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Ref: 11BYF-FEE-PRP/Rev01/2011

25 Jan 2011

23 Bayfront Ave,
Orchard Rd,
Singapore 018946

ATTN : Mr. Joe Chan

Dear Sir,

RE: Interior Design Fee Proposal for Proposed Interior Design for Penthouse at 23, Bayfront
Ave, 018946, Orchard Road, Singapore

Further to our recent meeting, we would like to submit our interior design fee proposal for the project
work as follow items:

A. The Project

 To provide Interior Design consultancy service for the completion of 1500 sq. ft. of
interior design work.

B. Scope of Work

 Design Phase 1 – Schematic Design

To produce design concept plans and sketches for key areas of the Project.
 Design Phase 2 – Design Development
Upon approval of the concept plans and sketches, the scheme will be
developed into design elevation drawings, ceiling plans with lighting selection
and material sample boards.
 Design Phase 3 – Construction Drawings
Upon approval of the design concept and development, produce the necessary
construction details, specifications and for the contractor and suppliers to
accurately tender for the Project.
 Design Phase 4 – Tender
Issue the Construction Drawing, Specifications, Schedules and Bill of
Quantities to selected Contractors of costing. Analyze the Tender returns and
issue recommendation.
 Design Phase 5 – Site Monitoring and Inspection
To co-ordinate with the contractor and suppliers on-site, to ensure that the work
are completed correctly with the specified materials to the required standard as
intended in the Approved Design. To attend site meetings as required, to
produce defect rectification lists and certify satisfactorily completed works.

C. Design Fee

 For the above works listed under item B.Scope of Works, the Designer requests a
professional fee of 15% of the project cost which is a lump sum of S$ 25,000.

V3-Design Sdn. Bhd.

Level 3-01, Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur.
Office Tel : +603 4295 6700 E-mail : v3-design@online.com Website : www.v3-design.com
D. Remuneration

 The Design Fees will be remunerated in the following manner:

Stages % Amount in S$
i Upon completion of Design Phase 1 10 2,500
ii Upon completion of Design Phase 2 20 5,000
iii Upon completion of Design Phase 3 40 10,000
iv Upon completion of Design Phase 4 20 5,000
V Upon completion of Design Phase 5 10 2,500
Total 100 25,000

E. Expenses

 It is requested that all project related, out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed to

the Designer. These expenses will include plan printing, photocopying, film
processing and transport ($0.50/KM). The reimbursable items may not be exclusive
to the items listed above.

F. Termination, Abortive Works and Additions

 Should for any reason the project be terminated, the Design Fee for the Phase during
which the termination occurs will be applicable and should be paid in full up to the
end of that Phase.
 If the Design of the Project is to be radically changed, incurring abortive works, then
payment would still be due for the abortive designs and a new Design Fee would be
proposed for the replacement Design.
 If there are any substantial additional requirements outside of the initial Design Brief,
then an additional Design Fee will be proposed and agreed prior to proceeding to any

Should you need further clarification please do not hesitate to contact undersigned at tel: 9140 2977

We hope you find the above proposal to your satisfaction and look forward to your kind confirmation
by endorsement below.

Yours sincerely, In acceptance and confirmation above for,

__________________ __________________________________
Terence Tan Name : Joe Chan
Design Director, Date :
V-3 Design Sdn. Bhd.

V3-Design Sdn. Bhd.

Level 3-01, Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur.
Office Tel : +603 4295 6700 E-mail : v3-design@online.com Website : www.v3-design.com