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ANTI RH BILL (Responsible Parenthood)

(1) The bill is based on faulty premises since a study of Nobel-prize winner Simon Kuznets,
found no correlation between population growth and poverty in first world countries
(2) The bill takes away limited government funds from treating many high priority medical and
food needs and transfers them to fund harmful and deadly devices
(3) The latest studies in scientific journals and organizations show that the ordinary birth control
pill,[22] and the IUD[23] are abortifacient to fertilized eggs: they kill young human embryos, who
as such are human beings equally worthy of respect
(4) Leading secular social scientists like Nobel prize winner, George Akerlof and US National
Defense Consultant, Lionel Tiger, have found that contraceptives have deleterious social
effects (abortion, adultery, female impoverishment, fatherless children, teenage pregnancies,
and immorality)
(5) Others have reported that it spreads AIDS
(6) Failure of the contraceptives will surely be a reason for abortion of the child
(7) The bill in some way promotes pre-marital sex which causes these teenagers to lose their
way to their better future
(8) Why not start from the parents in educating their children and let them be aware of the
consequences of doing such thing. After all, the parents are the ones who will bring the
largest impact to their children’s attide and view towards sex.
(9) The best way to delay these early initiations to sexual relations is to instill correct sexual
values along with the knowledge.
(10)Isn’t it ironic how the Philippines is the most Catholic-dominant country in Asia yet still
manages to have the most cases of pre-marital sex, unwanted pregnancy, and abortion
(11)Yes, it promotes “health care”, but it is in a way spawning a culture of promiscuity.
Meaning, we are trying to indulge them to have sex in their young age because even if
they do, there are still contraceptives that could hinder the tendency of being pregnant.
And by time, we might spawn a generation of sex-maniac individuals
(12)Just like Pnoy said, I am not supporting Reproductive Health bill but I am supporting
responsible parenthood. He is not in favor of the distribution of contraceptives but of
assisting couples who ask for contraceptives.
(13)A change within the parents of the teenagers is the best way do deal with our
generation’s problem. It must start with the proper teaching of virtues and beliefs of the
parents to their children. After all, parents are the ones who have the largest impact to
their children.
(14)RH bill in some way states : “have a satisfying and safe sex life”,
“enjoy responsible and sex life” which encourages our youth to
perform this inappropriate actions.
(15)Let’s face it, Our country is not that rich to provide those
contraceptives and the likes for the people. We should rather use
the money that we are saving for the benefit of our marginalized
countrymen living in the isolated areas.