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I •

_ Tape218-01
• . _ime: 0150-0153 GMT

8z6/'r3 ....

i '_8-bi52-.09
_R_ - H0_ton,
-_, i..............
2 _. don't really know what the subject is.
-: It's listed under MOCR controller, but
" it concerns - these were certain things
_ 5 that you brought up on orbit. Namely,
_./ _ that's 9 sharping stone. We got various
_" cutting implements up here which we use
a lot and we don't have any way to sharpen
_" them up, far as I know. Now I'm going
:" to check with the CAP COMM and see if
il there is but if there's not, we ought
•_ to try to get one up with SL _ crew. ._

_ 218 01 53 01 CDR CDR, emd of message. CDR out.




; - . tf

,m ,
Dump Tape 218-02 ! _
Time: 0322-0325 C,M'T

Page I of i " " ]

-. "._._ 8/6/73

: 218 03 23 25 CDR This is the CDR with a little message --

for bio_ed. I Just finished my exercise. i
Didn't do it for as long as i wanted to
because I waate_ to get to bed. Follows
'::_" now: 2/12/1200, 311, 35A, 15B, lOC, IOE.
• CDR out. I

_. _ END OF TAPE t


21% To _I, 13 _-x, That's nil _"_ _--'_-'-_'-"-_ _ .....no<" cn
the 3?133, th _. tees. to _'_._,,
Frost. '_s __s on.'_ out.


--.L . .
TL_e : !229-!23_!
" 816173 .


2!8 12 30 29

. .

Ol_.y. This is the _I_U on Chom-nel A,

reeordinz our PP_ readin for the _..o_.

218 12 30 50 S_"

yesterda_ r afternoon durin_ our __re-_VA

and theLr _.rere"_rou,zhtup here_ _d
uh - they'll uh be 91aeed in the suits for
today' s _Q\.

218 12 31 24 SP__? S_f ... out.

........ M
- _ ..a_e 218-05
Time: 1203 - __23h _.._
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•_ ......U-L ........, OF D_ -_ _18-03


Dump Tape 218-06

i Time: 1313 to 1315 GMf _/6/_-_
Page 1 of l

218 13 13 21 CDR Okay, this is the CDH for the biomed people.
I just took a urine sample - uh - it leaks
at. the lower right. The - uh - right - the lower
ri_it hand corner as you see it from the top,
where the little spout is. Not the bottom
of it, hut the upper .... If you looked at
it rig_ht from the top, it's in jour - to
your right or to your lower. That little corner
leaked urine, so I'm going _o take another sample.

Dump Tape 218-07
Time 1541-1545 GT_
-- S16173
Page 1 of i

218 15 I_i 56 CD_ Okay, this is the CDR. I'::!_oing to

_,,A PED just "
record all the _T me_ore :e go
,/_ O_t, i_hioh is right no'_,
+. I l_:e_o.t_,
before _,zesuit up.

218 15 42 21,CDE _ae blue is 0706_.

..... _p Tape 21c_-Ou
Time: 1541-151_3
/ 8/g/73
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This t_pe is a duplicate of 218-07

Dt_p Tape 218-09
Time: 1637-1650GMT k

Page i of 6
a 816173
218 16 37 04 CDR Okay, it's on record. Okay, y'all ready down
the re ?

218 16 37 22 SPT Yeah, ready to go. We supposed to be on A or B?

218 16 37 26 CDR Just a second, I'll give you a flip. We're on B,

but I'm going to give you a - you power in Just
a second. Flip 2 LSU power on, 317. 317. 217.
Take my book with m@. 317.

218 16 38 Ol CDR Okay, flip 2 I_U POWER ON. SUS 1 - SUS 1 02

valve OPEN.

218 16 38 56 CDR Okay, you're supposed to be on the ... soon.

Nob - it hasn't told us to shift yet. I'm going
to do some other things in the command module
that may rig everything out. Right now.

218 16 39 50 CDE (Whisper) MODE 9. Okay, back to - 9 to launch.

Okay, MODE 9 to VOX. Hitch on PR. How do y'all

SPT We hear you, A1.

218 16 _0 24 CDR Just a minute.

SPT ...

SP Hang on. I'm Just wondering if those guys - I

notice they haven't made any chs_nges in this
comm thing in here.

SPT ... record B or Z ... VOX ...

218 16 _0 49 CDR Oh, well, I don't - Let's go to - let's go to A

for a minute. Okay? Let me try here. We're
parked in A. Okay, I'm on A. I'm on A up here
with switch to TALK selected. I assume they -

you set thisup the otherday?

PLT It's Just been reset where - where it was for
EREP the other day.


O Page 2 of 6
CDR In other words, you didn't set this panel at
all, huh? When you connected all the electric
stuff ?

or not any more.

218 16 41 43 PLT I don't remember if I went in the command module
CDR No, no, I'm ts/king about here in the - about
EREP plate.

218 16 hl 52 PLT As I recall the last thing I did in the command

module was to - Just after the EEEP pass, but
give me a PLT prep there to see if ther's any
com_ reconfiguration. I - I set up your ... 102,
SIA I0 - 131, but I haven't done any corm
configuration in the eom_aand module this morning.
And this is the time that it would he done.

218 16 42 39 CDR Okay, here we go.

2_18 16 42 57 CD_ AC here to channel A. And A switch OFF.

CDR Well, we're hung up here in the comm at the

PLT As usual.

218 16 43 31 CDR Yeah, let me go - let me go completely set up

the command module. Now the thing that worries
me a little bit is that they haven't touched the
eomm and we sure as hell screwed around with it
in flight.

PLT ...

CDI_ Yuck. Bey - How you doing, gang?

PLT ...

SP Intercomm. Fix the ... Stay in PR. Back to

218 16 h4 48 SPT VOX. now

Okay, Okay,how do y'all
I'm reading you hear down
on the there now?
headset, A1 -

CDR Okay, now give me a long count.

PageB of 6 i

SPT Okay, the volume is a little bit low. Here comes
a long count from Owen. Ah i, 2, 3, 5, 6, T, 8,
9, i0, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, B, 2, i. How's that?

little bit?
218 16 45 06 CDR Good. Can you bring up the volume to me a

SPT You 're EV-I.

SPT Okay, I'll try. See if this improves things.

Does that improve anything?

CDR Yes, it did. That's quite a bit better and a

little bit more.

SPT How about that?

CDR No change.

SPT How about that?

CDR Say, that's still a little bit better.

SPT How aboutrighthere?

218 16 h5 h3 CDR Okay, that's fine.

CDR Okay, Jsek, how you doing?

PLT I was Just getting my helmet on.

CDR Okay.

218 16 h6 18 PLT Hey, 0., will you check my ... loek?

SPT ... your visor?

FLT Yes.

Okay, it's in lock. All the way over,

CDR Jack, how about givingme a long count?

218 16 _6 35 PLT i, 2, 3, _, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, I0, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, h,

3, squeal, 1. How do you read?

CDR Okay, there's a little bit of a squeal on there

Dump Tape 218-09
Page 4 of 6

CDR That's because this come box is on. Well, okay.

Let me get back down to the old - the right

PLT Lower your protectivevisor. That's this.

PLT Okay, visor is lowered.

218 16 47 04 PLT Okay, now we put the,DAC - DAC off. Now we

turn off the -

PLT Ready for the PCU checkout down here, A1.

CDR Okay, I'm supposed to wait until - when notified

the _U integrity check complete, read all proce-
dures to EL-1 and -2 for - -

218 16 47 29 CC Skylab, we got you to Carnarvon for 5 minutes.

We're looking at the biomed data. It's good
and all your other s_stems are good.

CDR Okay, how do you hear me, Story?

CC Loud and clear.

CDR Okay, we're just getting ready to go through the

EMU integrity check and we're prepping from

CC Roger.

SPT Hello, Story, how do you read us on VOX?

CC Loud and clear, Owen.

218 16 h7 5h CDR Very good. Okay, standing by for you to complete

EMU integrity check.

PLT It says here, we got to have a PCU checkout

first, A1.

CDR Okay.

218 16 48 ll PLT Cuff gage inaccuracy, plus or minus 0.15 psi

max, 0wen. Nominal is plus or minus 0.0_ psig.
REG 1 LOW FLOW and LOW VENT FLOW lights have a
5 second delay. We need a little more sensitivity

on the V0X,I think,A1.


Page 5 of 6
CDR Okay, I'Ii go back there in _ few minutes and
_ork on it.

PLT Okay, here's what we do, 0.

I SPT Okay,go.
218 16 h8 36 PLT PRESSURE SELECTOR to REG 2, and you're -
Stand by, you're going to get a simba?


SPT You've already got a depress.

PLT VP to REG 2.

SPT Rog.

PLT l'm in BEG 2.

218 16 48 50 SPT Same here. Got SUIT PRESS. Now KEG level up,
one L0W FLOW for me.

SPT And possible LOW VENT FLOW did not come on.
PLT That's right.

PLT Okay, now we want togo to MODE SELECT. DELTA - -

SPT 0kay.

PLT - - Monitor the cuff gage and verify your

suit PRESSURE light is off.

PLT That'll be about 2.8 to 3.1 psig and the


PLT Okay, I'll go up slowly.

SPT Right.

I CDR loop as
Okay, you're
I passgoing
by some
to hear
of these
some noise
com boxes
on thegoing
to the command module. (Squeals)

218 16 _9 42 PLT MARK. Mine is off at 2.9.

Dump Tape 218-09

@ Page 6 of6

CDR Okay, I turned up your VOX sensitivity, Jack.

FLT Th_nk you.


CDR Okay.
218 16 h9 5T SPT Mines's off at 2.85.

R18 16 50 00 CDR Okay, Owen; 2.85. And we're regulating the 3.4 -
somewhere about there. And mine's about 3.0.


Time: 1636-1903 GMT
_-_ 8_7_73 . - .: " . _'
Page 1 of 12 .- ": ..... . _--:.:.._

218 16 3_ 08"CDR Okay, it is on RECORD. Okay. Y'all ready :

.. _,. " down-_ther.e? .

. :: ;"';_i
PLT " . .Yeah,ready to go.

.... CDR Okay.

. . PLT We on A or B?

218 16-37 25 CDR Just a second and I will give you a clip.
• " We're on B, but I am going to give you - uh ._
- your power in Just a second.

218 16 37 32 CDR SUS 2 LSU POWER, ON. 317, 317, 217. Take
my hook with me. 317.

218 16 37 59 CDR Okay. SUS 2 LSU POWER, ON .... SUS i 0


_ 218 16 38 31 CDR SUS 2 LgU POWER, ON. SUS 2 02 SUPPLY VALVE,


218 16 39 47 CDR ... MODE 9. Okay, MASTER. I'ii fix it.

MODE 9 to VOX.

218 16 40 07 C_,R Okay. MODE 9 to VOX. INTERCOM T/R.

218 16 40 19 CDR How do y'all hear down there?

ILT I hear you, AI.

CDR Just a minute.

• PLT Can't hear you or A ...

218 16 40 31 CDR Hang on. I am Just wondering if those

guys - I noticed they haven't made
any changes in this c......thing in here.

PLT ... when you go to RECORD ... be on A.

218 16 40 47 CDR Well, I don't - Let's go to A, for a

minute .... let me try here. We
are plugged in A -

218 16 41 14 CDR Okay, I am on A. I am on A up here.

With push-to-talk selected I assume
that - you set this up the other day?
. Dump Tape 218-10 "
_'_ Page 2 of 12 _, .

PLT It's Just been reset from what is was

for EREP the other day.

CDR Inother words you didn't set this panel

at all, when you connected all the
electric stuff?

218 16 _i _i PLT I - I don't remember if I went in the

eom_-nd module or not any more.

CDR No, no. I am talking about here in

- uh - by the EREP place.

PLT As I recall, I didn't bring anything.

... eo-,-a_d module ... EREP pass, but
: when ...... prep, there, ...
configuration - I set up your panel
_ SI02 ... SIA 131. But I haven't
done any ecmm configuration in the
ee_"_nd module this morning. And this
is the time that it _uld be done.

218 16 _2 39 CDR Okay, here we go. PCU to channel A.

CHAN A switch, OFF. Well, we are bung
up here in the comm at the moment.

PLT As usual.

218 16 h3 30 CDR Yes. Let me go - Just - let me go

completely set up the ec_and module.
Now the thing that worries me little
hit is this. They haven't touched the
e_m and we sure as hell screwed
around with it in flight.

SC ...

_8 16 _ 05 CDR vox. say-

C ..e

218 16 _ 12 CDR How are you doing, gang?

SC ...

SC eoe
Dump Tape 218T10 . - ..... _ ......

"!. Page 3 of 12 , , ....... _,_

" " i _"218 16 _h 2h CDR "/ _TERCOMM. I got tO get it fixed

i'- " - the T/R. Stay in T/R. MASTER,
....- "-_ , vox. . _ :'

....:CDR _ 0kay, how do yfall hear down there now?

- . • -, .

"" " SPT -_,.Okay, now I _, reading you on the headset,

• _" _AI.

218 16 _ 50 CDR :Okay,now, give me a long count.

SPT Okay, the volume is a little bit _

low. Here comes the lon_ count
• from Oven.

• l, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 9, 8, 7,
6, 5, h, 3, 2, I. How is that?

CDR Good. _

218 16 h5 07 SPT Will you bring up the volume to me

a little hit.

CDR You are EV-I.

CDR Okay I will try. See if this improves

things. Does that improve anything?

SPT_ Yea it di_. That was quite a bit

better. A little bit more.

218 16 _5 3_ CDR How about that?

S_T No change.

CDR How about that?

SPT Okay, that is still a little _etter.

218 16 _5 _i CDR How about rlght here?

SPT Okay, that is fine.

CDR Okay, Jack, how are you doing.

218 16 _5 _5 PLT Okay. I am Just getting my helmet en.

CDR Okay.
/_ Dump Tape • 218-10 " ._
Page 4 of 12

218 16 46 19 PLT Hey, 0, you check my lock ...

SPT . Engage your visor. It's - it's

locked. All the way over.

CDR Jack, how about giving me a long count?

218 16 46 35 PLT i, 2, 3, _, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,.I0, 9,

" 8,7., 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. How do you read?

: _ Okay, there is a little bit of squeal

on there, how; somewhere.

CDR Oh, that's because this eomm box is

on. We are okay. Let me get hack
down to the right place.

218 16 _6 5_ PLT Lower your protective visor.

That's this one. You got yours
lowered. 0kay, now we put the DAC - DAC,
__ OFF. Probably turn off it.

218 16 47 17 PLT Ready for the PCU checkout down

here, AI.

CDB Okay, I am supposed to wait until

- '_ghennotified EMU integrity
check complete, read all procedures
to EVI and 2 from here - -

"// 218 16 47 28 CC Skylab, we have got you through

Carnarvon for 5 minutes. We are
looking at the hiomed data. It is
good, and all your other systemS are good.

CDR Okay, how do you hear r,e, Story?

218 16 47 38 CC Loud and clear.

CDR Okay, we were Just getting ready to go

through - uh - _ integrity cheek and
we are pressing from there.

CC Roger.

SPT Hello, Story. How do you read us o_ VOX?

_=p _pe 218-lO
_-_ Page 5 of 12 = .. __

218 i6 4T 53 cc Loud and clear, Oven.

• Very good.

CDR " Okay. Standing by for you to

complete _ integrity check.

PLT It says here we got to have a PCU

checkout first, A1.

CDR Okay.

PLT Cuff gage inaccuracy plus or

m/nus 0.15 psi ,._x,Owen.

218 16 48 18 PLT Nominal is plus or minus 0.04...

FLOW lights have a 5-second delay.

PLT I need a little more sensitivity on

the.VOX, I think AI.

CI_ Okay, I'll go back her@ in a few minutes

and work on it.

PLT Okay, here is what we do, O.

8PT Okay, go.

218 16 _8 36 PLT PRESSURE selector to I_D 2 and you're -

stand by, you are going to get a SUIT
PRESS, a REG i LOW FLOW and a positive


PLT ...

218 16 48 46 PLT Let's go to REG 2.

SPT Roger. I am in P_G 2.

PLT _-.e here. Got SUIT PRESS?

SPT Well, REG i looked -

• f-

_ Tape 218-10 .- ................ _,

Page 6 of 12 . !

PLT REG 1 LOW FLOW for me. And possible

LOW lest loaf - _ FLOW did not
come on..

SIT That Is.right.

218 16 49 03 PLT 0kay, no_ we want to go to MODE

_:LRCT. Delta P.

8PT Okay.

PLT Monitor the cuff E_ge and verify you_

_]IT PRESSURE light if off - ah - at
3.8 to 3.1 psi and the L0W VENT FLOW
is off.

218 16 _9 18 SPT Okay, I go up slowly.

PLT Right.

218 16 _9 21 CDR 0kay, you are going to hear some noise on

the loop as I pass by some Of these
comm boxes, going to the command module.

218 16 49 _i PLT MARK, mine is off at _.9.

CDR Okay, X t_nu_edup your VOX _,ensitivity,Jack.

PLT Th,,_ you.

CDR Okay.

PLT Okay - -

218 16 h9 56 SPT Mine is off at 2.85.

PLT Okay, ON, 2.85, and mi_e is re6_tlatlng

at 3._ on the money right now.

8PT Okay, mine is _ _ _r_ --

218 16 50 ii SPT Okay, mine is reEulatlng _ 2 at 3.4.

PLT Okay, the next thing to do is verify

the cuff gage is stable at 3.2 to 3.5,
which we have done. Okay, now, note:

D,zmp .Tape 218-10 = . =-... .- . _. ; ..

Page T of 12 . . . • - : _../_

' In the next;step the cult gage will ......

.:-': "
- -. decrease and cycle _efore stabilizing _
- 5 psi. ,

218 16 50 36 PLT So, we are going to PRESSURE selector to

REG i. And the REG I LOW FLOW - the light
will go out, and it is going to oscilliate.
Okay, so let's go tot now, REG i.

SF£ Okay.

PLT She goes down at 2.9 - back up - 3.8,

3.35 - REG i LOW FLOW is out - 3.75,
stabe at 3.7.

218 16 51 04 SPT Okay, on my suit it did Just like it did

over there on the ground ... before, it
went off the scale low below 2.5, now
still oscillating.

218 16 51 25 SPT It is about stable at 3,8 and our friends

at "the H_U world assure us this won't
happen in the vacuum. Doesn't oscillat
that much.

FLT Okay.

Go ahead AI, We come - comm check?

218 16 51 _6 CDR No, we're okay - Just standing by for

you to finish your _U check.

FLT Okay. Okay, we are _orking on that n°w"

CDR No sweat.

PLT Okay, O. Now, we've verified our

cuff gage stable - 3.6 to 3.9.

218 16 52 09 SPT The kit Just get knocked off there.

I don't th_n_ it is going to hurt
anything. Pretty hard to snap that
little thing back.

218 16 52 17 CDR Just stow it somewhere.

DumpTape 18-10 , " "....... ' ..... '_"Y..... :,
Page 8 of 12 . -. • ._ ........ J:.:',.., ..

' _ " SPT Yes. It is the maints.nce k/%. - -"

CDR Urn-hum.

218 16 52 26 PLT I wonder how it likes it in the

helmet 1_g.

Very _ell. This one, too.

SC Okay. (Whis!pering) ...

218 16 52 _b CC Skylah, we are 30 seconds from LOS.

We will see you over G,I-_ in 8 minutes.
A11 systems look good. And you are clear
for depress when you get there. --

SPT Very good, Story. I think we are up

to the MODE S_._CT, ABSOLUTE here, Jack.

218 16 53 03 PLT Okay. PRESSURE selector to BOTH.

Verify no change in the cuff gage or
displays, okay?

SPT Hey, where are you?

SPr Okay, excuse me, yeah.

PLT Yes. Okay, let's go to BOTH, and _-_e

sure nothing changes.

218 16 53 21 SPr Still in 3.8.

PLT Okay. Nothing changed here. Now the _qU

integrity check. Next sequence terminates
0_ FLOW to the suit. PEG i LOW FLOW and
LOW VENT FLOW lights _rlll light. Monitor
the cuff gage for -_Yim_ decay of 0.8 psi
in i minute. Now I have Eot a watch here.

218 16 53 _9 PLT Okay, now we are going to go to OFF, Oven,

en mY m-_k. Okay? Stand by now.
Your FLOW select, OFF and then PRESSURE
select's OFF. Both have a m_-ute.
Okay. Stand by.

218 16 5_ 0@ PLT MARK.


Tape 218-1o .

• CDR Hey, T believe if y'all would turn off ....

that cr_ box by your head, we
might have less squeaking.

218 16 5417 FLT Okay, a REG 1 LOW FLOW and a LOW VENT FLOW.

SPT Good.

218 16 54 32 FLT 30 seconds.

PLT The next thing we are going to do is £

PRESSURE selector to BOTH. Mine is
h,-ging in at 3.8.

SPT Mine is 3.85.

FLT Looks like we got a good tight fit.

SPT Sure do.

• 218 16 55 03 PLT Go %0 - go to BOTH and in IVA."

PLT ... you got flow?

SPT Yes.

218 16 55 17 PLT Okay. So, we don't h_ve to worry

about those notes. Cuff gage stable,
3.6 to 3.9; all lights off. Looks
like that ... Okay now, we ... We
are going to get a tone, SUIT PRESS
to 3.1 to 2.8. I th_n_ I did.

218 16 56 ii FLT Okay, Owen, you got th_ SUIT PRESS

light ...?

_T Not quite down, yes.

I_,T ...

PLT Okay.

218 16 56 28 SP Okay. Got a SUIT PRESS light.

PLT That's all right. It's what you want.

Page i0 of. 12 ,

218 16 563_ PLT Okay, we are going to notify AI that the

•'- " " .... _4U integrity check is complete, and he
- . "- is going-to read all the procedures
• .- - from.here to deactivation following the EVA.

_C "- .co

218 16 56" h6 SPT Okay, your box cut out for Just a
." . - " 'moment, there. Okay, AI, we're completed
with the integrity check.

CDR Okay; have you turned off your squaw box

right near you? Can you put it in

PLT - SLy.

218 16 56 59 CDR Okay, let's give it a go now. How

do you hear me?

PLT Lou_ and clear.

CDR Okay, we are getting ready to close

the 120 psi REG B toggle valve.

PLT ... might as well.

218 16 5V 19 CDR Do you hear - _id you hear that?

SPT Why - You are going to close the

120 psi. I'm not quite sure why,
but okay.

CDR It's the check. Okay, here it comes.

Verify pressure drop less than I0 psi.
Can't even see it drop. Okay, EVA i
and 2 LOW V_VT FLOW light off; verify.

218 16 57 _2 PLT Affirm - uh - verified.

CDR Okay, toggle OPEN. Now I'm going to

go A, close. Okay, no change in PRE_S.
LOW _ FLOW light still off down

218 16 57 57 PLT Affirmative.

. ii
Dump Tape 218-10 " _........... _...._-_
Page ii of-12 , _ • • _ ....

• • CDR Okey-dokie. Okay, EV-3 on pan'el 225;

- - !20 psi _ a to881e v_ive, OPEN.
" .- "i-" .. Froceedto AM. Enter head first, EV-I.
: •_--_:•_ . :. • •
218 16 58 12 SPT Okay, proceed to AM and enter head
• -i ..first. On the way.

• • " PLT Good for you old buddy. That's it.

• ._ CDR I'm supposed to restow EV-I L_U in sphere

"- ' as EV-I transfers to AM. That's my
next big event, so T will go do it.
" Stay loose; as you cc_e up there, I
stow. Ought to be a good start. Now, let
me see which one you got. You've got
the one next to the hatch, there.

218 16 58 _3 SI_ That's right. But is says for me to come

in head first, huh?

CDR Yeah, since you're probably going to get

down here and get these things from me
or something.

SPT Yeah. I - probably have to put in the

- V tree.

C_R Yes. Hey, those stow a lot better th=-

in one g. I heard it was hard but it
is easy. Come on in. It's piece of cake.

218 16 59 02 SPT ... till I get _ umbilicals caught up.

CDR Okay.

218 16 59 i0 CDR Okay, a little hit more. Stay there, Owen,

I see some behind you; I thought I had
it all. We're doing okay. All right.
Please come in for a visit.

8PT Hi, I am in for a short visit.

218 16 59 30 PLT Okay, now you are going to have to

use that as you see fit, okay?
Okay, I am getting out of your w_y.
See what I do next?

Dump Tape 218-10

"_ Page 12 of 12 ......

SPT Okay. Through.

CDR Head first. Okay, restow; I did. 'i
Okay, rotate to EVA egress position,
feet toward MDA.

218 16 59 56 CDR That's you_ Big 0. Okay?


218 17 57 30 Verbatim duplication of same time

to segment of Dump Tape 218-11.
218 19 03 19


Dump Tape 218-11
f._ Time: 1736-1914 _T
Page 1 of 54

218 17 35 56 SPT • You've got a clientele.

CDR Okay, (>wen. Panel 321. Front end boom,

extend approximately 6 inches. Verify
4 that the VS boom and unlock boom hook.

SPT Okay, the Sun and extended 6 inches.

The hook is folded.

218 17 36 2_ CDR Panel 321, Sun end boom fully re-


SPT You want to do it almost fully re-

tracted? Next.

CDR Okay. Jack, extend the male end

tether to max length and pass the two
rods stowage plates, to EV-1, female
end first.

PLT. You don't check the other boom, huh?

CDR Nope, not for this one, babe.

PLT Okay. I'm working on that now.

CDR Okay. How's your tethers working


PLT Tethers?

218 17 36 57 CDR (Laughter) I knew you were going to

say that.

SPT Right down in Mexico, you can see

from coast to coast.

PLT Okay, the male 1 tether there is the

way we like it and I'm going to turn
to that beauty before we do anything with

CDR Okay. 0wen, when you get'em, you can

stow them under the F4 handrail - -

SPT 0kay.
Dump Tape 218'11
Page 2 of 54

CDR " - - handrail. Okay. Male end towards

the ATM, attach the female end tether
to F5 handrail. All right?

218 17 37 39 PLT I believe that guys in there eating

lunch, while we're out here working.

SPT Yeah.

CDR Yes, you're right. I'm having peanutbutter

and crackers.

SPT ... did not talk when he was eating.

CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS, we'll

see you over the Vanguard in ii minutes
and for your information although we're
only getting real-time TV over the
States, we will be recording TV on the
ground at the other stations.

CDR Okay. We'll be putting the TV out

before too long, Story. Hope that
things are going smoothly.

218 17 38 45 SPT Okay. I got that hook Just now,

I'll hook it, I got to get it over.

CDR Boy, ya'll are really taking a nice

walk over Mexico. We're getting ready
to pass by the Panama Canal in a minute,
I believe. It's hard for me to tell.
That was it, we passed it.

SPT Most of it's on the other side of the

spacecraft from it, so I can't see it
too well.

CDR Well, I can turn it around if you like.

SPT It's vague, might check with Houston first.

218 17 39 lh CDR Yeah, they'd probably say no. You know


PLT I can see two sets of guads right here.

Not to B - A or D - Alfa, Delta.

CDR Yes, that's the ones you see. How things

going out there?
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 3 of 54

PLT O.'s trying to get these rods out from

under our _hmbilicals and that threw _ a

CDR Okay. Anything we got's time.

218 17 h0 00 PLT Okay, 0., here's a - ... don't want

to be attached to the other end of them,
though - it turns out. Pass 'em up
here temporarily. Can't get away.
It's here. Come down to this end. You
want the female end, don't you?

SPT Uh, yeah, might as well take that one -

CDR Let me say the word.

PLT Okay, now wait a minute because -

CDR Pass the two rod stowage plates to

EV-1, female end first.

PLT That's the end he's getting, now wait

a minute, O.

CDR Both of them together, hooked together.

PLT Trouble is - the elastic's got - right

where we don't like them.

CDR Okay, work on them in there. It's a

lot easier when both of you can work,
that's good.

PLT Yes, I got one of them taken care of.

CDR Ya'll sound good in there.

PLT Okay, now there's the other one. The

thing is tethered to the spacecraft,
you know, so let me hook up to it.

SPT Well A1, I've got it tethered out here


CD_ You got it hooked onto you, okay.

SPT Hooked to F5 and locked. I think I better

make sure it's locked.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 4 of 54

PLT Okay, if you'Jl Just pull I,h_,mb_ek

and put the_,_wh,_rever yo1_ wind, I,_, IWl J
unhook it fro_I the space_!raYL.

218 17 _2 03 PLT May have to urlhook it, it> tin'iraour."

that I may haY," - Okay, ! I,,'_ y_ wh,d,,
you unhook yourt_, I got m_l_,'ho_,_;.:d.

SPT Okay, I may b,; td_le to maI,,_It all 61t<ht,.

CDB On the check] Jj_L, you hnv_ L,_ l,,,k_:

it out. put J I, u_ider ther_ aiJd th,m [b
hook it.

PLT Okay.

SFT Yeah.

PLT It's hooked |;m't i£, go_,,!h,.,l,..::,_r,

era gun.

SET " Okay. (Lau6h I,_.


SPT Okay. It's I'r,.,:


PLT Okay, now you f,,_kethat ,.lidLb,_r,'-

I'm going to g,, back asd j_,_h"N l',,_d,

SPT Okay?

218 17 43 37 CDR Okay, let m,_ r,,l_d that |,}lilll _. (.,, .y,(I ,f(t_I[l.
Pass the two ;',,,! :_i.owa_,_|,l,,l,,.I_ I,, l'_V,I,
female end f'Ir;_L,

SPT There you g,,.

_18 17 h_ h5 CDR Stow rod st,,w,u_,_;,!at_m ,,ml,,,'

male end tow_rd A'YM, Lb_,_,_l_,t_,.h I','llllll"
end tether t,, IIf')
i l, ,_|_i,,/,l_,,w,,l,_ll
can go to t,,I,h_r" -

SPT Yes, I got 11, h,,_l:,:d


FLT I like hiz ,,(,I,


CDR There's a V;",'I I_:ar'Lh d,,w_ I,h,_,',-, _<,,_I',,

PLT Let me he] l,:l,,Uhe_',:,_)I

_. Dump Tape 218-11
Page 5 of 54

218 17 44 ll CDR " Does it look like the EVA lights are
on out there, O.?

SPT Maybe, they'll have to wait.

CDR Okay.

SPT ... four direct, can you get tether hook?

PLT Let me have that tether, I think I can

hook it up.

9_1817 _4 37 SPT Got to get it in there further underneath

that bar.

PLT Go any further under your arm, that's the

problem, isn't it?

SPT Yeah.

PLT Well, we got tethered'to this - I'm

going to hook me - Can you reach it?

SPT Okay, very good.

CDR Are you ready for next step?

SPT Not yet.

PLT ... under here.

218 17 45 08 CDR Maybe Jack can look out and see if he

thinks the EVA lights - -

PLT Just a minute, just a minute.

CDR Very carefully. No hurry.

PLT Floods are down.

SPT Yes.

218 17 45 21 PLT Ah, EVA lights, huh? I can see one out
there, but I can't tell if it's o11.

CDR Okay.

SPT The one I saw did not look on, but maybe
f_ it'sJustbright.
D_mp Tape 218-11
Page 6 of 54

CDR All right, we'll find out what• happened.

Maybe they'll get us over Vanguard and
we'll ask them. Okay, you ready for the
next one?


218 17 h5 34 CDR Okay, pass sail back to EV-I, and EV-I,

hook sail bag to F7 handrail, which is
near the VC tree receptacle.

PLT Got it in my hand.

CDR Good head. We're passing 9ight over the

South ._nerican jungles, gentlemen.

CDR My suspicion is that we're somewhere

in Ecuador. Yeah, we are. No, no, we're
over the Andes - not over the Andes, into
Bolivia, yet. Kind of pretty out there.
Now we're coming over the Andes. There's
4 that big glacierwe saw the other day.

218 17 46 26 PLT I got it tethered to me, Owen, now

you tether it to you.

SPY Okay.

CDR Way to go.

PLT Tether string on there, be all right,

I guess -

CDR Boy, there's some big rivers down there.


CDR Well, let's see if I can you all any

possible way. I don't think there's
any way I can see you.

CDR That's pretty bright.

PLT There you got it,"0., let me get loose.

SPY Okay, come loose.

PLT I'm loose.

CDR That's the way to work. Loose as a goose.

• 8

Dump Tape 218-11

Page 7 of 5_

PLT , What's next, Al, base plate?

•CDR Okay, let me give it to you.

218 17 47 i_ CDR The sail bag is next, you did it.

Next comes pass base plate to EV-I.
Attach base plate to clothesline
clip, there's the tricky one, on the
F6 handrail by use of the base plate
tether. You copy me, EV-I?

PLT Yep.

CDR Okay.

PLT The base plate tether now.

CDR That's the one that you got to hook

through the wire.

PLT I ... not, I think it was.

8PT Going to leave the tether on that one, huh?

218 17 47 50 CDR Ah, you put your tether on - on the

thing and take that one off, he puts
his tether on it, you take your tether off,
he hooks it on, he takes the tether off.

PLT So we hook it on with the tether that's

on the base plate.

CDR You bet.

PLT Okay, I got it hooked to me and where

does he hook it now?

SPT Right up there, next to the handrail.

Where the clothesline clip is.

CDR He just hooks his tether to the same place

you got your tether and then you just
disconnect your tether and then - -

218 17 48 29 PLT I just to want to make sure the loop

he's got is satisfactory for the places
where he's going to put it.

f_ CDE That's a good idea,Jack.

Dump Tape 218-ii
Page 8 of 54

PLT " I think it is.

218 17 h8 40 CC Skylab, we're reading you loud and

clear over the Vanguard for 9 minutes.
• This is ...

PLT ... foot restraints.

• CDR Well, they've taken out the two poles

so far, they took ou£ the sail bag,
they're in the midst of taking out the - -

SPT Everything's going smooth.

CC Okay, you're looking good.

CDR Thank you.

PLT (Laughter) I've got tethers all over

me. Ain't no way I can get away.

CDR Thatfs great. That's the way it's got


PLT That little red thing is next, I believe.

218 17 _9 29 CDR May I read you what's next? Whenever

you're ready. I was just asking, there's
no way I can really know exactly whether
you're ahead or behind. Pass two
clothesline assemblies to EV-I. One at
a time, red one first.

PLT He gets the red one and we leave the

tethers inside on this one.

CDR Had it right, but you tether to it

and I'll ask.

SPT Got it tethered to me.

CDR All right.

PLT Going to ask about those EVA lights, AI,

I been thinking.

CDR That's all right, I guess I will.

218 17 50 17 CDR Houston, we're wondering if the EVA

lights were on now?
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CC Stand by 1.

CDR We're kind of looking at them, I

asked them to look at them out there
! and they said they didn't look on at
the moment, but it's so bright out
there it might be hard to see.

SPT You stabilize before you go - okay, go.

Unhitch from it. Got away from the ...

PLT Okay, I'm unhitched from it. You put

that there, and I'll got get the green
one. That's way back in the corner here.

CDR I hear you knocking but you can't come in.

PLT I really don't want to, my friend.

CDH Okay.

PLT Got the green one hooked to me.

CDR Excellent.

218 17 51 47 CC A1, we got no way of telling down here

whether your EVA lights are on or not.
Ah - they should be turned on according
to the checklist. We did check them out
yesterday, because they do run through
that power transfer distribution box.
We've got no way of telling down here
whether they are on or not. Ya'll
commanded them on, though, earlier or

PLT Boy, that thing is going to be upside down.

Does that matter to you?

CDR We got a switch but we didn't know

whether you commanded them or not.

PLT I think I better change it.

SPT Okay.

218 17 52 22 CDR Hey, Houston, it'll be pretty obvious

---4 to ya'll in about 14 minutes whether
they are on or not and that's the switch
Dump Tape 218-11
page l0 of 54

that you throw in the airlock. So Owen

could get in there and do it if you don't
have'em on.

_ CC Okay, we'll just check it, we just wanted

to be ready.

CDR Okeydoke.

CDE in, Jack, take a

The next time you're '"
look at the switch for EVA lights and
make sure they are on.

PLT Say they are all off?

PLT They are all on, A1.

218 17 53 ll CDR Okay, Jack. That's just how it ought

to be. Because it's going to get
dark in a few minutes, and I'm ready to
tell you next wheneve_ you're ready.

PLT A1, we're rearranging something here a

little bit.

CDR Okay, no strain, plenty of time. And

no doubt, Owen has stowed those things

SPT Too much confidence, but we're working on it.

218 17 53 35 CDR Place the two clothesline assemblies on

the temp stow hook with the green one
closest to EV-1. Lock th@ hook.
Atta boy.

PLT Well, we've got a block. Not going to

work out right, O.

CDR Just follow this checklist.

PLT Particularly the one on the bottom, A1.

CDR Pass two clothesline assemblies to EV-1,

one at a time.

PLT You go backwards.

-_ DumpTape218-11
Page 31 of 54

218 iT 54 40 CDR " Red one first, he puts on the red one,
and then the green one, and then the
green one end up closest to him.

_ PLT That's not going to work. You know the


CDR What?

218 1T 54 52 PLT This hook is oriented differently than

the one in the water - in the trainers.
It's 180 off, so it's going to wind up
with a red one on top. So what we've got
to do is put the green one on first,
I think, O.

SPT Well, let's see --

CDR You better be careful of that. This thing

is supposed to be Just like it, it may
Just look different.

PLT Well, _e're going to wind up with the red

one on the top at the moment.

218 17 55 15 CDR Okay, now Just a minute. Let's - that may

be okay - let me look a little bit further
on where it starts talking about which
one you connect. I think you wanted the
red one. Okay, it says sail bag, fold
boom out of the way. Now, open green
clothesline pouch, retrieve an extension.

PLT Uh - The green one's going to be on the


CDR Yes, you want the green one first.

PLT I remember that hook in the trainer;

I think it's oriented 180 different.

CDR 0kay.

218 17 55 43 PLT That's - You tether to that one and I'll

give you this one. Okay, you got that
one right there. I wonder if you Just
can't put it on. Well, I hope the
red one's tethered to me.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 12 of 54

SPT Yes, I think we can.

SPT I think - trying to - intermediate


PLT Sure would.

CDR That's a good idea. I'm going to tell

them down in Houston about that hook
being different. I c_n't imagine it.

218 17 56 06 PLT It makes it hard to get the things on, too,

because you got to get them - squash
them against the - ... a way of getting
it on the hook.

CDH Okay. Into the correct -

PLT You have something down for me there?

SPT There's not a ... on _round that couldn't.

PLT (}kay. Very well.

PLT We want this to go on here Just like this.

218 17 56 41 PLT Ray, that one's on here, 0wen, I'm going

to hang onto it while you put the other one on.

SPT There you go.

CC CDR, Houston.

PLT Other way, other way.

CDR Go ahead.

218 17 57 l0 CC Okay, we'd like you to close the two

circuit breakers that you opened up
before at panel 200, instrumentation
systems, transmitters Bravo and Charlie,

CDR Okay, closed.

CC Thank you.

218 17 57 29 CDR If you've been listening, apparently the

hook on the outside of this hatch is
" Dump Tape 218'11
Page 13 of 5_

reversed per the water tank, SO we

probably want to pass that word on to
Huntsville so they can change it in the
tank. So that Jerry Carr and his crew
t. will have it correct.

PLT The open side faces down toward the ...

around the FAS instead - of up toward
the hatch.

PLT Okay, here we are, A1, we're sitting here

with the green one on top and the red one
on the bottom.

CDR And you got it locked?

RIB 17 58 00 PLT Got it - the hook is locked, and the

ropes are pointing .out forward so they are
going to be easily visible when he picks
them up.

CDR Okay, unfold the boom hook, Owen.

SPT Okay.

218 17 58 ll CDR Pass the foot restraints to EV-1, Jack.

PLT All right.

218 17 58 16 CC Skylab, we're seconds to LOS and we'll

be seeing you in 1 hour and 5 minutes
over Goldstone at 19:03.

CDR Okay, install the foot restraints on the

VS boom. Use foot - -

PLT Stop - }{oldon.

CDR 0kay.

CC As we go over the hill here, we'll be getting

live TV over Goldstone and like a verifi-
cation EVA lights are on.

CDR They are on.

CC They are on. Thank you.

Dump Tape 218-11
Page 14 of 5_

218 17 58 49 CDR • All the foot restraint on the VS boom -

I'm just talking now - use foot restraint
stanchion for attachment point.

PLT C_ay, 0 .... to me and I'm handing it

to you.

CDR Radiation survey meter. Okay, gang,

I'm going to take one.

PLT Okay, you got it.

SPT Okay.

CDR Taking a little radiation survey here

at Houston.

SPT Thanks, AI.

CDR Okay. Radiation - next to you, I'm going

to tell you to attach'that foot restraint
to the VS boom. Use foot restraint
stanchion for attachment point.

SPT Okay.

CDR Okay, let me turn the page, wetre getting

through there. Okay, now for a little TV.
Connect TV power cable to panel 320.

218 18 00 00 PLT Okay, I'm working on that.

CDR Okay, let me know when you're finished

and I'll read on.

CDR Okay, radiation in here looks like it's

about 0.I. That would be .001 RADs per hour
according to this survey meter.

SPT What' s that?

CDR 0.001.

SPT That's about the way it felt in here.

CDR Okay.

PLT TV is hookedup.
Dump Tape 218-i1
Page 15 of 54

CDR Okay. Verify F/S to FC.

218 18 00 31 PLT Let me get up there and look at that.

PLT Okay, it's in FC.

CDR Okay. Place TV on F8 handrail 6 inches

from bottom. Lock towards hatch. May I
tell you the X, Y, and Z also. X, .60; Y,
180; Z, 315. So here it is, 60, 180, 315.

218 18 01 20 PLT Okay, I'm going to have to doodle with

this for a minute. 60.

218 18 02 27 CDR I take this in other places in the MDA.

For example, if I take it down towards
the cormuand module I get a RADs per hour
of 0.002.

PLT You say 60, 180, and 3157

CDR That's what I said, Jack.

218 18 02 48 PLT 60. Make one little not or something,

wet something that I slipped up on here,
not hurting yet but I think we ought to
correct it on the way out.

CDR What?

PLT On the male end, you remember there are

two little dog leash clips that were clipped
together with a single long wrist tether.

PLT Somehow that wrist tether is in the red

position, it's not green. And one of the
dog leashes has come - has come loose.
The - the tether is still attached to
the other of the two rod sections, but
we ought to hook it back on properly as
we go out.

CDR That's a good idea. Good idea.

218 i8 03 27 PLT Reverify that the other end is hooked to

both dog leashes and we have a green
button so nothing can get away.

CDR All right.

_" Dump Tape 218-11
Page 16 of 5h

PLT Okay, I got a 60, 180, and 315, AI.

CDR Okay, in that case, you need to plant it

_, out there at the place it's called ford
6 inches from the end.

PLT This is from the end of what, now?

CDR Six inches from the _nd of the - let me

get it -

PLT Want me to verify those settings? I can

do it right now.

CDR Six inches from the bottom from the F8

handrail, which is right outside the door.

PLT Okay. It's in the Sun now. It'll be

dark soon.

218 18 04 l_ PLT Okay, I got a band locked.

CDR Locked towards hatch?

PLT Yeah.

CDR 60, 180, 315. Both crewmen verify TV

is not looking at Sun.

SPT/PLT It's not.

CDR It's not. TV field of view is 22 degrees

about lense center line. Sun should not
be in this field of view.

PLT It's not ... be a little hard to estimate.

CDR TV power 322 ON; at 22 degrees, not half of

it. TV power 320 on, Jack.

PLT That's on.

218 18 04 44 CDR Okay, now verify the following. AVERAGE

s_-itch to AVERAGE.

SPT Okay, I can verify that.

_ Dump Tape 218-11
Page 17 of 5h


• SPT It is.

CDR Zoom, 25.

SPT ...

CDR Focus,15. •

SPT This is going to have to be moved a

little. Okay.

CDR Now EV-1, slowly move F/S lever to 22,

while EV-2 observes monitor. If Sun is
in field of view, immediately go to FC

Sl_r Okay, here I come to 22.

CDR 0kay.

PLT Okay, it's all blotted out; go back.

CDR Okay. Reposition as best as you can.

218 18 05 31 PLT Well, I had a good picture of the ATM

there for a while. I - 0op - I'll tell
you when it was good, O. Push it back
where it was.

PLT Look at it, O.

CDR It should go to 22 as the max opening but

not there if it's - well -

PLT What it did was show me a picture of the

ATM and it bloomed out. Wish I could have
got it when it was like that.

SPT Is that what you had?

PLT Shade the lens, if you can. Shade the lens.

CDR Okay.
_ D_mp Tape 218-11
Page 18 of 54

PLT • 22. No, it's too bright. Just open it

a smidgen.

Sl°T All right.


218 18 06 25 CDR Point it away from the Sun, gang.

PLT Okay, now it's coming in real good.

CDR You okay?

PLT Coming in good. How do you like that?

CDR It's getting dark out.

PLT That 's why it 's getting good.

CDR That's right. Weren't you take and shove

that thing - let's see if you can see any-
thing at night out there.

PLT I had to open it up, 0.

CDR Open it up a little bit and see if you

can see anything at night.

PLT I'Ii wait to the Sun goes down.

CDR All right.

PLT Okay, now I'm going to open it up.

CDR Okay.

218 18 07 00 PLT All right, opened.

CDR Night, F/S h - -

PLT Oh, that's pretty.

CDE - - Day, F/S 22.

PLT Okay, how about the other settings?

Okay, how about F/8?

SPT That looks good, why don't you mess with

the focus a little bit.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 19 of 5h

Si_T Why don't we get on with it, too?

PLT Mess with the focus - -

CDR Really, well, we've been out exactly

38 •minutes.

SPT Oh, wow, we're doing great.

CDR Okay, the next question is this -

SPT What about the distance? It needs to

be focused a little bit.

CDR 15 feet.

SPT That 's it, Jack.

CDR 225, focus 15.

_ PLT Okay, the zoom is probably 25.

CDR I don't know whether it's - the Sun starts

to come up, we're going to have to do
something about this thing.

SPT I don't • want to leave this setting here

in this open position because there's
nobody to look at it anyway, and we're
just going to get a blast from the Sun.

218 18 07 52 CDR Take it - take it back to CLOSE. We're

hear sc_ebody calling, we'll open it,
r_ayb e.

SPT Where the pictures centered on about the

right spot?

PLT They had to be pretty good, yeah.

CDR Okay, you ready to start?

SPT Okay.

218 18 08 l0 CDR Exit the AM, EV-2, and retrieve the long
tether on the male end of the rod stowage
plate, and fastento F1 handrail.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 20 of 54

PLT Okay, I can do that as soon as 0. gets

situated here.

CDR I said - I meant put it under F1 handrail,

and fasten to FIG handrail, take up slack•
Remember, that's the one that may need to
have another lock on it.

PLT Okay.

PLT You can come, O.

SI_ Okay •

218 18 08 38 PLT Camera on your right. Careful of the TV.

Upping the TV a little bit.

SPT Okay, ... trying to hook -

PLT Okay, now put this under -

CDR Under F1.

PLT That's where you need'to hook that other

dog clip in if you can.

SPT. Huh?

PLT See that dog clip that's come loose. The

other end of the tether you've got should
have had both of those rods connected to
•it - bundles. It's only connected to one
of the rod bundles. The dog leash is loose
on the end by your left elbow.

Sl_f Oh, yes_ so it is.

218 18 09 17 PLT And it is also not green, it's in the red

on that button.

SPT Now'd that happen?

PLT Well, it wasn't sticking, O. It's all

fastened down there.

SPT Yeah, that's right. Problem for guys like us.

Dt_p Tape 218-11
Psge 21 of 5_

I_LT Big knot. I'll give you a little

stability here, if you like, with your

SPT Okay. I got a hold of that beauty and -

SPT You little fellow.

PLT Oh, you got that little rascal, huh?

SPT Okay, there, the button is in green, lock.

I've got it under F1.

PLT ... out?

SPT Okay, you can reach it from there, I guess,

can't you?

PLT I can hook it up from F1, didn't I.

Didn't you Al?

/_ 218 18 l0 07 CDR Yes. Go under that handrail and go to

F1. That 's a fact.

PLT So O. and I take up the slack?

SPT That 's right.

CDR Okay. That's the F10, not F1. Under F1,

fasten to F10.

PLT That's where it is.

CDR I thought so, there's only one way.

Okay, translate the double handrail
work station, Jack.

PLT Okay. Okay, let's see. Go under this

handrail right up here.

SPT That 's right.

PLT I'll give - your _nbilical clear?

218 18 lO 50 CDR And when he gets there, 0., you're

going to transfer the foot restraints with
the Sun end boom, okay?
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 22 of 5_

PLT Okay, T pass the dog boom up to the

handrail and I'll give myself - turn
around here, O.

SPT Okay.

PLT Trying to maintain a right relationship

to my ... umbilical there.

CDR I think you have.

PLT Tell ... I've got the ATM, e_ning throuF_.

218 18 ii 25 PLT SEe if I cs/1 find myself a stable position

here whieh I Just now done.

- CD_ I can see you out there, Jack.

PLT Hello there, Dr.

CDR" How you doing, _boy?

PLT Are you looking out that window?

CDR Yes. I'm looking right at you. I

turned the lights down in here.

PLT Okay.

218 18 ll 41 SPT Okay, I'm going to try to clip your

umbilical first. Like it was made for

CDR Okay.

SPT It was. Only got a half of a Moon

down there.

CDR Great, Jack.

PLT Umbilical was clipped right there. Are

you going to need 8ny more room than that 9.

SPT Oh, I don't think so for the moment.

Maybe later.
_" Dump Tape 218'11
Page 23 of 54

218 18 12 01 CDR Transfer foot restraints to EV-2 with

Sun end boom. Remove and install the
foot restraints at that double handrail
work station. Verify, Jack, that the red
stripe flanges on either side of the foot
restraints adapter are under ATM support

PLT Okay.

SPT Okay. Now, there's not much clearance

here so I want to do this sort of carefully

PLT Best way to go. Only way to go. That

thing is locked, right?

SPT Oh, yes.

PLT Okay, looks like she got by pretty good.

Coming my way.

CDR Hey, right there. Right on! Looking

good, Jack.

218 18 12 53 PLT Okay, hold it there, O. Turn this beauty

around and get my cut on it. Come back
here baby, you're mine. What can I
tell you? All right, right there.
Okay, I got it tethered now.

CDR Going to have to get closer to him.

PLT I'll bring it down a little bit, O.

CDR There you go, good handling, Jack. Like

when you played football for Michigan.
Lighting looks good out there. Real

218 18 13 37 PLT Okay. The boom is released, I got it

tethered to me.

CDR Bring here back, O.

Dump Tape 218-11
Page 2h of 54

SPT Okay, I forgot to raise my goid visor.

Sure helps.

_.-. CDB Yes, that's a good thought. Think Ja_k

might even want to try it, who knows?
Okay. Are you ready for the next event?

SPT Bet it' s coming back?

SPT Tell me about the next event.

218 18 13 59 CDR I will in a second. Plant EV-2 LSU at

approx - appropriate lengths by getting
some slack _fter he gets the - give him
some slack until he gets into the foot
restraints, then clamp his LSU, okay?

PLT 0kay_ it's clamped now. Okay, make sure

you've got plenty of slack, so it doesn't
get pulled on.

CDR How's the red flange doing, Jack?

PLT Oh, boy. Have we got it in there. I'm

going to take a look at it.

CDR Take a look at the bottom of it. Owen's

not - not giving you any slack.

PLT I'm going to have to have a little more


218 18 lh 37 SPT Okay. I'll give you all the rope you need.
Have s_ne more,

CDR Okay, he's giving it to you.

PLT Yes, this thing I'm ... doesn't give

any less.

CDR I doubt that.

PLT Okay. Now look under there for the - for

equip - wedge is firmly seated.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 25 of 54

CDR Okay, gang. Get in the old foot restraints

and, Owen, clamp the umbilical.

_ PLT Okay, we're weighted.

CDR You're looking good, Jack.

I°LT Way to be.

218 18 15 08 CDR Boy, looks pretty. I wish I could take

some pictures of that. Against that bl_ek
sky, fantastic.

PLT Okay, the kid's in the foot restraints.


• CDR All right, clamp umbilical.

PLT Clamped about right, a little extra slack


CDR Good idea. Are you ready for the next one?

PLT I think we probably are.

218 18 15 33 CDR All right. May I give you the transfer

the EMJ status checks. Check the PCU
warning lights at suit press, both of you.

SPT Our mode is 36 and no lights. No lights

and 3.6.

CDR Okay, Owen° Transfer the based flight

to EV-2 with the Sun end boom. Being
careful not to put it on samething that'll
slide off.

S?T Hey, it's coming in a moment.

218 18 16 01 CDH Tether to you then to there and everything


218 18 16 05 PLT I'll tether it before you run the boom

out, Owen.

SPT Take your ,.. (laughter).

Dump Tape 218-11
Page 26 of 5_

CDR That'd be a surprise, wouldn't it?

Here comes Owen on the end of the pole.

_. SPT And I can't reach the stop button.

(Laughter )

PLT His feet are in the foot - -

SPT Now there's a - you'd like to have this

tether down there with you, wouldn't
you, Jack? There's a tether on this -
uh - thing ow -

CDR Just follow the checklist.

SI_T Okay, well, where do I leave the tether,

you see?

218 18 16 32 CDR Let me see what it says.

i SPT I think that's what it meant, A1.

CDR Okay, let me tell you what it says.

PLT Tether would be in the way down here.

218 18 16 h0 CDR Transfer rod based flight to EV-2 with

Sun end boom.

SPT Where would you like to have me to leave

the tether? Let me word •it that way.

CDR I a - _h - I didn't think there was one

on it. Remove and install right rod base
plate to A frame and lock with - -

PLT Leave the tether on it, Ow, I'll take it.

CDR Leave the tether on it, I guess. Although

it shouldn't have been on there.

218 18 16 59 SPT Well, it came out with it, A1.

PLT It had to be on there in order to hook

it to something, A1.

Dump Tape 218-11
Page P7 of 5_

S_ That 's right.

CDR Okay. It doesn't say. My correction -

_ it should say. Just send it down there.

SI°T Okay. Now what I'm going to do - -

CDR Hook it on to that pole, too.

SC - - is hook it through this - loop here,

A1 - Jack.

PLT Go ahead and leave the darn tether there,


218 18 17 19 CDE Clamp - clamp the base plate to - clamp

the hook to the base plate good and then
tether it there, too.

SPT. Nobody needs two tethers. Does he?

_- 218 18 17 28 CDR No.

218 18 17 29 PLT They'll Just get in the way and flop

around. Hang your arms up and stuff.

CDR You're relaxing out ti_ere, I can tell.

PLT Oh, yeah.

SFT Nice view of the night sky (laughter).

PLT That's all there is, is night sky.

CDR Could be locking down at the Earth

actually. But you probably can't
see around.

218 18 i_ h8 PLT I don't know if I am, I've got a -

we've gone an awful long way from it.
It's looks like a half a moon to me.

SPT Okay. Now there's nothing that I can

attach that tether to that will - be of
any help in holding it on.

PLT Okay.
Tape 218-ii
Page 28 of 54

•sPT So maybe then, leave the tether where

you are.

_ PLT Uh - that's right, Owen. Just hook it

to seomehting there and we'll take it
into lock after while.

218 18 18 16 SPT If that should come loose from this thing,

then the end of that knob will never go
through that hole.

PLT That - -

sPT Absolutely locked on.

PLT Okay.

218 18 18 58 SPT Okay. You ready for the big ...?

PLT Fire it down here, my friend.

SPT Coming.

sPT Want to let it float out of the way

and then - -

PLT Yeah.

SPT Good ...

218 18 19 26 CDR Good thinking.

PLT Okay. Stop it right there a minute, Ow.

•.. do is get my umbilical around my back.
Come out underneath me.

218 18 19 _5 SPT It's around your back already. It's

over your left shoulder behind your - -

218 18 19 h8 PLT I want it to go under my left ann.

CDR It is under your left arm.

SPT It is under your left arm.

PLT My right ann, I'm sorry.

Dump Tape 218-11
Page 30 of 5h

PLT Okay, I've got that in the green.

SPT Okay.

PLT ... that lock, squeeze the tube and out

she c_es.

SPT You see how that could never come off,

donlt you, Jack?

PDT Yeah.

PLT Take it away, 0wen.

SPT Okay.

218 18 21 20 PLT Don't hole it by the tether.

SFT Got it with my left hand, here.

PLT Okay.

PLT Okay, now.

218 18 21 52 CDR Okay, 0wen, while you're waiting, let

me tell you what to do. While you're
waiting you cam take and - Okay, attach
sale bag hook to base of boom hook and
transfer to EV-2.

Sl°T Hook to base of boom hook.

CDR Yep!

SI°T Hook to boom hook.

CDR Yeah, let me read what it says _gain.

218 18 22 2_ CDR Attach sale bag hook to base of boom hook.

SPT ... base of boom.hook.

CDR - - and transfer to EV-2. I get the

impression you're hooking the sale bag
hook to the base of the boom hook in
some way. Making sure that the boom
hook doesn't come off.
•D_mp Tape 218-11
Page 31 of 5h

SPT That step I do not remember.

218 18 22 45 CDR I just read it, though. That's how.

" you're going to get the sale bag down
there, I guess. But maybe there's
another way, Ow. All I can guess is
that's the only thing that can hook
to it you Just - -

PLT I think that's right.

SPT And you Just have to be careful that you

don't pull off the - the -" the hook itself,
because the boom hooks come off. Looks
like you need to pull towards you, Jack,
that knob and then tightened. That's good,
yeah, that's good. You might want to
tighten the other a little.

PLT That one is standard- -

SPT ...

218 18 23 37 CDR Excellent.

PLT It's in all right.

SPT That' s great. Good deal, Jack.

CDB How's it look on that bag now, Owen?

Does that look reasonable?

SPT I think so.

218 18 23 52 CDR Okay.

218 18 24 01 CDR Tighten them down real tight and then put
in the clip, tight as possible.

SPT Maybe not as tight as possible, they

might break.

PLT Yeah, there's a - jam up that it

goes up against.

SPT Yes/q, and then you got those old clips.

Page 32 of 54

218 18 24 15 PLT Yes/q, they're as effective as good

ones. Hook this right here. That
one hooked.

SPT Perfect.

PLT Don't go anywhere.

SPT Don't go nowhere is right. That's

good, Jack.

PLT That one - that one's hooked.

SPT Okay.

218 18 24 h6 PLT Pegged down and I get the hook in here

I'm ... That one's done, now I'm going
to untether nvself.

SPT Okay.

CDR Okay, you're going to get the sail bag

in a minute. Let me tell you what to do
with it. When you get the sail bag
remove and attach bag to base plate by
tether hook, on bottom of bag to eye
of bottom of base plate.

PLT Pretty straight forward, I'd say.

SPT Then you're ready for it, Jack.

218 18 25 28 PLT Well, let's fire it away, here, 0w.

SPT Okay. Here comes the ... of it.

PLT Big ...

PLT Come here, tether, you're mine.

SPT That a boy!

SPT Looks good. That hook doesn't come off,

we're in good business.

218 18 25 58 PLT Okay, hold her, 0w. That a boy. You're

all right with that boom. Yeu know that?
_: Dump Tape 218-11
Page 33 of 54

SPT Okay. I got ...

PLT Won't go no place.

SPT Want it a little closer to you?

218 18 26 09 PLT Nope, might stick me.

218 18 26 hO PLT ...

CDR You're pulling it - down on the bag with

your right hand which makes it hard - there
you go. Now you got some slack.

PLT How'd he do it?

• SPT ... off of there.

218 18 26 52 PLT Okay, now you have to - you won't - it

will not come Off the round part ...

SPT ...

PLT There's sort of elliptical cross section.

CDR That a way, Owen. That's a boy.

PLT You got it, Ow. Take 'er away.

218 18 27 08 CDR Okay, mount on plate and eye on lock.

Double lock cause that thing's going to
be Just kicked around there.

SPT Okay, it's locked and I can't squeeze

the handle.

CDR Is the handle not - is it lock, locked

on there?

SPT Yeah, it 's lock, locked.

CDR Okay.

218 18 27 35 Sl°T It's - I unhitched myself from that, and

there it is.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 34 of 54

SPT Okay, Jack, you're in the pole business.

PLT Here you are, Owen.

SPT Okay, I'm waiting.

PLT Tell me what to do.

CDR Okay, just a second. Okay. Retract

boom and fold hook out of the way.

SPT Get the - Jack's umbilical - -

218 18 28 05 PLT Yeah, I'll have to take it in a little

bit now. I got it around my back and
under my right arm the way I want.

SFf Let's see how he wants it.

218 18 28 12 PLT That way when I make the pole I can put
_-- down here without having to go under the
tether and all that.

218 18 28 17 CDR That's not a bad idea.

CDR Okay. Open green clothesline pouch ...

SPT Wait, we got to retie his tether.

CDR All right.

218 18 28 29 SPT Now is that - tell what length you

like, Jack.

SPT More or less or what?

PLT That's about right, right there.

218 18 29 01 PLT You know what happened on that - parasol?

SPT What?

PLT That one corner where it's sticking up -

SPT Yeah.

_" 218 18 29 09 PLT The pole did not extend all the way - -
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 35 of 54

SPT - - and it made the line slack, didn't it?

PLT It made the line slack, yesh.

SPT Okay, I think you said something about

take the green bag.

218 18 29 19 CDR Take the green clothesline pouch, retrieve

an extension rod from rod stowage plate,
and attach the green end ring of the
clothesline to the nail end of the rod.

SPT It's in work.

PLT Okay, baby.

CDR Position grommet as rods are assembled.

In other words screw down tight and then

SPY Easyon thebag.

CDR Were you able to lock that other nut, Jack?

I saw you do one on the left.

218 18 30 14 PLT Yeah, I got it locked all the way down

as far as it'll go and the clip is in.

CDR Sounds good.

PLT It's not going no place.

SPT Shouldn't go no place,

218 18 30 21 PLT ...

218 18 30 27 CDR You gonna have to use the poles to pass

that down, do you suppose, or what?
Cause it's going to come down, cause
it's soft cloth.

SI°T I think it's going to come when we lower


CDE Okay.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 36 of 54

218 18 30 37 SPT Well, I'ii tell you don_t lock the

grommet right there, I'll tell you
why. Grommets slide along this plat'form.

CDE They unroll as you pull them out.

SPT They unroll, that's right.

CDE Did you lose one, or Just about?

SPT Just about, I haven't lost it yet.

PLT Great. Don't lose em, We gotta have

grommet for everyone.

218 18 31 09 CDR Now the big thing, 0w, is to keep that

line so it doesn't get twisted around
the pole.

SPT Thing right now is these grommets ...

CDR I'ii tell you what you need to do, (]wen.

Just reach down - when you pull the plate
out break the -

SPY No, just - just hold it.

218 18 31 21 CDR Okay. Cause those bungees aren't any

good. You can Just reach down and break
them. That way you don't have to slide
it along those rollers.

PLT I see 'era. Why don't you just float

over there and put all the grommets -
on where they can't slide off?

218 18 32 03 SPT Boy! Was gonna break the elastic mud

I can't do that either.

PLT Pretty strong, huh?

SPT Yeah.

SPT I could do but I - -

Dump Tape 218-I1
Page 37 of 54

218 18 32 l0 CDR Nope, it'll tire you out. Maybe 0w -

maybe Jack's idea is best. Float down
there and move the little ro - rings, where
_, they don't come off.

218 18 32 31 SPT These ... grommets are all over that end
they're pretty difficult to get back up
on top of that locking ring.

218 18 33 17 PLT Looks to me out here like every area

that's -

CDR Jack, why you float back up there and see

if you can give Owen a hand?

PLT Okay. I think it's Just going to take

a couple more than two.

CDR Okay. We don't want to lose any of

them, and you might be able to help.

- 218 18 33 51 SPT 21 of those to get -

CDR You perfect the technique?

SPT No, not reaJly, yet.

SPT ...

SPT First rod is mated to this loop.

Therefore, there's nothing else we
can get loose.

CDR Hopefully.

SPT Tied together now, I think. Say, I can

see some lightning on the horizon off to
my left. It's really booming. Oh boy,
... what is in it. Now I want to stop
and think about - -

218 18 35 23 CDR Got any ideas that can help him there,

PLT What - I - I'm not exactly sure what he's

trying to do. But let me go up there and
r, takea look.
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 38 of 5h

SPT Now there's a good idea, cause •you might

be able to go up there and assist him iu
some way by holding him or pushing h_[m out
• the little rods from the other end of something.

CDR There you go, Jack.

218 18 36 06 PLT Okay, my friend, what's the matter?

SPT Well, I got the next one without any problem

and I think maybe if I just slide them care-
fully the - the - ... grommet will not fall

PLT Well, all of the ... all of the elastics

are outboard to the grommet.

SPT That 's right.

PLT Except for one of them. It's one the

_ bottom

SPT Yeah, now that one slipped through.

218 18 36 43 SPT Well, I'm trying to think. We ought to

Just press on with me being real careful -
not to drag that gromnlet along the base

218 18 36 58 CDR If you can do it, that'd be the way to do it.

SPT Yeah.

CDR Now are the grommets in pos - the best

position they can be on the nut.

PLT Yeah. They're - they're where they ought

to be on all of them. Well, some of them
slipped down off the nut. And are down

CDR Maybe that's a better place for 'era.

PLT Might be. What do you think, 0w?

Dump Tape 218-11
Page 39 of 54

218 18 37 16 SPT No, I don't think they'd ought to be - -

SPT What are you talking about?

PLT Slipped between the nut and the grommet.

SF_ You talking about the elastic bands?

SP9 Yeah.

218 18 37 27 SFT No, they ought to be - out of that little

channel there because I can hsrdly get them
out if they are. You see you have to get
them out by your fingers. Those elastic
hands that ought to be up on that circular
piece. You're working on Just that one
that I'm not going to use, anyway.

PLT All right. Well then, ... you are going

to use?

SPT They're mostly all that way. If you see

Shy that arenVt, I would appreciate getting
them - lifted out.

CDR Getting ready to have some sunrise, I

can see the horizon back there behind 'em.

PLT Right. Hey, that's - they're really caught

in there when they're like that.

SP_ They _re.

PLT But there's no break.

218 18 38 38 SPT No. It's sort of funny to say that yo_

can't pop the elastic but -

218 18 38 h3 CDR It,s real tough elastic. I guess we had

so many complaints of them breaking, that
they put on something really tough.

PLT I think this job is gonna give us all the

EVA time we want. Before we get this one
finished. I can't get that one that's
scresed up, there.
_- Dump Tape 218-11
Page 40 of 54

PLT J*nm!

PLT Okay, a little tool to stick under it.

SPT I had to get 'em with my fingers up

here. Cause every one of those that
come out, the elastic drops into that

PLT Oh, yeah.

SPT Now the only way that would be avoided

is if those nuts are screwed up tightly.

PLT No, that still won't do, - let me see.

218 18 39 42 SPT Yeah, if those nuts screwed up tightly

then it won't do that. Are all those
nuts screwed up against the -

CDR Should be, should be in there tight.

PLT But that last one there, with the
other - -

218 18 40 38 PLT Some nuts look like they are, but I got
one down here ... it's not down in the
slot, but it's behind the edge of the nut.

SPT Uh-ha. Couldn't get it out?

PLT No, there's a couple underneath like

that, too.

Sl°T Ye ah.

PLT Well, might just have to - -

218 18 40 56 CDR I'll tell you what you could do. You
could work along - well, maybe you ought
to try to break those three right there
now. And use those ... in some way.

Sl°T No, I'd rather wait until the end.

218 18 41 06 CDR Okay.

Dump Tape 218-I1
Page 4i of 54

218 18 41 07 SPT Cause then I won't have to be bouncing

around the whole array and possibly get
them - others of them knocked around,.

CDR That 's a good idea.

PLT You want me to go back out there, Ow?

218 18 41 19 SPT Yeah, I think so. An'other rod or two

and I'll be down to you. I'm through.

SPT Two connected, now. Ready to start the


218 18 42 14 CDR Sun's coming up!

PLT Boy! It really comes on.

CDR You may want to put down your visors,


_" PLT Sun comes on, it really comes on!

CDR The TV's still at $22; is it?

SPT Yeah.

CDR " Okay. Good.

SPT Well, I think I closed it not - -

CDR Closed. That's a good place for it.

218 18 42 43 CDR Have much trouble looking out there towards -

Jack, 0wen ?

SPT Nope.

CDR Good.

SPY (Sigh).

CDR How's it coming, Owen?

SPT Just ... went out of the ... The worst

part so far has been getting them out of
,-_ the ...
Dump Tape 218-11
Page 42 of 5h

CDR Okay. Just don't - don't - get careless.

We got plenty of time, rest if you need it.

218 18 "_3 33 SPT Okay, there's the splice right at the end.
I can see this one winged bird.

218 18 43 36 CDR How's it look to you?

SlaT Mighty nice. Where's'the poles on me,

Jack ?

PLT Oh, about 3 feet. Oop - getting closer.

SPT Stick it do%m the a head ..., don't hit

me in the head with it.

PLT Hold it right there.

SPT I got it now, wait a minute.

SPT Unsnarl these lines here.

PLT Okay.

SPT Now, was that under my left arm, AI, that

we decided in the checklist to do it?

218 18 hh 15 CDR Let me see what it says. We'll do it

exactly like it says, which says here. As
soon as ladder is long enough to be reached
the ... keep the clothesline separated by
inserting arm between the lines.

PLT Hold it there, AI, we gotta - -

SPT I've got it.

PLT ... me work with it under - going under

my left arm - -

218 18 h5 09 SPT I think it's under your left arrl.

PLT - - or above?

SPT I think it's under your left arm.

PLT Was it likethat?

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SPT No, no, under your left arm.

PLT Well, the trouble is with keeping this

line ... up.

CDR Keep the clothesline separate by inserting

arm between the lines. I guess the - the
rod would be above your arm, otherwise
it's gonna be a little difficult to pitch
it around- -

PLT Yeah!

218 18 45 31 SPT But that's the way we did it before. In

order to have a - a line that I could make
the other end with, he put it under his
left arm.

PLT Sounds like a good way to do it, then.

CDR Cause you're right if he doesn't hold it

right, you can't - you can't get in the
place to mate 'em. That's a fact.

PLT I'm turning, Ow.

SPT Okay ...

218 18 46 04 PLT Just like that.

218 18 46 05 SPT Just like that.

SPT What I'd - what I'd like is to hold the

pole and - like this you Just feed it
through .... out of my hands. Can you
hold it?

PLT Yeah.

SPT Okay, you've got the pole, now.

218 18 46 57 PLT Three down, eight-to go, Ow.

SPT Number 3 ... straight elastic.

Dump Tape 218-11
Page h4 of 5h

PLT Hey, we got a scissors in there we

could cut the- cut the one elastic

SPT That might be the best idea.

CDR Sure could.

SPT Don't do it, yet.

218 18 h7 19 CDR If you go in the lock compartment, get

the scissors out of that thing, sving
out. It might be hard to get the scissors
in there, but you could probably do it.
Trouble is you'd have to keep coming back.
And then holding the scissors with no
tether would be interesting, too.

SPT I mean elastic just does not break.

218.18 h7 54 SPT Well, it's Just gonna have to take time,

F I guess.

PLT Hey, can we get the pole up here, now?

Have to get it closer to me. I can bring
you out, Ow.

SPT Can you hold it from rotating?

PLT Okay.

218 18 h8 38 SPT What do - it's a difficult angle.

PLT What's it - 0wen, is it - what's it doing?

SPT Well, I think I'm through making it but -

I keep hitting the other end of the rod
up on the airloek head, trying to get it

218 18 49 02 CDR That's right. That's the - that's the

reason Jack's got to have it just in
the right position on him or you can't
make the pole.

SPT Good.
F-_ Dump Tape 218-11
Page 45 of 5h

218 18 h9 ll CDR So he's gotta have it pulled close

to him enough, plus at the right angle.

• PLT Okay, you can push it through my hand.

SPT I had to feed a little rod out through the -

... rod. Careful now, easy, that's it.
• In a minute.

PLT Oh, oh, let's not get too much line out here.

SPT I'm not letting any out, any extra.

218 18 50 22 PLT Okay, I want the ... facing me all the time.

CDR Good idea, Jack. Never let the thing rotate.

218 18 51 03 SPT Have you tried it, twist 'eraout? It

rotates that lock ... It can be dropped
in the slot. Whew! IDkay, I'm gonna have
to stop a minute.

CDR That's good, take it easy. Now many you

got assembled?

PLT Four.

CDR' Four assembled good - that's - that's okay.

Sl°T ... the fourth one, I've only got three.

CDR That's one - that's 20 percent of them.

218 18 52 25 PLT Then we have three of them.

CDR Three of 'em assembled. Okay. Most

important we don't drop the little
things. Grommets.

218 18 53 16 SPT There's the angle I would like to use. I

guess you - can push it forward toward me?
I've got to have that rotated a bit because
the alignment mark - 180 degrees. The align-
ment marks are not visible to me at that
low angle, Jack. Th_ slot that I put the
key down into. Read me?
Dump Tape 218-11
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PLT I'm reading you. Where do you want them -

right there?

SPT Pole's straight now.

PLT Pole's not going in straight, 0w.

• 2_18 18 53 59 SPT No, I know it.


PLT Doma to you. Bring it down towards your


SPT I can't press down in this - in this ...

PLT Okay.

SPT You see?

218 18 54 07 PLT Cau you put it up above the hatch? Put

the pole up above the'hatch?

218 18 52 ii SPT I'm going to try. I'm also going to try

getting out of my shoes aud stand ... and
make myself - -

PLT I can angle like that if you want to put

it up a hatch.

SPT All right, let's - -

PLT Seems like that's how you had all the

luck before.

SPT All right, I'll try it.

218 18 5_ 56 PLT There - up there like that. Can you

reach that?

SPT Yeah. That the pole -angle between the

pole put the - behind the hatch.

PLT You gonna bump some wires on that - back

there now. Right straight.

SPT Okay, take her down a little, there.

,_ Dump Tape 218-11
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I_LT ... atta boy, there's another one.

PLT Now, slide her very slowly and gently

• so it doesn't rotate. Past me, no rota-
tion. Okay, right there.

SPT Okay,

CDR Okay, (>wen. Why don_t you take a little

break on that and kind of float up sad see
if you can open that camera to 22 and see
if it bothers the lens. And then Just leave
it open this day pass.

SPT Okay. I can't tell by looking at it. I

hav_ to open it then come back and look
because - -

CDB Okay. Well, open it to 22 and then come back

8rid look. This is a_l we can do.

f SPT ..., 22 didn't do it last time.

CDR What?

SPT We know ... 22 didn't do it last time.

PLT Open it less.

SPT I did.

CDR Open it less. Okays Whatever you think.

SPT Don't think itls too bright. What did it

look like before, Jack? Too bright?

PLT Yeah, it bloomed out.

SPT Okay, I don't think it's doing that. I'll

Just open it a smidgen more then.

CDR Sun's not in the field of view_ huh?

PLT No_ I don't think it is, AI. It's going

down. It's at my fe@t.
_ Dump Tape 218-11
Page h8 of 5h

CDR Good. If it's pointing at your feet,

it'll probably include you _nd well, it
indluces 23 degrees -hslf angle. Been
i doing this work over - let's see, it's
now 12:16 - It's now 19:00, that's - and
then 19:16 would be 7 hours and six hours -
h5 minutes. You've been doing your work
• across Thailand and China, Korea and now
you're coming into -'they said Guam, but
I don't see it.

218 18 58 hl PLT Where's the U.S. pass gonna cross?

Coming up?

218 18 58 45 CDR Not going to cross gonna cross offshore.

Gonna cross offshore of L.A. and around
through there.

CDR How's the TV look, 0.? Is that what you're

working on?

SPT You Just said it - there was a pleture

which I think is acceptable.

CDH Okay. I can break whenever you're ready.

SPT ... on the next pole.

CDR Okay, good. Then yourll perfect the


PLT I think you ought to go in there and get

those scissors and cut that elastic that's
closest to you on each one. Otherwise
your hands are going to get so tired you
won't be able to put the poles together.

SPT Yeah!

CDR That m_y be true. Have to be careful you

didn't lose the poles once you did that.
Wonder where you could keep the scissors?

SPT I can cut 'em one at a time. But there's

no place to put the scissors, there's -
unless I could tether them maybe. But - -
Dump Tape 218-11
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PLT Haven't we - got a -

SPT No. They've got a little - yeah, it's

_. got a string on it. But it's got no -
the string isn't attached to anything.

CDR Let me see what you could do - you could

getthe scissors - @

PLT And tie it to the hatch handle, the

blue handle somewhere, handrail or -

CDR That's what I'd try if I were you, Owen.

Just to give it a go, that might solve all
your problems right there.

CDE O, do you know where it is?

SPT By the auto .°. Take a leg.

FLT Okay. Okay, Owen, now where would you

like me to point that?

SPT Well, we can try it up there where we -

8nd let me give you a ])CA for the end
of that pole.

PLT " Okay, just a minute. Now you gotta come

down a little, you're hitting those boxes.

SPT There you are.

PLT You can try that if you want, but that

wasn't where you had it before.

SPT Yeah. I nan put it where it is. You can't

tell what's behind you, Jack.

SPT Rotate it to your - clockwise. Rotate

the pole a little clockwise, Jack. The
other way.

SPT Atta boy. _ guess we found the place to do it.

CDR Ex_ellent. Great.

f-_ Dump Tape 218-11
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•PLT Now we rotate the pole back where I had it.

Just ease it through my hands so I don't
lose the rope.

218 19 01 52 PLT Hey, A1, could you see the string going
out ?

CDR I cannotlook out that

way now, Jack.

PLT Oh, yeah?

CDR I can do it at night again but not in the day.

SPT Six poles.

CDR Six?

SPT Yep.

CDR Okay. Good. That's "five more to go,

you're halfway through with one pole.
_- Can'tbitch about that. Last one went
on awful quick, too. So -

SPT Contact with Houston now, Jack.

PLT I can't hear them. All I hear is a little


CDR They haven't said anything yet, Jack.

SPT Jack, this tether is backing off. Back out

and tighten up that tether up to F10.

218 19 02 46 PLT Okay. All right, I can't leave here and

do that, you know.

SPT ... that will assure you.

PLT Get my tether loose.

218 19 03 38 CDR I'll tell you one other thing we could do.
We could get one pole out if you want to do
it. You could come back into the lock com-
partment, we could repress and bring those
_-_ Dump Tape 218-11
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poles with you. We could repress, fix the

poles, by scissoring 'em or whatever else -
Depress the lock compartment go out,do it
_ and finishthe Job.

SPT No, I think we ought to press ahead, A1.

• 218 19 04 00 CDR Okay. It's Just another possibility.

• ° @ .
Not pushing it, just trylng to -

218 19 Oh 05 CC Skylab, we're reading you loud and clear

over Goldstone for 5 minutes. We're
getting the TV down here and all systems
are looking good.

218 19 04 ll CDR Thank you. Let me give you a little recap

of what's going on, Story.

CC Go, AI.

CDR Okay, they've got six poles assembled,

everything'stransferreddown. Here's
been the problem. We got the little
grommets, as you know_ on the end of the
poles and so as Owen has been pulling
these poles off the fack, the little
grommets tend to roll down like they're
going off the end. Now we haven't been
able to break the elastic, it's really
tough. So there's no way to break it.
So he's been having to maneuver very
carefully - -

PLT O. - O. - Just a minute.

PLT The other end of that is between your

legs - here, you got it.

SPT Yeah.

PLT Okay?

SPT Yeah.

PLT There you go.

f_ Dump Tape 218-11
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2i8 19 04 57 CDR They've had to maneuver the _les very

carefully out of the rack to keep - to
from losing the grommets. Now it's'been
taking time and it looks like he's going
to get it. I suggested one alternative
_lich doesn't sound too good, but it's
a possibility if he - in case he gets
tired. Namely, come,back in the lock,
bring the poles in, repress the lock, cut
this - the - -

SPT Elastic.

CDR - - elastic _-ith the scissors depress the

lock, go out and finish the Job. But 0wen
seems to think he's gonna have it made_
it's Just gonna take a little bit longer
than he thought.

218 19 05 51 PLT I think you bumped t_e TV, there, 0.

_ 218 19 05 54 SPT You're right, Just pull it - thank you.

Just got one axis, that's all.

218 19 06 00 CC We copy, A1.

CDE Okay.

PLT How does that picture look down there

Bow, _ouston?

CC Can't get a picture, Jack.

PLT Okay. Is that a satisfactory position for

the csmera? Story, is that satisfactory?

CC Like it a little bit lower down, below

the ATM.

PLT You mesh away from the Sun?

CC Towards the Sun.

SPT Well, it looks like we're whistling down

the west coast, there, Story.
Dump Tape 218-11
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PLT That better, Story?

CC I don't think so.

PLT How's that, Story?

CC . .. better. Getting better.

218 19 02 30 SPT Yes/q, I can look off to n_ right and I

can see ... in the same direction I can
see Los Angeles and, the Imperial Valley,
the Salton Sea and we're coming up on
BaJa. Yeah, that must be San Clemente
down there• too.

CC Little further in the same direction• Owen.

PLT We're looking pretty close to the Sun

no!g • 0.

218.19 07 13 SPT That satlsf_ctory• Story?

PLT I guess we better lift it up in the other

direction. Now the AGC is cutting out us,
cause of the Sun.

SFP You bet. Tilt it up -a little.

CC Hold it right there.

PLT Oh, okay.

CC That looks as good as you're going to do.

•PLT 0kay.

CDR Feel rested, 0.? If not, rest.

218 19 07 h3 SPT Oh, the way I'm standing up here, Story, I'm
heading backwards but I'm standing upright
looking down at the - at the Earth and over
in the right now - of course we' re over
lots and lots of blue Pacific and clouds.
Over to my right side over there I can -
we're halfway down the Baja Peninsula now and
I can see up to L.A., and almost up to Frisco.
_-_._ T_e 218-11

PLT SanFrancisco.

218 19 08 13 SPT Right. And I csm see the Sa/ton Sea and
it's Just an 8/1 around beautiful sight.
The curvature of the Earth is very_ very
apparent up here, and the Earth truly is
rQund and -

218 19 08 38 CC Okay, we're copying all that. It's

great, Jack. We're going LOS here in
ten seconds, we'll see you over the Vanguard
at 19:25, 8_ad we'll be dumping the tape
recorders then. And there are some
scissors in a pouch in the airlock.

PLT Okay, thank you, Story.

218 19 08 58 PLT Okay, 0., I'll fire this up to you and

you can put another one on there.

- 218 19 09 00 SPT" I'Ll put it wherever you like it.

218 19 09 i0 to This segment is duplicated verbatim

2]8 19 13 _h on Dump Tape 218-12.
t "

Dump '].'ape 218-12

Time: 1909-203_ G_4T
.' Page 1 of '_6 " " - :- "-
. '_

218 19 09 13 SPT A little higher. About 6 inches toward me. • .. .

CDR Well, you've done it again. You ...

• them 8_ain.

PLT ... we on?

218 19 09 b2 CDR Yeah, time's okay. You've only been out,

uh, i hour and hO minutes. We got plenty
of time to go. _e of those lunar surface
EVAs are 7 hours, so don't hurry. Just
don't lose a grommet; don't lose a part.
You got it made.

218 19 i0 01 sPT Can you take it down Just a little bit.

CDR Relax those mittens there, 0. Let those

hands relax, Maybe when you get that
one done you'll have some relax time
while Jack does his thiug. While he
tries to arrest the coning.

S- SPT Not really. It's - echoes at the end

of both of them.

CDR Oh, it's all in your mind. Make it

come between.

SPT Just have to take a little break

here in a little bit.

C_R That's - a good idea.

218 19 i0 27 PLT You need me to point the alignment

marks at YOU, O. ?

SFf ***

SPT m*_ say?

PLT Huh?

SPT What' d he say?

PLT You need me to point the alignment

marks at you?

Dump Tape 218-12 _-

Page 2 Of 46 - .... _ _

SPT Got it on there. _ _

• PLT Okay,__atta boy. • • , LI __ _ _

SPT But this •grommet - You know they've _;'i'i. _ :

L got _ preferred ... position? This
• greet sort of wants to hop off the
" lock ring here. Just - no way to
• Lichange that. • •

CDR This grommet with its own - m_nd of

its own.

218 19 ii 02 SPT You know what I mean don't you?

_" PLT Yeah. I'ii bet it'll stay in there,

• take its own set.

SPT Okay, take another one.

PLT Okay, now push it through my hands

very carefully, so we don't destroy
our orientation.

SPT Have to start giving you more rope

because there's a lot of flop out on
the other end.

218 19 11 30 PLT Uh, uh. Can you see the eye at the
end of the pole, O. ?

SPT Every now and then.

..... P_T Can you see it now?

SPT Yeah, I can.

PLT Is it twisted or - -

SPT No. It's - it's fine. It's straight,

all the way.

PLT Okay. Now we Just gotta to keep

doing it exactly like that.

SPT Is it tauk?

PLT Well, it's not now, but it was a

minute ago when I was tR1king about it.
Dmnp Tape 218-12 ......
_-_ Page 3 of 46 ......

CDR l think that techniqu e of rotating .

it one way, Jack, to let Owen do it and
then rotating it back where it vas
to manage is a smart idea.

218 19 12 05 CDR Well, you've only got 5-1/2 hours to go

on a - No, 5 hours and - 5 hours and
h0 - No, 5 hours and - 5 hours end
22 minutes to go on a 7-hour EVA.

PLT Oh, and we may use it all. J

CDR 0kya, if we do it right. We can use

more than that if that's what it takes.
They say we can always come in after
this one. Jack's got to come in anyway.
Get the gear. We could always shut the
• door, rest; I could feed you all a
couple of glasses of pop and send you
out again. Just happen to have a couple
of drinks in the old _9_A.

SPT Okay, Jack.

PLT Okay, 0., I'll roll her up there

slowly and *** a little more
inertia to her now.

SPT Okay, rotate it - *** the other way,

the other way.

218 19 13 22 SPr e**...

PLT Oh, I thought you had it.

SP_ Huh-uh.

PLT Okay.

218 19 13 36 PLT AI, he's got another one.

CDR Is that seven?

SPT s** minute.

218 19 13 43 CDR Okay, we got eight, nine - three more

to go, O. Greatl That's over one-third

- { , _S

Dump Tape 218-12
Page 4of h6 _-

and you only used an hour and a half. . - "

That' s fantastic!

CREW (Chuckle)

CDE We'll put the big - put the big Jack

to work. He's been laying around
out there, holding a pole. We'll see
what a marine can do. I Just hope
he can handle the coning.

PLT ... boy.

CDR That's why he's out there. Nobody else

on the crew can handle the coning.

SI_ Okay, that's all I'm giving to pull out

for now.

PLT We'll Just let the dude float right there.

SPT Okay.

218 19 lh 35 (_)R Too bad you can't push those poles the
other direction and get them out. I
guess it's a little thing we'd slip behind
the grommet then. I can't remember
how -

PLT It's gonna he bad on one end or the other.

CDR That's right. I didn't know vhether some

_ay you could push it, get one end off
it, and hold it up. But I guess you
can't. Hard for me to visualize - -

PLT Don't loosen that stuff up any more

there, 0.

218 19 15 0_ SP_ I'm trying to get it sorted out.

PLT It's Just going to get worse, I think,

if we play with it. Let's, uh, wait
until we get to the end of the line
and then we'll Just uh, turn that end
one around as m_ny times as we need
to to get the, uh, mess off.

F-_ Dump Tape 218-12
Page 5 Of 46 --


SPT Allright. =

218 19 15 17 CDR How your hands feel, Owen?

CDR.... -

218 19 15 48 PLT Hey, he's got another one out|

CDR Your time's being cut down, Owen;

you're learning, babe.

SPT I know. That's the problem. I'm

• learning.

CDR Great.

SPT Who says you can't teach an old dog new


CDR How do your hands feel?

SPT Not bad.

CDR Good, good.

CDR Like you said, if we can't do it, it

can't be done. I tell you there's not a
lot of action in this MDA with this
suit on. You Just kind of lay here and
listen. It's like being at home without TV.

_LT Listen for the alarms.

CDR No, I ain't listening for any alarms.

219 19 16 38 PLT Owey's [sic] got another one.

SPT Okay, Jack.

PLT Okay, now Just ease her out.

PLT ... off so I don't lose it *** my

left hand.

219 19 17 07 SPT Okay.

Dump Tape 218-12
Page 6 of 46

PLT ... it there. I don't know.

SPT _m_ kick it out with my right foot.

I prop it up against ... four and then
im_ll (laughter ),lean way back into the
1_ck part of the FAS, keep the rod
@omlng without dragging.

CDR How come that _sn't _n the checklist,O.?

SPT X've been meaning to tell you.

218 19 17 47 PLT Boy, are we hanl_ng you know what

across this Earth (laughter).

CDR God dog! You know it is fun to look

out of these windows, Jack, particularly
at night.

PLT yeah.

CDR _ecause then you can ivok up towards

_-. these A_SM panels and right around
_unrise it's just fantastic.

PLT yeah, I want to see th_ sunrise and

sunset from my window. We haven't been
able to see it out of the wardroom.

CD_q Yeah, it's beautiful _'.re.

PLT ... that was easy. Thc_re's another one.

CDR How many is that?

PLT He Just gtabbed it and had it on there,

and I didn't even know it.

218 19 18 31 CDR Is that i0 or ll?

PLT Ten, isn't it, O?

SPT Yeah •

PLT Okay, now ease it out very slowly•

CDR Excellent. Good news. Science conquers.

,--,, Du_prape2i8-12 - - , , ._..__ ,.. • "
Page 7 of 46. " . .... ,.._. _ _..: . _ . _, •

218 19 18 48 PLT

Don't let the last part of that thing
get loose from plate then, O. ....-::iiii •• i

SPT Yeah, I know. ***thing is messy, not

irretrievable but messy.

PLT Okay. I think we're in good shape there.

Okay, the other thing l'm thinking about
when we're through with this, you get
that pole in, is coming back and flipping
this, uh, rod, uh, .°. over upside down,
so that I'ii he looking at the tops of
them instead of the bottoms.

SPT Yeah, I'ii help you do that.

CDR Good idea.

SPT Won't be anything to thiat. Might save

time in the long run.

_--_ 218 19 19 29 CDR Excellent. You're the guy we've got to

save now. Later on you're expendable
when we get Jack out there and have to
carry him. Seen like a gladiator
! before the match. Th_nk I'ii put TY BUS i
Just to see what happens.

_PT Tell you what' ii happeu (laughter ).

CDR Just to see - -

SPT Start it.

C_)R I'ii do it when Jack is looking at the

ATM and telling me if there's _okerings
coming out, Jack.

SPT ... give us a lot of extra ERE time ....

218 19 20 18 PLT Think you found the secret of this, O.

SPT Yeah, working up high is the way to go.

PLT Yep, I think you're right.

SPT ... expedience does count for something,




_-_ Page8 of46 • i "" _

. " CDR What's there one left on the

plate now?

SPT *W*on the top.

• CDR One on the top okay. Didn't lose a

.... single gram.

SPT e.. came close to losing that first

one thought, I'Ii tell you.

CDR You didn't though. That's what counts.

PLT That' s right. That 's the spirit.

Whoo hah! Eleven of era.

218 19 20 49 CDR Jack reminds me of my - our symbol here.

We've got this man right over the Earth
and he's there. That's what you look
like when I look out the window.

SPT All arms and legs, huh? Four legs

and four arms?

CDR No, he's covering the Earth.

218 19 21 07 SIX Okay, I'm going to pull it on out

now, Jack. Okay, you hold that end there.

PTJT Okay, you'll have to bring it back to

me there.

SPT Hold your, hold your - Oh, you mean

this end of the rope.

•PLT Yeah.

218 19 21 16 SPT Yeah, I'Ii keep a hold on this end of

the rope and you, uh, ***

PLT *** ...

SPT Okay, now .... one on my left hand

and one on the left side of the
pole, obviously.
D_mrp Tape 218-12
Page 9 of 46

PLT Okay, that looks good.

CDR Are you able to look out there, Owen,

and see that it's uh, untangled,
or is that too close to the Sun?

PLT Go 180 the other way, Owen, ... - -

SPT ... It's Just right. There are no tangles

at all.

218 19 22 i0 CDR Excellent. Okay, Jack, l'm going to

read you ...

SPT Just a minute. I gotta lock this one

down _ess ... you gonna read.

CDR No, l'm waiting on you to do whatever

you're finishing then l'm gouna tell
Jack what to do.

SPT Okay, I gotta lock this one.

218 19 22 26 _LT ... Yeah, the trouble is, uh, you know
these rubber grommets ... I _as gonna
roll it up on my cuff but not too far.
Okay. That 's locked lown tightly
and the grommet is coming in. Now
•.. Can come out agai,l.

CDR Great.

SPT Okay, Jack, you got era.

218 19 22 46 CDR Okay, I'ii give you some words.

Maneuver assembled ro_ hand over hand
out to the installation position.
When base end of rod is reaches,
swing rod to the aligned position and
attach to the green socket in the
base plate.

PLT Okay, well l'm fastening _y tether to this

dealy first. _@4 alninute.

CDR Mark.
Dump Tape 9.18-12' • " J
_ Pagei0 of _6 " _ _-_ u---_---_

PLT Okay, now it's all straight. There are ....

:-" . " "_"
no tangles, and it has an oscillation .,
period of about 4 seconds. _ _

CDR Doesn't look like it's getting ready to

bust, does it?

218 19 23 15 PLT Hope it doesn't, but boy is it, uh,

long and ***

CDR Try to ... it, big Jack.

SPT Ee doesn't need to do anything. He's

doing Just perfect,

CDR Okay.

PLT Okay.

218 19 23 25 CDR Swing rod to the - slowly to the aligned

position so you don't stress it, and
attach to the green base plate. Lock
nut in position grommet. All that's
after you get your tether on, Just
like you said.

SPT .... any of those as they go by.

PLT Yeah.

_ ... with the double hcle.

PLT Right.

CDR Excellent.

SPT There's a thing with one red ring

on it right in front of me.

PLT ... attach the green rod to the red

... or the red (laughter) ... red
to the green ... actually it works.

218 19 2_ 05 PLT Nice Job, Owen. That wasn't easy, I

know. Nice Job ...
Dump Tape 218-12 ' _
Page Ii of 46

SPT Ne_ time we come out here

to do it we'll do it even faster.

PLT Trouble is you only 6et one t_me.

CDE You only go around once in llfe. Remember .......

that, 0. I heard that somewhere.

218 19 24 22 SPT Pass me the beer, by golly. I bet

you could use it now, couldn't you?

CDR As Jack would say, take a blow.

SPT Okay, you are not quite aligned. Looks

like you need to push it a_r_y from you
a little hlt. Then you go.

PLT Gotit.

. -- CDR How's the coning? _ - .,.,

.,. SPT Oh, my gosh ...

CDR Hey, hey!

218 19 2_ _7 SPT Lock it and grnmmet it.

PLT (Laughter) ... back and forth out there.

... the ... theory is--

SPT Got to stop it.

I_,T Hey, yeah!

_PT ...

I'LT I didn't believe it. _

SPY Yeah, Just put a han_ 6amper on it and

that'll take the energy out better than

PLT Okay, that' s the way t¢_lo it.

218 19 25 07 CC Skylab, we've got you over the Vanguard

for 11 minutes. Reading you loud and

Dump Tape 218-12 ;

Page 12 of _6 :_ _ _ :_ _

CDR Why don't you go ahead and talk to " _ _ , " .'.:
them, O? _ _'

SPT Okay, we Just got the first ll-section

pole out, Story, aud passed it on out
to Jack. V_ybe you can - no,
you've not - you don't have any video,
of course, but uh, the ].l-section pole
is now being clamped to the base plate
and, uh, it's not oscillating too
badly at all. Uh, it does oscillate
with about a h- or 5-second period,
really a slow one and, uh - -

CC ... the amplitude at the end?

SPT _ l'd say the amplitude at the moment -

when I paseed it out to Jack wasn't
more than, uh, plus or minus 3 feet, so
it's not too big an oscillation.

PLT It's stable right now.

SPT And it's already stabilized, Jack says.

218 19 25 50 CC Okay, great. And you've made a lot faster

progress, uh, since _he last s_ation
th,n you made before. Are you doing
something different?

218 19 25 57 SPT Yeah, as a matter of' fact I am. In

order to get these rods out, I kick ou.t
a one foot ..., my right one, drop it
up aginst the F4 handrail, then lean
back and tug on it as hard as I can,
keeping the rods away from the, uh,
rack so that the grommet doesn't drag.
Then I have to twist it off through a -
that elastic band, uh, while bracing my
foot against Fh. So it's sort of a
complicated procedure but, uh, apparently
you do learn a little bit my trial
and error.

218 19 26 26 CC Okay, understand then. Looking at

the grommet on this TV, _m thought
Dmnp Tape 218-12
F_ Page13 of 26 ..........

• we saw some grommets on the •

locking nut. Are they on the collar
of the rod or on the locking nut?

.- SPT They're not on the rods themselves.

• The grommets are right behind the
locking nut.

CC Okay. That's where they ought to be

and, uh, I guess you found the twisting
motion helps retract the rod.

SPT Oh yea, I've been through all that.

Plastic bands are really something.

218 19 26 59 CC Okay, we solved another problem. You

•.. to. If we can be of any further q
help, let us know.

SPT Okay, we'll ... you, Story. I think

the next ride will go a little bit faster
probably, although what we're gouna do is
"- to - Jack is going to c_ne back and
then we will uh, turn this, uh, section
of rods over so that the next array is also
facing upward to me, so that I can see
them as I pull them out. Otherwise, l"m
afraid I'ii drag more across the rack
and Just pull another and .1most pull
another grommet.

218 19 27 33 PLT Holy cow! What are we over here, AI?

Is this South America or what?

CDR Yep, you're right over ...

CC Affirmative.

PLT Boy, look at those mot_itains down ther

with the snow on era.

CDR You're right over _antiago, Jack, and

in a few minutes you're gonna come
right over Argentian. You're probably
over Argentina now.

PLT Over the Andes?

Dump Tape 218-12
Page i_ of 46

CDR Yep. Buenos Aires should be to your -

to your right, right back. No, wait
a mlnute. I don't know which way you
are. You're facing the _rkshop so
it shottldbe - you sh_lld be looking

PLT ... right there down at the Andes.

Buenos Dias, senors and senoritas.

218 19 28 19 CC Okay, what's the next move, Jack?

PLT Well, Story, we go_ this one green

bolt in place, and it's sitting ther,
uh, Just as pretty as you please,
uh, no oscillation wbasoever.

218 19 28 29 SPT You wanna come up and flip this thing •

over, Jack? You could release it up
on that .. handrail, then I can pull it
out, keeping you tethered the
whole time.

PLT Wait a minute. Let me look at this, uh,

pole a minute and make sure my e**
is in the right place.

SPT I think they are. They're ... that hook

through one time.

PLT Okay.

218 19 29 i0 PLT Okay. There's the hook with the white

ring *u* double ring around the other
side of the pole and its gonna come to
me next before it goes through the
end - opposite end. ()kay. I think
we got that straight now. Now, l'm
gorLua comae down there, 0., and help
you get those plates turned over.

SPT Okay.

SPT Got to c_e under it like so.

218 19 29 h9 CDR How do the spacecraft systems look, Story?

--. . . •
Dump Tape 218-12
i Page 15 of 46 _, , _ .

i i#ii
: CC They're all great, AI. All great. L_ " ... :_'"

CDR Okay. What's new in the condensate area?

218 19 30 31 CC AI, the DELTA-P, of course, is zero

but we've got no problem then.

CDR Okay.

ELT Uh, could you let go a little bit, 0?


HFI' Oh yeah, yeah.


PLT Let me have some more.

SPT Okay.

SPT m** Tether. Once you pull these

tethers up, they don't want to
(laughter) -

- PLT Release.

SPT - tell you what we ce.u do here.

Let's see, you're gonna have to pull
that out of there, &-en't you?

218 19 31 13 PLT Yeah.

SPT I could release my end if you want to

leave yours, uh, maybe that would
be easier. Is yours still tethered?

PLT Yeah, it's still hooked up.

SPT Okay, you wannt pull it out your way.

Got enough st_bility? Well, I can

PLT ... to, uh, co.:e out this way, 0.

SPT If I pull this thing off we'll - we can

pull it out. Don't you think?
Dump Tape 218-12 ........_.....
PaEe 16 of 46

218 19 31 39 PLT Yeah, I think we can pry the corner _•

down around , uh, my right.

SPT Okay.

PLT .... down now and push it to your left.

i That's the c_ly way we're gonna get
it out.


PLT *** a boy. ""

" BPT Let it out a little farther?

PLT No, Just push it down to your left, then

end we'll get it out under that way
and then rotate it over.

SPT All right.

218 19 32 i0 PLT OkAy, Just let me have it, J. I

got it.

SPT All right.

_:PT "Turn it that w_y?

FLT Yes, turn it over like this. Like - pull

mY part over the top.

SPT Okay.

I_T That a boy. There you go.

218 19 32 39 PLT Now we've got it turned over. Let's

Just slide it under there the way
we took it out.

SPT Coming up at you there.

PLT Okay.

SPT Therel All turned around.

PLT Okay. Let me put my end back.

SPT I got ...

.-_ Page 17 of h6
I 7-_

................PLT Tic it down down there and we're back

in _usiness.

CDR Jack, were you able to, uh, take up

the tension on that one strap _hat
got loose awhile ago?

PLT Yeah.

218 19 33 13 CDR Good. Sounds like y'all ere well

organized to me.
j ,

PLT Oh, it's Just going smootly. We've

_ust got to take our time.

CDR Good.

PLT *** ... out here. You don't gO around

this way very often llke that ...
SPT ... boy.

/_ CDR When it gets to be sundown, maybe you

ought to take a break and watch - both
of you. I'd think you'd llke it and,

SPT Deserve it.

I_T _ow, there's one, two, three, four, five, six,

seven, nine, ten *** There's a couple
of these, as I was co,rating are the
ones when the elastic is on the wrong
side of the _rom_et.

SPT Oh, that' s bad.

PLT There's only one of t_ose.

Bl'f Let me try to , uh, which one that is.

Let's try to lift it Over it.

CDR If there is only one, you might Just

not use it.

SPT Well, that's--

: Du_ Tape 218-12 " ................. _---
_-_ Page 18 of _6 - =. _ . "

-218 "19 3_ O_ PLT Well; we might and we might not, .. " "
hut I think it's easy to do that.

CDR Okay.

PLT ... awhile ago.

SPT Want me to pull on it down here?

PLT No, no, no, no. Don't do nothing

to it. --

SPT Okay.

PLT I'm Just rotating it. -i

_ ' 8PT There we are. :,

PLT Ahhh.

SPT Theelastie ought to be up on the

collar if we can get it there.

I_T Yeah.

218 19 3_ 23 SPT That's the hard part.

PLT Yeah.

SPT The best I can do is to tighten

these all up so it doesn't slip
down in that little c_ ack.

PLT Okay. I'm not sure I can get mm off,

but I'll try.

218 19 34 39 CC Skylab, we're a minute and a half to

LOS. We'll see you in about an hour
over Hawaii at 20:34 .... not getting
real time, we are getting TV on the

' Okay. Thanks, Story.

PLT Okay now, O. the only thing I can

suggest is to, uh - -
D_p Tape 218-12
,_ Pete 19 of _6 I ! !

............ -_ C_R ...... See you in an hour or so. - ........... ":' i

" _ CC Okay, And, PLT, Houston.

.' S_T They called you, Jack.

" PLT What did you say there, Story?

218 19 35 05 CC ... you're getting most of your cool ...

• - ' s/rflow, Jack. In order to conserve
your sweat, maybe you'd want to run
•" a little cool on the div_r_er valve.
218 19 35 13 PLT Uh, a little cooler water flow, you mean?

SPT Yeah .

-- _, PLT All right. '"

CC Get that? L

I _an get them all right.

PLT Okay now, 0., there's a couple more

here like that.

CDR ThA, k you, Story.

C_T I think I can get em all right.

•.. came off well and I'i like to
Just pull e_ right off.

" PLT Okay.

I th_nk you're all set up.

PLT Okay, I do, too. Let me get

_)ack on here at m_ favorite position.

218 19 35 43 CDR Watch the sunset. Know that wasn't

you. That _s you going _y the
window (laughter). I thought it
was the Bun _ing down.

PLT That's one thing the Marines don't

do - set the Sun (laughter).

SPT Oops! Straddle the pole.

J :

/-_ Dump Tape 218"12

: ...., _--PLT ... a little ... .............. .- ............. i "

2 ! "
SPT (Laughter) Uhh. Smart A-lee. How (
'_ i _do you want that umbilical, Jack? I

_, PLT •Under my right arm - round behind me

7 I and under my right arm.
° i
. .- . sPT Okay.

.. ! _ PLT . .. some more. ..

! 218 i9 36 h0 CDR Sure wish night would come cause I c
, can't watch you in the day time. t;
! r:_

' SFT might be the Earth is right

,!_ 16 "°"
here at sunset.

SPT You know this ... - this thing is really (_

turning brown where the Sun hits it.

-- PLT Uh-huh.

SPT Tan. -

CDR How does the ... comm,nd and service

module look, Jack, or can you see it
-_ from there?

_LT Can't see much of it, A1, uh. Can't

see any of it. It's _ill there,
isn't it?

SPT With any luck at all. If, it's not I

got a hell of a big hole back there.

SPT ,.. it's got some gray, uh, brown

spot on it.

PLT ... on the co_,;*,_-d

module ...

SPT Okay. Uh, msw next?

PLT Well, you want to press on or what?

SPT I'm ready to press on.

Dump Tape 218-12
P_e 21 of h6 : r i ,

=-218 19 37 hl PET " Okay. Go ahead and do you thing.

I Just got a ... to get three bolts
3 put together, and I'm confident you
can do that. i

SPT Do you want to read it now, or should

7 I go ahead?

CDR " Press on. There's nothing to _ay. Get

',0 out pole, put thing on the end, and
;, _art doin@ it. You guys know what
,: you're doing. Just take-i-¢ easy and
;: don't get over confident. That's the c
_,. easiest thing to do. _q
, . _ 218 19 38 _2 SPT Hey, you know, AI, that, uh, parasol _
i _7 is pulled down right flush as far --
q •
::: as it' ii go.

: :_ CDR Is that right?

-- _, i SPT Yeah.

-- " _ CDR You think maybe the 8 inches was it huh? -- - - ---

-- L SPT That was exactly r ght, because the h_se :Z

- of the pole where the, uh, spread out - - .._

.,_ CDR Yeah.

Sl_ - - Is, uh, right flu_.h against the, uh, _

: CPR Does the sun shine on top of the workshop

ou there? --

_I'_ Surprisingly enough, you know where

it's raised up?

CDR Yeah.

_'_ That's where it's got the best coverage.

218 19 39 ii CDR Isn't that funny? Maybe that - maybe that's

why we've been always - Been a little
cooler than Fete up here. Maybe
that's why it's been hot hack in, uh,
some of those compartments that were
when Pete left.
r-Dump Tape 218-12 ! i J
_ ,' Page 22 of h6

'218 19 39 21 SPY The pole was in extent, uh, as the,

uh, both shades for the workshop.
The pole that did extend where the,uh,
• uh, the parasol went down the way
it was supposed to.
7 i
•= CDR Yeah. i

SPT That's got about 2 to 3 feet *** of

' gold foil not shaded.

CDR I'll be darned .... not-worrled about

that ... flyaround. 0"_

,:. ! SPT Watch the sunset. Look for a green

-' flash_ .T_

C- "_ !
__ , PLT What's the green flash? ._
_:_ I. r,2
; SPT Sort of an illumination of greeen as ,_
it goes by the horizon.

_'_ 218 19 40 03 FLT It reflects off of that cloud, and I

can't look at it yet. -

_ CDR Think that isn't a view? Go! That's --

i fantastic. Isn't it, Owen? You
can look down on the ground now and
see lights now. Jack, you ought to ?]
_" be able to look down and to your ;
left and see lights.

PLT Incredible !

CDR No, I'm screwed up, Jsnk. That's sky.

PLT See the clouds and the horizon now.

SPT Yeah.

218 19 h0 h9 CDR Isn't that fantastic?

PLT *** light blue, you can see that

darker blue streak through there.

CDR Yeah.
+ •

Dump Tape 218-12

FPage 23 of _6

F--_" " -=...ZCDR i+___The dark blue streak and then that
sort of gold, orangy gold color. When ,
2 i it comes up in the morning, it starts
s I
i . a little bit blue with the littlest
'. bit "of gold and then it Just gets bluer and
.5 {, - --7 - bluer, and the bold gets steadily
, i ".: . : _ a little bigger, and then all of a
i - " sudden the gold starts getting real
_S_e and then the Sun c_es out.
_Look at that aa_k blue layer.
]D i '_
i_ 218 19: _i 19 PLT Yeah. It' s getting thicker.
• ©
i_ .. CDR Uh-huh. ._I

!_ - PLT Dropping behind the limb, Just like a

.u 15 science fiction picture, only better. _

c. SPT You mean the thickness of the blue _j_

gets thicker?

- PLT Yesh.
22 ; L-'

CDR And then the gold doesn't. The gold %

always - the gold Just appears all _
_:; _ at ouoe. _

S_ ... gets any thicker, it Just gets _

dark adapted, so you see it further.

+ PLT Could be.

CDR Could be.

SPT There's a place over to your right,

AI. I quess you're right.

CDR Where that star is getting ready for

get occulted?

SPT No, where the - I don't know - where

the orange is thicker and then it ... _,
on to some thing thinner, i

Dump 218-12
1 ,
[Pase, or = I .... ,

I CDR -- Oh, yeah. I can't see it. It's

2 behind th e wing of the solar panel.
4 SPT Yeah. But directly where the Sun is
5 there is no orange, but on either
_: side there is still some orange.
8 CDR . Boy, the Earth is sure hig, _n't it?
, God dog! Look at the size of it. Even
_,.. , up here you can see the - you can barely
] discern the curvature. ..
_: SPT It's a big ball. C

]_ iq
] ;218 19 42 27 CDR That's a better place to stash that, uh,
]7 _
i that sail,
don't bump
Jack. He said, on the wave,
into it and stretch it.

:_" _ ;218 19 h2 37 CDR How you doing, Owen? r_,

]':: ,_ z SPT ***.progress.

218 19 h2 39 CDR Good. How's that line look up the _

pole now, Jack? Nice and straight ....
or can you see it in the a-=k? --

PLT I've looked at it 8/r_ady, A1. It's

_J z_: perfect. It goes up one side all - all j,
the way and down one side all the way 7
straight. There's no_ uh,
no twist over at all.

218 19 h3 05 CDR You know what's neat. As I look here I

can see that horizon move across the
front of the A_. A little blue line is
dropping as we drop _._hind the Earth.
It -_es it seem like a planet instead
of Just a picture, like you're really
going around something. Godl I'm
glad that SIV worked and SIB did.

PLT That would have been a short sunrise


CDR It's great to be here. I'll tell

you, it's phenomenal. - -. You'll
have something to say to Grace, Helen,
_" and Mary tonight. Don't put undue stres
on that hag.
_218 19 4513 PLT Is it ... eooi enough, 0 -- ___ _ -_.... :

...... ...... PLT Ye_. " ...... I

. - SPT Almost-- - - _. I
": - PLT I can almost reach into that - not I
- -- " _-- quite. - -

: - PLT .Okay, I can probably make one more fix. !

•: _ Okay? I

FLT Okay, I got it now. Now we got - [

---:i:v•_ - .__!_ntly, ... I_he here. .-- - |-- _.

;-"-_£18:19 h6 16 SPT __-0k_,:_hat was very good. --

The ground .... i -_

- 218 19 _6 25 PLT O, we're going-to 60 this one exactly .....

the same way as we did the other one. ._.

_ _ -
! 218
.... 19:-:-_6-28
--.. :SPT Right. If IiS,
can find out- whgt
: _ the O
;. -• --orientation - ._ _'' .___

_- -_ _':--- -- _PT Alan, .•• - - " :<

.... --PLT Now that right there is the way I

_.llke to look at it. Just like that. L.

: - _-- : The same here. - - : " -.

- - PLT Okay ......... _

218 19 _6 53 SF_ Wait a minute, let me get the llne


.- : . .-__ .-. :.P_T . Okay, Just put it over •that loop

the end there, untangle it as youover

" _ Now that's the way I wa_t it to be.

_ PLT Yep. -WaitLa minute. -Where' s the - - ,

:PLT That's the way you llke to see it.

• J

-..a.:; Dump Tape 218-12 .

_-- :-__ ;_-_Page 26 of h6 ..... --_ " " ] - -r-,_ -"

-218-19 h8 Oh ;PLT ...._%_h ---rotate ~like that around- like ...... ] _.


_ this. i ......

• ; FLT Okay, ... you happy wlth the way the

3 lines are separated? .......

SPT Yeah. i

o PLT That's the way it's gomna be, right there; !

10 one cross. Okay. I

; 218 19 49 Ol PLT ... Appreciate all little favors.


I_ PLT Come over this way a little hit. = I P!

15 J

15 218 19 h9 hh PLT Okay; O, there's one, two, three, four. _'

O 17
< _ SPT Okay. Think it's gonna come out okay. 09
z_ PLT Now let me inspect your work here.

Z _2 _ Okay.
© o
--- 218 19 50 59 PLT Okay. --
-_- ,: PLT The elastic must come through the other __
side because they're coming out easier u:
om this side.
29, t
_- _ : 218 19 51 0h SPT Greatl Good news, ge_d news. I think I -._
<_ _ ' the hes_ thing, thou{jh, is the fact I ;-'_
that you stopped and thought, figured i "!
_" _ " out a better way and did it, instead " _ • :.;
- -i.-
; of beating yourself to death on that " I -'--"-_.
" first one. That' s great.

,_= 218 19 _i 28 3PT Trouble is, I don_t always use it myself.

Just When I need it the most, I "
forset it. When I don't need it, I .-:-
r_m_mber it. Like some ofmy good
resolutions. ...........-.....

218 19 51 40 PLT You got - you got that on there already, - ..

O. • - .

• PLT They get me to _ork down there.

Yeah, got to work. "
:]Aunp T ape 218-12 tr ' ' ---v_m
_Page 27 of _6

218 19 52 13 PLT Okay, wait a minute. I looked that over.

Wait a minute, wait a minute .... l's
e_me off; it's loose from my glove.

SPT Oh, yes, that's - that's - a lot of these

do not like the set point that they're
at. They may set ...
- -_ SPT OkayT
11 ""
i_ PLT Okay, c
I? o0
:, SPT I'ii bet they like it after they get ...
PLT Yeah. : -r

218 19 52 _ CDR Well, they're molded that way is the

reason. They're molded so the inside is 10

littler than the outside, you know.

- . YoK.know, capped in a little mold; and _
I Euess, vhen you get the outside in the O
insdie _L_ vice versus, it doesn't like i
" it that much. i --

i -

218 19 53 00 CXR But it should never slip out of there, i '_

-. There is force that's big enought to -
• pop it out. Even though it might be -_
not esthetically as pleasing, it .._
shouldn't be a problem. Do you th_nk?

SFr NO, I don't think it will. i-_

•PLT I don't either.

" SPT AS the sall goes up the pole, it tends ...

would tend to make them tighter.

CDR That's a good thought.

SPT See the problem with them cr_Ing off,

though, AI.

_R What ?
Dump Tape 218-12 ::
" _-Page 28 of h6 " " I

| :.218 19 53 28 SPT ...... You don't want them to slip off, ]"

? thought, of being
net, of course. tied up against that I,

218 19 5B B3 CDR That that's right. You don't want

am. And that's why I said that uh,
7 that once they're down in that little
concave spot, there isn't any forces to
? take them out of there so that they
_0 can pop am up except, you know, a
_ hand rolling them out or something;
_2 there's no- I can't think of any r-
_q • thermal forces or any bending forces (0
]4 that pop 'eraout. Can you? Suppose _:
_5 whe_ that pole flexes, it can pop

out'i _
-< v_ 218 19 53 59 SPT I don't think so. _"

__ y; CDR I don't think so either. That being 0

<_ elastic, the>- shouldn't. Not 0nly
. that, even if they do, according to
-_: Hun_sville, it shouldn't have any 0 ........
..... effect on the pole, anyhow. _

SPT ... If they're all over center in .... .-::

the - back in the little groove, then _'>
" then, uh, locking nut shouldn't hurt.

218 19 5h 18 CDR Yeah. E_en if you took the locking i,!

nut off - -

5TT Yeah, that's right. The important " J_.

thing if for Jack to check those two
holes as they go open.

CDR That's right. ...

" 218 19 5_ 44 PLT I got it, O.

SPT Okay, the Dallenburg up. The two holes

are lined up with the line?

SPT I have one that doesn't want to

fit here.

CDR A pole?

Dum_ Tape 218-12

;---. L .... _ L -,*--£-_,J -

T 2/8 19 56 5_ CDR _-If it doesn't m_e it, why do_,t you

Just take it and stash it inside of
the airlock.

_ 218 19 56 58 SPT It made it.

7 CDR Okay, good., -

;, SPT But it wms a little bulky, it - w_s

._ a tighter fit than the rest.

i 111
8PT That was a test. Pl

218 19 57 41 SPT Okay, got that one lined up .... -_

_,7 ground one is in. --

'= ._ 218 19 5T 48 SPT Come here, you rascal. _n

_. 218 19 58 05 _°PT HOV _ny is that, AI?

:_ CDR Well, we got three more, so that - O"C

We need four more, so that must be seven. -

n , SPT Yeah. : __

..... : , (Music: '_rom the Halls of Montezuma") -_

8PT Sounds good here, back it up a little. :

i CDR I am; I wanted to mak:-

_ sure it's Just

SPT Okay. There's a little - there's a little

prelude to that tune...

CLR (Bugle) That's hot_ we don't want that.

81_f Let that run out (Bugle mall). Th_t'll

be done - (Bugle Call). . !
" i

218 19 59 08 CDR Can you hear that real good? -

• o .

Tape 218-12

_ $1_ Yeah. .! .............. --'!.

CDR Okay.
_T Stop. There you go.

._ 218 19 59 23 CDR Okay, that's where I'm going to hold !

,o it and play it. !
!0 ,!
SPT Yeah. Wait til I get everthing - - I
t? " i C
13 CD3 No, it's going to have to all _e do_e. !

5 8PT Right. . I
75 i
(3 !7 CDR Ain't going to he any premature I --
"< ,- announcements. Just want tm be ready. L_

20 S_ This one - - , --

::" ' CDR That sounded real good. ! m

........./-" , : 218 19 59 27 SPT This one does not have the norms/ cam " --
:. .:_ checks. I going to have to take it
apart, check it all - Okay. -r
218 19 59 39 ,"DR Which food did you take out the foot
restraints for Im,1]ing out the poles,
Jack - Owen?

218 19 _9 _3 SPT I take the right one out for pulling }

out the poles; I take the left one out
for making the poles, i

CDR Okay.

218 19 59 59 SPT ... activity require both out.

CDR We haven't got our medallions east yet,

and we're going to have them east the
back with this on there.

That's a good idea.

CDR You're damn right, boy.

SPY ... pole?

r- iPs4_e 31 of h6

218 20 O0 37 CDR You bet. ATM will have - I mean

the workshop will have one wing
in the - in the ... This one right

SPT ... some line.

218 20 O0 58 SPT Okay, I got that lined up good.

SPT Here' s my little dealy. That' s my

little desly trying to get away.

8PT Yeah, we got it there.

218 20 01 _ SPT Hey, there's another pole!

CDR He's Just got an inexhaustible supply

of those things, doesn't he?

SPr What it seems to me.

CDR Sounds goo, 0 (Laughter).

...... CDR Is that teasing you e*o

PLT Chase it out into space.

CDR It's a good technique /or keeping

those lines separated, Jack.

218 20 02 Ii PLT It worked on the first one.

218 20 0_ 13 CDR It sure did.

218 20 _ 14 PLT You got that in there already, AI?

218 20 0_ 16 CDF, Um hum.


CDR Just trying to m-_e you work, Jack.

PLT Golly!

PLT EV system ...

PLT Okay, I got that one lined up.

DumpTape218-12 :'
Page32ofh6 _ ,

218 20 03 3h PIT Okay. -...........

_ _' i

PLT I - I tapped the FAS area with the end

of this pole; I - I - -

CDR Yeah.

PLT - - I could feel it vibrate.

CDR I'ii be darned.


PLT All the way through my suit.

CDR I'ii be d-tuned. I wonder how the L

rate gyros liked it. Whew!

PLT The panel, you can tell, liked it. _.

CDR Hopefully. Say the word, I hope. Nope.

(_R Tell me when the Sun starts to come

up, would you?

218 20 0_ 36 SPT Let me pull it out for you, Jack. I

don't want to lose that last, uh, piece
of elastic in here next time. Okay?

PLT Okay. Got one more.

218 20 05 55 _LT By golly, I've got the last one

there, A1.

CDR That 's great. That 's great.

218 20 06 21 PLT Okay, got that firm right in your hand?

218 20 06 41 CDR Watch the window over here, Jack.

PLT Ye_h.

218 20 06 57 PLT Now let's get these straight ...

PLT Okay, I think those are straight,

don't you? Don't pull it out of my hand.

SPT Okay.


_ Dump Tape 218-12

Page 33 of 46

....... PLT Rotate it - uh, little bit; li.ke that.

Okay, bring the pole back to me.

PLT That's it; Just like that.

PLT It'll rotate Just about 120 degrees.

Twenty or 240. I think the 120.

SPT Yeah.

' 218 20 08 07 PLT Okay, that's screwed down tight.

Old rock washers in.

PLT Okay, is it my pole?

SPT l'ts your pole.

PLT Okay, I got my tether on it.


CDR That's great, Jack.


218 20 08 25 SPT It's that 120 degree twist, but there's

nothing we can do about that.

PLT It'll probably work out ,I_ right.

SPT I think it will. You see, it was

either 120 or 240.

PLT I'd go with the 120.

CDR What's going to happen; how you

going to get rid of that?

218 20 08 41 PLT Well, I don't know if we can.

We have to look at the pole. The only
way to get rid of it _s to take that
thing out and put it back in, once
get a look at it. But - I don't think
there is any way.

218 20 08 50 CDR Yeah, there's gotta be. The thing

fit right on the suit check, you
know. My guess is that somehow the
line got coughed up up there. And
we Just don't know it.

.... i
r- Dump Tape 218-12
Page 3h of h6

PLT Yeah.

CDR But if I can get this put in, you'll

be able to look at it closely,
maybe tether it, and lift it off and
put it hack in again.

PLT Think so, I've got that ... in it.

218 20 09 07 CDR Yeah, you'll be able to do it. You

got to be able to do it.

PET Bill hag.

SPT Well, I don't think it has to; I

think it will work fine like that.

CDR Maybe so.

PET ... in the line; let me get it out

of "the way. There we go ! Bag Essy
_e .....

218 20 09 29 SPT How's the toning coming? ......

PET Bad, I think what we need is a

... Ouch!

SPT Bend, space fans.

218 20 i0 08 CDR What you need to do _,fore yo%_ tighten

it in there is take a hard look at
that line.

SPT Yeah, I will. I want to get it in

here first.

CDR Okay. Get your tether on it while

you _rk. Good.

218 20 iO 28 SPT Okay, I got it. Screw it down and

grommet it.

CDR I think, maybe, when you release, it's

liable to flop around and be straight.
•Dump Tape 218-12 ........... :

218 20 i0 h3 SPY AI, I can't see it at the moment. •

216 20_ i0 45 CDR You have to wait until the Sun i

comes up. .-..

218 20 i0 51 CDR Looked like it popped out straight.

SPT Well, I got it like that, enyway.

CDR I bet that one Just popped out straight;

you made a good choice. .

218 20 ii 03 SPT I'm free. Well, I can't see - I

don't want to do anything until the - _
8u_ comes up. How long is that?

C.DR _o% too long, I noticed the horizon

_ was right behind you. "

218 20 iI 16 SPT Can't you see the, uh, Time B_mmlning


- CDR Oh, I'm sorry, Owen. That's a _t

idea; I never thought of it. Four
minutes, 28 seconds.

SPY I think it'll be a !_ttle less than

that. It' ii be about 6 -

CDR Couple minutes. Why don't you take

a breather?

CDR You can get the things lined up, Jack,

so you got the right ones in the
right places and eve_Wching.

CDR Where is the sail bag? Oh, that's

over there behind the pol.e

PLT Sail baE? Where did we ieave it?

CDR BinggggF_g .... me there. Doctor Jay.

CDR Hey, there' s the horizon now.

Dump TApe 218-12
,Page 36 of 46

218 20 12 _i PLT Hey, look at that thing up there,

There's something white flashing
i over there at the top.

CDR Thunderstorm.

PLT Why was it flashing so high? It

was above the blue .... - -

218 20 12 13 CDR It was below the blue.

218 20 12 15 PLT No, it 1_s above. But it's because

this lower blue is light reflected
down beneath the horizon. The
_: horizon's actually up at the top
where that yellow is. -__

, 218 20 12 27 CDR Yeah.

PLT That's amazing. It's almost like

an inverted horizon.

r CDR D-h-huh. That 's right.

PLT Down there, the ... stay.

218 20 13 30 CDR Haven't seen very many of them.

218 20 13 51 PLT That msuci came through the headset

Just right. Just leave it like
you did, A1.

CLR Okay.

CDF ... AOS.

_DR What ?

PLT Made out the AOS when he gets the

pole aut,

CDR I'ii save it; don't worry about that.

218 20 14 43 CDR He's got to get this pole out_ down_

and deployed and finished, as soon
as he's finished the Job. Then that's it.

- _ ........ T -- :T "-- -
Dump Tape 218-12
Page 37 of _6

PLT AM exchange and all that stuff,

that doesn't count, huh?

PLT Where's the next CMG over that
way there, O? Can you see it?

SPT Well, let me _ - -

CDR Over to your right.

SPT I'm in ... to m%, left.

CDR Okay _. i

SPT I can't look out any more. Pull

i_ visors down.

218 20 15 35 SPT It's coming ... but it's not .... i

L Goddamn ....

r 218 20 15 57 SPT Look straight, Jack? _

218 20 15 58 SPT ...

218 20 16 07 CDR Reflected in your visor, looks like

it goes all the way straight.

SPT The right one is all the way

straight. And the le-_c one ma_es
a 180.

PLT Well, that's about the best - -

SPT Ain't no way to fix t_at.

CER There's no way to lift that off,

rotating 1807 She's a_ 180, huh?

218 20 16 28 SPT The right one is all the way

separated. The left one -rakes
a 180. There ain't no _y to fix that.

CDR How's that possible? Did we put one

of those things in wroing. It's
not locked in? Is there any way we

., . • $

Dump Tape 218 12 " " _ ' "

Page38of - :,..
could have put either that end- ' " .. :_
it wrong? Either the near end
or the far end?

SPT Huh-uh ... because if you fade one

side, it m_kes the other one 180 out.

CDR No, I'm saying - here's what I'm saying.

I agree with you. Perhaps - Let me
think about this a minute.

8PT What's hanging me up here, Jack?

PLT I can't see, 0; probably, your umbilical.

SPT Tell you what I can do, I think I

can lift the pole out and take the
left one and go around once.

"_ ' CDR P_t your tether on it before you lift

• _ it .out.

- 218 20 IT 30 _F_ Well, I'm still not s!_e that's going

tO do the Sob° Let me think about 0
about it for a minute.

218 20 I7 34 _DR Let me think. I've got my little drawing

in here; I'm foiling _rith that, too.

218 20 17 37 SPT Okay, do you want tO hold it, and I

can get a better angle on it, Jack,
than you can.

218 20 17 _i _0T Right one is - want to shake the

left one a little hit?

CDR Why don't you call them red and green?

SPT ... is - is the red one. _The one we

Just _de. I took it above the
right-hand line. Now the left-hand
line does have a twist, abut it looks
llke it's a full twist, and it must
have been done as we _ere working at
night. When we werw working at night
my quess is that it got a twist in
it that we didn't see.
Dump Tape 218-12
Page 39 of 46 ...... _

218 20 18 09 CDR The thing to do is take it out and

rotate it one, uh, one full turn
and then put it back in, huh?

• PLT Well, I'm not sure if you can

straighten it out. Let 's see.

CDR I'm mot sure you can, unless we've

done it wrong .... , Jack,

sPT I think you could, Jack.'"

CDR Just tether it before you do Anything

: with it.

SPT Left-hand line, uh, Now is I rotate -..

it one full turn, it'd be, uh, right-hand
line will be 180 out.

: 218 20 18 h0 CDR Try it and see w_t happens.

_" SPT Well, it needs to be passed under the

butt plate.

PLT Yeah.

_PT If it's passed under the butt plate,

then it'll straighten it out.

CDR Okay, what he needs to do is take it

off and then pass it under the emd
of the pole and put it back on.

218 20 18 53 PLT That's what l'm thinking.

SFT Yeah, that's what it needs.

218 20 18 55 CDR Okay. Good. I'm g_lacl. There's no -

It's got to be done right.

218 20 18 59 SPT Yeah, I think that it happen at

night when we couldn't see.

218 20 19 02 CDR Yeah.

218 20 19 i_ PLT Gotta go %tudor there.

Tape 218-12
- Page _,o of b,6 L. - - f -

SPT Looking out the window, AZ_ ............

CDR Huh?

SPT I was wondering if you could see me

out the window.

CUR I can't look out the window too good

in the daytime. Yeah, I can see
you. I see you good there. I can look
at you; I Just can't look at Jack.
_I"tho_ht about taking pictures, but
there's no real way to do it, so I
didn't ake any. I see you looking
over the edge. Looks okay to me.

CDB I can't look at the Jack, though, r__

CDR Poles look stable to me.

218 20 20 32 PLT They're sure big solar arrays.

SPT Don't break the pole.

PLT It's toning.

SPT Not ba_l, ... ; they're not in bad shape.

CDR How's he doing, O? I can't look.

218 20 20 52 SPT It's taken out, but I_m not sure.

PLT I got it put back in.

SPT Okay, well I can't tell how things

are -

PLT Now we're going to ta_e a look at it.

SPT All right.

PLT I'm going to tell you exactly whether

i'ts right or wrong.

218 20 21 06 PLT Now.

218 20 21 20 _FI' Look okay to me; don't they to you?

Dump Tape 218-12
_P_e hl of 46 v-v

218 20 22 22 PLT That's how she _nts to be, but " "
we got to rotate it here.

SPT To hell with that mother.

CDR You got it fig - you got it figured

so you know which way it wants to be,
and now you're going to take out the
pole and make it that way, huh?

PLT I did that once.

CDR Wonder why it did wrong?

Maybe you can coast down ther and
help him, O.

218 20 22 51 SPT I don't want to if I can avoid it

because of these umbilicals.

218 20 22 5h CDR All right.


PLT Uh, it's Just a matter of figuring

it out. Just a minute.

CDB No hurry. Take a break.

218 20 23 34 PLT I think I got it fizured out.

218 20 23 52 PLT Cut it.

PLT Well, Owen, the only thing I can see

tO dO - to, uh, uang it back to you,
and, uh, as you look at it, rotate
that end fitting 180 degrees.

8PT Hum.

PLT Is that possihle_

SPT Yeah, that should do it. •

PLT It will - Wait a minute. I dom't think

it' ii fit 180.

SPT NO, it won't fit 180. NO, it's gotta

go 560. That's right. It'll have to go 360.

• .-°
Dump Tape 218-12 1
Page 42 of 46 :

CDR 180, you wouldn't think that'd made .

any difference. Why don't you send
it back and try it? - :-, , ,

218 20 26 00 SPT There's no way.

218 20 26 01 CDR We can't send it out that way. You

know damn well in that suit check they
worked. We got something together wrong.
And it's liable to screw us up getting
this sail out. Get thesail out
three quarters of the way and can't
get it back, and then have to do it.

218 20 26 12 PLT Yes.h, well, we're going to now, Just - -

PLT Okay. _

PLT - - let us work on it for awh41e.

CDR Ok.ay.

..... e tether on the rope ,_

a_ _eady?

SPT No way that thing could get loose

no matter what else we did.

PLT No, it ain't going to come loose.

218 20 26 24 SPY So you could pull tbat grommet off

and Just work it backwards.

218 20 26 41 SPT Looked to me like you had the full

360 degrees twisted. 60 at the

PLT Yeah, I was thinking, if I took the

pole off that you put on - the other
thing I was thinking about was
swinging this down under here - whoops.

CDR I'ii tell you what' now wait a minute,

Jack. Let's do it like we're supposed
to. Why don't you hand that thing
back to Owen, the end of it, and let b_m
look out the line, you hold the pole
F_ end like you're supposed to and let him
arrange the other end. Let's don't try
any new stunts.

...... ii

218-i2 ' .
Page l_S of 1_6 _ , ,

218 20 27 13 PLT Yeah, I'm trying to tell him what the : .....
best possibility - -

CDR Yeah, hut you don't do it yourself.

PLT I think - -

CDR _-d him the end, and let's work it

like it should be.

218 20 27 21 PLT Right. I agree with tha.t....

rotate it clockwise. . .

CDR ... trim. '

218 20 27 26 PLT Take it off and rotate it clockwise

•_' 360. -:_"

CDR A11 right.

PLT Now the big deai'l going to be we

have to get that gro-,,et off again.

SPT Yeah.

i PLT I can get it off here, but -


SPT If you can get if of:" there, yeah.

SPT Oh, that one. How shout the other

one, though.

PLT Okay, so - so the word I gave you was

that you had to - As you look at it,
rotate it clockwise 360, okay?

SPT Okay.
218 20 28 ii CDR Well, he can rotate it, and the he
can look at it ....

PLT That 's right.

CDR - - straight.

PLT ...

_ CDR ... work together Just like the normal

Dump Tape 218-12 _ " -._..
/-_ Page _ of _6

, operation is, instead of inventing "" " "

•_ i " something new at the last mlnute. _ _ .i

PLT Okay, AI. -,

CDR Well, I don't like inventing

something new unless _ 5otta. You
all have got it made, here.

PLT The whole thln_s we're inventing new.

CDR No, we're not. There you go.

Hey, that's a long, long pole, isn't it?

218 20 28 41 SPT 55 feet, I guess. Isn't that what

•, it is?

PLT Yeah,

218 20 28 46 CDR I can see why you have trouble telling

%7_y to turn it.

218 20 28 58 SPT It _eems pretty stable, doesn;t it?

218 20 29 Ol PLT Yeah.

218 20 29 35 CDR Watch the window, Jack. There you go.

PLT .,. clear.

CDR ...

218 20 29 43 PLT Hey, O, clockwise 360.

SPT This grouser, that's going to be

a bit of a problem.

PLT He an insurmountable problem.

218 20 30 Ii SPT May not get that grommet out of

there at all, Jack.

CDR Okay, reach up there and take one

of those poles. Take that last pole,
if you man, remove its grommet, undo
the lock, rotate it out, and rotate
it 360 clockwise and put the pole
f. back in. That's possible too.

Dump Tape 218-12

Page _5 of _6 "

218 20 30 29 PLT We could do that here, maybe. Just

a second; let me see if I can - •
Hey, there's enough line for me to
Just loop this over the end.

SPT Yeah, ... do it.

8PT I tried that, and I ... it Just gets

worse, l'm afriad we're going to
get it wrolng. Okay, well Just a
minute, I'ii watch what I'm doing
and go back each time. So, let's
' get it as straigh_ as we can right
" now. And I think that that'll do it
while I got it all here. Now can
you separate the lines, Jack?

218 20 30 53 PLT Yeah.

218 20 30 59 PLT Turning this thing - unloosening it and

turning it is doing nothing more than
i j_st flipping it around - -

CDR Flipping it around the end. ,


PLT - - flipping it over the end.

CDR That's right. If yogi could Just look

out and see the end, you could - you
could do the whole thing.

PLT I was going to have you turn it

clockwise. Maybe you can figure it
out from there.

218 20 31 15 CDR Now have you got the par - have you
got it split all the way out to the side?

PLT Just a minute | Just am minute l

218 20 31 39 SPT You have to pull it out a_ain, ...

PLT l'm going to let you work the other


218 20 32 37 CDR What's your approach, O?

SPT Just looking at it, Just a second, A.

Dump Tape 218-12
F" Page _ of 46 ........ .

CDR Can you see all the way out to the

far end or is the Sun in the way?

SPT Put it in my left hand, nearest Jack's

right hand, goes straight all the way.

CDR Okay.

SPT Left hand, about 180 degree twist in

it. That's the way it was when we
began. Now wait a minute. So pull
that - iml]] the one in your left hand
around the pole. Now how is it?
Okay, now it's clear at your end;
bow's it down at the other end?

218 20 33 55 PLT Twist up that far end there slightly.

SPT Okay, which one - Is - is the ene in

my right hand clear?

PLT Yep.

PLT ... are clear now.

SPT Are they clear? Both of them?

PLT Negative.

218 20 34 32 OPT Oh, okay, which one is clear?

218 20 3_ 35 PLT Neither of them, I don't believe,

are clear now.

SPT Where would I have to rotate the pole

to clear them?

218 20 34 42 PLT To the - clockwise, try that ...

Dump Tape 218-13 " .
Time: 1736-1923 (_4T
816173 ........ .
I ofI _

218:19:13:22 Verbatim duplication

to " of the same time segment w_thin
218:19:25:50 D_np Tape 218-12.
Time : 20_0-2211 G_4T
816173 . J/f -/
.. 1of
44 L......

2i8:20:42:04 SC ... there's uh, you want to make sure - -

get the - -

218 20 42 12 SI_ Hey, 07

218 20 42 13 PLT Yes. Just a minute -

218 20 42 17 PLT Get them as free as we can on the other end.

- 218 20 /4219 SPT They are; they're completely free beyond you.

218 20 42 22 PLT On your end?

218 20 42 24 SPT Looks like you could ta_ke that one you
had in your other hand - and flip it around _:
,,-, ' thebottom -- T:
"<__ ! 218 20 42 33 PLT Tried that. ""
J ;_ .218 20 hO 16 _ Nah, the other one. T:

_--_ -= 218 20 40 21 PLT You mean this one? ?

::: 218 20 40 24 SPT Yes. Okay, now hold it up. Now hold
- _ theotherlineout,I'iiholdthisone. _-
- :_ Okay,there you go. Now, does your line ""
L' got a twistor not?

,_ ?_" 218 20 40 40 PLT NO, but this line has twisted.

0 "_ "
' 218 20 40 42 SPT Okay. It's got a twist behind you there,
/:! i tOO,

218 20 40 45 PLT Well, that's the one I'm talking about. ---
_: _ There's not twist beyond you? Everything's -z
free beyond you.

• .218 20 40 51 SPT Okay on both?

• " 1218 20 40 52 PLT Yes.

= i

-= 218 20 40 63 SPT On both lines, huh?

'" PLT No.

_; 218 20 40 56 SPY ... But there's Just one twist right in

_7 front of my nose.

,Dump Tape 218-14

: -_i820 hO 69 PLT "'Right. Now see, Houston that'S the clear-- -

/-. ? thing. We have one line that goes all the
3 way out with no twist and the other line's
4 got a hundred - well, a hundred and eighty
5 in it.
7 _218 20 41 07 CDR The reason is Jack because when he put
_" that thing on he wrapped it once around the
' line. What Owen's got to do is disconnect
_0 the pole, rewrap it once around one of
,; those lines and then connect it -
i_ -_18
20 hl 17 PLT Yes. : C

• 218 20 41 18 CDR That's what happened, he's dropped in be- -4

? _ I tween them. I
<, _-i
o_<L :t 21@" 20 41 23 PLT Okay, hold it on out there Owen, and let me
_? i take a look at it. Ts
-_ 2_ i
_." ' 3
";" 2_ 218 20 hl 25 CDR You - you hold it apart, you disconnect the q
_:-. _2 pole and then lift it over, around the one O
- to his right.

<._ 2_ 218 20 41 30 PLT Okay, I agree with that now let me - - Y.

u. 2_ 218 20 41 31 CDR Okay. _;

"" 218 20 41 32 PLT Now, let me take a look at your end there
i_' _ i 0.,- - .,1
' ! 4
• _ CDR Okay.

218 20 41 35 CDR Okay, Just hold that - - Z

::_218 20 41 36 PLT - - I'll tell you exactly where to put it.

_ 218 20 41 37 CDR Okay.

_,'- 21820 hl 38 SPY I can't see it.

218 20 41 40 CDR Just get rid of that line to your left, Owen.

218 20 41 42 PLT Just a minute, A1.
4s i
,:_218 20 41 43 CDR There" you go.

•- 218 20 41 44 PLT ....

Just a minute, A1 ...................

rDump Tape 218-12

2i8[0 41 44 ODE .........................

Thata boy.
218 20 42 02 PLT Okay, now, you Just - twist your thing around
here til's it's clear.

218 20 42 08 PLT I'ii hold this.

218 20 42 09 SPT There, that a boy. Now let's - -

218 20 42 i0 PLT ... Quick, wrap her _ood, no_ bring her hack,
: and I'ii - -
L" :218 20 42 ii CC Skylab, we're 20 seconds to LOS here. As ;b
we go over the hill, all systems are looking
good. We'll be dDmping the tape recorders
,j over Vanguard. See you there in 20 minutes.
_j _7 03
,_ '<
_- 1218 20 42 23 PLT Okay, let it - -

"_ ._ i218 20 h2 23 CDR Okay, looks like they've got it now. t_


_ !218 20 42 27 CDR That's great O

--_ T'_--- :, 1218 20 42 29 PLT Okay. All gro_metted and everything there, 0.? }

_6 !218 20 h2 32 SPT Yes, that's correct. Just to make sure

_ : _ though, It's ...

2÷ 218 20 42 37 CDR Hey, that's great, Owen.

,y "s i ._
:_ 218 20 42 42 CDR The only way to do -_t. -_

S_ 218 20 42 _7 PLT Okay, he's got her, uh, - pinned her down.

35 _18 20 42 5h CDR Hear that thing dro_ throu_ht that hole. <
g6 Thereyou go.

:_: 218 20 42 58 SPT Okay, Jack.

•2 2 I

0 .218 20 42 59 CDR Lousma strikes again. Wow it's your act,

_ BigJack
%_ '218 20 43 02 PLT Atta boy O. Nice going

_ 1218 20 43 Ii CDR He never gives up.

47 {218 20 43 16 PLT Okay. She's all clear, the parosol.

pump Tape 218-14 r-'_
_age _ ...................
of _4 ,..__
_ J J'

2 i

_- 3 _21820 44 26 PLT Yes. I'm _ightening it down at the moment.

5 _218 20 44 28 CDR Okay.

7:215 20 44 33 SPT Looking good, Jack.

218 20 44 42 PLT Okay, she's tightened now and she's grommit-

,0_ ted.

_'_21820 44 45 SPT Excellent. _


_'_218 20 44 49 CDR Now let me take a look at this thing here. m

_,_ _ 121820 45 08 PLT ... (Laughter)

<: m 218 20 45 I0 CDR

-; 20 218 20 _5 12 CDE Perfect.

,_ : 2 218 20 4_ 18 PLT Uh, this llne should be up here. O

"_ ?'_ _18 20 45 18 FLT Okay, AI. H

:_ 218 20 45 32 C_)R Okay, I'm ready to read you the next step,
,. 27 i huh?

:'- 218 20 45 35 PLT Yes. -

_i 218 20 45 37 CDR Okay, you got them in the base plate. Okay.
_:! May I read the next step then?
:_ 218 20 _5 44 CDR Verify each closed line has a color ring
2:7 within reach that has a single white line
3:: on it.
g? 218 20 45 50 PLT Certainly does.

': 218 20 45 52 CDR Open sail baG, attach red sail hook to
4_ _, clothesline red ring with sinF_lewhite line
:2 i on it and green sail hook to clothesline
"3 ! _reen ring with single white llne on it.

_.5218 20 46 O_ PLT Will do.

_7 !218 20 46 05 CDR Eat me know when that's finished and I'ii

•_ L_ ..................... read it next.

_,-,C ' " "" L;?`/: _ ; _.%:- _'g
Dump Tape 218-14
•age of44 ............ Tq
1218 20 46 09 SPT If they were recording this, they'll get
_: i it over the Vanguard.

_ 218 20 46 23 PLT Okay, the green one's hooked.

218 20 46 41 PLT Red one's hooked.

218 20 46 42 CDR Okay, now pull a little bit of sall out of

the bag. By the way, have you ovserved if
; you've got them hooked and that they're
coming the right direction?

218 20 46 50 PLT I did that already, h:

218 20 46 51 CDR All right. -,

IT 218 20 46 52 PLT Next thing down is the next hook.

,_.f _
.. 218 20 46 55 CDR Pull a little bit of sail out of the bag, b.
_ _ then take up the slack with the clothes- o
Z _, line. m

,, z_ 218 20 46 59 PLT Okay. __

....._ -- 2_
_ _ 218 20 47 00 CDR Continue this action until the second set
;: of attach hooks on the sail are reached -
and have passed through the eyes.

,, " 218 20 47 09 PLT Okay.

_ 218 20 47 i0 CDR Very straight forwar6_. 0kaydokey, I'll be

waiting to read the next step after that.
' i Z.

" 218 20 47 15 SPT Let's double check these things again.

" 218 20 47 19 PLT The next thing is I pull those up. Those
-: other things are coming down, before they
go though the end.
_,.' ,

'_; 218 20 47 28 PLT I'll get a little sail out of the bag here.

218 20 47 37 SPT ...

218 20 47 38 PLT Huh?

218 20 47 39 SPT Looks like you got a big wad all at once.
_7 i

:_ '218 20 47 43 PLT It's all that way %_=,_gh. -.....

Dump Ta_e 218-1_
6 of
ge i "(

F - i

]218 2Q _T 50 SPY Boy, I wish I could get _ picture of you,

i Jack. But, I Just can't look in the Sun
5 ! and it wouldn.'t take it.

- 218 20 47 56 CDR Better get that black sky, with that thing
- out, it's going to be phenc_nenal.

: 218 20 _8 (31 CDR Now, is the white side going out facing the
' workshopand everything?

L" 218 20 _8 08 PLT Well, it's going to turn out to be white r,

i.-i side out.
i i _;

_: "_ '218 20 _8 i0 CDR That's the way it's supposed to be, I guess. L

._,_ :.:218 20 h8 l_ PLT If it isn't, we'll pull it back and turn

:e . _f;
t itwhite
up. _

_ ;:_
218 20 48 17 BPT Is thatright? Fi

_.._ 2; 218 20 h8 18 CDR The red rings to the red side, and the green m
...._ .... i to the green side, and the poles are in the
'_:: '2;_ right holders, there's no other way. l

___ "<7218 20 _8 2h SPT Hey, that's great,Jack. 0_

2:218 20 48 hi PLT It's not going anywhere.

; _' 218 20 48 42 PLT/SPT (Laughter) -_

3" 218 20 _8 _3 PLT Keep up with a tamed rope.
:;': F"
•;_" 218 20 h8 h8 CDR Probably been in the bag a long time. Looks
." _ like a pretty good bit.
_" 218 20 _9 01 OPT You're going to have to work one side at
_ time _ Jack,

._',218 20 h9 06 PLT It comes out of the bag with both sides at

;'2} a time. (
:_ i
44 218 20 h9 09 SPT And it turns out to get into ... the line.

_ 218 20 k9 19 CDR Hey, I'ii tell you what you waut to do.
•;_ ! Reach up there and make sure that that
4_ i....................... p_lls a_art fairly easy. It's liable to ---'
pull your poles together instead of spread-
J_C ,_," >>L'_'_ .+ _ ing out the uh, m_terlal. _.',_-_sc

Dump Tape 218-14
Page7 of 44 [..... ; '

218 20 49 30 PLT ......

Uh, that's right.

'218 49 32 CDR Yeah, because it's a couple of sticky ones


218 49 37 CDR Yes.h,you want to reach up there and do every

single one. It's gotten - it's flaking off.

!218 h9 43 CDR Pull it in till you get right at the top, Jack.
You have to pull it back in, and look right at
the top of that fabric. Make sure that you pull
"i that fabric and it doesn't have a set in it.
i:_218 20 49 53 PLT It's not flakingmuch.

15 218 20 h9 54 CDR Not flaking too much? _q

i_ _ 1218 20 49 55 PLT No. -"

]_ 218 20 49 56 CDR All right. ,_

-_ 20 i

F 27 218 20 h9 57 PLT I think they Just need some of that spray paint
O ,-2i they sprayed it with. O
_q 23 i
--- 7_ --- t_ _8___20 _.ha59 CDR Okay. --

- 218
_'._ 20 50 00 PLT I don't even reallysee any.

2_ 218 20 50 24 CDR Is it got much of a set, or is it coming apart

w" : pretty easy, Jack? -
, _5
3; 218 21 50 27 PLT Well, on the, uh, it's stick on the silver side. :
3_ 218 20 50 51 SPY Got it? , O

_::_218 20 50 32 PLT We're, uh, right on the very edge, it's turned
t_ under.

_c 218 20 50 35 CDR Yes, it's that seal, it's the edge seal, it's
3';' sticking together. Like it's going like, uh,
,_0 oh, flour paste or something. And that'll Just
_ pull the poles together...
43 218 20 50 48 PLT So it'll probably been, uh, would come loose.
44 But that was a good idea to p,,_1them apart.


dec __±'I C_o , - " ). "._At'-JSZ.

Tape 218-14 T -,'-'-
e 8 of 44 L .........L_J

218_20 50 58 CDR Pull them apart and kind of bend them backwards
_ at those little seams,

1218 20 51 09 SPT Hey, the poles are nice and stable, Jack. They're
not flopping.

218 20 51 ii PLT Th_-k you.


218 20 51 16 CDR Straight as a flagpole.

_; 218 20 51 18 PLT Parasol appears to be non-sticky up at this end.

i_ 218 20 51 23 SPT You know, sitting out here and looking over this
i: great big solar wave, makes you feel llke you're
in an airplane.

,: : 218 20 51 29 PLT Is that right?

,_, :
-C :_;218 20 51 30 SPT Boy, you're really sailing.
-J "_ 218 20 51 3h SPT Does. (Laughter)

_ " 218 20 51 35 PLT That's what's nice about like looking out that
:_ :: STS window. _
-- ° L---- ,
"_ 218 20 51 40 SPT Talk about the horizon now, I can see from ...
-:_ it looks like the whole horizon Just, uh, makes,
f-_ " uh, a - full are -

<. " 218 20 51 49 CDR You're doing about 8 times the work, Jack.
i: There you go. Is that loose of line 8? 2 feet
" _ of stroke and it itself loses about an inch.

218 20 52 00 SPT Okay, but then you got an 8 minutes plus 3.

; We have 8 minutes on the clock?

:.'218 20 52 07 CDR What'd you say?

! 218 20 52 07 SPT How much is on the time remaining clock?

' 218 20 52 i0 CDR I'ii check.

218 20 52 £3 ,._DR Twenty.

218 20 52 14 SPT - Oh, I thought you said only 8 minutes.

: i i
._7 I
I 7

Dump Tape 218-14

Page9 of 44 L......... !

218 20 52 16 CDR I said he's - I said he's doing 8 times the work.
! ,

218 20 52 25 SPT ... a second here.

218 20 52 29 CDR Good.

218 20 52 54 PLT Yes, they're coming apart nicely.

218 20 52 55 CDR Good.

SC (Laughter)

218 20 5B 39 SPT Build up a little bit more, uh, oscillation ...

action to get a ...

_ 21820 5B 44 PLT Yes. -_

_j i5 i El

_218 20 5B 45 PLT I Just about got the other ring here. 0_

_ 218 20 54 07 PLT Well, there's the end we all been looking for. _

_ 7: 218 20 54 Ii CDR Hey, you want me to read it to you?

7! 7? 218 20 54 21 CDR Attach these hooks to the clothesline rings

-:_ -- : with double white lines on them, at these io-
::: cations. Continue to deploy; retaining the :
_ reefing lines in the sail bag. If sail hangs -
- " up, back up clothesl_ne, shake lines and proceed.
2_ Do not place under stress on the rods. Verify
_ L_ clotheslinefully deployedand verify pole
' locked inplace.

218 20 54 45 CDR So when you get it fully out, let me know and

_; I'iireadtherest. _<

:_. 218 20 54 53 SPT Better shake that closing a little bit, Jack, --_
• t
to make sure that those are going to separating

_ 218 20 54 57 PLT Yes, I'ii get this end, Just like I did the
_0 other end.

"_ 218 20 55 00 SPT I mean these up here. You know, these things
_3 are not starting to separate much. i
Dump Tape 218-ih '
!Page i0of h4 i '_

218 20 55 09 PLT Yes, I'll do that. Let me get this, uh - .


F 218 20 55 i0 SPT Okay.

_218 20 55 Ii PLT Thing done here first. It's too bad we can't
'. Just reach out and separate them.

? 218 20 55 20 SPT I suspect the Sun will do something for her,

•' too. I

_: '.21820 55 23 CDR 0nly if he can get on it. Kind of getting

=. ,i on the edges there.
'218 20 55 28 SPT It's getting out at the east - - !

= !218 20 55 30 CDR Splitting them a little big at the end. _ -i

:_) _ 21S 20 55 32 SPT Yes, in fact, they're split apart there quite
-: a %rays. •

-J ._ 218 20 55 35 CDR When you a_d that total force on there, there :
: - _ might be a lot, though. You might put it out
; .... and it might expand over the next few days. --

- a-_-- ' 218 20 55 49 CDR Hal ... you were supposed to pull one of these _:
._ [: i out of the bag the other day on Earth [?] ...

_ _ 218 20 56 06 CDR You're pulling them _part, huh, Jack? And they
.._ - _ pulling apart pretty easy? . ".

218 20 56 09 PLT As long as I get this end lick to the other end.

218 20 56 12 SPT Yes, I've pulled on a bunch of those and they

,. seem to come apart pretty easy.

218 20 56 17 CDR Maybe it's the integrated force of all of them.

But I guess the poles haven't gotten tight
,. enough yet. We'll have to see; get some points
on there.

= 218 20 56 33 CDR There you go. That broke it free a

little bit. Sure likes the set it's
,_2 had for all these months.

_'f3 U.................. -

_ <_C.: .... :-c " - .b':

_Sump Tape 218-14
ii of 44 _ ......

.218 20 56 53 SPT .....You're going to have to be careful when ....

"f : we send it out, that it doesn't pull
' the poles close enoughto bread them. i

218 20 57 00 CDR Seems to be up on your top part where

it does not want to that separate
there, ... Thereyou go.

1218 20 57 05 PLT Yes. It's going to separate.


218 20 57 08 8PT I think it is too.


i_ !218 20 57 09 CDR You're going to have to _ork it,

_ though. ,!

_ ._ SC Better ... there. -i

._j L3i Z
O i_ 1218 20 57 15 CDR There you go, Jack. You're doing ,._
_<.. _J great. Now it's starting to crinkle
19 and separate. Maybe that Sun's hitting Ln
_J it and warming it up_ Just like 0wen _-
'--_ _. said. There you go. .-.
';) 0
:_ L 218 20 57 25 _PT What about the sheets? -.

_!_21820 57 27 PLT Yes. _-_

:: ?, 218 20 59 34 SPT 'Co_rse, the main still looks good.

_ •218 20 57 37 CDR Hey, way to go, Jack Now that's :c

getting it. Get the t baby out there.
:_ It'll do it now. Th-,t's good.

•_ 1218 20 57 48 PLT Where are we, AI? _

, 218 20 57 50 CDR I don't know. I haven't been watching.

218 20 57 53 SPT In fact, for 15 minu_es, we've Just

been crossing water.

218 20 57 56 CDR Probably going to be crossing some

more. Let's see, le_;me tell you.
_'_ I can tell you. We're 8 hours and
_ _5 minutes from the last little set
"- of this plan. Find a little thing.


iDump Tape 218-14 ..........

•218 20 58 16 PLT Hey, now these poles have been moved ......
s somewhatcloser - a littlebit - to
_ _ eachother.

"_ 218 20 58 19 CDR Yes. They my pull out when the Sun gets
on this thing. 8:45, we're coming up
on South America down near the ti - tip,
of Argentina. We'll be there in 6 -
_ 5 minutes. See what else we got. I'ii
slideit overone of two.

i! i218 20 58 h5 PLT Here's a place where it's really blue.

,' It's on the, uh, side. "_

_'218 20 58 49 SPT Okay. _',

b_ 218 20 58 51 PLT - on the - the white part on the left. --

, _ 7 f"

_ :_ 218 20 59 07 CDR Hey, you guys have been out there -

_7 3 hoursand maybe 30 minutes. I'mnot _
sure. So let'sgetgoing. -_

_ 218 20 59 19 PLT Okay,we'rego. C

_- " 218 20 59 22 SPT Hey, don't hurry.

_ PLT Oh I 'm alwaysin a hurry. You know me. "


•_ CDR Three hours and B0 minutes. Yes.

_ SPT Have we been outside 3:30?

:_- CDR You're right.

_: SPT I don't know even know whether we're

_ half through or not. We might be half

218 20 59 37 CDR I think you're half through because the

_' rest we can do. Brsnd new stuff right
_ here. Tender. Just have to be careful we
! don't lose the film and we'll do that

? otherin a flash.

& !

• i
,Dump Tape 218-14 _ ............ =--
Page 1Sof4_ .............

218 21.00 14 CDR Want you to try to get it out there in ....
the day time so that sun can hit it before
i it goes down. Got 12 minutes.

_218 21 O0 20 PLT That's about 3.


218 21 00 21 CDR Huh?

218 21 O0 23 PLT That's about 3.

CDR Yes, If that thing wants to get Sun on it,

we get it out there at night - at dark,
: it's liable to be cold and not do the Job. a

218 21 00 37 CDR It's getting out there, I guess. How's _

_: itdoing. ? -I

_; ! 218 21 00 41 PLT AI, it's Just about out. It's about _j_
< :: _ feet from the tip of the pole.

2_218 21 00 45 CDR Great. G

=:: _ _218 21 00 46 PLT And the poles are, _h, are bent in a C
.<-i little bit. Uh,probably a couple of .,
__ _' feet each, pulled inward.

-- : 218 21 0O 51 CDR How about the pleats, are they accordioned "j
out somewhat? Are any of them stuck
J ;_ together? t-:

218 21 00 59 PLT A couple of them in the middle are not ::.

"_" L: build up - split apart yet. -
_!E ,-.
. 218 21 Ol 06 CDR Don't let them bend in too close and =.
L! _ breaknow. If needbe bringthemback :_
• and shake the middle ones out. -

218 21 01 12 PLT I had to do that. I think we'll have

_: : to do that.

:i 218 21 01 16 SPT They don't appear to be in any danger

! ' of breaking though.

218 21 01 19 CDR How can you tell?


J ".
Dump Tape 218-14 [ J 7
Page 14.of _

218 21.01 20 SPT .__ Because each pole is bent so very _--- ......
I_ slightly.

218 21 01 23 CDR Oh. Okay.


5 218 21 01 38 PLT Well, I'm going to try to yank it all

0 the way out .... what happens.
_' 218 21 01 48 SPT Want to take it all the way out, first?

_ 218 21 01 53 CDR I'ii tell you what's going to h_ppen.

I Get it out there and the when you put
:_ _ on those end sheaths to pull it out, C
_3 ; that's going to tend to split it out [;>
:_ tOO.
!r_ . ?

L ' _" 218 21 02 00 PLT That's q oh-oh. Those are coming ...

(3 i7 together awful close. I'm going to

"q ;'_ have to reel it in.

_ _ 218 21 02 ii SPT Well, I'd go ahead an pull it another C

_'"* :_ foot. That's about all there is to go. f

_ 218 21 0_ 19 PLT Bight. There you are. __ = _ .....

_' 218 21 02 20 CDR Is that the end? _

_'- _" 218 21 02 26 PLT Yes. Its at the end.

z_ 218 21 02 27 CDR "How about the poles? "-*

- 218 21 02 28 PLT Its about - only 60 percent of its

normal diameter. <

" 218 21 02 5_ CDR How about the poles though? Are the
poles each and every one - any of the -"
_ poles stuck together physically, or
are they all Just sort of partially

_ 218 21 02 he SPT Some sm e partially open, some are not.

_': But, uh, it looks like they may be
•_ all trying to open. Bit of, uh, Jossling
4; like that, I think is some help. Also,
:_ vibrate the poles a little bit. That'll I
i3 help. ,

rDump Tape 218-14

218 21 02 58 PLT Yeah, that's what I was thinking....

i I did thatonce.

218 21 03 06 SPT ... out those poles down at Marshall

that afternoon. One hell of a lot - -

218 21 03 09 CDR Yes, they broke.

218 21 03 Ii SPT Not while we were there.

218 21 03 13 CDR Yes, it did. Somebody came out - Sure


'218 21 03 27 SPT Coming out a little bit more each time

i there,Jack, I thought.

_ _' 218 21 03 30 PLT Its comingat me.

'J 38 L_
c:- 218 21 03 31 SPT Yes, I see it is now. Oh boy.

21 03 34 CDR Some of those look llke they're kind
..... _ of crinkled. They need to be kind of P[
-< _ i pulled out manually. C

--- :f .... ' '218 21 0h 22 CDR Looks llke they're slowly coming out, --
_' 25 doesn't it? --
_. 2T 218 21 Oh 25 PLT I think so.

_ 218 21 0h 26 CDR Yeah, I think so too, now.

• i_

218 21 04 Oh CC _ylab, We're reading you loud and

_! clear over the Vanguard for 8 minutes. -

[_ 218 21 05 09 PLT Okay, Story. V

35 -c
:? 218 21 05 i0 SPT You want to talk to him, Jack, or ...

218 21 05 15 CDR ... kind of slow up here, Story. The,

"_:: uh, the reason is is because the poles are
_0 stuck together. And had to reel them
_ back some - pull it back in to unstick
"'± the glue.

CC Okay.

Dump Tape 218-14 I
Page l6 of 4_ .... [ _LU_L-_2_) [

........... CDR Both poles - - are fully deployed. We .....

! did get the sailout on them now. In
r _ _ fact,it's been all the way out once and '
he's got them back in again now. Working
on the pleat.

218 21 05 48 CC Understand the sail is stuck together

in places.

218 21 05 51 CDR Yes. !

218 21 05 5h CC And you did get the twist out of the

! lines ?

218 21 05 56 CDR All complete.

:_ . 218 21 05 58 CC That's another thing we solved and you i

j u beat us to it.
c_ i
!" 218 21 06 03 CDR How did you solve it? , "_

:-U CC We broke the pole in half between the .,

_- _ two, uh, the two pullies and moved the -_
_ ; line that had a 180 in it to the break ' -"
_, and then reconnected the pole.

-_ _. 218 21 06 15 PLT That's Just how we solved it. Con- i "

:._ "_7 gradulations. * ':

_. :_ 218 21 06 18 CC Thank you, sir. i J

- 218 21 06 20 CDR What's happening is apparently, at the

_: front edge, Story, an_ at the hack edge .
of the sail, uh, where that white material
• is, it sort of stuck together and we
_ broke that apart manually. And then, kind
= of fluffed up the, uh, main sail material
and sent it out. But the rigidity :
:_ of the poles is such that the uh, uh,
v_ foldedup materialtendedto pull J
"_ the poles together about as much as the i
"; poles tend to pull it apart, not _,
exactly as much as, I guess. But i
_ ' the whole point is it doesn't corn- I
_'_ pletely come out when it's out at I

Dump Tape 218-14
!Page 17 of 44 _....... i

............. the end of the pole. We now got -. --_

F- knockedthe sailbackand sortof
flippind it a little bit to make
sure it's not sticking at any one
fold. In other words, no two faces
of the fold _re completely stuck
together but they're all going to
accordion equally. Then get it out
to the end again, tie down the two
end places, and I guess the Shm will
heat it up and cause the pole forces
to expand until it's finally level.
Do youthink that's true?

' 218 21 07 25 CDR Thatlooksgreatnow.

i_ i .:

,_ _; 218 21 07 °8 CC Okay, it sounds like uh, you got _

_! '. that work under control, AI, and I'ii 7
:L ;" i try to get you an answer on the folds.
__ _? i"
-r And, is thereanythingwe can do for -_'
,! !
you down here?

.... 218 21 07 36 PLT ... it all back in, Story, and uh J2_
_.: ;;_I and, uh, took the folds apart as __ -_
: _ much as I could and uh looks like
_ _ it 's doing better now.

_ 218 21 07 46 SPT Yes.

_ 218 21 07 51 CDR I can only see one pleat. In fact,

_:. - it Just partly now. All pleats are :
3_ i partly expanded. -..

.?3218 21 07 55 PLT Good deal, that does it. Some of the ©.£
;'__ pleats-

-'_;218 21 08 00 CC Okay, Great. And wPen you deploy

;:" the reefing lines out the dog bones out
_L there, that'll help to pull those
_ poles apart too.

_: 218 21 08 1O CDR Roger, Story.

_ 218 21 08 15 CDR Everything's going a good up here. They're

_ working at a slow, steady pace and
_ nobody's tired, and so I have a feeling
_ that the last half's going to go a
_7 little bit faster. We were the most
_ .................. concerned about this one because we
didn't want to lose any parts.

........ u .............................
Dump Tape 218-14 • -- -
Page 18 of 44 :- ........

218 21 08 30 CC _ Okay ..................

_218 21 09 27 PLT Oh, boy.

218 21 09 29 PLT Okay, I got it .., off, AI.

1218 21 09 30 CDR Good. Both of them.

•218 21 09 32 PLT Yeah.

218 21 09 33 CDR Excellent, Jack. All the way out

to the end too, huh?

218 21 09 36 PLT All the way to th218 21 09 39

_ : the next step, old chap.

• 218 21 09 _2 SPT That's great, Jack. That Just super.

218 21 09 45 CDR Okay. Secure clotheslines with

alligator clips located on the base.
" Adjust friction knobs 2 for light
friction, rotate sail plate with the
sail positioning - -

218 21 09 56 CC CDR, Houston.

218 21 09 59 PLT Let me get it.

218 21 I0 01 CDR Go ahead.

218 21 i0 06 CDR Go ahead, Story.

218 21 i0 09 CC Okay, AI. The uh, temperatures in

the TV camera are climbing up here and
we'd like for it not 30 run during the
next hour when we're L(_q, and it's
easier for you to do that than for
them to turn the seitch off in the
airlock module by opezing the circuit
breaker, and that's oI_ panel 202.
Television power AM. You might open
that until the next day's pass.

218 21 l0 31 CDR Good idea. Will do, Story.

_!_218 21 i0 34 CC Okay.

L _-
Dump Tape 218-14

218 21 i0 38 SPT Hey, Story, you know -

"- 218 21 i0 39 CDR I Just opened it.

218 21 i0 40 8PT Is there any dowalink video B being

recorded at that time?

218 21 lO 46 CC That's affirmative. We don't have

real time _ here, but it is being
downlinke d.

_18 21 i0 49 SPT Okay, if the pictures are any good,

why uh, or not any good, why uh,
I can adjust it for them up here.
I JUst didn't know what the quality was.

218 21 i0 59 CC Okay, we'll get a call for you as

_oon as we CAD,. ,.'i

218 21 ii 0_ CD_ Okay, now. I thought you wanted that ':

circuit breaker opened now. You want <
: me to lesve it in now until uh we go uh
out of contact?

- 218 21 Ii 14 CC You can leave it open now, AI.

218 21 ii 17 CDR Okay, it's open.

218 21 ii 20 PLT Okay, AI, l'm ready to go on the

dog bone.

218 21 ii 22 CDR Ready, dog bone. Okay, babe? Kow

are the EVA lights out there, Jack?

218 21 ii 27 PLT Huh?

218 21 ii 28 CDR Are there adequate E_-A lighting out

there ?

218 21 ii 30 ?LT Well, if they're not, I'ii Just ...

218 21 ii 31 CDR Okay.

218 21 ii 35 PLT All right,

218 21 ii 37 CDR Okay, let me find the spot, Jack.

218 21 ll 38 PLT I didn't rotate this down, now. Maybe

............... I'_ better rotate it Just a little bit.
Dump Tape 218-14 _...............
page 20 of hh ...........

218 21. ii _5 CDR .... Let me tell you're supposed to. ........
_ _ You're supposed to do this. Rotate
sail plate with the sail position.

218 21 ii 50 CC We don't mean to hurry you, PLT, but

down here it looks like you got about
a minute and a half of day remaining
to take a look at that power transfer
distribution box.

218 21 11 58 PLT Well, I'm not going to make it this

time around, buddy.

218 21 12 02 CC Okay.

" 218 21 12 03 CDR Adjust frlc - - good i - good answer

- adjust friction knobs 2 for light
" friction_ rotate sail until the sail
positioning knob, until the sail
pushes end of parasol down and Just
touches the nearest rod of parasol ....

218 2i 12 16 PLT Yeah, but I think we ought to - C

218 21 12 19 CDR Why don't we follow the procedures?

:_.218 21 12 20 PLT Okay, we will. But I think what's

...... going to happen is we're taking a
chance on uh, getting uh it all the
way down and then _, when I reef .
it - catching it on something. Well,
maybe -- ._
218 21 12 32 CDR That's going to happen if you do
it the other way. You're going to
reef it, then try to put it down,
and the reefing lines are going to
put tension on it, and you can't
put it down.

218 21 12 39 SPT Well, I'll tell you, you're already

there right now, because uh one of the
uh, fishing rod poles did not extend,
., as you know, on the parasol and that
means that the forward edge - this
: leaning edge has been raised up and it
',. is resting on the pole right now.

218 21 12 53 CDR Yesh, but that doesn't mounts. We're ....

supposed to push it down to the normal
-_ level.
Dump Tape 218-i_ _............
age 21 of 4h i..............

218 21 12 57 CC And, _ylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS.

We'll see you at Hawaii in about an
i hour and 7 minutes, at 22:10. All
your systems are looking good.

218 21 13 05 FLT Okay, Story. Thank you.

218 21 iS 14 CDR That was just an artifact, O.

218 21 13 16 SPT Okay, I understand. Fade out of my


218 21 13 40 CDR How's it pushing, Jack?

218 21 iB 42 PLT I'm Just getting the knob engaged.

218 21 13 43 CDR Okay. _

218 21 13 46 SC ... is listening.

_ 218 21 13 49 PLT Not doing.

Z? 218 21 13 50 CDR ...that again,...?

i _ 218 21 13 51 PLT Okay.

[ 218 21 13 56 SPT Hey, uh looks like the poles are kind of

resting on the upper end of the parasol.
... too well, myself.

218 21 14 13 PLT I don't think this i_ going to take

the thermal environment cluster at all.

21821 14 17 SPT I'iibet it does.

218 21 14 20 CDR Why, it doesn't cover enough or something?

218 21 14 21 PLT It covers essentially the same thing that

the parasol covers.

218 21 14 23 CDR That 's right, but it 's undergraded. It 's

better material and better this, that,
and the other.

218 21 14 28 • Didn't you think - I didn't notice any

degredation on the parasol.

" 218 21 14 32 CDR Apparently it did, though. I don't

..... either but uh, also you got two insulated
blankets. Of course, this one'll stay
Dump Tape 218-14 -.........
Page 22 of h4 ' -

.......... forever, and that other one, I guess

they were afraid, wouldn't.

218 21 14 50 SPT If anything leaked through the other,

why uh - -

218 21 14 53 CDR Yes, it's kind of a double radiation

ba/Iket, like two l_yers of super
insulation is what it is, instead of one.

218 21 14 59 SPT But if the first one reflects 99 percent,

then the second one doesn't make much
difference. But it may not do that, of :£
course, maybe it only reflects 50.
Take another big chunk or _omething, I '
don't know. -'

218 21 15 12 CDR You push it and it looks like it comes


218 21 15 19 SPT Careful, those are breakable.

218 21 15 24 PLT I'm Just pushing them very gently. Yes,

it does come back. ..

• BPT Ok%v.

218 21 19 26 CDR You got to take up ...

218 21 i_ 27 ,%_PT Okay, you're coming down, You're

coming down, Jack, uh, Jack

218 21 15 32 PLT I think I'm going to screw it a little


218 21 15 35 CDR Okay.

21_ 21 15 37 SPT Looks like the lean edge of the parasol is

down to within about a foot of the
workshop, so I assume that the _ck
end must be flush.

218 21 15 45 PLT Maybe I should leave it there til we'll

see it better.

318 21 15 _8 SPT ' Well, you're awful close any _y. I, I,

' I don't, it didn't bresl_-up down maybe
; 3 feet off the fron edge of it.
Dump Tape 218-14 i........
_P_e 23 of 44 ........ .__

218 21 15 59 CDR Wasn't the rule say bring it _ %mtil

it's - the - the poles Just touch
the front edge height. Isn't that it?

218 21 16 06 SPT The back ends are supposed to _B

down and the front ends are supposed to be

218 21 16 09 CDR That's it. Not the front edge that's

sticking way up in the air, but the one
that sort of normal. The horizontal one.

218 21 16 16 PLT Yes. The problem is, right now, AI,

I can't see it.

218 21 16 19 SPT Okay, you want - the one that - -

; ! 218 21 16 20 CDR You got a penlight in your pocket -

_i _ on your sleeve. If you can get to
_ it. Maybe you can'tget to it.
-p 218 21 16 28 S?T That wouldn't be any good with the
_ EVA lighting we've got. It's much
_-_ __ brighter than a penlight. I can see =
it, I bet, Jack, that this leading [?] _
L _ ere is 3 feetoffthe cliff[?]

. 218 21 16 40 PLT Okay, how does the uh, leaning edge of the,
• uh, parasol look? Does it look like - -

-_ 21S 21 16 46 SPT It's down below the poles, for some

- reason. It looks like when you pushed
them down, they sort of stayed down.

218 21 16 52 PLT Good .... might be holding them down.

218 21 16 56 CDR It could be holding it from the back

or something.

218 21 17 00 PLT Oh, now I can see a little better.

Okay. Now you're about to get it,
babe. You're about to get it - -
that's what'S holding it down. It is.
_ The leading ... pole are, uh, within
a foot of the ... It's holding it down

218 21 17 i0 CDR Excellent. What you can do when you

................ get this spot is tighten it. Don't put .......
Dump Tape 218-14
24of ......... k J
, _ ............... out the dog bone and then if you
i have to tighten it a fraction of a little
f _ bit more, then, you know, with the
"_ sunlight, you can.

D 218 21 iT 22 PLT Yes.

' 218 21 17 23 CDR You got plenty of light out there in

,3 .
those places.

i) 218 21 17 26 SPT I think that's Just about what the set's

i' called for right there, Jack.

218 21 17 30 SPT You may want to catch _t up; a little

i' bit firm.

"_ 1218 21 17 38 PLT Okay, let's see, I'm going to ease it

'0 U ! out dog bone, here.

i';,218 21 17 40 CDR Hey, wait a minute, now. Aren't you

-_ _--o! going to tighten that thing up? -J

O "[ 218 21 17 44 PLT Yes, I did tightenit down. £,

&: _ 218 21 17 46 CDR Hey Owen. How about the two side ones?
cO 2 ,
.... ,_ 218 21 17 47 PLT I didn't tighten them.

_" :: 218 21 17 49 CDR And you got to put in'Tthe little lock. !'_
2G i
(O ;D' !218 21 17 52 PLT I'm going to do it better, later. ,;
:_:i .._
32 218 21 17 58 CDR Okay. Now, I'm going to put that on the L,
3_ checklist. You're going to come hack i
S,: and work on that later. I'm going to ,-
_ put that in the checklist.We're ":
3; CD80 right now.

-. 218 21 18 15 CDR Well, now, let's see here. That thing

39 goes around the dog bone and the question
-_, you want to know is: Are the reefing lines
:_ on correct side of clcthesline? So when
;_ you take those out, you'll wan_ to check.
_3 I don't know which is -'orreet, but you'll
f'_ "be able to see out there.

218 21 18 33 PLT Oh. Can't see much of anything down

;7 I! there now.

218 21 18 36 CDR Okay.

Dump Tape 218-i_
_e 25of_4 r..............
i I

218.21.18 38 PLT But I had them straightened out a .........

i while
ago. }
2 218 21 18 h0 CDR Okay, t
5 218 21 19 0_ CDR Okay. Nighttime, you got 30 minutes I
i of it, so - }
/ : i l

" [218 21 19 07 ,_PT J., I'm going to have to get you }

_ : some extra %umbilical.

218 21 19 09 CDE - I tell youwhat you're going to want i

" tO do, Jack, tie those off sad then i ,..
"' tighten that thing do_n, as the best I D
L' Owen can show you and then get back _ .q
in here and let's get started on that ; .J,
:__ ' _ other EVA sad then when you go - come _:
© ,, !
..< • : back from the front end the l_st time, i '..i
c:. ':: i yoU can stop and work on It. i

< % 218 21 19 23 PLT Yes. ! ._;

"--_ '_ 218 2119 2_ CDR But we got 30 minutes% we can't w_it. _

._4 _"_ ; Watch out. There you go. i " '_ -

i , ! ,

O___. - 218 el 19 29 PLT ..• my umbilical, O. I -:

_'- / 218 21 19 30 BPT ¥eah, I'm going to give you some more• _
?f . ,
,_ 218 21 19 4_ PLT Now I'm going to turn sxound here. L

;_ 218 21 19 _9 SPT whole darned thing because there } '_

might be something sharp here. ' .

218 21 20 i0 PLT Much more umbilical, or is he got !

J _-_
about a half. About right? I <

218 21 20 17 PLT Okay, the kid is trailing the dog bone.

' 218 21 20 38 CDR It looks good out there. !

:_ 218 21 20 57 CDR Hey, kid, you better - that dog bone,

._ that thing's sroumd your 1_mbillc_l. !
_ You ought to take a look at it. Don't
":" tie it off. You hear me, Jsck_

:'_ 218 21 21 07 PLT Yeah, I hear you.

,:3 L-.-. ........................... ;......................................... ,


Dump Tape 218-14

!Page26 of 4_ F................

218 21 21 13 CDR Okay. Just pull down. Your umbilical

comes out in front of you and then you
can decide which - on which - side of
your umbilical you want. But right
now it's wrapped around it.

218 21 21 20 PLT Okay. It sure is. Thank you for

catching that.

218 21 21 30 PLT Dern.

218 21 21 38 CDR There you go. Left side.

218 21 21 47 CDR NOW, Owen. Look at that and make o_

sure that umbilical's in the right :_
place, i -_

_.. b 218 21 21 55 SPT Talking about Jack's umbilical? j --

_:-'218 21 21 57 CDR Yeah, relative to this dog bone. i (,J

.... , We don't want him to tie his dog bone •
_, _ out there and find himself on the _
"_, _ othersideof his umbilical. .,
:_ _ 218 21 22 05 SPT What you've got, Jack - you've got
?_ the umbilical beside your there uh, = ,_
_ beside your uh -_

2_ 218 21 22 09 CDR Pull on that one you've got in your ;_

2 right hand and it'll all come loose. There
•_ : you go'. _ .i

_: 218 21 22 ii PLT That's what I'm doing. I think that's

" theway to do it righthere. : O

-_:218 21 22 15 CDR That'sright. : d

218 21 22 16 CDR Keep pulling on tha_. Don't give
.., upthatone. '

_ PLT Howabout
:. i

:_ = CDR Now, the question is - okay. Is his ,

:: umbilicalthat goo is he going to
• be able to get back Jn with his !
'_ umbilicalthat way?
••!i !
_' 218 21 22 31 SPT Yes. His umbilical's free.
Dump Tape 218-14
27of44 ii
CDR Okay. All right

_ SPT Okay. Now hack to the dog bone.

L i
: PLT Okay.

i218 21 22 45 PLT A rope, O.

i SPT Huh?

i0 i _T Never mind, that's all right nOW.

'_ PLT Okay, I'm riding the ATM.

i :218 21 23 04 PLT Okay, dog bone, you're mine. ;q

: _ CDR Go through one of those struts, not ::

_ Justaroundthatlittleend thing. _.
:_.... There you go. Excellent. Not putting
_ too much stresson the poles,is he, 0.? _.
:_ 2: I can't watch him from here.
-: 2! i:
'=_ :'_ CDR Owen
? " _ ,.._

_- _---- _" 218 21 23 35 SPT Don't think I can tell. I've got to
=_- _:_ go down and check it but I don't -"
=:_ thi_kI'iibe ableto see this pole
': _" wellenough.

_ CDR Okay.

PLT Allright,

218 21 24 02 SPT Looks like he's blopped that end _:_

: down pretty well.

PLT They'll be going around there. It

ain't long enough to reach - hook.

_ SPT You can always Just hook it to itself

over the strap.

_'? PLT I got all this ... in front of me now at

-_ the end that I'm hooked. It's hooked.

_%?T Okay.

: 218 21 25 35 CDR This is where the sorry design comes

_: ................ into play. - ............... -J
z, • : -
Dump Tape 218-14
•page28of_4 . !...............
t ......... i

218 21 25 52 PLT Okay, you watch it, 0. Okay let me

make a - Oh, you need the sail?

SPT Yeah. - -

PLT Okay.

SPT - - find the one that's got the right

tension on it.

CDR What a way to design something.

218 21 26 17 SPT Okay, I'm watching, Jack. Too much more.

There you go Jack,that _ _oaby.

PLT I tell you this - that looks pretty i

_ _ good. Theyoughtto Juststaylike .
': ' that and we can Just tighten them up ,)
} _ laterif we needto.

-" il = SPT Okay. Get that other one out. :5

.% __ _ PLT Yeah. i .%

• CDR How's your umbilical. Is it okay?

_ PLT Let's get back and see. "_

7 CDR Okay.

,_,_ _' 218 21 26 37 PLT Following me in, is it, O. :_

= :_ [ --i

SPT Yeah, I think so. Whoop, you better

_ stop, your foot is h_mg up there •
_: a way. Just a minute, Just a minute. --

_ SPT Get into the next where I can watch

you better. Holdup.

PLT Here?

_ PLT Okay, now this other one. That it?

_3 218 21 27 19 PLT Come on, red. Red - red here I ain't

_ sure about.
_ SPT Look_ to me like it' s free.

,_-_218 21 27 49 PLT Yeah. Surely is. It's free.

Dump Tape 218-14
Page 29 of _h ,.'"
......... _--]

.............. CDR . Okay. ......................................

_ PLT There's the bendest end of that one.

Got them hooked up to me. Get them
out of this bag. Okay and there it is.

218 21 28 31 PLT Now, the only thing is, we got to

hand it around. Like this. Okay, here
_' ' I go. Get a dog bone.

218 21 29 05 PLT Okay, 0., you got my umbilical?

SPY Yep.

218 21 29 26 CDR Fire passing directly beneath us.

_ " SPT Yeah, that was something, wasn't it? .

_ _ ; CDR Big forest fire. i

i •

-_ _:_- ' SPT Yeah. _ "

,-. _: 218 21 29 37 CDR Watch out, you're pulling on it, Jack. ..

/i _ i You're pulling on the poles, babe.
< _ Get that thing out from behind your
") i !
•_ : shoulder. It'scaughton - Okay,now.
_. Takeit easy. Thereyou go. End i
x _ of the tether again -

z_ PLT Now, where does it go, in respect to "

_ , the tether? _

CDR It's fairly tight right now, Jack.

:L So youmightwantto - Be careful, _ _
_, Jack, you're moving those poles around,
J_ babe. You'reputtingtoo much force i
• on it - bending the poles. You're i
• going to have to take your tether off
:: that red hook and get that little hook.
• Float back towards the poles a little

_ 218 21 30 27 PLT Yeah, maybe it'll cc_e to me.

<3 i
•. i CDR There you go. Should have hooked the
- : tether to that little red one and not
that other one.

,_ L......... PLT . Yesh .................................

Dump Tape 218-14
Page 30 of 44 i..................

CDR That's where you got the short. Okay.

Maybe you can grab that other one now
and disconnect the tether. There you go.

218 21 30 55 PLT Yeah, it was Just a little short there.

CDR That's a boy. Now you got it.

PLT Okay, now I'll get this one over here.

218 21 31 35 CDR How's it look, 0.?

218 21 31 37 SPT It hasn't got much tensioh on it.

CDR ... i

_. . 1218 21 32 35 CDR Pull - pull down now.

{- $ i CDR Just perfect, Jack. Just perfect.

_ _ PLT Almost got it. _

' i CDR I know it. ks good, babe. -:

_.{ _ 218 21 32 50 PLT There. Now. __

_ PLT Screwball thing's a long ways away "


CDR Shitty design. Damn poor design. I

don't know why anybody would build one like
that. Pulls the wrong w_y, a long way _
• from tiedown. Couldn't gripe about
that small item, I gues.. So there :
• it is, right by your hand there.

_ 218 21 33 25 H Watch her, 0. Okay, now you're be-

ginning to do it good.

SPT Okay, take it easy for a minute.

i Okay, pull in a little more. A little
_ ! more.

"S 19_18 21 33 56 SPT Heh. They Just ...

:s IFf There're another foot on that.

_' SPT Need some more.
Dump T_pe 218-14 ,..................

CDR He's not bending both poles over ...............

this way, is he?

SPT He's bending neither of the poles

at all.

CDE Okay.

? PLT How'
s that[

, :218 21 3h 16 SPT A little more.

PLT ...

• CDR Are you tucking very hard? :

_ PLT Yeah ... _:

,- ,' 8PT itl

"-_ _', CDR Okay. Well then I'd stop, but it's "J
' : " not fully unfolded yet, but maybe m
•;, __ the sun'Ii help tomorrow. Okay. Let D
,_ : me tell you what to do, Jack. Ease :_
-"- :-:--- ' • back down to the old foot restraint. _;

- ._,:: 218 21 3_ he PLT How long till daylight, AI? i_..

_c_ ;_ CDH Too long to _ait, bsbe. lh minutes. 7

:' Ease down to the old foot restraint.
:i •
- 218 21 3_ 50 PLT Why don't we get •those things in -_
last so I can go down and take this .._
_. _ thing up some.

CDR Why don'twe get thosein - okay, go -<

_'_ down thereand sendihe hag in. Let's
. get rid of the bag so it won't he out
here for the rest of the guys. Can
- i you send him out the poles, Owen_

•: SPT Send him out the pole - -

:. PLT Hold it there,

_i 218 21 35 06 CDR Watch him though.

_" PIT Okay, I'm moving back out here, O.

SPT Okay.
Dump Tape 218-14
_Page 32 of 44 [i .............. ;--7

CDR Is his umbilical clear of everything? ._

SPT Looks like it is.

CDR Okay,

218 21 3_ 2_ CDR Send in the old boom and he'll send

you the bag.

SPT Okay, Let's do a couple of things first

on the - Hey maybe _e don't have to
bend the umbilical, I can Just put
it back here.

BPT Say when, Jack, I can't see it. Oh. :.

_: Z Okay, here it is. _

:_ :r
t: _: :218 21 36 08 PLT Oh. I don't have to be too fancy about "_
c. getting this bag in.

.= . CDR That's right. Just kind of clean it C:

7 up for the next guys, which happens .
_._ to be us, as a matter of fact. .:

:: PLT Okay, O.

_" _ 218 21 36 2_ CDR When you get it 0., take it off and ,
_ ' hook it around the FAS somewhere because
_" Jack'll ha back in e. few minutes and "
:. _ he can hook it inside the - the lock. -

SPT Okay,

218 al 36 44 SPT Have to !mAt it around the electrical

things first. .:-

: PLT Yeah. And I 'm - -

_i _218 21 36 46 SFT - - Pulling awful h_rd on that mother.

'_ ', ODR Bend it a little bit more to him, O.,

so he can see it.

_' 218 21 36 53 SFT How am I doing?


' CDR Ther 9 you go,

_" SPT Okay. Whoopl I'm so_z'_',I thought I

............................. _ it off the wo0_. That's our ...........
.Dump Tape 218-14
Page 33 of 4_ V,

218 21 37 17 CDR Why don't you Just come out of the ......
_ : foot restraintsand pull up and hand
it to him if you can't hook it on.

PLT He'll get it. He'll get it.

SPY A lot of energy on, that's for sure.

PLT Could go like that, again. Might not

make it? Going to send something
else back?

- SPT No.

218 21 37 52 PLT That's not very good?

, SPT No. -"

]. :" PLT Uh, wait. Oh, I see something else,

i_ but - "

:-: ?; : CDR Why don't you Just pull back and hand :
.'i " it to him, Jack?

PLT It'll tell you what'll be a lot easier

: :-: than fighting this. What's next? _:
-- _ I come up there anyway, don't I?

_ 218 21 38 06 CDR Get the bag back. You're right. -:

-_ PLT I come back here arC:way, don't I?

CDR Yeah.

PLT Good idea, AI.

CDR Boom - boom retract, O. That a boy.

;' Okay, Just bring her back. And get
_: in the - get in the airlock department,
I'lltell you whatto do.
d i

_ 218 21 38 28 PLT We going to play them our song on this

one or wait?

CDR We're going to play them our song on this

"_ one. But come on back in the FA_q so we
• can get this stuff stowed, so we can
' get on this next one. Been out here
: :-..................... too long. But we' re doing it right. - --
No gripes. Just don't have time to
Dump Tape 2] 8-14
',Page34 of 44 F- .........

waste. Going to be too long a day.

i They're liable to get funny ideas. ,


218 21 38 49 CDR You Just see_ Let's go.

PLT I get back in now, don't I?

CDR Yeah. Clam EV-2 LqU to appropriate length.

PLT Hey, you got my umbilical, 0?

SPT I got your what? Yeah. In the bag.

! PLT I got the bag, I'ii put it in here ....

<D _: 218 21 39 09 CDR Okay, translate the F-10 handrail and

releaserod storageplate tether.

-_ :_ SPT Passed that already. I'll go down and _

_-_ getit. [4
._ 2_. 7
_ CDR Okay. -,

-' CDR Okay.

_-_, 218 21 39 24 SPT Rest of your umbilical, Jack.

;' FLT Huh?

SPT Here's the rest of :our umbilical. I got

to go down and get that tether.

: 218 21 39 32 PLT Okay then. I'm - I_m with A1, let's get
: thisgoing.

CDR Okay, well I'm telling you. Those guys get out
here - those docters,- they've been out,
he's been sick, let's cut out this, cut out that.
. Let's get going; but we're already doing it.
: 218 21 39 46 PLT Yes/a, we want to be Ioing it when they
get here. i
CDR That's reight. Okay, as soon as you get those
<% poles, hand them in and stow them and then
"_ stow the clothesline stowage containers.

Dump Tape 218-14
[P e of (- .... _
i ............... PLT Just a minute. _............................

218 21 40 05 CDR Okay, I'm Just telling you , everything you got
out there, stow. Jack needs to put it in the
AM, pretty far back where he got them. No need
_. to put any tethers on. Just grab them, stick
them in there and tether them inside. Don't
• need to tetherto da a transfer.

218 21 40 25 PLT Okay, O, it's loose at this end. You got it

loose there?

: 8PT Yeah.

PLT That a boy. Get those two things loose there.

• i

.j_ SI_I
' Yeah. I'ii get them. Oh, and I the get the
• footrestraints, here.

.7, - J '21821 41 15 PLT Got one of them here for you.

,_ __.: SPT Okay.


SPT The other one - you want to put it on the same - --

;"_ - hook?

_.. ". 218 21 41 _4 SPT Got a gold - still got your gold visor down
J _: _ too. If you want any bettervisibility.

_: PLT Yeah. Thanks.

_- CDR Probably why he cou/_n't see the pole. Now

that you think about it.

; SPT Do make a difference.

. PLT Okay, what else you got?

218 21 41 58 SPT Well, let's see. That's about it, isn't it?
i i

_ CDR Okay, you got the bag in?

SPT Yeah.

5 PLT Yeah, bag's in.

":" ! i
2 L ................ _ .................
_. 1 ............... CDR And you got the two plates wlth the poles .....
" in the- -

PLT Yeah.

SPT Yeah.

• CDR Two other thin@s.


' PLT Yes.

:: _218 21 h2 08 CDR Okay, let's get on _rlth the _ext one. Okay? ,::

PLT Nest one. .q

,_ % CDR Okay, let me read now. Foot restraints, we T

_ 17 got to do, and tying that thing down, we got ?
.- to do. Let's don't forget that. Okay, remove
_ clothesline stowage container, turn, turn, turn, .-
--3 0:7
._ t_, stow rod. C

_-_ _:_' CDE Pick up normal EVA procedures. Okay, that's *D

"J ":_ lh9. Hand me 149. _,

_:J _ !218 21 _2 30 PLT Okay, it's coming at them in a minute.

?-,I SPT Pull the circuit breaker didn't y_u. Al? '_

'_ ! CDR Did I? Yeah, thanks, for reminding me, _ood -_

idea. Thank you.

_ 218 21 42 41 SPT Where does the 1)49 get tied down?

_, ©
--, CDR i_9 is passed to EV-I. Stow i_9 on F6
_5 handrail near clothesline cliff. <

_/ 8PT Tether - Get your tether.

_i._218 hR 56 FLT FI0, where's that?

_? CDR F6 handrail near the clothesline cl_p.

:_ PLT Do you think you want it in - You want all

-._ this stuff double thethered?

_ CDR You bet.

•Dump T_pe 218-1h

PLT .......................................................
0k%7. _i

218 21 h3 13 CDR Wait _ minute % I take that back. You don't have
• to double tether this stuff, In fact, what you
ought to do with your tethers, is not pitt them
•, i up) but hook them back on your sleeve. :
' i

BPT It was hooded, r

CDR No, I'm talking about 0 - Jack, so both ends are

hooked o_ his sleeve, He's got it s_rlnging
" free. It'll get in his way.

_; PLT And our restraint goes up there somewhere I think.

_ But I don't see any F-6 on it, but I think that's
,, it.

Sl_ That's F-6.

-_ _" 218 21 43 37 CDR In clothesline clip. Experiment toward EVA-I_

:_ .- it says there.

_q " SPT Experiment toward me, Okay. Now .., that's where I left
_--" _ that extra clip. So I _n't be able to tether _--
- this thing while it's there) whick I think is
_" i a good idea beceuse this thing could get
: knocked all off qttite easily,

:, PLT I% _in't got a tether on it. !

:" '218 21 h3 55 8PT No, b_t that - I left that one in too that we
had out here on F-6.

PLT Okay. ,:

CDR Go ahead and tether it. Okay.


PLT You know how it goes on the handrail there?

-,: SPT No, l don't.

i PLT Just Jam it on with that open link - -

: 8Pr Oh yeah. That 's right ; I remember.

_v: i :
_! ..............................................
-............ c- ....................
Dump Tape 218-14

218 21 _4 31 PLT And then you got to put that little black thing
_- under that punch button.

: SPT Yep. I remember. Luck, luck.

218 21 44 44 CDR Okay, Jack, as soon as you're free, get the VS

tree out. Pass to O.

PLT Yes. That's the one that goes to the end. Okay
I got that.

CDR Okay, whenever he's ready, you can take it and

put it where it belongs.

• 218 21 44 57 SPT I'm Jamming that thing but it doesn't Jam on

:_ ' there, i _

: _7 CDR Maybe you can use the tether and tether it.

.:: _ PLT No, it's tethered also. --

;" 21 :q

.",.. -= PLT Okay. Hey, O, there's the tree, there it is.

_ 13 He'sgotit.
"! !

'_ :_ DR Okay. You get the other tree then, Jack.

/-,_: _ 218 21 45 43 SPT Better get your umbilical out of here, Jack, too.

"9 PLT Allright. -

CDR Okay, and Jack, when you've finished there, get

outthe230clip. -.

_ PLT Okay.

CDR And Owen's going to take those and he's going to

_ put them on the par,el 321 switch guard.

9 PLT Okay.

i 218 21 46 12 CDR Getting the Sunrise coming up, gang.


_3 SPT Just a minute, Jack. _:

J PLT Okay.
Dump Tape 218-14
Page 39 of 44 1 L ........... :__

218 20 h6 16 SPT That's too fast, Jack. Kind of slow down' ....

CDR Take it easy. l'm reading them too fast.

SPT That's right_ We're going too fast.

CDR I want to have all this stuff out here by ...

PLT No, that's fine, A1, we're going too fast.

CDR I agree. I agree.

_: 218 21 46 28 SPT Fast tether is as important am the other

218 21 46 31 CDR Maybe more important. Work at the speed you

_. think's best. Tell me when you want some more
•_ istructions.

- ' CDR Clip that down at this end, Jack. Way down here,
"_ _', otherwise it's going to bother you when you get
_ in later.

•> :. i
_-_ ..... PLT What are you talking about?

_ 218 21 46 54 CDR Those poles and things. Oh, you're talking -

-- :" you got the 230 things. -

_: PLT Yeah. The poles are all right, right there.

CDR All right. Fair enough.

218 21 47 C9 SPT Press that button, .Tack, or something to hold

_ this - this 149.

_ PLT You just Jam it onto the - onto the handrail,

, _ Owen, it'ii clip shut.

: SPT Okay. That what I see now, that's the way

:_ ! I didit.
f •

PLT It looks like it come loose.

218 21 h7 23 SPT And then - and then you put the black thing -
• It Just rattled around so much it was still
:_ i locked. It Just didn't look like it. Okay -
_ i I'm - What next? This clips on the red,
'_ '
I doesn't it?

Dump Tape 218-14
!p e40of F.............

PLT Yeah, I already got it thery for you.

SPT Okay. That's where I thought I clip this.

218 21 47 39 CDR 321 switch guard, if that's that you're working


SPT It is, they're fastened. Okay, what's now?

CDR After that he is to hand in the things that I've

merit ione d?

SPT Okay. Everythingin clips.

i CDR Okay. Egress AM and translate the VC. !

_ 121821 47 56 SPT Okay,hereI go. _

_ i SPT Manager.

_ _ CDR Everything's going great, gang. Looks perfect.

We made it ; I was afraid we might not.

...._i ..... 218 21 48 l0 PLT I was right though, we have to be a little more
<_' _' careful.

_:. ; SPT We were careful.

._ _ _ CDR Be careful. Don't let me get you in a hurry.

" 218 21 48 27 PLT Okay, ho's my umbili.'al coming there, O? __

'_: SPT It's doing fine, I'm pulling a little slack an it.

_ SPT Okay, space fans, he-:e's our ... at the VS tree

VC footrestraints.

SPT I see him down there. Get your gold visor out.

',. _ CDR Okay, Owen, let me - Jack, or Owen, let me tell

-_ , you what to do. Once he get there, assist EV-2 in
translation and manage EV-2 L_U, O. When it's
-'?. finished, remove slack and clamp EV-2 L_U at
_ approximately 31 feet.

_,., _'C)±" ! ]L./ " - = . _ NA"_-._':;

Dump Tape 218-14

_ CDR And, 0 - Jack, clamp yours at 9 feet please.

_218 21 _9 20 PLT Complete.

CDR Okay, _4U status check, gentlemen.

PLT _6, no lights. And, let's see here, 36, no lights.

_: CDE Verify ATM position, S056.


":_ PLT By golly, It's right where he is. _

" CDR Can't beat that. Okay then, deploy the center
:: boom a foot. Verify boom hook unlocked and
.:' everything's standing with the boom hooks, llke
_" _ it's locked on there rezl good. Unstow from
", VC tree, attach 56 to boom an_ shoot it down

' there. 1 !:
:_: " 218 21 50 59 PLT Extended i foot, boom hook in unlgcked it
;< straightened out. Now I think I'm going to
" _3 ..... : have to reclamp the umbilic_l or else it's going ......
21 -_ to get caught in the transfer,

_ CDR Did you have it at 31 feet? i

PLT I had it at 31. } "_:

_°" 2i8 21 50 12 CDH Give me a better number and I'Ii write it in

this checklist.

PLT Hey, you know _hat? That failure was - clamped on

.: failure was surrounded about a foot from the edge
on the forward edge here, and Just about where
:_ you want it ...

218 21 50 27 CDR You can describe it when we - after the music.

.: _: SPT Now, you think we ought to take another put out

.... Of that umbilical, Jack? I'ii try to get it
: : around there.

:: CDR Give him some slack. He's got to lean back

_ ; and things, i
DumpTape 218-14 f.......... --_
Page42of 4_ L .........

SPT He's already got his clamped, so this doesn't

have anything to do with his slack.

CDR Okay.

218 21 50 _2 SPT Okay. You ready for S056, aren't you?

PLT I am ready.

SPT Okay .... to do ... Is that empty, and I Just

_ put it on there?

CDR Okay .... 56 and lock. Unlock and open S056

door right now.

,_ PLT Have we got this thing installed on the right

( 7 dog bone? Now there's some more dogbones where
r_ the ATM rotates on the MDA. I think we must.

-J ?p
< CDR Got the door on 56 - 56 door open and unlocked?

C' _ PLT _** lock, it says push. It's unlocked and open. -_

---,_;:c 218 21 51 24 CDR Okay, lean back, get it, and install it. That
'-_ - ought to be straightforward.

_ PLT Hey, I asked you for those dogbones.

j G_

o:. CDR I don't have any way to knwo from here, Jack.

SPT I think we got the r_ght ones. I don't see how =

there could be any others.

PLT Yeah, those are the _nes. Those are the ones we
" did in the trainer anyway. There is some other
kind of dogbones over there where the ATN swung
around 8nd pivoted off the MDA there.

CDR Shoot it down. Everybody's waiting for you.

f ,

r.._ _ ._ [,_ _ ,."• -

Dump Tape 218-14 _ ............. _-_
Page 43 of 44 ...............

- _ _PLT ...........
Well, ther's a little, uh, round, uh, those -
Okay, here it comes. Now I'ii treat this very
; gently and carefully and make sure I do not lose
; it.

SPT Say when.

PLT Whoa] ... more roll. *** my foot. Okay.

Got it securelyin my left hand.

i PLT Now securely in my right hand. Okay, take it

" : away. :_

SPT Okay, I got it in my hand here, AI.

.... 218 21 52 38 CDR Okay, Owen, by the _ay, put H-alpha i on the -_.
" ' camera now, okeydoke?

SPT I assumeyou mean the H-alpha on the boo_ .

_- CDR That's right. H-alpha 1 from VC tree. Okay, !L

O install and verify white flag visible in the
"_ ;_ engaged lock-lock. L

Lq _/. 218 21 53 01 PLT Okay, white flag visible. And lock-lock engaged. -

" CDR Everythingis happy about that, huh? Okay? _

_._ • i CDR Okay, close 56 door_ lock and verify white

r_ flagvisible on thedoor. ,

PLT Okay, the door is locked and the flag is visible.

CDR Okay, panel 160, POWER, two of them, ENABLED.

218 21 53 26 PLT Okay, POWER, ENABLE.


218 21 53 29 PLT ROLL, ENABLE.

'_ CDR Canister rotation. And do it slow; don't go

& very far over. CANISTER ROTATION, RIGHT, to
!" alignH-alphai.

._. L, +'uh'L. _ _ _".+.!_ , _.=- j,_-,_

Dump Tape 218-14 _ - ........ -!.
iPage 4h of 44 [................

' PLT Okay, I'm going very slowly in LOW rate. "i

CDR That's good. Slow rotation was preferred.

218 21 53 h7 SPT Okay, S056 is in there and the big white flag
came out and stared me right in the face.

218 21 53 53 This segment is duplicated verbation on

218 22 ii O0 Dump Ta_e 218-18

:- _ OF TAPE _
- iq


; 23 ' _ 7
., 2_ __
/-L z_

__ ! Z

iT. -_


45 ,

Time : 0011-9-005b Gv_ll

* =
_-_ ,. P._4gel of 3 _ _" t.,i
FR,00'_,, ! i
-/ I ,--xcRt_'rs=_c4,i%
I 221 00 50 43 SPT _ay. This is the SPT with a message concerning
_ -- 2" ED52. THe web formation experiment and infor-
3 mation should go to John MacLeo4 at our program
4 office here, and - in - uh - Houston, and to the
5 Science - uh -Supervisor_ Dr. Gause at Marshall,
and to the SPI, Miss Jennie Miles up at Lexington,
7 Massachusetts. Now, I Just took the photograph
.5" of the spider web on the third night of construe-
ti.on and it does look like it is a third inde-
_J' pendent web. In fact, it - uh - uh - looks like
_; there's been improvements each might. And I
_2 wanted to try to describe the method of con- :-.
_3 struotion because some of this _rill probably not
i_ ' be entirely clear from the two-(ilmensional photo-
_; : graphs. Assigningthey even come out perfectly.
L:J _ ! Last night the spider realized apparently that _
C) 17 I _-
< ,3 ! the front part of the cage was not a permanent j.
,, fixtt_re.And that - uh - the - doors could be
!9 z opened, becuase on last night's web, the second .2]
-:_ :zO web, there were at the bottom of the cage a few 2
:_ :_I of the radials which were attached to - or at -
_] ?2 least touching the front of the glass. So when
..., 2:_ I opened it up why, it disturbed the web a little .
---- "-'-'2
..... ?' bit, it caused it to vibrate an_ shake and pull
:.]-" :2 a little bit. Tonight, it appeared that the way -
25 the web is constructed, the spi_er sort of --
,.: _7 walked around on the wall_ the four-side w8!1, :"
/_ .:,J of the enclosure and strung some more-or-less - -
2.° uh - single elements diagonally across the cornor.
;< _ And then also some of'them - Well, it looks like
]; that was probably the first step, sort of dia-
32 gonals across the cornor. And then, from these
_? diagonal she managed to start stringing addi-
;: tional stringers from the - uh - one diagonal i

:5 to another. And then eventually it was about <

23 to get clear across of the diagonal and then
! she started her normal construction. But then
L_ [ in addition to that, some of these radials have
3'; other stringers tied in toward the back of the
.<) cage, and so by tightening up on these stringers,
;i she actually sort of pulled the web back away from
2 the front part of the cage a little ways. So
-'3 tonight when I opened up the doors - uh - the -
_4 the doors would not touch the we_ in any way, and
._5 it caused no - uh - no Jostling or no stretch or

Dump Tape 221-01
/ _ - Page 2 of 3 _ [ i_i- _i_-_i/-/-i _
: ............... pulling of the formed web. And Arabella has
been sitting there very comfortably right in
. the center all during the daY. And so if she
continues her past pattern, why, I suppose she'll
spin another web every day or so. I don't know
how long - uh- this might go on.

221 O0 53 44 SPT Just a moment, let me - uh - uh - let me stop

herefora moment, i

221 O0 53 59 SPT Yes, I see the experiment actually calls for

spinning only three webs during the entire
_ experiment. But now actually we 'ii want to get
!i a few more photographs than that. We'll go _:
ahead use this Nikon to take photographs for
_ the next few nights as well. But I think we
<9 _: i ought to be thinking about what else we can do. :_
"< i? If I followed the procedure, of course, I'd
_ Just bottle the spider back up and throw Arabella
2_ _d her back up, and the water vial, and so L
_- 2! forth away. But there might be some other in- _
-7 -,,_ teresting things we can do, but if it doesn't
• ", take up very much of our time to go ahead and
.......-;- "z leave the enclosure. I think I'ii probably want
t5 to take if off the domed lockers and put it -
• _ down some place where it's a little bit more -
;_ out of the way. But alternativeswould be to
f_,) " try to put Arabella back in the vial and release
• the backup spider and see if the backup spider
,_ ._ follows the same procedure all over again.
• Alternatively, I' - I'd appreciate some words on
this independently. I'd like to know what these
._ i spiders can eat that we have on board. Could we
_ put any sort of vegetable or meat, obviously no
_ live food in their web and would the spider
_ consume it? And so, if there's anything that we
$2 could feed the spider or spiders to keep them
': alive a little longer? And what of the possibi-
3: _ lity of putting both spiders in the cage at the
_ . same time? 1%mderstand one will eat the other.
I And does it make any difference to anybody, or
!_ : is that the only way to provide a little bit of
_ _ extra food perhaps for one or other of the
_; spiders. So, - uh - I would appreciate it if
_5 sometime tomorrow this word could be transferred
_ to Dr. Gause and John MacLoed - uh - in Houston
_ and also and in particular to the student PI,
._ .... Miss Jennie Miles and let them get together on a
Dump Tape 221-01

•_ _ P_e3of_3 [i_i
i telephone conversation and then work out some
z sort of a little recommendation and send it up
to us on the teleprinter. So end of message from
the SPT. And I'd like to do this as promptly as
possible to get to at least the three people
mentioned and anyone others around the Center
7 interested in the web formation experiment.

_; 221 O0 56 09 SPT SPT out.

_2 1 _D OF TAPE


-_ 2C "-
7. -- ;i

----_ -- 2_ --

2o L.
•. 27 ',_
f_-; 2r:, ,,,
22 1

-3 i '*'
i L


' i


/2;7 _
Time: 1730-20_0G_5 .." '

Page I of lO

218 17 R9 15 CDR Is - is this 0.157 So that's about it. Okay.

Start watch for beginning of EVA. I'Ii do
that, gang.

;i._ CC ,.., AI, the nex_t 9 minutes prior to LOS,

llke to meet you on page 6.2-12.

218 17 29 30 CDR Okay. I got to go there, Just a minute.

Don't you g,ays
do anything
- 6_0 machete.
6.2-12, he wants me to do so_ething. Write
somethinK do%m, no doubt. 6.2-12 - I'm
going to be there - Jxlst a seco;_d. 6.2-6,
6._-13, 6.2-12.

218 17 _-9 56 CDR Okay, go ahead, l'm there, Story.

218 17 30 00 CC (_ay. We've looked nt the various EVA trails

and the best ti_n_efor Jack to te/<e a look at
that po_er trsn_fee distribution box that we
have a pro_le_ with then would be _-hen he
goes out to the do_ bone tO tie doeth the
reefing lines - his re_n_ _ line
" - that
that's an excellent pi_tee for hi_. to t_[e a
look at theft _xotrAo_lCU"'"
...... BOX in qund Br.svo.
So, _f yo_r p'd_ti_ %hat check:list ... right
above _here he Kttaches his reefi._g line,
if yo_'6 look bej"ona"the C&D, +,_., the next
aay on the rack_ that big box in there is the
_o'_er distribution box _lere %'e had the short
the other ds_, o

_18 17 30 33 CDR Okay, wh_t I'II do ;s write it in r_ght %mder -

_nder the - Just as soon as he 1"_nished his
tiein_ in the reefing llne - 'cause he's got
_em in his hands, he ain't holding on so good -
%hen I tIT say lock beyond - Give _e those
• ,4.
_ords _gain and I'll '_-rx_ethem dc_._ exactly.

_18 17 30 50 CC That's look beyond tha bay that the C&D is

in - it's %he bay over - and it'll be th_
po_er tro_nsfer distribution box. It's a
great biG, box in that next bay on the rack.

F _.
• _/LI

]_amp Tape 218-15

Page 2 of I0

218 17 31 02 PLT' We looked up the drawings and we know right

where it is, Story.

CDR Hey, and we got the drawings in the MDA.
"." So, we'll be able to do it. Okay, %'e're
going to go back where we were.

218 IT Bl 12 CC Roger, and have him take look at %hat quad

Bravo at the saree place. Looks like a good

CDR Tell him okay ....

PLT Okay. Okay.

PLT Test i, w, I, 2, (blowing).

218 17 31 28 CDR Okay, gang. B_ck to work. EVA HATCH RETAI_,_ER

spring loaded to E,hGAGE position_ verify.

PLT Okay, it is !oa6ed to ENCAGE.

CDR Hatch H_2_LE L_. to U_OCK. and hatch

PLT It did on the end of the h_tch.


218 17 31 58 PLT Starting open.

CDR Okay. Verify the hatch brindle is fully

elo0k_rlse as you do this.

PLT 0ka.¢, n_. I've got it fully clockwise.

CDR Okay, that' s good.

PLT Tn - get that latch retainer.

R Okay, open hatch. Engage hold-open rod.

218 17 B2 2B PLT There he's got her open. That a boy, O.

CDR Okay.

PLT You can't keep down an Okie.


........ [ L

/_ Page 3 of i0

CDR Here you go. NODE select, ABSOL[_E.

PLT Just a minute. I got to get that retainer

._ out •

CDR All right. L___tme kno_¢ when you're ready

to go _%ext. I'll see where we are over the
groulud if I can.

PLT The - _nere 8.in't any safety divers out there, O.

SPT That's goo'J.

318 17 32 46 CDR Coming up on the coast, gentlezen. Not sure

•, t%
where, tho_[_,n.

CDR Where are we over the ground r_ght now, Stor._?

CC ...

CDR k_nat eo_st are we ero_sing?

CC %q%_t's about L&rcdo,

:_s, and _ooks llke
you'll be co_ing up : the Gulf.

_18 17 BB Ii PLT _,_latthe hack. Doesn't _dant to q_;Ite open

far enough to Get t_is retainer on it.

CDR Well Just work on it a _:hile, I &_ess, Jack.

PLT N_ybe you can . .. _nd put your b_-ch against

it. Att_boy. No_z you'_e doing it.

318 17 33 30 SPT Okay, you want to go to ABSOLb_F, A!?

CDR You _et. Go to /b_SOLUT[A, _nd thure's a

possible cuff gage decrease.

218 17 BB 4! SPT 'l_lerate dropped do_1 from 3.9 to 3.6.

CDR Okay. Everybody happy?

PLT Yeah, mines down to 3.5, now.

CDR _'_ay.
a. - ..•.

• • . . .

l%_p Tape 218-15

Page h of I0

•PLT This thing is going ... there, isn't it?

SPT Yeah.

_ CDR PRESSURE selector •to BOTH.

218 17 33 53 CDR/SPT BOTH.

• CDR A_d FLOW select to @ EVA NOE_4.

218 17 34 59 SPT Okay, NOR_,!.

218 17 34 59 PLT And EVA NORM.

CDR All lights, off, and eugg gage sea - 3.6

to 3.9.

218 17 34 06 SPT Stable 3.6.

PLT A_d the kid is stable here at 3.6 no-_. I

like that.

/-_ 6q)E Okay. I'm monitoring the radiation now

and it looks good.

PLT It's pretty out here, incidentaly. Hey,

it's beautiful, as a matter of fact.

218 17 _ _ 21 621.
SPT ... _lhata vi_.

PLT If you'd only get out the way, I could look.

SPT Just a minute _d I'II be out, Jack.

CDR Egress A- egress 2J_,head first, EVI, and

ingress VF restraints - with t];e left hand
on r/5 - -

218 17 Bh h0 CC CDR, Houston. _Te've got a couple circuit

breakers we need open on panel 200.

CDR You give 'em, I'iI open them.

• .

l_mnpTape 218-15
• Page 5 of i0

. . CC Okay. INSThTF_CE_,"gATIONsystem TPdU;_'ITIq_S;

B circuit bre_;er, OPL_I and C circuit breaker,

_"" PLT Had to give you a little volt, the_-e, 0wen ....

SPT Okay, let's open them both.

218 17 35 O0 CDR There we are.

SPT ... for that.

CC T'n_k you.

CDR _y?

PLT Wow, what a view.

CDR What we do that for, Sto_z?

218 17 35 lh SPT _.t's _ecause our recorder is full and we

can't du_:p it.

CC T11

PLT Well, we got the Big O out there in the

foot restraints, AI.

218 17 35 23 (_R Do you thi,nk he'll el_z_ his o_rn I_U at

9 feet?

PLT I don't know. I'll see if he will. Will

you do that, 09

SPT As soon as I get back here.

PLT Better thir;_ baek here so:_ewhere. I don't

thinh you'll gat it to 9.

218 17 35 _4 SPT %_oops.

218 17 35 38 PLT Fully, tethered Iro, they don't want to

(lauF,hter) release. Oh, tell you what we
can do here. Let's see, you're going to have
to pull that out of there, aren't you?


il I

_rump Tape 218-15

_age 6 of i0

,SPT Yep. I could release my end, if you want

to leave yours - ah - maybe that would be
easier. Is yours still tethered?

218 17 35 53 PLT Yah. It's still hooked up.

218 17 35 54 SPT Okay, you want to pull it out your way ....

218 19 31 26 to _is time se_ent is duplicated verbatim

218 20 34 35 wlth_n I_u_pTape 218-12.

218 20 34 37 PLT Where would I have to rotate the poles to

; clear the_?

CDR To the - elock_rise. Try that.

PLT Can I see It?

218 20 B4 46 SFT I th_nk so. The other way - the other

clockvl se. ."

PLT I thought you were pulling too hard against


218 20 35 00 PLT Hi, Story.

CDR I'ii talk to h_m.

218 _0 35 03 COR We got both poles out, Story. /and when

we got the second one out, it was in the
dark. We had to wait until the sun e_e
up to look and _ee if the lines were straight.
_qe line had a 180-degree twi_e in it, or at
least it appeared to, which is most eon_aslng.
•.. instrt_ments at 360, _a thought. ]:f so,
we've taken thor pole do',_:. Cn_;_npresently . •
has the end. J+_zk has it over his sho+aider
and they're st i-ai_htening crat the line.
Essentially, the pole assembly is done, but
we gotta get the llne straightened out.

Dump Tape 218-15
• Page 7 of I0

•SPT ..., Jack.

218 20 35 _3 PLT (?Kay, don't pull so hard on the PLT.

_" SC ....

SP_ Okay.

218 20 35 4B CDR They've Been worker. _;real easy, so they're

not tired. _¢e_.,t_iing's going okay.

218 _0 35 5h PLT Fllp - - flip any of them off the end - and -
so can you tell where they are, O?

_18 20 36 01 SPT I can clear this left one, but the right
one is still gonna have about a 70 t_st or
so. I wi=h I could lift thi_ gro::_et - Just
rotate it. Can't get that grcrc_et back out.

PLT Think there's another pole up there.

PLT What are you going to flo, O?

_-_ 218 20 36 30 8PT I want to br_z_ it in tc_,--rd_me, and I'm

gonnn dizconnect - so you keep thoze lines'
right _here they are.

PLT 0kay. I got 'era.

$PT Think it's straight all beyond that no"_.

CDR That a bo.v.

218 20 36 50 PLT O, 60 you know Mhat va_v to rotate 'era now?

_PT I rotate it so that it's clear up above me.

PI,T Check vhen I get there.

218 20 37 03 CC Jack, Houston.

PLT Yah, go ahead.

CC How much of a t_rlst do you have out there_

• °m
Q. " . •

Dt_p Tape 218-15

Page 8 of I0

•PLT Well the right pole hasn't got any ... the
green pole hasn't got any t_izt in it at all.

SPT I rotate _t a l_ttle more, here, now.

218 50 37 14 PLT The red pole - I put it out _nd - uh - the

right-mozt llne %'as clear, but the lei_c-_ost
llne had a 180 In it.

CC Did you try exe!'elsing the llne to see how

•raeh friction you had in it?

PLT Yeah, there _ssn't any fr_etion.

218 20 B7 38 CC Our feeling is that you ccu!d probably p'at

the sail on it, even with up to a 360 t',_ist_
and yo_z won't have so much friction that
you couldn't run it on a,ato.

PLT Yeh, we're Just trying to m_/_.esure. We have

plenty of time.

CC Okay.

_18 20 _7 52 PLT Okay, O, how _'e you doing?

BPT Well, I didn't - looked to m_ like it was

straight - -

CDR We're going to do it right for _oceo.

218 _0 38 0O CC Okay. He's here listening to you.

CDR That york, O?

$PT I don't kno_. _'we got to cheek no_. Do

I have any tights above The, Jack?

PLT Uh, hope.

218 _0 B8 12 SP_ Okay, n_, let me see about ...

_T O, I'll hold th_s llne out and you hols

that one out .... close to tho pole. Better
hook behin_ the - uh - in the tree there. O.

Dump Tape 218-15

P_e 9 of i0

PLT And - yeah, there you go.

_18 20 38 38 FLT _ay, let me bold this side ont _;en, and
_ you hold the othe_ one out and see how she
• looks.

SPT Still have a t_rlst out at %he far end.

PLT U_ - which one? '

315 20 39 02 PLT Are they both t%-isted?

S_T US - take the pole one way, mud rotate the

pole clockwise?

PLT Not _ clockwise.

8_ Okay, then the oSher w_v ....

PLT Okay, ho_'s that?

2_8 20 3_ 19 SPT Okay, thxt's pretty goo_. J_st hold it - com-

pletely free. _:ow twist up there.

PLT Oh%v, n_ look at yo_u" end.

SPT Okay, I got some twists up here.

PLT ... Yeah.

S_f DOn't let that d_op ... keep those thin_s

separate_. 'L_ere you go.

218 20 39 _0 PLT Hey, %,e'li have to go do._n there and loosen

the.% connectlon _galn. Problem is - uh -
you %'ant to m_ke sure - get the - Hey, O.

8F_ Yenh? Just z minute.

218 20 _9 55 PLT You've got em zs fyee _s you can on the

other end.

SPT They are_ they're completely free beyon_

_np Tape 218-15
/_\ Prize I0 of I0

218 20 h0 00- PLT No, on you_ end.

sPT Looks llke you could t_-.e that one .%,o11

' in your o±her hand and flip it around the
:'" bottom.

218 20 40 12 PLT Tried theft.

Dump Tape 218-16 -/
Time : 20_0-2103 GMT
81"T173 ....
Pe6e 1 of 1 , -':

218 20 _2 22 This seKment is duplicated verbatim

218 21 03 34 on Dump Tape 218-i_.
Dump Tap e 218-17
Time: 1026-1200
817173 - t . - ...... '
Page i of i



5 ¸_
• .

_p Tape 218-18
Time: ?_10h-22_2 GMT
816173 o
Pa_e 1 of 31 [

218 21 _ OB This time segment is duplicated verbatim

to within Dump Tape 218-14.
218 21 53 53

218 21 53 5_ CDR OEsy.

PIT GO to H-ALPHA i, huhT

CDR Go to H-_ I.

CDR Owen's got H-_ 1 on the bourn and locked


SPT Okay.

CDR Oks_. You ready for the next one, JackT

: PLT No. I'm Just passing So52.

_ -- • t_R Are you?

_ PLT Be another 3 feet...- -


CDR NO hurry. We got to save those rate gyros.

:_T Right.

L_)R When you get there, go ROLL, II_KIBIT.

I_T Okay.

CDR _sy dokey.

"-- PLT Boy, there we are. We're stre=_!ng 8aross

_:_ the ground again.
S.mT I Eot a camera; I'ii ge% a couple of pictures
: of it from here, Jack. but I Jult can't do
it right this second. Maybe I can.

_: PLT Have to check out this sail in a minute.

.:; SPT Where did he got



L _•
Dump Tal_ 218-18 _:
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CDR ...

SPT Where the beck did he go?

SPT No _ to get a pic.

PLT I'Ii be out there in a mlnute. Okay, it's

a_most here.

8PT Okay,

218 55 37 CDR You can make your camera check over a ground

PLT Did yOu see S05h go by or hss it yet?

? SPT NO, it hasn' t gone.

PLT You might take a look at that door as it goes

by; that's the one that Pete _uldn't lock.

_ CDR Yes, if he did- if it does, let's stop it and

try to lock it. Okay?

SPT Okay, there it's off; roll inhibited.

PLT I think we ought to check with the ground.

CDR Okay, good .point. They'll say, "no" --

SPT Okay.


CDR Ready for the next one? Okay, open the doors;

PLT Okay, I got the door open.

CDR (_7, lean hack to clear be-_ and__

PLT Lean back--

Dump Tape 218-18
Page 3 of 31

CDR -- okay; bending the boom, take the H-ALPHA

off the one - take H-ALPHA 1 off and install
on the - you know, the temporary ho(_m there.

PLT Okay, why on the temporary bonm?

218 21 56 4h SPT What is he going to do with itT

CDR Put it in, he doesn't have anything else to--

SPT Oh, that's right, that's- that's why that

_es sense.

CDR Install H-ALPHA 1 and lock. You're right,

Jack. You're right, o. Sorry.

SPT I got it.

PLT A little more. A little more .... reading it.

You're Just putting in what you thought? AI?

CDR Yes, I - I skipped a step.

PLT Okay, I got it, you got it .... way

218 21 57 15 CDR It said install H-ALPHA 1 and lock and I kept

wanting him to put it on the other. Okay,
when you do, verify white flag visible and
engage lock, lock.

VLT Okay, white flag visible; lock, lock --

SPT Squeeze the handle, it stays right in there.

CDR Okay, close H-ALPHA i door lock and verify

white flag visible. Center be,m, retract
fully and fold back.

_LT AI, the white flag is barely visible, but the

door seems to he locked.

CDR Okay, Roll, Enable.

PLT Okay.
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CDR Canister rotation. Right allgh,

PLT (_ay I go to the sun end by golng right and

the ...

Sl_ Hey, Jack, how about cooling it a m_nute and

leaning out here where I can set your picture?
Take a - take a -take a break.

218 21 58 19 SPT Okay, I see you up there. Now, you got to

lean - Where did you go?

PLT I see you with the c_mera in the window. Let

me see if I can get a better position.

SPT Yes, okay.

PLT Yes, I don't know if I can get one or not.

f SPT Stay right there. I'll - I have to do some

m_neuvering here. Maybe we can, maybe we
._ can't. I can give it a go. 'l'_IS m_y not
work, Jack, hut it may. ._

PLT Try it upsidedown.

$1_ Well, that's the electric. It doesn't work.

PLT Yes, okay.

SPT Just a minute. I'II try to ge_ a focus on

you. It's hard for me to get in there.

_Pi' Okay, that's a good idea; I had it se_ at 13.

PLT ... When you get it pointing _ me.

SPT 0ks_, I'll try to keep it out of the shade.

See, that's the problem. I can't get i
pointing at you and in the lens in the
shade. I'll Just take a chance.

Dump Tape 218-18
r Page 5 of 31 _

PLT Take a chance- Hight there is perfect.

SPT I'm taking a coupl here. How does it look

for lens in the Sun?

PLT }Litit.

SPT Huh?

PIE It's hit it.

218 21 59 41 SPT Okay, let me try it again. Am I pointing

at you?

PLT Okay, you're pointing down a little hit

toward the _ad - the front of the co--_ud
module. There, out to your - ... - ... back
a little - other way - other _ - other way
a little more - a little more. Okay, that's it.

_ SPT We need a couple more; Just hold cm.

_-- SPT Here we go, Jack ; _mile. :

• PLT Man, that's a perfect ... Very good.

SPT ... Okay?

PLT Yes, ... ready to go.

SPT Let me try another.

PLT Time out. _

SeT Look up. Okay, that's it.

PLT Gkay, I go hack to work here.

218 22 O0 36 PLT Go to _ End and then go to R-I_, _nblbit.

Did you take your c_mer_ check _hile you're

SPT Well, he didn't tell me to. Jtlsta minute.

Let me give it a check. Maybe he want's me
to do it later or something. Lean back and -
" ' no, we're going to do it in a minute.
Dump Tape 218-18 "_
Page 6 of 31

PLT Okay. ....

218 22 01 06 PLT Okay, here we co_e around to align the sun end.
How am I going to eat all that food, before
I go to bed? That ... --

SPT ... both. I don't know, but you have earned

it. Just eat what you please

S_ Okay?

CDR Let me know when you're at the sun end.

SPT Okay, about - a couple of feet to go, yet.

AI, is this S0547

CDR No, it's the next one around, I think, Owen.

SPT Okay, let me see what the next one - ...

position, this is the time to go around and
look at that

CDR Not yet. We'll do it in a minute. Hold on.

SPT We' ii get you --

CDR We'll get you there Jack. I got a little

read - out for you, Just as soon as you get
the sun end. Got ahead on the checklist
awhile ago, and got --

218 22 02 15 PLT Okay, there's Sun end.

CDR Okay, 82 DOORS, open.

PLT And they're open. Okay, I got A OPEN, go

to I_IBIT, and I'm going to run the panel
130 checks.

PLT Okay, both are - I have - both of them got

a open light.

CDR That's good. Okay, I'm going to FILM RESET

to ALPHA. GO RESET. That' s It, okay.
Dump Tape 218-18
Page 7 of 31

........... H-ALPHA - Frames Remaining 16 thou. H-ALPRA

I Camera power switch, ON. Okay, H-ALPHA i
Night Interlock switch to Override.

CDR READY operate light, off; H-ALPHA i Auto

switch to MANUAL for 60 seconds; to MANUAL for
60 seconds. I wonder what that does, O?

PLT Well, it'll take unS_ _ TTsme.

CDR No, it says "FRAMES R_MAINING indicator

decreases by i0."

PLT Okay, I guess it counts down as long as you're

holdlnK it down that way.

CDR Yes, it - it is.

PLT okay.

CDR It's working okay, Jack; good installation,

babe. '_

218 22 0h i0 CDR Probably have to, because the doors aren't

open you see? Okay , that's done. H-ALPHA 1
NIGHT I_RLOCK, norm21. H-ALPHA 1 camera
power, OFF. Next page. FII_4 RESET, X-RAY
TELE. Okay, then go to RESET. Done. X-RAY TELE:
Frames remaining, 6 thou. That's good. Camera _
Power switch, 01_. C8_lera AI_, OPEN. FRAMES
R_4AINING ind/cator decreases by i. It did,
OFF. Okay, now, Jack, here's - here's _t y_u
gOt tO do. Unolsmp your own I_. Yes, here's _J'
what I want you to do. _'_.

P_T Oka_.

CDR _ess foot restraints, sad translete to

rIF_h_ around CMG number 2. Keep your feet
towards the sun. Now, when you _et ready to
- for me to tell you more, let me know.

218 22 05 27 CDR To Your right.

Dump Tape 218-18
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........... PLT Okay, give me.a little rope there, 0.

SPT I'm giving it to you.

PLT Okay. Okay?

SFT Well, I'ii get a picture of y_u there in a

few minutes, Jack. That's better babe.

PLT Okay, I'm past CMG number 2.

CDR Okay, now, let me read. Power transfer

dlstributer is 90 degrees right of VC at
upper right. So, when you fiD_11y get 90
degrees away, which you are right now,
inci_enta1_y, look at upper riF_ht. Use
horizontal member launch restra/nt for
panel am hand hold. Now, you _ot that?

PLT I'm getting up to it.

C'DR All right.

PLT Yes, it's a_out chest level, or head level.

Okay, here I am. I look at the top, right?

CDR Wait a minute. Use _rertical number to

translate towards Sur to see _ end. Examine
the Sun - end area of that box you're looking
at. Let me get the picture aria I'll tell you
all about it.

PLT Okay, I'm looking at the Sun end of that box -

CDR Okay, _t a minute; I'll read it to you.

NOW, here's your head; I got a little picture

PLT I - I'm floating all over the l_ee.

CDR Let me find it though; find your foot

restraints. Okay, here you go, Jack. What
you want to look at is this box and you want
to look like - at area i which, as you look at
it - now the box is located to the upper right.
That's the Big box to the upper right.
Dump Tape 218-18
r- page 9 of 31

218 22 O7 14 PLT I got the box_ l'm looking u_derneath it

right now at all the wire bundles - I think it's a
area 2.

CDR Area 2 says, "Grayish residue o_ cabling near

_s ports - possible."

PLT Gas parts. Gas parts. I don't see any -

well, there's some gas ports. Same kind of
of residue, huh? On the cabling?

_ CDR That's wlmt it said; no, it says in the -

near the gas ports.

PLT Well, there's no residue, around the gas ports.

_i_ . It's _ii very clean. The gas ports have
screens in them with little holes in the middle -

CDR That's it.

• PLT The screens are also clean. There's no

discoloration whatsoever.

CDR Okay, now take a look at the left eye, which

is area i for scorched spots around fuse
module mounting screws.

ILT Fuse module. It says heater asBemhly. There's

nO scorch there.

PLT Nope, AI, there's nothing scorched here.

CDR Okay, that's also a good - do any other general

inspection you _mnt, also look hack. It's
a good place %o view quad B.

Ir_.T Okay.

CDR Look back at our old C_"m-nd module and see if

you can see anything of interest there.

218 22 09 04 PLT Well, the old command module, Sir - nov let me
describe that - It's getting a little brown
around the heads. Some places are browner
than the others. There's a - i_ all looks a
i •

Dump Tape 218-18

/_- Page i0 of 31

little bit tan. Everything, as a matter of

fact, on the MDA and - eve1_/thlng exposed to the
Sun is a little bit tanned. The c_,,,,_nd
modttle ... hasn't been there as long, hut the
e_nd module itself got some dis - some tan
d/s.coloration on it. It's more pronounced
and it's got a line running - and a line below
the _heads around %he _1_-r--_erenee and then up
between your rendezvous and doeklng wind and
then in front of your docking window
eire_,mferentially along the upper edge of the
hatch and it kind of stops over by - oh, by my
rendezvous win_ov. Congruent %o -

CDR Okay, wait a minute, T got some music to play

here. I'ii wake them up. How you reading
there, Story?

CC Read you loud and clear through Hawaii for

i0 minutes. How did you know we were here?

CDR Thought I heard some noises.

(Halls of Montezmm_: Music)

218 22 i0 26 CC Now that we're not uSdmg TV here, we'd l_ke

cm panel 202, TELEV!ZCYON POWER AM, closed.

CDR Go ahead, Jack. You got it, _e/_e.

FLT Story. I'm hanging _at here from a - from a -

Okay, trying to work with the VE on the A_4
and l'm hanging on this side here by this box
you wanted me to look over. And I see no
evidence of _iseolor_tion an_ I see no ecidenee
of sn7 residue around those vent ports,
whatsoever, those paris that you wanted me
to 10ok at looked very much inter. I am
looking at the co...-_d module mow. Sure is neat
to hang out here in the breeze with one arm and
Just k_-d of drift along with this thing Just
streaking the ground_ I noticed on the
e_k_nd module itself, there's amd on the whole
spacecraft as a _t -_or _e _tter, Skylab -
everything ex - that is exposed to the Sun
Dump Tape 218-18
Page ii of 31 _

i is turning tan - very much a tan color. That

which is not exposed to the Sun is still white.
On the conn_d module, it's starting to turn
a little bit also from discoloration from the
part that looks at the sun. And then there's
a darker brown line, not that brown, but
a darker tan that runs underneath the hatch
eire,,m_erantially over to a point near Al's
rendezvous and docking window and his side
window and then it runs up_ between those two
windows. And then hack around - along circumferen
tially along the top of the hatch over to my
rendevous window. Now, it's pretty hard to
see quad B as well as quad A. I notice that
both A and B - the quad package itself appears
from this point to be pitted. And it appears
to have been heated rather well on the sort of
helical structure upon which the - the thrusters
are mounted. The skin around quad A is blistered
• and some of it has flaked off. Thats Just the
outer layer .... at quad B, Just around the
/-_ edge a little bit. [et's see. Anything else
you want to know about the quads, There's some -
a little bit of point missing around the quads -
" quad A, that is and it's probably pretty much
the way that you exp_:ct it to be. I notice
the SPS engine bell appears as though it has
been heated rather we!l, which it has. The
ou side is - is discolored and brown and kind
of black and the pair.t's coming off, but that's
also to be expected. Let's see; anything else
you want to know about the cow,sand module
from this vantage point before I whip around the
showing that you have rolled the canister,
82 A and B doors are open. Have you finished
" PLT Oh, no. We have - we have to go to the Sun end

cc m_
Dump Tape 218-18
P_e 3.2 of 31

PLT If you haven't got any more for me to do in this

area, I'll get around to the Sun end.

218 22 i_ 26 FLT ... work station checks are complete, story,

including the checkout of the H-ALPHA and S056

CDR Jack, come up a little higher, you loose-

CC Okay, fine, Jack.

PLT Okay, al_d in working around here, it's probably

worthwhile to compare working in a zerog
here with Working in a water tank, and probably
the biggest thing I've noticed in comparing the
two is that it's one beck of a lot further to
the _ottom of the pool.

218 22 14 56 CDR (Laughter) Great. Hey, Jack, get higher. You're

gonna have better luck there.

CC We'll tell them to make it bigger.

SPT Attaboy.

PLT _ou get our music?

CC No, we're not getting that.

218 22 15 17 CDR Don't hear it but I guess it was a Space

Odessy, was it?

PLT It was better than that.

i f-
CC OEs_V, _ haven't heard it today.

218 22 15 28 CDR Okay, Jack, let me read you scnething when

you get t_ck to your normal EVA station, the VC.

PLT Here I am.

218 22 15 33 CDR Okay, here it is. Okay_ observe the surface

sre_ of the STS and MDA for any discolorations
which may indicate coolant leaks. Okay? Vapor
deposits may be distinguishable.
._ Dump Tape 218-18
Page 13 of 31

218 22 15 h9 PLT Well, like I said, the whole side facing the
Sun is a little bit tan and the right - I
notice that there _s some extra brown spots
right behind the Joint where the A_4 is butted
up against the - the ... structure. They are
sort of triangular in shape and about 4 inches
by w inches - -

(Music : Reveille)

PLT - - and there are Just a few spots, about h or

5 of them, where the discoloration is greater
there than the rest of the vehicle.

CDR How about above the EVA hatch, towards the STS?

218 22 16 39 CC Copy that, Jack, and while I've got you there,
Just a reminder when you're cranking open the
SI_9 to do that extremely slowly because there's
a tremendous gearing down coming from the motor
to the mechanism and the motor speeds up very
rapidly when you're cranking that experiment

PLT Okay. I really can't see any evidence of any

glycol streaming, Story, on the side of the MDA.

CDR Did you look above the EVA - -

CC Okay.

218 22 17 06 CDR Look above the EVA Latch, Jack.

(Music : Reveille )

PLT Okay, Let me see - -

CC ..., Houston.

218 22 17 22 CC Owen, we're getting a good TV picture now. We

_nder if you could pan the TV picture out in
11.e with the hatch more now toward the _,_,,,,_ud
module where he thermal shield meets the STS.

Dump Tape 218-18
Page 14 of 31

218 22 17 36 SPT I don't think I can move it very far because

we don't have much c_.ble and we've got it
all taped. I can give it a try hit it won't
move very far.

218 22 17 45 CDR Okay, Jack, are you ready to press on to the

next _e?

CC Leave it where it is, Owen.

SPT We don't have more than 6 inches of cable on it.

PLT I don't see anything that looks like a leak

on the side of the MDA anywhere.

CDR Okay, and not above the EVA hatch? Okay, we'll
get this stuff the next EVA.

PLT No, I don 't.

218 22 18 01 CDR Okay. Egress VC and translate to VT, going over

top of twin poles. Okay?

I_T okay, while we're on the way, how about, 0.,

check your I_._Jstatus, babe.

SPI' 3.6; mo lights.

CDR okay, Jack can check lds once he gets there.

PLT Oh, I got the same.

CDR All right.

218 22 18 45 PLT okay, you got my umbilical there, 0.?

SPT Okay, you're doing fine.

PLT I went over top, wherever that is.

SPT (Laughter) Over the top of the nter tank.

218 22 18 55 PLT Boy, Big O's been doing a sterling Job

here today. He's gonna bring new life
into tens of thousands of senior citizens
,I I Over the country.
_. Dump Tape 218-18
Page 15 of 31

SPT (laughter) That's great. That's great.

218 22 19 08 CDR Rotate and ingress VT foot restraints.

Oh, how about - -

SPY I'm trying to figure out a return


CDR Hye, how about - -

PLT You'll think of one.

CDR Sun end boom, extend approximately - -

SPT I couldn't answer that at all.

PLT I'm starting to walk back for it, A1.

CDR Yeah. Extend approximately i foot and

verify boom book unlocked.

SPT Get these umbilicals snapped here.

PLT Excuse me. -"

SPT 0kay.

218 22 19 42 CDR When you got the hook checked out, by

deploying the hook 8._d verifying its
,mlocked, remove VS tree from receptacle
and attach VS tree _o boom - -

218 22 19 51 CC _ _%"Aylah,we're 30 seconds to LOS. We'll

see you over Vanguard in 23 m_utes.
We'll be dumping the tape recorders over
Vanguard. And, AI, if you could open
up that circuit breaker, television
Ix_wer AM on panel 202 again for us, it
would be fine.

CDR Okay.

218 22 20 21 CC Give you a little appropriate music

to the effort that they did out there
toc_, I believe.

PLT Attaboy, O.
Dump Tape 218-18
i ge_lS
of _._ [..... , ,

I ............... (Marines' Hymn) ......................

CDR Okay, we're getting the music now.

PLT I know ... is standing at attention

for that, being a Marine.

_218 22 21 26 SPT You ready for the three?

_ ! PLT Let he fly, 0.
!! :
7_ I PLT Okay, you're doing great, 0. You're _
i a good boom operator. Got that little ;
'4 I wrench on there. _1

L_ !3 1218 22 22 15 CDR How does the sail and everything __

<9 '_ look, Jack? -

_9 PLT Hold it. J_

_.° ,
, _ 7 CDR NO hurry .
Z 22
_'L' :? ! PLT Okay, Just a little bit more, O. -

,- _ _ CDR Okay, I want to make a note cm the

next checklist here, Just a minute.

_ _ !218 22 22 26 PLT Oh, AI, put a note tLere the next ".
i_ . time we send that tree back or forth
_' 3'.' that the foot of the lock goes toward 4
_- 3i the ATM. Little more, AI - O. :
_2 Oh, about another foot.
33 _

CDR Foot of lock towards ATM? C

"_ PLT Better work on it.

38 _DR Give me some ... I'Ii write it in.

_'0 PLT Okay, what do we want to call the -

_2 CDR Betty? A?

-_'. PLT Take it away, A1. Take it somewhere,

45 anyway.
Dump Tape 218-18

I I--........... I_LT -- It's back a little bit, I guess.

2 | Cause I'm gonna give you this back in
,,"_ _ minute. We want the base of the
:i _ tree toward ATM. It turns out when
5 you lock it in this way, the b_se
_ of that tree hits one of these EVA
7 li6hts. Just nicks it by about
G a l_l f an inch.

<, 218 22 23 2_ SPT Apparently it doesn't really make

lI any difference then.

PLT Well, I had to hold the boom with

'_ my hand down to one side in oraer q
to clear it.
!, iO __
C_ ;;: _ Okay, I got it in there and locked.
_f .-" .,T
_£ CDR Okay, let me tell you what to do :n
-_ _0 next, as if you didn't know. It's --
21 _,n and locked okay, h_lh? _';
_'[ 22 '_
_ ,' SPT Right. _ ;

C _ i 218 22 23 M0 CDR Okay. Remo - Unclamp EV-2 IRU -

_ _,_ ! and provide slack for VS transfer.
u_ 2/ i Egree VT foot restraints and _
__ _
inEree VS foot restraints. Remove
o- 2_' _ slack and clamp at 35 feet, Big O. _

__ _
8PT Okay.

?_ i CDR ... monitor ...

3z i _:"
25 i PLT Okay, I'm climbing upto the front end
36 of thi_ telescope here. The Sum's "_:
37 bright out here today, Story.

"_,-_ CDR He ' s gone.
41 PLT He's gone, eh, eh?

_3 CDR The reason they didn't get the music is

44 I didn't punch ._mm_-M_,'-Tensmit
45 button. I did the second time though.
•,_ Thought it'd be nice if it faded off
_;_ into the distance.
f_ :.Z ........
Dump Tape 218-18 [-....... _ ]
r _Page 18 of 31 t '

, rz18222416PLT ....
Yea, babe,Justright.-He. Z'min
I the foot restraints. Man! What a
? ! grand feeling to he up here - -
4 }

5 ! CDR Above it all.

PLT - - really on top of the world.

9 CDR Can you look down and see it?

!I ! PLT Oh, yeah!

•T CDR God dog !

:_ PLT Looks like it's all water .... H

:_ _ CDR Okay, here we 8o. How about a little ,,

I _ status check?

-J 20 PLT I gave you one. D

2= CDR HOW about another one? _-


_ ?_ CDR Okay.

© _- S_ And some for me, AI.

O _L 218 22 2h 44 C_R Okay. Open 82A ATM door, push botton

_- _] and rotate handle to UNLOCK.

_3 PLT 82A, push bottan. Rotate to UNLOCK. [

; Done. i"
3_ CDR Move locking handle to B_,_._E _.
33 PLT Okay, I got the door open.
4'_ CDR Okay now. Unlcok and open S08_A
_l container door.

3 PLT Okay.
_ CDR The container - not - not the real cme
_ hut the container we Just sent up.

4." L PLT Right ............

-.-, .,L, "_) ; . )_e.<: • i

Dump Tape 218-18

!P e 19 of 31 -

I [218 22 25 17 CDR - And remove 82A from container. ..........

PLT You don't want the door open oa the
4 experiment - on the ATM?
6 CDR 82A ATM door should be open and then
7 we should go to the magazine thing.
? PLT Okay. I'm going over to the magazine

__ CDR Okay.

_. PLT *''82A on it. -.


_ ,_ CDR Remove 82A from container.

"_: PLT from the container. "

_ 218 22 25 44 CDR It says install partially. EXtend "

_ o_ handle by depressing release funnel --'
.12 and push fully into receiver.

__; 2,_ PLT Hey, I want to make sure I don't drop

_,_ _;: CI)R Yeah. Install partially. EXtend the
0 ;. _'.,-dle by--

,._ PLT ...

[ _ CDR Let me know when you get it all in.

3_ : PLT Okay, I got it in partially. I

_=.! got the handle exter_ded and now I -
3.'.. show it in.
_ CDR Push fully into reciever bei_ very
3? careful and verify white flag partially
_-0 vlsible.

,_ PLT Partially visible.

_ i 218 22 26 25 CDR Move 82A A_ locking handle _own to

_5 ! LOCK position and verify white fla_
.:, ! completely visible.
Dump Tape 218-18
Pa_ 20_o_ -31 ..... [.................
I --

PLT ....All right. I got it locked, and .......

2 it' s completely visible.

4 CDR Close and lock 82A ATM door.

PLT *Umloeked, uh, done.


: CDR Open the 82B A_4 door.

• PLT 82B. It's unlocked.

_:_ CDR Move locking handle left to release

: magazine.

_: PLT Okay, I reached down here and I - there.

_: 218 22 27 05 CDR Unlcok and open S082B container door.

_; _ PLT Okay, it's unlocked. "_:_

2_, " CDR Remove 82B from container. Install _,_
22 partially and extend both handles
_:" after they're in there and then finally .;
2. push it into the reciever until _
25 white flag parti_11y visible. --

_: PLT Okay, very carefully, making sure

2_ I don't let go - magazine. _

CDR At least you're not hanging on your _4

_' head, huh, Jack?
32 r-,

__ PLT Yeah. ".

3_ CDR Let me tell you how much more daylight -':
36 you gOt, Jack. Eighteen minutes.
3S PLT What?
40 CDB Eightenn minutes. Let me know when
4, you got it partl.lly installed and
42 white flag visible.
44 _LT We do all this in the dark. We
45 don't need --
F Dump Tape 218-18 _............ --
Page 21 of 31 _ L

CDR Oh, I know it. Just thought l'd tell


PLT You've got good lights out there. Okay,

she's sliding right in there very
nicely, gently.

_ PLT White flag is partially visible.

"_218 22 28 08 CDR Okay. Move 82A locking handle down

_ i to LOCK position and verify white
flag completelyvisible.

_ CDR You got a mistake in here.

ii L-
=_ :_ PLT Okay, it's completely visible. _
0 ;7 i .':
_" _ CDR Close and lock - doors.
< L. • PLT Closed. cu

. Z 2_218 22 28 38 CDR Okay, close and lock 82A end B 3

_ container doors .... -_"

0 _5 PI.T Okay. I got the big door closed and

% now I'm closing the container doors. ;_
u_ _7 i
O 2_ CDR Reposition clear of aperture doors !
and s_Ivise EV-3 ready for magazine ops
C., <' checks, if you are in fact ready. -,

:_ PLT Uh, Just a minute. Okay, the container

_ doors are closed _id locked. =_-

35 i CDR All right. Everything is copacc_clc. ""

37 i PLT Okay. i
=218 22 29 09 CDR Let me now m_e the checks and then
"o we'll tell you what's next. I_m't
41 do anything early. FILM RESET, XUV
43 REMAINING, 201. That's good.
,:__ POWER DOOR talkback, barber pole, yes;
47 POWER DOOR'S/ switch, ON; white
,._ then _ray. The doors prehaly ere .........
e_ing open.
/_ Dump Tape 218-18
Page 22 of 31 _ i

s -- PLT ' Okay, closing _ closing now. '...............

- CDR They're closing, huh?

5 PLT 0ops| I thought it was the other door.

: It ' s open.

_ CDR Okay, now the door is gray. Is it open?

I Okay, well that's why. ... READY
;_ OPE4_ATE light, READY on. It is not
_ READY on. Let 's read this again.
_: talkhack, barber pole. They were.
.: POWER DOOR switch ON; tsdkaback white
_ then gray. READY OPERATE light to -
C. 7 It isn't on. :

_9 _PT okay, did the doors open in those, Jack? .:;.

_a TC
_- PLT Yes, sir. They - I got three holes here. F]
Z 22
_ 218 22 30 33 S-
_T Okay, were you in EXPERI_L_NT POINTING '"
..... _:-_--- _4 or SOLAR INERTIAL, AIY _:

- :_ CDR We're in SOLAR INERTIAL ....

27 [7.
0 SPT I think that's probably the problem, ,
but _ow I don't know uhether they
_--, .- intemded for us to remain there or _
-_ not.

:.,. CDR I don't think it makes any difference.

2_ It *ee _z

36 SP£ You _n't get a READY light in SOLAR

_v &R E_TI_IAL.
S_ CDR Okay, I'm gonna go to exper - Well,
zc they may not wmnt experiment pointing.
41 It might mnke this thing bobble
2 around. No where di it tell me to
._,_ ever go to experiment point - -
_ SPT I wouldn't - I wouldn't do that without
_', talking with them.

• ", .ISC
D%m_p Tape 218-18
_ Page 23 of 31 _ .............

_ CDR ..... Well, how are we gonna get this checked --

s !
SPT We're not gonna check it out, I don't
3 i think, until we get back in cont&ct
i with them. I'd Just come on back in
/ ' and then if we have to _o, uh, I, uh,
[ ' weld go back out but, uh -

!{ CDR Okay, I'll tell you what we'll do - -

2 SPT Let's Just stop at that point.


,4 CDR Stop at this point. We'll put this _i

!f in hold and when they come up, _e
Lu % man Just, uh, do the rest of the things -4z
_ :_" and Jack can go out there and shake -.
,D- :? it, if need be. We won't get in until
• ' we're finished, j.

2; SPT Right. I thi._, they may have assumed

-- _2 we were in experiment pointing mode.

--- _ CDR I don't see why we can't put it in -

:,,_ ,_ experiment pointing. -4
25 _-
_; S; SPT Well, I don't know why. '2:
O _
ZO _

2c CDR I'm going to stick it in experiment

_'_ :C pointing. Stay clear, Jack. ._

=_ i PLT Okay, clear.

34 i CDR Experiment pointing, okay, I'm going i_

35 I to hit the door open again. F
36 i
37 218 22 32 08 PLT Fine sun sensors doors open. S056 is
3_ open, S05h, S082A and B.
40 CDR Yea, I went Back to SOLAR INERTTKL.

4_ SPT Uh, it didn't do any good_ ...

43 i
44 PLT •. • '

45 PLT They both installed very well.

Tape 218-18
Page 2_ of 31 !............. T--
........... L ..........!__

l ............ CDR I'm sure it's somp.thingto do with ...........

2 }
3 SFT ... you've already taken an 82A, so that
works. I can go ahead and try an 828.
5 I've got enough time. i
% q
CDR START, 1608; sTOP. It took one. Decrease
9 DOOP_ switch, OFF; talkback -
_! PLT It's coming closed.

_ 218 _2 36 h5 CDR C_ay. It Says TV: _ MON DOORS to

_4 close; talkback white than barber pole. -_

_ PLT There it goes.

•_ iv j"

_ .- CDR XUV MAIN POWER, OFF. You got all ,

iJ the doors closed up there, Jack?

?_ PLT Yeah, except for 56 and 5_.

_ , CDR They must be open on their own, huh?

O _ PLT ... 56, I think, was supposed _o close. -_

_-" . : When you went to experiment polnting,
:,_ _ you opened it and then you neVer did go
O C_ , back tO close it, O_"something like that.
i "I

Q -. _ SPT NO, they were supposed to have closed.


_ CDR What else is open up there, Je_k_ -

_ PLT That's a'Ct,

j_ CDR _ay, I've gone back to SOLAR I_TIAL. -_
3_ _A' ... sad let them kno_ about it.

_0 CDR _V.

_ PLT ... start working on this ... or whatever.

_ SPT ... you don't go.

_ CDR ... we have to go to experiment bus 2 power
/? or _omethin_ like that.
:. Dump Tape 218-18 ............... ,
25 31 L ]

} SPT ....._Yeah. Jack's got to do that while

2 he's Out there.

CDR Say, wait a minute. Let's Just stay

swltch to START
SPT There's no need to go ahead with that
_ if you don't get an OPERATE light, uh,
_ READY light. I'd stop, AI.

13 1218 22 32 55 CDR Let's Just wait a second here. Okay, we're

_L not getting a lot of action out of £,)
14 that one. Maybe - - ,_

16 SPT There's no point in going ahead. -r
0 i7
19 POWEE DOOR switch off. (D
_-: 2: SPT Incidents/y, where is that FLARE -,,
_- 2- _ _ABLE switch? .,
2_ "q
i PLT INHIBIT, I asseme. -4

- :! SPT Uh, yeah. ! -

u- 27
C , PLT There goes the door closed. 82A doors
2_ going closed. --
-_L. i

31 SPT Ohl ,
22 :,
3t CDR It decremented one frame right then.
3_ _yhe because it was in TIME. No, F
3- that wouldn't mml_e any difference. <
27 SPT This may be that same READY light
2_ sme_aly but it's supposed to not
3';- he there whenever you, u_h, have

_2 CDR Well, I'll let it stay there i more

•_$ second, gang.

SF£ You took a frame, Al.

47 C_R I know it.

f- _ 'I_.pe218-18
e_ e 26 of . . [ l__J

i r 8PT I'd l_y let well enough alone.

4 CDR No, Just hold on. I'm going to open
s these doors again, b_aybe it was -
6 that's the problem. It's got
7 FLARE, ]_ABLED, whether I like it
8 or not in this window. There it - it Just
turned it off.
'i SPT Well, now did you get a READY light?
CDR Ws/t a minute. It's not l_111y gray yet. c
Answer, no. Okay, I'm going to turn - _
15 I'm going to go hack and turn if off. F:
POWER DOORs OFF; talkhack white then -4

© 17 _ barber pole, and then MAIN POWER, OFF.

<C 18 • C)
C- 19 PLT There goes 82A closed, tq
-_ 20
21 a
Z 22
1218 22 3_ 23 PLT YOu took a frame all right, and the O
__"___ 2._- only thing that's puzzling is why __ _l _.
O :5 you dldn't have a READY light. __
7- L:
LL 27 _DR Okay. It may have to do with this _:_
O 23 failure, as you well know. When you
:9 were checking this out yesterday, - - --Ln
O- i "_

0 3_ PLT ... check these ...

0"_ CDR MAIN POWER, OFF; PO_._R DOORS tslkback O

_3 white, and that's a f_ct. FILM -
RESET, XUV SLIT, done ; RESET ; 1608 ; _"
3- _ DOORS switch, OFF; POWER -<
37 barber pole.

4u 1218 22 35 02 PLT There goes _ M0N closed.
4] i
(:DR Okay. Barber pole.
44 PLT Okay. i
_6 CDR POWER DOORS switch ON, white then gray.
FLT Okay, it's coming open. XUV- uh,
f ..... XUV I. I guess that's the experiment,
isn't it?
'" J_' 6;_
__ :C '_
- i':_,S_--
_p Tapo 218-18
of31 1 !

] coR .... Yep.

3 PLT Okay.
5 CDR Okay, it says READY OPERATE light,
6 READY on.
8 PLT No, no.
;0 CDR No, READY light here. I suspicion that,
_i uh, whatever's bothering one of
12 them is bothering the other one.
!3 O_
:_ PLT Well, I think that you have to be rl
-5 in experiment pointing for sure, but
'6 there's probably two things on 82A
_7 and at least experiment pointimg on 82B -

_9 CDR Okay, I went to experiment pointing t_

,_._ and it didn't do anything, got back
21 _ out again. Okay.
_ FLT Where's the fine sun sensor door?

25 CDR Fine sun sensor door is closed.

_7 "_LT You don't want to go to experiment _

:_! pointing without havh,g those open. _.r,

_ 218 22 36 03 CDR That's a fact. Okay, now. Next _

3_ one. '_n, frames remaining. Well _i
22 skip ell of that stuff. I'm Just
:3 going to close them down and tell them O
?; neither of those work. 1608 iS what --i
_5 we started with.
37 CDR 56 is closing. Now anything else open.
39 PLT Just 54 and its ... open.
41 218 22 37 35 CDR Okay, mons. XUV SLIT MAIN POWER
:2 DOORS, OFF, white. Everything's
_3 closed. Now, here we go, Jack.
44 I'm gouna have to roll the the
45 canister to plus 3000 arc minutes.

47 PLT Okay, let her rip.

Dump Tape 218-18
Page 28 of 31 ' i

I CDR Low rate times 2, plus 3000. That's

a long way from here, gang. MANUAL
5 PLT Here she comes.
6 i
7 1
•3 : CDR Okay, I'm - while I'm doing that, uh,
you might start thinking about getting
10 i outyour- -
11 i
PLT Got it in my _d.
_3 CDR I thought you might. I've got O_
14 9000 arc minutes to go. You've got F_
i5 7 minutes to sunlight.
© i7
"_ 13 218 22 38 37 CDR I'm going to put the 55 door open,
e_ i-9
so see it come open. ',

< " PLT Okay.

_" 2! F]
Z 22
_. CDR Is it coming open? C
"3 -i
,J PLT And it's got two bolts in it.

: CDR Is it coming open right now? -

Lu 27 [r
0 '•
27 "=_

© :3i:_ CDR Okay. r<

52 PLT Can't open it. ,.

CDR Is it opening? It didn't come open, huh? _ y

3", PLT No, huh-uh. It's still closed. There

37 it goes. It's hit - How ,_ny times
S_ did you switch the hitch - uh, hit
39 the switch.

] CDR Once. I hit 54 before .... 5h, should

•2 it he - should the switch he opened
L or closed?

45 : PLT Does it have to he one of the two?

=j •

: CDR Well, I wanted to hit one of them last.

f.... ::: ! ......................................


Tape218-18 1
,_- Page 29 of 31 _--
+........... i i

PLT ---They're momentary, aren't they?

:_ CDR Yeah, but which way do you want it?

_, PLT ... open last, I guess, but it doesn't

5 -_e **e I don't think.
3 CDR Yeah, I don't either.

_ _ PLT Okay, ... we've got to take a look ...

T:: CDR All right. When I get it near you
• Z I'm gonna close and open the door --
_ a ti_e or two and I want you to watch _s
15 and observe for binding or anything
_ :_ _ke that, okay?
(3 17 -----
_ ,_ PLT Well, I'm looking now at the ramp and ,D
: it does not have any wear -_ks on it at all.
_r 2--"
_ 2; CDR Ok_. That' s an interesting ...
Z 22 ,m,
_ PLT Although I notice that some eee working
--- ? in ... do.
O 9: -_
:" 2" CDR If you find a better place for me to _=
,.= -. stop than where I 'm going so - for :.-:
0 2s your viewing pleasure, let me know and
c:. 29 we'll cycle it there. _-:;I

_- 3_ PLT ••• rn
32 -:
ss ;DR 6000 to go. -Z,

_ 22 _0 33 PLT AI, that's probably as good a place to - _-

S6 begin as any. <

_:_ . CDR Okay. It's not plus 3 now; it's not even
2" close. I better - I'm gonna stop. Now
_'u don't you start taking anything off.

42 PLT No, I won't.

44 CDR Okay, here comes the open and close.
45 Here comes the close. What they want
.,_ you to do is -note stalling,
47 binding, or anything of that nature.

• "-' -" = L / .
-., 2GILU_ "

Dump Tape 218-18 .... ,

Soof i __

-- .... ?LT No s_alling.

: _ CDR See if you can see what could be
4 possibly be causing the problem.
:. PLT Yeah, I will.

g CDR Is it closed?
._ PLT It's closed _11 the way. Uh-huh.

_2 CDR ... _pen.

:4 PLT It opened very nicely. Oks_.

_ Tryclosing it again.

O _z CDR Okay, I'm gonna turn the canister :0

._ _? some l_ore. _l
_ SPY It seemed to close pretty good. O
7_ Woshl You're turning _t the wrong
Z 2_ way. : 0
__-- - ?, CPR I'm going to put it ot _plus 3000. -_
O _ Now, why I don't know. ._:
n: _L t0
CDR That look
27 o_-
0 2: --
-- PLT Yeah. ::3

_- 3i CDR It's about ahlf way to plus 3000 right now.

.-.I PLT It'll be out of my reach.

S:-! CDR Well, why did they have'me put it K

there for then?

PLT Beats me (laughter).

,c CDR 0kay now. It's going to be at plus

_ 3000 arc m_nutes; so 55 door. I'll
do that again. Now it tells you
4_ to _rk on it. You can't work an it
44 there, huh?
4_ PLT Well, I think I probably can if -
47 Yeah, I can probably work ou it _here.
_: .__ That' S all right. There' s a co_lle of
:"- good places to work.
_._ :..
,_: : ",......

Dump Tape 218-18

F 1..... [ i
I _18-22h203 CDR ....
Okay,l'm stoppingthe rotation
2 now. S055 door c_ning open.
3 i
4 PLT All right. It looks like there's
5 J Just a ... of a little hitch there
6 when you close it right near the -
7 uh, Just before it, uh, it's on the
8 ramp and Just before it hits the
_ _I stop, it does a little hitch ... the
10 ! same w_y. It seems to stick up
l_ ,: Just a little bit, but I - I _n't be
i_ i able to say it's enough to hang up the door.

_ SPT Must be it though. Yes.h, there's a

'.,5 little hitch.

O Iz CDR Okay, now. Place _rist tether on ... -

]3 end of wrench. _'

_a 20 PIT Okay, we got that.

_" 2! .'-i
O _ CDR Remove bolt opposite stop o_ S055 ©
_ 23 ... latch using wrench.

':< 25 PLT Opposite stop? -_

?J CDR That 's right.

_: PLT All right. That's this c_e. "_."

,"_ 3t:
'-" _i 218 22 112 _5 CC We're reading you loud and. clear through •'.
32 Vanguard for 6 more minutes. Okay,
,j,% let me give you a thought - a couple J
_ of thoughts here ... the TV on _el
35 ... TV power ...




I!. ,i

Ir_p Tape 218-19

Time : 1200-1221 _
r-'- 8_7_73 i.......... _''-'
Page i of i -'

218 12 0_ 24 SPT Ckay, this is the SPT on channel A with

record information for the Pl, Dr. James
Frost, on M133. Okay, Jim, I took the cap
off for the 3rd night here stud I estimated I
had 6 hours of •fairly good sleep last night.
I did wake up for i interval of same length
during the middle of the night. About the
only time I have done that for the whole
9 nights, so far. Now, also, it's slightly
worth noting that each morning tat l've
awaken for the last 3 nights with this cap
_ff, i've wwaken with a slight headache, not
much but Just a little bit of a slight
headache. No partictLlar area or anything
like that involved but Just a very genersl
slight headache ; might be associated with the
electodes. The cap - wearing the cap is
not particularly bothersome, probably a
little less bothersome thau it is in i g
because yuu don't have to sleep on any of the
°'elec - the electrodes. And one other thing
_ i've noticed on each of the 9 nights so far,
every night that I've been up here, and
within a hour to an hour and a half after going
: to sleep, I wake up briefly. I don't
know whether that's the normal cycle of down
to a deep sleep and back out again, which I
guess on the orde_ of an hour to hour and a
half, hut that seems sort of surprising that
this is so regular on all 9 nights. But
after this 1 hour to haou and a half, I wake up
very briefly then go back to sleep." That's
all the informaticn I have relative to M133.
That goes to the FI, Dr. J&ves Frost.

218 12 04 22 The SPT, out.

" Dum_ Tape 218-20
Time: 2217-23h9 GMT
r- 1_
ot25 1
218 22 2o 32 ; '.
fi to J
3 ?_18 22 h2 45 This time seqment is duplicate_ verbatim on

5 I Dump Tape 218-18.

• 1

o 518 22 42 _8 CDR Okay let me give you a - thought - couple of

7 thouahts here - uh - story.

'* CC And now for the TV on panel 202. TV, POWER,


:2 CDR Okay, that's done, Sotry. We ran through- -


14 CC Thank you.
15 .._
_:_ _c CDR - - had a couple of funnies here. We ran
tO _,_ through the 82As and B checks an_ - uh - ?
i£ '
although every - everything seemed to _rk
:9 right, except we got no READY li@ht for _'i
"-' _' either one. Now we realize we weren't in
['_ _ EXFER_4_T POINTING m_entaril¥ to see if J_'
7 22
O I could get it. I could not. I came back
_.._ 23 out again. However, it appeared to take a _ -':
'_---- 2_ frame in that the frame remainimg on UVspec
25 at 200, were 201 the UVSLIT is 1607 and
_'_ 26 it h,a been 1608. Now maybe those Just D
--_ _7 click off frames whet_er you take a
_' 2_ picture or not as long as you operate the - uh - _
c. fi? STOP/START switch. Bu_ we got no READY lights
0 30 on either those - uh - cameras. -_

_ 218 22 _3 53 CC T_a-ks a iot, AI. We're working that. >

3"_"i CDR Okay, and all the rest of the th_gs have -
_ got strictly nominal. <

_7 }5,T All - this screw doesn't cc_e .1l the way out.
3_ You might say I got a screw loo_e up here - uh -
:5? Story.
_1 CDR Remove bolt opposite stop.

•_;3 CO Long as it's only one you're okay.


_5 CDR Place removed bolt on tape of _S tree.

:7 218 22 _ ll PLT *** kay, I'll try that.

,;,_ .................................


Dt_p Tape 218-20
Page 2 of25 I-

5. I
I CDR And then remove the bolt on your stopper
and retrieve bolt, washer, latch,
That one only has the bolt, the
has four parts.

7 218 22 h_ 30 CDR Jack's working hard now, but he reported

that - uh - when we operated the 55 doors
several times that it looked like it had
i0 several times that it looked like it had
a sliEht hangup right at the very last
1_ motion before it went into stop; both C
I:' coming in and going out. He didn't know :_
_ whether he could count that as enough to :
• _5 h..g it up o_ not, but that may be the -!
uJ ]6 problem. Now he'll have to say whether he _=

(') _7 tb_nks it was the ramp itself or Just !D

c. _? _ something behind it that made it appear
that the ramp was doing it. What you say?
"-J 2:_
2: CC Copy that, m
Z 2?
O o
N _ _8 22 h5 0B PLT There ware no scar marks on th@ top part __
-_ of the ramp. All I can think of maybe is -_
O 25 a little hanging up on - en the bettom side __
2_'_ of the ramp. I noticed that the ramps -
2_ on some of the other doors got - ah - a
little more of - uh - of a wear _rk on ]
,_. _ _ them than this one. This one is - uh - i'.
_ ' very elean on the top, hut maybe on the _:,,
3'. ; bottom that it - uh - is sticking, .-:

218 22 45 29 CC Okay, we copy that, Jack. And - ah - could

you verify that you pushed the sail against
3 , the OWS? -,c
cc !
_; PLT Yeah, I can verify that. Ah - now the leading
:;5 ' edge of the sail is - ah - the pole is about
,_o i foot above the skin of the workshop and
"J the - uh - the - uh - end of the pole is
,_,1 down on the workshop at the end. The pole
on the right, whichever one it is - ah -
43 the end of it looks likes it's resting on

4_ ', the - on that big bump down there on the

45 ! end of the workshop.

z7 218 22 46 03 CC Okay. Is there any curving of the sail

_ ................. _Inst the workshop or bowing of the rods?
Tape 218-20
Page3 of25 r _J :

I PLT Oh, well I can't see right now. Whoopsl

2 There goes the Sun. too.
3 " =

4 CDR Tell you what we did, Story. We finished doing

5 the- ;
6 i
7 PLT Shine the light up here, AI.
9 CDR Yeah.

Ii PLT Could you turn - -

i --
_ SPT Supposed to be - - Off
14 ! N
PLT Sun e_d lights ain't working. _,

O 17 CDR Well, may be all we need to - lean in the

'_ _,8 "
_- hatch and see if there's two switches.
o O!

<_ 20
21 CDR You still there,
: Story? r-_
0 pL 218 22 _6 37 CC Yes, sir; for a couple of minutes. 0
N 23 ,
c< _'_ CDR Okay, here's what we did. Ah - we - - ,

: _s CC ... ] _--
LU 27 i :-"

0 2_ CDR We finished that Job at night and we still :

r_ "- had about 20 minuts of night to go. So we
O _;_ left the foot restraints down there. We ;_i
31 , put the poles - uh - and sail down --:
22 .' there snug as we thought it should be, ::=
"_' i best we could see at night. And then _:
_'. , we went off and did these other Jobs. Now
_; if Jack comes back from the Sun end, he :.
3_ _ passes right by that spot. He'S gonna
: stop, trim it up. Hopefully, the sail is
expanded furthre becat_se of the last Sun
•_' _ on it; you know when we t_1_ed about the
'3 _ accordian problem. Push it duwn and adjust
i it Just like you want it, _nd then that
42 ,i will be the end of the ball game. We'll
:1_ : put _t inside. Now here is the question,
' ; i do - ah - did it sound llke we had it in the
-:5i right position, the position you want?
4s i
47 i
4_ L__

z-_ :;t. T:r._ :!_ _: ::- :'::.-Js:

Dump Tape 218-20
25..... ' ' i ]

I 218 22 47 28 CC ..... Yeah,i that sounded good, AI.- We-Just-wanted ....

2 to verify that we did have it _wn s tight
3 a@ai_st the workshop to avoid s_y TACS
•i impingement on it.

_" i CDR Okay, the message we'd received was we

? i wanted to move it down until the poles
i Just touched the leading edge of the parasol.
? , Now the parasol was not presenting a horizontal
_, llne for the poles. Because as you know,
?_ one of the parasol poles didnot extend f_,11y.
::: It was up in the air. We pushed it down
"_;i until the - poles were level with - ah - _0
_ : what we - looked like the apex of the parasol
i and the one pole that did look llke it deployed
16 _ fully.

<__ _ 218 22 _8 12 SPT Dash, all the lights are on. tO

-_ 2_J PLT Wells they're not on at the Sun end. We only

_ 21 have switches for the AM - uh - well, we Fi
Z 22 must have a violation -
0 o
i'q 23 -rl
_, _ ... in the ATM and - uh -
26 CC Okay, AI. That sounds good with the sail, --
,-- 27 as lo_g as the rods are pushed hard _uough O_
O _S against the OWS to bend the poles and make :_
c- " a curve in the sail, you do not have to _--
_D _0 retract the sail. "q

3:218 22 _8 42 CDR Okay. Now when - - where sho_,la you put ...
c O
3,_ CC ••• Z

3_ C_DR - - the next sunrise comes Jack's going

_7 to stop there and he'll push them down so
"_3 that they are bending and bouch_g the
3'7 workshop., as you said.
_i ! CC And if they're like that, you _o_'t have
,',2 i to retract them where you're seeing the
'',._, parasol. That will be fine.

45 CDR Okay, we can do it either way.

47 SPT Boy, it gets dark out here, you know that?
c_ .... There's nothing but me and the lights on my
PCU save the moon. We got a half moon up
...... there Story

] BPT .... Apparently the EVA lights are _urned out ..........
2 at tb_ Sun end,

4 i218 22 49 18 CDH Wonder if there's a circut breaker that

5 mould he giving you some problems in here? I
? SPT I only see these one row of swltches, i

CDR Story, do you suppose there's a circut I

10 breaker that's in here that could somehow
_i be cutting the Sun end EVA lights out and have
,_ the rest of them _rking okay?
' LC
.: 218 22 49 34 CC Okay. We'll work that, too. _'re about -
15 15 seconds at LO_ here. We'll pick you up
_ over Ascension in 9 minutes at 22:58 and ; "_
,_ _rk both the 82A and B and the light problem. -

CDH Okay, I checked both EVA lights, oircut ' '_

-_ 20 breakers and they are both in.

Z 2._ 218 22 49" 54 CC O_y. And going over the hill he_e_ we'll O
$' 23 probably have you repeat the t_es [sic] ca
--F -_--- 24 p_e 2.1-14 sequence when we c_ see it ---
25 over Ascension. We'll be ready. Okay?

2_ gDR Yeah. i ( :n

i'= 218 22 50 08 CC And open up the T_:4E_ISION, POWER. AM, circuit --

.... _ . breaker, please, AI? _
2,; , -I
-_ CDR Okey_oke,

:_ CDR _hat'd you say, Big O.? ! :.

_ i ,
?_. SPT ***port ... you did, describe _he fact I.
._7 that you had taken _wo fr_ - _ single !

_ frame on each - uh - item? i

_,:_ SPT ... I did - ... here. Told them everything

•_ I _id. I hope? (Burp) Just stay there
_2 and. enjoy it, Jack. I

'4 SPT Man, this is really something, you know I

_ Sun end is nothing except a little bit of i
46 light reflecting off of the solar panel. ;
•_ A few stars and a half Moon.
Dump Tape 218-20
6of [ '

2 CDR Well, you've been EVA for about 5 hours and - -

_; SPT Doesn't seem like it.

CDR - - 5 hours sad 20 minutes and it's got another

7 31 m/nutes til daytime.

9 218 22 51 02 PLT Oh, I feel good. How do you feel, 0.?

: SFT I feel fine_ but I'm - (yewning) We're gonna break

_-. 7 hours at this rate.

218 22 51 09 CDR I Just wish we could - Jack, is it so dark :_

15 I that you can't work on thst 55 door?

L- fr
O ;7 _ PLT _w* can't see my hands in on_ of my face --
_< ,_,i and that's ... - - 2

_ _? . CDR ... :

Z 2_ PLT - - that's literal.

?, CDR Okay, stay loose. Dcm't move around, stay --

_ in the foot restraints. -_'

,__ 77 SPT Don't think we ough_ to been _olmg through L0

0 __ experiment I_0with a man on the oanister up. _9

C_ _ 218 22 51 35 CDR Didn't move. If we can roll it, we sure go _,

_ _ i t O EXFEEIM_ POINTINC,. -4
._ CDR Well, let me see if I can surest some items _Q
_: for you, Owen. None, _ust relax, I _uess. _

_i _ SPT Well wh_t else we have to do? We don't have

_..; that--
CDR Well, we got to do - -

_.} SPT Much to do. We got -

_ CDR ...

SPT - - to do h9 and 230. Well, neither one of

_ those. I think we are in good shape.

.;_ 218 22 _2 11 CDR I do, too. Nothing we can do but Just wait, .......

., ..

Dump Tape 218--20

25 f

i.......... PLT - --Trying to figure out what I'm seeing down k

there. I think I see clouds.
3 _
._ 218 22 52 23 PLT Yeah, You can see - uh - you can see clouds
5 down there. The light, reflecting through
8 them. I don't see any thunderstorms right
7 now, do you?
_ PLT We - we're ought to be looking at the ground
•,; either. 7--
PLT Got to look to your left.
SPT My left, huh? _:
_3 _7 --
-< ,,-, PLT Alan, I don't kttow if it's your left or not. -
_9 I don't ..o guess it isn't. :_

_- 21 PLT But I'm standing on Sun end and looking to _

7. 22 m_r left, why I - uh - see down there.
© o
N 2_
2_ 218 22 52 56 PLT Off to my right, I see a bunch of stars. -- -'!

_- _ SPT Yeah. _

O 2_ P%T _I_ visor up, you might see more.

o_9 l_
© _ SPT The vlsor's up. FI

"A?218 22 53 30 C%R While we wait, I can read you wh_t our -i

3-, peleprinter [sic] says we are doing tomorrow. •
34 "
3_ SPT OKAY. What 's that ?

37 CDR Well, I'ii tell you, they didn't give me any

!_ time to stow this EVA stuff. So apparenttes
3_ we're gonna do tonight. In case you are
40 thinking about going to bed forget it. Okay,
41 here it is. Pass urine samples.

_.2, Spt Well; we can handle that. ,

47 !
Dm_p Tape 218-20
- 8 25
..... L ..... !-J
I CDR Is that a pun? Okay, there. "Ah-- I'm ........
going to do a little M516-I, whatever that
? is. You are going to do ATM activation
and checkout, Owen. That ought to make
5 you happy. Jack and I are going to do
8ON whatever that is. Then Jack and I
7 have got an hour to do overage food
transfers. And Owen's got ATM. And Jack
9 and I observe him do 171-2 and _, of
:_ course. Then a little personal hY -
11 hygine.
. 12 C
' SPT Who, me?

_-_ CDR Observe you - ... - - 4

O 17 PLT ... _

19 CDR No, no, Jack. Observe Jack. You are _

-_ 20 AMTXng it. You ATM all day, O_en. --

7- 22 _ Okay.
%_ _- O
-- .-_ 218 22 _ 32 CDR You check it out at 13:30 and you're on ---
_ it the rest of the day. If you can hack -;

2_ , it. "
_ L S_T Simple enough. Just keep me supplle_ b_

_j with apple Juice. :C


_- _: CDR And then I'm the subject later at night ,

:_ . while Jack observes me and - ah - we do
33 a bunch other housekeeping and physical -'
._ trs/n_ng; MS09E for Jack, whatever that i--
is. That's probably a top off of the bottle (
_: And - till- that's about it.

:.] SPT Good.

•_ 218 22 55 03 CDR Yeah, I hope they solve that one. Yeah

- I - I could do a little more
. .....42 . drifting aroun_ after z while _ look
,:3i over the command module a little more.

4_ i CDR Don't drift any where at night.

Tape 218-20 I

L_ 9 of
............ 25 ..... "[7 --- r--]t
. L

,- 1 TLT Wells no, not tonight, but I mean, .......

2 that's probably one other thing we got
3 to do.
5 ! CDR No, we don't.

7 i PLT We ought to finish this i_9 and ATM.

? 218 22 56 i0 CDR We're gonna finish i_9, ATM do the poles
i0 and all that other stuffs no drifting.
1 They've asked us to drift and _ drifted.
12 They ask us to drift some more, we'll
!"j drift some more. No drifting oa our own.
,_ _q
!5 PLT Well, I thought they asked us to look
Lu -_" over quad 3 and D. __
C, 17 "__
•: •; CDR They did, from those vantage points only.
_9 You been out a long time, babe. :.n
_ 20
_i PLT I feel all right. r_

r-I 23 SPT 8o do I. I dontt feel - 811 - I could O

-: 24 sire that long by any means. --
,.i; 25 --t
2:; 218 22 56 h9 CDR lhg's next and then 230. I
_-,' 28 PLT ... Free breathe I've ever had. £n

O _c, SPT Huhl b'l

:-- 3",
.¢2 CDR They have some pretty sights out there. -.I
33 ©
_; PLT Sure wish this llght would work here. Z

:: SPT Yeah. It's a shame.

; CDR Might be a little bit better to have

day1ght -
l SPT Yeah.

._3 218 22 57 12 CDR We want to finish this, go down and get

44 i %hose poles adjusted. Now, t_ told me
4_ something new. If it touched tlhe back,
_ i you retract it. Now I dodn't have that
,7 written anywhere, did you?
48 L_...
...... :

.................................... L.__ .... __

21 20 ;,

1 FLT -No, heck no. ".............................

3 SPT Retract what?

5 PLT That's what I was wondering. What are you

c talking about?
SPT I didn't know what he was talking about.
That's a message we didn't get.

]] CDR I'Ll ask blm about it.

_= PLT Retract what though, is he talking about? _._

i DI
_ CDR Retract the sails some, I think he meant.

O ,7 PLT I'm not sure that's what he meant. Well, --

i_ I don't know what he means.
]? .'_')
--' :_ CDR I'm sure he did. I - it seems to me I've L-
_- 27 heard it long ago, but it is not in any ,,
Z :_z part of these check procedures.
O c
- _" =_ i218 22 57 47 PLT Yeah - I noticed that that thing was not --
!- completely unfolded and unfurled.

_ CDR That 's right. __

2_ PLT It looks to me like it doesn't cover the "

Q _ left as much as it covers the right. _,
_- _ _ In fact, when I look at it any way, the _"
_ ! left side - the side _here the wing is - ah -
:_ i the psrasol sticks out from under it about
_ i 3 feet. Yeah, that's what I _aS gonna tell
- you. I can't see the right side, but from
_ _ what I can see, the sail covers the parasol,
_7 but the parasol extends beyond it. And
_,:, there's no place that the sail covers new
- area.

_ 218 22 58 16 CDR That's what you want t_ tell blm now.

•_,2 Whenever we get out in the Sun, explain
.._ exactly what you see out there, Jack.

_ PLT Yeah, I will.

• . ° ,

Dump Tape 218-20

I [ CDR --In fact,-you may want tO do it now

;' ! so they can be thinking about it.
_ I PLT Well, the only thing I can think to do
i is to yank the thing back down and - ah -
_ and spread it out some more m_nually.

_ ,i CDR I don't think they want you to do that.

_: i I'ii talk with them though.
10 '.
_ 121B 22 59 00 CC S_ylab, we've got you through Ascension
i: for 4 minutes.

• " _ CDR Okay, you go ahead and shoot. -i

". PLT Okay, Story, a little word on the sail
I7 while I'm standing here in the dar. --

_9 CDR Hey, Jack. _

_I PLT Yeah? m
7 22
O o
N _3 CDR I think they want us to run this check 71
_< _-_ real quick. --
25 "_
-_ _6 PLT Oh, okay; go ahead. Oooopsl It seems --
:,_ 27 _ got some lights, b_,

_. SPT Yes, the lights Just come out here. !

_- 3i CDR Okay, they must have eomm-nded- - _q

:t 218 22 59 _2 CC We sent the command to enable the logics O
:, of those lights.

:.: SPT Well, they did.

o_,_ CC Okay--
40 PLT Okay, Jack's wrentching. How about telling
_ me this check, if you want me to pull it?

:2 218 22 59 17 CC Okay, AI. Can you tell us if you got an

,_: OPERATE light 82A or B?
_) CDR Did not get an OPERATE or READY light?
4: Everything else seemed to wrok correctly.

CO Roger.

Dump Tape 218-20 ]

CC We'llnot be getting any TV this time ......

this time, AI. You can leave that
3 TELEVISION, POSER, AM circut breaker,
218 22 59 46 CDR Okay, now I'ii tell you one reason we're
probably not. I Just flipped the LAMP
_ TEST switch in all positions and got no
: LAMP TEST. Now I didn't throw amy circut
10 breakers up here or any _-_E else because
_i of our problem. So I'm Just standing
12 by for suggestions. ..

- CC Okay, that sounds good. A1, and we're _

I_ ! going to do no futher troubleshooting on ._

_. , that we think since you did get a frame ....
_ i_
," I on both experiments that everything is ._j
IS _ good.

-_ -._ PLT They sure loaded _moothly and the flags

_- 2! were clearly visible. ,:_
22 --j
PqO -._ CDN Okay, now one more th_ng Story, because -_
2_ we're gonna losing you again. We're gouna --
2_ cc_e out in the light. We're gonna go -_
-- 2_ down and look at the poles again after we ..
?,;, do i_9. We had no procedure aboard 3,
c, that mentioned anything about retracting
_ the sail in the event it didn't set down _
...... flat.

• :218 23 00 32 CC No, not to retract it but Just to pull

_ i it back so it is - uh - flusher - -_
:_. ; nearer to you than the parasol ubt it's __
not necessary, Just _mh the rOclS down .
._ toward the OWS so thece's a slight bend
in the reds and a slight curve in the sail.

CDR Okay, one other thing.. Jack and Ow_n

,._: both pointed out that - uh - in no place
;! , does the twin-pole parasol cover -
_;_. the twin-pole sail cover the parasol.
!- And that - uh - it is not fully extended.
It still has a little - I mean it is fully
_: extemded out %o the end of the poles;
._. but the accord_an pleating is keeping it
• ' from going the maximum width that the
................... parasol is. Never extends beyond the ......
Tape2l 20
_;age 13 of 25

I 1218 23 Ol ii CDR
2 Go ahead and tell em what ever yDu got, O.
3 I CC We copy that. "
I '
5 _ CDR And we are then gonna to push it down to
j ;
-_e sure it is Just like you It it.
7 =
, Tighten it up, put on the locks, send
3 '
; in the thing and then do 230. How
;i long before our next contact?

II !218 23 Ol 28 CC Gonna lose you here in about i mdnute

++ here and we'll be picking you up at •
"t; Vanguard after i hour and 17 m_-utes. _

SC (Laughter)

_ i_ CDR Okay, we hope to be back inside by

o_ that time. t0

-_ _:: PET We'll be finished b y then.

© _ PET G_n_ miss it, Bill. ©

_ 218 23 Ol 55 CDR And, Story, one thing more. Would you '

% i m_md if I ran through that proce_,_e on _:

,-- .,- ! 21-i_ and m_e sure it decrements even one
, more frame? <_

._ ;218 23 02 O1 YC You don't need to do =chat A1. It'll .

= be all right.
+i CDR Okaydok e. r_.
_ I _
:? PLT Okay, I've got one bclt out here.

_- SPT Okay.

_ I'LT Try to stick it on this tape.

'+' ?_18 23 02 16 CC Okay, ... got to hustle here. I got

-:+ 15 seconds. One other suggestion is
'_ " lift the booms up and then spread them
" i out, and then lay them down. Just as
a r_,4nder, be sure you bring the foot
'; restraints in. All systems are looking
_ ,' good. You are cleared, when you get done
_7 , to enter the airlock and repress. And
"4 +............ with your permission I'II slip your family .....
time. They are about an hour and 20 minutes
away now. '
Dump Tape 21S-20 "

- --'CDR ......Yeah,-please do. Thank you, Sthry.

T See you in a little while. Thank everybody
3 down there for 'watching all this machine.
, Working great.

_ PLT What time is it anyway?


; &'DR 23:00.
q !

1218 23 02 52 CC If we're still with you, it's
"i abOUt 23:02:53; 6 P.M. here.
',3 SPT It's early. £0
. .4

_5 I SPT Day has really gone fast. -I

,q _ PLT Well all of y'all remember this day

for a long time.
o I O_

-: " CDR That's a fact.

_: 2,' 1"71
Z 2-.- -" 8PT Has it seemed tedious in there, AI?
© o
_. _4 i218 23 03 29 CDR A little hit. You can probably -"
2.__, tell, my temper is a little short sometime. _
"_: :_. Nell I guess I was worried because we -_
_. 2" _ere ou_ here a long time. I w_s afraid L_
O _ ] they _ere going to say "Okay, yoU guys ..", '
t:_: get in. Don't do 149 and don't do 230, -_
r_ 7- or something." F",

_ SPT I can't imagine why they woul_ - I mean

,- they re ally
- C'

L PLT Yo_ don't know, people have strange things.

37 SPT W_? I mean there wotuld have to be a

reason. And on the surface, you know,
:, _.y'ue they were working too ban-d, or their
,_-; backposh - pLqs - wesn't gonna hack it.
4_ But - uh -

.' 218 23 0_ Ol CDR I hate to not cycle that thing again, but
_-l;_ I'm x10t go_,

_S ! SPT I think it has to do w/th the panel

_ configurations. That they were not aware
.............. _ust what it wa_ in. But they went - the - - _

:_,l:._ Z_%.2.L. _.. _. ' . , ,'j ", J* j_

Dump Tape 218-20 _ .
71_age 15 of 25 -- "_'" _ -_

I CDR -- None Of the LAMP TESTs worked. " ...........

2 '
3 PLT That makes - that 's encouraging.
4 ! :
5 PLT The display switches are probably all off
;; up there in the left-hand corner, aren't
7 they?
9 CDR ORBIT - ORBIT PH_E is on at t_at time
m and ACS - at that time, not ACS counters
11 1_us 2. I don't know which one e_trols ,
i2 the READY 0PR light.

!_ !218 23 04 47 SPT Oh, how about the lightning switch is i

'7 over there that say NUMerIC and

J7 C'DB They're off. They're all up. But _ _,

!S I wasn't going to touch them. _"
2_ SPT Up - up, you say? Well, that is using ___
21 the C&D AC i.
22 ] "'
' o
23 PLT That's
right. I ,_

25, SPT And so that bus is out. And I think that's .q

26 the reason that we're not gettlmg any of ; --
27 those displays. I <';
,5 _ L_.
2'_' CDR Okay. 1
,_., i rq
3_ :218 23 05 07 S? I think Jack said they went on _ooth m
_2 i and they decremented. -_

L; SPT ... panel. _-

3_ CDR .. •, Jack.

j_ PLT Oh, l've got that thing off. I'm i

39 Just kind of collecting the pieces together.
40_ i
,_ , CDR Good. )
•._2 i i
4t, i FLT Tie the cable up. 1

_-5'218 23 05 23 CDR A boom full stop and tape the tree; that ;
• _ and the wrench. How I'm gonna close
47 [ 55 door and then cycle it a c_ple of times.

16of25 .I;: l-I

r_ ! PLT .....Hey, don't do it yet.

3 edr I'm not going to do it, of course. Th_nks
4 for reninding me, but I wasn't.
6 PLT I know it.
i CDR Wonder why they want me to roll canister
I to minus 6780 arc minutes?
IC ]
7_ _, PLT There's a whole bunch of ... there too, ...
12 :
"-! CDR Huhl : _-
• i

_5 1218 23 06 14 SPT I - I'd sort of forgotten. Did you

_= read Jack the correct procedure for _i
O 17 leaving that EVA roll panel down there
_/ -" by the center workstation. _

_ CDR I hope I did, because I'ii Just have him _:

'_ _'_ go by, if I didn't. The answer is - okay, r.,
0 Z2 we had him do that. No, we Just kind of _"
_ 2_ left them on. That roll emable canister
-- _ 2,1 rotation, right line, Sun end. Roll --
G 2_ inhibit. That's all you ever do, isn't 4
26 it? -1
2;' _C
2? _218 23 06 54 SPT No, there are some - some power switches ,.._
?? that you normally turn off.
_ 23
i- 31 CDR Power 2 enable, if recuired. It says, '"r
_ : if required. Apparently we don't turn
C-_ them off. They were ?)robablyenabled
_. when Jack got there. It does not. tell
__ me to turn them off. .,

-:: 21B 23 07 08 SPT Do you know whether you did - whether

-., i:
J- you turned them on and off, or what
3? i position they were in: Jack?

, : i PLT I don't remember at tie moment, O. I'ii

cOmeby andtake - takea look.

CDR Don't turn them off now it doesn't tell

11S to. !

SPT It's where we're go_f.ing screwed up. i

4_: ....... Let__$ _ick with this _heel_i__. ........... __
"]_Jmp Tape 218-20 t
25 "
of .,F rq

1 PLT .......l-J6st- lost one little shim.

3 SPT Bye, Imye, one shim.

5 PLT ... into the ATM.

7 218 23 07 59 plt 0 - 0., we're going to have to treat

this here 82 thing very gen,tly - -
9 !
"0 SPT Okay.

]2 PLT - - to keep from losing the stuff that's

:: on it. Okay? _._
I; L_

15 218 23 08 09 PLT I've got that Job done now, AI.

• .4

17 CDR Okay, let me read to you. I'm going to -

___- rotate _5 door open and close while
]9 you %_tch it, okay? t:
.<E _" r3
_-" _: PLT All right, let'er rip. r

b,' 2 CDR Okay, OPEN, CLOSE - when it's fully _.

_: ,.: closed, let me know. And watch it for
" any
:_ :.-
?:- 218 23 08 32 PLT MARK. ,-.

:-) _ SPT Okay, here comes an OPEN; watch it for :_:

0 : any Jerking or whatever you saw before. .

- PLT Well, the light's a little bit d/minish-

23 ing here, so - got your viser up? ,3

";"; ,SPT Yeah. .:

! •

_ COH You can use your pen light.

". 218 23 08 48 PLT Oh, okay; it's open.

,._ CDH Here comes the close. Describe any

_ , door stalling, binding, or whatever
,::" you want.

,;.; , PLT No stalling_ binding or hitchlng.

_ ', CDR Can you tell the difference from
.... __.................... he other time? .........

, : , PLT Yes/%, I believe I can, at the end of sc

a stroke. I think we 'ii be able to
_Dmm_ Tape 218-20

................. tell _etter when we get that rsmp

r-- ] in %here and look under the und_T- -- "_
? side Of it there. I'll bet you
3 there's going to be some marks on it.

3 9/8 23 09 ll CDR Okay, now I'm going to roll this back,

6 Jack, _ watch out.

_ PLT There, there - she goes.

• CDR All right. Now - all the doors are

_ _ mlosed. Is that correct, Jack_
_ PLT Yeah, except for the cme that's bent :

CDR C_sy, now - - 0., what clamp you need

.... i/ to LSU? Jack, you Just stay still for
':" a mlnute, t,

- 2!

O _ 8PT It is. ,-

__ 2" 218 23 100h PLT Well, the whole world's upside ao_n ..........
"__ now, space fans. ._
26 :':
2/ CDR Okay, Droop.

e. 29 PLT See a few thunderstorms down there - - '"

:' SPT Yeah, I can see it flashing - - ._:

3"J PLT Flashing away. Hs.| •

; PLT Hey, AI, ....

i _"DR Well, I am too, gang. Getting that

:;1 " thin_ set right. Okay, there's
6_, _8, _T - okay. Now let me _ell
_'_; yoU what to do. Remove slack,
i i
egress VS foot restraints, and _mgress
•- VT foot restraint.

"_ 218 23 i0 43 PLT Ok_, here I go.

":': Cl)R Okay. I

G' ',

:::- _" SPT ---Jack_ don't bump the package. . •

LPage 19 of 25

218 23 ll 19 PLT • Okay, here I am. .............


:- z CDR Okay, remove slack, then clamp

_" EV-2 I_qU approximately 31 see,

7 SPT Complete.

5 _ 218 23 ii 26 CDR O_ay, how _bout a little _4U

status check?
"¢ i

PLT 36 no lights.

::! CDR Ok_. _1
i SPT Same here. • .|
L: i --

_< 18 2]:8 23 11 33 CDR SUN E_D BOOME_L_ to _ es directed J)

_- _ _-2.

:-- _;
21 SPT Just a little more there, Jack. "

"_ :: PLT Yeah, let me get the package in D

;_ _3 my hand. --- "_
C< 4'* ..i
0 25
-_- SPT Alright. ""

?7 1218 23 ii 5h CDR Pass the tree, bring i't back - pass (n

2a ,. the tree lock, bring it back, and
o., ! stow it. You know where. :.,-

'- 3:i218 23 12 Ol CDR Got I0 minutes to sunzlse, Jack.

32 $_
_ FLT Okay. z

:":_ I_£T Oh, I can't get it loose. _"

:7 SPT How about that? May be locked.

_9 '218 23 12 09 PLT Well, it was locked with any .w_e


S_T Okay.

_ PLT There she comes loose.


_6 PLT You're a sha_er.

_,8 _,
..................................... %
Dump Tape 218-20
[P e2o
o 25 • "E..... !_J
_- _ Yeah, it may have been it cooled off
I ................. at night. Put it on in the sun hot. -.......
218 23 12 2_ PLT Now, Ow, I don't remember what side
you had the - uh -

SPT - - the shoe goes towards the ATM.

7 ,
8 PLT Alright.

_:-_ SPT There's one little cut-Out place there

l! i for the handle.

=",_ PLT Wait a minute. The shoe - -

!! _q
:_ SPT Yeah, it won't lock?
,_- _,:I ! "l._:
,,_ ,4 _ 218 23 12 h5 SPT In other word your ... goes awa_
_" from the A_4.
D- " i

.-_ U ' PLT That's the wrong direct - stated

;: :_ , - uh- •
z 22
! "
NO 23 li PLT Is that the way it goes? _IO

25 I _l-'i" About 90 degrees to your right - uh - -_

2a I to the down.
u_ 27 ! (D
O ._ _ 218 23 13 00 PLT Oh, this is the way it's going to go, to ,_
;:? get on the hook. -
(_, 30 ,"_
31 _PT Okay, put it on that way then.
32 --4
33 PLT (_ay, run it up here a little more, O
_. please? 7-
25 SPT Alright.

23 218 23 13 04 PLT About 2 feet.

,_ 218 23 13 12 PLT Oh. Oh, man, it's a good shot there, 0w.

.'2! SPT Okay, now it should be 180 degrees from

43 } that if you could, A1. - uh - Jack.

45 , PLT Yeah, I can do that very simply.

_7 i PLT Carefully.

• i: : _ :
..]_ Tape 218-20

SPT Keeping hands on all the time.

2 PLT Is that the w_y you llne it?

4 SPT ¥ep.
218 23 13 _5 PLT Thought of it before, we eoul_ have
; put those tools and things in=ide of
_. the e_-_ ster, but - uh - I
!0 SPT No, you want a vanuum in those cans. i

!: You wouldn't have been able to get'era i

_2 open. i

:' 218 23 13 57 CDR Okay. is everybody ready? i i.i

..u _ SPT I don't know ....

_' 17 : --
c.- _ PLT No,I get ... I

_ CDR No trouble, I Just couldn't see. _

22 218 23 lh O_ PLT Cans are empty noW.

:: 2J
2,_ SPT That 's right • !_ -D- _-
C' Z..: ' __
28 PLT It's locke_L to the ... - - } ..:

C_ 2S CDR - - going to h_ve something in them i ,"

_'; eventually, aren't t1_ey? :-:"
C) &
:- _ 218 23 I_ 09 SPT Not 'til we brlng'_m back in the next _ _,
32 time.
33 O
_ FLT Okay, Ow, take it away. _

: SI_ Alright.
37 i
j: PLT Now be very careful getting - those ;i

_ _arts bamk. }

,_ aPT Alr i_ht, i

"_ 218 _3 i_ 20 SI°T NOW one film I s_w float away, floated
,_ _ away from the ATM.

._ ! 218 23 lh 27 CDR Show me what it's going to hit, O. I

: ! It's an EVA light near you? I

C, t5 zCI .._.::_' _,_"-: .- MA';_,-JSC

Dump Tape 218-20

218 23 i_ 29 SPT Yes, it's that EVA light - if _u can

I _ zee:i_ then it's
i -'- ...................

3 PLT •. •
4 (
5 CDR Huh, I'll be darn. Probably _ot in
the trainer,

8 SPT Not with adequate fidelity,

i0 218 23 lh M2 CDR _ay, that's a note for _he ENI people.
_i Pick this up, EVA people - uh - Bob King,
_2 - u_ - m_ke s_re that when they train
_s putting the AD2 A_D cans on, they do it 'O
: wlth the shoe towards the AM. Other- --
15 wise it's going to strike a light __
u_ _ that's o11 the top of the hag. Please --
<_ ]7 sena this up to King to put _hat in
<_ _3 OURS, tOO.

-; 20 CDR Okay, Jack, let me read to you a few O

2_ tidbits. Let me get - let me give 0
T! 2_ a chance to stow that thing, first.
© - O

--_-i---- _,_ PLT Don't get ahead of the ball game. : .....
,-c 25
.,2i 218 23 i_ 30 SPT 8towe_ and loeke_.

•" " PLT Alright '_

,", =_ CDR Okay, how about retrieving IF lh9 "_

;-" _ from F6 handrail and attach the sun -i
_:2 end boom.
,?2 ;
, FLT No. :-

_ 218 23 i_ hO SPT .°. near _iting for us.

%_ CDR OkaY.

.0 SPT There 's bound to be -. uh - here 's

, that convenient cut-out.

_3 PLT Hey, Ow?

_7 PLT How about leaving a t_ther on?

+Dump Tape 218-20
f i Page 23 of 25

SPT Yep. Take the end?

? 8 23 16 h3 PLT Okay.

_. 218 23 16 45 SPT I already got something on this other

5 tether.

7 PLT Okay.

9 SPT I couldn't get that wrench out of

+ the _ape roll, ... other things.
_ 218 23 17 01 SPT Put a tether on this one, or what?

i4 PLT You need to - yeah, I don't like to q

io tether it - - it could get away
,..+j b very easy. --. '

,,.+. +7 i --
< ++ SPT ... + :)
1? + L0
--' zJ_^ 218 23 17 12 CDR Sure is, and you have to work at _--
%- 21 a _,_ny position, too. m
-- 2"
f_ 9
_+ 23 SPT Yeah.
24 "-

_ 2C PLT _Ay, I'll put this tether right _-c
:+c down there at that - uh - _
u_ _T _ "
O _u 7LT Okay, it - uh - looks llke it's on ,_
2: _ anti locked. =
lh "2u',
_- _; SPY Set.
+ ? i "-I
: 218 23 17 36 CDR Okay. EXTEND it to EV-2. Who will O
34 then remove 149 from boom, depress -<
3_ clamp lever and attach clamp to solar <
3_ shield next to bracket on back side
37 of shield.
3? PLT Alright. I know right where %_,t is.

+ 218 23 17 52 CDR Okay. Then when you do that let me

42 know, and I'ii tell you what %0 do
4,+ i about the crank, Jack.
•+ j

_0 I PLT Okay.

47 i 218 23 18 i0 CDR Nice Job. Professional boom operator.

F_ _8 i"-
.... We're going to take yot_ previous pro- .....
fession and change it, 0wen.
: _ +_ GC C, " "
Dump Tape 218-20

SPT Well, I ... got a multimeter reading.

_o PLT In its mind, or was it the a -
SPT ... meter reading is good.

r_ PLT Okay.

218 23 18 30 PLT Oh, man, look at all the forest fires

down there.
_' CDR My gosh, look at that. I bet We're
"_ over Africa.

218 23 18 37 PLT Yeah, I bet they're burning off the

15 crops or something.

C0 !; SPT Yesh.

_9 CDR Coul_ _e. Look at that. ."

2_ SPT My_ _ i ,_°

C' ©
-_ 2_ FLT - - now - no way to tell where we are, _:i
-- _ huh? --

2_ 218 23 18 44 SPT Yesh, where was the last pass Ascension?

u. 27 SO this must be over - uh - probably _
O _ Africa somewhere. ._,

•_ :r CDR Yep. That'd be my &qless. It's getting .'

_- _,_' the time of night we cut across Africa _'_
3? and into Asia. That:s going to be EVA -i
3; over Russia. That'll brings back some 'D
3._ memories, someday. "ou can look up _.
_5 at the sky over Russi_ and say I was -<
:_ hanging out, over there.
3_ 218 23 19 09 PLT (Chuckle) Okay, 0., take her back,
_ I've got it. It's all tethere_ in good
,'_0 hands, sad all that stuff.

4_ PLT Take her back, please?

44 SPT Okay. I'm trying.
46 PLT Oh, I'm sorry.
2B 19 28 PLT _ On, here comes .. .....
° I

25 of 25

2i "SPT Now, let's see. Are we ready to

3 bring this all the way back in for
4 good now?
6. PLT Yeah, I think so.

78 218 23 19 37 CDR No, you gotta put out the - uh -

you gotta get that plate.

SPT Yeah.
_2 t
_3 1218 23 19 42 CDR You gotta bring it in though, because (..
t_ i thermA!ly it can't take it. _,I

_ 218 23 19 h7 This time segment _-

uJ 16 I to is duplicated verbatim
(_ 7 1218 23 51 24 on Dump Tape 218-24 "'
o_ io _%
19 ' -
! c"
Z 22 C
0 "_:
N 23

0 25
.._ .-

u- 27 t.
0 2s --

O 30 r:,.

"': I I (.
5"" i i _"
Lj i
i i C







_c_ >;i ' , , tAS:,-J'

_mp Tape 218-21 _"
Time: 1733-0019 GMT
r- 8_8/73
Page I of i

218 17 33 30 to This time segment is duplicated verbatim

218 17 35 34 within Dump Tape 218-15.

218 17 35 37 SPT There's 9 feet right there.

218 17 35 50 PLT Cut off there? No cut off.

SPT That's the way in the water (Laughter).

218 17 35 53 PLT Yeah. Can't see the Bubbles.

218 17 35 56 to This time segment is _iplicated verbatim

218 17 43 13 within Dump Tape 218-11.


218 23 49 22 to This time segment is duplicated verbatim

219 O0 19 49 %_thin Dump Tape 218-24.

Dump Tape 218-22

Time: 218:19:35 to 218:20:35 GMT
Pagei of i "......
_t. •

218 i9 3513 Verbatim duplication of the same time.

to ....
218 20. 3h" 34 - Segm@nt- within Dump Tape 218-12.

218 20 3h" 37 PLT - Where would I have to rotate the poles

• " to clear them?

CDR To the - clockwise. Try that.

PLT Can I see it?

218 20 3_ _6 SPT I think so. The other way - the other


PLT I thought you were pulling too hard against


218 20 35 00 PLT Hi, Story.

CDR I'll talk to him.

_ 218 20 35 03 CDR We "got both poles out, Story. And when

we got the second one out, it _Fas in the
dark. We had to wait until the sun came
up to look sm.d see if the lines were
straight. The line had a 180-degree twise
in it, or at least it appeared to, which
is most confusing .... instruments at
360, we thought. If so, we've taken
that pole down. Owen presently has
the end.

218 20 35 25 CDR Jack has it open.


. !
21 23 If!ii
Time : 1654-2320 G_fT
/-_ Page i of 23

218 16 5h 54 CDR Next thing we are going to do is go

pressure selector to off.

SPT Mine 's hanging in at 3.8.

PLT Mine's 385. *

SPT ... go to both, and in IVA.

SPT ... to full.

PLT Yep.

CDR Oks_'.

218 16 55 20 SPT So, uh - we don't have to worry about

those notes .... at stable. 3.6 to 3.9.
All lights off. Looks like that ... it.

CDR 0k_y, now, ... We're going to get a tone

at ... at 3.1 to 3.8.

_ SPT Just did.

218 16 56 ii PLT Okay, Owen, you got the depress light in

the ...

SPT Not quite ... yet.

PLT All set?

Sq_Y Hey, I got the depress light.

PLT That's alright, that's what you want.

PLT Okay, - uh - we're going to notify - uh -

Al that the _?4U 30 check is @@mplete.
Ar.d - uh - he's going to rea_ all
procedures from here to deac%Ivation
following the EVA.

218 16 56 45 CDR Okay, your VOX cut out for JuSt a

moment there.
, i

_mp Tape 218-23
Page 2 of 23

218 16 56 47 PLT Okay, AI, we're completely ... check.

CDR Okay, have you turned off your squawk

,, box right near you? Can you put it to
sleep? °

PLT Sleep.

CDR Okay, let's give it a go now. How od

you hear me?

PLT Loud and clear.

218 16 57 05 CDR Okay, we're getting ready to close

the 120 psi RE(} b toetal valve.

SPT I guess we might as well.

CDR Can you hear me? Did you heaP that?

SPT Yeah, you're going to close the 120 psi,

_ I'm not quite sure why, but, okay.

218 16 57 24 CDR Here's the check. Okay, here it comes.

VerifY pressure drop less thsn i0 psi.

SPT Can't even see it drop.

CDR Okay, EVA i and 2 Io vent Flow light

OFF, verify.

SPT ... uh - verified.

218 16 57 h2 CDR Okay. Toctal opened now I'm going to

go A closed. Okay, No chan_@ in press.
Lo veft flow the light's stil! off down there?

PLT AffirmRtive.

CDR Okaydoke.

218 16 58 01 CDR Okay. EV-3 on panel 225. 120 psi REG A

toc_hsl valve OPEN, okay. Pro@eed to AM
enter head first, EV-I.

218 16 58 ll PLT Okay, proceed to AM enter hes_ first. On

the way. That's you ole bud_.
Dump Tap3 218-23
Page 3 of 23

SPT T)mt' s it.

CDR I'm supposed to restow EV-I _U in

, spheres and EV-I transfers to AM. That's
_' mY next big event. So I'll _ do it. .
St_ loose, if you come up f/_ere, I'll
stoW. Ou@hta be a good etsr_ Now let
• me see which one you got, you got the one
next to the hatch, hem.

218 16 58 43 SPT That's right. But it says f_ me to

come in head first, huh?

CDR Yeah, c_use you're probably 8x)ing to get

down here and get these thinse from me
or something.

218 16 58 h9 CDR Ye_h, I'll probably have to _At in the

-uh -E-3.

CDR Yeeh. Hey, they stow'a lot better than in

f-_ one g. I heard it was hard, 1_ut it's
r eas_. C_me on in - piece of cake.

BPT ... my umbilical ...

CDR _y.

218 16 59 I0 CDR Oks_, a little bit more. St_ there, Owen,

I See some behind you, I theft I had
it all. You're doing okay.

SPT All right.

CDR Please come in for a visit.

SPT Alright, I'm in for a short visit.

218 16 59 30 CDR Okay, now you're goi_ to'have to

K - you better simply sit.

SPT Yeah.

CDR See I'm getting out of your 1_y.

218 16 59 37 SPT Oksy, wb_t do I do next?

2181659hl CD_ Okay.

/-- Dump Tape 218-23
Page h of 23

SPT State.

CDR Head first, okay. We stow - I did.

":: Okay, rotate to EVA egree position, face
towards MDA. That's you, Big o.

SPT Okay.

218 16 59 59 CDR EV-2, come on up for a visit.

PLT Okay. I'm coming up but I want to take

a look at how to get his hatch loose
first. Incidentally, I don't have any
- _h - wrist ... on I guess I'm not
suppose to.

218 17 00 i0 CDR Not yet, we'll have you put them on -

they're right there on your panel.
Your panel is to your roll right. No,
no, no, your panel is to roll left.

PLT ... unlock the top hatch, but I Just

did it .... on this panel. Oh, there's
one, yeah, I take it back, Yeah, there's

218 17 00 33 CDR Okay, move to 0W hatch. Now, EV-3 manage

EV-2 i,_U. Stow in aft compartment. Then
I move to STS. So you stay right there
I'm going to give you an assiSt.

PLT Okay, Owen, I - uh - you've got to keep

- keep your - uh - someone down on the
hatch there.

218 17 00 h8 SPT Alright.

CDR You - Why don't you come down the other

way for a minute. There you go. So I
can get over you. Cause all this stuff
stows there you go. Now when I come
back, then you'll have to move up.

PLT What you gonna do, AI?

218 17 01 01 CDR l'm supposed to - I'ii stow your stuff

in thisAFT compartment.

218 17 01 05 PLT Okay. You want me to get in first?

+ •i
f- DumpTape218-23
Page 5 of 23

CDR I think we can put a little bit of it

back in here.

_. PLT Wait, is that set yours?

PLT That 's it.

CDR Okay.

PLT Put a little of yours back in there.

SC Alright, Pete that ought to ... put it

all in. We're okay.

218 17 O1 27 PLT I thought you were supposed to leave

it in the AFT department?

CDR I am, some of it.

•SPT He's got plenty, Just so ...

_ PLT That' s plenty.

CDR Okay, I'm going to move out of the way

and you come on in and bring your stuff
in with you, okay?

218 17 01 39 PLT Okay. I got the hatch first. Now that's

something they didn't put in the checklist.

CDR Well, they are going to get to it.

CDR And now - -

PLT - -there's a lock behind the - uh -behind

the hatch, if I can get to it.

CDR Just wait a second.

SPT Cool off.

CDR We're not there, l've got to read the

next set of procedures.

PLT All right. Here I am.


Dump Tape 218-23

Page 6 of 23

CDR I got em for you in a minute.

218 17 02 04 CC _T_ylab, we're reading you loud and

_ clear through G,,_, for five minutes.

CDR Okay.

CDR We're now getting into lock compartment.

Everything's going sr_ooth.

218 17 02 13 CDR Okay, Jack. Would you care to inspect the

hatch seal for obstructions?

PLT Looks like we've got everything moved out

of the way here, AI.

CDR Okay, how does the hatch seal itself look?

PLT Well, I'm going to have to ogen the door here

and ... down a littl_bit.

_. CDR Okay.

PLT It seems to ...

CDR Okay, then. Hatch handle open verify.

218 17 02 48 CC ... we're reading you loud and clear.

Through G1,_m for three more m_utes.

218 17 0_ 50 CDR Okay.

PLT The hatch handle is verified to be open.

CDR Okay. Release OWS hatch from wall,

close hatch while entering AFT lock.

218 17 02 59 PLT Hatch is coming closed.

CDR Okay, when you get there, hatch handle

equalize pressure, after you _et it
closed. Then I'll read the rest.

PLT ...

218 17 03 i0 CDR Y'all look good in there. HATCH HANDLE to

f_" to UNLOCK.

Dump Tape 218-23
Page y of 23

PLT Okay.

218 17 03 22 CDR Okay. HATCH HANDLE to CLOSE.


PLT No, I haven't got it to - uh - up to

equalized pressure, yet.

CDR Alright. It probably should _ave been

there when you looked at it. HATCH HANDLE

PLT - Uh - I can't get that handle to go up


218 17 03 48 CDR Okay, try moving the other one and then
you can probably move it because they're
interrelnted. But before yot_close it,
have it in equalize pressure _d UNLOCK.

_ FLT Okay, that's where we are. We're in

we are. OMay°

218 17 04 i0 CDR That's good. Now close the things they


PLT It isn't closing.

SPT What's in the way? _ybe the h_tch - maybe

the AFT hatch to the - uh - alrloek.
I csn't see -

218 17 Oh 30 PLT No, no, that's not it, Owen. The dogs
are - are - are you sure we're supposed
to have the - uh - handle on qqualize ...
before we close it?

CDR Well_ amybe not. It says KATCK HANDLE OPEN.

218 17 04 _ PLT It Won't work that -_ay becau_@ the dogs

are hitting on the edge when 7ou do it
that way.

CDR Okay, let's try it again. P_t the HATCH

F_ Dump Tape 218-23
Page 8 of 23

PLT Okay, it's on OPEN.

CDR Okay. How do the dogs look now?

218 17 04 57 CDR Now the dogs are downflush.

CDR Perfect. Uh - close hatch while

entering AFT lock. You got it?

PLT Yes/%.


218 17 05 22 CC Skylab, we're 30 seconds to LOS. We'll

see you over Goldstone in 17 minutes
that's at 17:23. All systems ere looking
good and you're GO for depress.

CDR Okay, under -

PLT ... they' ii be going.

CDR Okay, Story, understand_ thanks.

218 17 05 40 CC And while I got you, A1. You might be

coming to page 6.2-12, over Goldstone.

CDR Okay, understand. 6.2-12.

Yeah, it's a long way off at the moment.

CDR Okay. How you doing, Jack?

218 17 06 12 PLT I'm not having much luck with this

hatch here, A1.

CDR Okay, now let - let's go back and _ork

on it for a second. Let me read it to you
again. HATCH HANDLE should be OPEN.

PLT That's where it is. It's 01_.

218 17 06 26 CDR Okay. Now where's the - is the other one

in equalize pressure? How ,_-_ positions
has it got?

218 17 06 30 PLT Oh, there's there's one handle that has

/__ _Jmp Tape 218-23
Pa_e 9 of 23

CDR Okay. Now, why can't you close it, cause

the dogs are hitting or because the AFT MD -
the AFT lock hatch is bumping it?

PLT Well, when you get the hatch closed and

you try to - uh - dog it over
the - uh -

218 17 06 49 CDR Well, did you Just go to HATCH HANDLE

ED.UALIZE PRESSURE when you closed it?
And then let me tell you wha% to do next?

SPT YoU need me to hold your feet down, Jack?

PLT Yeah. Well, no, Just leave lem loose

for a minute.

SPT Alright.

- CDR Close the hatch.

PLT 0kay, the hatch is closed.

218 17 07 05 CDR Now put the HATCH HANDLE TO E_UALIZE

PRESSURE. Can you do that?

PLT Oh - that's the part I haven'@ been

able to do.

CDR Okay. Well let's wait a minute. Let

Just go over to post EV-I and see what you
do. Just hold on and we'll see how you
open it, and we'll get in - is that -
that place.

218 17 07 27 PLT Yeah, l'm trying to - uh - see how

they work here.

CDR ...

PLT I don't hear him too great.

CDR Okay, Just a second now, Jack. Okay,

now this says to go to RELEA,_ HANDLE

f_ Damp Tape 218-23
Page i0 of 23

218 17 08 06 PLT Is that before you - do you _O that before

you close the hatch or after?

_ CDR No, trait a minute. Okay. _ - when you

came up to the hatch, it shouuld have been
OPEN. Now, if you can Bet it there,
we can start from there,

218 17 08 19 PLT Okay, it's in UNLOCK and OPEN,

21B 17 08 21 CDB Okay, now leave it right there. Now,

let me give you the next stepl

CDR Oh, verify that the hatch hanale is open.

218 17 08 35 PLT Okay, it's verified OPEN.

CDR Now, close the hatch.

PLT Okay. Hatch is closed.


PLT Th - that was the problem the - uh - the

release handle was not in the unlock

218 17 08 50 CDR Alright. Are you in now in eq_allze pressttreZ

PLT Yes, sir.


PLT There it goes to unlock now.


PLT Okay, it goes to CLOSE. There it is,

218 17 09 03 CDH B_._ASE HANDLE to LOCK.

PLT It 's _n LOCK.

CDR You got it made.

218 1T 09 06 PLT Okay, now check the dogs; let me check

/_ the dogs.
-. !!

_" Dump Tape 218-23

Page II of 23

CDR Okay.

CDR Everything' s going okay.

PLT Okeydokey.

CDR 0k_v. EVA in e&_ee position ....

toward MDA.

CDR C_, ow, I'm going to unstow the I_3

and pass the ... handle first.

SPT Okay. But _t looks like l*m going to

have to turn around a little _it to
recieve it.

.. CDR Yeah, not much. Here it comes, ready

or not.

218 17 09 39 SPT I am, though.

._ 218 17 09 24 CDR Got some good film on there,

PLT Ca_ I help you in any there, Ow?

SPT No, I don't think so.

PLT Okay.

CDR Here you are, Big O.

218 17 09 5_ SPT Okay. Let's see I want to - it's not

rotated quite right _ AI.

CDR Would be glad to rotate it in your - that


SPT C_ay.

218 17 i0 66 CDR Slowly and carefully here. Got it

caught there. Can't put it in yet
t%ntll I close the .hatch.

SPT Okay.

21817 i0 15 CDR Sts_ loose, don't fall _part. Okay, here

.... we go. See where we are at the moment.
Can you hold these ... PC 3. Now, here
Dump Tape 218-23
Page 12 of 2'3

wha_ I'm gonna do. I'm gonna release

forward hatch, pressure equalAzation
valve ... stowed, verify. INS1 Just
•.. e/_e_ck that and then - uh - pz_ssur -
"_" pressure equalization valve O_en, check o
haunch seal fro obstructions, @lose hatch
handle, and hatch handle close. Will do.

SPY Okay (cou_h), that should work. Notice

our ... restraints, there _ b_Lncing

CDR Yeah.

218 17 ii O0 CDR 0kay, I'm looking at this seal, gang.

An d I like the way it looks. I've seldom
seen a better seal. Okay .. _ is going closed.

PLT See you around the campus, there, F2(ipper.

CDR Okay. Have a good time.

PLT I _hink it maybe one of the fOOt restraints

at the bottom, down there.

SPT I_o, it's one of these little slips up here.

It's a little snap stowage cllp. I Just
fixed it. Everything's eopac@tle.

SPT Jack, we didn't review that ]_ocedure for

- %@1 - changing that cap cove_ on that
egree valve.

PLT I know how to do it.

218 17 ii 57 CDR Okay, let me tell you. I'ii review it

for you. You see the cap theZe?

218 17 12 O0 SPT No, I can't see it now, I saw it a minute

ago •

PLT I - uh - I flipped it over.

CDR Okay. Let me tell you what h_ppens.

PLT Why don't you - why don't you Just tell

us that when the time comes?

CDR Okay.

Dump Tape 218-23

Page 13 of 23


the tree in receptacle.

_ PLT ...

PLT Okay, it's installed, and locked.

218 17 12 34 CDR Okay, that's good. Okay, now ca 317 for

you, EV-I, and 323 fo_ you, Jack.
Install wrist tethers on right arm,
right arm.

PLT Okay. Got yours, 0.?

SPT We 11 , I will have. I want to make sure

that I'm not slipping through your

PLT That, and make sure you don't kick the

TV and stuff. You're'in biz/

CDR Dog_one plenum bag wasn't tied down.

It's floating all over the place. I'll
tie it to this little box right here.

PLT Okay, then , one tether's attaehed.

CDR Right wrist.

SPT Right. And I have a tether attached

to my right vrist.

218 17 13 28 CDR Okay, let's go for the nex_t one, then,

gang. Let's go to see if you guys can
pull this next part off.

PLT Which is?

CDR Close SELECT IVA, verify.

PLT Verified.

SPT Verified.


_ PLT No, it's in BOTH, but I'ii put it there.


_ DumpTape218-23
Page lh of 23

CDR C_8y. Select DELTA-P, verify,

PLT No, it's in ABSOLUTE. If you want to

•_ 80 to DELTA-P, it' ii take a _u_ent.

218 17 13 54 CDR You better put it there, An4[ the suit

press light off at 2.8 to 3.1.

CDR I read it incorrectly, it should be

verified, suit press light off. I Just
sai_ verified, so you all are okay.
Everything is working.

PLT Okay, the pressure is coming up.

CDR Let me know when everything is copacetic.

218 17 14 18 PLT MARK. Mine w_s off at 2.9.

-PLT What' s new, Big O?

SPT l'm still coming up.

PLT Okay.

218 17 14 42 SPT Mine's off at 3.5.

CDR Okay.

CDR Let me read you the next. Stable at 3.7.

Okay. Everybody stable 3.6 to 3.97

PLT Yep, I'm stable at 3.7.

CDR How about you, Big 0. ?

SPT I'm stable at 3.8.

218 17 15 08 CDR Okay. If 0. will always answer first, it'll

make it easier. Okay, pressure select
to BOTH. Verify no change cuff gage
or displays.

PLT In work.

SPT Press SELECT in BOTH, and no change.


_ Dump Tape 218-23

Page 15 of 23

PLT No change for me.

CDR Okay, now we're gonna do the SOP

FLOW check. EV-I and 2. SOP 02 valve OPE_.

CDR Verify valve locked in D_'f_NT. You can

assist each other.

SPT Okay, mine's all the way open.

CDR Okay.

PLT Mine is open and locked.

CDE Okay.

218 17 15 50 SPT How did you lock it?

218 17 15 51 PLT Just push it down and it goes into


f- CDR Yeah.

SPT Okay, then.

218 17 15 57 CDR Okay, now here's the next part. That's

a 10t of fun. Uh, this is called
conserve SOP, so do it as rapidly
as possible. EV-1, on 317, S_ 1 002 supply
valve to CLOSE.

SPT ... SOP flow.

CDR Cheek you medium pressure gauge 27 to 45,

note cuff gage and you may have a slight
decrease, and then put SUS 1 02 supply on.
So, turn it off, check everything, and turn
it on.

SPT Okay, here is SUS 1 02 supply. Call it -

did I get the right one?

FLT You had it right there.

SPT Yeah, now find the other one.

PLT Okay, here's the ...

SPT Okay, it's in CLOSE and it's going closed,

it is in CLOSE.

f- Dump Tape 218-23

Page 16 of 23

CDR Okay, check medium pressure gage 27 to 45.

218 17 16 h5 SPT (_s_, it is reading about 35.

CDR Check cuff gage and then turn the flow on

SPT Decrease it?

CDR Turn flow on.

SPT Dadgu_mit.

CDR And EV-2, do the same thing.

PLT Okay, I'm uh, whistling down over that

way. I'll try to get out of your way
a bit.

SPT Clear enough for you?"

PLT Yeah. That' s fine.

CDR Ok%y.

218 17 13 PLT Just a minute. I'm doing it now.

CDR All right.

218 IT 17 18 PLT Okay, it's off. SOP flow, the pressure

is in the green about 30 psi _ more, and

PLT And I'II turn it back on.

PLT SOP flow light out.

CDR Okay, you got 'era both off, y@u got

your SOPs on. Is that right?

PLT Yes sir. SOPs on and we're im BOTH.

CDR Okay, now, how about visually checking

each others neck ring right now.

CDR For locked•


Iktmp Tape 218-23

Page 17 of 23

218 17 17 50 CDR Alined and locked on neck ring.

PLT Okay, 0., yours is locked. You'rs is

CDR Okay, now check SOPs. See if f_hey're
locked in position.

PLT Yours is hung in there pretty well there,


SPT Okay.

CDR Okay, and now check four PCU comnectors

a piece.

CDR They're in position and locke_.

218 17 18 23 PLT Okay, l've got the two oxygen connectors and
the two appliance plugs are in - locked.

SPT Let me look you over here.

SPT The red 09 is okay, and the hide 02 is okay.

The one t5 one is locked, and _he pressure
comp is locked also.

CDR Okay, how about - -

PLT ... about that comp.

CDR How about taking a look at your wrist rings

then, and that'll finish it.

PLT Look at your wrist rings, O.

SPT ... Okay. That one's okay, that part.

PLT That one's to detent, so's th_ (me.

218 17 1922 CDR Let me know when you're finished.

PLT Okay, we're looking 'era over.

CDR Okay.

PLT Okay, my right one is locked, so is

/_ my left one now.
f Dump Tape 218-23
Page 18 of 23

CDR Y'all look okay in there.

SPT Bow are our feet doing?

218 17 19 h5 CDR They're Just wobbling around, _ou're not

kicking; everything looks good.

SPT Okay, it's checked.

CDR Both of you checked everything. Oaky,

l'm closing the VENT valve noW. Okay,
gentlement, time for a little _press.
Good. Let me tell you something first.

218 17 19 59 CDR If cuff gage drops below 3.6 during depress,

and then' ii open this PR_SUR_ EQUALIZATION
valve, okay?

SPT Understand.

CDR Next, during this depress, LOW VENT FLOW

light comes on before depress _complete,
close select to EVA NORMAL oa_y?

SPT Okay.

PLT Okay.

CDR During depress, cuff gage may read 4.1 max.

Okay, you ready?

PLT 0kay.

218 17 20 27 CDR Forward hatch PRESSURE EQUALI_ATION

valve to CIXIqE, I did that. (B_ay,
EV3, if rate of climb indicator
exceeds i00 feet per minute climb, or
caution and warning alert, ral$id
LOW, tell EV-1 to close lock. I
want to make sure that I don'_ have
any those inhibited - and I _'t.
valve OPEN.

SPT Okay, now how about the V_NT valve?


,_ Dump Tape 218-23

Page 19 of 23

OET We got that vent cover on then right

where it is.

i-, SPT ... is on.

CDR Okay, leave it right here where we

stowed the cover?

PLT Yeah.

CDR Okay, Just want to make sure.

PLT we're starting now.

CDR 0keydoke.

218 17 21 16 CDR Everything looks nice pressure in here,

haven't seen a move.

•SPT Okay.

_ CDR Okay. Gives you a good feeling, anyway.

218 17 21 24 SPT Okay, we are getting a little Bit of ice

c_ this outer screen. Like it's done

CDR Okay, that's a good place to be.

SPT I'd say half the area is covered with ice

at this time.

CR That's a good place.

CDR It's a good screen that they !_ut in.

SPT ... on very fast.

218 17 22 02 CDR That's cause your PCUs are making it up.

SPT It's almost making it up as fBst as it's

kicking it out. (Laughter)

CDR What's the press now?

SPY 3.0.

CDR Okay.
Dump Tape 218-23
Page 20 of 23

PLT If you scrape the ice off theri it'd

work better.

SPT I already tried it.

CDR Be careful, you don't want to get ice

stuck in the valve. That's %_hy the
screen is there,


PLT Cuff gage is normal.

SPT Mine is also, 3.8°

218 17 22 36 CDR Okay, the lock in aft compartment show

a 0,7 psi. How much ice has covered
the screen now, gentlemen?

SPT It's about the same, it's not increasing

much, and I did Just flick a little bit
off with my fingers. Doesn't seem to
/- • be building up much more now,

CDR It is slowly devreasing_ gang, it's

down to about 2.6 now. It takes a little
while. _onitor FORWARD press _.8 to 5.2.
OWS is 5.2, FORWARD 5.2. FORWARD is
a little high.

SPT Ham. Oh, well.

PLT That's cause we built it up while

you _ere in the lock.

218 17 23 21 CDR Okay, your pressure in there is about

2.2 and it's still going down. That's
a small hold and you're making it up
pretty fast.

218 17 23 48 CDR And, to keep you informed, ... workshop

at _ mere 5.1 while its _.3 i_ here
and you're down to 1.8, everything is
going right.

PLT Okay, That's what our gage resds also.

:-\ Dump Tape 218-23
Page 21 of 23

G_R Don't go to sleep now.

G_R I _ve you a good chance to re_t.

218 17 24 hl PLT The ice builds up in the middle of the

screen and the edge around it remains free.

SPT Looks like it's because of the conductivity

near the - near the outer screen edge.

PLT Must he it, O.

SPT Oh-huh.

216 17 2_ 56 CC Skylab, we've got you AOS. Stateside for

13 minutes; we're seeing the airlock
depressurizing. All systems are looking

CI)R Bight.

218 17 25 14 CDR We've got a little cap _ith a screen

over it over our depressurization
valve no_, Story. In order to catch
thi_ ice, and it's working very nicely.
About half covered with ice. Little
ice crystals and, tub, Jack amd I w_re
Just talking about it - it looks like
the ice forms principally, ial fact it
does form principally in the center one-half
area and the outer half area, uh, remlans
not ice crystals, we presume to the
_reater conducitivity due to the v_lve
on the ***

CC Good observation. Sounds like they

got a good fix.

CDR I wonder why we get that feed back sometimes?

PLT I bet you're *** VOX all the time.

CDR I get the ***

PLT *** Sotyr, you might let him knov so he

f canadjust it.
/'-\ • Page 22 of 23

218 17 26 13 CC You arc cutting out both of FWu.

CDR Okay. Let me up the sensiti_ty. Let

me check and make sure the prDssure is
_- going right. Okay we show i_ the lock
compartment, Story, about 0.7i in the
_orkshop we show about 5.2 area in the
MDA we 're showing about 5.3. [ I 'm gonna
go adjust the uh_ VOX right now a
little bit better. That's psmel 9, correct?

SPT There you go.

218 17 27 03 CDR Okay, try this, Owen. See'boy the

sensitivity is. Okay, testis: 12, 2,
3, h, 5, 5, 4, 3.

SPT Bring it up. There it is - i, 2, 3, 4, 5,

5, _, 3, 2, i, i, 2, 3, 4, 5. That sounds
about right to me, AI.

218 17 27 21 PLT AI, you got all those speaker boxes turned
on in there?

CDR Yeah, I got 'en turned to SLY, but

they still squeak.

CDR There we go. We get _em. We got

'em. Couldn't see anything in the
workshop, and there's no mike open down

CDR Everything's copacetic.

CDR Okay, how's your press.

SPT About a h_if.

CDR Okay.

218 17 27 53 CDR Let me read you a little note. Well,

it's - about 0.15 remove the _creens and
c_plete depress.

SPT Okay.



Dump Tape 218-23

Pcge 23 of 23

CDR Well, I take that back. It says monitor

PRESS lock to approximately 0_15 psi
and then it says remove screeni when
press stabilizes, About 0.3,1 _ that
_, means you're probably about r_dy to
remove the screen right now.

218 17 28 24 SPT Yeah, I think so. It's pretty stable right

in here, wouldn't you say, Ja_?

PLT Yes_ it's been hangin there fer a long time.

CDR Okay, why don't you re_ove its

PLT Okay, we'll give it a shot.

PLT There it is. We got it off.

218 17 28 37 CDR Uh-hum, Cc_ing right over the Salt Lake

City area, I'll be darned.

CC Skylab, it sounds like we're _etting all

your calls at this time.

218 17 28 h4 CI)R Okay, I re-adjusted the VOX.

218 IT 28 5h SPT ... moving up.

218 17 28 56 CDR Adjusted the VOX there.


218 21 09 03 This time segment is duplicatea

to verbatim within Dump Tape 218-ih.
218 21 53 53

218 21 53 54 This time segment is duplicate4[

to verbatim within Dump Tape 218_18.
218 22 42 45

218 22 42 48 This time segment is duplicat_4

to verbatim within Dump Tape 218,@0.
218 23 20 38

'" Time- 23,20-0033 GNT ,
r-. [y,3ilo 38 .... i ---7--]
] 218 23 19 k7 sc ...
3 CDR That 's right,

SP You got any story about bringing it in between

revs are anything?

; CDR Okay, always has you do it. '_etract fully,"

it s1%ys there. But we know we aon' t mean
:] solar shield next to bracket o_ backside of
i_ shield. Unstow clamp crank amd turn crsnk
_:, clockwise to lock clamp to sol_r shield.
"_ In other words, unstow it and l_Urn it clockwise.

_ PIT Maybei I better not put it up there so far _

,_ cause the guy who's got to get it is probably _.
© _7 a sherry. ! 'J3
,o CDR That's right. And that's gonu_ be me, and I'm - ;
_-' 20 no, it's going to Owens I guess_ Put it back.
=-- 2_ There's no reason to _ave it far away. How's

....... _._ F_T Nell, I got it a in a nice plaee, I think. _:

_- 2_, 8PT I'_ bring it a little r:loser teiyou .... j,

,_,.,. 27
,J _: CDR No advantage to having it that far away, '

O ;i PLT Well, in or&er to give you - I'I_S gonna to be in

!- ?; the way wehn you whistle throu_ there for the
3_: next EVA. .=

5_ _ CDR That's the first thing you do i_ get that. -

36 ' PLT Oh, you do? Okay.

." ' CDR Yes, sir.

,.c _ PLT All right_ let me put i% right here, then.

_2 _ CDR Okay.

_'_1218 23 21 03 SPT Now, how about when you open itup; is it going
45 to be uh, hitting you in the f_ or anything?
T • •• i

• ,
• .

Dump Tape 218-24
tPage2 of 38 I J
I F SPT Out of the way of it all right?
3 CDR You're pulling on it, Jack, with your left arm.

5 PLT I think I can handle that.

' SPT Okay

9 218 23 21 17 PLT Okay, I'm going to crank it down.

II CDR Crane it clockwise.
i2 c
13 CDR I think Jack's using that tether _aart, because
I.; that's where the d_,u thing comes loose if you
i5 don't. -;
16 : "

O 1,7 SPT Yep, I don't have, uh, - We oust to do it when

o_ I go out, also.

--' 2? CDR Yeah, I agree with that. C_

_" SPT But I was sort of, uh, - I thoU_ht not safe '
enough with it when I was operating with it
--- - ---- •'_ here. : .__

_'_, PLT What's happening? _

C ;_ " C_R Okay, and you gotta put that thing back to lock i_
_ or something. Okay-- _

_- ,: PLT Uh, that handle doesn'_ lock; it's a ratchet.

7: CDR Okay. Is it ratch - nice ratchet. Is it okay?

33 PLT Yeah,

_ i CDR All right, let me give you the next statement,

_ Jack. Now, ro - -

_0 PLT Hoo boy, look at the lights come on (laughter).

218 23 21 57 CDR Rotate 8149 crank slowly counter clockwise to

:'_ open cassette arms. And you kn_w all about that.

_._ SPT You better let you visor down, ...


Dump Tape 218-24

rP e3of3a [ I i

CDR Good idea, O.


SPT ... so bright here.


CDR SI_9 crank slowly counter clockwise. Open

cassette arms, 7 seconds to rev. Fasten
restraint to handle.

PLT Okay, counter clockwise.

'i CDR Okay.

PLT How many revs are there?

_5 SPT ... 23 ... H

<_ ,- CDR Are there really, O?

_'_' A_out 20 something.

_- 2! PLT Good _avyl

7_ 2_ 0
z3 218 23 22 49 CDR I'll look out the damp back d - down here o - _:
_+ over the ground here in a few m{nutes, Jack, and
l: see if I can tell where we are. I'm pretty sure
_ we're Eonna be over Africa.

'_ __ __+n_av.

0 CDR I'd taken this chart out a while ago, and it

"++ ran off - - -'
_2 218 23 23 04 PLT There goes the latches. Four. Z

_5 CDR Good.. ! -<

37 _LT How'S that for, uh - -

•_ SPT Looks all right.


++1 PLT - - speed?

43 SPT Make sure we do it right.


"+J PLT Five. Six. All right, and the_ opened Just
_ like we said. Seven.
/-- 48

.... L_
Dump Tape 218-24
Page 4 of 38 F'L-

CDR Y_I mean like little elves?

SPT T_ hands - -

PLT Opened up like a clam shell.

SPT - - yeah, that's what we thou@_%.

oR Okay.
PLT ... nine.

CDR What color is it, Jack?

PLT All different kinds of colors and pieces in

there; copper color, silver color, mirror - -

CDR I'ii _e darned. Glad we didn't open it up

inside the other day.

PLT Some little ones and _me big ones. Some are
_ -m.ll as a - -

CDR A d_?

PLT Aw, even smaller than that. Saue are as _,_ii

as, uh, oh, an eighth nf an inch across.

218 23 24 59 PLT There. That clone, Jack?

PIT Yep !

(:DR Okay. Ease your hod down to the twin poles

and _rk on era.

PLT Okay, %_nt to take thai: umhilieLl there, O?

CDR Yeah, umclamp and manage EV-2 L_J by stowing

behind EV-I.

SPT Behind me.

PLT 0k_y, I'ii see if I can do that. Okay, we

got the ... lens clear of the 149.

Dump Tape 218-24

Page 5 of 38 -

CDR 0_ay. •

CDR You might mention something, Jack, as you come

hack. Take a look at the quads, if you can
see era, and see how they look from there.
And make some comments about _= if you would.
CSM quad.

PLT _ay. l'm trying to find my ,mbilical here,

as i_ is now.

218 23 25 53 SPT It's really, uh, - clear the demarcation where

the Sun goes and where it doesn't. Everything
m-_es a shadow, a very distinct, uh, discoloration
of the paint. Look like somebody took a brush
and Just painted the lines.

PLT _-_m Okay, now. What we want to do with the

pole is this.

SPT What?

CDR What you do about looking at t_e quads. How

did they look?

PLT I can't see the quads from here.

t_)R Oh, okay. I thought you could see them on

the way.

PLT No, there is no way to see them now cause the-

the command module is right t_rough the ATM,
down the way.

218 23 26 31 CDR Okay, understand. Want you to, uh, push am

until they're bending slightly but not
much. Be sure they're touching at the aft end.
And if it hasn't - gone wide enough for your
own amusement bring them up a little bit off
the side of the workshop, and then put 'era
T_.ckdown again.

PLT Well, that's the thing I haven't d_ne. Not

wide enough to suit me. From the left. They
are down - the ends are down - good and tight.

Dump Tape 218-2_

I _ CC - Well, do you suppose you want to rise them up ---"

2 a little bit? And turn them tO spread maybe
2 a little bit and put them back down? That's
,i what they suggested.

PLT Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do.

CDR Okay, Just be carefUl you don't break those
poles. Because we got it made mow if we don't

_-,. SPT Here we come over, uh, - no, this is go_aa ._

_ be - where? Somewhere .... is all clear now.

h_ PLT Oh, yeah. What does that do, 0., when I do that?

O _7 _ SPT I do what? '_ -

< !3 !
_9 PLT What does that do when I spread them apart, b_
-J' 20 G
<F- 21 SPT Okay, it Just, uh, sort of fans things out a
-- _ little bit. And - I think - I think it
;_ might help a little. It's still not going .:
- "_--- 14 to _ as - as wide as the para_l. -_

_- _! CDR Let's Just leave it out; next EVA we'll try to -

_ i spread it some more. _
'.2 _ _•

=_ i PLT ... are pretty spread - -

-_ SPT No, no, no, no. I don't think it'll spread -;

anymore because the guide wires are pulling
i off to right angles. It's Just, uh, too wide.

PLT I, _h, I think that, uh, it's pretty well

_..__ spreadmyself.

- ' SPT I _O to. I think it's Just right. It's as

_, goo_ as it's gonna get.

_ i CDR Oks_. Put a ... on the bottom and let's park

_p it.

Z8 ..................................... 7..................

Dump Tape 218-24

Page 7 of 38

218 23 28 22 PLT Yep. The red pole is straight and the green
pole is dang near straight.

SPT That brought the parasol down right flat.

PLT That's where it's supposed to be.

SPT The parasol is now flat.

CDR The main thing they do not want is - is any

thr - nitrogen thrusters to Ket under that
thing at the back. Hey, do you see the nitrogen

SPT I can't see the TACs, myself.

CDR They're little bitty - -

SPT I know what they look like; I Just can't see 'era.

CDR How about you, Jack?

PLT I see two little brown things; look like they

might be roll thrusters.

CDR They're little bitt} - they will be little

bitty cones about 3 inches long and I inch in

PLT I see 'era for roll, but I don't see any, uh,
pit ch.

CDR Pitch ones kinda submerge an@ come out at the

same place. How - -

PLT Three of 'em. They stick out in three's.

CDR That's right. Now is this - is this think too

to close to them, or you think it's satisfactory?

SPY But it hasn't been pushed doWl yet. You gotta

push it down.

CDR NOW, I mean when he does.


Dump Tape 218-2_- .....

Pa6e 8 of 38

PLT Oh, I see a pitch on there. B_ it looks like

it's, uh, well clear. Looks like it points,
uh, straight out radially from the, uh, the,
uh, akin.

CDR That's right. There's one of those and two

the other direction.

PLT And they go on roll.

SPT Well, they go ...

PLT Yeah, well.

CDR When they fire together, they Ks pitch or yaw.

SPT No, I don't think there's any lm%y they can - -

PLT Oh, that's right. They go - -

SPT -- ...

PLT - - they go perpendicular to the X-axis, dom't


CDR That 's exactly right.

PLT So, uh, it - -

SfT Yeah. It can't happen.

CDR One of those - -

PLT There a_n't no way.

218 23 29 41 CDR Okay, bring it down nice and start where the
poles are bent somewhat and that's it. Tighten
it up. By the way, are there lOck screws on
those two handles you turn in?


CDR I didn't think so. We lost th_ battle.

PLT Coming in to a ... about a ..., O.


Dump Tape 218-2h ....
_- Page 9 of 38


CDR Yeah, you want it bent. And t_en you want the
thing so that - -

SPT Main end of this beauty.

CDR They don't want any change of those poles

lief_ing up. That's their maim concern.

PLT Okay, let me tighten her down m little bit.

SPT Yeah, it needs - -

PLT How to get it down by tightening.

CDR We don't want to get this thing too flush to

the workshop ; we're libel not to have any - -

218 23 31 43 CDR So you don't think any thruster could get trader
them and negate it's effects sO that the TACs
1_Dul_m 't work?

PLT I - I don't think so. Huh-uh.

CDR ...

CPT I th{n_ the first thirg; they're too far

b_ck there ; it looks like the %hrusters are
oh, 8 to i0 feet on the other _d of the sail.

CDR Good. Now, have you pushed it down in an

additional bend of the pole, so that they're
kinds flexed?

_LT Hell, I can't - can you see if that pole is flexed

there O. ?

SPT They look flexed, but, you know, I can't sidle

on them very well, but I'm pretty - they look
to be flexed.

CDR Give them a little bit more, them.

PLT Crank'em down a little more there.

SPT They are pretty tight.

Dump Tape 218-2h .........
Pa6e i0 of 38

PLT Yeah, they're flexed now.

CDR Ok_7, tighten tigh - How's the front end of 'era?

PLT The front end is about 8 inches. I'd say 8

inches - up.

CDR _ don't you back up a half L turn or so, and

then lock 'era in f_om the si4e as tight ms you

CDR No, no. Don't lock them as tight ms you can.

Lock 'em pretty tight ....

PLT Oks_, here's one other thing @bout that dsx_,

uh, _ail, is it's not a flat Bheet. It's a - a

CDR That's right.

PLT It kinds billows up in a scorpion. That's the

_-- reason that, uh, this, wh, looks bigger than it
ought to be.

SPT Yeah. That's Just one of thOee things. I'd go

om and Just forget it.

CDR Let's get in and let's go. Go ahead and turn

it. GO ahead and t_ghten bi_h of those side
ones down, Jack, real tight.

128 2B 32 hi SPT Okay, on the left side, there the side where the
wing is ahere's about, uh - Lt the front end chef's
about 15 inches, uh, where the parasol extends
OUt from _nder the sail and at the back it's bou_
3 feet. On the right, uh, - %he, yeh, sail
e_e_ds over the uh, parasol _dl the hack about a
foot or tWO. And uh, the feting end, why, the
parasol is, uh, - extending beyond the sall about
2 Or B feet, and I noticed i_ the back, _y sack
i_ the, uh, by the end of the greenpole that the
parasol was sticking out bac_ there, uh, beyond the
DumpTape218-24 ....
Page ii of 38

sail, also. We'll make a sketch of this when

we get in, Jack.

PLT Yeah, we'll do that. Remember the numbers that we

can't - -.

S_T Yeah. And - -

PLT i don't know why that thing clid'nt stretch -

You know the sail we ran up at Marshall?

SPT Yeah.

CDR Hadn't been packed in the b_g and vacuumed-packed

h_re in this workship for - several months.
T_ing's been up here for 3 months.

SPT Parasol is perfectly deploym_ now.

CDR Good. Best it's ever been, _h? Okay, Jack.

Are you finished there?

PLT Yeah, I've got these tightened down.

CDR Both sides. Okay now, Owen, send out the boom.
Jack, get down and get the foot restraint;
stick it on the bcem.

PLT I don't know how tight to _e these, A1.

CDR Tight enough to stay, but not too tight that,

uh, C_n can't get them out next time and
a_Just 'em.

PLT Well, the ting is that's u_, gonna hold him

down is - the, uh, one in the middle.

CDR Okay, Just do it. Try to _ the best you can

under - with those rules, _ause Owen may have to
move it.

218 23 35 23 SPT Okay, they're _ust - they're not oo tight. Which

ones do I adjust.9 The ones o_ the sideY The
ones on the side really aren't the - You have to

: Jet

I i
Page 12 of 38

loosen 'em, but they don't rm_!ly adjust the

thing. This one right here that pulls it up
and down is the one that adJu_s the thing.
There's a lot of tension on i% right now because
the poles are bent.

PLT I seem.

SPT And that ain't gonna come loose. The only _y

yOU can do is like, grab a hold of this thing
llke so - -
PLT Yep.

SPT - - and lean against it with your shoulder,

heed the poles, and loosen this, uh, knot.

PLT I understand.

SPT And then it'll come loose.

PLT I understand.

_ SPT Okay, let me get out of this thing and uh, give
you the foot restrairts back.

PLT All right.

CDR Now, you brought those two - you got two tethers
on your wrist, Jack, right?

PLT Yeah, ... Just sort of ththmred.

CDR And you want to make sure you got 'era. We've
got to get all that stuff back In at the end.

SPT Okay.
Dump Tape 218-24
Page13 of 38 F ...........

PLT Boom? Do I need to look at your boom?


PLT Okay.

SPT Tethered to me, it ain't going anywhere.

PLT Okay, flare own in here, O.

SPT There she comes.

PLT - - more unbilical. Get up there and do that.

SPT You rant more, uh, boom?

PLT More _-,bilical and more boom both.

SPT One at a time; I'ii get the bo_-1

r_ PLT oh.

SPT That good?

PLT Yeah.

_PT All right, here comes some ombilical.

PLT Okay, that's better. Okay, that's flush and

$PT Now you want tether?

PLT And you got her, 0.

SPT Here it comes back.

218 23 27 56 CDR Tether that thing in the FAS area, O.

SPT Thought I'd kust leave it on the boom.

CDR Let me see what it says, 'cause we don't want

_. T

Dm_p Tape 218-2h ...........

Page lh of 38 _.......

to start inventlng new - new im_ocedures;

we Just went to do it. Says here - It may say
that. Let me Just find it.

PLT O_y, we're ready.

CDR Just a second.

CDR Leave it right on there Just _-ctly llke you


PLT Bringing me in?

S_f Didn't mesh to be, I guess I wa_.

CDR (Laughter) Okay, come on in, Jack. Now, what

you need to do, Jack, as you a_proach, is to
attach your wrist theher to the ._30 collector
with %he red handle, the one mmarest the FAS.

PLT C_7.

218 23 39 03 CDR Remove the collector, the one _earest FAS,

grab. Fold and engage Velcro 1_].ongedge.
When you've done that, do the lame thing to
the wrist tether, use the same writt tether,
do it to the next collector, _e one with the
white handle, which is the one fsmtherest from
The FAS. Remove collector, fold and engage
Velcro along edge. So in oth_ %_rds, dust do
both of them to the s_me hook.

PLT Okay.

q CDR 0wen, when he h_nds _cu these _ist thethers,

%hls one wrls_ theher with the th_ng, if _ou will
take it and hook - -

PLT May I have some rare rope, 0.

SPT Okay. 3217

Dump Tape 218-24

Page15of 38 [

CDR You got it right.

SPT Okay.

PLT Ok_7, the hooks now come aro%_Mi o this side.

And not too much fishteng _itk your feet there,
Tou_re _round the lighting. _h l_Ipe or
something like that. What thee pipes out here
are, no telling.

SPT Yesh, the cme with the tea b_t__le first, huh?

CDR Rea handle first, nearest FA_.

SPT You mean it's the one nearest you?

PLT Nearest the FA_,

CDR It ree/ly doesn't make gay difference; _ust get

either, cause your gonna get _hem both,

SPT When there is a way, there is an order, though,

because, hh, one of them would less contmuinate.

CDR Ckay.

CDR Get the one nearest the FAS first, then the
one fartherest fre_ the FAS laSt. Good point.

CDR You made it over Russia, C_-g, Korea, and the

like, and you're out at sea again, gang.

SPT Okay, he's got one; now _h_t is he going to do

with it? Fold - -

CDR He gonna fold it - fold it ana Velcro the edges_

218 23 41 Ii_ SFT Okay, is this for Don, Lind, L eo_uent, The
color on the interior is definitely different
than the o_e that you Just p_lled off, Jack.

PLT Yeah, it's all silver and clean and nice.


•Dm_p Tape 218-2_

Page 16 of 38

SPT Yep.

PLT Definite coloring.

CDR Think of the data we got h_m _ that flyaround.

PLT C_sy, there's one.

SPT If I was Don, I would h_ve done it ddfferent

and got the far one first.

PLT Yeah. I sort of think so - -

CDR You may have method. You guys ere awful

methodical. I've _oticed it - -

SPY I see that one that l've got _m my arm is

bumping the - -

PLT Yep.

SPT ...

PLT Aw, Just mention it to him.

CDR Maybe he imagined yo_ little - in a different


I_T Ain't m_ny different positions to me out here,

than this.

CDR Looking down in the ocean right now and I see

a patch of very blue water.

SC Good, good.

CDR And emanating from that blue win%or, sort of

like it's a spring or something, are some
waves. Big waves that I can sM from here.
Almost like something occurred.

SPT Hey, I'll hold this one foot if you want that.

PLT In thor? That's a good idea.

SPT I got that fast for you.


Dump Tape 218-24 :-

•Page17of38 i_1

CDR Way to work. Way to work.

PLT Okay, Come on, darn, fold. Thata baby.

PLT Okay, now we don't want to lose these.

SPT Now if you want to use two tethers, that's

all right, too; either way.

PLT Yeah, I on - only got one.

SPT Oh, I thought you had a second tether there.

PLT Yeah, I do, but it's got something on it.

SPT Okay.

CDR It's got that _reneh on it.

218 23 43 31 PLT Okay, I got both the darn things booked. Now.

SPT Okay, there you go.

PLT ... now.

PLT Now, 0., you got a pl._ceto hook these, don't

you? Where these others are. X could take
this tether matter of fact.

SPT Okay.

PLT Just hook it.

SPT Just a minute, I - I'm coming @Dwn to get it.

PLT Thank you, but I'ii h_nd it to you.

SPT Got it.

PLT Got it? There you go. Now let me hook this
one before I give you the other one.

SPT Take your time.

SPT Okay?
. . 1
- , _ Dump Tape 218-24 {_.......
..... J
_P e i8 of 38 !L__

" PLT Okay, I got that. About well tethered. Now

/-_ I go out here. AI, I'm ready to gO out with
the two cl - clips.

CDR 0kay, you got them both?

PLT Yes, sir.

218 23 45 27 CDR Ckay, now. Translate to 230, remove clip from

wrist tether and place over collector with
l_lue handle, which happens to 1_e the fartherest
from the F/hq. That's the one you undid last,
sad do it next to the test patch, right next
to the test patch, as you well know.

PLT 0_ay, I see a test patch.

PLT No_, now I esa do it from here ..... swinging

in the breeze.

SPT I man stabilize your hand if I can get this

_hilical behind me. Just a minute. Okay,
you got my foot.

PLT Oh boy, got your foot. Mow, I'Ii take this

little carefully so I don't lose the other
p o_e. There,I gotit.

SPT Got it loose?

L_R You're going to have it on roughly on the MDA

side of the test patch, as I recall.

SPT Yeah, and it's right, right flush against the - -

CDR Okay, now. Take the other one, put it 90

degrees away from the first cllp and aw_y
from the MDA.

PLT 90 degrees, huh?

CDR 90 dc_rees away form the MDA, from the first


PLT It could either be clockwise or counter clock -

wise, any way that you look at it from - -
DumpTape218-24 t
i,_ ...... ,e

L ge
of38 iil J
..... CDR It Should be, as I recall, couter clockwise.
Now, you want to get it where those things
are streaming in, 0wen. And --

SPT Yeah, where that thing drops. Yeah, you're


CDR Okay.

218 23 47 17 PLT One of the queerest things about this is -

wherever you want to clip it, there's uh,
there's a rivet that prevents me from clipping
it right, and that's right where the connections
- see this connection right here, 0.?

SPT Uh - I can't -

PLT The clip ... ?

SPT Yeah.

PLT That's right where I want to put it. The only

thing I can do is to, uh, get it off the
test patch a little ways. That's all they
really wanted, w_sn't it?

CDR Yep.

PLT Okay, now, 90 degrees, huh?

CDR Yep.

SPT Hey, ...

PLT I'ii be right over _ere.

SPT I can't quite 'reach -

PLT Uh, let me go around this way, O.

SPT All right.

PLT Oh-oh, look at the umbilical. Get it away.

.... L[
Tape2ze-2h !!

SPT Uh, 90 degrees. " .........

PLT - drum was it? Were they both on that upper

drum, or does this go on this drum?

218 23 h8 33 CDR Yeah, both on the same drum. The blue-handled

one, the fertherest from the FAS. Should
be facing generally, as you view it form your
standing position in the FJL$, 1_he 90-degree
i_cluded angle should be sort of towards your
heed, in that general directio_ as opposed
to towards your feet. You _no_ what I me_,
Owen. Generally a_y from the direction of
the A_. Or is that right? Me,be I didn't
say that right. Yeah, generally away from the
direction of the ATM ....

PLT Why don't you ...

218 23 h9 22 CDR You head facing the opposite of the Sun, right?

PLT Oh, from the Sun end - yeah, _r_n the Sun end
of it.

EPT Okay, so it's 90-degree oeceuded angle should

be in that direction.

PLT I believe I got it, don't I, 0,? I think so.

SPT Okay.

PLT Does that look like 90 degrees?

SPT Not quite; we moved too much. Its close to

90 ; it 's close enou_,h.

PLT Right there? _Thich _ay you headed?

218 23 _9 h2 CDR He Just ... somevhere. He doesn't _ant you

to ta_e it %_p and put it down, though. __emember
he wants you to clamp it do_l _e ti_e. And
then sle2a it in - not slam it in, but clip
it On and then push it in.

218 23 h9 56 PLY It 'S - it 's done.

i i

Dump Tape
_ 218-24
21of 38 _ ! i

- - CDH Gkay. Lean back and leap into the - I'm finding

CDR Manage EV-2 LS_J.

PLT Done.

CDR C_ay. Jack, come get in -

PLT Okay.

CDH And then take and put your tether - I mean

your l_%_Jin aft AM. So get, in. 0wen'll
help stick it in there, and you put it in the
aft AM area.

SPT Okay. Watch your feet now. S_op, Jack at -

they gotta go swing to your right. Doing fine.
Doing fine. Doing fine. Now Straight back.

PLT Let me turn around there.

SPT Okay.

218 23 50 46 PLT Your TV camera lock has come off again.

CDR Hope that TV isn't pointing at the Sun. Both

were turned off so it doesn't _other the ...
or anything.

PLT Lock it again. I thir_ it was a - Okay.

218 23 51 13 PLT Turned out that TV w_sn't such a good idea.

CDR Oh, heek, ye_h. I got some good TV.

PLT Not very much.

CDR Oh, we got as much as we could.

If the VTR had been q), we'd have
got it all. It'd been fantastic.
But we didu' t.

PLT What"do you _nt me to do? I'm

getting in the airlock.
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F- CDR I want you get in there and put your

umbilical back in the direction
you're looking nOW.

218 23 51 34 PLT Okay.

CDR Hold your visor down, or up. So

you can see. There you go. _Ow,
you want your head to he this way.
There you' re coming. Good boy.

PLT Now here - I thought you wanted me to

go down that way.

CDR This way.

PLT Oh, that's right. I got to get some

stuff in here, don't I?

218 23 51 55 CDR That's right.

PLT Where' s my umbilical, right there?

This way.

CDR Keep coming. Your umbilical nUmber 9;

no, don't pull on 13. There you go.
Get your feet down in there and you're
in business.

PLT Oh -

CDR Okay?

FLT Yeah.

CDR Umbilical 9.

SPT He's in and he's in good shape,

PLT Now, which end do you want to start


218 23 52 21 CDR Umbilical should go down where his

feet is - are - feet are. He'$ up at -
what you need to do is kind of get
cockeyed to the - to the torq%Le shift
a little bit.

PLT Yeah.
Dump Tape 218_2_

_- CDR There you go. _.

PLT Okay.

CDR That a boy.

PLT g*_ the beck did tlmt happen_

218 23 52 _3 CDH It's - it's normal.

CDE/PLT (Laughter)

CDR It looks like it was -

PLT Looks like it was run on a hendle.


PLT Even I couldn't figure that out, which

Lin 't so bad.

CDR Okay, that's good. Now kind of get up

in the hatch a little hit an_ let me
tell you what to bring in. You got to
get in the foot rail -

PLT The hot - in that order_

CDR No order listed. Just hand in in any

order you like.

218 23 53 Ii PLT Foot restraints.

CDH Hello, Jack.

FLT There. Foot restraints.

CDR Jack, tie them in th _. good tether

somewhere up - preferably up at this end.

FLT I got a tether right down here.

CDH Okay.

218 2B 54 02 PLT 0kay, that's tethered.

CDH Okay. Next bring in any tether that

Owem's got out there. Not - mot the one
he's wearing, but m_y tether be's
stashed anywhere.

• DumpTape218-24 _
!_page 24 of 38 ' L ...... J_

c PLT NO' we got all those in.

CDR Okay, bring in the 230.

PLT Okay. 230 's coming.

218 23 5h 29 CDR Jack, while you're there, turn off

the TV at the 230 panel.

218 23 54 34 PLT Done.

CDR Okay.

CDR Got it?

PLT I got it.

CDR You can hook that to the screen to

one of these lights. That's probably
the best thing to try for, Jack.
Actually, you're headed Just the right way.

PLT Got three small things left.

CDR Good boy; good boy, Jack.

218 23 55 04 PLT There we go.

CDR Okay.

PLT That 's got 'en.

218 23 55 l0 2LT Thress or TV, which _omes first?

CDR TV. By the %_y, you got the Boom

stowed, have you not, folded?

PLT Yep.

CDR Huh?

SPT Yes.

218 23 55 24 CDR Full in. Or almost full in.

PLT ...
, f- li ....

" CDR Okay.

CDR Plenty of room in there, Jack.

PLT Yeah. Trying to find out where it

is (laughter).

CDR Picking on that same old handrail.

218 23 55 h9 PLT I got one off - I remember. It's this

one up here.

CDE Okay, Owen take the TV and put it to

full closed before you move it, please.

PLT I already took it off and inside. I

got the TV here, A1.

CDR Okay, sorry.

PLT Darn cable broke on me there.

218 23 56 14 CDE Verify monitor black. Watch out that's

going to be hot by the wya, later on.
Okay. Fold DAC - Oh, no - forget
the DAC.

218 23 56 3_ CDR Stow VC - Stow VC tree in A/4 - All right.

Stow VC tree in A_4 receptacle. VC tree
next. O.

218 2B 56 40 SPT Okay. Don't want to get ... Jack here


218 23 57 03 PLT Looks like you got a good spot.

PLT There we go. Okay, next, O.

_PT Okay.

3DR Next one is the VC.

i'LT All right .... I haven't got it.

Whoop, now I got it.

218 23 57 30 PLT Hey, I never did check that -

those ... the VC.
' _ Dump Tape 218--.24
_ Page 26 of 38 il :- ..... /-

CDR What's that?

PLT Remember, you said something m_out

checking -

CDR No, you did them right; if you did what

I said they're okay. Just - _ii, forget
it. The thing drives in ROLL real well.

218 23 57 48 CDR Watch the collector; watch th_ collector.

There you go. Okay, VS tree mmxt. And
that's it. Okay, you can pass in VS
tree, Owen, and take a look around
and make sure we got every single thing.

218 23 58 i0 SPT Okay. There are some wrenches on the

top - or not wrenches, but -

PLT I'ii be careful with those.

SPT ... whole thing.

PLT Got it.

SPT Okay. You have it.

PLT Okay. The poles are folded ul_.

CDR Okay, while waiting start looking

at the EVA h_tch, to see if you like it,
clear of obstructicn3 and every - all
that business.

PLT ... prettiest one I've ever seen.

218 23 58 39 CDR Okay, then get inside and turn around

and make sure that the hatch dogs
are retracted.

218 23 58 46 PLT RETRACTED.

CDR Unclamp o'_.mLSU.

PLT Okay, now let's see. Which way do my

feet go, toward - when I came Out?

CDR And, Jack, manage 13 ISU.

218 23 58 57 PLT Okay. If I can get my head down here

again like it was.
., '
. _, Page 27
rape 218-2
of 38 __
• r
_ ......... _ ___!'---:,

: CDR All right. " .................. ;

218 23 59 01 PLT And I'ii pull this beauty in.

218 23 59 06 SPT My fee is the umbilical, Jack.

218 23 59 18 PLT Atta boy, 0. There; he's in.

PLT (_ay, you want to get the hatalk handle.

CDR Okay, Just a second. Steady - steady.

Okay, disengage, hold-open rodi

218 23 59 37 PLT Done.

CDR Okay, close hatch until retainer


218 23 59 52 CDR Just right. That's right, Just put

it in that clip. Okay, is it engaged?

PLT Looks that way.

CDR Okay, hatch handle to close.

PLT Phew|

219 O0 O0 12 PLT Attaboy, O.

CDR And engage the lock. Red not visible.

219 00 00 23 CDR Okay, I'm voice recording the EVA -

I'LT Wait a minute. Just _ minute. What's

this "red not visible" bit? There's
a little bit of red right in - right

SPT That's all -

PLT Right in there you'll see. I saw it

and it's not red.

CDR Look and inspect the dogs. ._,_J_e

they're all in. I'm sure they are,
but just double check. You hazy with
the ddogs?

PLT Fine, as near as I can tell.

• 28Of38 Jill
CDR Okay, here we go.

219 00 00 45 CDR Voice record time. The EVA time has

been 6 hours _nd 31 minutes. Okay,
now repress, EV-I, 318 lock c_partment
depress valve to close.

219 O00l 08 CDE EV-1, lock compartment depress valve

to close.

FLT The same here. All right. Yep.

CDR You close it?

PLT It's closed.

219 00 Ol 25 CDR Okay. Monitor press lock for 2 minutes.

After closing LOCK C0_,_PART_T DEPRESS
valve to verify lock press integrity.
So we Just watch it for 2 minutes,
and your PCU should fill it up to 0.2
I'ii time the 2 minutes.

PLT Hey, watch this meter down here, 0. I

can't see where.

SPT I can see it.

PLT Okay.

CDR I'll watch it in here for you, too.

]19 00 01 51 ?LT We don't want that hack on there anyway, 0.

SPT Yes. Rgiht.

PLT If anything we want tO put that cap on.

SPT Yeah. Throw it back. Oh - Yes. I see.

I_LT Wait 'til AI says it.

SPT Yeah.

219 00 02 01 CDR You can do it if you want.

SPT 0kay.
," "'
• • DumpTape218-24
_ Page 29 of 38 ii_i_i _ "

PLT Yeah. I can't get off from down in there.

219 00 02 09 CDH Not 2 minutes yet; it's 30 seconds,


SPT Six and a half hours, huh?

CDR 6 hours and 31 minutes.

SPT Sure went fast, didn't it, Jack?

PLT Yes/l, it did.

219 O0 02 21 CDR You guys did a great Job. Fantastic

Job. I don't think anybody's eVer
done a better.

PLT Aw, we got a good leader.

CDR Thanks - -

PLT Plus - plus all the training.

CDR/PLT Yeah. (Laughter)

CDR The training did it. You all ci_d it great.

- Flus you were cool; you never got in
hurry, even when I did.

PLT That's ... (laughter).

219 O0 OR 40 CDE Okay, looks like the pressure's building

up. You got another minute to go.

PLT Well, I think we'll get a little chow

before we clean everyhhing up. Is
that all right?

CDH Check. We go through here long enough

so that we don't scre_T up the gystem,
8nd then get some chov. We prObably
gotta go a certain diatance here so
we can make sure the system's 3M)wered
down. We don't have to do any_]_Ing else.

219 00 03 05 SPT Okay; it's still about 0.3 to 0.4 in here.

ape ai 24 !L
. Page 30 of 38 _ i[ill ii i_i ._i_i.,

CDR Ok_, _'ii give it about ano%_her

minute, about 30 seconds I meam. During
repress - Okay, now lemme ready. During
repress, EV-I and 2 suit pressure light
will come on_ okay?

PLT 0_a_, mine's on - -

SPT ...


activated. CLUSTER PRESS LOW may be
activated, okay? EV-3 PI_-_SURE EQUALIZATION
valve OPEN; close after 30 secomds that's
wha_ I'm gonna do. In Just a mlnute.
5 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 secondS, I, 0 -

219 O0 03 45 CDR Man| That thing is pegged out at 20.

That thing really moved out.

PLT What pegged out? Altimeter, I'll bet.

CDR That altimeter pegged like no_Ody's


PLT (laughter) Your visor, O.

CDR Stay there.

SPT What?

_LT Your visor.

219 O0 04 Ii CDR Okay, now stay right there. We're

supposed to have an integrity check.
Monitor press lock indicator d_ring
repress. Okay, let me see what this is.

PLT ...

CDR Press lock pressure is. Forw_

compartment 4.6. Ya'll are coming up;
everything is okay. Now, wait a minute.

PLT Says 4.

219 00 04 34 CDR Forward hatch handle open; I 'm going to

open my hatch handle, gang. S_uldn't
have any effect on you. NOw, _'#-i monitor
press lock indicator.
• , DumpTape218-2_ t......

Page 31 of 38 !_. "

219 O0 04 _5 SPT Ok_. It's h.

CDR Okay, Just a minute now; I wam_ to make

sure I'm in the r_ght place. _mergency
klaxon DELTA_P tone, on. RAPOD DELTA-P
rea_ the next page. Warning _,
bla/1 - blab - blab. CLUSTER DE_TA-P
light go off clear. OWS h_tm_ opening.

219 00 05 08 CDR Okay, I'm going to open this a_in. And

we'll Just go from there. 0keydoke?

PLT 0May.

(Elaxon sounding)

219 00 05 29 CDR Cluster press low; that brings us both

to about h.6. oops! Okay, am_ lemme -
Ok_, now it says when cautiom/_rnin@
RAPID DELTA-P and cluster presB low
go - off. Cluster pressure lOW isn't
going to go off - for a while.

219 O0 05 51 PLT I b_t it will when we get the _rkshop


CDR Well if - it wea%t_ us to wait there,

but let's don't. Let's do thiS.

219 00 05 59 CDR Jack, go to release handle unleok on 0_2S.

FLT Okay.

SPT Now s Just a second. If he doe8 that,

that hatch goes whic h way?

PLT Comes this way.

EFT That's got too high a press there ; you

got to watch out because you see it's -
we're io_ pressure. If he releases
that handle, it will blow inward.

PLT Naw. The hatch won't go in. It swings - -

SPT - - go inward?

PLT - - swings into the workshop, 0.

TL _
Page 32 of 38 i[_.

CDR Okay.

PLT Unlock.

CDR Hatch handle to equalize pressure.

219 00 06 28 PLT (Ray, that's where it is.

CDR (_ay. That's Just what we wanted.

Now that things gonna to pop Off here,
so watch out. That may go pop here in
a minute. When pressure OWS e_uals
open. 311.

219 O0 06 52 PLT You got your hatch dog down, don't you, Al?

CDR No, we wanted it open.

PLT That thing is gonna come swinging at

you , man. You oughta have yoUr
eql,a_ization valve open - -

C_R It's open, and I'm standing b_ck. It's

supposed to pop.

219 00 07 32 CDR I made a mistake in the depress. What

I should have done is leave that hatch
closed there, Jack and O.

PLT ...

219 O0 07 39 CDR I mean that pressure equalization valve

here closed.

PLT Yep.

CDR Then have Jack open the 0WS - -

PLT Yep.

SPT Yep.

219 00 07 46 CDR Now what I did is open this one and

bleed it; now it didn't make amy difference,
but I shouldn't have done it.


33of 38 i i

SPT You mean we should havy bled in from

the workshop?

CDR I should have bled this o_ly _O seconds.

SPT oh!

CDR Then the rest from the workshop.

SPT I see. Okay.

CDH _y. Everything is okay.

219 00 08 03 CDH The workshop pressure is 5.1. This

pressure is something else.

SPT It's up to 4.8 in here.

CDR It's coming. Warning: Verify PRESS

OW8, FR_S forward and press _@ck
equal before proceeding. Okay, we'll Just
wait a while no hurry. Want tO make
sure everything' s equal.

PLT Nice going there, O.

SPT ...

PLT - - ... there, Al?

CDR Y'all Just stand fast.

219 00 08 51 PLT Wait 'til you guys g_t the dut_ on the
next one.

CDR Yep !

CDB Day 219, 9 minutes 7 O'clock at night.

Houston time.

219 00 09 22 CDR How's the pressures' gagn?

PLT 5.0, 5.0. All the _ay around. It

looks to me like it's 5.0,

PLT Okay. Let me give this a little tug

and see what happens.

• Dump Tape 218-24
• _ Page 34 of 38

- CDR C_, group. Now, Jack; release "

hAndLle unlock, on the hatch.

219 00 09 h2 PIT Okay, OWS hatch?

CDR Uh-huh.

CDR And hatch handle, open.

PLT Open.

219 00 09 49 CDR Push hatch open to engage hatch

retainer. When you can. It may not
be completely equalized yet.


SPT Go ahead.

219 00 l0 05 CDR Remove the VC tress from AM receptacle

and hold.

PLT Okay, I'm getting the hatch o_en now.

CDR Okay, push hatch open to engagm hatch

retainer - retainer.

219 00 10 16 FLT Okay.

CDR Move to suit donning station and verify

high intensity light _-witch 1 mind 2, ON.

PLT I'm closing ..., O.

219 00 l0 26 PLT Oh, oh! Watch out for the TV camera

right there.

CDR All right, I'll have to stop.

219 00 l0 32 PLT Okay, I got umbilical all over; maybe

you can kinda sort me out of it.

SPT Okay. Just a second I've got to -

CDR Everything' s okay.

SPT Okay, there we go.

PLT Okay, Owen.

Dump Tape 218-2h ....

35of38 i['
CDR Now. Let 's see _hat happens.

PLT ... getting my umbilical.

CDR Wait a minute.

BI_f You got all your umbilical with you, Jack,

Look out -

CDR Got it now.

219 00 l0 5h SPT Good. Just a minute.

CDR Don't touch the black TV monitor; it

may be hot. VX tree may exceed
allowable touch temp. Slh9 is hot,
and may take 2 or 3 hour cool _wn. Okay?

PLT Okay.

219 00 ll i0 CDR 0pen hatch and secure, VC tree from EVl -

I_T Here we go.

CDR Tether VC tree to A_4 grid.

PLT Okay.

CDR Let's see - EV1 more to OWS.

SPT Okay. On my way.

CDR Okay.

219 00 ll 32 3PT Now, Don Lind's experiment is right

in there, A1.

CDR Okay.

219 00 11 _6 PLT All right. Here I am in space fans.

Oh-oh! There we go.

CDR Okay, let me see _hat Al's - -

FLT Home again.

SPT Your own little home.

• • i!

DumpTape218-24 _:_

219 O0 12 21 CDR Okay. Is everybody happy with their

AM-AM -you -

SPY Jack, could I grab a hand there a second?

CDR Let me manage your L_U there, O. It's

a little bit in. Let me sure I_ don't
burn myself, -

CDR - - On the hardware. I'll get up there

and pull it down for you.

219 00 12 28 PLT I got enough. Turns out I got enough.

CDR Okay.

CDR Jack, are you okay and happy?

PLT Yeah, I'm very good.

219 00 12 38 CDR Okay, Deactivate suit colling 0_and comm.

Okay. When notified deactivate EVA
panels as follows : You tell me when.

PLT Here, O. That' s okay.

SPT Just a second. I've got, J.

CDR You got to go through exact procedures on

the checklist to get out of your suits.
Get your helmets and visors a_ pressures
and things suits off

PLT Okay. Here it is. _'or EVl and 2: we're

all through deactivation we've turned on
the DAC. Getting ... up there) O?

EPT Yep.

CDR Y'all turned it off before you left?

SPT Yep.

PLT Yeah!

CDR Turned off the light too, huh?

PLT Yeah, we did.

CDR Okay.


PLT We're supposed to lear6 them _m.

219 00 17 15 PLT Okay, pressure selector off; _off

one glove.

CDR Okay.

219 00 13 26 PLT Okay. You're supposed to get one LOW

FLGW, and LOW V_T FLOW_ whic_ - no,
_, yOU- doff your helmet and gl_es both.


SPY Finger - Boy! Yeah, my finger's are what

took it the worse today.

• FLT Yeah, right around the nails.

:_ 219 00 14 IB CDR Keep going. '

i- 2_ SPT Get our helmets and _Ioves off here first. .c

"" [3 FLT Ah - There it is. Godd for n_hing thing _-

..... T --- 7,_ over here - well, I knew that, Dumb one
_._ _ if I ever saw.

- SPT Yeah. It ... very poorly designed. _'

219 O0 15 O1 PLT Ah dang. That went _n there _[ke that.

• Treat •it nicely, like I owned it.

SPT The hardest thing today was the fingers.

PLT Yeah! It really was..

SPT Yep!

• 219 00 15 20 PLT Okay, next thing 0., here we _o. Stow

: gloves in the helmet bag and _i that.
Stow helmet/SEVA in _3he SEVA _, Well_
let's set the gloves out to _y a little.

219 00 15 34 PLT Okay. Okay, I got the SEVA - HErA bag.

I'm gonna leave my gloves ou%i _ little -
_ _ Uh]. This God damn - - i

SPT Yeah.

.... _ PLT ... next to n0thingl Okay, dO_f wristlets

._ [ and comfort gloves; sto_ in towel holders,
Notify EV3 to deactivate EVA _nels.
• _ DumpTape218-24 _ -- _

:_Page 38 of 38 i!
.__ [ .

CDR Okay, thank you very much. He_ it comes.

PLT That, s - that 's ...

219 00 16 00 CDR L_J power, OFF, on 317.

CDR 8US 2 L,_U, off.

CDR SUS I pump switch, off.

CDR _JS i 02 SUPPLY VALVE, OFF. 1_w 'bout


SFT Okay.

CDR Okay, panel 323. SUS 2 I_U POWER. mS 2

I_%nJPOWER, OFF. SUS 2 pump switch,
OFF; verify. SUS 2 02 supply V_ive,
CLOSED. Call EVI and 2 when e_mplete,

219 00 16 57 CDR i and 2; that's complete.

SPT Do you hear it?

CDR Okay, good. CCA doffing -

219 00 18 05 SFT Audio system CCU A, open - -

CDR Now you're talking.

219 00 19 h3 CC Three seconds to LOS here; we'Ll see

you over Ascension in 2 minuteS.

CDR Okay, that's disconnected, and _f you

want me to Just go do%n there and connect
the 393 to the condensate tank, I can
do it.

CC Stand by 1.

CDR Okay.

219 00 20 O_ CC Okay Just follow the checklist on that,

A1, let the PLT get it.

219 00 20 08 CDR You bet.


DumpTape219-01 I!

,:ilI "
Page i of I i ' . _ : :

219 00 20 39 CDR Okay.. • _i.,

219 00 29"59 CC We're 30 seconds to LOS here, see you over .
Ascension in 2 minutes.

CDR Okay, that is disconnected, and if you

want me to Just go down there am_ connect
the 393 to the condensate tank. I can do it.

91 9 O0 30 22 CC Stand by i.

CDR Okay,

CC Okay, Just follow checklist on that, Al:

let the PLT do it.

219 O0 30 3_ CDR You bet.


Dump Tape 2].9-02

817173 ...... "

,'_ i Page r of 2 .......

. .2 • ........ :
: 219 02 35 P! q"_ 0_._ , znfornatiou on the :D-52, for :. . .
; '_ " " Dr, ,_'a_e,'_Dr. o.._..,_,._,,
Jause,. at
; .... ;larshail, and please ash t',_t,..~
he .-_''-'_
this informe.ticn to "iss Ju_, "iles_
: ,,no is the assist_:t ... Ju=t r.s=_.o45ed
to get about six _ _ _ _" this
evenznc of the f!_,_ ,,,ei_,._. _y
Anabel!a, I did not take some
Airabslla, _i_abe_la, _-x _, _-_+
Because the w.eb "_ _ "- _ "_

_. -_._ _v _ rock a'_cup!e c±"

i0hotogr_ph_ lookinj sort of down toward
one side, _i a coup]e photogr&_3 _"
looki_4g u9 to_aud t},e O _'_
.... r "" "-

I also _oo".,. shout a ..-__',,=_

_ of them -w_;_'_,.,.

' a flag detachment, emd.theether" half <4

with b_ck l._._inu fro:: t_e.._.u_-_
: panels of the ¢zje, _ also did !_'_ L
.. • : h_:_d-he!d oa.'_era,
sons "_.;ith rather
_..* q_ w-=v, .... _ ,- ,

_ the han_ " _'_ ,.,_]_i;c doing

betterthanthe ._:-xe_Z -"_,_.,_ _eca_ze
the _'_"_ tripod _S '__" _"_-J- of ^'_
a l_tt!e bit closer _"" _"_"_"and still
k. 219 02 36 3)4 cover the ... g%ge or th'c.tpert'on of
._ c_e which i ventel to photcir_-:,f-..
And so T'71 continue to tahe *'_-_-,
h_nd-,,e__ _ .c_O_.._ z,........ pro%a]:'15
use +he bach _-ht'-- for the mc=t
_,, .=_ ._l, try 8. fla=h
part, but o..(.a_vn__y
_ _ttaehnent on later z.:eL. Should ccrr.ent
on _ !_ttle mere detail 4etc_fl ea,o'<t
the configu'.<.t'-'c: _.c,f the _:eb. It -
_z.._• =- c.:F:-'- ....]_ Lui:ro'-'lze@ ID_
}tell on it's f._.o at ...... . _, _" _::'-;'
the web a_ +_'_'_'_=
......_ + fP.Yfrc:,:aercs_ +_- ....
corner of the cage, Jmd t:_e:,af,_C-I
those %..a,"_
been _ few zt,'u_-o,there

}that "4e would, call, ",¢h_:t

you <.foul/
call horizontal or _._ra _ l_ P_c__'_ 3"
the Initial striniers. An,l _o, you
D_ 2 Taoe 21o-n_
-.. . . • _. . . : - .

_-_ ": Page 2 of 2 " " i .- ,......... ,. .

i i n.eve__develop, sort of -. a radio blood "_: " L i'_"

Circular 2nttsrnz, that the spider , " "
%reh m_naoed to _,n th_ -_e''_,_,%ec_.u_c
of the zero _, It took t_e extre. .
' strcnuth .... from corner to corner.
• ' _e _. 4 -.= _
_±L(le. ......_r'l'l;- erov.
T prer_tt-le_,,"_"
" one side arotm_ to the ot....s]._eand
t 1 attach it at t__._ point. .=n__, so _e__
you :_ere to sit 4c_._ and f_.
_- _ o'_t
: _ ho_ _ou c_oing do it in the -m_<_r, ?;t "
sort of looks like that's the way
- the zp'der f_gured out for itself. --
, LTOS to be ,-ost przetiea]_ way to ;:m_'e
the "zet, Art. she's h_.s l_cn up _':_ " ::
the top of the csZe all day v_- ___ quiet __Dr,
Just _raitlng for sor,ethin C to come i L:
_- alo_. ;'Tc'llsee vhzt th_ ;-:e_4 .1.ee':_
< ;_: like to.error. This is the _._T_,;dtY
information on L_7--52for Yr. _P.y_snaJause
_ .... at "t-_'s;"_" 1 ....Judy ":ilez at
.--:_" i 219 02 38 12 Lexlngton,. _;v.ss.Spt, out.

_4 L_ CDR ... ang SOP .... n;±mber 010 and 013.

SCP's number O13 *,r_cb personv.]]7

: ! you 0lg, which has 6,000 PffT in it.

CDR out, _d of 7t'." "_..,
.. s_._,_

219 03 51 12 CDR Ok£y, this is for th-: -_'?.... fr.r the

storage fo]hs. _,:c'vc t_'..=enall our
:- left overs _n_ the _-H_ _ st.r-_,_
• and p:_t the.';in ,<.4+_t-_ sqme b__,:t_at"

the thirds -.re r'o+ _- +_-_-_ %_ +_'_ t_-o

racks for t'q; e_o'th, _- _",_ ';_','_C_+

sail h%C. "To brought the _ :"- in

and hool:_:_ it up in t'_rc, too. Uo:"

which _.._u_
.......to a_,c,
ut six or seven, _
_ ,,_

- _ .......... 02 the _'"

. equip'-.ent...=:o,%"
" it sc_-z to ue t:':at
h22 woul_ be a gee& !ocher. Juzt ........
..;_:tapes _-n ar._ then i? _,._
219 03 52 08 nec_ ...... --*'r'_- _'-' j '.."t gc
.......... _Q _h_t !cch&r _ '_'x r,,_ "_,_._ ,-,

there so::cwhere. CD:I out.

Dump 'l_pe 219-03
Time: 0_28-050_ GMT
8/7/73 '
Page 1 of 1

219 0_37 52 PLT Hello, space fans, this is Jack on channel A.

The subject is M509 for my f_lends Ed Whitsett, :
Br_ce MeCandless, and Lou RI_on. Battery
er 7, was checked on da_i219 at 0_:20.
the following readlngs, starting with
cell number i. Cell number i, 1.311, 1308,
i._08, 1.311, 1.306, 1.309, 1.309. 1.310,
1._07. Cell number I0, 1.308, 1.308, 1.312,
1.310, 1.306, 1.309, 1.305, 11.308, 1.314,
I._15, 1.314. Cell 21, 1.3_, 1.307, 1.313.
Total Battery was 30.1,

219 04 29 00 PET And _hat's enough of that.

219 0_ 02 02 CDR T_Is goes to Gerry Carr, Bill Pogue, and

•:, B_II Frome, and Ed Gibson. 8nggestlon: Why
" d_'t you fellows hrlng up s_e regular
. toothpaste, the kind that ycM like, instead
of using this Nasadent? Yo_ don't need to
.:_ swallow it. You can brush w_th it, Just a
" little hit of water out of the water gun, and
then spit it in a tow - a t_l or a - a wipe,
and then throw it away. And then you can •
d_ink the rest. This Nasade_t doesn't feel
li_e it's cleaning your teeth; it doens't
leave a good flavor in your mouth. And at
the end of the meal, when ycal take - taste
this, it kinda spoils the meal, whereas regular
toothpaste leaves you nice _d fresh. There's
nothing wrong with this stuff, except it
Just doesn't have a - much of a zing to it and,
._ personally, I'd prefer to have - no, I might
rephrase this and say, pers_ally, I think
yoU'd prefer to have the other. That's the end
of message.

_19 05 02 30 CDR CDR out.

Dump Tape °19-0!;
Time: 12:0_-!2 :17 G?_

iof 1 "

I'19 12 O? 26 o_ Oh_y, or, _..cu__e-.

,_, ...... _'_---_-::o-
PLT's i3 707_, 70T_.... :
.-b"_' ......

^-_ L. _"2h._e
219 12 09 51 S_ Thi_ is .... recording on c'--_-::el

on the • - ' _.:ml_

.......... " a_.:ove_"c ccntriPa_e.

219 12 I! DO S_" L5_69 ' ._:_;'._.

., _-_ tl.e CDR's PP.D --_'_= ?m':.
it is lccate_ a::c-:ethe . minus [ "".... "


_7 _

Dump Tape 219-05

Time; 1635--16_I0 G__."9 i,
, i

/... 8/7/73 "

i?__e__P!_ ......
::: c ...." ...........

, 219-i( 35 2"I. CD_ Le_lo, th_ _s _-o. ble.-ed, I Co ..... n. t__e

_'T092,(!70run on the PLT. This _,'ill_e the
C_R, and _'i! be t.-_lhingto _ou off and on,
on tape, for the next hour or so. -_b._e
th_ng I'_ going to do is measure his calves
_n d record 'em, _'3! ___'v.e
yo_ a ca!! in a

219 16 56 3h CD.R Oks_, _"On2•a_ain_ !is

....I_-_ ca/f is _lh aad 5/S -
It's about halfwaj bet_:een 14-!/2 and 5 - to 5/8
or [at least !_:.9/16 but. we're net _a_.
_ l_..u it
that close.

919 Ig 37 36 CD.R 3md his left - r_ght calf is 1);-7/3.

219 16 37 5h 0DR So _hat's lh 5/g left, !)!-7/.qright on the


? .
_.!D OF T},."PE
Dump Tape 219-06
Time: 1650-1839
_-. 817173 ........... I
Pagei of 3 ..... :..........

. , -- h, -.-

219 16 50 21 CDR ... put them in a drawer; au_iif y'all don't

like these, you better get th@l messages up to
us _ight now. We got about i_! of these things
on Board, and - or more - and _hey all look
the Isame until you read the n_ers. And we're
trx_g to find a couple; we're _ing to Just use
theIL on the same guys, so if t_Is isn't satis-
faclory, let us know Immediat_y and then we'll
ehs_ge it and we'll get something we can stick
wit] CDR out.

219 16 58 01 CDR Okay, biomed, this is CDR again. The same

thix g happened today as happens every single
tim_. We get those calibrate S down very accur-
ately on the leg volume measuZ_ng system with
the ican open. Then we close the can and they
eha_ge about a little bit overi 0.1, so I have
_ to _o back and adjust them. !i would like to re-
c_end that we change our prOCedures so that we
- do _ot calibrate the legbandsi_ntilwe've closed
_ -. the lean. Then we can calibra_ the legbands very
_ accurately. Then we can go t61 the high cal and
the low cal. As it is, we'rei_nding up calibrat-
e: lag two different times, one w_th the can open,