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c: Ministry of Information & I3ro(.:~!castin9

BA(E) Section

/- Subject:- fixation of pay in respect of Technical Staffs - Audit Objections

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2. The pay scalesof certaincategoriesof employeesin Prasar Bharati

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were'upwardlyrevised vide MinistryOr~B~Sletter no. 310/173/97-8(D)
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dated 25.02.1999.The very firstparag~aphof,the letter reads as under:- .
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.~~he employees belongipg to cert3in cadres in All India Radio
'I.~and' Doordarshan . (particularly, "subordinate engineering and
+t., ;,iI~f"':
..." :~ prowamme cadres), had been agitating for grant of higher
:---~ :..~
i f scales of pay than those recommendedby the Vth CentralPay
, :' .~.Commissionand'accepted vide Governmentof India Resolution
.::;:'- of 30thSeptember,1997. The matter has been carefully
. '; considered bv the Government and it has been decided to
;' further uDorade 'the scales of Day of (he categories of
~ees- ef All India Radio and Doordarshan of Pfasar Bharati
"_.~,..- (Broadcastino CorporatIon of India) as indiC3ted against each
" Cat~gory in Annexure=1.11
,.. 3., The upgradation of the pay scale was in continuation of the
recommendations made by the' Vth Pay Commission. These
).;. -----
recommenoations were made only after consultation with DOP&T and"
Ministry of Finance. As such, the contention ..J the audit that the pay
scales given to the employees vide a.M. dated :.~.02.1999 are apart from
the recommendations of Vth Pay Commissionis mtenable.

4. Wemayaccordingly clarifyto prasarBh,"r,.ti

that the upgradedpay
,. scaleshave to be considered in the light of U.2 Vth Pay Commission's
recommendations only as the pay scales recol1"':ended and accepted by
the Government vide.Resolution dated 30.09.19.;7 stand amended in the
lightof the O.f\-1.
dated 25.02.1999in respect Cithe employeesof Prasar
Bharati. Accordingly, the revised pay grarL.d to the employees in
accordance with O.t..,.dated 25.02.1999 has w be fixed as provided in
CCS(RP)Rules 1997 as indicated in the above 'st;~ed a.M.

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