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The wealth of the nation

ReChteced wjt~ .~e Reg;>tcu of Ne""pap" ..

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Feature to feature luna Camera matches with any of the others in the market, And what is more, you can pick 2 luna Cameras for the price of one of the other type.

* Achromatic Lens (Glass) for clearer pictures

* Durable ABS Plastic Body

.. Takes 12 pictures of 6cm x 6cms on 120 Roll Fi(m

Luna takes ·Flash Pictures too I


97, Serdar Pelel Road, Secunderaba~-500003.

~ For Perff.tct Picture.


2 l!,'Be'R.Tf Luna Cameras for the

price of one .

of other make

You can attach any liberty Electronic Flash to Luna to take clear· pictures at night.

NATIONAL PRODUCTS 135,·K.VOI 8y, ... n<l<a, 8ANGAlORE.

Reglste",d wl'h 'he Regi .. ,ar of New'P.pe" ,In Indi~ under No, R. N. ! I ~1'/64

It's such a problem ~Iiii;l

getting children to

drink their milk. '

That's why thousands of mothers bless delicious Nutramul.

Nutramul delivers taste and strength. Nutramul is rich in cocoa, milk and

malt-tastes superb. And qontains

proteins, vitamins and minerals.

So nourishing for growing bodies. Flavourful Nutramul-every cup builds you up.



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t< 'Milk"Marketing

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Every cup builds you upl