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I've reached a point where I can start to describe it.

All I have are my own per

sonal experiences, and what I've been able to observe of other people. I am in n
o way stating that what I believe in is the truth, but it is my truth nonetheles
Let's begin.
First off, I'd like to point out what lies within the word "Elementality". While
it is an actual word meaning "the property of being composed of elements", in t
his sense it is actually a combination of 'element' and 'mentality'. I'll get to
what that really means in a moment.
OK. Some observations first. We live on planet Earth, this is our world. We inha
bit it with many other things. And by things I mean what we "accept" as living.
But there's other stuff that makes up the planet. The majority of which is compo
sed of either terra (earthy materials) or water. Then there's the atmosphere, co
ntaining the air we breathe, and the air plants breathe. Within the atmosphere a
re various combinations of air and water, the most prevalent of which are clouds
. What we don't see as much is fire, but in reality without fire this planet wou
ld just be a slab of rock. Put earth and fire together and you get what lies ben
eath the crust, all the way down into the core.

Each of those elements have their own properties, and they all "act" differently
. In their basic forms, earth is slow and powerful, water is smooth and elegant,
fire is energetic and violent, and wind is light and fleeting. They all have th
eir own presence, basically what you feel when near the element in whatever form
Now, considering all of that, what I've said is fine and dandy. But that's not e
verything. There's something more to those four. It is of my opinion that there
is something more to each element. From what I've felt, I believe that there is
a life to each element. I won't say that there are beings or entities, such as '
elementals', but it does seem that each element itself has a personality to it,
just as we have our own personalities and behaviors, so, too do they. It's diffi
cult to really explain without feeling it for one's self, but that's to be expec
ted. And with that similarity, I present what Elementality really is.
We humans are easily influenced by our surroundings and eachother. Sometimes it'
s subtle, other times it's very obvious. And what is influenced, specifically? O
ur behaviors, emotions, and personalities. The fact that we are dynamic in that
respect cannot be ignored. I have observed people for a long time, and I have se
en this to be true of everyone, including myself. Who I am at this point in time
is an amalgamation of almost everyone I've ever interacted with. In the past I'
d pick up bits and pieces of people's mannerisms and personalities and assimilat
e them into me so that I could try and fit in with them. In doing so I was never
truly able to fit in with them, but it seemed like the only way. I had no niche
, no group, no clique to belong to. I wasn't even truly part of the 'losers' or
the 'alt crowd'. God forbid the popular cliques. But anyway, what I'm saying is
that people are dynamic, no matter how stubborn or unchanging they may seem.
But there is one thing about a person that is much, much harder to change. I sai
d earlier that the elements seem to have qualities resembling our own. While I d
on't think they can change as much as the way we can, I do believe that they can
be affected. And because they have similar qualities, they too can affect us. A
nd with that, it seems that each individual has a varying level of association w
ith a given element. I have no real explanation for why that is, but it most cer
tainly has undeniable merit. I believe that this association can be charted on a
circle divided into fourths, with the intersection forming an X rather than a c
ross. On top we have Air, opposite that we have Earth; on the left we have Water
, and on the right, Fire. The whole circle itself can actually be represented as
a gradient composed of the four colors usually attributed to the elements (red
for fire, blue for water, green for earth, and yellow for air), as well as a fif
th gradient that alters the saturation of those colors, with the outermost being
the most saturated, fading to grey the closer to the center, with a pure white
dot at the intersection. A person will fall somewhere on this chart, in whicheve
r element and at whatever strength. And by strength I mean how strongly the pers
on is aligned to an element, and how pure they are of that element. However, as
the chart is a gradient, it blends pairs of colors together, because people can
be aligned slightly to a secondary element. Mine is Water (which happens to be i
n association with my Zodiac, Pisces) so I would fall about a little more than
3/5ths up in Air, about 15 degrees to the left towards Water. I think most peopl
e in general fall around 2/5ths out in the circle, meaning they're mostly oblivi
ous about their specific element but they act in accordance with it nonetheless.
As time goes on I feel myself drifting up more and more towards the edge, and T
HAT is my goal, but I do believe it to be an equally ideal goal not to go to the
edge, but to reach that pure white dot. That point equals pure balance of every
strength and weakness of each of the four. Harmony through nature. Of course, i
t's only a goal...I wouldn't expect anyone to actually achieve it. And I certain
ly don't want it, because at that center means you are all, and none of the elem
ents. Meaning that they cancel out whatever effect they or you can have on the o
ther. No affectable connection.

Well, that's all for now. I know this is abrubt, but I've been writing this for
a few months now and I want to get it out there. But I'll keep writing, no doubt
. More to come :)