window//
//###new version###//
&eml_header=New Message&
&eml_menu1=File Edit View Insert Format Tools Message H

&icon_project1=Start a Blank Project&
&icon_project2=Coach a sports team&
&icon_project3=Do well in school&
&icon_project4=Manage club and group activities&
&icon_project5=Move into a New Home&
&icon_project6=Organize a fantasy sports team&
&icon_project7=Plan a party&
&icon_project8=Plan a family reunion&
&icon_project9=Organize the household&
&icon_project10=Plan a vacation&
&icon_project11=Prepare for the holidays&
&icon_project12=Start a fundraiser&
&icontext_organize=Clear away that household clutter and get the family organize
d. Create inventories, plan weekly events, and control household chores.&
&project_tab1=Works Projects&
&project_tab2=Saved Projects&
&project_searchprojects=Search Projects&
// NOTE: I think this can be deleted as I made a general version of this and I t
hink this was specifict to this section.//
&project_prtour=Need help? Take a <u>Quick Tour</u>. MORE TEXT FOr testing right
&project_tab3=Organize the household&
&project_tab4=My Project&
&project_butncopy=Copy a Project&
&project_butndelete=Delete a Project&
//###old version###//
//&projecticonview_pri1=<p align="center"><b>Blank project</b></p>&//
//&projecticonview_pri2=Coach a sports team&//
//&projecticonview_pri3=<p align="center"><b>Do well in school</b></p>&//
//&projecticonview_pri4=Manage club and group activities&//
//&projecticonview_pri5=<p align="center"><b>Organize the household</b></p>&//
//&projecticonview_pri6=Organize a fantasy sports team&//
//&projecticonview_pri7=Organize the household&//
//&projecticonview_pri8=Plan a family reunion&//
//&projecticonview_pri9=<p align="center"><b>Plan a party</b></p>&//
//&projecticonview_pri10=Plan a vacation&//
//&projecticonview_pri11=Prepare for the holidays&//
//&projecticonview_pri12=Start a fundraiser&//
//&projecttabs_prtab1=Works Projects&//
//&projecttabs_prtab2=Saved Projects&//
//&projecttabs_searchpr=<p align="right">Search Projects</p>&//
//&projecttabs_prtour=Need help? Take a <u></u>.&//
//&projecttabs_prtab3=Organize the household&//
//&projecttabs_prtab4=<p align="center"><b>My Project</b></p>&//
//&projecttabs_prbutncopy=<p align="center">Copy a Project</p>&//
//&projecttabs_prbutndelete=<p align="center">Delete a Project</p>&//

// NOTE: not sure what if any of this is used.//
&todolist_prduedate=Due date&
&todolist_setduedate=Set due date&
&todolist_todo=To Do&
&todolist_assoc=Associated item&
&todolist_prunsaved=New document from template&
&todolist_newtodo=<p align="center">New to do</p>&
&todolist_prprint=<p align="center">Print</p>&
&todolist_replace=Replace with:&
&todolist_prtemplate=Works template&
&todolist_weblink=Web link&
&todolist_todo01=Prepare for an emergency&
&todolist_todo02=Create inventory of music&
&todolist_todo03=Create inventory of movies&
&todolist_todo04=Create inventory of wine&
&todolist_todo05=Create inventory of collectible items&
&todolist_todo06=Create inventory of home assets&
&todolist_todo07=Track home improvemnet budget&
&todolist_todo08=Perform home maintenance&
&todolist_todo09=Plan weekly events&
&todolist_todo10=Run weekly errands&
&todolist_todo11=Clean the house&
&todolist_todo12=Schedule daily household chores&

&todolist_tododirections1=The To Do list is where you track the tasks you need t

o complete for your project.&
&todolist_tododirections2=You can associate an item such as a Works task, a docu
ment, or a web link. You can also add a note to your To Do.&
&todolist_tododirections3=To modify a To Do, or view its details, click on its n
&todolist_tododirectionheader=Use the To Do list&

//history area//
//###new version###//
&history_directionsheader=Use the History list&
// NOTE: Use the <B></B> and <U></U> and <BR> tags in the following two entries.
// Also, the 2nd entry "history_findfiles" is placed dynamically which allows yo
u to put in as much test as you need in "history_directions".//
&history_directions=<B>To open a document,</B> click its name.<BR><BR>To sort by
name, date, task, or program, click a heading.<BR><BR><B>If you do not see the
file</B> you are looking for in this History list, you can search your computer
for files and folders by clicking the link below.&
&history_findfiles=<U><B>Find files and folders</B></U>&
//MAX Character total including spaces for this text field= 44?//
//161820 24 28 32 36 40 44//
&history_clearhistorybtn=Clear History&
//NOTE: MAX character length for history_name(x) variables = 35//
&history_name1=<U>Party Guest List</U>&
&history_program1=Works Spread...&
&history_name2=<U>School Books</U>&
&history_template2=School Plan...&
&history_program2=Works Data...&
&history_name3=<U>Home Valuables Inventory</U>&
&history_template3=Home Inven...&
&history_program3=Works Data...&
&history_name4=<U>My Project</U>&
&history_program4=My Projects Or...&
&history_name5=<U>Opening Day Flyer</U>&
&history_program5=My Projects Or...&
&history_name6=<U>Plan a Vacation</U>&
&history_program6=My Projects Or...&
&history_template7=Recipe Book&
&history_program7=Works Data...&
&history_name8=<U>Family Newsletter</U>&
&history_program8=Works Spread...&
&history_name9=<U>Sports Tracking: players</U>&
&history_template9=Sports Track...&
&history_program9=Works Spread...&

//help section//
//###new version###//
&helpmenu2=Quick Tours&
&helpmenu3=Getting Started&
&helpmenu4=Check for Updates&
&helpmenu5=Customer Feedback...&
&helpmenu6=About Microsoft Works&
// NOTE: test text: 24 31 39 42//
//Script Conclusion//
//###new version###//
&scripttext_tl51=Thank you for using Microsoft Works!&
&scripttext_tl51a=Thank you&
&scripttext_tl52=For tips and tricks on getting the most out of Works, as well a
s free templates and downloads, why not visit Works on the Web?&
&scripttxt_53=Works Web site&

//Introduction text//
// NOTE: I don't know if this is used.//
&introductiontext_projtourtitle2=Welcome to the&
&introductiontext_projtourtitle=Projects Quick Tour&
&introductiontext_usequicktour1=To use this Quick Tour&
&introductiontext_usequicktour2=Click the buttons to move forward and back, or c
lick in this window and then use the Forward and Back arrow keys on your keyboar

//Navigation buttons//
// NOTE: I don't know if this is used.//
&navigationbuttons_replay=Replay intro&
&navigationbuttons_next=<p align="center">Next</p>&
&navigationbuttons_back=<p align="center">Back</p>&
&navigationbuttons_back2=<p align="left">Back</p>&
&navigationbuttons_replaytour=Replay tour&

//Works Header text//
// NOTE: I don't know if this is used.//
&globalnav_homepage=<p align="center">Home</font>&
&globalnav_projects=<p align="center">Projects</font>&
&globalnav_templates=<p align="center">Templates</font>&
&globalnav_programs=<p align="center">Programs</font>&
&globalnav_history=<p align="center">History</font>&

// NOTE: I don't know if this is used.//
&projecticonview_pri1=<p align="center"><b>Blank project</b></p>&
&projecticonview_pri2=Coach a sports team&
&projecticonview_pri3=<p align="center"><b>Do well in school</b></p>&
&projecticonview_pri4=Manage club and group activities&
&projecticonview_pri5=<p align="center"><b>Organize the household</b></p>&
&projecticonview_pri6=Organize a fantasy sports team&
&projecticonview_pri7=<p align="center"><b>Organize the household</b></p>&
&projecticonview_pri8=Plan a family reunion&
&projecticonview_pri9=<p align="center"><b>Plan a party</b></p>&
&projecticonview_pri10=Plan a vacation&
&projecticonview_pri11=Prepare for the holidays&
&projecticonview_pri12=Start a fundraiser&
&projecticonview_planpartydescript=Entertaining is a snap when you're organized.
Create guest lists, design one-of-a-kind invitaions, and provide great maps and
driving directions.&

//// projecttabs titles ////

//###new version###//
&projecttab_needhelp=Need help? Take the <u>Quick Tour.</u>&
&projecttab_1=Works Projects&
&projecttab_2=Saved Projects&
&projecttab_3=Plan a Party&
&projecttab_4=My Project&
//NOTE: test numbers for below1820 24 28 32 36 40 44//
&projecttab_copybtn=Copy a Project&
&projecttab_deletebtn=Delete a Project&

//// todolist - plan a party ////

//###new version###//
&todo_columntitle2=Due Date&
// NOTE: for entry below, leave one space at beginning and end of text. It creat
es whitespace that blocks the UI line.//
&todo_duedate= Due date &
&todo_setduedate=Set due date&
//sets fontsize for todo_setduedate//
&todo_removeassociation=Remove association&
&todo_columntitle1=To Do&
// NOTE: for entry below, leave one space at beginning and end of text. It creat
es whitespace that blocks the UI line.//
&todo_associateditem= Associated item &
&todo_newdoc=New document from template&
// NOTE: for entry below, leave one space at beginning and end of text. It creat
es whitespace that blocks the UI line.//
&todo_notes= Notes &
//test text for below:New To Do 13 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44//
&todo_btnnewtodo=New To Do&
&todo_noassoc1=No association&
&todo_noassoc2=Use the links below to add an association&
&todo_replace=Replace with:&
&todo_workstemplate=Works template&
&todo_weblink=Web link&
&todo_item1=Create guest list&
&todo_item2=List food and drink needed&
&todo_item3=Track party budget&
&todo_item4=Track party preparations&
&todo_item5=Find directions online&
&todo_item6=Design invitations&
&todo_item7=Design thank you cards&
&todo_item8=Make place cards&
&todo_item9=Find driving directions&
&todo_item10=Buy balloons&
// NOTE: I added #11. It is/was in the other section above as well.
&todo_item11=Clean the house&

// NOTE: Use the <BR> tag to create breaks//

&todo_directions=The To Do list is where you track the tasks you need to complet
e for your project.<BR><BR>You can associate an item such as a Works template or
task, a document, or a web link, with each To Do. You can also add a note to y
our To Do.<BR><BR>To modify a To Do, or to view its details, click its name.&
&todo_directionsheader=Use the To Do list&

//Word Application//
// NOTE: This section may not be used.//
&word_header=Document 1 - Microsoft Word&
&word_menu1=File Edit View Insert Format Tools Table Window

&word_menu2=Type question for help&
&word_bottompane1=Page 1 Sec 1 1/1&
&word_bottompane2=At 1" Ln 1 Col 1&
&word_bottompane7=English (U.S.>)&
&word_doc1=Guest List&
&word_doc3=Phone Number&
&word_guest1=Jake Zukowski&

//Pop Up Calendar//
// NOTE: This section may not be used.//
&popupcalendar_date=April, 2007&
&popupcalendar_today=Today: 4/23/2007&


//CalApp in What's New section//
//###new version###//
//===Base text===//
&appcal_menu=File Edit View Help&
&appcal_menu2=File Edit View Help&
&appcal_menu_o=File Edit View Help&
&appcal_keyword=Type a search keyword&
&appcal_date=Today: 4/19/2007&
&appcal_tasks=Calendar Tasks&
&appcal_addnew=Add New Calendar&
&appcal_manage=Manage Calendars&
&appcal_viewtog=View Together&
&appcal_month=May 2007&
&appcal_title=My Calendar&